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The 6 Best Cooling Sheets of 2023

We put cooling sheets to the test from brands like Wooflinen, Brooklinen, DAPU, and others in order to find the best options for a cool night's rest
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Best Cooling Sheets of 2023
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Our Top Picks

By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 14, 2022

Sick of sleeping in swampy sheets? We researched dozens of the best cooling sheets before choosing the top 10 to test side-by-side for some serious summertime slumber. From linen and bamboo to microfiber and cotton, we compared their breathability and temperature control on hot nights and gauged how they feel against both pajamas and birthday suits. We judged how well they stay in place through tossing and turning, and how well they clean up from sleeping with the dog and spilling red wine on them. If you've woken up sweaty for the last time, we'll help you find your ideal cooling sheets.

Getting a good night's rest starts with a cozy bedroom, which is why our experts have tested the best comforters, mattress toppers, pillows for side sleepers, and then some. Our meticulous reviews also tackle a range of sheets, including the best fitted sheets, coziest flannel sheets, and top-tier Egyptian cotton sheets for those who prefer the finer things in life. And if you're looking for additional ways to keep cool in the hot weather, we've tested a variety of the best fans that can help out.


Best Overall Cooling Sheets

Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Incredibly soft and satin-smooth
Superb temperature regulation
Functional and attractive design
Construction could be sturdier
Very few color choices

Bamboo is one of the best options for keeping you cool, and the 300 thread count Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set takes the cake in our testing. Sliding into bed with these is like slipping inside a cool cloud of comfort. Regardless of whether you sleep in the buff or PJs, we think you'll find the sateen weave of this modern duvet set supremely soft. If you prefer a separate flat sheet on your bed, Wooflinen sells those too, but we surprised ourselves by how much we love this modern set that swaps the top sheet for a bamboo duvet cover. In our testing, both hot and cold sleepers slept comfortably cradled in these bamboo sheets. Red wine stains and excessive dog hair proved to be no match for this easy-to-clean set. And with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, even those with sensitive skin can rest easy knowing there are no trace amounts of harmful substances left in the material.

Despite how much we love the feel, we still have a few complaints. Bamboo isn't the sturdiest sheet fabric, and the stitching of this set is fairly loose. We should also note that any sateen weave is more prone to snagging than percale (plain) weave fabrics. While we didn't experience any unraveling or seams ripping during our testing and repeated washing, we are a bit skeptical about the ability of this set to withstand years of toenails and washing machines. And while we like the two-toned look, the color options are limited. Even considering all that, the Wooflinen is still our top pick for hot summer nights and sweat-free afternoon naps.

If you're sold on the silky smooth feel of bamboo, check out our bamboo sheets review.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

best overall cooling sheets
We're over the moon for these 100% bamboo sheet-and-duvet-cover set from Wooflinen.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Cooling Cotton Sheets

Brooklinen Luxe Core

Material: 100% long-staple cotton | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Crisp yet comfortable
Excellent thermoregulation for all temperatures
Great look and fit
Higher thread count slightly limits breathability
Holds onto stains more easily

Cotton sheets are well-known for their breathability and durability, and the Brooklinen Luxe Core is our favorite cotton set. Their 480 thread count still manages to be lightweight and oh-so-soft on the skin. These sheets maintain slight crispness and a comfortable amount of air space around the body, keeping you cool on hot nights and warm on cold ones. They're relaxed and chic, with fetching designs to modernize your bedroom, and they feature a simple yet durable construction that fit our mattresses and pillows perfectly. From their excellent skin feel to their OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, you may question ever getting out of bed again.

The drawback to a higher thread count is it inherently equals a slight decrease in fabric breathability. Fortunately, this effect is mostly mitigated by the sateen weave. It maintains more space between fibers, and their crispness, allowing more air to circulate under the sheets and around your body. But keep in mind, if you're the type to eat or drink in bed, you'll want to be extra careful around this set — it took us six washes to remove a red wine stain from the corner of the fitted sheet. Shortcomings aside, for cotton cooling sheets that work to maintain the perfect temperature, we highly recommend the Brooklinen Luxe Core.

