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10 Best Chairs of 2024

We've selected the best office, gaming, accent, lawn, and camping styles to give you the most collective guide on where to sit
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Best Chair Review (Our team busy at work testing out office chairs.)
Our team busy at work testing out office chairs.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Our Top Picks

The Best Chairs for 2024

Since 2020, we sat, sunk, and settled into more than 60 different chairs, tallying up the remarks from our team to provide you with a list of the best chairs for wherever you plan to rest next. Our test team spans a wide range of body types and heights to see which were the most comfortable and reliable options for specific demands. When shopping online for furniture, we understand how tough it can be to choose the perfect chair without trying it out first. That's why we ordered these chairs for hands-on testing, so you can rest assured our favorite options made their way to the top for good reasons.

We have researched and tested all the best home goods to go with your new chair. Pair your accent chair with a modern end table and an area rug. Or, complete your home workstation with a top-notch desk lamp or one of the best standing desk converters from our testing.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on May 14, 2024, with more gaming chair options and a guide to buying the right chair.

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Best Overall Office Chair

Steelcase Leap

Highly adjustable
Seat pans
Easy assembly
Adjustable Lumbar Support Yes
Adjustable Seat Pan Yes
Adjustable Armrest Width Option available
Recline Lever No
Tilt Limiter Yes; 5 stop points

After many years of testing office chairs, again and again, we turn to the Steelcase Leap. Much of this is thanks to how adjustable it is, fitting a wide array of body types. Its adjustable lumbar support keeps it comfortable for various heights, while its back is the perfect height for most. To add to this, the seat pans back and forth, a feature rarely seen. Over the years, we have never had any issues with its durability. Plus, it comes almost entirely assembled, so you don't need to worry about spending hours putting it together.

Our test team had a hard time finding flaws with the Leap. It's a reliable option with a cushiony base that keeps us comfy for hours on end. The price point is a bit high, but we think this chair is worth shelling out the extra cash. If it is not within your budget, the Steelcase Series 2 is an excellent option at a more affordable price, though it's not nearly as comfortable or adjustable.

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chair - our testers of various heights loved the steelcase leap thanks to...
Our testers of various heights loved the Steelcase Leap thanks to how adjustable and comfortable it is.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Best Budget Office Chair

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh

Great reclining tension
Limited armrests
Less durable
Average comfort
Adjustable Lumbar Support Yes; the backrest moves up and down
Adjustable Seat Pan No
Adjustable Armrest Width No
Recline Lever Yes
Tilt Limiter Yes; locks you into a position

The Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh isn't the fanciest office chair on the market. However, it offers a level of adjustability that is hard to find on budget-friendly models. It includes a reclining lever that can lock in at a specific angle, along with adjustable lumbar support. One of our favorite parts of this chair is its reclining tension knob that is easy to reach and adjust. Our testers were happy to sit in this chair for a full eight-hour workday, though they weren't necessarily raving about its comfort. Overall, it has an average backrest and seat, not the coziest but far from the worst.

Despite the stellar price, we have some minor complaints about the Modway. For instance, some of our taller testers struggled with this chair. The armrests only adjust up and down, and the range is pretty limited even with that. Its curvature works for most folks, though some found themselves squirming around by the end of the day. We didn't encounter any broken parts during testing, but we have concerns regarding its overall longevity. That said, you're not necessarily paying for longevity with this chair. Instead, you can expect a decent option that is fairly comfortable and adjustable. If you're in the market for a more premium model, the Herman Miller Sayl is highly adjustable, comfortable, and sports a sleek design.

