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Best Weighted Blanket of 2021

We tested a variety of weighted blankets from Luna, YnM, Quility, and others to find the best and coziest options
Credit: Laura Casner
By Nick Miley and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Aug 12, 2021
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Are you looking for a relaxing weighted blanket? We researched, bought, and tested 8 of the best products available today. While all of these heavy throws may seem similar, they in fact come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials. We addressed the seemingly simple task of sorting these unique blankets by conducting a side-by-side analysis for ease of cleaning, weight distribution, relative weightiness, available sizes, and fabrics. So, whether you are looking to address a specific malady or you just like the feel of a full-body hug, rest assured that there is a blanket to suit your needs.


Best Overall Weighted Blanket

LUNA Adult Weighted

Fabric: Cotton (100% Oeko-Tex Certified) | Filling: Medical-grade glass beads and polyester
Good weight distribution
Health-conscious construction materials
Lots of color and size options
Shows dirt quickly
Could be too insulating for some

The Luna weighted blanket is a high-quality product that shows in its every detail. The design is health-conscious (the cotton exterior is Oeko-Tex certified), and you can choose from five sizes and 10 different weight options. It has seven layers of insulation to help create superior comfort, and medical-grade glass beads are used to increase the throw's weight. Quality materials, heavy-duty stitching, and the perfectly sized 5.5" x 5.5" pockets that evenly distribute the bead weight prove that Luna is serious about making a product that will fulfill the promise of being comfortable, soothing, and long-lasting.

Out of all the contenders in our weighted blanket review, this was the product that produced the fewest complaints from our test team. However, we will say that despite the marketing claim of being cooling and also warming, the dense insulation may turn out to be more than some folks will want. To be blunt, this blanket is toasty — though if you run cold, this could be seen as a plus. The color we ordered tended to show dust and dirt more readily than other models in the line-up. That said, this throw comes in 10 different color/pattern options, and a cover is available for purchase should you want to simplify the cleaning process.

A well-weighted comforter will feel like a gentle hug all night long.
A well-weighted comforter will feel like a gentle hug all night long.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Color Options

YnM Heavy 100% Oeko-Tex Blanket

Fabric: 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton | Filling: Glass beads and unspecified batting
Easy to wash
Evenly distributed weight
Relatively low-quality stitching
One-sided batting

For those with a knack for aesthetics or a discerning color palette, the YnM will not only provide a snuggly, hug-like sensation but will scratch your itch for the perfect color match to your living or bedroom decor. The worry-free (Oeko-Tex certified) cotton exterior and durable glass weights separated into 4.7" x 4.7" pockets provide a gentle touch to those under the weight of this throw. The blanket is machine-washable, but you can purchase an aftermarket cover to make the cleaning process easier.

While we were impressed with all the color options, the Oeko-Tex certified cotton, and the small, distributive pockets, this blanket's stitching quality left something to be desired. After a few washes and an admittedly heavy testing regimen, some of the stitching began to fray. Despite the mediocre stitching job, we still think that the YnM's color options, high-end fabric, and ease of cleaning make it well worth the outlay in cash.

Having nice-looking pattern options is critical for a seamless...
Having nice-looking pattern options is critical for a seamless integration into your bedroom.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best on a Budget

Waowoo Queen Size Adult Weighted Blanket

Fabric: Cotton | Filling: Glass beads and polyester
Decent weight distribution
One color option
One-sided batting

The Waowoo is a decent budget option for those wanting to check out the potential benefits of a weighted blanket without betting the farm on the product. The 5" x 5" pocket design does a fair job of distributing weight evenly, and the durable glass beads are tough. Perhaps most importantly, the blanket comes in 7 weight options so that you can match it to your body type.

Unfortunately, the Waowoo does not come with a duvet cover, and one is not available for purchase through the manufacturer. Additionally, the batting insulating the throw is one-sided, so you have to pay attention to make sure the weights are facing up for maximum comfort. Lastly, this model only comes in 3 size options (36" x 48", 48" x 72", 60" x 80") and one color option. Despite these shortcomings, we think this blanket is worth the money at the price point if you are unsure about weighted blankets' benefits.

This model does not include a duvet cover but the tie in loops seen...
This model does not include a duvet cover but the tie in loops seen here supports the use of one.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best With a Duvet Cover

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket

Fabric: 100% Cotton | Filling: Glass beads and polyester
Cover included
Dual-sided batting
Relatively limited color options
Not easy to clean

Our opinion of the Quility was significantly increased by the fact that a duvet cover was included with the blanket purchase. While putting a cover on after washing can be a bit of a pain, the longer-term clean look of the blanket is without a doubt worth the effort. Like many weighted blankets, laundering this model is burdensome since tumble drying is not advised due to the weight. Yet, you get the same clean outcome when washing the cover and hang drying, which is a cinch, in comparison. We also appreciate that the blanket has batting on both sides of the glass beads, and it comes in several sizes and weight options.

While the included cover makes for easier maintenance, if you do need to wash the blanket, the process is quite involved. Additionally, the relatively large 6.25" x 6.25" quilted pockets make for a somewhat uneven distribution of weight. Despite these shortcomings, we still like this blanket for the ease of cleaning provided by the cover.

