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Razer Iskur V2 Review

A premium gaming chair with an innovative lumbar support system boasting excellent adjustability and comfort plus a quick and easy setup
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Razer Iskur V2 Review
Credit: Natalie Kafader
Price:  $649 List
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Manufacturer:   Razer
By Austin Palmer, James Maiz  ⋅  Mar 29, 2024

#1 of 10
  • Comfort - 55% 8.2
  • Adjustability - 35% 9.0
  • Setup - 10% 9.0

Our Verdict

Building on the successes of its predecessor while modifying some of its flaws, the Razer Iskur V2 represents a welcome evolutionary leap in a gaming chair that was already hitting high marks. With a vastly more adjustable internal lumbar system, a wider seat, and less aggressive bolsters that are more accommodating for wider people and postures, the Iskur V2 still sports the race car feel but without the hard pressure of the previous Razer Iskur and is simply better across the board. If you want to know how it fared against the competition, head to our article on the best gaming chairs.
Innovative lumbar support
Soft bolsters
Comfy neck pillow
4D armrests can go high
Limited neck pillow adjustability
Internal lumbar not for everyone

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razer iskur v2
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Razer Iskur V2
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Bottom Line Surpassing its predecessor for overall comfort, adjustability, and ease of setup, this premium gaming chair's lumbar support is next-levelFantastic long-term comfort, a high degree of adjustability, and a strong magnetic neck pillow make this a wonderful gaming chairA versatile gaming chair with great value, function, and form for those who don't want to spend an arm and a leg to have their arms and legs decently supportedThis model ticks most of the boxes without breaking the bankA great chair on a tight budget, but even a lumbar massager and footrest may leaving you wanting more
Rating Categories Razer Iskur V2 AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Dowinx Retro Series... GTRacing Music Series GTPlayer GT800A Foo...
Comfort (55%)
Adjustability (35%)
Setup (10%)
Specs Razer Iskur V2 AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Dowinx Retro Series... GTRacing Music Series GTPlayer GT800A Foo...
Adjustable Armrest 4D 4D 4D 2D: Swivel, Up/Down None
Adjustable Lumbar Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward Foam pillow
Memory foam pillow
Foam pillow
Fabric Type Premium EPU-Grade Leather
Plush and Spill-resistant Fabric (tested)
Linen Fabric (tested), Premium PVC Leather, or Anti-stain PU Leather PU Leather PU Leather PU Leather
Manufacturer Recommended Size Weight: < 300 lb
Height: 5'3" - 6'6"
Size: Large
Weight: Less than 264 lb
Height: 4'11" - 6'2"

Size: XL
Weight: 176 - 396 lb
Height: 5'11" - 6'8"
Height: 5'3" - 6'1"
Max Weight: 350 lb
Max Height: 6'2"
Max Load: 330 lb
Max Weight: 250 lb (per instructions)
300 lb (per website)
Max Height: 6'3"
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 152º 165º 180º 155º 135º
Color Options Leather: Black/Green or Black
Fabric: Dark Gray
Fabric: 2, Ash Gray and Carbon Black
Premium PVC Leather: 8, Elegant Black, Blaze Orange, Bentley Brown, Classic Maroon, Cloudy White, Creamy Pink, Robin Egg Blue, FlyQuest Edition
Anti-stain PU Leather: 1, WBG Edition (XL Only)
4D Armrests: 1, Brown
Linkage Armrests: 5, Black, Brown, Gray, Red, White
9: Red, Black, Camouflage, Colorful, White, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink 8: White, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Gray, Red, Black
Recline Lever Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Our Analysis and Test Results

It's always a good sign when a great product morphs into something even better, and the Razer Iskur V2 has really set itself apart with a major overhaul of its lumbar support system. Its predecessor featured an adjustable curved support that set it apart from many of its peers, and this excellent, if somewhat limited feature has been improved upon, with a pad now in the Iskur V2 that pivots off a center point to move with you in continual support as you turn, plus more adjustment options, including height and depth. Some features can be gimmicky, but we found this thoughtful design to provide a positive effect to our all-day testing.