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chair - for being such an inexpensive chair, we were pleasantly surprised...
For being such an inexpensive chair, we were pleasantly surprised with how comfortable the Modway is to sit in.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Best Gaming Chair for Most People

AndaSeat Kaiser 3

Comfort for long days
Soft supportive bolsters
4D high adjustable armrests for mobile gaming
Neck pillow that stays put
Plastic inserts around shoulders
Lumbar support tricky to dial in
Without a footrest
Adjustable Lumbar Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward
Adjustable Armrest 4D
Fabric Type Linen Fabric (tested), Premium PVC Leather, or Anti-stain PU Leather
Manufacturer Recommended Size Size: Large
Weight: Less than 264 lb

Height: 4'11" - 6'2"

Size: XL
Weight: 176 - 396 lb
Height: 5'11" - 6'8"
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 165º

Looking for a gaming chair to last long raids, all the while in comfort? The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has your back, and quite literally, with a soft set of bolsters that feel like a hug and a seat with a cushiony embrace that leaves us with high remarks on comfort. The smooth shift in recline with five locking positions maxing out at 165 degrees was an enjoyment for quick naps between gaming. The Kaiser 3 has a high level of adjustability, which reassures us that we can get into the right position based on a wide variety of needs.

Armrests, lumbar support, and the neck pillow can all be adjusted to fine-tune to your specific requirements. Armrests are 4D adaptable, and they can even pivot to help you settle into any position, whether on a single-shooter simulator or on your mobile device. An added benefit for longevity is the use of a magnetic topper for the armrest that comes in a number of colors and can be exchanged if you find wear and tear after a long time of use. We really enjoyed the versatility of each component that helped most of our testers achieve the sweet spot.

We dove deep into each aspect of a gaming chair, measuring and comparing against each other to give you the most beneficial data needed to make the right decision for your specific needs.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The Andaseat Kaiser 3 price tag can seem high when compared to other low-quality off-brands, but the luxury gaming chair price range can go plenty higher. The Kaiser sits at the bottom of the high-end tier, where it doesn't compromise comfortability or beneficial features that make a difference in the longevity of your enjoyment.

Although the Kaiser 3 marks a lot of adjustability, the range within that adjustability is not as wide as others. The seat height has a tight tolerance of about two and a quarter inches of vertical movement that left our testers on the outer edges of the height range (both shorter and taller), not feeling completely happy with this. Another limiting factor is the built-in lumber support that left a couple of our testers wanting more support from the internal system. The Razer Iskur V2 solves our problems by providing innovative and extrusive lumbar support for those wanting more in that region.

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Rest assured, we put the AndaSeat through our meticulous set of tests that had our team giving high marks across the board.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Runner Up Best Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur V2

Next-level lumbar system
Super comfy bolsters
Excellent adjustable armrests
Pleasing neck pillow
Premium quality comes at a cost
Neck pillow adjustability not ideal
Prominent lumbar not best for shorter gamers
Adjustable Lumbar Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward
Adjustable Armrest 4D
Fabric Type Premium EPU-Grade Leather
Plush and Spill-resistant Fabric (tested)
Manufacturer Recommended Size Weight: < 300 lb
Height: 5'3" - 6'6"
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 152º

If you've come to this page because you're a hard-core gamer, we have you covered. The Razer Iskur V2 is one of the nicest premium options available. It will easily keep you comfortable for a full ten-hour session thanks to its highly adaptable design and excellent level of comfort. The 4D armrests provide good firm support and impress with their wide range of adjustability. We're a fan of the fabric option (which we tested) offering better breathability and coolness than faux leather models. The V2 built upon the already-liked Razer Iskur V1 with improvement across all three of our metrics. Embracing softer bolsters in the seat and widening the seat pan, plus a quick and pain-free setup that takes about 10 minutes, this new and improved model is evolving in the right direction.

The most stand-out addition to the Iskur V2 is its innovative built-in lumbar system that can be personalized to your exact preference. The back padding pivots on a single point while also having the ability to move in/out and up/down, thus providing extra support when turning our bodies and moving around during the day. It is a subtle design that makes a big difference in support, which many other models lack.

A built-in lumbar system adds to the high level of overall comfort and adjustability in this premium choice for serious gamers.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Given its five-inch seat height range and overall top-notch design, the Iskur V2 could conceivably replace your office chair, allowing for more versatility in your work-life balance. Regardless of your use, we found ourselves easily sitting in this for prolonged periods of time, so if you know that you'll be working or playing late into the night, you won't have to worry about this chair meeting your needs.

