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The 5 Best Accent Chairs

We purchased accent chairs from Christopher Knight, Lexicon, Sauder, and more and put them to the test
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Best Accent Chair Review (A rocking chair with mid-century style.)
A rocking chair with mid-century style.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Our Top Picks

By Eric Bissell ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 13, 2023

Looking to add style, function, and comfort to your home? Accent chairs can enliven and punctuate a living room, bedroom, or even entryway with tasteful impact. We purchased 9 of the best accent chairs available today for hands-on testing from shipping to assembly to use. Buying furniture online can be difficult because photos don't always tell the whole story. With each chair side by side, we looked at proportions, materials, stability, and craftsmanship to help you navigate the many options that exist. All of these chairs can add careful contrast to your cherished traditional home or your modern carefree condo. Let us help you find the perfect accent chair for your space.

From stylish area rugs to the most functional and best window shades, our experts have meticulously tested a variety of home decor and furniture. If you're looking to revamp your space, you may want to check out some illuminating rope lights, the best modern end tables, and our favorite aromatherapy diffusers. The list of our favorite chairs also includes those designed for your desk, your gaming setup, or your backyard.

The Best Accent Chairs


Best Overall Accent Chair

Christopher Knight Home Evelyn

Assembly Time: 10 minutes | Firmness: Medium
Big look for a small space
No-tool assembly
Quality materials
Smaller than expected from photos
Armrests are firm

The Christopher Knight Home Evelyn is a clean, comfortable, and stylish addition to any living space. Purchasing furniture online is always a gamble, but this chair exceeded our expectations. The material quality is excellent, the assembly is straightforward, the seat cushion is soft without bottoming out, and it's very stable. In smaller spaces, this chair will create the illusion of a bigger room as its design alludes to larger chairs of a similar style. The plastic-tipped legs are floor-friendly, and their finish looks great too. The soft linen-like upholstery is friendly to the touch and hides any wrinkles nicely. It transitioned seamlessly from morning coffee and newspaper seating to evening cocktails with style and comfort.

Anticipating the slightly smaller size will ensure you aren't disappointed upon arrival. The chair will do wonderfully in modestly-sized spaces but may seem somewhat underwhelming in grander settings. Some of our testers found the cushion to be a touch firm out of the box, but it was still one of the softer models we tested. The armrests have a central depression, and all testers agreed that they need more cushioning. We also measured seat height at 17" and width at 21", which is solidly in the medium-width range of the models we tested.

accent chair - a quality, easy to assemble, and comfortable accent chair that will...
A quality, easy to assemble, and comfortable accent chair that will stylistically complement a wide range of homes.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best Bang for the Buck


Assembly Time : 5 minutes | Firmness: Soft
Cozy barrel design
Comes with ottoman
Legs aren't the most stable

The DAZONE Modern packs a lot of value into a compact package from the moment it arrives. The tidy boxing nests the ottoman into the chair's void space to protect both items and conserve packaging. The DAZONE is also the easiest to assemble and took us a total of five minutes. Screw the legs in by hand, and you're done. We loved the texture and color; the mustard yellow is bright but relaxing and will fit in various spaces. The stitching is tight and clean, the legs are solid wood with a no-frills finish, and the seat cushion is soft. The added value of the included ottoman solidly makes this an excellent value.

Although the DAZONE delivers at its price point, don't expect it to be the world's most durable chair. We are happy with how it held up to everyday use and expect it to last. That said, we noticed the back upholstery on the upright barrel portion of the chair started to wrinkle as the fabric broke in with daily use. And we were also a bit worried about the stability of the leg attachments — the chair did wiggle under stress testing. All in all, we found the DAZONE to be a surprise favorite with excellent upholstery colors and great value. As happy as it is in the living room, the compact unit adds a cozy reading spot in even the tightest bedrooms.

accent chair - accent chair and ottoman combination in a cozy tidy package.
Accent chair and ottoman combination in a cozy tidy package.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best Mid-Century Modern

Lexicon Fabric

Assembly Time: 10 minutes | Firmness: Medium-Firm
Intricate and pleasing woodwork
Roomy and soft seat cushion for mid-century style
Backrest overly firm
Upholstery on seat wrinkles as cushion breaks in

The Lexicon Fabric is a mid-century modern powerhouse for an affordable price. The wooden pieces impressed us during our up close and personal assembly. The finish is natural and reminiscent of walnut. A warm, understated stain finish highlights the wood grain nicely. The arms arrive pre-assembled, which contributes to the greater overall stability of the chair. We felt very confident in the stability. The hardware was quality and easy to align and tighten. The seat cushion broke in nicely and is soft without bottoming out. The fabric is soft enough but excels in durability and stain resistance. The pose is laid back without feeling slouchy, and the wide casual arms are large enough to rest a cup while reading.

