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Best End Table of 2021

Whether for storage or decoration, end tables are valuable couch-side ...
Credit: Miya Tsudome
By Miya Tsudome ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 8, 2021
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Our researchers researched over 50 of the best end tables on the market in 2021 and chose 8 of the top models to review side-by-side. Whether you need a design with ample storage space like drawers and shelves, prefer one with extra features like outlets and coaster inserts, or are looking for the perfect accent piece to go with the rest of your mid-century modern or classic furniture, we made sure to include a variety of styles in our in-depth round-up. From classic to modern, small to large, you're sure to find an end table to fit your needs and budget.


Best Overall End Table

Vecelo Sofa Side/End Storage

Dimensions: 15.7" L x 11. 8" W x 24.2" H
Easy to assemble
Attractive design
High quality
Storage and display space
No drawers

The Vecelo Sofa Side/End Storage table is not only an attractive and versatile design but is also made of high-quality materials and is clear and easy to assemble. What's not to love? This model comes in three different color choices that will be sure to match any interior, is simple in style, and stands out with its unique criss-cross frame. With three tiers, you can use this piece for storage or display purposes and decide whether you'd like to fill it with books, add a basket for some extra storage, or display your favorite photo frame.

The only downside to the Vecelo model is its lack of drawer space. While it may not be the one you choose for organizing papers or desk accessories in your office, this design will shine in any living or bedroom space.

The Vecelo model looks great and has three tiers for storage.
The Vecelo model looks great and has three tiers for storage.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best Bang for your Buck


Dimensions: 13.7" L x 20.4" W x 24.4" H
Unique design
Space saving
Storage is limited

The SRIWATANA Sofa Side table is unique in more than one way. It's designed in a C-shape that allows you to slide the bottom under a couch or chair and utilize the tabletop from a sitting position like a tray table. This design is versatile because you can also position it next to your furniture like normal, and its wood-grain finish and slim metal legs make it an overall attractive piece. It has another unique feature in its side bag that hangs from its frame for easy storage of books and magazines. Although it takes a little more time to assemble than the simpler models we tested, our reviewers found the instructions easy to follow and set-up a breeze.

The SRIWATANA lacks any drawers or tiered shelves and therefore isn't the best choice for its storage capabilities. The side bag is great for books or magazines but isn't somewhere we'd want to put other convenient accessories like remotes, reading glasses, or pens and pencils. But the versatility and great quality of this table make it our top value choice. Whether you want to use it as a snack tray while watching your favorite TV show, type on your laptop from the comfort of your couch, or grab your book from its side pocket while having a cup of tea, this table provides great value for its cost.

A C-shaped frame and included storage bag make this a unique and...
A C-shaped frame and included storage bag make this a unique and versatile design.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Easiest Table to Assemble

Haton Side Table

Dimensions: 16.5" L x 16.5" W x 20.5" H
Easy assembly, no tools required
Good quality materials
Natural, versatile design
No storage space

The Haton Side Table is a wonderfully simple little piece with beech wood legs and a solid wood top painted with white melamine. This natural look is sure to fit nicely with most decor, and our reviewers loved this design for its versatility. You'll be sure to breathe a sigh of relief when you open the box, as the assembly could not be easier. Although instructions are included, they are not necessary as the assembly is as simple as screwing the three legs into their sockets on the bottom of the tabletop. This took our reviewers under one minute to do, and the table was in its place next to our favorite reading chair in no time.

The Haton table has a no-frills design and does not have any shelves or extra storage. If you're looking for a model to fill with books and magazines or would like ample space on the surface for more than a lamp and a houseplant, you might be better off with something else. But if it's simplicity you're looking for, this side table can't be beaten.

The Haton is both simple and stylish.
The Haton is both simple and stylish.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


End Table with the Most Storage

HOOBRO 2-Tier Side

Dimensions: 23.6" L x 11.8" W x 24" H
Spacious drawer and shelf
Narrow profile fits in most spaces
Long and involved assembly

The HOOBROO 2-Tier Side table has a long and narrow design that is great for small spaces, can slide easily next to a couch and wall, fit comfortably beside your bed, or make a great storage addition to your desk. Its narrow profile makes it a versatile piece, plus its long drawer and two-tier design make it our favorite model in our round-up for its storage capabilities.

