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The 6 Best Bamboo Sheets of 2023

We put bamboo sheets from brands like Wooflinen, Bampure, Tafts, and others to head to head tests to find the best for your bed
Best Bamboo Sheets of 2023
We tested sheets side by side, sleeping in them, spilling on them, and laundering them repeatedly to help you decide which ones are the perfect fit for your bed.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Our Top Picks

By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 25, 2022

Tired of tossing and turning in subpar sheets? We researched dozens of the best bamboo sheets on the market before landing on the top 10 most popular options to test side-by-side. Our team of experts slept in every set, comparing them based on important characteristics like next-to-skin feel, temperature control, utility, ease of cleaning, durability, and last but not least, availability of sizes and colors. We sweated in them through hot desert nights, spent mornings cuddling with the dog, and intentionally spilled wine on them to see just how easy they are to clean. We put these sheets through this battery of tests to help you in your search for that perfect set of sheets — if you've been contemplating a bamboo upgrade, let us help you find the right set for your slumber.

We take sleep seriously here at GearLab; a good night's sleep is key to fueling our outdoor adventures! Our teams are here to offer expert advice on choosing the best products to enhance your own bedroom. We've tested a ton of bed linens, and have rounded up the best sheets and selected our favorite. Additionally, we have in-depth reviews covering the cushiest mattress toppers, the coziest and top-rated comforters, and even sought out the best side sleeper pillows.


Best Overall Bamboo Sheets

Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 16 inches
Amazingly soft and silky
Excellent temperature regulation
Attractive, modern design
Construction could be sturdier
Limited color options

Bamboo sheets are often sought after for their soft silkiness that drapes across your skin, and the Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set raises the bar for the entire industry. Regardless of whether you like to sleep in PJs or climb into bed au naturel, laying in this 300 thread count sateen weave set is like being cradled by cool clouds. Wooflinen sells traditional sheet sets, but we tested their modern duvet set, which replaces the flat sheet with a bamboo duvet cover. We were skeptical at first but ended up falling in love with this contemporary upgrade. This set is incredible at temperature regulation and manages to keep both hot and cold sleepers comfortable in the same bed. And, amazingly, the red wine we spilled on this set washed out easily — as did copious amounts of labrador hair. For those with sensitive skin, these sheets are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, meaning there are no residual substances in the material that are harmful to humans.

While the durability appears to be adequate, it's important to note that sateen weaves are more susceptible to snagging. Compared to other models in our roundup, we were somewhat disappointed by the relatively loose-stitched — and in some spots, sloppy — seams on the Wooflinen pieces. Although nothing came apart during our testing and laundering, this looser stitching does conjure up some durability concerns. And though we very much like the look of the charcoal/chalk set, the color options are extremely limited. Still, we absolutely adore how the Wooflinen feel to sleep in and consider them the best bamboo sheets of our test lineup.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

best overall bamboo sheets
We adore sleeping in this ultra comfortable modern set from Wooflinen.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best for Silky Smooth Feeling


Material: 100% organic bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 16 inches
Smooth like silk
Extra elastic security
Good for oversized beds
Fitted sheet may bunch up
Wrinkles easily

The BAMPURE Organic sheet set has a similar construction to so many sets we tested but somehow manages to feel almost as smooth and slippery as silk. The 300 thread count sateen weave of this model is so silky it practically shines, making us feel like royalty sliding into bed at night. This set boasts OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification and has quality construction with protected seams inside the fitted sheet corners and double stitching on the pillowcases and flat sheet. The pocket is 16 inches deep and features extra elastic across the corners to keep them from riding up during the night. And they come in numerous colors, so you can have some vibrant diversity.

