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The 6 Best Lawn Chairs of 2023

We tested lawn chairs from Coleman, Timber Ridge, Alps Mountaineering, and more to find the most comfortable models
Best Lawn Chair of 2023
We spent hours relaxing in the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable to help identify the top-notch outdoor seating for your needs.
Credit: Ethan Newman

Our Top Picks

By Ethan Newman ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 10, 2023

If you're looking to find the best lawn chair, we've done extensive testing to find what we think works best. We bought 10 top models to test under the hot summer sun to find the most rewarding outdoor seating for a variety of uses. Our expert loungers spent hours sitting in each chair, taking them from the beach to the backyard and many places in between to assess their portability, comfort, and longevity. Scrolling through pages of chairs can be time-consuming and exhausting, so we put together this in-depth and independent review to help you find the best lawn chair for your needs.

We've tested some of the best patio and yard gear around to help you fully trick out your outdoor space. Grab a patio umbrella for some shade or some outdoor string lights for some ambiance. Add a great bird feeder, and you can even watch some wildlife while you relax. If your yard is in need of a little love, we've also put together reviews for outdoor tools like lawn mowers and the best string trimmers to help you whip it into shape.


Best Overall Lawn Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized

Seat size: 24" x 22", 44" (reclined) | Adjustable: Yes
Most reclinable chair tested
Headrest doubles as back support
Wooden armrests don't get too hot in the sun
Heaviest chair in the review
Fabric not super breathable

If you're looking for an outdoor chair that boasts style and comfort, you'll find both in the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized. There are multiple great features in this chair's design, like a reclinable construction, a headrest pillow that detaches, and wooden armrests. We surprised ourselves by really enjoying the wooden armrests — they don't heat up too much under direct sunlight, and they look great, too. Most importantly, this chair rose to the top of the heap because it was simply the most comfortable for relaxing in for hours on end.

Though we have lots of praises to sing for this chair, there are still some downsides. For example, at 20 pounds, it's just not very convenient to tote around often. The drink holder also left something to be desired — it's essentially just a plastic tray. Nonetheless, we love the cozy and stylish Timber Ridge Zero Gravity, and we'd highly recommend it to anyone who plans on spending hours sitting, reclining, and generally relaxing outside.

best overall lawn chair
The Timber Ridge is our favorite overall model, hands down, for outdoor lounging.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Best Lawn Chair for Camping

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Seat Size: 23.5" x 19.5" | Adjustable: No
Folds down to a 37" x 7" cylinder
Comes with a carrying bag
Impressive capacity
Long expected product life
Comfortable and feature-laden
Heavy for a camp-style chair
Canvas seat isn't breathable

Finding a balance between comfort, durability, and affordability can be difficult when shopping for a camping-style chair. The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong manages to nail that balance. It offers plenty of sitting space for a camping chair, and some testers were impressed with the comfort of the padded canvas seat. We were also mightily impressed with its listed 800-lb weight capacity, more than double of any other chair we tested. One tester has owned this chair for several years and many camping trips without a hiccup. The two cupholders, two side compartments, and mesh back pocket are convenient for keeping beverages, magazines, phones, or s'mores ingredients within reach.

Of course, we want to be sure to include any possible downsides, and we think some of this chair's features could be improved upon. For example, although the padded foam encased in nylon fabric provides comfort for prolonged relaxation sessions, this chair isn't very breathable under-bottom. Additionally, while the chair seems to be sturdy and reliable for the long haul, the carrying bag that comes with it doesn't hold up to the same quality. Still, we are fans of this model and recommend it to anyone seeking a solid camp chair.

best lawn chair for camping
Some of our testers have taken the King Kong chair on camping trips for years. Built to last and comfortable too, this model has a place on our all-time seating list.
Credit: Laura Lingeman


Best Bang for Your Buck

Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity

Seat Size: 19.5" x 21", 38" (reclined) | Adjustable: Yes
Get two chairs for the price of single patio chairs
Mesh back is breathable
Detachable headrest
Black plastic armrests get hot
Not as reclinable as others

The Best Choice Products Adjustable Zero Gravity provides comfort at a really affordable price. This option gives you two zero gravity chairs for the price of one of many other brands. We really like how it reclines and raises easily, and the large drink tray is accommodating. It was also surprisingly lightweight considering its substantial size. For how comfortable and nice this chair is, we think it's a great deal.