With its trendy wood grain and iron look, this table will be an attractive addition for most households. However, those who are expecting solid wood will be disappointed as the HOOBROO is made entirely of particleboard. This does not detract too much from its overall appeal, as this table is sturdy enough and good-looking regardless. It is also the most involved out of any product we tested to assemble, as it comes completely deconstructed. It took our testers precisely 52 minutes to put together, but the instructions are clear, and each piece is labeled for easy identification. If you are willing to put in the time it takes to put the HOOBROO together, it will be a great piece for whichever purpose you'd like it to serve.

Whether by your desk or by your couch, the HOOBROO table will fit...
Whether by your desk or by your couch, the HOOBROO table will fit anywhere and provide great storage.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Most Stylish Design

mDesign Modern Farmhouse

Dimensions: 12.75" L x 17.4" W x 23.4" H
Stylish design
Large storage shelf
Thin metal legs won't hold much weight
Unique piece won't match all interiors

The mDesign Modern Farmhouse table is a unique accent piece that also has a large shelf for ample storage of your favorite books and magazines. With an easy assembly that requires a screwdriver, this model will be ready to be a statement piece in your living room or bedroom in minutes. It comes in a variety of colors, from graphite to rose, and its light and airy look will complement any space, especially smaller ones where bulky furniture can easily crowd a room.

This table is certainly an accent piece, and for that reason, it is not the most versatile as far as suiting all interiors. If you're looking for something more classic, this may not be the design for you. But its modern, fresh look is much of its appeal and will be sure to make those who want a quirky table for their house plants or record player happy. The thin metal legs and light frame of this table are also not made to hold a lot of weight, and you might want to take care not to put it somewhere where it could be easily bumped into if holding valuables on its surface. Other than that, the mDesign Modern Farmhouse table will surely be a conversation starter in any modern household.

The mDesign Modern Farmhouse table is sure to liven up any room.
The mDesign Modern Farmhouse table is sure to liven up any room.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Design with the Most Features

Ashley Laflorn Chairside

Dimensions: 24.13" L x 14.13" W x 23" H
Comes assembled
Has 3 electrical outlets and 2 USB ports
Large storage compartment
Top drawer can only be used as a cup holder
Heavy and bulky

The Ashley Laflorn Chairside chairside table looks traditional yet packs a punch with its many hidden features. Open the panel on its surface to find three electrical outlets plus two USB ports to conveniently charge any of your devices or plug in any electrical appliance that you'd like to sit on top. This feature brings a traditional looking piece into the 21st century, and the convenience of extra charging ports is always appreciated. The other hidden feature in this design is the top drawer opens to reveal two coasters for your couch-side drinking needs, as well as a space to store a remote control. The best part about this model is that it comes fully assembled, and all you have to do is insert supports for the interior shelf and slide the shelf inside.

This table has more of a traditional or classic style and will go well with other dark wood furniture. It is heavy, weighing in at 51 pounds, and takes up a decent amount of space. You might want to already have a space carved out for it, as it is not the most versatile due to its bulk and weight, and it won't be something you want to move around. The top drawer can only be used for its coasters, and you will have to have a very thin remote to fit inside it at all. Our reviewers wished there was an option to remove the coaster insert, as we would have rather used the top drawer for storage. But if you're the kind of person who always has a beverage around, this might be a valuable feature for you.

This traditional looking end table has a few special hidden features.
This traditional looking end table has a few special hidden features.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


A Basic Design with Storage

AmazonBasics Round Storage

Dimensions: 18" L x 18" W x 18.9" H
Easy to assemble
Removable tray top
Cloth storage bin
Not the most sturdy
Expensive for the quality

The AmazonBasics Round Storage table is another simple, easy-to-use product from Amazon itself. A simple metal frame holds a removable tray table that can be used to carry things to and from the table itself. This design also boasts a handy cloth storage bin that can hold anything from books to knitting supplies to kids' toys.