All this silky smoothness feels great. However, those with a thinner mattress may find that the extra material bunches up while sleeping. Other options cling to the mattress, but the BAMPURE are so slippery that they are most compatible with a mattress that closely fits the advertised 16-inch pocket depth. Although all-natural fiber sheets (and especially bamboo sheets) have a reputation for easily wrinkling, these wrinkle a touch more than average. When all is said and done, we think the feel of the sheets matters more than how perfectly crisp they are, and the BAMPURE has us feeling like we're living in luxury.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

bamboo sheets - best for silky smooth feeling
Drape yourself in silky goodness with the BAMPURE Organic sheets set.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best Bang for Your Buck

Tafts Bamboo 4-Piece

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 17 inches
Great fit
Silky feel
Solid construction
Limited colors
Pillowcase "edges" are a unique look

It's not easy to find sheets that feel great and fit your bed with or without that giant pillowtop addition, but the Tafts Bamboo 4-Piece set managed to check these boxes. These silky smooth sheets have a deep, 17-inch pocket that accommodates thick mattresses without loosening their grip on thinner beds. This sateen bedding breathes well despite its higher thread count, keeping us warm under a high-speed fan and cool on hot summer nights. It also boasts many double-stitched seams in all the most vulnerable areas, such as the pillowcases and inside the corners of the fitted sheet. The envelope-style pillowcases are some of our favorites, with deep pockets that actually keep pillows secure — even the well-loved ones that have lost some fluff.

Our lip balm left some highly visible smudges on the pillowcases, but they came right out (along with red wine!) in the wash without an issue. And, though we appreciate the pillowcases' high-quality double stitched seams, they're sewn around the outside. They're made of floppy bamboo, and their limp look isn't our favorite aesthetic. The Tafts are also only available in neutral colors. Still, considering their quality construction and comfort, we found these to be a great value. Even if you still consider this a steep price for your bedding budget, we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Thread Count: 400
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

bamboo sheets - best bang for your buck
When it comes to all-around performance for a reasonable price, it's hard to beat the Tafts.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best on a Tight Budget

Bedsure Cooling

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 14 inches
Loose, flowy material
Decent overall usability
Not the most solid construction
Very large pillowcases

If you're low on funds but still want a decent pair of bamboo sheets, check out the Bedsure Cooling set. These are about what we've come to expect from a set of bamboo sheets, just without the high price tag. They're decent thermoregulators, reasonably soft and smooth, and pleasant to sleep in. Compared to most others in our review, we'd describe these as drapey — very flexible, loose, and flowing. Depending on personal preference, this can either be a deal-sealer or a deal-breaker. If you're into that drapey feeling, these 100% bamboo sheets are a good value item.

These percale or plain weave sheets are slightly more snag-resistant than the sateen woven options. However, this is slightly offset by some less-than-amazing construction, with just single stitching, several exposed corners, and comparatively wimpy elastic. The pillowcases are also exceptionally large — great if you have giant pillows, but our standard pillows were swimming in them. Still, you can often find these sheets available for a great price, and if you like being swathed in loose, silky fabric, they may be just what you've been searching for.

Thread Count: 250
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

bamboo sheets - best on a tight budget
The Bedsure Cooling sheets are about average in this category, and very loose and drapey.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best for All Seasons

Pure Bamboo 4-Piece

Material: 100% organic bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 16 inches
Work well in the cold
Great envelope pillowcases
Good construction
A bit floppy
Could be softer

The Pure Bamboo 4-Piece is a solid set of organic sheets. They offer a tad more warmth than many other options, but not so much warmth that we had difficulty sleeping in them on a hot summer night. In fact, we think it's a prime option for couples who are split in their desire to be cool or warm when they sleep. They're also a great option for your winter bed as they won't leave you too cold to make it through snowy nights. Additionally, this set is well constructed, with neat stitching, protected seams, and double-stitching in their high-traffic areas. The envelope pillowcases easily contained both our oversized pillows and our scrawny flat ones, which is quite the feat. We also appreciate that they're available in multiple color options.

