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The 6 Best Area Rugs of 2023

We tested area rugs from Safavieh, Maples, nuLOOM, and others to find the best models for your home
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Best Area Rug of 2023
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Our Top Picks

By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 22, 2022

Looking to update your space with an area rug? We researched dozens of top options before selecting the 10 best area rugs to test side-by-side. A rug isn't just for looks, and we put these through the wringer. We stood, played, and laid on them, vacuumed them, and spilled all over them. We considered each rug's available sizes, colors, and patterns and how they might fit into your personal decor. From afternoons of video gaming to cleaning up old marinara sauce, these rugs went through a lot. No matter how you want your space to feel, we've found the best rug for you.

For cleaning your new rug, our multitude of vacuum reviews can help you find the option that's best for you and your floors. If you're looking for other ways to spruce up your living quarters, we can help. Our home goods reviews span everything from functional furniture like floor lamps and accent chairs to items that create ambiance, like the best candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and LED strip lights. And, you'll probably want to grab a rug pad to help keep your brand new rug in place!

Editor's Note: We updated our area rug review on November 22, 2022 to share more info on our scoring process.


Best Overall Area Rug

Maples Pelham Vintage

Pile Height: 0.4" | Material: Nylon, felt backing
Stays down; no tripping on edges
Fits under doors
Easy to clean (vacuum and stains)
Limited colors and sizes
Slides on hardwood

The Maples Pelham Vintage meets all our performance requirements with flying colors — its low pile fits under most doors, and the firm construction keeps the corners from curling up off the floor. It is still heavy and pliable enough to feel good when walking across it in bare feet, too. The nylon fibers are easy to clean, even with disastrous messes like marinara sauce. It is also easy to vacuum because of how thin and stiff it is. You won't need an additional layer of protection on your floors due to the strong and substantial felt backing.

Still, you might decide to add a rug pad as an extra layer to help keep the Pelham Vintage from sliding around on the floor. We didn't find it to be the most slippery rug during our testing, but if it's in a high-traffic area and not held down by furniture, it may slip somewhat. Also, this rug isn't offered in as many sizes and shapes as some others, and there is only one single pattern. But, we enjoy the design and found it easy to match to almost any room in the house.

Options: 1 pattern of 4 neutral colors, 6 sizes, and a couple of shapes (rectangles and runners)

best overall area rug
This impressive rug has a classic look that readily resists stains, while the corners stay firmly down on the ground.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bang for Your Buck

Safavieh Madison Collection

Pile Height: 0.4" | Material: 67% polypropylene, 20% jute, 5% polyester, 5% cotton, polyester/cotton backing
Very forgiving of dirt and stains
Easy to clean
Versatile, modern design
Slides easily
Corners may stick up

For an affordable and easy to clean rug, check out the Safavieh Madison Collection. The design is stylish and distressed and includes colors that will marry well with most interior designs, while the pattern manages to disguise dirt, stains, and even pet hair. Comprised of polypropylene, it cleans up easily — we were able to scrub out two-day-old marinara sauce from a late-night spaghetti mishap with just a wet rag. Vacuuming this rug is also a cinch due to the low pile. The Madison comes in a variety of color combos and an impressive lineup of sizes and shapes, making it easy to choose the perfect rug for every high-traffic area in your home.

However, it was hard to get this rug to lay flat, however, and we found that the corners got stuck on doors or turned up under our feet when we walked by. When the rug was pushed down by a sectional couch and a glass coffee table, we still found ourselves slipping around some, so we recommend a rug pad to remedy that issue. It's not very thick, but it is close to the same density as most other low pile rugs. If you are shopping for the rug that will put up with everything, the Madison is an excellent and affordable choice to handle the entire family — kids and furry friends included.

