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Rachael Lamore
Rachael Lamore
Credit: Natalie Nealan

Rachael Lamore

Research Analyst

Rachael graduated from Cal Poly, SLO, with a Biological Sciences degree and a Spanish Language minor. During her studies, she worked in the Marine Conservation Lab, focusing on parrotfish corallivory and describing the benthic community structure.

Rachael continued studying reef ecology while interning at the Centre for Island Research and Environmental Observatory in French Polynesia. While in French Polynesia, she researched the environmental factors that influenced coral larvae survival, specifically sea water pH, ocean temperature, and the presence of crustose coralline algae. In between midnight spawning calls, Rachael enjoyed diving with sharks and swimming with humpback whales. Rachael also has experience working in laboratory settings, studying algae biofuels and soil chemistry for viticulture. She is driven by scientific curiosity and a passion for conservation and ecology.

When on dry land, Rachael spends most of her time outdoors, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, or enjoying a beautiful Lake Tahoe sunset. Rachael applies her passion for the scientific method and unbiased reviews to every aspect of her life, from cleaning to cooking to playing. She is always searching for the best product for the right price and is always willing to devote hours to cross-examining and product testing to ensure that she is making the right decision. You can usually find her in the kitchen crafting scrumptious meals when not playing outside. Over the years, as her skills have improved, she's added more gadgets to her repertoire to elevate dishes and is dedicated to the quality and functionality of these products. Rachael is a self-described "bougie pragmatist" regarding gear and lifestyle and is passionate about continually evolving both elements.