Our reviewers enjoyed the simple yet functional design of this table but were disappointed in the overall sturdiness and quality of the product for its price. The frame is supported only by two plastic discs that hold the legs together, and because the tray top is removable, the whole item feels a bit on the flimsy side. Although the assembly is mostly intuitive, the instructions themselves are only diagrams and are not easy to understand. We expected a little more in overall quality from this design for being an average price in our lineup.

This table has a storage basket and a removable tray top.
This table has a storage basket and a removable tray top.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Would Not Recommend This Model

Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table

Dimensions: 18.03" L x 22.05" W x 18.11" H
Simple, classic design
Hard to understand instructions
Low-quality manufacturing makes assembly extremely difficult

The Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table is, unfortunately, the least impressive product we tested. While the design itself is classic and almost charming in its simplicity, the quality of the materials and the challenging assembly process detracts too much from this product for it to be a worthwhile purchase.

The instructions are hard to decipher, as none of the parts nor pieces are labeled, and the key to identify them is on the front side of the page while the instructions are on the back, making for an aggravating process of flipping the page back and forth. Additionally, some of the diagrams describing the steps for assembly are numbered, while some are not. Finally, the Allen wrench provided is not nearly enough to wrench the screws into their pilot holes in some places, and our reviewers had to dig up a multi-tool and really put some muscle into it to do so. And in other places, a couple of the screws were so short they barely gained purchase in the wood, making for a questionably stable complete product. All in all, for the purchase price of this product, there are other designs of better quality and much easier to assemble than this one.

Though it is a great choice for its simple, understated look, the...
Though it is a great choice for its simple, understated look, the Winsome Wood Claire Accent table is difficult to assemble and made of subpar materials.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Why You Should Trust Us

Miya Tsudome, the main tester for this review, has examined many household products for TechGearLab and brings her attention to detail and a strong background in visual arts and design to bring you an extensive review of what each of these tables has to offer. As someone who spends a lot of time in her favorite reading chair, Miya knows that having a good end table nearby is essential in any household. Whether it be for storage, for its stylish design, for its versatility, or for just being a great place to put your cup of coffee, an end table is there to enhance your quality of life.

We spent the holiday season with all of these tables, taking extensive notes on their assembly, timing how long each of them took to put together, examining the quality and sturdiness of their build, noting how much storage they each offered, comparing their sizes, and assessing their design to make sure we brought you an in-depth look on what each has to offer.

The mDesign requires a screwdriver for assembly.
A size comparison of a couple of the largest models in our lineup...
Deciphering instructions to figure out the assembly process.

Analyisis and Test Results

End tables can provide many functions, whether for practical storage or for holding a lamp for your couch-side needs. In our analysis, we made sure to rate each product against a series of metrics to help you better understand what each model has to offer. From design, size, storage capacity, ease of assembly to quality of materials, each model was extensively reviewed to determine where they stood in each category.


While design is a somewhat subjective metric, our reviewers decided that it would be a helpful thing to review for you to be able to decide which is the best table to suit your space. From the trendy mid-century modern to more classic finds, our selection of products displays a spectrum of designs for every interior.

A unique end table will add a bright and interesting accent to any home. With its simple yet fun farmhouse look, the gridded wire design of the mDesign is not your average end table. While the model we reviewed came in a graphite color, this table comes in 11 different color choices ranging from rose gold to mint green, which will certainly add a pop of color and intrigue to any room.

The transparent, gridded design will feature anything you'd like to...
The transparent, gridded design will feature anything you'd like to display in and on top of the mDesign Modern Farmhouse table.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The SRIWATANA model is another top contender for the most unique design, with its C-shaped frame, wood-grain table top finish, and nifty hanging storage bag. This contemporary piece is subtle enough to go with most decor but still be distinctive. The Vecelo will also be sure to catch your eye with its attractive brushed metal and criss-cross frame.

