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The 6 Best Floor Lamps of 2023

We put floor lamps to the test from brands like Brightech, Stone and Beam, Adesso, and more to determine the best models
Best Floor Lamps of 2023
Comparing contenders using identical light bulbs, to really see the differences between them.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Our Top Picks

By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 14, 2022

Searching for a floor lamp? We've tested some of the top options on the market, with the best 10 floor lamps available today in this review. Our expert reviewers put each contender through rigorous side-by-side testing, including testing them in various locations, such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hallways, to get a feel of their fit and functionality. We handled each lamp from unpacking to assembly, cycled through settings, changed dozens of light bulbs, measured heights and cord lengths, and compared brightness and ambiance. From crowd-sourced aesthetic-appeal reports to wattage specifications and qualitative light measurements, we've determined which lamp is best for every room, decor preference, or budget size.

If you're looking for a home glow-up, we've reviewed a range of home and garden items, including an assortment of furniture and decor, like the best accent chairs and top-rated area rugs. We've also tested home appliances and top-notch vacuum cleaners. Because we've tested these products side-by-side, we've got the insider details that can help you select the right products for your needs.


Best Overall Floor Lamp

Brightech Trilage Arc

Height: 81" | Max Wattage: 60W
Looks great from every angle
Heavy, stable bottom that's easier on floors
Shades provide quality glow good for spot use and full-room light
Single-lamp and dual-lamp use isn't modifiable
Low twist knob may end up behind taller furniture

For a classy floor lamp to provide plenty of light in your living room, check out our favorite model, the Brightech Trilage Arc. This three-headed lamp is tall, balancing steadily on a heavy base that fits easily under the back of your couch or behind a corner table. Felt pads soften the touch of the base's stone underside to protect your floor. The polished metal exterior looks elegant from every angle, simultaneously standing as a tasteful feature of the room while also blending into its surroundings to become part of a cohesive living space. Slightly tinted shades provide a pleasant glow for just about any bulb you use while sitting underneath still sheds plenty of light for reading on a dark evening.

While you can choose between a single, dual, or all three lamps for your usage (the control is a single knob on the trunk), there's no way to choose just one of the three lamps to be your single light source. The one that operates solo from the others is predetermined — as are the two that function as your dual-light option. And while we love how easily this towering lamp tucks behind furniture, reaching the power knob can be a challenge if you've placed it behind tall furniture or a wide end table. However, unless you live in a particularly small space — and we would argue that this lamp is well-suited even for tight living areas — the Trilage Arc is our favorite floor lamp, with its perfect combination of functionality and polished design.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Twist knob at branching point

Settings and Features: Preset 1, 2, or 3 lamps on, positionable swinging arms

best overall floor lamp
The Trilage shades offer just a touch of tint to soften ambient light while retaining plenty of brightness for detailed work underneath.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Simple Floor Lamp

Stone & Beam Deco Floor Lamp

Height: 59.5" | Max Wattage: 60W
Clean lines and wide decor appeal
Sturdy and well-constructed
Long cord
Very simple use/function
Lower wattage limits brightness

Perhaps you're after the classic, single-bulb floor lamp. If so, we heartily recommend the modern Stone & Beam Deco Floor Lamp. Its metal base offers clean lines and a stable frame for the large drum shade on top. Overwhelmingly, everyone we asked had something good to say about its looks and its ability to fit in with most decor themes in just about every room. The slightly tinted drum softens the light and spreads it evenly around the space. Its nearly 8-foot-long cord allows you to place this lamp nearly anywhere and still find an outlet to power it.