Performance Comparison

razer iskur v2 - an already great gaming chair gets a major upgrade, resulting in...
An already great gaming chair gets a major upgrade, resulting in even better comfort and adjustability.
Credit: Natalie Kafader


Comfort is crucial when it comes to gaming chairs, and we heavily weigh this particular metric accordingly in our evaluation process. It was a major factor in boosting the overall score for this model, which passed many of our tests with flying colors. We evaluated individual components such as material breathability, support provided by the seat, backrest, and lumbar system. And spent hours reclining positions and lumbar support. We also tested for the length of time an average person can expect to comfortably play. Based on our testers ' exceedingly positive feedback, we gave the Razor Iskur V2 high scores for comfort overall.

During our testing and evaluation of seat comfort, we immediately appreciated the more relaxed foam bolsters, which provide a Goldilocks level of cushion that hit the spot with our testers. With enough support to prevent feeling any of the hardware below the seat and a width that allows for a variety of sitting positions and body types, this is a chair most gamers will love.

Huge improvements to an innovative lumbar system plus other comfort and adjustability upgrades along with a painless assembly process make this an excellent choice for immersive gaming.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The backrest also benefits from pleasantly supportive bolsters that curve around shoulders without pinching in. The material of the fabric model we tested almost resembles the qualities of a mesh chair, though much of the backrest consists of the lumbar support that is separate from the backrest, with the fabric stretching over this open housing. There are other material options available, including an EPU-grade synthetic leather, which is softer and more realistic than other faux leathers, but we believe the fabric model (the option we tested) ultimately offers superior breathability.

razer iskur v2 - the wings on this chair give you a little hug, providing extra...
The wings on this chair give you a little hug, providing extra support to your torso.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The lumbar system of the Razor Iskur V2 features an internal arc that is designed to contour to the natural curve of the spine and also follows your body as you rotate. One of our shorter testers found the lumbar support too intense, even at its lowest setting, but testers north of 5-foot 3-inches appreciated that it was more noticeable than other internal lumbar systems and felt that it offered ample support. The neck pillow, while a bit limited as far as adjustability goes, felt heavenly and greatly added to the comfort.

razer iskur v2 - the v2 pillow has ample cushioning, providing extra support for your...
The V2 pillow has ample cushioning, providing extra support for your neck.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

For most people who enjoy multi-hour gaming, it is very hard to beat the Iskur V2 for continual comfort. After thoroughly testing for long-term support during lengthy sessions, we rated the Iskur V2 at an impressive 10+ hours of comfortable gameplay. As a cherry on top, the firmness of the armrests also provides great support, helping score high remarks for all-encompassing comfortability.


For our second major metric, we ran the Razer Iskur V2 through a gauntlet of adjustability tests to gauge the ranges and capabilities of the seat, backrest, recline, lumbar support, armrests, and other components. It's of vital importance to know how tweakable (or not) a chair is in order to determine the likelihood of achieving optimal positioning for different setups.

Dialing in a good fit for your individual body and different gaming scenarios typically requires a high level of flexibility in choosing where and how your limbs, rump, back, head, and neck can rest. The manufacturer's spec sheet makes it seem like anyone between five-foot three-inches and six-foot seven-inches can adjust a good fit in the Razer Iskur V2. However, based on our testing, we believe the seat will be a bit low for heights in that upper register, but there should be enough range for taller gamers around six feet two inches and below.

razer iskur v2 - gaming chairs often sit low but with five inches of seat height...
Gaming chairs often sit low but with five inches of seat height adjustability, this model can also go quite high.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Our shortest tester stands at the low end of their stated range and was able to rest her feet on the floor at the lowest setting. Most gaming chairs ride a bit low, but with about five inches of seat height adjustability, there is plenty of room to find the perfect height for most people. This bodes well for those hoping their gaming chair can moonlight as an office chair on occasion.