Beyond its elevated price tag, there isn't too much to complain about with the Iskur V2. Best suited for gamers above five-foot three-inches and below six-foot two-inches tall, shorter people might experience the lumbar as too aggressive, and taller people could find fault with the limited adjustability of the exquisitely plush neck pillow. Otherwise, if the subdued racing style suits your aesthetic sensibilities, you might have just found what you're looking for. If you would like to consider a less expensive option with similar levels of comfort, you could take a peek at the [AndaSeat Kaiser 3], which features a milder internal lumbar support and a secure magnetic pillow that you can place almost anywhere. Both chairs deliver top-shelf comfort with superb support as well as a wide range of adjustability.

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Iskur V2 is the perfect companion for your long gaming sessions.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Best Value Gaming Chair

Dowinx Retro Series LS-6689S

Luxurious faux leather
Comfortably supportive footrest
Adjustable 4D armrests
Vibrating lumbar massager
Might tip forward
Short USB power cable
Time-consuming assembly process
Adjustable Lumbar Foam pillow
Adjustable Armrest 4D
Fabric Type PU Leather
Manufacturer Recommended Size Height: 5'3" - 6'1"
Max Weight: 350 lb
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 180º

With its remarkably soft synthetic leather, above-average adjustability, and wallet-friendly pricing, the Dowinx Retro Series LS-6689S offers exceptional value for gamers on a budget. A retractable padded footrest adds extra support when kicking back. The strapped-in lumbar pillow, though quite prominent, can be shifted up and down, giving you the convenience of shifting to whatever height you need.

The adjustability continues, with plenty of mobility to be had from the 165° recline to the 180° of possible lean when its tilt is unlocked. The armrests have an average up/down range but can be adjusted forward/back, in/out, and swivel to fine-tune for a variety of limb sizes and gaming needs. We were impressed that this budget-friendly model could provide the necessary essentials in adjustability where most others in this price range fall off drastically.

We measured the design range of key components of each gaming chair.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The seat is situated a bit low to the ground with a small height range that makes it not ideal for every desk setup, so it's probably not the best candidate to double as an office chair or for those that hit above the six-foot mark. That being said, we were able to get in about six hours of reasonably comfortable gameplay, making this a good companion to lengthy raids on the computer. The Dowinx chair is for the moderate gamer who may not want to commit to the staggering price tag that some of the market wields.

Although we are impressed by its quality and how soft to the touch it is, the faux leather lacks the breathability to keep things cool during lengthier sessions in warmer environments. In addition, standing up presents a potentially precarious situation, with tipping easier to do while sitting on the front edge of the seat. Lastly, the lumbar support might not be for everyone as it might be too pronounced for some, but the Dowinx Retro is still one of the best choices for thrifty gamers, overall providing a good level of comfort and adjustability. The GTPlayer GT800A Footrest is a comparable option that comes with an unattached lumbar pillow and an even lower price tag. Both chairs are great for keeping costs down while you enjoy your favorite games.

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With above average adjustability and a decent amount of comfort, the Dowinx Retro Series LS-6689S is an excellent choice for cost-conscious gamers.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Best Gaming Chair on a Tight Budget

GTPlayer GT800A Footrest

Affordably priced
Lumbar massager
Retractable footrest
Armrests do not adjust
Tilting tension is weak
Adjustable Lumbar Foam pillow
Adjustable Armrest None
Fabric Type PU Leather
Manufacturer Recommended Size Max Weight: 250 lb (per instructions)
300 lb (per website)
Max Height: 6'3"
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 135º

If funds are really tight but you still need a gaming chair that offers some versatility and comfort, the GTPlayer GT800A Footrest is a great option priced similarly to modest office chairs. This model includes the standard features one can expect to find in the gaming style category, with adjustable lumbar and neck pillows and a deeply aggressive reclining angle for body-stretching breaks and power naps between gaming sessions.

As price reduces, we inevitably see a reduction in quality, but found the GT800A Footrest to still have good integrity in its foam seat padding. The seat cushion wasn't anything to rave about, but it had us sitting content for an average of 5 hours before needing to take a break.