The Lexicon does an excellent job of bringing the mid-century style in a comfortable package. However, we wish the backrest was softer to better balance firmness with the seat cushion. There is very little give anywhere on the chair besides the seat cushion. The seat cushion also needed a break-in period and, at first, felt like overstuffed foam. Packaging allowed the chair to arrive safely but contained more Styrofoam than competing chairs. The Lexicon seat height is 18" and the seat width 22".

accent chair - mid-century class with quality materials and a large comfortable...
Mid-century class with quality materials and a large comfortable seat cushion.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best Transitional Pick

HomePop Velvet Swoop

Assembly Time: 13 minutes | Firmness: Medium-Soft
Classic versatile design
Velvet upholstery
Narrow seat
Soft cushion bottoms out

The HomePop Velvet Swoop combines straight and curved lines in hallmark transitional style. The clean take on a traditional look make this piece decorative without distracting. The velvet upholstery is visually quiet from afar yet engaging up close. Assembly is straightforward once you can find and remove the legs from the underside of the chair. The velvet matches the retro inclination of the chair, and the stitching is clean. The legs feel sturdy in their placement but may need retightening over time. The cushion is very soft and complements the soft upholstery.

Many chairs we tested were a touch smaller than anticipated. The HomePop Velvet reinforced this trend and was generally just a little smaller than expected. This makes it great for tight spaces and could be a perfect choice for an entryway or doubled up in a medium-sized living room. The seat is very narrow at 18" and should be noted if you prefer a wider seat. Additionally, the seat cushion is soft but bottoms out to a more rigid bottom. We would have been much more excited with the HomePop had the seat cushion been developed with a dual-density foam or better spring system. That being said, for occasional seating and simple, elegant style, the HomePop is an excellent transitional pick.

accent chair - a velvet transitional style accent chair that could use a little...
A velvet transitional style accent chair that could use a little more padding in the seat.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best for Home Office

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel

Assembly Time: 23 minutes | Firmness: Firm
Swivel bottom
Good height for desks
Narrow barrel seat
Very firm back

The Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel crosses the boundary between accent chair and desk chair with grace. For tight spaces, the swivel function is a wonderful addition to this elegant piece. The four-legged natural wood base connects to a metal swivel mechanism that is fluid and stable; just enough padding in the seat bottom kept our testers comfortable without sinking into an overfilled cushion. The distressed suede finish looks excellent and hides everyday wear with ease. The height of the seat cushion accommodates use as an office chair quite well. At 18.5 inches, it was one of the higher seats we tested. It was also one of the narrower seats at 16 inches, but with flared armrests in a barrel design that subtly widen. The same low armrests fit neatly under most standard desk heights.

We found the Art Leon to do great in an attentive upright seating position but to lack support and cushion for more relaxed, casual use. We recommend some of the other chairs in this review over the Art Leon for lounge use where comfort is key. Over an extended period, our testers felt the seating was substantial and lamented the lack of a more robust backrest. That being said, the Art Leon encourages sitting up straight, and the swivel will be appreciated by those that like to shift their position regularly. We found the distressed suede finish attractive and appropriate to the overall design but found that the chair needs to “off-gas” its factory smell. If you are particularly sensitive to smell, perhaps select one of the polyester/cotton color choices and not the suede version.

accent chair - a swivel option that would do equally well as an office chair or...
A swivel option that would do equally well as an office chair or accent chair.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Great Tufted Wingback

Christopher Knight Tafton Club Chair

Assembly Time: 7 minutes | Firmness: Medium-Soft
Wide and soft seat bottom
Great design details
Back is a little stiff

The Christopher Knight Tafton Club Chair was the same quality construction and materials as another high scorer. The seat cushion was one of the most comfortable we tested. Where many chairs we tested used a single solid piece of foam for the cushion, the Tafton Club felt as though it used a pillow top on top of the foam for a more cushioned, yet still supportive, sit. The linen upholstery is very soft while still being durable, and all the upholstery seams and edges were finished excellently. The nailhead trim appealed to some testers and was disliked by others, but despite personal preference, it matched the wingback design perfectly.

