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The 5 Best Mattress Protectors

We put the best mattress protectors to the test from Linenspa, PlushDeluxe, SureGuard, and others
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Best Mattress Protector Review (We pitted these protectors head to head for our intensive testing so you can figure out which one offers the...)
We pitted these protectors head to head for our intensive testing so you can figure out which one offers the protection you need.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Our Top Picks

By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 27, 2023

The Best Mattress Protectors

Hoping to protect your mattress, but unsure where to turn? We researched 20 of the top mattress protectors, then chose the best 9 to test side-by-side. We put them to the spill test by splashing various liquids on their surfaces, testing their stain resistance. We laundered them repeatedly to see how well they retain their protective properties. We put them on beds and slept on them, checking their breathability and noisiness. Whether you're looking for a protective layer for potty training your toddler, a hypoallergenic bed cover to eliminate your stuffy nose, or you just want to protect your brand new (and very expensive) mattress, we've found the best solution for your needs and your wallet.

Our expert teams have tested the best products to help make your bedroom — and your bed — a little more comfortable. We have extensively tested a variety of the best sheets, from essentials like fitted sheets to the more extravagant like the best Egyptian cotton sheets. Our in-depth reviews also cover accessories like the top-rated mattress toppers and even our favorite body pillows to really enhance your sleeping experience.

Editor's Note: Our mattress protector review was updated on June 27, 2023 to remove a discontinued product and ensure our list pricing is current.


Best Overall Mattress Protector

Linenspa 5-sided

Surface Material: Brushed (100% polyester) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
5 sides of protection
Easy to use and clean
Doesn't change the feel of your bed
Not the most breathable
No cushion on top

The Linenspa 5-sided mattress protector provides more than adequate protection without changing your bed's feel or sound. This cover sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its ability to protect your mattress on five sides, not just the top. It slips over your mattress as easily as a fitted sheet and is a cinch to clean in your home washing machine. The Linenspa cover offers excellent protection against spilled liquids — it passed our wine spill test with flying colors. The sleek surface ensures that your mattress doesn't feel any different when it's on, and we had to listen really hard to notice any noise.

This mattress protector provides excellent protection, but it doesn't offer any additional support or cushioning. Its 100% polyester material also lacks breathability compared to some other models. However, if layered under a mattress pad and under a fitted sheet, we doubt you'll notice a significant difference in the temperature of your bed. This impressive 5-sided mattress protector is our recommendation for reliable protection against general daily mishaps.

Number of protective sides: 5; top and sides
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: None

mattress protector - the linenspa offers full 5-sided protection and doesn't change the...
The Linenspa offers full 5-sided protection and doesn't change the feel of your mattress.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bamboo Protector

PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo

Surface Material: Cushioned (40% bamboo, 60% polyester) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
Comfortable, cushioned top
Fairly breathable
Solid spill protection
Takes a long time to dry
Elastic and sides are weaker

If you are looking to combine your mattress protection needs with some additional padding, look no further than this partial bamboo choice from PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo. The comfy, spongy material can assist in smoothing out any uneven surfaces at the top of your mattress, and the polyurethane backing ensures protection from spills. While most mattress protectors boast that they are “quiet,” we truly didn't hear any sound when testing the PlushDeluxe. It's very breathable due to the partial bamboo filling on top and the thin mesh sides.

The PlushDeluxe has the largest percentage of bamboo fibers of the models we tested while still displaying excellent accident protection levels. The mesh sides are breathable and simple to use. The elastic sewn on the edges is thin, which gives us some concern about durability and that they might slip out of place. Still, we really enjoy the support and protection that this bamboo blended model provides while remaining breathable and very comfortable.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: None

mattress protector - it's hard to beat this combination of comfort and protection...
It's hard to beat this combination of comfort and protection provided by the PlushDeluxe Bamboo cover.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Option for Absorbing Liquids

Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof

Surface Material: Quilted (50/50 cotton/polyester surface) | Fit: Sheet topper (1 side)
Absorbs a surprising amount of liquid
Easiest to clean
Travel friendly
Doesn't attach to mattress
Stains more easily than some

When you know you need to protect your mattress against accidents, the Priva waterproof pads are the ideal choice. This absorbent pad lies on top of the sheets for the most straightforward cleanup after ill-timed accidents and might be used in anticipation of a messy situation rather than for daily use. They are wonderfully easy to clean — just pop one into the washer and put down a second one; no need to clean all the sheets. This pad easily soaks up an astonishing amount of liquid while still feeling relatively dry, making it ideal for larger leaks. Since this pad lies on top of the sheets, it's a great choice to take on vacations with little ones still in potty training or for putting on the couch for your elderly dog who lacks total bladder control.