While a bright 60-watt bulb helps the Stone & Beam Deco to reach every corner of the room, it's not an especially bright lamp. Sitting directly underneath it offers sufficient illumination for reading, but the strength of this floor model is in providing ambiance rather than task-specific lighting. It has no special functions — it simply clicks on and off, with no dimming ability. You're able to pair it with a smart bulb or plug if you prefer a little something extra. Bottom line, unless you need a super bright light, we love how well this lamp softly lights a room, fitting in well to just about any space and decor.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Twist knob at base of bulb

Settings and Features: N/A

best simple floor lamp
We love the Stone & Beam Deco no matter what room we put it in.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bang for Your Buck

LEPOWER Wood Tripod

Height: 60" | Max Wattage: 60W
Versatile look
Wide legs provide stable foundation
Foot switch is simple to use
Lacks any cord management
Dimmer than others of the same wattage

The LEPOWER Wood Tripod is a good ambient floor lamp that's just a step above the ordinary yet costs less than many others. This high-value item comes in pieces that assemble smoothly into solid-appearing legs that, though lightweight, create a wide, stable tripod base. The wood finish offers a touch of rustic appeal that most of our testing team appreciated. The wide stance of this wooden tripod looks great standing alone in the corner, while the narrow legs still leave plenty of maneuvering room to be tucked next to your couch. A foot-operated power button allows for hands-free usage, and with its simple on/off function, this lamp can be paired with smart home technology if you so desire.

That attractive aesthetic includes a drum shade that's a touch more opaque than most lamps we tested, further dimming the single 60-watt bulb within. It softens even bright white lights, creating warmth throughout your space, but we wouldn't call it "bright." Unless you're sitting right next to this lamp, reading can be a challenge. It also comes without any sort of cord management system, and the braided power cable dangles freely from the middle of the fixture base. However, with some clever winding of the matching-color cable or the right shade of electric tape, this can be easily remedied. If you like the look of this ambient lighting solution, the price is certainly right to make it a solid addition to your home.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Foot button on cord

Settings and Features: N/A

floor lamp - best bang for your buck
The LEPOWER Wood offers a soft ambiance and a rustic appeal for a fairly affordable price.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Statement Lamp

Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere

Height: 79" | Max Wattage: Non-replaceable LED bulbs
Unique artsy appearance
Adjustable brightness and ring positioning
Slender profile is easy to fit in tight spots
Less useful as a solo light source
Rings create shadows
Bulbs can't be replaced

It's hard not to be intrigued by the unique appearance of the Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere. Its obvious artsy appeal makes for a great statement piece, with clean lines and a polished finish. The light rings are quite large — 18.25" and 14" in diameter — and can be independently tilted all the way up or down to touch the center pole. The smaller inner ring can also be twisted a full 180 degrees, allowing you to create seemingly endless configurations depending on your taste and mood. The touchpad power "button" cycles through 3 brightness settings, and the whole lamp is surprisingly lean, allowing it to stand just about anywhere with relative ease.

Since the light shines from the inside surface of each hoop, it casts shadowy lines across the surrounding walls. This lamp can also be difficult to look at, as there's really no way to not have one or both of the rings shining directly at your face. It's not well-suited to being a sole source of light, both because of these shadows and because the light it casts becomes exponentially darker as you move away from the lamp — in a far more extreme drop-off than any other lamp we've tested. The touchpad also provides no haptic feedback, it isn't conducive to use with a smart plug, and the LED rings are irreplaceable if they ever do bite the dust. Those caveats aside, if you're looking for an interesting lamp to add to an already-lit room, we do enjoy the artsy vibe of this modern-with-a-twist torchiere model.

Dimmable: Yes, 3 levels
Switch Style: Touchpad at base of rings

Settings and Features: Rings tilt separately 355 degrees, inner ring twists 180 degrees

floor lamp - best statement lamp
We enjoy being able to change the angles and orientations of the Eclipse's rings to match our moods.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Shelf Lamp

Brightech Maxwell Charger Shelf

Height: 63" | Max Wattage: 150W
Fairly stable design
USB ports and outlet are handy
Looks nice
Writing on charging shelf is distracting
Poor cord management

There are plenty of similar-looking shelf lamps out there, but the Brightech Maxwell Charger Shelf is exceptionally useful. Not only are the two USB ports and single ungrounded outlet on the top shelf quite convenient, but the lamp itself is more sturdy than other shelf models we tested. This model also accommodates the highest wattage bulb of any we tested, giving you (up to) an impressive 150 watts of lighting for your space. Like the others, this one comes in a pile of pieces that require assembly, but it goes together rather smoothly with fewer exposed corners and edges than similar models. Standing against the far wall or next to your bed, its faux woodgrain finish and large, pleasantly tinged shade look comfortably modern.