On the downside, we wish that the drink tray was part of the chair, as when carting it around, it was easy for us to forget the tray in the car. We also would prefer that the powder-coated metal was a lighter color, because the black color gets super hot in the sun. All in all, though, this is a quality pair of chairs at an excellent price.

lawn chair - best bang for your buck
The Best Products chair is comfy, especially when reclined, and has the largest drink tray of any of the chairs we tested.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Best Camping Chair on a Tight Budget

Coleman Cooler Quad

Seat Size: 23" x 19" | Adjustable: No
Cooler built into the armrest
Fairly light and packable
Great bargain
Slouchy shape
Fabric isn't breathable

The Coleman Cooler Quad is a pretty standard camping-style chair at first glance, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Notably, the left armrest unzips to reveal a cooler pouch that can fit up to four cans, while the right armrest sports a cup holder. There is also an accessory pouch on the right side of the chair for extra storage. It packs up into a convenient bag and weighs a portable 7.7 pounds.

While it's equipped for prolonged beverage enjoyment, it isn't our favorite for prolonged sitting. Our testers found that the super slouchy shape is somewhat uncomfortable for those who prefer a straighter spine, which is a relatively common complaint among camping models. The carrying bag's stitching also started unthreading the moment we started using it, which makes us worry about the overall durability of the product. Still, it's considerably more affordable than many other options in this review, so if you're looking for a price-point camp chair, look no further.

lawn chair - best camping chair on a tight budget
The Coleman Quad Chair is beach-ready as perhaps the most beverage-ready chair we tested, fitting 4 12-oz cans in the built-in insulated armrest compartment.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Folding Rocking Chair

Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair

Seat Size: 20.5" x 18" | Adjustable: No
Rocking mobility
The headrest pillow is comfortable
Armrests get hot in the sun
Lacks features

Sometimes, when relaxing, a little movement is helpful. That's where the Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair comes in. The seat and back have a zero-gravity style bungee system, which gives the chair a pleasant amount of give and support. We really liked that the chair rocks and has a nice balance, not tending to tip our testers too far back or forward. The headrest is also a nice touch, and it can be moved to serve as a back support as well.

This chair isn't very portable, as it doesn't pack down all that well. It has one of the longest packed down lengths and is surprisingly heavy at nearly 17 pounds. The rocking feature also is really only nice if you're on flat, stable ground. On sand or lumpy ground, it's a nonstarter for us. Still, for a chair on a lawn, the rocking motion is nice. We'd recommend this for someone who wants a rocking chair that is easier to move around than your typical rocker.

lawn chair - best folding rocking chair
The mesh back of the Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair kept things cool even in triple digit temperatures.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Best for Shade

Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair

Seat Size: 20" x 17.5" | Adjustable: Sun canopy is adjustable
Canopy provides shade
Two cup holders and an accessory pocket
Clips to hold the canopy up could be better
Slouchy and lackluster back support

The Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair might be the most unique chair we tested in this whole review. Its standout feature, the fairly large canopy hanging out over the seat, is the main reason to consider this chair. While it seems gimmicky at first, the canopy is actually pretty nice, especially as the day heats up and shade becomes increasingly necessary. The shade is also adjustable, making both blocking the sun and getting in and out of the chair without ducking easy.