However, because it rests across your top sheet, it can also move around as you sleep, potentially bunching up on one side and giving accidents full access to your mattress. It's best to use a larger size than the area you hope to cover. For extra protection, consider pairing it with a traditional mattress protector. Because its surface is 50% cotton/50% polyester, it may also hold onto stains. However, its vinyl backing and sturdy construction make it the only option we tested that can be bleached. Despite these shortcomings, when expecting an accident, the Priva is our top choice for minimizing the effects.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Absorbent material: 7 oz. fiberfill (65% polyester, 35% rayon)
Water-resistant material: Polyester-backed vinyl

Health rating: None

mattress protector - the priva isn't just limited to use on your bed - it also makes a...
The Priva isn't just limited to use on your bed - it also makes a great couch protector for elderly pets.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best for Breathability

SureGuard Waterproof Hypoallergenic

Surface Material: Terry (100% cotton) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
Fine, softer terry
More breathable than most
Good fit for deep mattresses
Stains easily
Elastic a bit weak

One of the biggest downsides to waterproof fabric is that it often must sacrifice breathability in favor of protection. The SureGuard mattress protector is better than most, with a 100% cotton terry top that helps to absorb and evaporate your sweat on a muggy summer night, making for a more comfortable sleeping experience. It also has thin sides, further aiding its breathability. The finer, small-looped terry helps keep this protector's noise and sleep surface closer to the natural feel of your mattress. Also, It has some of the deepest pockets of any model we tested, making it a solid choice for some of today's super-thick mattresses.

Like most terry-topped covers we tested, this one stains easier than we'd like. Its ultra-deep pockets also give it a lot of extra room to slide around on slimmer mattresses. The elastic is a bit too thin, and the fit is a tad loose to provide a secure fit. But if you're looking for a simple, more breathable option, the SureGuard is a solid choice.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: GreenGuard certified

mattress protector - thin side panels and 100% cotton terry top make the sureguard more...
Thin side panels and 100% cotton terry top make the SureGuard more breathable than you might expect.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Full Mattress Encasement

PlushDeluxe Premium Zippered Encasement

Surface Material: Terry (80% cotton, 20% polyester) | Fit: Encasement (6 sides)
Solid 100% surface area protection
Fine-toothed, protective zipper
Easy to use
Can't be flipped
Stains more easily

If you're hunting for a mattress protector that zips completely around your mattress, protecting it from damage from any angle — or protecting you from pests that have taken up residence inside — the PlushDeluxe Premium Zippered Encasement is the best of the bunch. It has a fine-toothed zipper concealed in tight folds of fabric, with two Velcro strips to help seal it shut. Compared to other encasements we tested, this one seems the most secure when appropriately closed. We found it easy for one person to install it on a mattress. It performed adequately in our liquid resistance testing, keeping the bulk of our spills from soaking into the terry top.

We had a few complaints about this protector. The terry top holds onto stains more than we'd prefer. And when putting it on your bed, you will need to get the air out before sealing it; otherwise, you will create a balloon effect on top of your mattress. Before fully closing the zipper, we made a few snow angels on the bed. The PlushDeluxe Zippered Encasement model has its terry surface on just one side, making it not conducive to flipping. In sum, this is the most impressive-performing full-encasement mattress protector we tested.

Number of protective sides: 6; all sides
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: None

mattress protector - a small-toothed, tight zipper with close-fitting velcro helps keep...
A small-toothed, tight zipper with close-fitting velcro helps keep this encasement from leaking pests from inside.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Works, but Expensive

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof

Surface material: Terry (80% cotton, 20% polyester) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
Decent liquid protection
Straightforward use
Reasonably breathable
Rougher terry surface

The SafeRest Premium mattress protector is exactly what we expect from a terry-topped cover. It offers reliable protection, soaking up minimal spills. Its standard 80% cotton/20% polyester terry surface and thin polyester sides allow for adequate breathability. Its traditional design makes it simple and easy to use, clean, and replace.