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Thread Count: 480
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

cooling sheets - best cooling cotton sheets
We love the look and feel of these ultra-chic 100% cotton sheets from Brooklinen.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Value for Linen Sheets

DAPU Stone Washed Linen

Material: 100% linen (French flax) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Great fit
Crisply breathable
Neat construction
More textured than some others
Must line dry

Love linen but on a budget? Check out the DAPU Stone Washed Linen sheets. Even if they weren't less expensive than the rest of the linen sheets we tested (they are), we'd still love what they bring to the bed. After a few washes, they softened up and fit very well, covering our mattresses without shifting or pooling and keeping the pillows tucked securely inside quality envelope-style cases. True to the best qualities of linen sheets, the DAPU breath well, and are quite soft for linen. They also retain their crispness without ironing. They feel great on the skin and keep enough airflow for hot nights and enough heat for chilly mornings. Small, neat stitching helps reinforce seams on an already durable linen set.

If silkiness is what you're after, you're bound to be disappointed, as is the case with any linen sheet set. Though they are linen-soft, they're also more textured than the competition, which is a polarizing quality. Regarding cleaning, linen can be somewhat trickier than other fabrics, and the DAPU set is no exception. The care instructions ask that these only be line dried, which can be a pain depending on where you live. But if you're ready for long-term (sheet) commitment, this set's overall high performance and relatively low price make them a high-value commodity.

Thread Count: Not specified
Treatment: Stone-washed
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

cooling sheets - great value for linen sheets
If you don't mind the feel of linen on your skin, this set won't be quite so shocking to your wallet.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Choice on a Tight Budget


Material: 100% double-brushed microfiber | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Stays put well
Solid construction
Smooth for microfiber
Extremely staticky
Can't match natural fabrics for breathability

If you need to save some cash, take a look at the SLEEP ZONE Easy Care. This super cheap set of sheets might not be the most amazing of the test group, but they have their merits and are one of our favorite microfiber sheet sets. They stay put well and are less prone to pooling than many others. Microfiber tends to feel somewhat clingy, but we found these to be smoother than most, making for a more pleasant feeling against the skin. This set's low sticker price doesn't seem to be reflected in their construction — they feature neat, tight stitching and protected corner seams in the fitted sheet.

Although these sheets stayed put very well on our beds, it is important to note this may not hold true for thicker mattresses because this set features one of the shallowest pocket depths we tested. They also had a fair amount of static, shocking us repeatedly throughout our laundering and changing processes. Moreover, microfiber can't truly match the breathability that comes with natural fibers — but these do a solid job and are far less wrinkly. If you're too hot at night but your budget is minimal, the SLEEP ZONE set is a good value for the price.

GSM (grams per square meter): Not specified
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: None

cooling sheets - best choice on a tight budget
For solidly breathable cooling sheets at an absurdly low price, the SLEEP ZONE Easy Care are hard to beat.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Cooling Sheets Made of Microfiber

PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats

Material: 100% dual-brushed microfiber | Pocket Depth: 18 inches
Thinness allows for breathability
Soft and feels like peach skin
Deep pockets and tons of color options
Less durable construction and materials
Somewhat clingy

Microfiber is polyester, polyester is plastic, and plastic is not particularly breathable — yet the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats somehow manage to maintain surprising breathability through hot nights. Though the name of these sheets perhaps conjures up some unsavory images of laying in pools of sweat, the opposite is actually true. Because microfiber is inherently less absorbent than natural fibers, the PeachSkinSheets are designed exceptionally thin and best utilized with a fan on a hot night. Microfiber is quite easy to launder and is one of the least wrinkly fabrics. These have deep, 18 inch pockets and are available in around two dozen color options, so they're well-equipped to cover your thick new mattress and match just about any decor or color scheme in your bedroom.