A cover will save you a lot of work when it comes time to give the...
A cover will save you a lot of work when it comes time to give the blanket a cleaning.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best With a Bamboo Cover

WONAP Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cooling Touch

Fabric: 100% Bamboo | Filling: Glass beads and cotton
Diamond-shaped pocket pattern
Dual-sided batting
Small duvet cover attachment loops
No duvet cover

The WONAP stands apart from the crowd due to its unique bamboo textile exterior. Bamboo offers better wicking, and arguably, better cooling properties than cotton. It is also considered to be a more sustainable agricultural crop. In addition to the alternative outer material, this blanket uses a 4" x 4" diamond pocket pattern to house the glass beads, facilitating an even spread of weight. The batting is dual-sided as well, rendering superior insulation and padding. Finally, the blanket comes in 5 size options (41" x 60" to 86" x 92") and six weight options (10 to 30 lbs), so you're sure to find your desired coverage and pressure.

Conversely, the WONAP only comes in one color: folkstone gray. Also, the blanket lacks a cover, which exacerbates the difficulties in cleaning if you don't opt for your own aftermarket duvet cover. It can only be machine washed with cold water on the gentle cycle, and it can't be placed in the dryer due to the glass beads. However, this is the unfortunate reality of cleaning weighted blankets in general. Overall, we think this blanket is a great choice for those seeking alternatives to cotton.

The use of a blanket isn't limited to napping and sleeping. Cozying...
The use of a blanket isn't limited to napping and sleeping. Cozying up for a story is a great use, too.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Weighted Sensation

Hypnoser 15lb 2.0 Diamond Weighted Pocket Blanket

Fabric: 100% Cotton | Filling: Glass beads and polyester
Diamond-shaped pockets
Nine weight options
One-sided batting

The Hypnoser's 4.25" x 4.25" diamond quilt pattern, plush batting, and nine weight options produce a satisfying weighted sensation. The blanket showed no signs of poor construction, and it has an aftermarket duvet cover available to simplify cleaning. However, it is machine-washable if needed.

On the downside, this blanket's one-sided batting limits insulation. It also rings up for a steeper price in comparison to better-performing models. That said, we could not deny the distinct and pleasant feeling produced by this blanket.

Testers preferred the embracing feeling of this throw.
Testers preferred the embracing feeling of this throw.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Unique Color Options

ZonLi Washable Weighted Blanket

Fabric: 100% Cotton | Filling: Glass beads and polyester
Cool colors
Relatively small pockets
One-sided batting
Cover not included

The ZonLi's distinguishing characteristic is the wide variety of original color patterns. At the time of this writing, the blanket comes in 12 color options. While some companies offer even more, the ZonLi's colors are arguably the most diverse.

Aside from the plethora of color options, the ZonLi suffers from the same issues that face all weighted comforters. Namely, the blanket is hard to wash and even harder to dry. Additionally, this model has square pockets; while this isn't an inherent drawback, square pockets aren't the best design for distributing weighted beads. This model also doesn't come with a cover. However, if one is available for purchase, we, and the manufacturer, encourage you to buy one.

While we went with a conservative gray, this blanket comes in...
While we went with a conservative gray, this blanket comes in several unique colors.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Micro Weights

Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

Fabric: 100% Cotton | Filling: Glass microbead and polyester
Unique quilt pattern
Shows dirt

The Baloo stands apart from the other products we tested because each blanket purchase comes with a link to download Tibetan and crystal singing bowl sounds. Additionally, the manufacturer states that it is possible to tumble dry the blanket, which means that it's a lot easier to launder it.

The tumble dry option is appreciated all the more since the duvet cover for this blanket is sold separately and is almost the same price as the throw itself. Finally, this model lacks batting on both sides and is only offered in one color and limited size and weight options. Yet, what the Baloo lacks in options, it makes up for with its classy quilted pattern.

This unique quilted pattern looks good in most spaces.
This unique quilted pattern looks good in most spaces.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Senior Research Analyst Austin Palmer has over half a decade of experience testing home and health products ranging from electric toothbrushes to portable air conditioners. However, the recent birth of his child has perhaps given him a redoubled focus on products that promote quality sleep. Senior Review Editor Nick Miley has been testing, reviewing, and writing about consumer products for over a decade. His background in scientific research made him best suited to vetting and collating the rapidly growing body of sleep and relaxation research that informed the team's analysis of weighted blankets.

We can confirm that these blankets relieve stress. Here a tester...
The graduates laid out for a class portrait.
Disclaimer: No children were used in the production of this review...

Our review began with hours of research on the various types of blankets available, including the different weights and dimensions offered, the exterior construction material, the batting material, and the different types of weights used. We then washed each blanket (and its duvet cover, if it came with one.) We also spent several days using each blanket for deep sleep, napping, and relaxing on the couch.

Analysis and Test Results

Interest in weighted blankets has spiked over the last few years as people search for better and new ways to relax and unwind in the face of a fast-paced world. Given this interest, it is unfortunate that it isn't easier to suss out the best blankets. We aim to simplify the research and selection process with our review. So rest easy, as we have identified, tested, and organized all the essential features needed to select the right weighted blanket.