It's within the acceptable range of what a mattress protector should do, but the terry surface of the SafeRest is a bit rougher and noisier than we'd prefer. It's significantly more expensive than most others we tested without offering anything extra to justify the higher-end pricing. Options exist that provide better value on the market and in this review.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

mattress protector - the saferest is a typical terry-topped protector that just doesn't...
The SafeRest is a typical terry-topped protector that just doesn't stand out enough to justify the extra cost.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


For Ultra-Thick Mattresses

LUCID Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof

Surface Material: Terry (80% cotton, 20% polyester) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
Decent liquid protection
Super deep pockets
Noisier than many others
Can feel the terry much more than others
Doesn't stay put as well on thinner mattresses

Among terry-topped mattress protectors, this LUCID hypoallergenic model is relatively uninspiring. Its mesh sides offer some added breathability to its average 80% cotton, and 20% polyester terry surface. It performed respectably in our liquid resistance tests and has exceptionally deep pockets that can accommodate much thicker mattresses than many other options. It's also less expensive.

However, the actual terry surface is our least favorite of the bunch. It's made of larger loops that are rougher and easier to feel through a fitted sheet. It's also one of the noisiest protectors we tested, with a louder version of that typical “terry woosh.” If your mattress isn't super deep, this cover's thin mesh sides and average elastic allow a lot of wiggle room for the LUCID to move around on top of your mattress. Although its lower price tag may seem appealing, we tested far better options available at similarly low prices.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: None

mattress protector - the lucid is noteworthy only in its exceptionally deep pockets that...
The LUCID is noteworthy only in its exceptionally deep pockets that can accommodate some seriously thick mattresses.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Bamboo on a Budget

Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover

Surface Material: Cushioned (30% bamboo, 70% polyester) | Fit: Regular (5 sides)
Pleasant cushioned top
Virtually noiseless
Relatively breathable
Sub-par liquid protection
Takes longer to dry

The Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover offers extra cushion for the top of your mattress. It is the quietest protector we tested; we heard no difference whatsoever with it on the bed vs. without. The partial bamboo fiber top and mesh sides help add to its breathability. If you're on a budget, this low price tag is probably more in your wheelhouse.

However, if you're looking for serious liquid protection, you should likely look elsewhere because the Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover let us down. It immediately failed our basic liquid protection tests, absorbing everything we poured on it and soaking all the way through in less than 30 minutes. The bamboo fibers also take longer than many to dry. And while it's advertised as bamboo, it's only 30% bamboo, much less than other bamboo options we tested.

Number of protective sides: 1; top only
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

mattress protector - unfortunately, when it comes to liquid protection, the utopia...
Unfortunately, when it comes to liquid protection, the Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover falls short of the competition.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


If You Want to Flip Your Mattress

Utopia Bedding Waterproof Encasement

Surface Material: Brushed (100% polyester) | Fit: Encasement (6 sides)
Full coverage from every angle
Can flip your mattress
Less impressive bed bug security
Not great liquid protection
Smaller zipper opening

The Utopia Bedding Waterproof Encasement offers equal protection on all six sides, allowing you to flip your mattress over if that's important to you. It provides the same level of protection on every surface of the 100% polyester encasement. It also costs less than most of the competition.

However, this model disappointed us on several fronts. It's one of just two options we tested that failed our most basic liquid protection tests, allowing the inside of the encasement to become damp after just half an hour of standing water. It also has a larger-toothed zipper than its competition and a long Velcro zipper seal that may be ineffective in a battle against bed bugs. It has a smooth, completely polyester surface and is one of the least breathable options we tested. Ultimately, we feel better options exist.

