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Best Sheets of 2021

Credit: Maggie Brandenburg
By Maggie Brandenburg and Aaron Rice  ⋅  Jul 8, 2021
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Ready to sleep comfortably again? We tested over 55 of the best sheets available today to bring you this selection of the top 16 sets on the market. We first tested subcategories, from Egyptian cotton and microfiber to bamboo and flannel, and even those made specifically to keep you cool. From those contenders, we identified the best of the bunch. Not only did we sleep on every set, we also tested them up against red wine spills, copious dog fur, and on blazing hot and bitterly cold nights. Leaving no sheet unturned, we laundered them repeatedly and scrutinized every stitch. No matter where you live, how you like to sleep, or your budget, we identify the best ones for you.


Best Overall Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Core 480

Material: 100% long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Crisp but soft
Superb thermoregulation for any season
Great fit and attractive look
Limited color options (all grey, black, and white)
Holds stains more easily

It's a tall order, asking bedding to work in every season for every person, but if any set can do it, it's the Brooklinen Luxe Core 480. This 100% cotton set has something to offer everyone. It's crisp enough to keep its shape and look perfectly pressed every morning while still soft enough to feel like you're slipping into your favorite t-shirt each night. The 480 thread count is maximized by a sateen weave, combining incredible smoothness and comfort with impressive breathability that keeps you cool when it's hot and cozy when it's cold. The fitted piece stays put impressively well on mattresses of varying thicknesses, while the envelope pillowcases easily contain all puffiness of pillows. Between their exceptionally attractive modern patterns, an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, and their supreme comfort, you too will want to work from home so you never have to get out of bed again.

If your mattress is exceptionally thick, these 15 inch deep pockets may not stay put. However, due to some very careful stitching and completely rounded corners, it came very close to covering our 18-inch mattress. If you're searching for a specific bright color to match your bedroom decor, you're out of luck, as the Luxe Core comes in all neutral tones — though we think they complement just about every space. And if you tend to eat in bed, you may want to get a darker color, as it took 6 full washes to remove a red wine stain from the white pinstripe set we tested. That said, at the end of the day, we think this set breathes exceptionally well, feels fantastic, and has something to offer just about everyone.

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Thread Count: 480
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

There's a lot to love about the 100% cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core 480...
There's a lot to love about the 100% cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core 480 - they have something to offer everyone.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Value for Cotton

Pizuna Linens 400

Material: 100% long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Comfortable, familiar feel
Good temperature regulation and easy to love
Tons of color options
Won't fit super-thick mattresses
Non-envelope pillowcases leave a gap

Perhaps you're here in search of good quality bedding that's comfortable and breathable, but you don't need the added expense of luxury. Don't worry, we've got you, and so do the supremely soft Pizuna Linens 400. This 100% cotton set still has a smooth, sateen weave with a pleasant 400 thread count that doesn't let you down even if you prefer to sleep sans pajamas. We had no issues with them slipping around in the middle of the night and appreciate their breathability when it's truly hot. Though it may sound a bit odd, we found it easy to forget about these even while laying in them, further proving their worth as a set that won't take away from the comfort of your mattress. They also manage to retain a pretty perfect level of crispness that keeps them looking fairly fresh even after sleeping in them. Neat seams add to the durable nature of the cotton fabric, upping their value as a low-cost-high-reward item.

We have very few complaints about the Pizuna Linens 400. Our few gripes stem only from their comparison to bedding of vastly different materials. They're not as silky smooth as bamboo, nor quite as ridiculously breathable as linen. They require more care than microfiber and aren't quite as durable or soft as Egyptian cotton. But for what they are, we're pleased with this set. However, if you have an overly thick mattress, these 15 inch deep pockets may not quite do the trick. And if you're set on envelope-style pillowcases, these are just standard. But if you're after a good quality set of cotton coverings that feel good without reaching astronomical prices, the Pizuna Linens are here for you.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

A balance of crispness and softness, this Pizuna set is also a great...
A balance of crispness and softness, this Pizuna set is also a great value.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Value Microfiber Option

Danjor Linens Hotel Luxury Soft 1800

Material: 100% polyester microfiber | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Impressively soft
Allows decent airflow
Inexpensive 6-piece set
Thin and less durable
Can't compete with the breathability of natural fiber

Microfiber is a great choice for saving some dough and finding your favorite color. We put over 15 microfiber sets to the test, and the Danjor Linens Hotel Luxury 1800 are our favorite of the bunch. Defying the typical micro-felt-feel despised by microfiber's harshest critics, these impress us with their delicate softness that continues to improve with every wash. Microfiber definitely isn't known for its breathability on sweltering summer evenings, but these are one of the few microfiber contenders that didn't end up a sweaty mess by morning. They drape and wrap with ease, providing a solid level of temperature regulation and a serious level of snuggle-ability. And while, like most microfiber sets, these are thinner than most, it's easy to see the obvious care that goes into every stitch — and their impressively low price tag isn't a bad bet either.

Though microfiber can never really compete for breathability with the best natural-fiber fabrics out there like linen, cotton, and bamboo, these do a pretty good job for a fraction of the cost. Still, they're not without their faults; we feel their elastic could be thicker and stronger to better hold the mattress of all-night tossers. And though they're smooth compared to other microfiber options, up against the silkiness of a sateen weave bamboo or Egyptian cotton, they're less impressive. However, they're one of the only microfiber sets we actually wanted to keep on our beds when the testing period was over. And with prices a fifth or even an eighth of the cost of some other sets in this review, there's a lot to love about this set from Danjor Linens.