If you're looking for a set that will cool you off from your nightly sweat baths, you should probably choose another option. These are somewhat floppy and cling to the skin, resulting in less air circulation than that of a crisper set. Although we didn't find them unbearable on a summer's eve, especially hot sleepers might. The skin feel isn't outstanding, though compared to your old polyester rags, they feel phenomenal. If you're on the hunt for some all-season sheets, Pure Bamboo 4-Piece is a reliable option.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

bamboo sheets - best for all seasons
Though they're on the floppy side, the Pure Bamboo 4-Piece is a great choice for year-round comfort.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Best for Crispness

Royal Hotel Silky Soft

Material: 60% bamboo (viscose), 40% cotton | Pocket depth: 18 inches
Cotton adds crispness
Fairly wrinkle resistant
More forgiving care directions
Less soft
Not particularly cooling

A bamboo blend, the Royal Hotel Silky Soft sheets are 60% bamboo and 40% cotton. Much like the other blend we tested, these feel a world apart from their 100% bamboo competitors. They're much more similar to cotton sheets, offering a thicker feel and a crisper texture. Their cotton content also helps resist wrinkles better than a typical bamboo sheet, and they have less specific laundering directions that are much more forgiving than most others we tested. Compared to 100% cotton sheets, they're a bit softer and more breathable than most. Up against 100% bamboo competitors, they hold their shape and structure much better. This makes them a great option if you want bamboo without giving up that crisp sheet feeling.

The Royal Hotel Silky Soft takes more characteristics from its minority material (cotton) than bamboo. In this case, it means a loss of silkiness, smoothness, and slipperiness typically associated with dreamlike bamboo beds. And though they're not heat-trapping, they can't quite live up to the breathability of pure bamboo. That said, we think these represent a quality blend of the best of both worlds, offering comfortable sleep with a crisp finish.

Thread Count: 312
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: None

bamboo sheets - best for crispness
The Royal Hotel bamboo-cotton sheets feel more like cotton than bamboo.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Decent Value for Solid Sheets

Hotel Sheets Direct

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 15 inches
Solid all-around performance
Good balance of softness and flexibility
Unimpressive construction
Flat sheet a bit small

If you're after some decent bamboo sheets that won't break the bank, check out this set from Hotel Sheets Direct. These give you the soft, silky, cooling feeling associated with 100% bamboo at an affordable price. They're reasonably flexible while still maintaining a bit of stiffness that keeps them from being too drapey or holding in excessive body heat. They're decent thermoregulators for warm or cool nights and are certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

However, we're not overly impressed by their single-stitched construction, which has loose ends poking out after washing and clearly visible elastic around the edge of the fitted sheet. And though the flat sheet does fit the bed, it's not particularly large, so those with taller mattresses or who like to tuck in the edges are likely to be disappointed by this smaller option. This set also doesn't stand out from the rest in any particular area, but its average performance and low price might work for you.

Thread Count: 320
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

bamboo sheets - the set from hotel sheets direct has a lot to love for a much lower...
The set from Hotel Sheets Direct has a lot to love for a much lower price than most.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Thin and Silky


Material: 100% organic bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 16 inches
Very loose and drapey
Good airflow
Thin fabric causes durability concerns
Exceptionally wrinkly

For the ultimate in thin, flowing bamboo sheets that drape over your body and lay against your skin, look no further than the LINENWALAS Organic sheet set. If you want something thin to cover you while you blast the ceiling fan all night, these are those sheets. They're the thinnest-feeling sheets we tested and also the most flexible.

Unfortunately, they're so thin that we have some concerns about how they'll hold up over time — or the pattering of pet feet or unclipped toenails. While we aren't super picky about wrinkles, this set got very wrinkly during testing. No matter how many times we laundered them according to the instructions, the wrinkles prevailed and intensified with every night we spent in them. Our main concern is that its construction, fabric and seems included, gives us very little confidence in their durability. They are also an odd fit. The flat sheet is exceptionally narrow, the fitted sheet is fairly loose and bunches easily, and the envelope pillowcases are both large and have exceedingly shallow pockets that don't aid in keeping the pillows in place. Unless you're totally set on the thinnest, drapiest bamboo sheets you can find (in which case, these are it), we think there are better options out there than the LINENWALAS.