As far as the seat goes, our testers found it average. We wish it was more breathable and had some more support. Unless camp chair seats are pretty taut, they tend to round the user's back, which can be uncomfortable for longer periods. We also wish the chair was easier to get into the bag, as all the extra canopy fabric makes packing it up an annoying task. The shade canopy is worth it, though, and we recommend this chair for anyone sensitive to the sun, or any shade-seekers.

lawn chair - best for shade
While a bit gimmicky, the canopy of the Quik Shade chair is actually pretty nice when we sit in direct sun, as long as there isn't a ton of wind.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Supportive and Tall

Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Seat size: 20" x 16" | Adjustable: No
Very supportive
Tall seat height
Comfortably angled back
Very long when folded
Not overly durable

The Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair is a classic folding sports chair without any of the slouchy slack you've come to expect from camping chairs. The firm seat locks into place with a tall, friendly-angled back that helps this model be easy to appreciate. Our tallest friends and family members love the added seat height of this towering chair, and our grandparents love how easily they can get in and out of it. A quick-release locking mechanism holds the chair securely open for added stability, while simultaneously locking it closed for easy carrying. You can leave the bag at home, as the Kijaro features a shoulder strap attached directly to the frame. It also has a side pocket we like for holding a book and two different-sized cup holders to keep you hydrated.

On the other hand, if portability is your main concern, the Kijaro is just shy of 4 feet long when folded, making it a challenge to fit into some car trunks. It doesn't impress us with its durability, as we've had issues with broken lock mechanisms, loosening pole joints, and easily stained fabric. On top of some other details like sloppy seams and wiggle room in parts of the frame that we don't want wiggle in, we're not convinced this chair will last as long as your desire to go outside will. However, the convenience of the lock and shoulder strap combined with the height and support still make the Kijaro a chair we often reach for when heading to barbecues and backyard hangouts.

lawn chair - though the kijaro may be a sports chair, it offers support and a...
Though the Kijaro may be a sports chair, it offers support and a taller seat and back height that's well-loved by our tall, large, and elderly friends and family members.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Relaxing and Breathable

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity

Seat size: 20.5" x 21", 39" (reclined) | Adjustable: Yes
Breathable mesh fabric
Comfortable reclining ability
Nice, wide seat
Doesn't pack down all that well
Lacks cupholders

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity chair is yet another comfy and spacious lawn chair for those who are serious about relaxing. It reclines to 50° and locks the backrest in place easily wherever you'd like it to stay. The headrest can slide up or down to fit the user. We like that the mesh material keeps things fairly breathable as the air temperature rises. The bungee attachment of the zero gravity chairs gives a pleasant amount of support, which we really enjoy.

As nice and comfortable as zero gravity chairs are, they are quite heavy. They're not as portable as the camping-style chairs; this one is heavier and doesn't pack down nearly as small. If you're packing it in your car and space is tight, you might wish you had a smaller chair. Once it's deployed, though, there are few complaints — unless you want cupholders on your chair. All in all, we like this chair, even if we like a few others a little bit more.

lawn chair - we found all the zero gravity style chairs to be really comfortable...
We found all the zero gravity style chairs to be really comfortable, including the Caravan Sports Infinity. This chair's best feature is the locking mechanism to hold the chair in the desired reclined angle.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Portable and Classic

Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair

Seat Size: 23" x 19" | Adjustable: No
Lightest chair in the review
Plastic armrests stay cooler than some others
Minimal features
Seat gets somewhat swampy

The Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair epitomizes the classic lawn chair. It wouldn't look out of place next to a 1960's Sunrader, nor a modern Land Cruiser, on a car camping trip. For how simple the design is, it's reasonably comfortable and keeps the user fairly supported. Although it doesn't collapse in two directions like a camp chair, it folds nearly flat and weighs a scant four pounds, much less than the other lawn chairs in our test fleet.

