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The 3 Best Standing Desk Converters of 2022

We tested standing desk converters from VersaDesk, FlexiSpot, and more to find the best riser for your workspace
Best Standing Desk Converter of 2022
Credit: Mary Witlacil
By Mary Witlacil ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 29, 2022
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Are you tired of sitting on the job but don't want a whole new desk? We spent weeks using the 8 best standing desk converters available today to help you find the perfect converter for your work set-up. Making a choice is difficult with so many similar products on the market, but we spent hours pouring over product specs and buyer reviews before extensive in-person testing. We put these converters through the wringer, evaluating each of them for ergonomics, ease of use, adjustability, design, and quality. Whether you're looking for a small laptop stand or a converter compatible with dual monitors, our review will help you find the right product to meet your needs and your budget.

Creating a streamlined office workspace that's comfortable and efficient requires everything from an ergonomic keyboard and wireless mouse to a top office chair. Our reviews can help you deck out both your home and work office with items as simple as wrist rests to cushy standing desk mats to user-friendly home printers.

Editor's Note: This article was updated on September 29, 2022, ensuring that we still stand by our award winners and removing two discontinued products from our lineup.


Best Standing Desk Converter

VersaDesk PowerPro

Type of Riser: Electric | Adjustable Range: 5 - 20"
Effortless raising and lowering
Straight up and down movement
Easy to use keyboard tray
Button for raising/lowering is on workstation
Not enough room for a vertical mousepad on keyboard tray

We absolutely loved the effortless and intuitive functionality of the VersaDesk PowerPro. This model raises and lowers straight up and down with just the click of a button. Because the keyboard tray attaches to the workstation with four thumbscrews, it's simple to install and easy to remove. There are three ports to install monitors, and the desk works well with a dual monitor setup. The workstation is constructed from a high-quality particle board with a nearly seamless laminate, and the frame is made from high carbon steel, so it is built to last.

The downsides of this workstation are minimal and fairly inconsequential. The main drawback is that the push-button control is located on the top of the workstation, a potential issue if you need to maximize your workspace. Additionally, if you require a mousepad, the keyboard tray is not quite deep enough to accommodate a vertical pad — though it does work well with a horizontal one. These minor things aside, we found this model ideal for anyone seeking a well-designed sit-to-stand desk that is effortless to raise and lower.

Maximum Weight: 80 lbs
Product Weight: 21 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 36" (W) x 16 1/4" (D)
Desk Size Options: 36", 40", 48"

Size Tested: 36"

best standing desk converter
If you're looking for an effortless way to elevate your computer, this electric riser earned top marks in nearly all our metrics.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Best Bang for Your Buck

FlexiSpot M7 AlcoveRiser

Type of Riser: Gas spring | Adjustable Range: 4.75 - 20"
Straight up and down movement
Large adjustable range
Keyboard tray is easy to assemble and use
Nearly effortless to raise
Some play in keyboard tray in lowest position
Requires some effort to lower
Keyboard tray narrow for mousepad

The popular FlexiSpot M7 AlcoveRiser quickly won our hearts, earning the top spot in our review. This model ticks the boxes on nearly every one of our metrics — it provides a wide range of adjustability, raises straight up and down, and moves fairly effortlessly between positions. As a bonus, it's affordable and aesthetically pleasing. There is minimal assembly required, as the brackets are pre-installed on the keyboard tray — all you have to do is slide the tray into position and lock it into place. As such, it is easy to ditch the keyboard tray if you only want to use the main workstation. Like other pneumatic risers, it is nearly effortless to raise, and because there are no pre-programmed heights for adjustment, you can hone in on the perfect height for your desk.

There are a few minor drawbacks that come with this model. Similar to other pneumatic risers, this desk requires some effort to overcome the spring and lower your workstation. In the lowest position, our testers noticed some play in the keyboard tray. While it's not a major issue, individuals who type vigorously or use a manual keyboard may find it annoying. The workstation features an "alcove" cut-out, which creates more space for unimpeded typing. However, this could be a disadvantage for those who wish to use the workspace for monitor/s and a laptop. Finally, the keyboard tray on the 28" model proved a bit narrow for use with a horizontal mousepad, though it does accommodate a keyboard and mouse without a mousepad just fine. Overall, the M7 is great for students and telecommuters seeking a nearly effortless sit-to-stand desk converter that won't break the bank.