However, this model isn't perfect. The useful charging shelf we find so handy also has painfully garish writing unnecessarily labeling each port. Importantly, with the quick-charging technology of modern smartphones, the 2.0 amp USB sockets and 5.0 amp outlet of the Maxwell only offer a trickle of what most smartphones can handle. And, though it includes a few plastic clips for cord management, the charging shelf complicates the whole setup, leaving those clips woefully inadequate to properly hide the cord. But if you're willing to get a little crafty with some zip ties or tape, the Maxwell is still our favorite shelf lamp.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Pull chain

Settings and Features: 2 USB ports and 1 standard outlet on top shelf

floor lamp - best shelf lamp
We love the functionality of the outlet and USB ports on the Maxwell but dislike the unnecessary and obnoxious labeling.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Tree Lamp

Simple Designs 3-Light Tree

Height: 66" | Max Wattage: 60W
Lights twist and tilt to point anywhere
Reasonably stable construction with solid foundation
Higher wattage is better for detailed tasks
Not good for whole-room lighting
Utilitarian look and specific usage are less versatile

For direct, task-specific lighting, the Simple Designs 3-Light Tree is our top choice. All three lamps on the metal trunk function independently, with their own knob on the back. Each can be pointed in a 90-degree arc out from the base, and each rotates nearly all the way around, helping you get light to where you need it most. Each lamp can hold a 60-watt bulb, offering more overall light than many similar competitors. The heavy base provides fairly solid stability, and our aesthetics panel appreciated the almost industrial look of the light fixtures.

Still, this look isn't for everyone. And if you're trying to brightly light a whole room — even a small one — the highly directional lights of the Simple Designs Tree don't really cut it. It's a bit short for this style of lamp, but works well enough next to a chair or desk. We found it to be less versatile than many other floor lamps, but if you know you want a tree lamp to light up your craft project or magazine article, we're big fans of this one.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Individual twist knobs on back of each lamp

Settings and Features: Lamps each twist 350 degrees and tilt 90 degrees

floor lamp - best tree lamp
The Simple Designs Tree provides great task lighting for your workspace.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


High Wattage Arc Trio

Adesso Trinity 3 Arc

Height: 85" | Max Wattage: 100W
Higher max wattage allows for brighter coverage
Very stable; heavy base
Light shades keep bulbs bright
Not as nice-looking up close
Long arms become twisted out of their smooth arc

The Adesso Trinity 3 Arc packs a powerful lighting punch, with three 100-watt bulbs to brightly flood even a large living space with light in every corner. Its pale shades allow even more light through, better maintaining the "mood" of whatever temperature of bulb you choose. Just as we expect from an arc lamp, it has a heavy, stone-filled base that keeps it firmly grounded while easily sliding under furniture and nestling behind tables.

Putting this lamp together once was more than enough for us. Assembly was a bit of a pain due to a multitude of tiny screws that are hard to handle and a rough stone base that scrapes hardwood floors. Upon manipulating the arms to dangle each lamp in a certain way, it became obvious that they easily twist in the middle, which distorts their perfect arcs. Additionally, tiny mechanical scratches flecking the metal body make it look less refined than other arc lamps we tested. Lastly, the Adesso has the shortest cord length in our lineup, measuring about 4.5 feet. Still, this model is a decent high-wattage choice if you want a super bright whole-room lighting option and can get through the annoying setup process.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Twist knob at branching point

Settings and Features: Preset 1, 2, or 3 lamps on, positionable swinging arms

floor lamp - the adesso trinity 3 provides plenty of illumination with its...
The Adesso Trinity 3 provides plenty of illumination with its light-colored shades and 100-watt maximum in each hanging lamp.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Neat Modern Shelving

Simple Designs Home Etagere Organizer

Height: 62.5" | Max Wattage: 100W
Modern look
Simple design that works
Easy to use
Not the cleanest construction
More rickety than most

When it comes to the Simple Designs Home Etagere Organizer shelf lamp, you get what you see. Once assembled, this wooden floor lamp is simple and lightweight. The pull chain is a favorite among our testers for its feeling of satisfaction every time you use it. Simple plastic clips help keep the cord tucked away from view. We found the strong, clean lines provide a fairly versatile aesthetic that's easy to love, while the shade adequately distributes the 100-watts of light around your space.