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GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 1800
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

The feel and breathability of this microfiber set from Danjor sets a...
The feel and breathability of this microfiber set from Danjor sets a high bar for microfiber bedding.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Bamboo Bedding

Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Very soft and silky smooth
Excellent in hot weather
Attractive design with modern functionality (duvet cover instead of flat sheet)
Construction could be beefier
Extremely limited color choices (just white or white & grey)

If you've heard all the hubbub about bamboo and are dying to find out what the fuss is about, the Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set exemplifies everything we love about being swathed in bamboo. This 300 thread count sateen weave set sleeps like being cradled in a cool cloud. Skipping the flat sheet for a duvet cover instead is high on the list of hip happenings in the modern world of bedding. Though we were skeptical of how well this would work on a hot night, the Wooflinen boggled our minds by how breathable and fantastic this combo can be. But don't worry, if you're not sold, you can still get a flat sheet for this set. Not only does this set prove itself to be lovable by both hot and cold sleepers, but it's also impressively resistant to the hazards of everyday existence, from reclined red wine in bed to canine cuddles. And their OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification provides peace of mind even for sleepers with sensitive skin.

As much as we adore sliding into this soft, supple set, they're not totally perfect. Bamboo fabric, by its very nature, is less durable than sturdier choices like linen or cotton. We also feel that the Wooflinen seams could be a bit beefier to bolster the innate snagability of this sateen weave. Yet we didn't have any durability issues during our extensive testing process. While we're big fans of the bicolored charcoal/chalk set we tested, if you're craving color — or any other look, really — no other options currently exist. And if you hate wrinkly bedding, you're unlikely to be satisfied with bamboo — though this is one of the least wrinkly bamboo sets we tested. Bottom line, if you're ready to upgrade your sleep experience to the silky softness of bamboo, we wholeheartedly recommend this modern bedding set from Wooflinen.

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Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

We adore this 100% bamboo modern duvet set from Wooflinen that's...
We adore this 100% bamboo modern duvet set from Wooflinen that's soft, breathable, and comfortable.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Egyptian Cotton

Pure Parima Luxury 400

Material: 100% extra-long staple Egyptian cotton | Pocket Depth: 17 inches
CEA-certified to be 100% Egyptian cotton
Impressively soft
Added elastic security
Requires delicate care
Fitted sheet is slippery

A high thread count isn't everything (more on that later), and the Pure Parima Luxury 400 is proof of that. Despite having "just" a 400 thread count, this set perfectly exhibits what's really important in cotton bedding: using only extra-long staple fibers to create a fine-spun yarn that results in a stronger weave. And while many manufacturers claim their bedding is Egyptian cotton, this is the only set we tested that's actually certified by the Egyptian Cotton Association (CEA). That claims to ensure this set is genetically tested Giza cotton grown exclusively in the Nile River Valley. This super smooth, gloriously luxurious set is crazy comfortable and an absolute joy to sleep in even on the hottest nights. With careful attention to detail, it fits perfectly even on thicker mattresses. The sateen weave makes the tan set we tested appear almost gold, further enhancing the illusion of sleeping in a bed made up for royalty.

This magnificence also comes with an extravagant price tag — this is one of the most expensive sets we tested. Much like a custom-made costume, these require careful laundering and maintenance, perhaps entering the realm of being high maintenance. They can be ironed but must be done on a low, cotton setting with care. We managed to inflict an accidental burn mark on a pillowcase due to an overlapped seam beneath the section we were ironing. However, with the right care, this classy, comfortable set of Egyptian cotton is the real deal and sure to last for years of some of the most comfortable sleep of your life.

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Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

When it comes to real Egyptian cotton, we can't find anything better...
When it comes to real Egyptian cotton, we can't find anything better than this luxurious Pure Parima set.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Flannel Bedding

Eddie Bauer Premium Cotton Flannel Collection

Material: 100% cotton flannel | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Comfortable, medium weight warmth
Good fit and temperature regulation
Tons of patterns and designs
Hem collects wrinkles in the wash
Less velvety soft than some flannel

Many of us turn to flannel to stay warmer in the winter, and the best all-around flannel bedding set we tested is the Eddie Bauer Premium Cotton Flannel Collection. These comfy linens provide a middle ground of warmth, comfort, and breathability that proves itself pleasant to sleep in for a range of sleeping preferences. They're just heavy enough to be effective on cold midwinter nights without being so thick that you'll sweat through them. Both cold and hot sleepers found happiness snuggled in this set. They're soft and fuzzy but not so fluffy that they have the common flannel issue of clinging horribly to your clothing. Though we clearly didn't spend a decade sleeping in them, this set stands out from all the rest as one of the only ones to have numerous online testimonials proclaiming they can indeed last for many years. Our durability testing and inspection of their construction and materials lead us to believe this is possible, with their shockingly low level of pilling (particularly for flannel, which is renowned for pilling) and careful, clever construction, including diagonal corner pockets for a better fit. They also come in an astonishing array of patterns and fun prints that's sure to have something to offer just about every decor.

But if you want super plush, ultra-fluffy flannel, the Eddie Bauer set probably won't be quite velvety enough for you. One of the reasons we love these is because they're not overly extreme and therefore are more adaptable to a wider range of climates and sleeping preferences. But if you do want those thick, fleecy flannels, there are better options for your bed — check out the Bare Home Double Brushed set, further down this list, or our flannel-specific article instead. The Eddie Bauer Premium flat sheet and pillowcases do have a tendency to accumulate some hem creases through repeat launderings, but they are not nearly as wrinkly as others. If you're on the hunt for good quality flannel bedding to get you through the winter, we're big fans of the fit, feel, and wide appeal of this superb set.