Options: 1 pattern, 6 color combinations, 30+ sizes, and many shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, and circles)

area rug - best bang for your buck
The irregular patterning of this modern rug helps to conceal pet hair and debris and does an impressive job resisting heavy stains.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Natural Rug on a Budget

Safavieh Natural Fiber

Pile Height: 0.4" | Material: Seagrass weave, cotton border, felt-dotted polypropylene backing
Cool, beachy vibe
Stiff and remains in place
Stays looking clean
Not soft
Only one main color

The Safavieh Natural Fiber is a seagrass rug that can give your home those beach house vibes — and it even smells faintly of drying grass (though that effect won't last forever). It's a thick, stiff woven rug that doesn't easily crush underfoot or under furniture. The backing is made of felt-dotted polypropylene to help it stay in place better without the use of an additional pad. Even in a high-traffic area and with a shedding dog, this rug stayed deceptively clean-looking. It somehow doesn't easily soak up stains, continuing to retain the same classic style even after you spill something on it.

However, if you're after a soft and plush rug that's comfortable to stand on, the Natural Fiber probably isn't what you are looking for. It's not necessarily unpleasant to stand on, but you can feel all the textured details of this stiffly woven rug under your feet. As a natural seagrass mat, it also only comes in one color: seagrass. It can also be a bit variable in its exact shade, and may even change slightly throughout its lifetime. It's available with a lot of different border colors, though, and a plethora of sizes and shapes — for less than you might expect. If you like the look, don't mind a less forgiving feel, and are hunting for a great value, this area rug is a solid choice.

Options: 1 mat color, 15+ border colors, 35+ sizes, and many shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, and circles)

area rug - best natural rug on a budget
Though it's a bit less forgiving underfoot, the serious beach vibes, impressive performance, and relatively low price tag of this seagrass rug makes it a great value piece.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best for Fitting Any Space and Decor

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe

Pile Height: 0.35" | Material: Polypropylene pile and backing
Impressive stain resistance
Clean and versatile pattern
Variety of sizes and shapes offered
Must train the corners down
Limited patterns

In a house with a messy partner and a black lab, we expected the mostly white nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe would be wrecked. What a pleasant surprise to be wrong — we found this stylish rug was particularly simple to clean up, looked great, and worked well in almost any room. Red wine and a large, shedding pup proved no match for the Moroccan Blythe. The low pile polypropylene fibers clean up easily with just a wet rag, and vacuuming is a breeze. This rug is also available in one of the largest ranges of sizes and shapes of any model we tested, though we tested the largest version. From small mats and runners to ovals and giant squares, this upscale patterned rug is easy to purchase in exactly the size you need.

We did have a bit of trouble getting this rug to lay flat, and it took much longer than most others to train the wrinkles out of it. We also found ourselves continually folding the corners under after scuffing them up entering the room. You'll likely want a rug pad to place underneath for smaller versions as well, though, with a dining room table on top of ours; it stayed put with no problem. Even with these minor complaints, we're big fans of the look and options of this rug, making it a great choice to fit in with your existing decor effortlessly.

Options: 2 patterns, 8 colors, 35+ sizes, and numerous shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, circles, and ovals)

area rug - best for fitting any space and decor
This Moroccan style rug goes well with a huge variety of household decor and comes in a staggering variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Shag Rug

Safavieh Milan Shag

Pile Height: 1.8" | Material: Polypropylene shag, jute backing
Luxurious to stand on
Thick and plush
Great sizing and color options
Must clean with a hand vacuum
So thick it's a tripping hazard

If you're after the sumptuous feel of thick shag but want to avoid the outdated "60s-era in Grandma's living room" look, check out the Safavieh Milan Shag. While all shag rugs are thicker than their low pile cousins, the Milan is proudly deserving of the descriptor luxurious. Setting this unassuming mat in your bedroom will give you a reason to get out of bed every morning. Its tall fibers are thickly bound together, creating a supple cushion for your feet. The polypropylene fibers are impressively stain-resistant, and it's available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit whatever room you need a little softness in.

As you'd probably expect, vacuuming a shag rug isn't an easy task, and this was certainly the case for the Milan. It's so tall that you simply cannot run any average vacuum cleaner over it. A small hand vacuum will get the job done — if you have one of those. You won't be able to put the Milan anywhere in a path of a door either, except in the unlikely case your doors have 2-inch gaps under them. But if you're ready to accept the challenges of owning and cleaning a shag rug, we can't get enough of the feeling of digging our toes deep into the Milan.