While the thinness lends to breathability, the same factor probably hinders durability. Not only are these some of the thinnest sheets in our lineup, but their single row of comparatively loose stitching doesn't inspire confidence that they'll last through years of tossing and turning. Repeated washings also led to numerous loose threads beginning to unravel out of seams. Microfiber is more resistant to pilling than natural fibers, but it's not completely immune. However, if you dig the feel and ease of cleaning that comes along with wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheets, these are by far our favorite microfiber set for keeping cool when it's hot.

GSM (grams per square meter): 1500
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

best cooling sheets made of microfiber
We're solidly impressed by the breathability of this microfiber sheet set from PeachSkinSheets.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Linen Sheet Set

Len Linum European Made Pure Linen

Top Pick Award
len linum european made pure linen cooling sheets
Top Pick Award
Material: 100% linen (European flax) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Superb fit and classic look
Excellent breathability
Durable design
More involved care
Stay stiffer longer than other linen

Linen sheets evoke visions of clean, modern rooms with classic elegance, and the Len Linum European Made Pure Linen sheets embody that image. Well-designed hems and seams make these sheets both durable and an exceptionally good fit on both mattresses and pillows. There are eight color options to choose from, by far the most options we've seen from a linen set. Spun from flax, linen sheets are among the most breathable materials available. The Len Linum combines a comfortable weight that we love to lay under with a happy medium of crispness (allowing airflow) and a moderate drape that cradles us off to blissful sleep. While linen is also infamous for its tendency to wrinkle, this set is the least wrinkly of the linen sets we tested, and we didn't feel that it needed ironing.

In general, our biggest gripe with linen sheets is that they require a long break-in process and more specific care than just about any other sheet fabric. We washed and dried every set of linen sheets we tested a full four times before sleeping on them, yet the Len Linum still remained stiffer than the rest. If silky soft sheets are your thing, linen probably isn't for you; they're a uniquely textured feel that some people love and others don't care for. And though they will soften with every wash, they'll never match the silkiness of something like bamboo. But if you're into the grainy feel of linen, we wholeheartedly recommend this set as our favorite linen sheets.

Thread Count: Not specified
Treatment: Stone-washed
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

cooling sheets - best linen sheet set
For a classic linen look and feel, the Len Linum are where it's at.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Pure Bamboo on a Budget

Tafts Bamboo 4-Piece

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket Depth: 17 inches
Good fit
Silky smooth feel
More durable construction
Wrinkly pillowcase "edges"
Limited color options

The Tafts Bamboo 4-Piece offer great breathability and that classic bamboo silky-cool feel at a cheaper price than you might expect. It's a challenge to find a set of sheets that truly fits and stays put on a wide range of mattress thicknesses, but the Tafts does just that. These smooth, buttery sheets stay in place rather than pool around you, and it's easier to stay cool in the comfort of 100% bamboo. During testing, both warm and cold sleepers found midsummer night comfort at the same time in this solidly constructed sheet set. Tafts employed double-stitched seams in the construction of this set, leading us to believe they may be more durable than single-stitched sheets.

We noticed that these light-colored sheets can pick up oil smudges from things like lip balm or lotion — but they also readily wash clean (even from red wine!) The pillowcases aren't our favorite aesthetic, though. Their seams are sewn around the outside to stand up on every edge, but because they're made of floppy bamboo, they just end up sagging a bit awkwardly instead. Your color options are minimal here, too, and are limited mostly to neutrals. Yet for the solid breathability and comfortable durability offered by this set, we're pretty big fans of these sheets — and their price.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

cooling sheets - the tafts are classic 100% bamboo sheets that we love - and they're...
The Tafts are classic 100% bamboo sheets that we love - and they're not as expensive as we expected.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Great Silky, Cool Feeling


Material: 100% organic bamboo (viscose) | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Silky smooth
Extra secure elastic
Deep enough for oversized beds
Fitted sheet may pool
Wrinkles super easily

