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Best Mattress Topper of 2022

We put mattress toppers to the test from Tempur-Pedic, The Duck and Goose Co., Molecule, and others to find the most comfortable options for your bed
Best Mattress Topper of 2022
Jack the dog enjoys the series of mattress toppers we got to test in this 2021 review.
Credit: Amber King

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By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 23, 2022
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Our household experts spent months testing 10 of the best mattress toppers after researching over 50 different contenders available today. We slept on each one for a minimum of two weeks in order to evaluate them on their support, relative firmness, squish, and movement transference. If you're looking to upgrade your bed without buying a new mattress, a topper is the avenue of choice. Whether you're looking for the best of the best or something that'll keep your wallet heavy, we've got excellent recommendations to take the guesswork out of shopping online.

For all things bedding, we have you covered. Need a new set of sheets or a new comforter? How about a weighted blanket to get cozy under? From mattress protectors to the dreaded alarm clock, our reviews can help you find what you need.


Best Overall Mattress Topper

Molecule AirTEC Topper

Measured thickness: 2.5-inches | Materials: Three-layer memory foam
Very comfortable
Washable topper cover
Excellent cooling
A little pricy

The Molecule AirTEC Topper is the best investment of all models we tested, with an excellent balance of support and squishy comfort. Unlike most memory foam toppers, you stay on top without sinking in. It's also one of the coolest memory foam toppers we tested. It comes with a washable slip that's easy to throw straight into the washing machine for simple cleaning. Featuring three levels of foam density, we think this is one of the most balanced toppers tested, earning it top marks and our highest accolades.

We scoured our brains for caveats, but it's hard to find in this high-quality option, aside from the upfront cost. Our testers overwhelmingly agreed that if you're searching for a long-term solution to make a mattress more comfortable and restful, this model is the right choice.

best overall mattress topper
Our favorite option for its excellent blend of support, comfort, and temperature regulation. If you're going to choose the best of the best that isn't too firm or too soft, this is one to buy.
Credit: Amber King


Best Bang for Your Buck

LUCID 5 Zone Lavender

Measured thickness: 3-inches | Materials: Memory foam
Excellent support
Smells like lavender
Comfortable with a slight squish
Great price
A little warm
Can't be washed

The LUCID 5 Zone Lavender is not just low-priced; it's also one of our favorites to sleep on. It features an ergonomic grid and a balanced foam density that doesn't feel too hard or soft. We found ourselves deep in comfort, looking forward to a night's sleep after slipping it over a hard 10-year old test mattress. It provides an excellent level of support that contours the body but doesn't swallow you up, so you can still toss and turn with ease if you tend to be restless. Many of our testers love the subtle lavender scent, which isn't overbearing and adds a nice scent to the room.

The few downsides of this mattress are its warmth and the fact that it can't be washed — it lacks a cover. It felt noticeably warmer than the coolest toppers we tested, though we never overheated. We also note that not everyone will appreciate the lavender scent, though it didn't put off any of our testing team, male or female. This model is our clear favorite among the more affordable toppers in the test bunch.

mattress topper - best bang for your buck
Our favorite high-value option that smells like lavender and feels like sleeping on a cloud. If you're looking to save a few bills and looking for the best performance per dollar, this is our top choice.
Credit: Amber King


Best Support

Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme

Measured thickness: 2.5-inches | Materials: Memory foam
High-quality memory foam
Very supportive
Cooler than other memory foam contenders
Washable and removable cover
Difficult to turn at night

If you're seeking a very supportive memory foam topper, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme is at the top of our list. When you first lay down on it, it feels extremely firm and almost stiff. After just a couple of seconds, the high-density foam gives in to support your body's curvature while feeling softer and more comfortable. We appreciate that for its thickness, it feels cooler than other memory foam toppers and that it just feels nice. We tested it for two weeks with two people in the bed, and our testers claimed that they couldn't feel it when the other turned over at night. When performing specific tests like placing a glass of water on the bed, this model proved to reduce movement transference more than other products. It also comes with a washable cover.