Thread Count: 300
Weave Type: Sateen
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

bamboo sheets - the envelopes of the linenwalas pillowcases are the shallowest of...
The envelopes of the LINENWALAS pillowcases are the shallowest of any we tested, and don't do much for holding your pillows in place.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Bamboo With a Backbone

Cariloha Classic

Material: 100% bamboo (viscose) | Pocket depth: 18 inches
Good construction
Decent temperature control
Not very soft
Smaller than expected

In a category of sheets that often feel fragile, the set from Cariloha Classic is a sturdy relief. These are the only contenders we tested with a twill weave, and they are sturdier than their sateen or percale counterparts. This helps them lay pleasantly across the skin without sucking you in like some others we tested. Even on a hot summer night disrupted by fitful dreams, they proved themselves to be quality temperature regulators. They feature double stitching all over and protected seams inside the pillowcases and fitted sheet corners. We also like the cheerful shade of green of the ones we tested.

However, in a category of sheets meant to caress your skin with incredible smoothness, these don't quite live up. They're not horribly rough or unpleasant compared to all sheets, just vastly underwhelming compared to the other bamboo sheets we tested. And isn't that feeling what you're here for? We were also surprised to find that, though deep-pocketed, these sheets are surprisingly small and tight on our bed in all other dimensions besides depth. The flat sheet is barely long enough to tuck into the foot of a 10" mattress, and very little hangs over the edges. The pillowcases lack the envelope closure we love so much and are also quite short and narrow, even on our scrawniest pillows, letting the ends pop out quite easily while sleeping. All in all, we expected more than we got from the Cariloha Classics, but if you want bamboo alongside a bit more durability, they may be a good match.

Thread Count: 250
Weave Type: Twill
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: None

bamboo sheets - the cariloha pillowcases are our least favorite of the bunch. barely...
The Cariloha pillowcases are our least favorite of the bunch. Barely big enough for even our most flattened pillows and without an envelope fold to seal off the end.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


A Small Step Up From 100% Microfiber

Cosy House Collection Luxury

Material: 60% bamboo (rayon), 40% microfiber (polyester) | Pocket depth: 16 inches
More durable construction
Many color options
Relatively inexpensive
Not very breathable
Not particularly soft

In our search for the best bamboo sheets, numerous bamboo blend options popped up, like these Cosy House Luxury sheets. They offer more colors than most 100% bamboo sheets, allowing you to pick your perfect shade. They also cost significantly less than many bamboo options, making them a highly appealing choice for upgrading your sleeping experience from the same old cheap sheets you've had for years. This 60% bamboo, 40% microfiber set also brings some quality construction to the table, blending more durable microfiber (aka polyester) with the less durable, rayon fibers made of bamboo. Additionally, they have neat, tidy seams, which we greatly appreciate.

If you want the unique experience of sinking into the silky coolness of bamboo sheets, you won't find it here. Sure, they're smooth and fairly soft, and if you had only your old synthetic set for comparison, they feel great. But next to some seriously silky bamboo competitors, these just don't hold a candle. They're definitely more breathable than the average microfiber sheet, but they're the least breathable bamboo set we tested. If you're here to upgrade your sheets without spending a small fortune, Cosy House may seem appealing. But even for their bargain price, we think there are far better fully bamboo options that provide superior breathability and much-improved skin feel for roughly the same cost.

Thread Count: Not specified
Weave Type: Plain/Percale
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: None

bamboo sheets - unfortunately, this bamboo-microfiber 60-40 blend from cosy house...
Unfortunately, this bamboo-microfiber 60-40 blend from Cosy House just can't stack up to the performance from 100% bamboo pieces.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Why You Should Trust Us

To really understand how each of these sets of sheets performs, we used them — A LOT. Since we didn't have years to dedicate to sleeping on them all, we simulated as much wear and tear as we could in an abbreviated time span. We washed them repeatedly, taking notes of how well they could withstand the rigors of the modern washing machine and dryer. We poured wine on them, smeared them with antiperspirant, and invited dogs to join us for cuddle sessions. We tested their breathability on hot nights and against blasting fans. We sweated in them and smelled them (yes, actually), scrutinized every detail of their construction, and scoured the web for other user complaints. As with all our reviews, we did our best to leave no stone unturned, bringing our honest and unbiased results directly to you.