Leaning back in a steep recline is comfortable when you need a break, but heavier gamers might take issue with the weak tilt tension.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The lower cost of entry translates to some loss of adjustability with the GT800A but the ability to cover a large range with the seat height makes this adequate for both shorter gamers and individuals over six feet tall. We recommend this seat to introductory gamers who may not make this their primary chair for other uses but still want to play in the gaming chair arena.

Their are a few things to consider with this model. The armrests are fixed and offer only a modicum of comfort and while the backrest doesn't have much in the way of adjustability either, there are adjustable neck and lumbar pillows. However, some gamers will find the lumbar support a tad forceful since it applies a fixed amount of pressure, and they find themselves having to frequently adjust where it sits. Heavier players in our testing team noted an inability to provide adequate tension from the weak tension knob. If these limitations are concerning, another affordable option with a similar level of comfort and even better adjustability, plus adjustable armrests and built-in headrest speakers, is GTRacing's Music Series.

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The GT800A gives you an added support for underneath you legs.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Best Overall Accent Chair

Christopher Knight Home Evelyn

Assembly time: 10 mins | Firmness: Medium
Great for small spaces
Armrests lack padding
Short break-in period

We tested many accent chairs, and the Christopher Knight Home Evelyn stood out as one of the very best. Its linen-like fabric is nice to the touch, and its medium-firm cushions are comfortable to sit on. From a morning cup of coffee to a place to kick off your work shoes, the Evelyn was the option we looked for time and time again. The chair accents just about any room with its modest color scheme and airy appearance. The Evelyn appears to be much larger than it actually is, which can help create the illusion of the room being much bigger, too.

Without anticipating a smaller chair, you might be surprised to see its actual size when it arrives. That being said, if you're trying to fill up a larger space, this model might be underwhelming. Though it is one of the softer options in our lineup, it needs a few uses before it feels broken in. Additionally, we wish the armrests had a tad more cushion. We were also quite impressed with the Lexicon Fabric. This mid-century modern option is well-built and a great addition to any room.

chair - christopher knight
Christopher Knight
Credit: Eric Bissell

Best Modern Accent Chair


Includes ottoman
Quick assembly
Less durable
Fabric wrinkles

The stylish DAZONE Modern is ready for use in just five minutes of assembly. Unpack it from its box, screw on the legs, and it's ready to go! The barrel-shaped design subtly wraps around you to create a comfortable experience regardless of which way you lean. Plus, it includes an ottoman for an even greater lounging experience. The mustard-colored fabric brought a nice splash of color into our testing room, though there are plenty of other color options should you want a more subtle chair. Overall, we were quite impressed with the comfort of this chair, especially considering its budget-friendly price point.

We have some concerns regarding the durability of the DAZONE. Even though it held up during our daily use, we noticed some wrinkles on the upright back after it broke in. We also noticed some wobbling from the legs when we jostled around. Still, its small size is sure to fit just about any space, and we love its cozy shape. Alternatively, if you're not trying to fill a small space, the Porthos Hayes Rocker is an excellent rocking option for getting cozy by the fireplace.

chair - the dazone is a comfortable bucket-shaped chair that includes an...
The DAZONE is a comfortable bucket-shaped chair that includes an ottoman.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Most Versatile Accent Chair

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel

Elegant design
Great for multiple spaces
Various color/fabric options
Not comfortable for long rests
Needs to off-gas

Living room accent, table stool, or desk chair, the Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel can do it all. This modern option takes a sleek approach to a simple yet versatile approach. In tight spaces, it is an excellent accent piece thanks to its suede distressed fabric. Or, pair a few with your kitchen room table for an elegant dining experience. Overall, the chair is comfortable, with just enough cushion for a few hours of sitting. The perfect height for desks, the Art Leon tucks comfortably under most desks.