Options: 8 solid colors, 20+ sizes, and many shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, and circles)

area rug - best shag rug
It takes a lot to make us want to get out of bed in the morning, but having this shag rug waiting for us makes it that much less painful.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Natural Fiber Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute

Pile Height: 0.5" | Material: Hand braided jute
Softer than expected
Great look and vibe
Lots of sizes and shapes
Difficult to clean spills
Slides and bunches easily

Searching for a natural fiber rug that doesn't sacrifice feeling soft underfoot? The nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute is our favorite of the bunch. This braided beauty is available in four colors that are solid enough to keep your room looking clean and variable enough to disguise everyday debris. We love how unexpectedly soft this jute mat is, and how easily it lays flat on the floor like it's been there all along. We had some reservations testing an off-white rug in a messy household with pets and accident-prone humans, and though it's not the simplest to clean, we were still impressed with how well it's held up. The Rigo Jute also comes in a huge variety of sizes and shapes to class up any part of your home.

As a natural fiber rug, the Rigo Jute just isn't as easy to clean as its synthetic cousins. It took a significant amount of time and carpet cleaner to remove a splotch of spaghetti sauce. The braided fibers are prone to breaking if rubbed when wet, and the stitching holds onto stains for even longer. And though it is possible to vacuum this rug, the edges aren't conducive to easily rolling over with your machine — we had to back up onto it, wheels first. Almost similar to a rag rug, the Rigo Jute can slide and bunch, and is most easily enjoyed on top of a rug pad. And though it's a bit on the pricier side, if you're after a soft natural rug that looks great, it's hard to go wrong with this stunning jute model.

Options: 4 solid, neutral colors, 35+ sizes, and numerous shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, circles, and ovals)

area rug - best natural fiber rug
We're impressed by the softness of this hand-braided natural fiber jute rug, whose look quickly became a favorite among our testers.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Persian Rug

Feraghan/New City Isfahan Persian

feraghan/new city isfahan persian area rug
Pile Height: 0.3" | Material: 50% wool, 50% polypropylene, polypropylene backing
Soft and velvety underfoot
Color combos that match most decors
Painless to clean
Inconsistent sizing
Difficult to lay flat

For a Persian area rug that won't empty your wallet, check out this super-soft option from Feraghan/New City. We adore how this rug feels underfoot; like tall velvet, cradling our toes. Even the dog loved to take long naps sprawled out on this oversized carpet. It comes in a variety of color patterns that are perfectly created to match just about any existing furniture in the room. The half wool, half polypropylene is easy to clean messy spills from, simple to vacuum, and has a busy Persian pattern that camouflages debris between cleanings. And the price tag isn't too bad either.

Out of all the other rugs we tested, we had more trouble getting this rug to lay flat. It took several weeks of setting furniture, books, and other various objects on it to train the ripples away. Ours also measured over half a foot larger in both directions than we'd expected, and we read many other reports of the same issue. It's also only available in this wild, classic Persian pattern, so if that's not your jam, check out another rug. But if that is your jam, the Feraghan/New City Isfahan Persian is a comfortable, classic choice.

Options: 11 color patterns, 9 sizes, and a few shapes (rectangles, runners, and circles)


Tons of Options for a Shag Rug

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag

Pile Height: 1.5" | Material: Polypropylene shag, jute backing
Lots of bright and neutral colors
Plenty of sizes and shapes
Classic shag look and feel
Not as plush or thick
Yarn is prone to fraying

Do you dig the retro vibe of the 60s and 70s? If you answered "yes," then you're sure to love the look and feel of the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag. This polypropylene shag rug has a good height to it without being so thick you're likely to trip on it. Its yarns are less dense and make it easier to vacuum (without a beater bar), while the synthetic fibers are more naturally stain resistant. You may catch yourself having flashbacks to earlier times when you dig your toes into the slightly rough yarn. It also comes in over 20 colors that range from 70s psychedelic to modern neutral tones and a ton of sizes for wherever you need some high pile around your home.

That said, if you're after an updated feel, soft fibers, and a thick cushion, you'll likely be disappointed by this simple shag. This rug is much thinner and made of fewer fibers compared to the other shag rugs we tested. When cleaning up stains and vacuuming the Solid Shag, we also noticed the ends of the yarns already began to fray. Additionally, this rug begs for a pad, both to keep it in place and to provide extra cushioning. However, if you're a fan of the classic style of shag carpet, you might like this one.