This review is headed by our long-time Senior Review Editors, Maggie Brandenburg and Aaron Rice. Both Maggie and Aaron have been working from home for years, which equates to even more time spent between layers of sheets than the average human. They also both live in high desert areas that ask a lot of from a set of sheets — to keep them cool during the blazing summer and warm deep in the snowy winters. With their respective backgrounds in scientific research and extreme attention to detail, they devised a testing plan to push every sheet set to its limits. The two of them are the "sheet gurus" of the GearLab team.

Analysis and Test Results

We formulated our testing plan to cover five separate metrics that encompass everything we could want from our sheets. We also weighted each metric according to its importance in choosing the optimal set of sheets. By combining these comprehensive and mutually exclusive five metrics — skin feel, temperature control, utility, ease of cleaning, and durability — we're able to view a complete picture of each set of sheets we tested. Below, we'll go through each of the five metrics and discuss which options perform best where.

bamboo sheets
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Skin Feel

Whether you wear full-length pajamas or sleep in your birthday suit, what your sheets feel like is the most important aspect of your sleeping experience. We tested all different features of skin feel, including softness, slipperiness, stiffness, and flexibility. We laid in every pair with and without clothing and evaluated them through the course of several launderings. Before we dive into the best performers of skin feel, we would be remiss if we didn't admit that every one of these sets of sheets feels significantly softer and silkier than regular 100% polyester sheets — it's what bamboo sheets are known for. However, we compared them to each other rather than to all other sheets in the world, to bring you the softest and best feeling options out there.

What's in a Weave?
Among the sheets we tested, there are three different types of weaves, each with its own separate strengths and uses. Though there are numerous ways to create each type of weave, here is a basic breakdown of the main differences between them:
  • Plain or Percale weave is the basic lattice pattern we all think of - under one, over one, under one, and so on. It's a durable way to create fabric and resists snags, and it is typically matte in appearance.
  • Sateen weave is when each thread goes over four or more warp yarns before going under one. The threads themselves are sometimes also treated to "seal" them. Both of these strategies provide a glossier appearance and texture of fabric with a diagonal appearance. It is, however, more prone to snagging than plain weave.
  • Twill weave falls in the middle of these two, with threads passing over two warp yarns and under one. It also gives a diagonal appearance and is typically in the middle of plain and sateen weaves regarding both shininess and snagability.

Hands down, our favorite set is the Wooflinen 6-Piece Duvet Set. This inclusive set has a modern twist: it includes a duvet cover in place of a flat sheet. Though we were initially skeptical of this switcharoo, we quickly discovered that Wooflinen has nailed the skin feel of their fabric, making this contemporary set an instant hit. Even in a category filled with the softest, most supple sheets you can conceive of, these are impressive. They're soft and smooth without being so slick you feel like you're sliding around, and they lay pleasantly on the skin without draping so much you feel claustrophobic. If you're searching for another reason to never get out of bed again, these are it.

bamboo sheets - we quickly became big fans of the feel and look of the wooflinen...
We quickly became big fans of the feel and look of the Wooflinen duvet set.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The BAMPURE Organic set is a close second. They're smooth to the point of feeling a bit slippery and silky and absolutely deserving of the title "luxurious." If what you want is to indulge in some extra richness for your slumber, sleeping in the BAMPURE sheets feels like how royalty takes their rest. Not far behind are the above-average silky smooth Tafts, the soft Pure Bamboo, and the easy-to-love Bedsure Cooling. All three of these, while not being knock-outs (again, in a category defined by its silky smoothness), are still extremely pleasing to sleep on.

bamboo sheets - the bampure organic sheets are silky smooth and sleep like a dream...
The BAMPURE Organic sheets are silky smooth and sleep like a dream about ice cream.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Temperature Control

After the initial feel of sliding between your two bamboo clouds, the next most important factor of your sheets is temperature control. Bamboo appeals to many people because of its innate ability to wick moisture away and dry quickly, making them an excellent choice for muggy nights and hot sleepers. We slept in each set in the middle of a scorching hot summer. We held them up to fans and rolled around to work up a sweat. We assessed their clinginess and if they feel warm or cool to lay in. Both hot and cold sleepers tested every set to see which sheets are the most breathable and which ones are more adaptable across wide temperature spans.