The tufted back was a bit more firm than the seat bottom but makes the chair more visually enticing than a straight back. Perhaps the armrests could use a little more padding to match the comfort of the rest of the chair. This was one of the bigger chairs we tested, and it seemed that shipping struggled a bit with the item. Our first attempt arrived damaged beyond repair. Returning it was easy and free. The second attempt arrived in a destroyed box, but somehow the chair survived! Although a little pricier than some of the other chairs we tested, this was a truly full-size, excellent-quality chair worth the extra cost.

accent chair - christopher knight produces an excellent full size club chair with...
Christopher Knight produces an excellent full size club chair with wingback style.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Great Mid-Century Rocking Option

Porthos Hayes Rocker

Assembly Time: 27 minutes | Firmness: Medium-Firm
Rocking chair with mid-century style
Deep and wide seat
High back
Some scuffs at woodwork joints
Difficult assembly

The Porthos Hayes Rocker is a unique chair that stood out from the rest for its marriage of classic rocking chair function and mid-century design. Adapting the wooden frame of an iconic mid-century occasional, the Porthos adds a curved bottom rail and gently curves the armrests to create a functional and familiar rocking chair. We had no concerns regarding the stability of the Porthos. It has a wide stance, and the rocker never threatened to over tilt. It's balanced well enough to maintain a gentle rock with very subtle upper body motion. The dimensions of the Porthos also make it stand out. At 23.5 inches, the seat width was one of the wider chairs we tested and is a great option for those seeking a roomier chair. The armrests are at a great height for a relaxed pose, even if they are a touch narrow.

The assembly process takes quite some effort; it's beneficial to have an extra hand at a few key moments. The wood features a nice warm tint with a clean, natural finish, but we noticed a few scuffs at the pre-assembled joints where (judging by the looks) it quite possibly had been forced together. The fabric recalls denim and offers a great texture for this accent chair. Despite the nice spring in the seat cushion, it unfortunately had a bit of lumpiness between the center of the seat and the cross rails under the knee. Overall, the Porthos doesn't offer the highest quality internal support system. We could also feel the difference between the softer center of the backrest and the harder perimeter where the wood frame comes into play.

accent chair - a substantial rocking chair with a wide seat.
A substantial rocking chair with a wide seat.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Great Mixed Material Option

Sauder Boulevard Lounge

Assembly Time: 15 minutes | Firmness: Firm
Small footprint
Quality material finishes
Low seat height
Screw holes can be difficult to align in assembly

The Sauder Boulevard Lounge is the quintessential accent chair. Simple and striking, it makes a statement without physically overwhelming a space. It's light to move around and will likely add exciting contrast to most homes. The materials used are well-chosen and achieve their full potential. The faux leather fooled our testers and appeared to be quite durable for everyday use. The black metal powder-coated frame is clean and highlights the seat and back nicely. As a style pop, the Sauder in real-life matches its online photos accurately. Café and lounge are in the description for the chair, and we felt that those terms were very accurate to its vibe.

Our main gripes were the lack of comfort and the low profile. Of all the models, this one had the lowest seat, with the cushion only 15.5 inches above the ground. This is below standard height, and those with knee or back issues may find it problematic. The backrest was also low, and we lamented not having any support for our upper back during long periods of sitting. The pose is very much lounge-style and supports a relaxed seating position over an upright one. Although we found the cushion nice with evenly distributed support, it will likely be too firm for long sessions. Overall, the Sauder is an excellent style choice in a stable frame but not likely to be enjoyed for longer than an occasional passing sit.

accent chair - mixed materials and excellent faux-leather make this a stylish option.
Mixed materials and excellent faux-leather make this a stylish option.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Another Mid-Century Option

JIASTING Mid-Century

Assembly Time: 29 minutes | Firmness: Firm
Classic design
Wide seat
Budget materials
Long assembly time

With dark wood and denim textile, the JIASTING Mid-Century looks exactly as expected for a mid-century accent piece. With the widest seat of the chairs we tested (24 inches), the JIASTING could accommodate our smaller testers sitting cross-legged. The armrests are wide and flat and stable enough to rest a mug or glass. The round wood framing is friendly and stable. The fabric is a soft denim-like textile that is quite comfortable for an extended session curled up with a book. The bottom cushion has a spring and foam support that was decently comfortable but has a few hard spots on the perimeter of the seat.