Options: 20+ solid colors, 25+ sizes, and a few shapes (rectangles, squares, and circles)


Good Rag Rug

Safavieh Rag Rug

Pile Height: 0.2" | Material: Cotton pile flat weave
Can put small sizes in the washing machine
Classic rag rug feel and style
Upgraded look with end tassels
Slides, bunches, and folds extremely easily
Difficult to vacuum

Sometimes all you need to pull your space together is a classic rag rug. The Safavieh Rag Rug is exactly that. With nine different color combinations and over 25 sizes and shapes, it's easy to find the kitchen mat, playroom surface, or basement floor covering that you've been looking for. You can even launder it more easily than just about any other type of rug out there, depending on the size of your rug and washing machine. We also love the tassels at the end of this rag rug because they give it a slightly more upgraded look.

And yet, it comes with all the expected downfalls of just about every rag rug. Because it slides, folds, flips, and bunches easily, it's a necessity to have a pad or several pieces of heavy furniture to hold it in place. Similarly, it's nearly impossible to vacuum, as all the little imperfections that give it such a unique, carefree look, easily get sucked up and pulled loose. It also stays wet after spot cleaning for quite a long time, which is less of a major flaw and more of a minor complaint that we found to be jarring every time we walked across the wet spot, hours after cleaning up spilled red wine. But for a classic rag rug, this one is a good choice.

Options: 9 color combinations, 25+ sizes, and many shapes (rectangles, squares, runners, and circles)


Furry Floor Fun

LOCHAS Ultra Soft

Pile Height: 1.5" | Material: Velvet shag, inner sponge, non-slip plastic spots
Pleasantly squishy
Soft like a stuffed animal
Bright colors kids love
No stiffness; moves around easily
Sheds a lot

The Lochas Ultra Soft is a funky spin on a shag rug and feels reminiscent of your favorite childhood stuffed animal. It includes an inner sponge layer that creates a squishy feel often loved by floor-dwelling children, and the long fibers are silky soft and almost a little bit slippery — just like that giant stuffed wolf you had when you were a kid. It's lightweight, making it easy to take outside and shake off in the yard as needed. It also comes in over a dozen colors that include a lot of vibrant hues sure to be on many kindergarteners' list of favorite colors.

As a floppy rug with thin, sparse fibers, the Lochas isn't an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It's too floppy to run a standard vacuum cleaner over, and as soon as you have to get it wet and clean it just once, you'll see how few hair-like fibers actually make up this rug. Though it cleans fairly easily in a bathtub, daily debris clings on quite easily. A dropped piece of soft cheese had to be peeled out of the stringy strands, similar to chewing gum stuck in hair. The broken fibers were also found all over the rest of the house and even on our clothes. It's an interesting accent rug for low usage, or possibly a comfortable option in a child's bedroom or the basement playroom — if you're willing to clean it in the tub regularly.

Options: 13 solid colors and 5 rectangular sizes

area rug - we played rug tetris and treated contenders roughly to bring you our...
We played rug Tetris and treated contenders roughly to bring you our in-depth findings.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

We spent hours researching the best area rugs out there before selecting the top 10 to purchase and test side by side. We stood, sat, and laid on these rugs, tried to slide them around, stuffed them under furniture, and opened doors on top of them. We got them dirty. These rugs were covered in pet hair, high desert dust, tree sap, marinara sauce, and red wine. We did our best to vacuum them, scrub them, and otherwise clean each one. We also evaluated their aesthetic appeal and versatility across decor styles, taking note of how many options of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes each can be purchased in. After all this wear and tear and intensive scrutiny, we bring the best qualities and biggest flaws of each one to help you find the right rug for your home.

Our area rug testing is divided across five different metrics:
  • Comfort and Usability (30% of overall score weighting)
  • Ease of Cleaning (30% weighting)
  • Aesthetic Appeal 25% weighting)
  • Durability (15% weighting)

Our main tester, Maggie Nichols, is a rug connoisseur. Growing up in a household of allergy sufferers vehemently opposed to carpeting, she quickly learned the high value of a quality area rug. Even now, decades later, Maggie still loves laying on the floor to watch a movie — on the right rug, of course! As a long-time pet owner (birds, snakes, rabbits, dogs, lizards, you name it!) and admitted clutz, she has spent hundreds of hours cleaning, scrubbing, vacuuming, beating, and shaking rugs to remove fur/wine/sauce/chocolate/mud and even a full burrito. She, along with her even messier partner and their happy-to-shed labrador mix dog, put these rugs to the test of surviving in their home.