Maximum Weight: 33 lbs
Product Weight: 34.7 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 28.4'' (W) x 16.3''(D)
Desk Size Options: 28", 32", 35", 42"

Size Tested: 28"

standing desk converter - best bang for your buck
For a fraction of the cost, the pneumatic M7 has just the features you need to stand your way to better health.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Affordable and Ready-to-Go

FENGE Sit to Stand Desk Converter

Type of Riser: Gas spring | Adjustable Range: 2.5 - 15.75"
No assembly required
Very portable
Simple and intuitive
Nearly effortless raising and lowering
No keyboard tray
Could leave marks on your desk over time

The Fenge Sit to Stand Desk Converter was one of the unsung heroes of our review. It strikes a balance between simplicity, ease of use, quality of materials, and affordability. Just open the box and this riser is ready to go. It features a single lever, a small pneumatic spring, and rubber wheels integrated into the legs of two of the feet, so when you elevate your workstation, the wheels roll along your desk until you get it in the proper position. It is simple, intuitive, and relatively easy to raise and lower. This is the lightest gas spring model in our test fleet, so it's easy to move between desks or to set it aside when you need it out of the way. It also proved to be just as stable as the burlier gas spring models, despite being one of the lightest.

The Fenge is more pared down than other models in that it lacks a keyboard tray. That said, it is comfortable enough to use with a laptop. Additionally, while it is easy to raise and lower this riser, it still requires effort. To activate the gas spring, you must give the workstation a slight boost past the first inch. When you lower it, it lowers smoothly until the final inch when it wants to collapse into its footprint. This could be a problem if you tried to raise or lower the desk with a full cup of coffee balanced on your workstation (not recommended!). This certainly isn't a dealbreaker, but it took our testers a few tries to master the raising and lowering mechanism on this model. Finally, while the rubber wheels did not leave any marks on our desks, they may leave marks on yours over time as the wheels wear down. Despite these issues, the Fenge is a great option for those seeking a portable laptop riser on a budget, especially those with minimal office space or smaller desks.

Maximum Weight: 37.4 lbs
Product Weight: 17.2 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 25.7" (W) x 15.9" (D)
Desk Size Options: 25.7"

Size Tested: 25.7"

standing desk converter - affordable and ready-to-go
Easy to raise and lower, and affordable to boot. What's not to love?
Credit: Mary Witlacil


A Great Riser for the Office

VariDesk Pro Plus 36

Type of Riser: Gas spring | Adjustable Range: 5 - 17.5"
Very stable
Aesthetically pleasing
No assembly required
Large keyboard tray
Swings forward when raising
Fixed heights for adjustment
Requires effort to lower
Difficult to set into lowest position

With its weighted base, the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is one of the more stable risers in our review. This converter also arrives ready to go with the keyboard tray pre-installed — just lift it out of the box and get working. The keyboard tray is among the most spacious in our review, large enough to accommodate a small laptop or a standard keyboard and mouse with a mousepad. This model's quality is among the best in our review, with a seamless laminate with beveled edges and a steel frame that's built to last. The VariDesk performed well in our design survey as well, scoring within the top four among respondents. The workstation is roomy enough to accommodate dual monitors, a monitor with a laptop and notebook, or most anything else you're planning to throw at it.

Some of the features of the VariDesk Pro Plus that enabled it to earn high marks were also drawbacks when considered from a different angle. For one, the weighted base that leads to increased stability makes the VariDesk one of the heaviest desk risers in our review. Additionally, this desk has 11 fixed heights, which means that for some people, it may be too high or too low for their preferences. Given that this converter swings forward, it is essential to make sure you have a wide enough desk to accommodate it — the base requires a 24" wide/deep desk to ensure maximum stability. It features a dual lever lift that requires some muscle to counteract the lift's thrust and some effort to lower the riser. To get it to lock into place in the lowest position, you have to put pressure on the desk; otherwise, it wants to lock into the second-lowest position. To raise and lower, you must simultaneously engage both paddle levers on each side — if one side of the desk doesn't lock into place, the riser may stop in a lopsided position. Be mindful of this when the desk is fully loaded with unattached monitors or a cup of coffee, as this could cause a disaster. All of that said, once you become accustomed to the quirks of this standing desk converter, it is a surprisingly stable option with tons of workspace for a large desk. This is why we believe it would be an ideal option for a dedicated home office with room to accommodate the forward swing.