From afar, it looks like high-quality materials, but up close it was not the most luxurious chair we tested. The finish on the wood looked spray applicated and is not as even as a laminate or stain. Running a hand over the wood reveals a subtle raised grain that wasn't perfectly smooth. These are small details certainly, but a sign of the haste with which this chair was made. Many people will be quite satisfied with the look of the wood, but those closely inspecting it may be frustrated by the quality. The rubber screw caps are flimsy and don't conform to the curvature of the wooden legs, making them stand out a bit. The backrest is at a very steep angle, and a small lumbar support pillow may make the chair more comfortable.

accent chair - a straightforward mid-century design.
A straightforward mid-century design.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Why Trust GearLab

To cut through the numerous accent chairs on the internet, we researched dozens of the most popular chairs available. From there, we narrowed our selection to 9 of the best contenders. We then assembled them just as you would and put them through side-by-side testing in our test space.

Lead tester Eric Bissell cares deeply about furniture design and may have overthought some of the chairs in this test group. Eric has lived in a variety of spaces, each with its unique challenge of maximizing efficiency and enjoyment. At home, he is always looking for ways to improve the utility and design of a space.

We timed ourselves putting together these chairs and noted if we ran...
We timed ourselves putting together these chairs and noted if we ran into any difficulties.

Analysis and Test Results

Selection began by researching hundreds of the possible accent chairs available online. Accent chairs vary widely in style, mimicking design movements that span the last 200 hundred years and more. We wanted to provide you with a variety of styles to help you match with or contrast against your existing space. We chose to test the most objective aspects of the chair and deliberately left out a basic “style” metric. Ultimately, what style of chair is preferred by one reader may be different than a style that is preferred by another reader.

For this reason, our testing focused on how satisfied a buyer would be with the tangible qualities of the chair. This is why we tested for packaging, assembly, material quality, comfort, and stability. Considering each chair via these five criteria allowed us to narrow in on the best accent chairs while letting you choose the style that you would like for your home.


Ordering furniture online can be daunting. Not only are you trying to make selections based on photos, but the item has to safely make it to its final destination (your home) after traveling across the country. From the manufacturer to our testing team is the same journey of shipping peril that your item will face. For this reason, we chose to rank the packaging and shipping as a metric to compare. Nobody likes dealing with returns, and the better the packaging, the less likely you'll have to deal with broken on arrival furniture.

Lighter chairs were certainly more easily packaged and seemed to fare better in transport. The Dazone Modern impressed us by using the ottoman to nest into the chair's barrel shape, supporting both and reducing the amount of packaging overall.

accent chair - some chairs arrived in boxes that identified what was inside.
Some chairs arrived in boxes that identified what was inside.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Heavier items had more signs of abuse in transport. For instance, the Porthos Hayes Rocker was a heavier shipment, and the box had a fist-sized hole in it where it looked like a mechanical lift had perhaps misjudged its motion. Luckily the chair escaped damage. Some chairs arrived in unique chair-shaped cardboard boxes like the HomePop Velvet. This made them harder to unbox but perhaps protected the chair in transport by signaling to delivery companies its contents. The HomePop also chose to package their legs under the seat bottom with fabric stapled to the bottom upholstery. We didn't find this to be the most elegant packaging and came close to damaging the fabric as we tried to free the legs. The Lexicon Fabric arrived without damage but had an over-the-top amount of Styrofoam packaging. The Christopher Knight Tafton Club Chair arrived with a forklift hole through the box and front of the chair. Returning the chair was relatively easy, and the replacement arrived undamaged.

accent chair - the heavier chairs may be more susceptible to damage in shipping.
The heavier chairs may be more susceptible to damage in shipping.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Every chair we tested required at least some assembly. From five minutes to 30 minutes, the complexity and duration of unboxing and building our chairs varied significantly. Time generally followed difficulty of assembly, with the easiest chairs taking less time than the more difficult chairs. The quickest chair was the DAZONE Modern at five minutes and 13 seconds. A few chairs, like the DAZONE, were no-tool assembly. Simply screw in the legs by hand, and you're done. Even with the eight legs of the chair and ottoman, the DAZONE's symmetrical legs were quickest to put together. A unique assembly was the Christopher Knight Home Evelyn, which required no tools and had burly V-shaped brackets that allowed parts to slide and lock into one another. It left little room for error and yielded a substantial and stable chair.

accent chair - v-shaped brackets that allowed for tool-less assembly.
V-shaped brackets that allowed for tool-less assembly.
Credit: Eric Bissell

The more complex chairs took closer to 30 minutes to put together and were either tricky to build or had a small error that took us time to try and fix. The Art Leon Mid Century looked as though it would be an easy build but ended up taking us 23 minutes trying to get parts to line up with little tolerance for error. A few holes didn't line up easily and took some force to make work. Ultimately, everything went together, but holding multiple tools at once made this a harder assembly. The Porthos Hayes Rocker and the JIASTING Mid-Century both had complex wooden frames that required many bolts to be installed. Patience was key on these assemblies and following the recommendation of loosely tightening everything before the final tighten was important. The JIASTING disappointed us by having two screws that were supposed to anchor the bottom of the seat cushion to the frame but were not well-aligned and therefore useless. The chair still functioned fine but indicated lower-quality construction.