Analysis and Test Results

We intensively tested and evaluated these rugs across several categories to see how well they withstand daily abuse and which has what it takes to earn a place in your house. We assessed their comfort and usability in various situations and different rooms. We got them dirty and cleaned them up to see how much of a pain they are to upkeep. We considered their versatility of appearance and fit in different spaces around the house and evaluated their durability in the face of daily use and abuse. Below, we discuss the top contenders across each of these four metrics.

area rug - the right rug can transform your space without a total home...
The right rug can transform your space without a total home makeover. Let us help you figure out which rug is the right one for you.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Comfort and Usability

To test each rug's comfort and usability, we evaluated a number of different criteria. We stood on them barefoot without socks and laid on them in shorts to see how each felt against bare skin. We compared the thickness and amount of cushion each one has — on hardwood floors without the use of a rug pad. We "surfed" on each, to see how easily they move, both on their own and with furniture on one or more sides. And through regular use, we took note of which ones have corners that are easily kicked up and edges that are readily tripped on.

Need more cushion or less slide?
Though we tested these rugs on their own, many of them recommend using a rug pad underneath. By placing a pad under your rug, you'll add comfort and stability.

Two rugs stand out here for slightly different reasons. When it comes to softness and underfoot feel in a low pile rug, the Feraghan/New City Isfahan Persian takes the cake. This thick half wool rug is silky and velvety, lightly crushing under your feet for a very pleasant and comforting experience. The Maples Pelham Vintage isn't quite as soft, but out of all rugs we tested, it's by far the best at keeping the corners and edges firmly on the floor. Even though it wasn't the thinnest area rug we tried, it's the only one that consistently remained flat under our front door, which has a particularly narrow distance from the base to the floor. For anyone who's sick of tripping on rug corners, the Pelham Vintage is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

area rug - even the dog became fond of the isfahan persian during our testing...
Even the dog became fond of the Isfahan Persian during our testing and could often be found napping on it.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Safavieh Madison and nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe are also fairly soft and about on par with the underfoot feel of the Maples Pelham Vintage. Both the Madison and the Moroccan Blythe had some issues when it comes to staying put, though. While they remained flat for the most part, we did occasionally find ourselves kicking up corners in the dark.

area rug - the maples pelham vintage is the only rug to firmly keep all four...
The Maples Pelham Vintage is the only rug to firmly keep all four corners on the ground during our testing, even when placed in a busy front hall.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Safavieh Milan Shag is hard to beat for the simple pleasure of just standing on. It's the plushest, most luxurious shag rug we have ever had the privilege of setting foot on. It's an absolute joy to wiggle toes into while it hugs onto them. We'd have to say the biggest downfalls are how easily it slides across hardwood floors, and its sheer thickness makes it an automatic tripping hazard. Also worth mentioning is the nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute, which exceeded our expectations of softness in a natural fiber area rug.

area rug - the safavieh milan shag is nearly 2 inches of absolute heaven to...
The Safavieh Milan Shag is nearly 2 inches of absolute heaven to stand on.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

Like anything else in your home, an area rug will need periodic cleaning. It collects dust and dander, gets walked on regularly, and you may even eat over it, so finding a rug that's conducive to cleaning is important. We tested each rug's ability to be vacuumed with a standard rolling vacuum, with or without the spinning beater brush. We spilled high staining substances like spaghetti sauce, red wine, and warm chocolate on them to see if we would be able to remove them. We further evaluated how easily each collects dirt, hair, and other debris, and assessed if they look dirty easily or can go for weeks between cleanings.