While this topper might be a good choice for those that like a firmer feel, we found it difficult to turn or move after sinking into its high-density foam. One of our testers reports that she actually woke up trying to turn at night on numerous occasions. We recommend this product only to very still sleepers seeking a firmer feel and unwavering support that you sink into. For such sleepers, this model truly reigns supreme.

mattress topper - best support
Featuring a very high density and high-quality foam, it feels firmer than any other topper tested and offers the best overall support to the body. If you favor a firm topper and have the money to spend on this one, its one of the top tier choices currently on the market.
Credit: Amber King


Best Thermoregulation

SnugFleece SnugSoft Elite Wool

Measured thickness: 1.5-inches | Materials: Sheepskin wool
Excellent thermoregulation
Easy to pack and store
Thinner and not as supportive or cushioned

This high-quality wool topper stands out when it comes to thermoregulation. Adding the SnugFleece SnugSoft Elite Wool to a mattress provides a thin, cozy layer of cushioning with a lower level of support. It provides a little extra warmth on cold nights, but it's not too hot when the temperature rises and the seasons change. We love the anchor straps and the in-between size that'll fit both a double and queen-sized mattress. What's more? You can simply throw it into the washing machine to wash the whole thing if it gets dirty.

Since this topper is only 1.5-inches thick, it's not going to mold to your body like memory foam. Don't expect a high level of support and excessive cushion. Additionally, for those allergic to true wool, this isn't the model for you. This is best for the shopper who wants a thin layer of wool cushioning with excellent thermoregulation throughout the seasons.

mattress topper - best thermoregulation
Warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. This wool topper is just plush enough to add a little cushion to your old mattress with unmatched thermoregulation.
Credit: Amber King


Best Synthetic Filled Pillow Topper

The Duck and Goose Co. Overfilled Extra Thick

Measured thickness: 2.5-inches | Materials: Synthetic fill
Plush and soft
Good thermoregulation
Entirely washable
Lower quality materials and stitching
Not ultra-plus or very supportive

The Overfilled Extra Thick topper from The Duck and Goose Co. is filled with 14,000g/m2 of gel fiber, a synthetic alternative to down fibers. It's advertised as hypoallergenic and offers a low to medium level of cushioning (2.5-inches). This ultra-plush option simulates a cloud-like sleep without too much support, making rolling or moving around easy. Additionally, the materials offer good regulation of temperature, adding warmth in cold weather without being too hot in the summer.

Like most other options built with the same materials, this product isn't as plush or supportive as high-quality memory foam. You can still feel a little of your mattress underneath, even with its higher level of cushioning. If you seek a down-alternative topper, this is the best one we've tested for its loft, easy anchor system, and value.

mattress topper - best synthetic filled pillow topper
Looking for a plush down-alternative option? This one will add a little extra softness to your mattress without the squish of memory foam.
Credit: Amber King


Firm Memory Foam with Decent Value

ViscoSoft Memory Foam

Measured thickness: 3-inches | Materials: Memory Foam
Initially firm with a soft contouring performance
Good price
Washable cover
Very warm
Hard to turn over

If you seek a higher-value memory foam mattress with a firm feel and soft, contouring support, you should consider the ViscoSoft Memory Foam. Similar to the high-performing Tempur-Pedic, it feels firm when you first lay down, then transitions into soft and molded support. The price is right if you're looking for a topper that won't break the bank and will enhance the comfort of the mattress you already own.

While the value is hard to beat, the construction isn't very cooling and feels much warmer than a regular mattress. The moldable foam is a great choice for those who don't move around too much at night, but tossers and turners might find it difficult to roll over — the foam almost literally sucks you in. For those that prefer a firmer level of support with extra cushion and the 'sinking in' feeling of memory foam, this model is priced better than the top-tiered options and carries a similar performance.

mattress topper - this option provides thick and firm memory foam at a lower price...
This option provides thick and firm memory foam at a lower price than others we tested.
Credit: Amber King


Very Soft and Squishy

Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam

Measured thickness: 3-inches | Materials: Memory foam
Very soft and thick
Good price
Hard to roll around
Lacks support

The Linenspa Gel Infused Memory Foam is a super low-priced topper best for those that appreciate the soft and squishy feeling of 3-inches of lower density foam. While this wasn't our tester's favorite, we can appreciate the extra cushion and thought it was relatively comfortable. For our testing friends that prefer super soft bed surfaces, this is a definite favorite.

For those that prefer a little more support and a little less "squish," this super soft design probably isn't the best option. We found this topper to be warmer than most, despite the claims that it helps to keep your sleep system cool. We also wish it came with a washable cover. For those that simply want a good deal and prefer a softer topper, take a gander.

mattress topper - squishy, soft, and inexpensive. if you're looking just for a bit of...
Squishy, soft, and inexpensive. If you're looking just for a bit of cushion without a whole lot of support, this one may be just what you're looking for.
Credit: Amber King


Firm Egg Crate Memory Foam

Zinus Swirl Gel

Measured thickness: 2-inches | Materials: Memory foam
Good price
Ample support
Balanced memory foam density
Very warm
Smelly out of the packaging
Egg-shell is harder than expected
Not washable

The Zinus Swirl Gel stands out for its low price and fairly supportive design. It features an egg crate-shaped memory foam that feels quite firm and supportive with just the tiniest bit of give. We spent two weeks on it, and only our testers that really preferred a firmer topper liked it a lot. Overall, it has some comfort features at a good price, specific to a given taste.