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GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 170
Weave Type: Flannel
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

The brushed surface of these flannels from Eddie Bauer help keep you...
The brushed surface of these flannels from Eddie Bauer help keep you warm on cold nights without overheating.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Linen Set

Len Linum European Made Pure Linen

Material: 100% linen (European flax) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Excellent fit and classic design
Superb breathability
Durable materials and construction
Require more involved care
Take longer to soften than other linen

Linen bedding is the classic picture of summertime bedroom elegance, with crisp lines and a clean aesthetic — and the Len Linum European Made is the embodiment of this image. With careful craftsmanship and a clever design that works with the properties of linen rather than against, this set is an excellent fit on both pillows and mattresses, staying put all night. Even among linen, already known for its extended lifespan and impressive durability, the Len Linum exudes the ability to last a long time. Spun from flax, linen is one of the most breathable fabrics out there, making it a great choice for swaddling sweaty sleepers all summer long. Even more, this set represents a perfect balance of being a comfortable weight to sleep under, having a medium crispness that allows airflow and looks great, and allowing a moderate drape that creates a cuddly cocoon. Though linen is known for being exceptionally wrinkly, this proved to be the least wrinkly option we tested and the only set that didn't need to be ironed during our testing.

If you're unfamiliar with the feel and care that linen brings to the table, you're not alone. Linen takes a long time to soften up as you wash it over and over again. We laundered every piece of linen bedding we tested a full four times before ever putting them on a bed, and the Len Linum retained their stiffness for longer than any other. They consistently softened after every wash though, giving us confidence that they will prove themselves in the long run. And while we love the perfect temperature regulation of linen on a sweltering night, if you like sleeping between layers of silky smooth material, you're likely to hate linen. They offer a unique texture that, though it softens over time, never becomes silken, and people either love or hate it. But if you're a longtime linen lover, we solidly recommend these as our all-around favorite linen set.

Thread Count: Not specified
Treatment: Stone-washed
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

If you love the classic elegance of linen, you're sure to love the...
If you love the classic elegance of linen, you're sure to love the Len Linum.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great for a Cool Silky Feel


Material: 100% organic bamboo (viscose) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Silky smooth
Retains cool feeling
Deep pockets fit thicker mattresses
Wrinkles very easily
Fitted sheet pools on thinner mattresses

Purely from the viewpoint of its stats, the BAMPURE Organic has no business being as silky smooth and satiny as it is. Like so many bamboo sets we tested, this one is a 300 thread count sateen weave, but somehow manages to feel almost as good as silk itself — but far lighter and more breathable. We're not sure if it's the organic bamboo they use, but they're fully deserving of the descriptor "luxurious", as we felt as fancy as kings and queens while laying in these. And with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, we know they're not using harmful chemicals to achieve this feel. They also have a deep pocket that easily accommodates the thicker mattresses that are so popular these days and come in a wide variety of colors to help create the exact space you want to sleep in.

If you have a thinner mattress, all this silky goodness may be a bit much, as the fitted sheet pooled in the middle of a 10-inch thick mattress we tested it on. And while you should always expect some amount of wrinkling from any bamboo bedding (as all rayon fabrics — of which viscose is one type — are more prone to wrinkling), these wrinkle more than the average amount among the many bamboo sets we tested. Yet we care more about how they feel than how they look, and these are positively splendiferous.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

Feel like royalty sleeping in this silky soft bamboo set from BAMPURE.
Feel like royalty sleeping in this silky soft bamboo set from BAMPURE.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


High Value Linen

DAPU Stone Washed Linen

Material: 100% linen (French flax) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Fit very well
Crisp and breathable
Tidy construction and durable materials
More textured than others
Required line drying

Finding truly quality linen bedding on a budget can be difficult, but that's what the DAPU Stone Washed brings to the table — or rather, the bed. They're one of the least expensive linen options we tested and still managed to be one of our favorites. They soften up easily in the wash and provide an excellent fit that stays put without pooling on the mattress or letting the pillows escape from the envelope cases. As we demand from a quality set of linens, these breathe very well. They're both crisp enough to make the bedroom look like a modern B&B updo and soft enough to drape enticingly across your skin. Small, neat stitches add to their durability, and they quickly became a favorite for both hot nights and cool mornings.

While soft for linen, they're still linen. Instead of silkiness, they offer texture, and the DAPU are even more textured than other linen sets we tested. And though we expect to set aside some extra time to care for our linens, these require more than most, directing you to only line dry them after washing — which takes a fair amount of time and still requires ironing once dry. But if you're ready for this type of commitment and are looking to save some money on your new linens, these are a great buy.

Thread Count: Not specified
Treatment: Stone-washed
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

Looking for linen on a budget? Check out these sweet sheets from DAPU.
Looking for linen on a budget? Check out these sweet sheets from DAPU.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Luxurious Egyptian Cotton

Pinzon 400

Material: 100% Egyptian cotton | Pocket Depth: 14 inches
Thick sateen weave feels luxurious
Attractive hem-stitched highlights
Great value
Won't fit thicker mattresses
Unpleasant vinyl scratchy sound

If your optimal internet bedding search includes the terms "luxury," "Egyptian cotton," and "inexpensive," you've landed in the right spot. The Pinzon 400 is one of the most affordable options we tested and exceeds our expectations of skin feel, durability, and quality craftsmanship. Full of richly-colored options that are enhanced by a shiny sateen weave, these will have you feeling fancy. They have extra details typically found on far more expensive products, like hem-stitched highlights on both the pillowcases and flat sheet. They also easily stay in place on the thinner mattresses they fit and overall feel like a silken dream.