Number of protective sides: 6; all sides
Water-resistant material: Polyurethane backing

Health rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

mattress protector - testing top mattress protectors.
Testing top mattress protectors.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why Trust GearLab

To create this review, we spent hours combing through and researching the top mattress protectors on the market today. We then selected and purchased some of those options and devised a thorough testing plan to find the limits of each cover. We left them sitting for hours with liquid pooled on them, and also poured full glasses of wine on them. We slept on each, considering how they felt against the skin and under a fitted sheet, and compared their noisiness to one another and to a padless bed. We investigated each model's laundering directions and cleaned them repeatedly to see how it affected their protective properties. We also considered the various sizes and options available and read hundreds of reviews online to identify recurring problems. No matter what you're trying to protect your mattress from, we've found the right cover for your bed.

Our testing of mattress protectors is divided across four different metrics:
  • Protection (35% of overall score weighting)
  • Comfort (30% weighting)
  • Ease of Cleaning (25% weighting)
  • Usability (10% weighting)

This review is headed up by Senior Review Editor, Maggie Nichols. Maggie has been working from home for several years, spending more than the average 1/3 of her life in bed. From mornings typing away with a cup of coffee nearby to winding down in the evening with a glass of wine and her dog by her side, Maggie isn't one to underestimate the value of bedding that can withstand everything she (sometimes literally) throws at it. She and her partner are self-described clumsy people, spilling more than their fair share of pretty much everything. Maggie puts her background in scientific research to good use, designing and carrying out experiments to test the limits of whatever she's working on. She's been testing and writing for GearLab since 2017 and also co-leads our numerous sheets reviews along with Senior Review Editor, Aaron Rice.

Analysis and Test Results

Here at GearLab, we take a systematic approach to testing every product we purchase. By examining each model through the lens of specific metrics, we put together a comprehensive picture of how well each performs relative to one another. We rated all 9 mattress protectors based on the four metrics of protection, comfort, ease of cleaning, and usability to help you better decide which will suit your home.

mattress protector - rest easy, knowing your mattress is protected from everyday hazards.
Rest easy, knowing your mattress is protected from everyday hazards.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The most important aspect of a mattress protector is right in the name — protection. Whether it's protection from nighttime bed wetters or from exuberant dust mites, a good mattress protector must be, well, protective. We tested this in several ways. First, every single model went through the same multi-stage liquid protection test, both from water and from red wine (we didn't have access to several gallons of chemically identical urine to dump on them), to evaluate their resistance to accidents from quick slop to a puddle that sits for an extended time. We also considered each one's coverage, from top-only options to full-encasement models. And for those designed to keep the bed bugs at bay, we examined the sealing ability of their zippers to assess the likelihood of truly trapping those pests.

What's in a spill?

While it's tempting to think that the worst part of spilling on your mattress is the liquid itself, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You're probably well aware that coffee and red wine can stain most fabrics if not removed right away, but what about urine? It turns out not even all pee is equal.

If your child comes in at 3 am and tells you they wet the bed, it's (relatively) easy to get up, clean up, and go back to sleep. But if your dog or cat pees on the guest bed, you may not find it for hours or weeks. As it turns out, cat urine is particularly concentrated and can corrode some types of metal if left to sit; imagine what it can do to your mattress protector. While it's possible to clean from many surfaces (including your mattress), cat pee can ruin the waterproof layer of your mattress protector very quickly, requiring a total replacement of the cover. Don't let this fool you into thinking your mattress protector is a failure, though, as even the hardiest of coverings can't withstand extended exposure to the concentrated chemicals that come out of your kitty.

The most protective model we tested is the PlushDeluxe Premium Zippered Encasement. This full mattress cover protects every side of your mattress and was a strong contender in our liquid resistance tests. Compared to other encasements we tested, the PlushDeluxe has a small zipper with tight teeth and a velcro flap to secure the deal. Though we didn't invite bed bugs into our homes to test it out, when used properly, this mattress protector seems more than capable of stopping a pest exodus from an infected mattress. The Linenspa 5-Sided also stands out when it comes to protection. Though it's not a full encasement, it offers five sides of protection where most others provide top-only. It did an excellent job in our testing of keeping liquids puddled on top and preventing even a drop from soaking through.

mattress protector - the fine-toothed zipper of the plushdeluxe encasement is well-hidden...
The fine-toothed zipper of the PlushDeluxe Encasement is well-hidden and impressively protective.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo topper and Priva pads had a notable performance. The PlushDeluxe Bamboo soaked up some liquid but kept the mattress clean and dry. The Priva absorbent pads soaked up impressive amounts of liquid and felt relatively dry. They're an ideal option for when you know an accident is going to happen and you need to soak it up and keep the rest of your bedding dry.