Bamboo sheets are renowned for their silkiness, but the BAMPURE Organic blows the competition away with their smooth and slippery touch. We felt like royalty sliding into these lustrous sheets. From their organic bamboo and sateen weave to the refreshing lack of harmful chemicals denoted by their OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, the BAMPURE sheets feel great against the skin and over pajamas. Always ready to offer a cool side of the pillow, this breathable set is a dream to sleep in all summer long. The 16-inch pocket depth is ideal for a thicker mattress, while extra elastic bands stretching over each corner help hold it in place.

If your mattress is thinner, these sheets are likely too deep and bound to pool under you while you sleep. As the slipperiest set we tested, achieving a precise fit for your mattress is even more significant. Additionally, these cooling sheets are exceptionally prone to wrinkle. However, if you're shopping for feel over fashion, we think you'll love the luxurious feel of the silken bamboo BAMPURE set.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

cooling sheets - feel like royalty in the silky smooth bampure organics.
Feel like royalty in the silky smooth BAMPURE Organics.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Less Detail and Less Expensive

Simple&Opulence 100% Belgian Linen

Material: 100% linen (flax) | Pocket Depth: 14 inches
Soft readily
Durable materials
Good thermoregulation
Hems don't match
Elastic is suspect

The Simple&Opulence 100% Belgian Linen sheets soften up easily without losing their rougher, textured feel. These less expensive linens are thick and durable while still offering an exceptional level of breathability that makes them great on both hot and cold nights. They come in several colors, including one of the only semi-bright colors of linen we found, and have an irregular-looking dye pattern that, when woven, creates a unique aesthetic in your home. A 14-inch pocket makes these a better choice for thinner mattresses, while the flat sheet still has plenty of room to be tucked in if you so choose.

We're not sure why, but the hem around the standard pillowcases and along the top of the sheet don't match. Also, the sheet's hem is a decorative series of holes that could be a weak point for durability. On the set we tested, the fitted sheet's elastic was unevenly stretchy around its perimeter. It felt thick and strong in some spots, while in others, it felt like it had already lost most of its elasticity. Additionally, we prefer envelope pillowcases with our linen sheets. While this set is less expensive in the linen market, we're still not convinced it's a great option.

Thread Count: Not specified
Treatment: Stone-washed
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

cooling sheets - we're not so sure this hole-filled hem on the simple&opulence linen...
We're not so sure this hole-filled hem on the Simple&Opulence linen sheets is a good idea in the long run.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Budget Bamboo Blend

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500

Material: 40% bamboo (viscose), 60% brushed microfiber | Pocket Depth: 18 inches
Fetching hems on pillowcases and sheet
Added breathability from bamboo
Fits deeper mattresses well
Oversized fit
Envelope part of pillowcase is too shallow

One of several bamboo-microfiber mixed sets we tested, the Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 offers reasonable performance at a lower price. Their 18-inch pockets make them a great fit for exceptionally thick mattresses, and attractive patterning on the pillowcases and top of the fitted sheet adds to the aesthetic appeal. And though they're no match for 100% bamboo sheets, the 40% bamboo composition helps achieve more breathability than 100% microfiber sheets.

For thinner mattresses, though, the Zen Bamboo will surely pool in the middle of your bed, which detracts from their comfort and thermoregulating properties. We also greatly prefer envelope-style pillowcases, but these have such a small envelope fold that they're not much better than a standard pillowcase. Frustrations aside, if you're looking to upgrade to partial bamboo but aren't ready to splurge on 100% yet, these are a decent stepping stone for a fraction of the price.