razer iskur v2 - this game-changing lumbar system provides depth and height...
This game-changing lumbar system provides depth and height adjustability and pivots with you as you turn.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Marketed as 6D, the internal lumbar pad system is adjustable in/out and up/down via knobs on either side of the back rest and comes with the added benefit of swiveling left/right. Though it doesn't appear that the swivel can be adjusted, we didn't find a need to do so. However, we found ourselves wishing that the neck pillow, while incredibly comfortable, could offer more in terms of adjustability. If a future V3 iteration of the Razer adds a strong magnet to their nicely plush neck pillow, we would put our money on further dimensions, opening portals to time travel and teleportation.

razer iskur v2 - not the most dramatic recline angle but far enough for napping...
Not the most dramatic recline angle but far enough for napping purposes plus excellent tension adjustability.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The recline goes back to a modest 152°, not as far as other chairs, but with the added tilt, you can rock back near enough to horizontal for daydreaming breaks between sessions. The tilt lock has five positions with locking spots quite close to each other. As with a lot of other gaming chairs, the tension knob is located centrally below the seat. It does take a lot of twisting to get it from one end of the spectrum to the other, but that is to be expected. The tension can get pretty loose, and lighter people should be able to find a suitable amount at most angles, with the possible exception of the most upright position. The tension can also be adjusted plenty tight for ideal reclining support, and this helped lift the scoring for overall adjustability.

razer iskur v2 - these armrests can be adjusted to swivel and will go high enough to...
These armrests can be adjusted to swivel and will go high enough to support gaming on hand-held devices.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The 4D armrests of the Iskur V2 swivel and can be adjusted in/out, forward/back, and up/down, with five inches of adjustment allowing them to go high enough for mobile gaming support, so you can rest your hands without straining your neck too much by looking down. They will also adjust pretty low and have a little less than two inches of movement forward and back with about an inch of leeway in and out. There's not much to gripe about here, so we've given high marks for the adjustability of the armrests.


For our concluding assessment of the Razer Iskur V2, we evaluated the assembly process from the moment of unboxing until it was completely put together and ready for gaming. Yet again, this chair received an excellent score for a quick and simple setup process.

The process for assembling the Iskur V2 is about as simple and painless as can be. Included to help with assembly is a multi-Allen wrench tool with a nice handle and a pair of builder gauntlets that are supposed to offer some level of protection. We found the gloves (but not the tool) slippery to work with, but they could be repurposed for Halloween and used for costume accessorizing. While we did have to unscrew a few screws before moving forward with the assembly, and the somewhat tight casters required some effort, the screws came out and went back in smoothly, the armrests arrived already assembled, the steps involved were relatively few, and the instructions were exceedingly clear, so it's easy to set up the chair in about 10 minutes, so you can fully immerse yourself into your gaming experience sooner than later.

A quick and easy assembly process allows you to get to gaming sooner than later.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Should You Buy the Razer Iskur V2?

If you are looking for a premium gaming chair that offers some of the best comfort and adjustability while keeping you cozy and supported for nearly half a day during any gaming scenario, the Razer Iskur V2 is a fantastic option. This very well might be the chair that fits all of your criteria, as long as its lofty price is not a prohibitive barrier.

razer iskur v2 - a major revamp resulting in improved comfort and adjustability, plus...
A major revamp resulting in improved comfort and adjustability, plus an even more painless setup process, makes this an excellent choice for discerning gamers.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

What Other Gaming Chair Should You Consider?

If you want a comparably comfortable and adjustable gaming throne with a slightly less noticeable built-in lumbar system and a strong magnetic pillow that will stay where you place it, you might want to take a gander at the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, which also provides a similar level of luxury at a lower price point.

Austin Palmer, James Maiz

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