On the flip side, all this silkiness comes at a slight detriment to their breathability. And, tending toward the thicker end of the spectrum, the Pinzon 400 are so silky they're rather slippery and produce a slightly vinyl-sounding swish when moving around. We think they make a better choice for keeping warm than staying cool. We're not quite sure why, but these are easier to launder and remove even nasty red wine stains from than other cotton competitors. With this kind of performance combined with such a low price tag, these are a great value for a quality set of Egyptian cotton bedding.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

If you're ready for silken luxury, then you're ready for the...
If you're ready for silken luxury, then you're ready for the Egyptian cotton Pinzon.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Great Value for Warm Flannel

Bare Home Double Brushed Cotton Flannel

Material: 100% cotton flannel | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Fluffy and velvety soft
Warm and thick-feeling
Quality construction
Run large; recommend shrinking in the wash
Fairly clingy to clothing

If you've ever woken up shivering in the winter and had to get out of bed to put on more clothes, then the Bare Home Double Brushed Cotton flannels are the bedding you'll want. They're one of the fluffiest, velvetiest, thickest-feeling flannel sets we tested and can be picked up at a pretty good bargain price, making them an even better value for your bed. They're velvety soft and very cozy, quickly warming you up on the coldest nights. They feature quality construction, with double-stitched seams and wide, strong elastic to stay firmly in place. A helpful tag identifies the bottom edge of the fitted piece, making them that much quicker and easier to put on. Boasting an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, you can rest peacefully and snuggle for longer into these ultra-cozy luxurious flannels.

Unlike pretty much every other set we tested, the Bare Home flannel bedding is meant to be shrunk in the wash. They arrive a touch large to accommodate for this anticipated shrinkage but lack specific instructions on exactly how to do this to the appropriate degree. After following the laundry instructions that were included, they still proved themselves to be slightly oversized for our queen bed. Fortunately, their fluffiness grips the mattress quite well, helping them to stay put regardless of a little extra space in their fit. Their plush, velvety goodness comes with the trade-off of being much clingier than most, faithfully gripping our clothes as we tried to turn over, requiring extra attention in the middle of the night. At the end of the day, however, if you need serious warmth on a budget, we think these are well worth it.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 165
Weave Type: Flannel
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

For an extra boost of warmth and super-soft flannel comfort on a...
For an extra boost of warmth and super-soft flannel comfort on a budget, we love the velvety feel of this snuggly bedding set from Bare Home.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Easy to Love Cotton

California Design Den 400

Material: 100% long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Comfortable drape
Solid construction and durability
Lots of color options
Not as smooth as many similar options
On the warmer side

The California Design Den 400 is a comfortable cotton set that's easy to love and comes in an astonishing array of colors and patterns. They're not the softest set of cotton bedding we tested, but they continued to loosen up after every wash. With a decent amount of drape, the sheet tends to follow you a bit as you move, and does a solid job keeping warm air next to your body on cold nights. They're well-constructed, with protected seams in key areas and double-stitching in others — and can be purchased at a price that we think is very fair for how they perform.

If you're searching for the coolest sheet for a hot night, this isn't our top choice, though it's not totally un-breathable. They also retain a bit more texture than many other cotton choices we tested, though not in a way that's offputting. We'd prefer envelope-style pillowcases though, as the ends of these gape open quite a bit, allowing renegade pillows to escape during the night. And though they have many qualities we appreciate, they're not quite our favorite set of high-value cotton bedding — that title goes to the Pizuna Linens 400.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

These 400 thread count cotton sheets from California Design Den are...
These 400 thread count cotton sheets from California Design Den are straightforward and easy to love.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Cooler Microfiber

PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats

Material: 100% dual-brushed polyester microfiber | Pocket Depth: 18 inches
Very thin, allowing for airflow
Feels soft and velvety like peach skin
Tons of colors and deep pockets
Materials and construction aren't the most durable
Slightly clingy feel

Because microfiber, which is made of plastic, is inherently less breathable than most natural fabrics, we don't expect to stay super cool on a sweaty summer's eve sleeping in them. However, the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats surprised us by being far more breathable than any other microfiber set we tested. They accomplish this by being exceptionally thin, which allows airflow (i.e., turn on your bedroom fan) through the fabric. Like most microfiber bedding, these are also exceptionally easy to launder and naturally wrinkle-resistant even if you do spend all night sweating, as their name implies. They also have some of the deepest pockets of any we tested, measuring a whopping 18 inches, and are available in lots of colors.

By making their fabric so thin, the Night Sweats trade breathability for durability. Because microfiber is polyester (aka plastic), it's naturally more resistant to pilling than natural fabrics but isn't totally immune. These are not only some of the thinnest pieces we tested, they also have large, loose stitching that borders on being untidy in many spots, not giving us much hope in their ability to last through years of laundering and long toenails. Additionally, they're far more expensive than just about every other microfiber set we tested. But if you need microfiber and want to stay cool, these are a reasonable choice for a boiling bedroom.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 1500
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

Though microfiber isn't known for its breathability this Night...
Though microfiber isn't known for its breathability this Night Sweats set is so thin that it does a reasonable job making up for it.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Inexpensive and Lots of Colors

Mellanni Brushed 1800

Material: 100% polyester microfiber | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Allows airflow, almost "hovering" above your skin
A plethora of colors available
Tags state pillow measurements
Fitted sheet has loose, thin elastic

Very few microfiber bedding products can adequately compete against natural fiber options, but the Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 holds its own in a sea of stiff competition. They're reasonably breathable on the grand scale of all bedding and impressively so compared to just the microfiber contenders we tested. They're quite airy and somehow manage to feel as if they're hovering just above your skin. They're very soft to the touch and supple, falling around your body with the grace we typically associate with a silk shirt. To help you match the pillowcases with the right pillow, these helpfully list measurements right on the tag — a unique feature among the many we tested. They also come in over 40 different colors, practically promising to have the perfect shade to match your bedroom decor.