GSM (grams per square meter): Not specified
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

cooling sheets - on a thinner mattress, the zen bamboo blended sheets easily bunch up...
On a thinner mattress, the Zen Bamboo blended sheets easily bunch up while you sleep.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

This review enlisted the expertise of two of our Senior Review Editors, Maggie Nichols and Aaron Rice. Both of them live in the deserts of the American West and Southwest (Nevada and New Mexico, respectively). With scorching hot summers and cold, snowy winters, Maggie and Aaron appreciate the value of a good set of sheets. They also have both been working from home for several years, arguably spending even more time sitting in bed than the average person. With backgrounds in scientific research, near compulsion levels of attention to detail, and years of experience rigorously testing GearLab, Maggie and Aaron tackled all the most highly reviewed and best sheets on the market to tease apart which ones are truly the best.

We researched dozens of sets of top-rated cooling sheets before selecting this collection of contenders to purchase at full price for our notoriously rigorous testing. Though we don't have years to sleep on these sheets, we designed our testing plan to simulate extensive wear and tear and directly compared every single set to each other. We scrutinized materials, hems, and seams for flaws and weaknesses. We laundered them — according to their specific care instructions — repeatedly, spilling red wine, cuddling with dogs, and sweating in them between washings. We slept in every single set to assess breathability, temperature control, and how pleasant they are while you toss and turn — with or without PJs. We gauged how smelly they got, how the feel changed (or didn't) over time, and combed through thousands of reviews and complaints. After all this testing and comparing, we humbly present to you this review of our honest and unbiased results.

Cotton and linen and bamboo (and microfiber), oh my!
Cotton and linen and bamboo (and microfiber), oh my!

Analysis and Test Results

On average, we humans spend around a third of our lives in bed. With so much time spent between the sheets, we knew we needed a comprehensive testing plan to cover everything we want when we climb into bed. We put together five mutually exclusive metrics to thoroughly evaluate every set of cooling sheets that came across our beds: skin feel, temperature control, utility, ease of cleaning, and durability. Each metric is weighted according to its overall importance to the sheet's performance. What follows is a breakdown of each metric, highlighting the best-performing sheets so you can better determine which ones are the perfect fit for how you sleep.

cooling sheets - with the right set of cooling sheets, you'll never want to get out...
With the right set of cooling sheets, you'll never want to get out of bed again.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Skin Feel

Whether you sleep in a floor-length nighty or au naturale, the feel of your sheets is the most important part of your sleeping experience. We compared all the different attributes of skin feel, from softness and slipperiness to flexibility and texture. We tested them in pajamas and our birthday suits to really tease apart differences in how they feel.

The Truth About Thread Count

Though most of us can't remember where we heard it, we all know that a higher thread count means a better sheet, right? Not exactly. There are two parts to what thread count (TC) numbers really mean and what's an optimal number.

Thread count isn't made up - it's an actual calculated number that comes from counting the number of horizontal threads in an inch and adding it to the number of vertical warp yarns in an inch. However, many manufacturers use "creative calculating" to artificially inflate their numbers, including tactics like twisting together multiple threads to bolster the final count.

Depending on what fabric we're talking about, different thread counts are possible. Because microfiber threads are so thin, their thread counts can be extremely high. (Confusingly, microfiber sheets are more often measured in GSM, or grams per meter, which often is inaccurately portrayed as thread counts of 1800 or more!) The practice of counting threads is most commonly — and most usefully — applied to cotton sheets. But once you get above a certain thread count, those cotton fibers are so close together that you start to lose much of the breathability that makes cotton so ideal in the first place.

Thread count also depends on the weave used, as sateen weave can accommodate more threads per square inch than percale or plain weave. In general, quality sateen weave sheets range from 300-600 TC, and good-quality percale sheets sit around 200-300 TC. Anything above that is either misleading or less breathable — or both.