Maximum Weight: 36 lbs
Product Weight: 64.8 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 36" (W) x 12.25" (D)
Desk Size Options: 30", 36"

Size Tested: 36"

standing desk converter - this classic pneumatic riser was one of the first on the market. it...
This classic pneumatic riser was one of the first on the market. It swings forward as it raises, so it requires a large desk with ample space to accommodate its forward movement.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Most Stable Riser

VIVO DESK-V000VD Desk Riser

Type of Riser: Gas spring | Adjustable Range: 6.75 - 16.75"
Very stable
Recessed workstation
Tablet/phone slot
Requires effort to lower
Swings forward when raising
Rubber feet are easy to lose and can leave marks
Requires a larger desk to accommodate base

If you tend to exert as much force as a mini-jackhammer while pounding away on your keyboard, the Vivo DESK-V000VD Desk Riser might be an ideal match for you. It was the most stable of all the desk risers in our review. This riser features a recessed workstation, which allows you to situate your keyboard slightly closer to your monitors and type unimpeded by the workstation. The pneumatic lift enables a smooth rising mechanism, and the spring feels less punchy than other models that swing forward as they rise. The spring action is slower than other risers, but this makes it easier on whoever has to lift it. Additionally, with the levers being positioned slightly forward from the middle of the work station, it is easy to use the wings of the workstation to give you extra leverage as you lower it — as long as your arms are long enough and your hands are large enough to engage both levers. There is a tablet or phone slot at the front of the desk for better desk organization or to allow you to use your tablet in conjunction with your monitors or laptop. The keyboard tray is easily removable with four thumbscrews. However, once removed, a steel tab extends off the riser, which could be annoying when the tray is not in use. If you don't need the tray, you can remove the brackets with a screwdriver.

Out of the box, the Vivo DESK-V000VD commands some extra time for installing brackets on the keyboard tray and screwing rubber feet to the base. The rubber feet are not secure, they are held on with screws, but the screw heads are too narrow to bite into the rubber. As such, this riser left noticeable gouges in our lead reviewer's lower desk surface. If you opt to go with this model, it would be a good idea to find bolts with a larger head or washers sufficiently wide to hold the rubber feet in place. This riser also requires you to sacrifice more desk space to accommodate the length of the desk feet. It swings forward as it rises, which moves you backward from where you would typically stand, demanding more space adjacent to your desk. The keyboard tray is fairly narrow and does not have wings that extend beyond the workstation, meaning there is minimal space for using a mouse, especially if you intend to use a mousepad. Despite these concerns, the Vivo is a great option for someone seeking a sturdy standing desk converter to hammer out late-night soliloquies or do detail-oriented work requiring minimal monitor movement.

Maximum Weight: 33 lbs
Product Weight: 41.4 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 36" (W) x 22" (D)
Desk Size Options: 32", 36"

Size Tested: 36"

standing desk converter - if you're searching for the most stable riser on the market, this...
If you're searching for the most stable riser on the market, this may be a match made in heaven. Just be careful how you place it on your desk, as it could leave marks on your desk surface.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Great Pneumatic Riser for a Home Office

FEZiBO Standing Desk

Type of Riser: Gas spring | Adjustable Range: 4.75 - 20"
Straight up and down movement
Large adjustable range
Keyboard tray easy to install and/or remove
Nearly effortless to raise
Tablet/phone slot in work station
Requires some effort to lower
Wobbles in both raised and lowered positions
Somewhat time-consuming to install keyboard tray

The popular no-frills FEZiBO Standing Desk is a reasonable option for the price. With a sliding x-style spring, it raises straight up and down, resting in its footprint in the lowest position. The gas spring is well-tuned on this model, offering smooth, intuitive, and almost effortless height adjustment. We appreciate the large adjustment range, which is essential if you are on the taller end of the spectrum. If you prefer to have the option to ditch the keyboard tray, it is easy to install or remove. This riser also features a tablet/phone slot in the front of the workstation, and the keyboard tray is wide enough to accommodate a standard keyboard and mouse.

