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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Review

Launch lengthy campaigns in regal comfort from this royally adjustable and cozy throne
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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Review (Launch campaigns and conquer the world from this royally cozy throne.)
Launch campaigns and conquer the world from this royally cozy throne.
Credit: Natalie Kafader
Price:  $500 List
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Manufacturer:   AndaSeat
By Austin Palmer, James Maiz  ⋅  Feb 16, 2024

#2 of 10
  • Comfort - 55% 7.7
  • Adjustability - 35% 8.9
  • Setup - 10% 8.8

Our Verdict

Riding high on a combination of important metrics, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has emerged as one of the best gaming chair options around. Our team of testers found this highly comfortable model to be one of the most adjustable in our entire product lineup, allowing you to fine-tune positioning to your liking for PC and mobile gameplay. Though this chair is on the more expensive end of the models we tested, its smart design should keep you well-supported from shorter to extended sessions over many years, making it a great investment into your kinesthetic comfort and longevity. Despite a few spots where it didn't quite nail the mark, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is an excellent choice for a variety of gaming styles. Have a look at how it stacks up against the competition in our article on the top-ranked gaming chairs.
Sustained comfort
Highly adjustable armrests
Secure magnetic neck pillow
Supportive bolsters
Nice variety of color options
Lumbar support difficult to get just right
Lacks footrest
Plastic inserts might annoy

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AndaSeat Kaiser 3
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Bottom Line Fantastic long-term comfort, a high degree of adjustability, and a strong magnetic neck pillow make this a wonderful gaming chairSurpassing its predecessor for overall comfort, adjustability, and ease of setup, this premium gaming chair's lumbar support is next-levelA versatile gaming chair with great value, function, and form for those who don't want to spend an arm and a leg to have their arms and legs decently supportedThis model ticks most of the boxes without breaking the bankA great chair on a tight budget, but even a lumbar massager and footrest may leaving you wanting more
Rating Categories AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Razer Iskur V2 Dowinx Retro Series... GTRacing Music Series GTPlayer GT800A Foo...
Comfort (55%)
Adjustability (35%)
Setup (10%)
Specs AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Razer Iskur V2 Dowinx Retro Series... GTRacing Music Series GTPlayer GT800A Foo...
Adjustable Armrest 4D 4D 4D 2D: Swivel, Up/Down None
Adjustable Lumbar Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward Internal: Up/Down and Backward/Forward Foam pillow
Memory foam pillow
Foam pillow
Fabric Type Linen Fabric (tested), Premium PVC Leather, or Anti-stain PU Leather Premium EPU-Grade Leather
Plush and Spill-resistant Fabric (tested)
PU Leather PU Leather PU Leather
Manufacturer Recommended Size Size: Large
Weight: Less than 264 lb
Height: 4'11" - 6'2"

Size: XL
Weight: 176 - 396 lb
Height: 5'11" - 6'8"
Weight: < 300 lb
Height: 5'3" - 6'6"
Height: 5'3" - 6'1"
Max Weight: 350 lb
Max Height: 6'2"
Max Load: 330 lb
Max Weight: 250 lb (per instructions)
300 lb (per website)
Max Height: 6'3"
Manufacturer Max Back Recline Angle 165º 152º 180º 155º 135º
Color Options Fabric: 2, Ash Gray and Carbon Black
Premium PVC Leather: 8, Elegant Black, Blaze Orange, Bentley Brown, Classic Maroon, Cloudy White, Creamy Pink, Robin Egg Blue, FlyQuest Edition
Anti-stain PU Leather: 1, WBG Edition (XL Only)
Leather: Black/Green or Black
Fabric: Dark Gray
4D Armrests: 1, Brown
Linkage Armrests: 5, Black, Brown, Gray, Red, White
9: Red, Black, Camouflage, Colorful, White, Blue, Gray, Purple, Pink 8: White, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Gray, Red, Black
Recline Lever Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Our Analysis and Test Results

For gamers who really like to nestle in for hours at a stretch, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 ticks a lot of boxes. Solidly constructed with a 100% Titan Steel framework on top of a heavy-duty aluminum wheelbase, this chair features lumbar and neck support, a seriously supportive molded foam, and a smooth multi-tilt recline, so you can kick back for many hours of gameplay. It also comes with versatile 4D MagSwap armrests that can be raised high enough to provide elbow support for mobile gaming. In hotter climates or if you tend to run a little hot yourself, you might want to opt for the fabric option instead of faux leather for better breathability.

Performance Comparison

andaseat kaiser 3 - we all seek comfort in varying ways but our testers agreed there&#039;s a...
We all seek comfort in varying ways but our testers agreed there's a lot to like with the cushioned firmness, fabric breathability, and easy recline of this model.
Credit: Natalie Kafader


Comfort is heavily weighted in our review process, as it is of great importance to people when it comes to gaming for extended periods of time. It played a large role in determining the overall score for this model and gave mostly positive feedback, earning it impressive scores for comfort overall.

We first evaluated and tested seat comfort. The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 earned high marks in this area, with a big, padded cushion preventing any sinking into the hardware of the tilt assembly. It is also wide enough that you can sit in a variety of positions. We especially liked the well-balanced cushiony firmness immediately upon sitting and the comfort that lasts for many hours.