Assembly leaves a decent amount of small corners and edges overhanging around the lamp, as is the case for similar-style shelf lamps. From across the room, you barely notice this. Close-up is another story. The joint connections could be tighter, and the base could be sturdier as the tall-ish, lightweight design begs for a heavy object on the bottom shelf to keep the cat from knocking it over. Although the design and functionality are nothing to write home about, there is still plenty to enjoy about the simplicity of the Simple Designs Etagere.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Pull chain

Settings and Features: Shelves

floor lamp - the simple designs etagere provides good-quality ambient lighting...
The Simple Designs Etagere provides good-quality ambient lighting and useful shelves.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Lots of Lighting Options

JOOFO Modern Torchiere

Height: 69.5" | Max Wattage: Non-replaceable LED bulbs
Outputs 3 qualities of white light
Very adjustable dimming
Can tilt head nearly any direction
Utilitarian aesthetic isn't particularly stylish
When bulb dies, must replace entire lamp

For function over fashion, the JOOFO Modern Torchiere takes the cake. This remote-controlled floor lamp cycles through three different temperatures of light — "bright white," "soft white," and "daylight". The touchpad on the unit's stem rotates through these options, with long-pressing rapidly changing the brightness. The remote allows you slowly and precisely adjust the brightness from 5-100%. The disc-shaped torchiere head is fully adjustable up to 90 degrees and spins all the way around to point in any direction. Though a very slender lamp, it's sturdy and stable and slides neatly into small spaces.

In terms of aesthetics, this small-headed lamp isn't our favorite option. There's something slightly odd about its overall look — from the undersized disc on top to the super-narrow trunk and the obvious metal hinge on the neck. Compared to the many other 100-watt options we tested, this one isn't as bright, though it's by no means dim. The remote comes with a battery, but it's a 23A — a strange size many people probably don't have stashed in their junk drawer. When the adaptable LED finally bites the dust, you'll have to replace the entire lamp. Bearing that in mind, those who value light quality and options over a decorative theme will find the JOOFO Modern Torchiere is impressively adaptable.

Dimmable: Yes, 5% increments using remote
Switch Style: Touchpad under bulb and remote (23A battery included)

Settings and Features: 3 qualities of light (bright white, soft white, daylight), head tilts 90 degrees and twists 360 degrees

floor lamp - the joofo torchiere can be tilted in just about any direction and...
The JOOFO Torchiere can be tilted in just about any direction and cycles through 3 temperatures of light with seriously adjustable brightness.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Understated Tree Lamp

LightAccents LOFT 3

Height: 68" | Max Wattage: 40W
Clean design
Knobs and lamps twist and pivot smoothly
Heavy bottom provides stability
Lower wattage isn't as bright
Not versatile

We were somewhat underwhelmed by the LightAccents LOFT 3. Its trunk is thicker than some other tree lamps, and we found the three smooth domed lamps are rather attractive. They each twist and pivot smoothly, providing an impressive range for where they can be pointed. The knobs on the back are also quite smooth, and the weighted bottom helps hold the whole thing in place effectively.

Only equipped with 40-watt bulbs, it comes as no surprise the LOFT 3 isn't the best for lighting a whole room. Sadly, it also leaves something to be desired for task lighting. Even with multiple readjustment attempts, this is the only lamp that refused to assemble in proper alignment and leaned heavily to one side. If you love the aesthetic of this three-light tree light, you'll probably enjoy its smooth functionality. But if bright light is what you're looking for, there are higher-wattage options better suited for the job.