The wood-grain finish and black metal legs are an attractive look on...
The wood-grain finish and black metal legs are an attractive look on the SRITWATANA Sofa Side table.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Ashley Laflorn is a more classic design with a modern twist. At first glance, it has a traditional look with its dark wooden finish, top sliding door, and main storage compartment adorned with simple knobs. But hidden in its frame are the convenient electrical outlets and cup holders that make this product more unique and functional. The Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table is the most basic of all the designs we tested and will simply blend into the background in any bedroom, guest room, or living space. Our reviewers had hoped for more from the AmazonBasics end table, which in person is quite small and its basket a little frumpy rather than chic.


When considering a new end table for your space, it's important to know how big or small, narrow or wide, it will be to ensure it will fit well. We measured each product to find its exact dimensions and judged their bulk to determine which models were on the larger side and which were better suited for smaller spaces. In general, we decided that smaller pieces were more preferable over larger ones for their ability to fit into a variety of spaces, apartments, and households.

The SRIWATANA model is a clever design that can reduce in size if you tuck its C-shaped frame underneath a couch or armchair. Standing alone, this table is the tallest and widest model that we tested, standing 24.4 inches tall and 20.4 inches wide. But since its frame is C-shaped and made of curved metal legs, it doesn't feel bulky and makes a great couch companion.

Tuck this end table under most any couch or armchair.
Tuck this end table under most any couch or armchair.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Haton table is so small and simple it almost fades into the background. The AmazonBasics table is even shorter than the Haton and has a storage basket making it a more versatile piece while still having a small footprint. And though the HOOBRO is 24 inches tall and 23.4 inches long, it is only 11.8 inches wide. This versatile narrow design allows it to fit in tight spaces while maximizing storage with ease.

A comparison of the three smallest end tables, from left to right:...
A comparison of the three smallest end tables, from left to right: the AmazonBasics Round Storage, the mDesign Modern Farmhouse, and the Haton Side Table.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The end table from Ashley Laflorn is the largest and most bulky of the designs we tested. Weighing in at 51 pounds, it is tall, long, and wide, hard to transport, and would be best purchased if you know exactly where you want to put it. The Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table is also on the larger side, standing 18.11 inches tall and 22 inches wide.


While some end tables are merely necessary for holding a chair-side lamp or for displaying houseplants, it can be very convenient to have an integrated storage system for books, magazines, remote controls, and whatever else is lying around the house and needs a place to be stowed. We judged each product's storage capacity by assessing its design, whether or not it had drawers or shelves or baskets, had one tier or two, and measured its overall dimensions.

The HOOBRO came out on top for its narrow, space-saving design that touts a long, deep drawer as well as a bottom tier for even more storage. By being narrow in width, this piece can fit easily in a home office, by your bedside, or tucked next to your couch. Its drawer is long and deep, measuring 15.4 inches in length, 5.1 inches in height, and 6.5 inches in width. With a long surface as well as a bottom-tier shelf, there is plenty of storage and display space.

The HOOBROO has a long drawer plus a bottom shelf for maximum storage.
The HOOBROO has a long drawer plus a bottom shelf for maximum storage.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Ashely Laflorn also has a deep interior with an adjustable shelf, the space measuring 12 inches deep, 11 inches wide, and 18 inches tall. The top sliding drawer is not for storage whatsoever, and our reviewers wished there was an option to remove the cupholder insert to use it as a drawer; instead, alas, this is not a possibility. While the Vecelo has no drawers, it does have three spacious tiers for storage or decoration.

An adjustable shelf allows you to modify the storage space in the...
An adjustable shelf allows you to modify the storage space in the Ashley Laflorn piece.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Haton Side Table is the only end table without any storage or shelves whatsoever. Simply a tabletop with legs, this isn't the table you want to maximize your storage space. The design from AmazonBasics has a handy integrated storage basket, but it is only big enough to store a blanket, some books, or children's toys.