mattress protector - the priva pads are highly absorbent, making them an ideal choice to...
The Priva pads are highly absorbent, making them an ideal choice to protect not just your bed, but any furniture when an accident is imminent.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

While we don't typically like to highlight poor performers, sometimes products let us down in ways that are too big not to mention. This is the case with both Utopia Bedding protectors we tested. The Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover let a lot of liquid through to the mattress below, even before a single wash. The Utopia Bedding Encasement also allowed a small amount of liquid to soak through, and its seal let us down. This encasement has a larger-toothed zipper with two distant velcro seals that leave a sizeable channel for bed bugs to march up and down. Again, we didn't test it with actual bed bugs, but from our visual inspection and airtight-seal test, we have very little confidence in its protective powers.

mattress protector - the linenspa consistently remained bone dry inside through all our...
The LINENSPA consistently remained bone dry inside through all our liquid resistance testing.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


We're after protection, but it's less worthwhile if it comes at the expense of comfort. A large component of the comfort of your bed comes from the sheets and mattress you use. Adding waterproof layers can alter comfort by reducing breathability and increasing unwelcome noise from movement. We compared the noisiness of these covers to each other and against an unprotected bed. We tested their breathability in hot summer weather. We also compared their skin feel and if and how they changed the feel of the bed under a fitted sheet. Finally, we considered their fit and ability to stay in place no matter how fitfully you may sleep.

Measure your mattress!
Just because you've got a queen-size bed doesn't mean just any queen-size mattress protector will fit. A huge component of finding the right bedding involves the thickness of your mattress (referred to as 'depth'). If your mattress pad (or fitted sheet) is too small, the corners will ride up while you sleep. Too large, and your sheets may slide around and bunch up underneath you. Measure how thick your mattress is, add 1-4 inches to that number, and that's the pocket depth you'll need for your bedding.

The bamboo-blend toppers proved to be the most comfortable options we tested. The Utopia Bedding Bamboo Cover and PlushDeluxe Premium Bamboo create no extra noise compared to a mattress alone, and their cushioned tops fit smoothly over the surface. They both breathe reasonably well and maintain adequate airflow, which is likely attributed to the bamboo-blend fiber insides. And they both have thin sides that add further breathability and are deep enough to accommodate thick mattresses without being so loose they move more than is comfortable while you sleep. The PlushDeluxe Bamboo is 40% bamboo (60% polyester), while the Utopia Bedding Bamboo is just 30%. Theoretically, this should make the PlushDeluxe slightly more breathable, but our testing did not observe any measurable differences.

mattress protector - the bamboo-topped protectors we tested are among the most...
The bamboo-topped protectors we tested are among the most comfortable and silent of the bunch.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

If sheer breathability is what you're after, our top choice for breathability is the SureGuard. One of the numerous terry-topped options we tested, it's the only one with 100% cotton terry (the rest are a cotton/polyester blend), making up a significant portion of its wicking and breathing prowess. It also has thin, breathable sides that help this model be one of the best options on a hot night.

mattress protector - even the dog approves of the breathability of the sureguard on a hot...
Even the dog approves of the breathability of the SureGuard on a hot summer afternoon.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

Since a mattress is something you'll spend roughly one-third of your existence using, it's important that you're able to clean your mattress protector. Additionally, quick and easy cleaning is paramount as you are protecting the bed from urine, wine, and everything in between. We tested this by reading every label's laundering instructions and washing each of them several times. We noted which ones are simple and which require special care and come with a long list of dos and don'ts. We recorded which ones took longer to dry, which ended up tangled in the wash, and which were more challenging to fold. We inspected and tested their waterproofness throughout this process to see how it was affected.

Prolonging the Waterproof Coating
Just as the old days of wearing thick, plastic-feeling rain jackets are (mostly) behind us, the days of using what equates to a plastic tarp to protect your bed are gone. These days, most mattress protectors have a polyurethane coating that's been heat-welded to the back of a fabric surface to give the bedding waterproof properties. While this coating is more breathable and much quieter than laying on a plastic sheet, it doesn't last forever. Careful laundering on a gentle cycle and only drying on low heat with several towels will help extend the time it stays waterproof. However, if the bed in question is regularly soaked and/or your mattress protector is frequently laundered, you'll most likely need to replace your mattress protector about once a year.