Dimmable: No
Switch Style: Individual twist knobs on back of each lamp

Settings and Features: Lamps each twist 350 degrees and tilt 90 degrees

floor lamp - the loft 3 is one of the lowest wattage floor lamps we tested but...
The LOFT 3 is one of the lowest wattage floor lamps we tested but offers a sleek aesthetic.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

We spent hours researching the floor lamp market for the most promising candidates. After choosing the top models, we purchased them all for testing side by side. We made notes about their ease of assembly and if they come with light bulbs. After piecing them together, we spent weeks moving them from room to room, testing how well they fit in different spaces, and evaluating each one's light quality. For a fair comparison, we also purchased identical light bulbs in each lamp's maximum wattage to be sure the differences we observed were from the lamps themselves rather than the bulb. We worked, read, crafted, played games, and ate under each lamp, and took opinion polls on their aesthetic qualities. After all this, we learned which ones are best suited to specific rooms, decorative tastes, and budget-minded households.

This review is a combined effort of many people, spearheaded by Senior Review Editors, Maggie Nichols and Penney Garrett, with significant input from professional photographer Laura Casner and a large pool of friends and family members. Maggie has a background in conducting scientific research for Iowa State University and is the main tester for many of GearLab's research-intense categories. Penney holds a degree in Fine Art from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, giving her expertise when it comes to the composition of space and the value of high-quality lighting. And as a working professional photographer, Laura is an expert in light theory and has a personal passion for good design aesthetics.

Some lamps come with tools for assembly and extra parts, just in case.
Some lamps come with tools for assembly and extra parts, just in case.
Testing lamps in corners and open spaces.
Testing lamps in corners and open spaces.
Swapping out all included bulbs to use identical ones for testing...
Swapping out all included bulbs to use identical ones for testing, in each lamp's maximum wattage.

Analysis and Test Results

Each lamp in this review underwent dozens of trials and intense scrutiny during our testing period. We evaluated them across a range of attributes spanning five individual, mutually exclusive metrics, weighted according to importance. In what follows, we break down the metrics we tested, how we tested them, and which lamps outshone the others (sometimes quite literally).

floor lamp - let us help you find the right lighting for your home.
Let us help you find the right lighting for your home.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The look and design of any piece of furniture is a significant attribute. It's the first reason most of us are drawn to (or not) any potential new object for our homes. Especially with a lamp that can fit a wide array of lightbulbs to create the glow you're after, what the piece itself looks like is one of its best — or worst — qualities. We considered if each model "goes" with a wide range of decor or is better suited to specific niche preferences. Because aesthetic appeal and style are so subjective, we then asked a wide range of coworkers, friends, and family to rate these lamps and tell us what they did and didn't like about each one.

floor lamp - the stone & beam lamp is beautiful when paired with the right decor...
The Stone & Beam lamp is beautiful when paired with the right decor to highlight its crisp and clean aesthetic.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Brightech Trilage Arc and Stone & Beam Deco are our two favorites in this regard. Across the board, people appreciated what both add to the room they're in, regardless of the other decor. Even up close, these two still look polished, clean, and attractive. The Adesso Trinity 3 and LEPOWER Wood Tripod are runners-up in our crowd-sourced aesthetics poll. Both of these lamps proved themselves to have mass appeal in a diversity of rooms and styles, though each had a few minor complaints lodged against them during closer inspections of their details. The Brightech Eclipse Modern LED Torchiere was a polarizing model — some people felt it wouldn't look good anywhere in their homes, while others loved its unique artsy flair.

floor lamp - even up close, the brightech trilage is polished and elegant...
Even up close, the Brightech Trilage is polished and elegant, providing an aesthetic well-loved by our entire panel.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Light Quality

Another hugely important part of a lamp is the quality of light it provides. Of course, in today's veritable sea of light bulb options, a significant portion of light quality can be determined by the specific light bulb you purchase. To test the difference, we purchased identical bulbs for every lamp in their max wattage (with the exception of a few models that come with irreplaceable LED bulbs).