In the modern-day of internet shopping, buying furniture is becoming easier and easier. Having a quick and painless assembly is considered a huge bonus, and we made sure to give this category in-depth consideration to help you know what to expect when your package arrives. We rated how easy each product was to assemble by examining how clear the instructions were to follow, noting how much assembly was actually required, whether or not you need tools, and made sure to time the assembly of each table.

The Haton Side Table will make you breathe a sigh of relief. Arriving in simple, flat packaging, you simply open the box, pull out the round table top, and rotate the legs into their corresponding sockets — no tools required. If you don't want to go through the hassle of assembling a completely deconstructed table, this is the one for you.

The legs screw easily into the tabletop of the Haton model.
The legs screw easily into the tabletop of the Haton model.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Ashley Laflorn comes in a close second, arriving completely assembled already, with the only assigned task being to insert mounts for the shelf into their corresponding holes and then to slide the shelf in, to rest on top of them. The only reason this model didn't take first place for "Easiest to Assemble" is that it weighs in at a hefty 51 pounds, thus making transport of it difficult and possibly dangerous with just one person.

The Ashley Laflorn comes completely assembled.
The Ashley Laflorn comes completely assembled.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The model from AmazonBasics is also a "no-tools-required" product. Its metal legs are fixed together with included plastic disks, and its basket rests on mounts in the frame.

Only a few parts and no tools are required to assemble the...
Only a few parts and no tools are required to assemble the AmazonBasics table.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The HOOBRO took our reviewers the most time to assemble, coming in at 52 minutes. This was at a leisurely pace, and this table could likely be built in 30 minutes otherwise. The assembly of this table is intimidating as it comes completely deconstructed with many parts and pieces. Luckily each part and piece is labeled with a number, the instructions are easy to follow with clear diagrams, and you only need a screwdriver as an additional tool. But for those who do not like involved assemblies, this is not the table for you. The most difficult model to assemble was the Winsome Wood Claire Accent Table. With hard-to-decipher instructions, no labeled parts, and screws that barely fit their pilot holes, this table is not manufactured with quality nor ease of assembly in mind.


It seems that a lot of furniture is no longer made of actual wood these days, with lighter, cheaper particle board with a wood grain laminate finish being the material of choice. Though there is nothing wrong with this, particleboard isn't exactly the strongest or most durable material. While all the products with wood-like components we reviewed included some type of particle, composite, or engineered wood, some tables seem to be made of a higher quality than others.

Our overall winner, the Vecelo, is made with a sturdy and attractive brushed metal frame. The shelves are made of thick, painted particle board and seem durable and could even be mistaken for wood. Overall, this end table is attractive and of high quality without breaking the bank.

Brushed metal legs make the Vecelo model feel very high quality.
Brushed metal legs make the Vecelo model feel very high quality.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

While extremely simple in concept and design, the Haton Side Table also passes the quality test, with sturdy beechwood legs and a real wooden tabletop painted with melamine for its water-resistant qualities. And while the Ashley Laflorn model is a solid piece of furniture, its interior hosts a flimsy, detachable shelf that might not withstand much weight. The overall quality of the piece, however, with its mostly real wood, will pass the quality test for most onlookers.

The Ashley Laflorn model passes the quality test and since it comes...
The Ashley Laflorn model passes the quality test and since it comes already assembled, is a sturdy piece of furniture.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The AmazonBasics design is made out of thin metal framing that is only held together by plastic disks, and the cloth storage basket tends to look frumpy. For the price, which itself is not a bargain, this table is low on the quality scale. The Winsome Wood model looks nice enough when it's all put together, but the manufacturing is poorly done, and some of the screws do not even fit in their pilot holes enough to be secure, making this piece a risky purchase.


From the living room to the office, bedroom to the dining room, end tables are endlessly versatile. For extra storage or just for more surface area for reading lamps, candles, speakers, you name it; they provide value in any household. Whether you're looking for something unique to liven up your interior or are looking for something classic and practical to sit beside your couch, we hope you'll find something to fit your needs and budget in this round-up of some of the best end tables 2021 has to offer.

End tables can provide that valuable extra surface space when you...
End tables can provide that valuable extra surface space when you need it.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Miya Tsudome