The Leon Mid-Century is on the smaller side, especially in width. With that in mind, this isn't our top choice to curl up in and read a book. Instead, this is best used for casual, shorter stents. After a few hours, our testers started to squirm around from the upright back position. However, this can help maintain a proper posture. The swivel is also nice for those who like to move around frequently while they work. The chair is available in a handful of colors and materials. The suede needed a bit of time to “off-gas” its factory smell. If you're sensitive to smell, you might want to choose one of the polyester/cotton options. Should you specifically want to curl up by the fire and read a book, you can't beat the Christopher Knight Tafton Club Chair. This durable option is wide and extra cushiony for those longer rests.

chair - the art leon mid-century modern swivel is great for various spaces...
The Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel is great for various spaces thanks to its sleek design and small footprint.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Best Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized

Very comfortable
Removable headrest
Unimpressive drink holder

Lawn chairs come in various styles, sizes, and comfort levels. Ultimately, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized is hard to beat. This outdoor chair extends the entire length of your body and reclines back to a nearly lying flat position. It's lightly cushioned and suspended from strong bungee cords, making it exceptionally comfortable for hours of lounging. Being a zero gravity chair, it effortlessly glides into various positions. We specifically appreciated the light wood armrests. After sitting out for hours in the sun, they don't absorb much heat. Additionally, it has a removable headrest pillow, and the chair is available in a few colors.

Weighing in at 20 pounds, the Timber Ridge isn't the easiest piece of furniture to move around, and this sizeable model is best left in one place. Its drink holder is unimpressive; it's more of a plastic tray. All things considered, this is an excellent option for prolonged outdoor sitting, especially if you're looking to kick your feet up. The Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair shares many similar features, such as a removable headrest and comfortable bungee-suspended fabric. However, this option is a rocking chair rather than a zero gravity style.

chair - kick your feet up with the extra-comfortable timber ridge zero...
Kick your feet up with the extra-comfortable Timber Ridge Zero Gravity chair.
Credit: Ethan Newman

Best Budget Outdoor Chair

Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity

Includes two chairs
Dark metal gets hot
Plastic tray isn't attached

Get your patio set up for you and a friend with the Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity two-pack bundle. These zero gravity options are highly comfortable as you feel more like you're effortlessly being suspended above ground. This is in part due to durable fabric being attached by bungee-like cording. With a quick push, the chair extends out into a reclined position. Each includes removable headrests and a plastic tray. We love how lightweight this model is, easily movable from the poolside to the front porch and beyond.

We appreciate the inclusion of the plastic tray. More than a drink tray, it has multiple compartments for a phone or snacks. However, it isn't attached to the chair. We accidentally kept leaving it behind when moving the chair around. Additionally, the dark metal is susceptible to absorbing heat during sunny days. All things considered, the Best Choice is an excellent option for a budget-friendly price, especially if you're specifically looking for two chairs. Another reasonably priced model is the Coleman Cooler Quad. Initially appearing as a simple camp chair, it's hiding a few tricks, like a cooler pouch for a few of your favorite beverages.

chair - with comfortable suspended fabric and an incorporated tray, the best...
With comfortable suspended fabric and an incorporated tray, the Best Choice is great for outdoor relaxing.
Credit: Ethan Newman

Best Camp Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Side pockets
Padding isn't breathable

Headed on a camping trip? We love the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong for getting cozy by the fire and roasting up some s'mores. The durable canvas is lightly padded and comfortable for hours on end. We were quite impressed with the 800-pound weight capacity, especially considering how lightweight and portable it is. The camp chair has great accessories, including side pockets for a book or snacks and cup holders built within the armrests.