Right out of the box, installing the FEZiBO keyboard tray requires some extra time and attention. The assembly instructions are somewhat difficult to follow, but the pieces fit together intuitively — just be sure you install the brackets on the correct side of the keyboard tray. The product comes with three foam pads to install on your keyboard tray as surface protectors. It might be a good idea to place the riser on your desk and then place the foam pads on the keyboard tray where the tray makes contact with your desk. Our biggest concern with this product is that ours wobbled like a patio table at a dive bar. To give it a fighting chance, our lead reviewer wedged the equivalent of several sugar packets under one of the feet. Once stabilized, the desk was balanced enough to forget our initial concerns. Finally, akin to other pneumatic risers, this one does require some muscle to urge the workstation down.

Maximum Weight: 37.5 lbs
Product Weight: 33.71 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: 36" (W) x 15.7" (D)
Desk Size Options: 32", 36"

Size Tested: 32"

standing desk converter - while it is not the top-of-the-line, most stable, or the highest...
While it is not the top-of-the-line, most stable, or the highest performer, this feature-rich desk riser gets the job done for a reasonable price.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Great for Reading on a Laptop

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Type of Riser: Manual | Adjustable Range: 1.5 - 13"
No assembly required
Minimalist design
Lightweight and portable
Ventilation hole on work surface
Not very stable while typing
Not as high as other options
Rubber pads on front lip may dig into wrists while typing

We love the sleek, attractive, portable, and lightweight design of the affordable Nulaxy Laptop Stand. Ready to go out of the box, this laptop riser is great for anyone looking to elevate their laptop while reading or meeting in Zoom-land. It features a ventilation hole to deter your laptop from overheating and accommodates a range of laptop sizes from 10"-17". To adjust the height, you must rotate each hinge and then use the lever to get the final range of extension. Unlike other models in our review, it is better to adjust the height or angle without your laptop on the stand. When seated, you can use the Nulaxy to change the angle of your laptop and slightly elevate it for better posture. This aluminum stand is well-designed and looks nice, featuring high-quality construction with tight hinges.

If you desire a desk riser that effortlessly goes from a standing to a sitting position, you may want to look elsewhere. Adjusting the height is somewhat of an annoyance. When set to the highest position, the stand is not very stable while typing and is much lower than other risers. Our biggest complaint is that the rubber pads on the front lip dug into our reviewer's wrists when typing. While this is more of a problem for individuals with large hands, it is a prime concern if you plan on using your laptop stand for typing. The Nulaxy is best for those who want an affordable option for standing while reading or teleconferencing.

Maximum Weight: 22 lbs
Product Weight: 2.76 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: Compatible with 10"-17" laptops
Desk Size Options: N/A

Size Tested: N/A

standing desk converter - stylish, portable, and fairly inexpensive - this riser is a decent...
Stylish, portable, and fairly inexpensive - this riser is a decent option for anyone looking for a simple laptop stand without any extra bells and whistles.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


Reasonable Option on a Budget

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand

Type of Riser: Manual | Adjustable Range: 7.5 - 17"
Decently stable for a laptop stand
Cumbersome assembly out of box
Not easy to change heights
Lip digs into wrists while typing
Fixed heights for adjustment

The HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand is the most affordable standing desk converter in our review. We were impressed with how stable this stand is, even in the highest position. It is well crafted for what it is, with a laminate-coated particle board work surface and decently lightweight steel. Were any of the joints or pieces to wear out, they all look easy to replace with a standard toolset. In other words, it gets the job done without any extra bells and whistles and without breaking the bank.

Unfortunately, the cons stack up from there. You must install the work platform fresh out of the box. Although fairly straightforward, assembling the HUANUO was the most time-consuming and annoying out of any model we tested. Installing the workstation entails driving tiny self-drilling screws into particle board, and we struggled to get some of the screws to bite into the wood. Additionally, this model is the most challenging to raise and lower — it's straightforward but quite finicky. Perhaps the worst aspect of this stand is a metal "catch" that ensures your laptop doesn't slide off. While the intention is good, this feature digs into the wrists during use. This might be better suited for reading or Zooming than for typing. Drawbacks aside, the HUANUO is an affordable option for anyone looking to elevate their laptop while reading or during a video call.