What you see is what you get on this product. No drink holders, no head or footrest, no secret compartments. The material is also plasticky and heats up underneath us after sitting for a while, which leaves something to be desired. But if you love the classic look and want a simple, very portable lawn chair, this might just be the ticket.

lawn chair - the webbing chair from lawn chair usa has that classic rv trip style.
The Webbing Chair from Lawn Chair USA has that classic RV trip style.
Credit: Ethan Newman


A Unique Outdoor Rocking Chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

Seat Size: 21" x 15" | Adjustable: No
Wide seat
Cup holder
Pistons force the user forward and upright
90° seat angle isn't very comfortable for long amounts of time

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is an unusual and unique rocker-style lawn chair. Instead of the typical curved legs on a rocker, the GCI sports two spring-loaded pistons that you can press back into in a facsimile of the motion of a typical rocking chair. It also sports a nice wide seat and a convenient cup holder permanently attached to the chair.

We didn't love this chair. The pistons force the user forward into an upright position, almost tipping forward, and the rocking motion doesn't feel nearly as natural as a regular rocker. This is further exacerbated by the strict ninety-degree angle of the chair, which doesn't allow the user to recline at all without pushing their legs into the pistons. While we appreciate GCI trying new things in the camp chair world, we wouldn't really recommend this chair.

lawn chair - we liked the idea of the shocks, but they didn't stimulate a real...
We liked the idea of the shocks, but they didn't stimulate a real rocking chair as well as we would have liked.
Credit: Ethan Newman

Why You Should Trust Us

After researching and evaluating the top products on the market today, we independently purchased the products for this review. We created our own rigorous test plan, targeting objective assessments and using measurable tests when possible. We tested and used each product exhaustively, comparing models side-by-side to tease apart even the smallest differences. Our team also measured seat heights and degrees of reclining range, tried out each drink holder with cans and cups, and left them under the sun for days to see how they hold up. We've carried and sat in each model to help bring you the details you need to make a confident purchase decision.

This review represents a combined effort of two of our senior review editors, Ethan Newman and Maggie Nichols. As a freelance writer, Ethan sits a lot. Not only that, but he's spent years of his life car camping, and that means spending a ton of time in camp chairs. He has gotten even pickier over the past few years as chronic spine issues have surfaced, so he's always on the lookout for a quality, comfortable, and supportive sitting surface. Maggie is a seasoned multi-sport athlete who's spent years guiding folks both young and old in the great outdoors — and requires a comfortable seat from which to write about it all. She has tested lawn and camping chairs for the past several years, having hands-on experience with over 25 unique models. We also enlisted an array of our car camping friends, lawn-lounging relatives, and even a few dogs to help us put these chairs to the test.

The Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair sports a nifty little cooler...
The Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair sports a nifty little cooler in the armrest.
Gus the dog helped with our rigorous testing process.
Gus the dog helped with our rigorous testing process.
We all gotta keep cool in the desert heat, by shade or by panting.
We all gotta keep cool in the desert heat, by shade or by panting.

Analysis and Test Results

Our assessments are chiefly based on four critical performance areas, including Comfort, Portability, Features, and Durability. Below, we discuss how each affects the overall performance of a quality lawn chair, and which models stood out as top performers in each area.


First and foremost, lawn chairs should be comfortable. Lawn chairs are primarily a product used to relax, so we thought we should be as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible, in each chair. We mostly tested this by sitting in each chair for hours at a time. Chairs scored lower if they became less comfortable quicker, if they made us sweat due to less-than-breathable fabrics, or if we found ourselves fidgeting around to get comfier.

lawn chair - the zero gravity suspension system was by far the most comfortable...
The Zero Gravity suspension system was by far the most comfortable style of chair, with both adequate give and support.
Credit: Ethan Newman

We found the zero-gravity-style chairs to be the comfiest. On the zero gravity chairs, the fabric is supported by a bungee cord attaching the seat fabric to the frame. They also tended to have more breathable fabric, allowing for a less sweaty experience when temperatures climbed into the triple digits. The amount they all recline (as much as 60° from vertical) made them really nice for extended relaxing, enough to easily nap in. We especially liked the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Oversized Chair, as not only did it recline further than others, but it also had an extra-wide seat to curl up in. We also appreciate that the wooden armrests don't heat up in the sun as much as others made out of plastic. As for non-reclining chairs, we found the Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair quite comfortable with its zero-gravity type suspension and calming rocking action.