This inexpensive bedding isn't without its flaws though. The envelope-style pillowcases are far too large for standard-sized pillows, negating the effect of their fetching satin hem-stitch by flopping lifelessly over the ends. The fitted sheet we tested also seems to have been made slightly askew, as the front and back were perpetually uneven from each other, resulting in a loose fit that required constant readjusting. Perhaps this flaw is limited to just the piece we tested. Regardless, we enjoyed every night we spent in the Mellanni covers.

GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 1800
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

Though they're not perfect, we still think these microfiber Mellanni...
Though they're not perfect, we still think these microfiber Mellanni are a pretty good buy.
Credit: Aaron Rice


High Thread Count Cotton

California Design Den 600

Material: 100% extra-long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Very smooth
Have an indicator tag for easy bed-making
Crisp and not clingy
Difficult to break in and soften
Less breathable

Proving that a high thread count doesn't necessarily deliver the best bedding, the California Design Den 600 has among the highest reported TC of any set we tested yet is far from our favorite. Still, we love how smooth and soft they are compared to other cotton options. Never clingy, these crisp cotton linens maintain air space and a cool, collected look for your bed. They stay put when tossing and turning, and a handy foot indicator tag in the middle of one end shaves time off your bed-making process.

Despite taking the advice of California Design Den and pre-washing every piece in white vinegar before laundering them normally and sleeping in them, this set retained an odd feel slightly akin to a plastic sheet. This affected not only our lessened love for their skin feel but also detracted from their breathability. While many users state that this feeling will eventually go away, it persisted through numerous launderings of our set. Perhaps if it had abated, we could have scored this relatively inexpensive bedding package a bit better. As it stands, they're still an alright set, but not at the top of our list (as you can clearly see).

Thread Count: 600
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

These 600 thread count cotton sheets from California Design Den...
These 600 thread count cotton sheets from California Design Den failed to wow us, feeling rather stiff and plasticky no matter how much we washed them.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


For that T-Shirt Feel

CGK Unlimited Pure Cotton

Material: 100% long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Friendly t-shirt feel
Good year-round thermoregulation
Don't stay put as well as others
Unimpressive construction

Do you lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, wishing you could be lying in a puddle of t-shirts? If so, then the CGK Unlimited Pure Cotton may be the answer to your dreams. This all-cotton set softened up almost instantly in the wash and continued to get softer with each laundry cycle, truly feeling like your favorite old festival t-shirt. They still maintain some air space around the legs and offer reasonable breathability — though they're better for all-season use rather than the hottest, muggiest nights of summer. And if that level of familiar comfort hasn't sold you yet, they're also relatively inexpensive.

This soft, t-shirt vibe does make them slightly clingier than some, though, which on our thinner mattress resulted in the 16-inch deep flat sheet pooling a bit in the middle of the bed. With a thicker mattress — or perhaps sleeping in the nude — you may avoid this effect in such an extreme though. Upon our thorough inspection of the seams and hems of every piece, we also must admit we're a bit underwhelmed with the quality we found. Though double-stitched in many places, not a single seam was protected by an additional layer of fabric and numerous loose ends popped out with every washing. And yet, for this price, we still think the CGK Unlimited Pure Cotton may serve you just fine — though they might not last a lifetime.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health & Sustainability Rating: None

Comparing cotton (and bamboo and microfiber and flannel and...
Comparing cotton (and bamboo and microfiber and flannel and linen and Egyptian cotton...)
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

This in-depth review is the culmination of extensive testing by two of our Senior Review Editors, Maggie Brandenburg and Aaron Rice. Maggie and Aaron both live in the high desert (Nevada and New Mexico, respectively) and thus appreciate the value of bedding that can handle both scorching hot nights and frigid, snowy winters. They have been working from home on their laptops for years, spending even more than the average third of their lives sandwiched in between covers — and a significant portion of it awake. They each have backgrounds in scientific research and significant experience testing home goods and other products, making them the perfect candidates to put many of the most popular sets on the market through GearLab's notoriously rigorous testing process.

This review involved researching scores of the best options available on the market today and choosing numerous subcategories to test as well. In total, we actually purchased and tested over 55 individual sets to bring you this selection of the best products available. We slept in every single one but didn't stop there. We poured wine on them, cuddled dogs in them, and laundered them all repeatedly. We sweated in them and sniffed them (yes, really), held them up to fans, and changed bedding enough times to put a B&B to shame. We scrutinized every seam, hem, and detail and scoured the internet for recurring complaints about every set. By testing these side-by-side, we strive to offer you the most technical, unbiased, and comprehensive series of sheet reviews we can muster.

Mmm... a tough day in the life of product testing...

Analysis and Test Results

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day lying in bed, hopefully sleeping. That equates to around a third of your life that you spend between the blankets, so when it comes to choosing them, there's a lot at stake. We thoroughly tested every set that came across our beds, using a multitude of tests and comparisons across five separate metrics to give a complete picture of each set. If that's not enough, we actually broke down every subcategory of bedding and tested the best in each category before pulling the best from each to add to this overall review. We've gone out of our way to bring you some of the best when it comes to bedding. To get into the nitty-gritty of our five metrics and see which sets we recommend for specific uses, keep reading.