Maximum Weight: Unknown
Product Weight: 11.43 lbs
Work Surface Dimensions: Compatible with laptops ≥15.6"
Desk Size Options: N/A

Size Tested: N/A

standing desk converter - this model would be a decent option for someone searching for a...
This model would be a decent option for someone searching for a laptop stand on a budget, but it has some issues.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

Why You Should Trust Us

We waded through more than 40 of the most promising standing desk converters before whittling them down to the selection you see here. Once they arrived, we busted the risers out of their boxes, assembled them as needed, and put them through rigorous side-by-side comparison. In our analysis, we considered ergonomics, ease of use, quality of materials, and design. We loaded them up, used them standing and sitting, tested each of their moving parts, and tried to find their weaknesses. If you found our review because you feel overwhelmed by the proliferation of similar-looking and sounding products, read on to learn about their subtle differences and how each riser stacks up against the competition.

This review is brought to you by Mary Witlacil. As a perpetual graduate student, Mary has logged thousands of hours writing and reading at her desk, both at home and in the office. Her years spent working on a Ph.D. lend to an astute eye and analytical mind, ideal for examining every aspect of the standing desk converters covered in our review.

We spent many days working, planning, and organizing with each...
We spent many days working, planning, and organizing with each converter in our review.
So many converters! We stood, sat, and stood again while reading and...
So many converters! We stood, sat, and stood again while reading and typing up a storm.
Each model got raised, lowered, and moved around to different...
Each model got raised, lowered, and moved around to different locations in order to find the best contenders and the weakest links.

Analysis and Test Results

To test each converter's quality, we considered every riser from box to desk and assessed each model for strengths and points of failure. Our reviewers tested the risers for the ease of raising and lowering, the stability of the desk, ergonomics, features, design, quality, and aesthetics. Below, we've detailed the ins and outs of each metric.


Ergonomics is the most important consideration when choosing a standing desk converter. For the sake of our review, ergonomics encompassed the adjustability of each riser, the stability of the riser while in the highest and lowest positions, and the proper position of the workstation relative to the keyboard tray. We also considered if each model worked well when either standing or sitting.

The VersaDesk PowerPro performed impressively on this metric, providing a surprising degree of stability and one of the highest ranges of adjustability (from 5 - 20" above the surface of your desk). The height of the keyboard tray compliments the height of the workstation, though the difference between the two works better with a monitor than a laptop. The keyboard tray can easily accommodate an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, but can also be removed by twisting three thumbscrews if you don't need it.

standing desk converter - ergonomically-speaking, the powerpro rose to the occasion with one...
Ergonomically-speaking, the PowerPro rose to the occasion with one of the largest adjustable ranges of any model tested.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

We were also impressed by the ergonomics of the FlexiSpot M7 Alcove Riser, which offers a nominally better range of adjustability (from 4.75 - 20" above the surface of your desk) and impressive stability for a model with an x-spring raising and lowering mechanism.

Ease of Use

The second most important aspect of a standing desk converter is how easy it is to use. To determine this metric, our reviewers paid attention to the setup and assembly process, the ease and intuitiveness of raising and lowering each riser, and whether or not it was seamless to move between standing and sitting. Was the product ready to go out of the box, or did it involve an aggravating assembly process? Were the instructions easy to follow? Finally, how easy was it to lift and lower the desk?

Rising and lowering couldn't be easier than with the touch of a...
Rising and lowering couldn't be easier than with the touch of a button.
In addition to push-button raising and lowering, the airLIFT comes...
In addition to push-button raising and lowering, the airLIFT comes with a USB-1 hub for charging your electronics.

In general, the electric-powered options are the easiest to raise and lower with some variation in how much assembly they require. The VersaDesk PowerPro is a clear winner in this category, as it arrived with minimal assembly required out of the box, and it raises and lowers with the push of a button.