Choosing Your Light Bulb
Most of the floor lamps we tested hold standard-sized, replaceable light bulbs. Quite a few of them come with bulbs in the package, but to get your optimal light quality (and save on energy consumption), you might consider getting a different bulb for your lamp. There are three main types of standard white light bulbs you can buy (not including smart bulbs, which are a whole separate category):
  • Bright white bulbs provide light that appears exactly as it sounds. They're the brightest "feeling" light for that given wattage but can sometimes feel harsh in certain spaces. These are a good choice when you need to clearly see what you're doing, such as when crafting or reading.
  • Soft white bulbs typically appear almost yellow, creating a much warmer glow. These bulbs "feel" like the dimmest type of standard white light but provide a low, comforting atmosphere. These are a great option for creating a cozy space, like in your bedroom or your living room during a movie.
  • Daylight bulbs are kind of in-between bright and soft white bulbs. They put out a full spectrum of white light, more similar to the sun's light, hence their name. They are typically nearly as bright as bright white bulbs without the harshness they often have, with their limited spectrums. However, daylight bulbs aren't as warm as soft white bulbs and therefore lose some of the coziness factor that many people crave while trying to relax.

The JOOFO Modern Torchiere is one of the few lamps in our review that has irreplaceable LED bulbs. It offers the widest range of lighting options of all the models we tested, spanning the temperature spectrum to showcase all three types of light. It's also the only one in this lineup with fully adjustable brightness, allowing you to dim any one of the three settings from 100% down to just 5% to create the perfect atmosphere for just about any situation.

floor lamp - the joofo can cycle through light quality and brightness with the...
The JOOFO can cycle through light quality and brightness with the handy, included remote.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Both triple-headed arc lamps we tested, the Brightech Trilage and Adesso Trinity 3, easily fill a room with their glow. The Brightech's lightly tinted shades soften and warm the light just a touch, creating a warm glow around the room while maintaining bright light directly below each individual lamp. The Adesso's lighter shades and higher wattage bulbs offer even more brightness for your space. If you're looking for whole-room ambiance, the Stone & Beam Deco and Brightech Maxwell Charger Shelf both deliver without being so bright they're uncomfortable to watch TV next to. The LEPOWER Wood Tripod is just a step warmer and dimmer than these two, but still quite pleasant for a cozy evening mood.

floor lamp - the brightech maxwell can hold up to 150-watts in its single bulb...
The Brightech Maxwell can hold up to 150-watts in its single bulb, while the attractively mottled shade does an excellent job distributing light around the room.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Stability & Craftsmanship

No one wants a poorly constructed piece of furniture sitting around their house. We carefully scrutinized every lamp we tested to see where their design flaws might be and if they're up to the task of daily use. We checked them for stability, assessing centers of balance, weighted bases, and ease of being knocked over. We also considered their breakability — including the light bulb itself — and awarded extra points for models with easily replaceable bulbs.

floor lamp - all the triple-light arc lamps we tested have exceptionally heavy...
All the triple-light arc lamps we tested have exceptionally heavy bases that leave us with no doubt about their ability to stay standing tall.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Once again, the Brightech Trilage Arc impressed us. Like the Adesso Trinity 3, the Trilage hides a heavy stone base under its metal bottom plate. Unlike the Adesso Trinity, the Trilage is strategically padded with felt to protect hardwood floors. Though its long, narrow arms appear alarmingly slender, they proved to be sturdy and strong, even as we pushed them around to achieve different configurations of the lamps — another area where the Adesso Trinity didn't perform nearly so well, with the arms twisting rather than moving, ruining their perfect arcs. Tripod-style lamps are also quite stable, including the wide-based, LEPOWER Wood, and the four-legged metal, Stone & Beam Deco. Despite appearing top-heavy and awkward, the Brightech Eclipse centers all its weight in a sturdy base, while the light rings stay delicate — the towering structure manages to be far more solid than it appears.

floor lamp - tripod lamps (or quadripod, in the case of the stone & beam...
Tripod lamps (or quadripod, in the case of the Stone & Beam Deco) have wider bases, making them less likely to get knocked over.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Use

You might think that using a floor lamp is a no-brainer — and it should be. Of course, we never like to leave any stones unturned, so we tested this idea. We placed lamps behind couches and chairs, next to desks and end tables, forcing ourselves to lean across objects to operate them. We assessed every power switch, knob, button, and touchpad. For those with different settings or remotes, we checked to see how intuitive they are to use. And though you only have to put your lamp together once (we hope), we also included their ease of assembly as a portion of this metric.