What's it made of?
In general, it's easier to remove stains from rugs made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene and nylon. Natural fiber rugs like jute are more prone to staining. However, each has its tricks to make it as good as new. For any stain, first, try simply blotting with a warm wet rag. If your rug is synthetic, you may be able to rub the stain right out. If that doesn't work, a warm soapy rag will often do the trick. For really bad spills, you may need to purchase a cleaner from the store, like Resolve. However, not all fibers react well to this treatment. Be sure to test any cleaner on a hidden part of the rug FIRST, before using it on a large area. Otherwise, you may end up with a bleached or faded spot in the middle of your new carpet.

The Maples Pelham Vintage again stands out in this category. Not only are its synthetic fibers exceptionally easy to clean, with all the corners and edges securely against the floor, but it's also a breeze to roll a vacuum right onto this rug and clean up any messes. The Safavieh Madison is another exemplary area rug in this arena. Though its corners sometimes roll up under a vacuum, the rug itself is easy to clean. It was also no sweat for us to remove two-day-old marinara sauce with just a wet rag. The distressed, irregular pattern of the Madison lends itself very well to hiding any blemishes and debris it may acquire throughout its life.

area rug - the safavieh madison is the perfect combination of pattern and color...
The Safavieh Madison is the perfect combination of pattern and color to hide just about anything you could possibly drop on it - and resistant enough to let you clean it up even days later.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Feraghan/New City Isfahan Persian has a very busy, forgiving pattern that helps hide pet hair between cleanings and readily lifts stains away. We're also impressed by the stain resistance of the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe, which, despite being a mainly off-white rug, repelled every stain we tried to give it with ease. And though performing a deep clean of the Safavieh Natural Fiber, comprised of seagrass, is something best left to the professionals, we found it surprisingly easy to wipe messes right off the surface, with no lingering stain to the dried grass itself. Alone among the crowd, the Safavieh Rag Rug is the only one we tested that can actually be washed in a washing machine.

area rug - only a rag rug can be tossed in the washing machine when you drop a...
Only a rag rug can be tossed in the washing machine when you drop a whole plate full of spaghetti.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Aesthetic Appeal

While each of us has our own particular style and desires for creating our personal spaces, there are still some basic criteria that every area rug we tested can be held up to. We first considered the colors and patterns offered and how well those patterns fit into people's existing furniture and decor. Wider ranges of colors to match more diverse palates also performed better in this metric. And because we all live in different homes with different arrangements, we also assessed the diversity of sizes and shapes each rug is offered in. From giant area rugs to hallway runners and kitchen sink mats to circular dining room coverings, the more diversity was offered, the better each rug scored in this metric.

Choosing the Best Color/Pattern for Your Space
While personal preference plays a big part in choosing what look of area rug you get, there are a few tips that can help you decide. First, measure the space you're hoping to fill and order up a size. This lets you put the edges of the rug under your furniture, creating a more pulled-together appearance. Second, consider the feeling you're going for. Highly patterned rugs tend to make a room feel smaller, fuller, and perhaps cozier. Plain colored rugs, and especially lightly colored rugs, typically make your space feel more open, cleaner, and less cluttered. Consider the rest of your furniture and decor and choose a rug that matches its vibe — otherwise, you may end up wanting a new couch, too…

Two top contenders in this category make the cut for different reasons. The nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe features a pattern that's interesting and versatile across decorating styles without being too busy. It also comes in the most colors, sizes, and shapes of any rug we tested, allowing you to choose the absolute perfect fit for your personal space. The nuLOOM Rigo Jute also stands out in this category for a classic, clean handwoven style that, though it comes in just four colors, can easily be incorporated to upgrade the look of almost any arrangement style. And like the Moroccan Blythe, the Rigo Jute is offered in an astounding array of sizes and shapes that are sure to fit any space in your home.

area rug - the nuloom moroccan blythe is an interesting balance between having...
The nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe is an interesting balance between having a pattern to conceal everyday debris without being so busy it overwhelms your space.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Safavieh Madison is another appealing rug with a more modern look. While its irregular, distressed patterning might not fit everyone's taste, it comes in numerous colors that give it wide appeal. It's also available in an exceptional amount of sizes and shapes. The Maples Pelham Vintage has fewer offerings of shapes, sizes, and colors, but is available in four neutrally appealing colors with a timeless pattern that doesn't overwhelm the space it's set in.

area rug - we found ourselves falling in love with the look of the nuloom rigo...
We found ourselves falling in love with the look of the nuLOOM Rigo Jute - even more so when we saw just how many sizes and shapes it comes in!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Though we didn't have years to test each of these area rugs, we did our best to simulate intensive use in a condensed amount of time. We went out of our way to scuff on them in shoes, roughhouse with a big dog, spill and clean them, and vacuum them repeatedly. We appraised the construction and materials of each rug and thoroughly examined them for flaws and weak points, particularly backings, edges, corners, and loose fibers. We also scoured the internet to dig up figurative dirt on each model and see if we could uncover similar issues.