Types of Bamboo Materials
Like trying to spin a t-shirt from a tree, raw bamboo can't be directly woven into fabric. Instead, it's treated with various processes to pull out the cellulose and turn it into thread for weaving material. This process involves a LOT of chemicals and can be quite harmful for the environment, which flies in the face of the environmental benefits of using bamboo in the first place. Essentially, the different "types" of bamboo fabric you can buy refer to the method by which it is made.
  • Rayon: This is a generic term for the process used to make cellulose fibers from woody plants. All of these fabrics (viscose, modal, and lyocell) are a type of rayon, whether you're making your fabric from bamboo, eucalyptus trees, or soybeans. But exactly how that rayon is made is where you find these additional terms. So all three of the following are different ways of manufacturing rayon.
  • Viscose: This is the so-called "first generation" of making threads from cellulose and is currently the most common way to turn bamboo into fabric. It typically performs similarly to cotton and is highly breathable, drapes well, and is resistant to pilling (unless it's made with short fibers). It's also the most detrimental to the environment, with tons of harmful chemical byproducts left behind. You'll often see viscose fabrics externally tested for residual harmful chemicals and designated safe for human wear with an OEKO-TEX certification (more on that later).
  • Modal: The second generation of making rayon, modal is more environmentally friendly, creating a very soft, durable fabric that's highly absorbent and easy to dye. It's often blended with other fibers to allow for easy dying and is incorporated into many household products.
  • Lyocell: This third generation of manufacturing rayon is the most environmentally friendly method, with about a 99% material recovery and recycle rate during the manufacturing process. This nanofiber is supremely wicking and even naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. It's often used in performance clothing.

No set scored a perfect 10 in this metric, but still, there are differences. Once again, the Wooflinen emerged as a favorite. Lacking a flat sheet, the duvet cover simplifies your bed, draping against your skin enough to keep you warm even under a fan, while leaving enough space for air to adequately circulate on a stifling evening. Not far behind is the Tafts 4-Piece, whose flat sheet clung to the underside of our comforter better than any other, creating a very similar temperature-regulating effect as the Wooflinen duvet cover.

bamboo sheets - the breathability of the wooflinen duvet set helps us lounge in bed...
The breathability of the Wooflinen duvet set helps us lounge in bed long after the scorching sun has risen.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Both the Hotel Sheets Direct set and BAMPURE also provide solid thermoregulation, keeping us cool through wild dreams and warm under a high-speed fan. Also notable, the Pure Bamboo 4-Piece breathes well while simultaneously offering more warmth than many others, making them a great choice for winter and all-season use.

bamboo sheets - the pure bamboo 4-piece offers both warmth and breathability and is...
The Pure Bamboo 4-Piece offers both warmth and breathability and is a solid choice for all-season comfort.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

We'd also like to point out that we tested two sets of sheets that are bamboo-majority blends of fabrics. The Cosy House Collection Luxury are 60% bamboo and 40% microfiber, while the Royal Hotel Silky Soft are 60% bamboo and 40% cotton. Both benefit from the breathability of bamboo when compared to 100% versions of their minority material (microfiber and cotton), but neither can hold a candle to the cooling properties we experienced from every 100% bamboo set we tested.

bamboo sheets - though the royal hotel sheets, a blend of bamboo and cotton, can't...
Though the Royal Hotel sheets, a blend of bamboo and cotton, can't quite keep up with the breathability of the all-bamboo options, they are much crisper than any bamboo set we tested, if that's something you look for in your bedding.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


A set of sheets that won't stay put on your bed can be really frustrating. We considered pocket depth to accommodate mattresses of various thicknesses, evaluated elastic effectiveness and corner shape, checked the amount of overhang around edges, and stuffed pillows of numerous different fluffinesses into the cases. After sleeping on them, we checked to see if the corners rode up, if extra fabric pooled in the middle, or if pillows escaped their cases. We also considered how many sizes and colors each set of sheets is available in, what comes in a set (and other options available for purchase), and how well those are likely to fit into the average bedroom decor.