There's not much to dislike about the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong. It's durable and in it for the long haul. That being said, the side pockets lack the same construction. Additionally, the padded underside fabric isn't very breathable. Despite these small complaints, we think the King Kong is a great choice to pack up for your next trip under the stars. Camping-style chairs are often great for more than just camping. For example, if you're headed to the kid's soccer game, you might want something to keep you comfortable, and we think the Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair will do just that. This foldable chair includes a large canopy, so you don't need to worry about roasting under the sun.

chair - the king kong is a great go-to choice for a night under the stars...
The King Kong is a great go-to choice for a night under the stars thanks to its portable and comfortable design.
Credit: Laura Lingeman

How We Test

After more than four years of testing over 60 different chairs, we have compiled this list of our absolute favorites. We start by doing an in-depth search of the market to see which options are the most compelling. We then order the top options to be tested in rigorous back-to-back trials. Looking into specific metrics like comfort, support, style, adjustability, and more. We really get to know these chairs thoroughly. We invest the time to collectively assess each chair via hands-on testing and lab-style quantification by sitting, reclining, measuring, and evaluating our five-category (office, gaming, accent, lawn, and camping) selection in order to bring you the most unbiased and objective data available.

We put a heavy focus on comfort since this is the most important aspect of a sitting experience. Flopping onto a chair for a few moments will give a certain impression of its comfortability, but loungers who partake in extended multi-hour sessions need to know that the initial luxurious support will last into the wee hours of a workday, gaming campaign, or relaxation time. We put this to the test, having our test team sit in these chairs for the long haul to stress test each kind. Performance can be greatly affected by the breathability of the covering material, so we made additional notes on the material type we tested and how it performed when the temperatures turned up. There are a few critical components to chairs where adjustability is essential to mold to your specific body. We broke out the tape measure to give you the full adjustability range of the lumbar, neck, armrest, and height of each product, especially when assessing office and gaming chairs. After scoring them appropriately and detailing their nuances, we are able to bring you this list of our top options in each category.

Our test team went beyond just sitting in each seat by taking measurements to figure out the range of adjustability.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Why Trust GearLab

Composed of scientific minds and adventurous bodies of different shapes and sizes, our test team represents a diverse range of perspectives and decades of professional research experience. Leading the team testing office chairs are Benjamin Hickok and David Wise. For over two decades, Benjamin has worked in the tech industry, whether it be web development, software development, IoT, or hardware design. He is also a passionate product researcher who loves diving into technical specifications, developing testing plans, collecting and analyzing data, and running chairs through the gauntlet to be able to recommend the best ones for GearLab readers. David, an MIT graduate, spent many years designing robots to map the ocean floor. He joined GearLab in 2016, developed the testing protocols for hundreds of products, and has led the creation of the world's most scientific testing and review process for over 300 more. Both Benjamin and David have spent many hours sitting in front of computers and truly understand why a good office chair is essential.

Senior Research Analyst, Austin Palmer, a computer expert and lifelong gaming whiz, headed our gaming chair tests. He has a rich background in research and objective review, having honed that expertise while earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. He now spends the typical work week sitting at a desk for his job at GearLab, where he has also tested office chairs for seven years, so he has more than a few opinions on everyday office chairs.

Our experts testing out accent, lawn, and camping chairs include Eric Bissell and Ethan Newman, both outdoor enthusiasts. Eric spent much of the last decade living and working in Yosemite National Park as a Climbing Ranger and has scaled El Capitan over two dozen times, while Ethan has worked as an arborist, wilderness ranger, wildland firefighter for the National Park Service, and professional climbing and canyoneering guide. When not exploring the great outdoors, you can find them testing out all the best gear on the market.

Part of our tests included looking into every nook, cranny, and...
Part of our tests included looking into every nook, cranny, and adjustable knob that these chairs came with.
Certain office and gaming chairs have adjustable armrests.
Certain office and gaming chairs have adjustable armrests.
We assessed each aspect of a chair, making sure to consider all body types and heights.

How to Pick the Best Chair

When searching online, you may recognize the vast diversity of chairs out there. It can be overwhelming with so many different kinds, but it's important to know that each is specifically designed with a certain function in mind. You'll first want to dial in where you intend to use your chair as a solid first step in your buying process. To help with this step, we break down each type of chair, noting the benefits and drawbacks of its designs. We follow up with certain aspects that we find valuable when fully assessing each seat, regardless of the type you want.