Read the Directions
By far, low pile, synthetic rugs are better suited to withstand the daily abuse of high traffic areas. However, the lifetime of your rug is also dependent on how you treat it when it's in need. Not every rug can take being sprayed with chemical cleaners or vacuuming on a daily basis. Be sure to read the directions of your specific floor covering and follow the cleaning and care recommendations to elongate the lifespan of your investment.

Once again, the Maples Pelham Vintage shines brightly. This synthetic, nylon rug is an ideal combination of low pile fibers firmly secured to a solid felt backing, ringed with a stout border. It easily withstood everything we could throw at it with no hint of failing. From painlessly relaxing down flat after shipping to remaining unflappable even in the front hall of a busy home, the Pelham Vintage performed better than the rest and gave us no reason to doubt its continued impressive performance.

area rug - the maples pelham vintage has the sturdiest backing of any rug we...
The Maples Pelham Vintage has the sturdiest backing of any rug we tested, making it stiff and adding to our confidence in its ability to withstand the test of time.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Safavieh Madison also proved to be a durable area rug. Another synthetic model, the Madison heartily withstood life in the living room of a messy family with a large dog, looking no worse for the wear. It's not quite as impressive as the Pelham Vintage, as the edges and corners need a bit more coaxing to stay put, and too much tripping could shorten its life. It also doesn't have quite as impressive of backing on it and is better suited to life on top of a rug pad. But overall, it's a pretty durable rug made to withstand regular use.

area rug - after dropping a huge spoonful of red sauce on the nuloom moroccan...
After dropping a huge spoonful of red sauce on the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe, we were sure we'd ruined it. Much to our surprise, this giant orange blemish came right out with just a warm, wet rag!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Feraghan/New City Isfahan Persian, nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe, and Safavieh Milan Shag also stand out as above-average when it comes to durability. All three of these rugs are solidly constructed with well-defined edges, quality materials, and minimal shedding. However, the Isfahan Persian and Moroccan Blythe both have some minor challenges laying flat, requiring more work than average, creating a tripping hazard in the meantime. The Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag is distinctive as well, with two thick ribbons of durable material running down each side to help keep it from getting beaten up by constant tripping.

area rug - though we wanted to like the lochas ultra soft, it disappoints us in...
Though we wanted to like the Lochas Ultra Soft, it disappoints us in just about every metric. After painstakingly pulling out some dropped soft cheese, it became painfully clear just how thin the fibers of this rug are. And with the alarming rate at which they spread around the house, we wondered how long it would take to go completely bald...
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

While we don't typically like to highlight poor performers, sometimes one performs so poorly that we feel obligated to mention it. In this case, the Lochas Ultra Soft exceeded our expectations — in a bad way. This rug let us down in just about every category across the board. Its spongy interior provides no actual support, just squishing flat with even a small amount of weight on it. Its fuzzy top is synthetically smooth to the point of being almost slippery, it is extremely difficult to clean, and the thin, hair-like fibers shed uncommonly easily and quickly spread themselves throughout the entire house. As much as we wanted to like this fuzzy, floppy rug, its shortcomings were just too many for us to be impressed.

area rug - whether you're after a handwoven natural fiber rug, or a classic...
Whether you're after a handwoven natural fiber rug, or a classic hippy-style shag rug, like the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag, we've found just the right floor covering for your home.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Finding the perfect area rug to fit your home isn't as simple as just picking a pretty pattern. We dove into the nitty-gritty of what makes a rug worth your money. No matter what vibe you're trying to bring or what space you need to fill, we've done the work to find the ideal rug to suit your requirements.

Maggie Nichols

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