Testing sheets had us staying in bed all day - and we're not...
Testing sheets had us staying in bed all day - and we're not complaining.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Skin Feel

If you hate the way your bedding feels, no amount of breathability or laundering can make them worth sleeping in, so we consider the skin feel of every set to be most important. We compared them all side-by-side to tease apart minute differences in fabric feel. We considered different attributes including softness, slipperiness, suppleness, and texture. We slept and moved in them in our PJs and in the buff to test clinginess and mass-appeal.

Lies You've Been Told About Thread Count

It's one of those things we've all heard, but most of us can't quite remember where - that a higher thread count equals a nicer, better sheet. While there is some truth to this, there are a LOT of misconceptions surrounding thread count.

First, thread count (TC) is an actual, measurable number, combining the number of horizontal threads and vertical warp yarns in a square inch. Though it sounds straightforward, there are many ways in which manufacturers manipulate their products to be able to report higher thread counts. This "creative calculating" includes things like twisting multiple threads together before weaving to bolster the numbers. Unfortunately, this negates some of the properties of single threads that make the ending fabric attractive in the first place, including softness and absorbency.

Listing a "thread count" is a common practice for many types of bedding anymore, but it's most useful for cotton sets. However, even for 100% cotton options, you don't necessarily want the highest thread count you can find. Too many threads packed into a square inch may give a smoother finish but can also lessen the softness you feel against your skin as well as the wicking and breathability properties of the cotton fibers. The type of weave used also makes a big difference, as they combine threads in different patterns that allow for different spacing. In general, a good, high quality thread count for cotton is 200-300 for plain/percale weave and 300-600 for sateen weave.

Confusingly, microfiber and flannel are measured in GSM (grams per square meter). This metric is a weight, NOT a count of fibers used, but is often incorrectly advertised as "thread count." Because microfiber weights are often very high numbers (around 1500-1800), consumers tend to believe that the microfiber options in question are "better than cotton." Which, after reading this, you now know isn't necessarily true. In contrast, flannel is loosely woven to allow the ends of fibers to poke out, creating its classically soft, fuzzy feeling that helps to trap air and keep you warm. These sets have much lower GSM (typically from 130-200), which may make them also appear "inferior" to the high thread counts of other sets. They're not inferior at all but rather constructed differently to serve a different purpose — keeping you warm.

If your idea of the best skin feel includes adjectives like "smooth" and "silky," then you're sure to love the glamorous feel of the satin-soft, Egyptian cotton Pinzon 400 or the thinner, bamboo BAMPURE Organic. Both these sets, above all others, were most frequently described by testers as "luxurious." They do fall a bit on the slippery end of the spectrum, but if that's what you're into, they feel great over your nighty or on your bare skin. Not far behind are the bamboo Wooflinen and Egyptian cotton Pure Parima Luxury 400. While these two are slightly less silken, they're still absurdly satiny, and we appreciate that they're not as slippery as the Pinzon or BAMPURE.

The BAMPURE bring a whole lot of silken luxury to your bedroom.
The BAMPURE bring a whole lot of silken luxury to your bedroom.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

For a skin feel that's best described as "comfortable" or "pleasantly smooth," the Brooklinen Luxe Core 480 is our absolute favorite of the bunch. This 100% cotton set is a smooth sateen weave that's just the right level of smooth and silky without feeling as though you might slide off the bed or lose your blanket halfway through the night. They're crisp yet relaxed, and our top choice for mass appeal, providing a skin feel that has something to offer every kind of sleeper in every season. If you're after a very pleasant set of flannels, we're big fans of the Eddie Bauer Premium set, which breaks in easily and is hard not to be comfortable in. For an upgraded flannel feeling, the Bare Home Double Brushed feels thick and velvety and makes us want to keep hitting the snooze button to stay wrapped up for just a little bit longer.

The easy comfort of the cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core set makes us...
The easy comfort of the cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core set makes us never want to get out of bed again.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

If your ideal bedding is defined as "familiar" or "feels like it's already worn in," the Pizuna Linens 400 and CGK Unlimited Pure Cotton (both 100% long-staple cotton) are likely to be in your wheelhouse. Both sets evoke the feeling that your bed is wearing your favorite soft cotton t-shirt. Nice. And, though linen isn't everyone's cup of tea, if you love the grainy texture of woven flax, the Len Linum and DAPU are both excellent options. Both are stone washed, but the DAPU softens up more readily while the Len Linum retains their crispness longer, if that's what you desire.

Step 1: find the perfect bedding. Step 2: work from home. Step 3:...
Step 1: find the perfect bedding. Step 2: work from home. Step 3: stay in bed all day.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Temperature Control

Alright, so climbing into your bed, you can tell right away if the skin feel of your linens is comfortable. The next step is being able to stay comfortable all night — whether that's a long, cold winter eve or a muggy summer night with three fans on, the ability to not wake up in a pool of sweat, or shivering under all your blankets is key. Our testing included sweltering nights, cool mornings, fans, and plenty of sweat.