The AndaSeat hit the comfort zone that allowed us to sit in this seat for hours on end.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

As with the seat, the backrest utilizes a pleasantly firm cushioning that holds you in place without cramping in too much. Not everyone loves an internal lumbar system, and we found this one less than ideal as far as comfort goes, but it does provide a more streamlined aesthetic than other models using an external strap arrangement. In contrast, the magnetic neck pillow was a hit with our crew. One tester found it a tad firmer and larger than he preferred but rated the feature as positive and liked that it stayed in place once attached.

andaseat kaiser 3 - highly adjustable armrests feature the ability to rotate and have a...
Highly adjustable armrests feature the ability to rotate and have a good firmness to prevent pressure spots.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

Too much cushion below one's arms can create unwanted pressure over time, but the padding on the AndaSeat Kaiser 3's armrests is absorbent, providing good support without pressure spots, while a wide range of adjustments allow for comfortable gaming via PC or mobile device.

Lastly, we seriously considered how many hours you can comfortably sit in the AndaSeat Kaiser 3. For every chair in our lineup, we assessed whether it is better suited to shorter gaming sessions or all day and night campaigns. After over a hundred hours of combined sitting amongst our team, we determined that the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 can last the long sessions, topping out at about eight hours of prolonged comfort.

andaseat kaiser 3 - body-embracing bolsters provide excellent support for your seat and...
Body-embracing bolsters provide excellent support for your seat and upper back.
Credit: Natalie Kafader


Having a well-adjusted gaming chair can greatly improve your comfort during both short and long gaming sessions. Various gaming positions are suitable for different game types and setups, like PC versus console gaming, which makes it essential for the chair to be highly adjustable. Furthermore, having a high degree of adjustability allows for a wide range of users, making it more reliable for the masses. The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 really shines here, with a very high score for overall adjustability.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 features a seat pan with an adjustable height, although it won't go that low or that high, with only about two-and-a-quarter inches of movement. It feels higher than the other chairs with a big padded seat but doesn't go as low as shorter gamers might like. The built-in lumbar can be adjusted up and down as well as in and out, but it is tricky to dial in with the knobs on the side. Both of the lumbar adjustment knobs on our test model were labeled curvature, so it took some trial and error to figure out which knob adjusted which parameter. Gamers over six feet tall might find the lumbar support in the model we tested not ideally situated but can choose to go with an XL option.

andaseat kaiser 3 - we break down the many options each chair has to offer in our lineup.
We break down the many options each chair has to offer in our lineup.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The recline, featuring a Rocking & Relax Multi-function Mechanism, adjusts from 90° to 165° very smoothly, much like a soft-close drawer or cabinet. And though the tension knob, located below the seat in the middle, is a far reach, it provides excellent tension that can accommodate nearly every gamer, however heavy or light.

Excellent adjustability combined with a magnetic neck pillow and armrest toppers make this a highly customizable chair.
Credit: Natalie Kafader

The armrests provide fantastic adjustability, allowing movement in various directions, such as inward and outward, forward and backward, up and down, and also pivoting, so achieving the ideal resting position is easy for any shape or size person for different styles of gameplay. Plus, the magnetic toppers can be replaced if ever damaged. Another magnetic feature, the neck pillow, is strong enough that it will stay in place if tossed onto the chair from across the room; however, one five-foot-three tester wished the roughly nine inches of range extended a little further down for more ideal placement.

andaseat kaiser 3 - the recline adjusts with the smoothness of a soft-closing drawer or...
The recline adjusts with the smoothness of a soft-closing drawer or cabinet.
Credit: Natalie Kafader


In our final assessment of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, we looked at the assembly process and how much time it took to set up the chair after unboxing. Once more, this chair received an outstanding rating.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 arrives well organized and ready to assemble, requiring about 12.5 minutes for our assembler to put together. The manual is well organized, with captioned photos making it really clear to see what to do at each step. The adjustment instructions are just as clear, making it easy to quickly achieve your ideal gaming position and become fully immersed into your gaming experience.

Even if you aren't very mechanically inclined, putting this chair together should be a relative breeze, as the large Allen wrench included is easy enough to use, the screws go in smoothly, and the armrests are already pre-assembled.

Pre-assembled armrests and a helpful manual with clear, captioned photos of each step makes putting this together a breeze.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Should You Buy the AndaSeat Kaiser 3?

If you are looking for the best gaming chair, one that offers an excellent level of comfort and a high range of adjustability to keep you comfortable during any gaming scenario, then you've found your new throne in the AndaSeat Kaiser 3. If this gaming chair fits within your budget, you need not look elsewhere unless you prefer a chair with a different lumbar support system.

andaseat kaiser 3 - whether you want armrests that go high to provide support for mobile...
Whether you want armrests that go high to provide support for mobile gaming or a nice recline for a comfortable extended PC session, the adjustability of the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 has got your back (and elbows).
Credit: Natalie Kafader

What Other Gaming Chair Should You Consider?

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is one of the most adjustable and comfortable chairs we tested overall, but it does not offer the same level of lumbar support provided by the Razer Iskur V2, which some gamers may prefer. It is also undeniable that the cost is high, making it a hard sell for cost-conscious gamers. For more modest budgets, we found the Dowinx Retro Series LS-6689S offers a great level of comfort and nearly all the adjustability of the most premium models while also boasting a high-quality faux leather we found to be softer than other similar synthetic materials.

Austin Palmer, James Maiz

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