Smart Bulbs

Sometimes there's no good way around a difficult-to-reach lamp placement. Certain models are very well-suited to being tucked behind furniture. While this keeps your space feeling open, it can make reaching your lamp a headache. One solution for many standard-socket lamps is to outfit them with a smart bulb. These handy lights can be controlled by an app on your smartphone, effectively turning them into a remote-controlled piece of furniture. Many smart bulbs can also increase your lamp's functionality with their ability to create different colors, output different qualities of white light, and be dimmed. The right smart bulb can be a massive upgrade for an otherwise fairly ordinary floor lamp.

Don't need a fancy bulb, but still want to control your lamp from your phone? Consider getting a smart plug.

The only floor lamp we tested with a remote is the JOOFO Torchiere. Though at first we thought the remote was overkill, we soon found ourselves using it every time, keeping the lamp itself (complete with a touchpad power "button" on its trunk) tucked away in the corner and operating it in comfort from across the room. Its buttons are obvious and simple, further adding to how easy this lamp is to use. The only other lamp in our lineup with built-in dimming functions is the Brightech Eclipse, with the fairly typical three brightness options it cycles through with its touchpad on the stem.

floor lamp - there's a strange satisfaction with an easy-to-use pull chain.
There's a strange satisfaction with an easy-to-use pull chain.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Both arc lamps we tested, the Adesso Trinity 3 and Brightech Trilage, have simple knobs just below their branches that flip between 1, 2, or 3 lamps on, then off again. The shelf models in our lineup, the Simple Designs Etagere and Brightech Maxwell, feature thick pull-chains that we find both easy and satisfying to use. Simple on/off twist knobs adorn the Stone & Beam Deco as well as the back of each individual lamp of the tree lamp models we tested. If you like hands-free operation, the LEPOWER Wood Tripod functions via an on/off foot button on the floor.

floor lamp - the lepower wood tripod offers hands-free functionality with its...
The LEPOWER Wood Tripod offers hands-free functionality with its foot-operated floor button.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


It's always nice to have options, and getting the most functionality from your floor lamp is a plus. We considered numerous aspects to assess versatility properly. We measured the overall lamp size and cord length and considered where each one might fit. We examined all the settings to see how well they adapt to different situations and create different moods. Additionally, we considered their potential use in multiple rooms — or if they're too specific to be useful in more than one situation.

floor lamp - though tree lamps are meant for more specific, task-focused use, we...
Though tree lamps are meant for more specific, task-focused use, we appreciate the extra mobility of each individual lamp on the Simple Designs Tree.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The Brightech Maxwell shelf lamp is one of the most versatile models we tested. It fits easily around the home, looking as natural in the living room as next to the bed. With 2 USB ports and a single ungrounded outlet adorning the top shelf, this already handy floor lamp is even more useful. The Simple Designs Etagere is another useful shelf lamp that works well in many places but lacks the extra plug-in options of the Maxwell. In terms of usefulness in various instances, the two simplest models — the Stone & Beam Deco and LEPOWER Wood Tripod — also prove themselves to be adaptable with cord lengths, lighting styles, and aesthetics that offer more options than most.

floor lamp - from reading to lounging, we put these lamps through their paces.
From reading to lounging, we put these lamps through their paces.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


We understand that choosing the right floor lamp for your home can be a difficult and potentially expensive endeavor. We did our best to thoroughly examine every lamp we tested until we found its limits. We hope our rigorous testing process helps you identify which one is perfect for your house and your budget.

Maggie Nichols

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