Choose Your Fabric Wisely
As you've probably noticed, you can cover your bed with all kinds of different fabrics. So what, you may ask, is the difference between them all? Let us break it down for you.
  • Microfiber is synthetic and made of polyester - a type of plastic. It's less breathable than natural fabrics but can be stronger despite being thinner, helping air to flow through the fabric to cool you off. It's also reasonably pill-resistant and typically costs much less than natural fabrics. Beware though, as it doesn't wick sweat away very well and is one of the warmest fabrics out there.
  • Cotton is a natural material woven from, you guessed it, cotton. Some use long-staple or extra-long staple fibers, which translates into a softer and more durable material. Cotton is naturally wicking and breathable with lower thread counts and more durability than rayon fabrics. Egyptian cotton bedding is made from cotton sourced from Egypt. However, claims of Egyptian cotton aren't well-regulated, nor is it necessarily "better" than cotton sourced from other areas. In general, longer-staple cotton makes for a better sheet in terms of feel and durability, no matter where it hails from. By weaving cotton loosely, and often brushing or double brushing the fabric to encourage fibers to poke out, comfortable flannel fabric is created. (This same technique can also be used to create flannel from wool or even synthetic fibers, but most commonly flannel bedding is made of cotton because of its breathability).
  • Bamboo is turned into material that is woven into fabric by an extensive chemical process that extracts cellulose from the plant (this same process is used to make any woody plant into fabric, including eucalyptus and soy). Any fabric made this way is called rayon, and there are three ways to make bamboo rayon as outlined in our bamboo bedding review. Everything we tested was viscose (the least environmentally friendly manufacturing process). This fabric is more absorbent and breathable than cotton and also lighter weight, as well as less durable and very prone to wrinkling.
  • Linen is woven from flax. It's well-known for being some of the most breathable, durable fabric you can put on your bed. However, it also has a characteristic rougher feel than just about every other option out there. It will soften the more you wash it, but the texture remains. They require less laundering than most other types but wrinkle rather easily when you do. If you want cool, breathable bedding on a hot night, linen is great, though it is expensive. If you want a silky smooth feel, linen is not for you.

Across the board, natural fabrics outperform synthetics when it comes to breathability. Noticeably, the cotton Brooklinen, Egyptian cotton Pure Parima, and linen Len Linum and DAPU all do exceedingly well in this regard. Both cotton and linen are excellent moisture-wicking options, and all four of these are superb choices for a hot summertime bed set. The bamboo Wooflinen goes a step further. Not only is the fabric exceptionally wicking and quick-drying, but this modern set also ditches the flat sheet for a duvet cover. For those of us who like sleeping with weight but can't quite make it happen in the heat of summer, the Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set is truly a dream come true.

It's hard to beat the breathability of linen.
It's hard to beat the breathability of linen.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Though slightly less impressive, the bamboo BAMPURE and cotton Pizuna Linens 400 are also quite adept at keeping you cooler on hot nights. If your heart is set on microfiber, know that these polyester (aka plastic) pieces can never approach the breathability of natural fabrics. However, the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats do a pretty decent job, with very thin components that are best facilitated by the use of a good fan. They breathe far better than we expected from any microfiber set. And just because you're searching for flannel to get you through the winter, that doesn't have to mean you'll sweat it out when spring rolls around. The Eddie Bauer Premium set proved itself to be warm and cozy without being stifling as temperatures rise.

Skip the flat sheet and go straight to a duvet cover with the...
Skip the flat sheet and go straight to a duvet cover with the Wooflinen Duvet Set.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Covers that won't stay put, pool in the middle, pop off in the middle of the night, or let your pillows escape while you sleep are annoying to use. We compared each set on a standard queen mattress, taking note of pocket depths, sheet overhang for tucking in, elasticity, and pillowcase containment effectiveness. We made notes while putting them on, after sleeping in them, and comparing them side-by-side. We also took into consideration the available sizes, patterns, and colors each set can be purchased in.

Before Buying Your Bedding
You probably know what size your bed is - California King, Twin, etc. But do you know how thick your mattress is? Believe it or not, this measurement varies wildly from bed to bed and makes a HUGE impact on how well your fitted sheet, well, fits. In bedding, this measurement is referred to as pocket depth. To figure out what pocket depth you need, measure the thickness of your mattress and add 1-3 inches. If you forgo this step, you may end up with a fitted sheet that is too deep and puddles in the middle of your mattress, or one that is too shallow and pops off the corners every night.

Among the best-fitting sets we tested are the Brooklinen, Pure Parima, and Len Linum. All three of these sets have carefully designed corners and deep envelopes on their pillowcases, with all pieces perfectly sized to fit and stay in place. We love these sets because not only do they stay put no matter how much you may thrash around, they subsequently look better even after sequential nights sleeping in them. That's a lot to ask of any sheet set, and these three happily deliver it. Also notable for its ability to stay put is flannel bedding. Because of their fluffy fabric, they more easily hold onto mattresses and mattress covers without riding up or pooling. Both the Eddie Bauer Premium Cotton Flannel and Bare Home Double Brushed (as well as nearly all of the other flannels we tested) stay put quite well.

The extra-deep envelope pockets of the Brooklinen make them some of...
The extra-deep envelope pockets of the Brooklinen make them some of our favorite pillowcases.
Credit: Aaron Rice

When it comes to colors and looks, the microfiber Mellanni Brushed 1800 takes the cake, coming in a whopping 43 different colors! The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats, Eddie Bauer Premium Cotton Flannel, California Design Den 400, and Pizuna Linens 400 all have over 20 possible colors, which is nothing to snuff at. On the other hand, the Brooklinen and Wooflinen both come in very limited colors and patterns that are all black/grey/white, yet we love how classic they look and appreciate their ability to complement just about any bedroom decor.

The Eddie Bauer flannels come in over two dozen patterns and fun...
The Eddie Bauer flannels come in over two dozen patterns and fun prints that can be fit into just about any winter bedroom decor.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

How easy it is to launder your linens is pretty directly correlated with what type of fabric they're made from. Every single sheet set we tested comes with its own specific cleaning directions (and we strongly encourage following them). So to test them, we followed those directions precisely. No matter how we had to clean them, each set was laundered repeatedly. All the while, we took note of which directions were easy to follow and which ones felt like a chore. And we didn't stop there. Every single test subject was the victim of a big red wine stain and plenty of pet hair to help inform us which can handle late-night snack habits and non-human bedfellows. We also noted which ones collect odors easily and which are obnoxiously wrinkly.