Out of the package, it smelled bad (a strong chemical smell). The scent eventually dissipated after three days of resting in a well-ventilated room. It also felt very warm to sleep on, with a hard eggshell design that poked into our tester's backs. This is far from the most comfortable for most, but those that appreciate a harder egg-crate-shaped topper will be very happy with the price.

mattress topper - a very firm egg-crate style memory foam topper.
A very firm egg-crate style memory foam topper.
Credit: Amber King


A Thin Synthetic Fabric Topper

Niagara Sleep Solution Down Alternative Topper

Measured thickness: 0.5-inches | Materials: Synthetic Polyester Fill
Wash and dry the whole thing
Adds a tiny bit of warmth to a sleep system
Barely-there feel
Much thinner than expected

If you're looking for just the smallest layer of extra cushioning, you should consider the Niagara Sleep Solution Down Alternative Topper. This pillow-like fabric topper is great for those that might have allergies to true down and only want the slightest bit of cushioning added to their mattress. It's filled with polyester fill. It can easily be thrown into the washer and drawer and anchored to the bed with the use of thick straps, which is true to fit.

Unfortunately, this topper is a lot thinner than we thought it would be. When we put it onto our bed and laid down, we could hardly tell it was there. This is really only best for those that are seeking just the smallest amount of cushioning, or a topper that cleans up easily, with performance akin to a mattress protector.

mattress topper - this super-thin down alternative topper looks good, but hardly feels...
This super-thin down alternative topper looks good, but hardly feels like it's there. If you're just looking to smooth out a couple of lumps in your mattress and want a breathable option, this is an option.
Credit: Amber King


Soft & Smelly Latex Construction

Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex

Measured thickness: 3-inches | Materials: Latex
Extremely soft and cushioned
Good price
Bad smell
Very hot for sleeping
Not very supportive
Can't be washed

If you're in the market for a latex topper, the Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex is a very soft and thick option to consider, at a good price for latex construction. It features a 3-inch construction that'll add lots of extra padding to any bed. The latex isn't super high density and squishes down easily, making it very soft. This will be loved by those that love squishy cushioning.

Unfortunately, this is our least favorite topper. First, the smell. Out of the packaging, it smells rubbery and synthetic, which is very unappealing. Second, it's not very supportive. For the level of cushioning, the super low-density latex just squishes down, making it tough to turn at night. Third, it's noticeably hotter than any other topper we tested, even with all the holes for ventilation. In the world of toppers, this latex option comes with more caveats than others.

mattress topper - a very thick latex topper that compresses easily and, surprisingly...
A very thick latex topper that compresses easily and, surprisingly, not a whole lot of support. Stinky and not very breathable, this is a hard one to recommend.
Credit: Amber King

Why You Should Trust Us

This review is brought to you by expert tester and senior reviewer Amber King. She's been using mattress toppers for over 20 years on her own bed. Amber also asked friends to test these toppers to get more points of view on the subject. The mattress that we tested on is over ten years old, very hard, and was in serious need of an additional topper, making it a great test piece to see how each model improved our sleep and comfort each night.

Our selection for testing involved researching mattress toppers for over four hours, then selecting the best quality options on the market. We also looked to see which products offer the best value. After choosing ten options to test over a three-month period, we slept on each for at least two weeks while collecting data on sleep quality, temperature, level of support, and overall comfort. We objectively measured topper thickness, compared material density, and performed movement transference tests. We even put a full glass of water on each and jumped on the bed to see if the water glass would tip over. After objectively testing and comparing all options, we offer our insights to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

Unboxing one of the many products we ordered for this review. During...
Unboxing one of the many products we ordered for this review. During unboxing, we mostly noted which models off-gassed the strongest smells.
We measured each topper to compare to the manufacturer's claims.
We measured each topper to compare to the manufacturer's claims.
Testing for movement transference with a mason jar full of water.
Testing for movement transference with a mason jar full of water.

Analysis and Test Results

We selected the best mattress toppers to test side-by-side. Our testing teams spend at least two weeks on each topper to truly experience all of its pros and cons. Each is rated across four important metrics, including comfort, support, movement transference, and cooling. Below, we outline our key points, so you understand how each product compares to one another.