lawn chair - we really liked the wooden armrests of the timber ridge. they made...
We really liked the wooden armrests of the Timber Ridge. They made the chair feel luxurious and didn't get hot in the sun.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Rarely do lawn chairs stay set up on a lawn or patio. Instead, they're meant to be storable and packable to take in seasonally or to travel with. We generally take our lawn chairs car camping or to the beach, and so we like them to be fairly portable. Products scored higher here if they weighed less and packed up smaller.

lawn chair - portability is an important metric, as we can't always park right...
Portability is an important metric, as we can't always park right next to where we want to take our chairs. The camp style chairs were the best, as they packed up into their own bags.
Credit: Ethan Newman

The camp-style chairs, like the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong, Coleman Cooler Quad, and Kijaro Dual Lock, generally score the highest as they all packed into their own included carrying bags. In the Kijaro's case, you can skip the bag, as the chair itself has a shoulder strap on the frame that works well in conjunction with its namesake locking mechanism holding it closed in transit. However, its folded length is nearly 4 feet, which isn't very compact nor convenient. We gave the Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair a high score here because of how light it is (around four pounds) and how flat it folds. Some of the other chairs, especially the zero gravity chairs, are best as patio furniture, as they don't pack down that small and typically weigh 15 or more pounds.

lawn chair - the webbing chair folds down, and weighs about a quarter of any of...
The Webbing Chair folds down, and weighs about a quarter of any of the zero gravity chairs.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Features often improve convenience. We look for cup holders, reclining lock-outs, canopies, trays, accessory pouches, and headrests. The more and better the features, the higher the chairs scored. We like cupholders that fit standard 12-ounce cans securely, adjustments and joints that worked smoothly, and anything else that made our experience with the product more enjoyable.

lawn chair - the reclining lockout on the caravan sports infinity chair was the...
The reclining lockout on the Caravan Sports Infinity chair was the easiest to use and the smoothest.
Credit: Ethan Newman

Once again, we really appreciate the features of the Timber Ridge and the Best Choice chairs. Our lead tester loved that the headrest can also be used as back support. They both came with detachable cupholder trays that could also hold a book or sunglasses. The best feature of all was the recliners, especially if the lockouts were easy to use and the weight was well balanced, like on the Caravan Sports chair. The Quik Shade MAX Shade Chair stands out with its unique canopy to provide shade. It was a little jerky to set up, but we did appreciate our own little shade that kept us from baking in the sun. The one other really unique feature we saw was the cooler in the armrest of the Coleman, which fits four 12-ounce cans and some ice.


We assessed durability not only by using them but by leaving the products out in the full summer sun and getting them wet for extended periods to look for signs of weathering.

lawn chair - although all the camp style chairs came with carrying bags, they...
Although all the camp style chairs came with carrying bags, they weren't all created equal. The Coleman bag started showing signs of wear fairly quickly. Here you can see the threads starting to pull apart at the seam.
Credit: Ethan Newman

While most of the products held up well, we thought that the strongest designs were also the simplest. The Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair stood out not only because it had a strong design that weathered the wear well, but also because there's so little to break on it. We were impressed by most of the products, but some of the stitching on a few of the chairs did start to unravel as we packed and unpacked them. In the case of the King Kong, one of our testers has owned this chair for years without any issue with the chair itself. The carry bag, though, isn't as sturdy. During our test period, we noticed some stitching on the bag coming undone.

lawn chair - we liked the full canopy of the quik shade max, but we didn't love...
We liked the full canopy of the Quik Shade MAX, but we didn't love the lockout clips for the canopy, as they began to show wear throughout our testing.
Credit: Ethan Newman


Any of these chairs can be a throne for the right person, and we want you to feel like royalty when you relax outdoors. We hope that our in-depth evaluation helps you find the right product for your needs and that you use it to relax in the great outdoors wherever you are.

Ethan Newman

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