Save Those Tags!

The wide array of possible fabrics you could choose to cover your bed with also comes with an equally vast range of care instructions. If you choose not to follow the specific instructions to launder your bed linens, you could be directly contributing to their untimely demise.

Microfiber typically is the most forgiving. Because it's a type of plastic, it's more easily washed in variable temperatures of water, less likely to stain, and the least wrinkly even after sitting folded in your closet for months. Cotton almost always needs to be washed cold and can usually be hand-pressed straight out of the dryer to be relatively wrinkle-free.

Bamboo requires a fairly specific washing and drying regimen. It also is quite wrinkle-prone, no matter how quickly you rescue it from the dryer, and sometimes can't be ironed (it depends on the specific set). Linen softens the more you wash it, but is picky about how you may do so. It's best when line-dried but is also fairly wrinkle-prone.

No matter what type(s) you decide to purchase, we strongly recommend that you keep the tags on and follow their directions to a T to prolong their life.

Without a doubt, microfiber bedding is the simplest to launder, remove stains from, and keep wrinkle-free. The Danjor Linens Hotel Luxury Soft 1800, PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats, and Mellanni Brushed 1800 lead the pack on this front. These sets are naturally stain and wrinkle-resistant and very tolerant of being forgotten in the dryer or folded for months in the closet.

Microfiber bedding is some of the most forgiving and easiest bedding...
Microfiber bedding is some of the most forgiving and easiest bedding to clean.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Brooklinen Luxe Core and Pinzon 400, both cotton sets, are also fairly simple to clean. Though cotton is a bit pickier when it comes to temperature and wrinkling than microfiber, both of these sets proved easy to hand press onto the bed when removed from the dryer immediately. While every set of linen and bamboo bedding we tested were far more wrinkle-happy than other fabrics, the Len Linum and Wooflinen Duvet Set both stand out as being less wrinkly than their competitors. If you're not picky, you may not even feel compelled to break out the iron.

Even after sleeping in them, the Brooklinen retain excellent shape...
Even after sleeping in them, the Brooklinen retain excellent shape and structure simply by hand-pressing them.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


While no set of bedding can withstand your toenails for an eternity, some are better suited to the task. Once again, there are certain trends associated with fabric fibers that appeared during our testing. Linen and cotton are some of the most durable fabrics. Microfiber can be more resistant to pilling, but is also often thinner than many others, and can wear through quicker. Bamboo isn't particularly known for its longevity when thin, as many of our tested sets were, but again we found exceptions to these general rules. We also scrutinized every hem, seam, button, and elastic band, comparing them to each other. We did our best to simulate years of sleeping in an abbreviated time span, but to be thorough, we also combed the internet for recurring complaints about each set to see what potential weak spots they may have.

Which Is The Most Environmentally Friendly Choice?

Unfortunately, the textile-manufacturing industry isn't very well known for its environmentally friendly practices. With a few glowing exceptions, most fabrics require at least some resource-guzzling or the introduction of toxic chemicals into the environment - or the fabric itself. Fortunately, there are a few growing third-party certifications that can help you support business practices you agree with.

One thing to look for is an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This certification means that the end product you're putting on your bed has been tested for trace amounts of residual, harmful chemicals and passed the test. You can be pretty certain that products with this certification are safe to put against your skin.

However, the Standard 100 certification doesn't cover any part of the manufacturing process. To take it one step further, the OEKO-TEX MADE IN GREEN certification ensures that not only does the product meet the Standard 100 qualifications for safety, but that the manufacturing process is sustainable, done in environmentally friendly facilities, and utilizes socially responsible working conditions.

Blazing a trail of durability is the linen Len Linum set. Not only are these spun-flax fabrics more durable than most, but their construction is also meticulous and well-thought-out to protect vulnerable seams and prevent snags. The microfiber Danjor Linens Hotel Luxury Soft 1800 is also impressively durable, with solidly woven polyester fibers and clean construction. Not far behind are the linen DAPU, which, while still impressively durable, are slightly less thoughtfully constructed than the Len Linum.

Though it may demand ironing from time to time, linen is one of the...
Though it may demand ironing from time to time, linen is one of the most durable options out there.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Bedding made from long-staple and extra-long-staple cotton also offers quality longevity. The Brooklinen, Pizuna, and Pinzon all fall into this category. The Brooklinen and Pizuna both go above and beyond in the quality of their designs and builds, giving us confidence in their longevity. The Pure Parima are made from extra-long-staple cotton, adding even more to our already-strong conviction that they're built to last. Though flannel is prone to pilling and wearing holes because of its looser weave, the Eddie Bauer Premium set impressed us with its durable construction and numerous testimonials from users proclaiming the years they've been using the same set.

Whether you share your bed with a human or a dog, or sleep solo...
Whether you share your bed with a human or a dog, or sleep solo, we've found the perfect set of sheets to match your sleep style and decor.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Finding the perfect set of bedding that feels great, keeps you comfortable, and is going to be around for a while is a tough job — made even tougher when attempting to figure it all out from your computer at home. We get it. Unlike other reviews that only compare manufacturer specifications and statistics or rely solely on the feedback of single-sheet-set users who lack options for comparison, here at GearLab, we strive to go several steps above and beyond in everything we do. By buying and testing every single set side-by-side, we're here to present you with as unbiased an assessment as possible. No matter what you want from your sleeping experience, we'll help you find the sheet that will get you there. Sweet dreams!

Maggie Brandenburg and Aaron Rice

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