Comfort is king when it comes to sleep. Most likely, you are seeking a mattress topper to add additional comfort that your mattress alone isn't offering. We realize that people have different preferences when it comes to this arena, so we simply rated this based on the feedback we received from several testers after sleeping on it for weeks. The toppers that score the highest in this metric offer us the best nights of sleep, ideally not being too soft or too hard. In this section, we'll break down which toppers are more firm, soft, or a nice combination of both to help you figure out which will be the most comfortable for you.

mattress topper - comfort is a queen when considering which topper to buy. the...
Comfort is a queen when considering which topper to buy. The Molecule AirTec is one of our favorites. It has just the right amount of support, softness, and thickness that most people will enjoy.
Credit: Amber King

If you're seeking a great middle-of-the-road option with extra cushioning that isn't too hard or too soft, the best options are the Molecule AirTEC Topper and LUCID 5 Zone Lavender. Both feature 2-inches of memory foam with a construction that isn't too hard or too soft. When laying down on either one, we notice that our bodies are well supported without sinking in too deep. The LUCID 5 Zone has several different patterned zones that offer ergonomic support and feels a little softer, while the Molecule AirTEC has a flat surface that you lay atop of that feels just the slightest bit firmer. We consider both to be the best balanced and middle-of-the-road options that will most likely appeal to most consumers out there.

mattress topper - toppers come in all thicknesses and densities. finding the right one...
Toppers come in all thicknesses and densities. Finding the right one online can be hard. Keep in mind what you prefer in softness, firmness, and support to get an idea of what comfort means to you.
Credit: Amber King

If firm support is what you're after, check out the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme and ViscoSoft Memory Foam. When you first lay on either of these, the topper feels extremely firm, as both use high-density foam. The Tempur-Pedic is more firm than the ViscoSoft. After about five seconds, you begin to sink into the foam, with it contouring exactly to your body. While some of our testers loved this feeling, others didn't like the feeling of being 'sucked inside' of the topper. As that happens, it is more difficult to roll around or turn, making both firm toppers better options for sound sleepers that don't move around much at night. It's notable to mention that the ViscoSoft and Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme have very similar performances, with the ViscoSoft being less expensive and the slightest bit softer.

mattress topper - a look at the firmer, high-density foam found in the tempur-pedic...
A look at the firmer, high-density foam found in the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme. When you first lay down, it feels very hard, but you eventually sink into heavenly comfort.
Credit: Amber King

If you're seeking thinner comfort, the The Duck and Goose Co. Overfilled Extra Thick and SnugFleece SnugSoft Elite Wool are two others to consider. The Duck and Goose is a down alternative option that offers just a little extra comfort to the mattress. Since neither are made from memory foam, you don't get that sinking-in feeling — instead, only plush comfort under the body.


The support of a topper is defined as how well the topper can hold your body while contouring and supporting its dips and curves. A supportive topper that doesn't collapse under a sleeper's weight does better in this metric than those that are softer and simply compress. We found that the most supportive toppers are those with high-density memory foam with a little additional softness that contours and supports the body at the hips, legs, and back.

mattress topper - the molecule airtec offers excellent support for all your curves...
The Molecule AirTEC offers excellent support for all your curves without sinking into its memory foam construction.
Credit: Amber King

If you seek support, the best options are the ViscoSoft Memory Foam and Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme. Both offer a similar level of firm support while you sleep. Both feel like they swallow you up once you settle onto the foam, but the foam density is a lot higher than most, with the Tempur-Pedic being the most supportive overall. The ViscoSoft is a little softer with lower-quality materials. Another to consider is the Zinus Swirl Gel, which doesn't soften up when you lay on it; it instead maintains rigidity. It is supportive but not as comfortable as the other options, only conforming to some curves of the body.

mattress topper - a look at the softness of the vviscosoft memory foam topper. here...
A look at the softness of the VViscoSoft Memory Foam topper. Here you can see where our hand imprint is left after ten seconds of pushing down. This topper is quite supportive and firm.
Credit: Amber King

The Molecule AirTEC Topper and LUCID 5 Zone Lavender are two others to consider. Instead of your body sinking way into the foam to find support, our bodies typically stayed higher on the topper without the sinking feeling. Both also have just enough squish to conform to your curves and feel supportive and comfortable. The material holds up and offers the same level of support from the time you lay down to the time you settle in. The Tempur-Pedic and ViscoSoft, on the other hand, will feel hard at first, then soften up as you sink into its full support.