accent chair - lining up the two-hands necessary bolts on the bottom frame.
Lining up the two-hands necessary bolts on the bottom frame.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Material Quality

Material quality is an excellent signal for the overall aesthetics of the chairs we tested. The two chairs that scored highest in this metric were also some of our top picks and our quickest to recommend. Manufacturers that took the time to source and use higher-quality materials seemed to also put more energy into design and comfort. Our top choice Christopher Knight Home Evelyn excelled in this metric. The Evelyn had a soft linen-like textile that was friendly to touch. The upholstery was tight and clean, with no stitching weaknesses. The bracket assembly allowed the item to be shipped deconstructed in its box yet ingeniously hid any external fasteners.

Another excellent option was the Lexicon Fabric. Solid and intricate woodwork on the frame elevated this chair beyond its comparable more budget options. The foam was generous on the seat cushion and will take time before it packs into the point of needing replacing. The finish on the wood is much more natural and has an even smoothness, not just on top of the armrests but also underneath.

accent chair - wood finishes varied greatly but was excellent on the lexicon.
Wood finishes varied greatly but was excellent on the Lexicon.
Credit: Eric Bissell

From a distance, some chairs appeared to be of excellent quality but up-close left something to be desired. The JIASTING Mid-Century looks like a nice dark hardwood frame but up close, the finish on the wood is a little spotty and appears to be spray applicated. In this finishing process, the natural grain of the JIASTING may have been lifted and the result is a slight furry feeling on the edges of the armrests. At some joints, you can see where the paint didn't fully penetrate, and the lighter under-wood is showing. These are small details but were important to some of our testers.

accent chair - the details on some chairs were not as nicely finished.
The details on some chairs were not as nicely finished.
Credit: Eric Bissell


The importance of comfort will vary depending on the intended use of your accent chair. Is this a chair that one hopes to curl up in and read for a few hours? Or is this an “occasional” in a more transitional space like an entryway? Depending on the use, comfort could either be the most important metric or the least. Most of us, though, are going to prefer that chairs achieve at least a base level of comfort, which all of these chairs do. The most comfortable chairs all fell within our top choices.

The Christopher Knight Home Evelyn was the most comfortable chair we tested, complete with generous seat and back padding. We also enjoyed the DAZONE Modern and found the ottoman to be an awesome addition to the overall comfort of the chair. The barrel shape makes this a cozy option, and the chair would be quite happy even in a bedroom corner. The Christopher Knight Tafton Club Chair was another option that invited prolonged lounge sessions with a very roomy seat and soft cushion. It was a great design for a variety of seated positions.

accent chair - the most comfortable chairs had padding and spring combinations that...
The most comfortable chairs had padding and spring combinations that were soft without bottoming out.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Many chairs tended to be a bit firmer than we would have liked. Reading other reviews, it seems that most people would prefer softer chairs overall. The Art Leon Mid-Century and Sauder Boulevard Lounge were the hardest, firmest chairs we tested. The Sauder seemed appropriately padded for its style, but we wished the Art Leon had more padding. The HomePop Velvet was almost too soft, bottoming out to the hard frame support beneath.


Stability in a chair is a basic but important metric for testing. In our testing, we found a correlation between material quality and stability as well. A wide stance and secure legs made for the most stable chairs. For instance, the Lexicon Fabric has a wide and extended stance that makes for a very stable position. The arms come pre-assembled on the Lexicon, and we think that this improves the overall feel of the chair. For a swivel chair, the Art Leon was very stable. The heavy solid wood legs and metal swivel hardware added a weight that grounded the chair nicely. The DAZONE Modern was a bit concerning stability-wise, although in the time since its assembly, we have used it extensively and had no long-term issues.

accent chair - the swivel made this a great office chair option.
The swivel made this a great office chair option.
Credit: Eric Bissell


We unboxed, assembled, sat in, stress-tested, and visually analyzed more accent chairs than you can fit in a living room for this review. All of them added color and texture to our test space. Some consistently attracted us for a morning coffee, while others found their way to computer desks. Cushions wore in and wore out as we put these chairs through the motions of everyday use. Whether you're looking for mid-century modern refinement or vintage velvet, we hope you'll find the perfect accent chair for your home.

Eric Bissell