Weight Distribution

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of a weighted blanket is the way the blanket feels. This feeling is mostly the product of even weight distribution and the sensation of compression produced by that weight. One does not want the weight to be lumpy, nor do they want to feel crushed by too heavy a weight. The Luna, YnM, and the Quility had the best distribution. Conversely, the Baloo was the most uneven due to the bunching of the beads.

An even spread of weight is preferred.
An even spread of weight is preferred.
Credit: Laura Casner

While the desire for even weight distribution will be common to all users, the blanket's weight will not be. There is a growing consensus on the appropriate weight as a percentage of the user's body weight, though the ultimate decision is personal. However, somewhere in the range of 7 - 12% of one's weight is preferred. Thus, a product with several weight options will facilitate the best match.

Getting the right weight to match your body type is critical for...
Getting the right weight to match your body type is critical for maximum comfort.
Credit: Laura Casner

The amount of batting and the use of a duvet contributes to the sense of compression observed. The Waowoo, ZonLi, and Hypnoser produced the greatest compression feeling by this measure. On the other hand, the Luna and the YnM have a stiffer quality from the exterior fabric and batting, which works to keep the weight off the user.

Size, Weight, and Color Options

When you're looking for comfort, you shouldn't have to make any sacrifices. That's why we favored blankets with the largest number of size, weight, and color options. When it comes to the number of options, no other product comes close to the YnM. This blanket comes in 5 size options (36" x 48" to 86" x 92"), 10 weight options (5 - 30 lbs), and 21 color options including multiple shades of gray — although you can always purchase whatever aftermarket duvet cover you want, which will also make cleaning easier.

Having size and weight options is key to getting the perfect feel...
Having size and weight options is key to getting the perfect feel out of your blanket.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Luna is the next best for size, weight, and color options. This product comes in Kid, Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, 10 weight options ranging from 5 to 30 lbs, and 11 colors, including striped gray and boxed patterns. The Quility follows up with five sizes, eight different weights, and color options. The Baloo has the fewest options of the lot, but it does have a sharp-looking quilted pattern.

Choosing the right blanket is made easier with multiple sizes and...
Choosing the right blanket is made easier with multiple sizes and weight choices.
Credit: Laura Casner

Ease of Cleaning

It might not be at the forefront of your mind when researching weighted blankets, but due to the increased mass of these products, washing them can be more challenging than some might expect. This is where the Baloo shined in our evaluation. This blanket is machine-washable, and due to its microbead weighting, it is dryer safe, too. The YnM and the Luna are also machine-washable, and their manufacturers say that it's safe to dry on low. However, we wouldn't recommend tumble drying them regularly, as the larger-sized weights may beat up the blanket over time.

Washing these blankets can be challenging because few can be machine...
Washing these blankets can be challenging because few can be machine washed and even fewer tumble dried.
Credit: Laura Casner

The previously discussed blankets are outliers in their ease of cleaning. Most products in the class must hang dry. Some products, such as the ZonLi and the Quility require handwashing and must be laid flat to dry. Given the difficulty of washing these products, we suggest looking at products that come with a duvet cover or that offer one for purchase, as this accessory can be removed and washed like a sheet. The Quility comes standard with a cover, and the Luna's cover can be purchased for a reasonable price.

The Quility's duvet cover makes cleaning a whole lot easier.
The Quility's duvet cover makes cleaning a whole lot easier.
Credit: Laura Casner

Materials and Construction

The materials and construction metric is a cataloging of features that relate to comfort and overall user satisfaction. This evaluation looks at the weighting medium, the interior fill and whether it's on one side of the weights or sandwiching them, and the outer material. We preferred blankets that have batting on both sides of the weights, as these tended to be a bit stiffer and thus distributed weight more lightly and evenly. The Quility and Luna blankets are prime examples of this design. One caveat here is that though we found this design to feel very nice, it may be more insulating than some might want.

Batting sandwiching the weights made for a much nicer feel in our...
Batting sandwiching the weights made for a much nicer feel in our opinion.
Credit: Laura Casner

We also preferred blankets that use glass beads and synthetic fills such as polyester. Again, the Waowoo checks both these boxes, as does the Luna. Both these models had a cotton exterior, a material that felt pleasant against the skin.

Glass beads and synthetic fill made for a better feel in our tests.
Glass beads and synthetic fill made for a better feel in our tests.
Credit: Laura Casner

During our testing, we put a fair amount of wear on these products, which allows us to evaluate construction quality. We are happy to report that only one model showed wear after our tests. The YnM's stitching began to fray following the first washing.


The pleasure of sleeping with a heavy blanket isn't a new one. However, the large number of products on the market making claims about design and potential benefits has muddied the waters of what should be a simple purchase. This review catalogs the size, weight, and color options, as well as the construction materials of the leading blankets on the market. It also evaluates the ease of cleaning and the quality of the manufacturing. Our evaluation of each model should clear up the selection process. So, here's to snuggling up and getting a better night's sleep.

Nick Miley and Austin Palmer