Movement Transference

If you have a partner that moves around at night, it's a nice convenience to have a mattress topper that helps to dampen that movement. Memory foam toppers that are thick with a higher density foam material help to dampen this effect, whereas down alternative toppers or super-soft latex construction don't offer any noticeable dampening.

mattress topper - during one of our final water tests, we jump on the bed to see if...
During one of our final water tests, we jump on the bed to see if the water will splash or move. Our main tester is a little uncertain of the results, but with only a few drops lost, we learned the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme dampens movement significantly more than other options.
Credit: Amber King

To test this, we slept with two people on a topper and noted if rolling or movement disturbed the other person. We also performed a water glass test. In this test, we put a filled glass of water on the topper then pushed the mattress up and down, eventually getting closer to the glass. In some cases, we even jumped on the topper to see if the glass would tip or move. To ensure that it wasn't our mattress doing the work, we performed the same test on the mattress and compared our results. Those that kept the water from spilling were the top performers here.

mattress topper - our initial tests on the molecule airtec topper proved to be...
Our initial tests on the Molecule AirTEC Topper proved to be surprising with the water hardly moving at all. When your partner tosses and turns, you can trust that this one will help dampen the movement.
Credit: Amber King

The toppers that do the best through our tests are those made from a higher density foam. The Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme and ViscoSoft Memory Foam offer the best protection from movement. Both have a higher-density foam that feels relatively firm and holds its shape specifically in the area that it's being pushed down. The Tempur-Pedic supersedes the ViscoSoft as it has a harder density material and better quality construction. In our water tests, we actually jumped on the toppers. The Tempur-Pedic seemed to dampen this jump better than the ViscoSoft. Even after violently jumping on the bed, only a few drops spill from the jar.

Other supportive toppers like the LUCID 5 Zone Lavender and Molecule AirTEC Topper also do well in this metric. The Molecule AirTEC Topper seems to offer better performance, both in our water and bed partner tests. However, neither did as well as the Tempur-Pedic or ViscoSoft. The rest of the mattresses tested offered little to no movement transference, with the thinner options doing the worst in this category.


Many mattress topper companies claim a topper will have a cooling effect. One thing to note is that none of the toppers we tested made the mattress cooler than it was without the topper added. The difference is only in how much additional warmth is brought to the system by adding the topper. For this metric, we evaluate company claims, the architecture of the topper, and its actual performance during our sleep tests. It was amazing to see how some toppers truly were cooler than others, with the thinnest options winning out in this category.

mattress topper - this wool topper from snugfleece offers the best thermoregulation of...
This wool topper from SnugFleece offers the best thermoregulation of all tested. Despite its warm appearance, it still cools when it's warm and insulates when it's cold. The thinner construction helps regulate heat.
Credit: Amber King

The SnugFleece SnugSoft Elite Wool takes the cake in performance in this area, offering the best in thermoregulation. Never did our testers feel too hot or too cold, even on hot and cold days. We find that the wool insulates well and also releases heat when needed, giving it an excellent cooling factor. This is mostly attributed to the nature of wool as an excellent thermoregulator and its thinner nature.

The down-alternative options are next best in this pool of toppers. They are thinner, more breathable, and offer more warmth than just a traditional mattress, but aren't nearly as warm as other toppers. The Niagara Sleep Solutions Anchor Down Alternative Topper is the thinnest (0.5-inches) that isn't as warm as the thicker The Duck and Goose Co. Overfilled Extra Thick (2 inches). If sleeping cool is your priority and you want just a little extra cushion (but not too much), we'd recommend either of these options, with the Duck and Goose being more comfortable.

mattress topper - both down alternative options are quite cooling in comparison to...
Both down alternative options are quite cooling in comparison to memory foam. The top is the Niagara Sleep Solutions and the bottom is the Duck and Goose Co. Overfilled Extra Thick. The Niagara is a little more breathable simply because of its thinner construction, but not nearly as comfortable.
Credit: Amber King

Memory foam and latex, unsurprisingly, have the least ability to cool. However, some contenders do better than others. For example, the Molecule AirTEC Topper and Tempur-Pedic Tempur Supreme are the most breathable, with the Molecule AirTEC being the best. Both are made of dense foam with air channels for cooling.

our main tester enjoys the comforts of all the mattress toppers...
Our main tester enjoys the comforts of all the mattress toppers tested. While we have our top choices, we hope that our thorough and in-depth review has helped you make some decisions in your quest to find an excellent mattress topper.
Credit: Amber King


Mattress topper hunting can be difficult, especially when you're doing it over the internet. You're in luck because we've done all the leg work, actually researching, ordering, and testing each option hands-on, just so we can save you both time and money by taking the guesswork out of buying online. After months of sleeping on all options for at least two weeks, we hope this review has helped point you in the right direction for your next mattress topper purchase.

Amber King

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