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best handheld vacuums

Best Handheld Vacuum of 2024

Looking for a handheld vacuum to make cleanup easier? We purchased the top 9 models and sent them through extensive...
best canister vacuums

Best Canister Vacuum

Over 50 canister vacuums were researched before we purchased the best 8 for our exacting tests. Read on to see the...
best upright vacuums

Best Upright Vacuums

Looking for the latest and greatest vacuum cleaner? We bought all the best upright and canister vacuums currently...
best stick vacuums

Best Stick Vacuums

Searching for a new stick vacuum? We bought the 12 best models currently on the market and tested them head-to-head to...
best steam mops

Best Steam Mops

Tired of mopping up the kitchen floor every time Fido tracks mud inside? For those that must mop the floor frequently...