Measure Your Bed
Just because your bed is a California King or your pillows are "standard" doesn't mean they'll accommodate just any sheets. Pillow sizes are highly variable, and mattress depth is extremely important when it comes to keeping your bedding where it belongs. Newer mattresses tend to be thicker than ones of old, so measure how thick yours is, add at least 1 if not 2 inches to that measurement, and look for sheets that list that pocket depth. But don't get them too large! Either way, if you get the wrong depth, you'll likely find yourself yanking down corners or dealing with pooling fabric in the middle of the night.

We're most impressed by the Tafts' ability to stay in place. With a deep, 17 inch pocket on the fitted sheet, this set is ready to cover the thick mattresses that are so popular today. Even on a much shorter mattress, the fitted sheet clings to the bed below, rather than your body on top, staying in place throughout the night better than any other set we tested. And while many come with envelope style pillowcases, the Tafts is one of the few that's actually deep enough to keep our pillows (both poofy and flat) not only contained but also hidden all night, no matter if we used those pillows for our heads, under our torsos, or between our knees. The flat sheet has plenty of room to be tucked in. When it comes to staying put, this set is everything we want.

bamboo sheets - the pillowcases from tafts are what we want in an envelope case; the...
The pillowcases from Tafts are what we want in an envelope case; the right size for poofy or flattened pillows and an envelope flap that's deep enough to hold them in place without letting anything peak out.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Next up are the Wooflinen and Pure Bamboo sets. Similar to the Tafts, the Wooflinen clings to the duvet and to the mattress rather than your body, to stay solidly in place. It also has the deepest envelopes on the pillowcases. The Pure Bamboo are sized right and do an above-average job of staying in place throughout a fitful night of sleep as well. The Hotel Sheets Direct set fits fairly well, though not quite as snug as higher-scoring contenders. If you have an oversized mattress or a bulging pillow topper, the BAMPURE might be right up your alley, as they're quite large and better suited to accommodating oversized beds than many others.

bamboo sheets - we're looking for corners that are the right shape to stay put, a...
We're looking for corners that are the right shape to stay put, a texture that holds your bed and not your PJs, the right measurements to accommodate a variety of mattresses, and elastic that can hold it all in place.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Cleaning

Firstly, if you're hoping for sheets that are easy to clean, can be bleached, washed in scalding water, or smoothed with a hot iron, bamboo sheets probably aren't what you're looking for. It seems that every single set has slightly different care instructions, and most of them involve babying them, never bleaching, never getting them hot and wet at the same time, and only using a low iron, if at all. To test these sensitive sheets' ability to be easily and quickly cleaned, we simplified their directions and then laundered them all repeatedly. We noted which ones seem to ooze wrinkles more than others, we sweated in them and sniffed them, and we purposely tried to stain them with deodorant and red wine.

How to Care for Bamboo

While we're all guilty of sometimes cutting off tags without remembering what they say about caring for the garment, we strongly recommend NOT doing that with your new sheets. It seems that just about every set we tested had a slightly different set of directions on how to best launder them for maximum longevity, so be sure to follow whatever the directions say.

Also, there are a lot of complaints about bamboo sheets being wrinkly. Yes, they will wrinkle. No, you can't stop them. Unfortunately, one of the properties of rayon (see above if you missed the explanation of what bamboo rayon is) is that it is very wrinkle-prone and often can't be ironed. If you have a strong aversion to wrinkled sheets, we'd advise against bamboo.