Most gaming and office chairs include some sort of adjustability within the armrests, as shown with the GTRAcing Music Series.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Chair Types

Credit: Steelcase
Office Chairs - Whether it be a home workstation or a designated workplace, a top-rated office chair is the best option. These are designed with functionality in mind. They are highly adjustable and aim to keep you in a proper upright posture. Typically, these chairs have wheels and spin around in place for easy access to file cabinets, desk space, and printers. Office chairs often feature adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and various levels of padding. They aren't necessarily built for lounging around, though the right one can be quite comfortable.

Credit: Razer
Gaming Chairs - Gaming chairs are meant for, well, gaming. Spending hours in front of a screen playing your favorite game is made even better by a proper chair. Like office chairs, these models are highly adjustable and have armrests, wheels, and a swivel. However, they tend to ride lower than office chairs and place more of an emphasis on lounging comfort. They often include headrests, lumbar support, and recline, along with various levels of padding and occasionally a footrest.

Credit: Amazon
Lawn Chairs - Made for the outdoors, these chairs can handle a little tough love. Lawn chairs are available in multiple styles, including gravity, rocking, camp, and traditional. Gravity chairs are great for spending extended periods of time lounging around by the pool, whereas camping chairs fold up and can be tossed in the car for your next journey away from home. Lawn chairs vary in price but tend to be among the cheapest seating options.

Credit: Amazon
Accent Chairs - Contrary to what the name suggests, accent chairs are more than just decoration. Though they are stylish, the best accent chair will also be a comfortable place to lounge around and read a book. Often purchased as a solo chair, they are great for boosting any living space. They are available in many different styles and comfort levels.

Support Level

The term “support level” varies slightly depending on whether you're talking about accent chairs or gaming and office chairs. When considering an accent piece, this refers to the chair's stiffness. This can be broken down into soft, medium, and firm. The soft options are going to be a bit more comfortable right out of the box. They won't need much break-in time, and they'll feel a bit more plush. Firm options will be a bit stiffer, though they will often have better lumbar support. These will take longer to break in, but once they do, they will be a perfect fit. Medium support chairs fall somewhere in the middle. They don't lack structure, though they aren't going to be uncomfortably stiff to sit in.

chair - bottoming out is not ideal, which is why we made sure to test the...
Bottoming out is not ideal, which is why we made sure to test the padding of each chair for extended use.
Credit: Eric Bissell

When considering office and gaming chairs, support levels often refer to the adjustable support systems. These include lumbar support, armrests, reclining tension, and headrests. Of these, lumbar support is among the most important aspects. Some of the options in our lineup have an adjustable lumbar position, which is great for fitting the chair to various heights. Typically, the more adjustable options were the most comfortable simply because they could be customized to a specific body size.

Lawn chairs aren't necessarily known for their support. Rather, they are great for a quick option to circle up with a group of friends. However, gravity chairs tend to be the exception. Though they don't have a fancy adjustable back, they contour the natural s-curve of the spine, which tends to be more comfortable.

chair - zero gravity chairs make it feel like you are suspended above the...
Zero gravity chairs make it feel like you are suspended above the ground and are comfortable enough to relax in for hours.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Duration of Use

Sitting in a chair for a few minutes versus hours is going to feel quite a bit different. If you're looking for something that can hold you for small bits of time, you can be less selective on your choice. However, if you're planning on spending any considerable amount of time in the chair, say a full workday, you'll want to choose something that will keep aches away. As for office and gaming chairs, look for options with plenty of adjustable features. Nailing down the proper lumbar position and reclining will help you stay comfortable for hours.

People tend to like softer options when it comes to accent chairs. These plush options will be easier to get cozy in and watch a movie. They won't necessarily have the support to keep you comfy for hours of upright sitting, though they aren't made to be work chairs.

The GTRacing has an adjustable lumbar support pillow that simply slides into position.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


With so many chair styles and options available on the market, we understand how it can be daunting to find just one comfy option. Rest assured, our team has done the testing. After many hours of sitting, we have discovered the best chairs out there. Whether you are searching for something to keep you cozy by the fire or something for your workday, we hope we have made your selection a breeze.

Austin Palmer, Eric Bissell, Ethan Newman, Benjamin Hickok, and David Wise