If you're seeking the softest, silkiest pair of sheets, you want bamboo. The Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set is our favorite of the bunch, sleeping like a dream. The BAMPURE Organic is a close runner-up, offering a serious amount of slippery silkiness to the tired user. The 100% cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core is right up at the top too. They're not as silky slick as bamboo, but they offer the comfortable smoothness of your favorite t-shirt.

cooling sheets - the wooflinen modern duvet set are a dream you'll never want to wake...
The Wooflinen modern duvet set are a dream you'll never want to wake up from.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

If you dig the textured feel of linen (which softens over time but would never be described as "silky"), our favorites are the DAPU Stone Washed. They become pleasantly pliable after just a few washes and have a great texture that feels pleasant directly on the skin. The Len Linum are close behind, with a smoother finish, though they take a little extra effort to soften up.

cooling sheets - a whole lot of silky goodness awaits you when you have the bampure...
A whole lot of silky goodness awaits you when you have the BAMPURE Organic set on your bed.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Microfiber sheets offer yet another type of skin feel. These sheets are soft and flexible, lightly grabbing your skin or clothes. They require minimal effort or care to maintain this pliable fleecy feel. We like the aptly named PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats the best of this bunch — they actually feel quite a bit like peach skin!

cooling sheets - laying in the brooklinen luxe core is like being swathed in a cool...
Laying in the Brooklinen Luxe Core is like being swathed in a cool t-shirt.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Temperature Control

Once you're happily nestled in your bed, a good set of sheets should help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Since this review is all about cooling sheets, we awarded higher scores to sets with greater breathability and wicking powers. We tested their temperature control by sleeping in them through hot nights and testing them with a fan. While all of the sheets we tested are more cooling than the average set, there are distinct differences that our testing uncovered.

Material Matters

When it comes to the temperature control of sheets, the type of fabric makes a big difference. It largely comes down to natural vs. synthetic fibers, but not entirely.

Synthetic fabrics, like microfiber, (which is made of polyester, a type of plastic), generally aren't very absorbent — which makes them less ideal for soaking and wicking away your sweat. Instead, synthetic materials rely on air movement to evaporate your sweat before it collects in a puddle. The fabric is thinner than natural textiles, facilitating the required airflow you need to stay cool — and it's generally stronger too.

Natural fabrics, like linen (made from flax), cotton, and bamboo, are more absorbent. They wick sweat from the body to evaporate away from your skin. Each natural material has slightly different absorbing and drying properties. In general, cotton dries the slowest, bamboo absorbs the most, and linen maintains the best airflow through its fabric.

Knowing this and knowing how much you sweat at night can help you narrow down what type of material your sheets should be made of. However, we tested several sets here that perform outside the expected norm for the type of material they're made of, so remember that these are guidelines, not hard rules.

Natural fabrics tend to be more absorbent than synthetics, so in general, those types of sheets scored better here — but this isn't always the case. Some of the highest-scoring sheets are the linen sets we tested. The Len Linum and DAPU sheets, in particular, shine brightly. Not only are they absorbent and breathable, but they also maintain a healthy "crispness" that helps them keep spaces around your body to further facilitate airflow. The Simple&Opulence linen set isn't far behind and helps lead this pack of cooling sheets.

cooling sheets - when it comes to ultimate breathability, linen sheets - like these...
When it comes to ultimate breathability, linen sheets - like these from DAPU - are some of the best in the biz.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Bamboo sheets also perform extremely well when it comes to temperature regulation, and they always have a cool side of the pillow to offer on a sweltering night. The Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set goes one step further. They forego a flat sheet entirely, instead opting for a 100% bamboo duvet cover. We found this modern set did an exceptional job keeping us cool on hot nights — and warm on cold ones. Though by a slim margin, the Wooflinen scored higher in this metric than every other contender we tested.

cooling sheets - skipping the flat sheet and going straight to the duvet cover...
Skipping the flat sheet and going straight to the duvet cover, Wooflinen adds an extra boost to their already impressively breathable 100% bamboo set.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

We're also thoroughly impressed by the cooling ability of the 100% cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core. We were wowed by both their feel and breathability. Regarding microfiber sheets — which are made of polyester, a plastic — no set earns a perfect score. Because they have very little wicking ability, microfiber sheets have a hard time competing for breathability against natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo. However, we are pleasantly surprised by the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats, which use exceptionally thin fabric to maintain greater airflow. They're far more breathable than we expected any microfiber set to be.