The Priva pads are the easiest to clean of our review fleet. These absorbent pads are designed to be laundered a lot. They advertise they can handle up to 300 washings, which is far more than you'd expect to do for a regular mattress pad, even over a couple of years of use. They also have the least specific laundering directions and are the only model we tested that can be bleached. On top of that, they are the only one in this crowd that uses a sturdy vinyl backing rather than a polyurethane coating that degrades more rapidly. If you need your mattress protector to soak up accidents and be laundered easily, the Priva is your best bet.

mattress protector - the absorbent priva pads are backed with vinyl, making them sturdier...
The absorbent Priva pads are backed with vinyl, making them sturdier and easier to clean than the many polyurethane-coated models we tested.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

All the other non-encasement-style covers are varying degrees of similar to clean. The Linenspa 5-Sided stands out as being particularly stain-resistant, as are the bamboo models we tested. However, the bamboo models also took the longest to dry. All the terry-topped protectors came out the other side of their laundry experience with differing amounts of pink leftover from their wine spill testing. The encasement-style covers both tend to grab other objects in the wash and trap them inside and consistently come out of the dryer still very damp.

mattress protector - all the terry-topped protectors we tested (pictured here) collected...
All the terry-topped protectors we tested (pictured here) collected stains during our testing.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


This metric covers every aspect of mattress protectors, from the sizes and options available to the thousands of other reviews they have. Some manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes, from cribs to split kings, pillowcase covers, box-spring protectors, and even moving and storage bags.

How it's made

We like to know that what we're sleeping on isn't going to put harmful chemicals into our bodies. Fortunately, there are some useful benchmarks to cue you into your products' safety (or lack thereof).

A GreenGuard certification is approved by a third party (aka no testing or certification biases) that strictly tests for harmful VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. They use currently published scientific standards in their testing to determine if the product in question is giving off unsafe levels of gasses into your home. However, they only test off-gassing and do not cover the possible inclusion of other non-gaseous chemicals, including heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

An OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification is a third-party certification (yay, no biases!) that shows the materials a product is made from have passed tests for both low VOCs and have no harmful amounts of chemicals associated with damaging impacts for humans (like heavy metals and banned substances such as formaldehyde). They follow the most strict global guidelines for harmful substance levels and even test for numerous harmful chemicals that aren't yet regulated. In terms of your safety, this is the best certification out there.

However, it's important to note that neither of these certifications says anything about how the product was created and what effects the entire supply chain may have on the environment. For a complete breakdown of the many different certifications products like these may carry, read our article on Certifications, Labels, and Greenwashing.

Though most models we tested offer similar size options, the Linenspa 5-Sided not only comes in a wide variety of sizes, but the company also offers pillow protectors, encasements, pads, box spring protectors, mattress storage bags, and numerous non-waterproof mattress pads with quilted tops, gel tops, and more. In addition to the encasement and bamboo options we tested, PlushDeluxe also offers regular mattress protectors, pillow protectors, and bamboo pillow protectors, and can be purchased as small as mini-crib sized. The zippered encasement we tested also comes in two different thicknesses to better fit your specific mattress.

mattress protector - the priva pads offer the flexibility to come with you when you...
The Priva pads offer the flexibility to come with you when you travel, handily protecting hotel beds from accidents.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Utopia Bedding also offers plenty of options for sizes and styles of coverings. We're unsure if their other products offer better protection than the two we tested. The SafeRest protector can also be acquired in regular mattress sizes. Additionally, they make a bamboo version, bed bug encasements, box spring covers, regular mattress pads, and crib-sized options.

mattress protector - whether you need protection from allergens or from your coffee...
Whether you need protection from allergens or from your coffee habit, we've found the perfect protector for your mattress.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


There are more reasons to use a mattress protector than there are against. And though they may all start to sound the same, we went through all the ways to test these covers side by side to help you find the one that will meet your needs. Whether you're keeping dust mites at bay or caring for an elderly family member, there's a mattress protector for you.

Maggie Nichols