The FlexiSpot M7 AlcoveRiser was the easiest pneumatic gas spring options to raise, lower, and assemble. Generally, elevation is easy and smooth on pneumatic spring risers, but lowering the workstation can require a little effort. Overcoming the mechanical resistance of the spring while lowering could be a challenge for folks with low back problems, arthritis, or other medical conditions. This can also be problematic with a fully loaded workstation or for shorter folks. However, of all the pneumatic options, the FlexiSpot M7 proved easiest to transition between sitting and standing. And, since this converter comes with a quick-release keyboard tray, it requires minimal setup time. Simply lift it out of the box, situate it on your desk, install the keyboard tray, load it up with your equipment, and go!

standing desk converter - our reviewers loved the m7 alcoveriser for being easy to raise and...
Our reviewers loved the M7 AlcoveRiser for being easy to raise and lower, and easy to set-up out of the box.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

Quality of Materials

When investing in something like a standup desk converter, one primary concern is whether it can withstand heavy use over the long haul. To address the quality of each product in our review, we considered the quality of the work surface, laminate, frame, and lifting mechanism. We paid attention to each desk riser's moving parts, hardware, and joints, noting any weak points in manufacturing.

standing desk converter - it's hard not to be impressed with the quality of the versadesk...
It's hard not to be impressed with the quality of the VersaDesk PowerPro - the electric engine, steel frame, scratch-resistant laminate, well-sculpted work surface, and easily removable keyboard tray are all a testament to the quality of this riser.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

Yet again, both of the electric models scored favorably in this category. The VersaDesk PowerPro features a scratch-resistant laminate over a durable particleboard surface. The hardware is powder-coated carbon steel and built to last.

No surprise that the VariDesk Pro Plus also performed well in this category. The work surface is top-notch with a seamless laminate and the brackets connecting the keyboard tray are steel and riveted to the tray. The covers for the feet are plastic, which could chip or wear over time, but that's likely only a concern if the converter gets moved around a lot.

standing desk converter - sleek and burly are two adjectives that come to mind when describing...
Sleek and burly are two adjectives that come to mind when describing the VariDesk. It is certainly built to last.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


To assess design, an admittedly subjective metric, we polled a group of friends and colleagues, asking them to rank the desk risers in terms of their aesthetic appeal. Besides asking for our friends' opinions, we also considered each model's features, how well the keyboard tray integrated with the workstation, and whether the converters left noticeable marks on our desktop.

standing desk converter - the elegant design of the versadesk powerpro fetched top marks in...
The elegant design of the VersaDesk PowerPro fetched top marks in our design survey. Not only is it attractive, it's also made in the U.S.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

The VersaDesk PowerPro scored very well in this category, holding up to scrutiny in both form and function. It is attractive and designed to meet the needs of all users. The keyboard tray is easily removable, and the work surface has three cut-outs for mounting monitor arms or routing cables. With the release of four thumbscrews, you can easily remove the keyboard tray, a great feature for those just using a laptop. However, the switch for raising and lowering the desk is on the top of the work surface, which could be a problem depending on how you organize your workspace.

standing desk converter - survey respondents loved the look of the classic varidesk.
Survey respondents loved the look of the classic VariDesk.
Credit: Mary Witlacil

The FlexiSpot M7 AlcoveRiser and the VariDesk Pro Plus tied for third in our design survey. The FlexiSpot is quite attractive and features a u-shaped work surface, which works well with either a laptop or monitor. The keyboard tray is well-integrated with the desk thanks to the cut-out and is also easily removable. The VariDesk is sleek, elegant, and provides ample space for whatever equipment and accessories you may want on your desk. The keyboard tray is fixed but large enough to accommodate a laptop or a large keyboard and mouse. The only aspect of the design that raises any questions is that when you raise or lower the desk, it swings forward and requires some extra attention to make sure it doesn't rise too fast. It also requires a bit of extra muscle to engage the lowering mechanism.

standing desk converter - the alcove cut-out of the flexispot alcoveriser is aesthetically...
The alcove cut-out of the FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser is aesthetically pleasing, which is why this affordable model scored well in our design survey.
Credit: Mary Witlacil


If you want to stand your way to better health but don't want a whole new desk, a standing desk converter can be a great solution. However, it can be challenging to discern between so many similar-looking and sounding products on the market. Our expert review team tested some of the best options to help you decide which model is best for you. We assessed each model for stability, adjustability, and features, testing each in various ways to help disambiguate the field. Whether you're looking for a high-end electric converter to accommodate multiple monitors or a simple laptop stand, our review can help steer you in the right direction.

Mary Witlacil

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