cooling sheets - while most microfiber sheets can't hold a candle to natural fabrics...
While most microfiber sheets can't hold a candle to natural fabrics when it comes to breathability, the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats happily surprised us with their thin material that helps maintain airflow.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


If your sheets don't fit or stay put, they're not particularly pleasant to use. We tested each set's utility by sleeping on them to see if they ride up in the corners or pool in the center. We compared their sizes on a standard queen mattress, considering pocket depth, overhang for tucking in, and elastic effectiveness. After sleeping on them, we noted which pillowcases kept their contents and which spilled the beans. A small portion of each contender's score includes the number of colors and sizes offered, as well as how likely those patterns and/or colors are to be able to fit into a modern bedroom's decor.

Measure Your Bed. Seriously.

Knowing that you sleep in a queen-sized bed only gives you half the information that you need to pick out sheets. Remember, your fitted sheet not only has to cover the top of your mattress but also must stay tucked around the corners and edges, so the thickness of your mattress matters. Sheets that are too deep will bunch beneath you while you sleep. Too shallow, and they'll pop up on the corners.

To know you're getting the right sized sheet, measure the thickness of your mattress (and any toppers you may have on it), add 1-4 inches, and look for that number as your target pocket depth. If you don't, your sheets likely won't fit very well, and you won't be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Topping this list are contenders of several different types of materials. The Brooklinen Luxe Core (cotton) offers exceptional fit, from the impeccably sized fitted sheet that actually stays put while you sleep to the deep envelopes of the pillowcases that are perfect for every pillow. The Len Linum are our favorite linen sheets, with a similar fit that feels handmade just for your bed. We also love the Tafts Bamboo, which have a deep pocket but still stay put exceptionally well even on thinner mattresses, and well-designed pillowcases that never let their contents peak out.

cooling sheets - we're seriously impressed by the exceptional fit the brooklinen luxe...
We're seriously impressed by the exceptional fit the Brooklinen Luxe Core offers our pillows of varying sizes.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Several sets we tested come in an astonishing array of colors. The PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats are offered in a rainbow of 24 colors, from neutral to neon.

cooling sheets - craving that classic linen look? the len linum are for you.
Craving that classic linen look? The Len Linum are for you.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

The material of a set of sheets will dictate how easy they are to clean. Each fabric type comes with its own specific care instructions, and we followed these instructions to a T. We laundered them all several times according to their individual directions, noting which were painless and which are a pain in the tush. Going a step beyond, we purposely sloshed red wine on every contender, let it sit for a while, and then washed it to see how easily it holds onto or sheds stains. We also noted which ones are prone to wrinkling and which hang on to odors.

A Wrinkly Mess
One of the most consistent complaints we read about sheets is how wrinkly some of them are. While we don't mind a few wrinkles in a truly comfortable set of sheets, there are some ways to tell if a set of sheets is (probably) going to be wrinkly.
  • Microfiber or synthetic sheets are the least wrinkly. As they're literally made of plastic, they're far more resistant to wrinkles than any natural fibers.
  • Cotton can pick up wrinkles but are typically the least wrinkly natural material. You can help them be even less wrinkly by removing them from the dryer while they're still slightly damp and putting them directly on your bed or hand-pressing them into neat folds.
  • Linen sheets are often quite wrinkly, especially if you use your dryer. They're least wrinkly when line-dried. And because they require less washing than most sheets, if you do decide to iron them, you won't have to do it quite as often.
  • Bamboo sheets are made of bamboo rayon, which is one of the most wrinkle-prone fabrics out there. Though you can often iron bamboo with a low-temperature setting, they will wrinkle easily just from sleeping in them. If you care a lot about wrinkled sheets, don't get bamboo.