Most models easily shed their red wine stains after a single gentle cycle with no pretreatment and mild detergent. Only two sets required a second wash (with the same settings) to get out the remaining faint reddish patches, the LINENWALAS and Cariloha, both of which we also tested in lighter colors (ivory and sage, respectively). Several pillowcases grabbed faint oily residue from lip balm, but all rinsed clean with no problems.

bamboo sheets - the linenwalas sheets are the most wrinkle-prone set we tested - if...
The LINENWALAS sheets are the most wrinkle-prone set we tested - if you care about that sort of thing.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

While bamboo sheets are very wrinkle-prone, some proved to be much more so than others. The LINENWALAS, in particular, are outrageously wrinkly. While we personally don't care much about the look of wrinkly sheets if they feel good, these are just too absurd to ignore. The Cariloha pillowcases also picked up some very unattractive wrinkles along the edges of the openings, forcing them to unevenly expose the ends of our pillows even more than their small size already did. If wrinkles aren't your thing, you can iron many of these sheets on a low setting (though we're not sure it's worth your time). However, the Wooflinen and Cosy House Collection Luxury sets may not be ironed at all.

bamboo sheets - all bamboo sheets are much more prone to wrinkling than cotton or...
All bamboo sheets are much more prone to wrinkling than cotton or microfiber alternatives. Additionally, they can be rather picky to care for, so be sure to read your tags.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Unfortunately, being the longest-lasting set of sheets around isn't something bamboo sheets are known for. However, there are many things that go into an individual sheet or pillowcase's ability to cradle you for years to come: the specific blend of fabrics used, the weave that holds them together, the seams and actual stitching around edges, and high-traffic corners — among other things. We inspected every aspect of these sets, from elastic closures and buttons to hems and seams and even the fabric itself. We considered thread count, checked for loose threads, pilling, and snags. And because we didn't have years to sleep on every set, we spent hours combing through other users' reviews for recurring issues.

What does an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification mean?
As we previously discussed (see Temperature Control section if you missed it), making bamboo into rayon into fabric is a chemically intensive process. After completing this process, many manufacturers choose to have their products tested for any trace amounts of harmful chemicals that could remain. If they prove that they are free from such damaging chemicals, they are given the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. If you're switching to bamboo linens because you're concerned about the environment, this certification does not mean your sheets are environmentally friendly. While growing and using bamboo is an environmentally friendly process, the manufacturing of bamboo viscose receives a very low score of E from the Made-By Environmental Benchmark of Fibres (modal is slightly better, in Class D, and lyocell scores higher yet, in Class B). To instead support environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices, try lyocell fabrics or look for products with the OEKO-TEX MADE IN GREEN certification.

When it comes to solid construction, the Tafts take the cake. With many double-stitched seams and seams protected from rubbing on your bed or pillow, this set is thoughtfully put together. The Cariloha Classic set is also designed with a harder-to-snag twill weave and sturdy double stitching with additional seam coverage protecting vulnerable corners from abrasion.

bamboo sheets - though the cariloha classics aren't our favorite set of sheets for...
Though the Cariloha Classics aren't our favorite set of sheets for other reasons, when it comes to durability, they're one of the best.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

The BAMPURE are nearly as nice but lack the extra security that the Tafts pillowcases provide by neatly positioning the dual-stitched seams around the outside edges of the pillowcase instead of leaving loose threads floating around inside. The BAMPURE fitted sheet also has an extra thick band of elastic across each corner, adding extra holding power and longevity to the piece. The Cosy House Collection Luxury fabric is another that is more durable, as it's blended with microfiber, which is a synthetic polyester material designed to be durable.

bamboo sheets - holy sheets!
Holy sheets!
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


Buying sheets online without being able to truly see and feel them first can be a challenge — we get it. By buying and testing the best bamboo bedding available, we hope that our honest results have helped you figure out which sheets are going to cradle you off to sleep, all without leaving the comfort of your home (or bed). Sweet dreams!

Maggie Nichols

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