No matter what type of sheets you decide to use, always be sure to follow the care instructions on the tag to help them perform and look their best.

The microfiber sheets are some of the easiest to clean. This synthetic material is known for resisting wrinkles and stains and tends to have the simplest care instructions. Topping this list is the PeachSkinSheets Night Sweats, which were virtually wrinkle-free even after a full night's sleep. All of the microfiber and microfiber blend sheets we tested proved to be extremely stain-resistant as well. Even the ones we tested in light colors had no problem with the red wine coming out after a single gentle cycle.

cooling sheets - even after sleeping in them the peachskinsheets looked fresh out of...
Even after sleeping in them the PeachSkinSheets looked fresh out of the dryer.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

We were also quite surprised by the Brooklinen Luxe Core sheets' ability to resist wrinkles. Cotton sheets typically need to be ironed to keep them looking crisp, but these sheets looked almost pressed when we put them on the bed directly from the dryer. By comparison, all the 100% bamboo and 100% linen sheets we tested are far more prone to wrinkles. Though, among these, the Wooflinen (bamboo) and Len Linum (linen) are the least wrinkly.

cooling sheets - the cotton brooklinen luxe core surprised us by how cleanly pressed...
The cotton Brooklinen Luxe Core surprised us by how cleanly pressed they look - even without ironing and after sleeping on them.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


It's unlikely that any set of sheets will last you a lifetime. However, there are some general trends that our selection of top contenders followed — with exceptions. Without years to test these sheets, we did our best to simulate excessive wear in a shorter time and scoured the internet for common complaints about each set. We compared their materials and construction, examining fabric thicknesses, scrutinizing seams, and yanking elastic. We considered thread count and snaggability (we're certain that's a word) and checked for loose threads, sloppy stitching, and fabric pilling.

Health and Sustainability

Two looming questions are forefront in most of our minds these days: What's healthy for our bodies? and What's healthy for our planet? When it comes to choosing sheets, you should ask those same questions. There are a few third-party certifications that can clue you in.

A OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification means that the end product, or the sheets and pillowcases themselves, have been tested for trace amounts of harmful chemicals and have proven themselves not to have any of them. You can be pretty sure that sleeping on sheets with this certification won't introduce anything dangerous into or onto your body.

The Standard 100 certification doesn't cover any part of the manufacturing process, though, nor does it take into consideration its environmental effects. If sustainability is what you're after, one excellent certification to look for is the OEKO-TEX MADE IN GREEN certification. Products passing this series of tests meet not only all the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification requirements, but also meet requirements for having been manufactured using sustainable processes in environmentally friendly facilities under socially responsible working conditions. We like that.

As yet another of those "general rules" with exceptions, the linen and cotton sheets perform best in this category. Long-staple cotton fibers are snag and pill-resistant, and upon closer inspection, the Brooklinen Luxe Core are also very well made, with neat stitching and quality construction. The linen Len Linum are the most impressive linen set in our lineup, with similar carefully assembled pieces of high-quality materials.

cooling sheets - linen sheets are among the most durable we tested.
Linen sheets are among the most durable we tested.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Though bamboo isn't renowned for its durability, the Tafts Bamboo impressed us with more durable construction and double-stitched seams well-protected from the wear and tear of tired sleepers. Microfiber sheets can be quite durable, as their plastic make-up is often pill-resistant. However, some of the microfiber cooling sheets we tested don't have the most impressive design or construction.

cooling sheets - maintaining that "goldilocks" temperature all summer long is much...
Maintaining that "Goldilocks" temperature all summer long is much easier with the right set of cooling sheets.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Finding a set of cooling sheets that actually keeps you cool is a challenge. There are seemingly endless options out there that all claim to be the most breathable, wicking set of sheets you'll ever own — and they're all vastly different. By testing a wide array of possible materials and bringing our honest results to you, we hope we've made it easier to find the dream summer set that won't make you sweat.

Maggie Nichols

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