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The 6 Best Microfiber Sheets of 2023

We tested microfiber sheets from Danjor Linens, Amazon Basics, Mellanni, and others to find the best sheet sets for your bed
Best Microfiber Sheets of 2023
Love the plush feeling of microfiber? Our review looks at 10 of the best products on the market to help direct you toward your next set of microfiber bed sheets.
Credit: Aaron Rice

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By Aaron Rice ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 18, 2023

Looking for your next set of ultra-soft bed sheets? For this review, we researched dozens of the best microfiber sheets and purchased 9 of the best on the market to compare side-by-side. Our expert review team designs objectively honest tests to bring you the most comprehensive analysis available. We slept in every set of sheets through the heat of the summer to gauge comfort, curled up with a good book to judge skin feel, and laundered these sets repeatedly to simulate extensive use. Our experts have put in the work to assess quality and value to help you find that next set of sheets that will lead to a great night's sleep.

From cooling sheets to the best weighted blankets, deciding on bedding can seem impossible with so many options flooding the market. We've been hard at work testing the best bamboo sheets, top-rated body pillows, the best mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and more. No matter your budget, we can help you find the best products to optimize quality sleep.


Best Overall Microfiber Sheets

Danjor Linens 1800 Series 6 Piece

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Wildly soft
6-piece set
Slightly slippery
Thin elastic on fitted sheet

We think even microfiber naysayers will appreciate the attention to detail displayed by the Danjor Linens 1800 Series 6 Piece. This set demonstrated impressive craftsmanship in every stitch, which was obvious to us before we even tried them out. Right out of the package, these sheets are super soft and only improved after laundering. We loved curling up in these sheets, and we found them to provide an ideal sleeping temperature for both hot and cold sleepers, whether they were gracefully draped across us or tucked in tightly.

Upon further inspection, we noticed the flat sheet had a pill that could eventually lead to a rip, especially if the care instructions weren't followed. The 16" pockets that come on the fitted sheet wrapped around a pillow-top mattress as expected, but the slim elastic hem means restless sleepers might end up pulling it from the corners during the night. The Danjor Linens set feels a bit slick compared to the others we tested, but nothing like a silk set or a sateen weave of a cotton sheet. Still, by the end of our test period, we had difficulty parting with this soft and cozy sheet set.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcases: Envelope style

Health Rating: None

best overall microfiber sheets
The Danjor Linens set is perfect in nearly every way, setting the standard for a high-quality set of microfiber sheets.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Bang for the Buck

Amazon Basics Lightweight Easy Care

GSM Weight: Not Listed | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Wide array of colors to choose from
Easily adjusted fitted sheet
Nearly sheer fabric
Poor breathability

At first, we weren't wowed by the appearance or sensation of the Amazon Basics Lightweight Easy Care set. However, after we laundered them, we found the texture to be much nicer to the touch, and they were well-constructed, too — particularly when you consider their low cost. If you won't accept sheets that are anything other than crisp and cool, then microfiber probably isn't for you. If allergens don't allow you to use natural fiber sheets, this set can fill in for them quite well. These semi-transparent sheets are notably thinner than the rest of the sets we tested, but they're still a fresh, crisp option relative to the other more flexible style microfiber sheets. This is the only set tested with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, ensuring you won't bring any damaging leftover chemicals into your home.

A downside with these sheets is the lack of temperature regulation. During hot nights, the material felt sweltering, which many may find highly problematic. Additionally, their 100% polyester construction gives them an almost vinyl feel. Once washed, they felt somewhat softer. Unfortunately, the sheets still fell short of the super "cozy" touch you want when it's time to crawl into bed. The fitted sheet slipped onto an 18" mattress effortlessly (despite an advertised 16" pocket depth), but it felt slicker than all the other options we tested. The perk is this set comes in dozens of patterns and colors, and thanks to the low price, you can probably get a couple of sets to change things up whenever you like.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

microfiber sheets - best bang for the buck
We agree, this colorway wasn't the best choice (unless you are a fan of the circus...) Fortunately, the AmazonBasics set is available in more than 40 colors and over a dozen patterns.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best for Breathability

Mellanni Brushed 1800

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Airy in a way that seems to "hover" above your skin
Tons of color options
Tags include pillow measurements
Thin elastic makes for a loose fitted sheet
Light static

The Mellanni Brushed 1800 bed sheets are another favorite we couldn't help but want to wrap around us. Even after a hot, midsummer night, we wanted to stay curled up in these sheets to sneak in a few extra minutes in the morning. They are luxuriously airy and seem to magically hover over your skin while you sleep, pleasantly balancing warmth and breathability. This set is super soft and wonderfully supple, falling around the body with the same natural grace of a silk shirt or dress. Available in almost four dozen different colorways and ten unique patterns, we're certain that there is a set to match your tastes. It is often the small but thoughtful details that seal the deal; in this case, we appreciate that Mellanni includes pillow measurements on the tag so that you can easily find pillows that properly fit the cases.

These included measurements are important because the envelope-style pillowcases are slightly too big for standard-size pillows. So while the cases are highlighted with a deeply saturated satin stitch — adding to this set's luxurious appearance, the pillows look a bit sloppy with the extra material draped off the end. The fitted sheet also presents a bit of a paradox: even though it is tight to pull over a mattress, it always managed to end up slightly uneven from front to back and fit loosely, requiring constant adjustment. That said, we never ended up in a sheet snap-trap and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this Mellanni set every night.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - best for breathability
From a deeply saturated color palette, to finely finished satin stitching on the pillowcases, the Mellani sheets are top-of-the-line.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Cooling Sheet

CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury 4-Piece

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Remarkable airflow
Properly sized fitted sheet
Thick, yet lightweight
Confusing ironing instructions
Oversized envelope pillowcase

Microfiber sheets are not known for their cooling effects, but the CGK Unlimited Hotel Luxury 4-Piece sheets come closest to filling that niche. Compared to the thick weaves of the competition, we're impressed with the airiness of these super lightweight sheets. While other sets we tested trap air in an insulating layer around the body, the CGK sheets promote positive airflow, creating a lasting cooling effect. The soft, pliable polyester microfiber is still incredibly comfortable to curl up and roll around in without feeling trapped. This set also has the best fitted sheet of any in this review by far, with perfectly rounded corners that easily fit an 18" mattress. The fitted sheet's qualities, combined with the flexible and breathable top sheet, make this the ideal set for those who tend to toss and turn on hot summer nights.

Unfortunately, a few factors might work against the utopian dream of a peaceful night's rest. These sheets are satiny smooth as well as the slipperiest set we tested. The static build-up is also a noticeable problem as it causes the sheets to stick to clothes and skin. The elastic hem is not sewn into the fitted sheet itself, so it could slip from a mattress during the night, particularly if you use a mattress cover. The envelope pillowcases are oversized, and although we didn't have issues with this during our testing, several dropped stitches in ours lead us to suspect this may not be the longest-lasting option. That said, these sheets are excellent for anyone who gets overheated during the night especially given the price.

Material: 100% microfiber
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - best cooling sheet
Afraid that microfiber may not be the right fit if you are a hot sleeper? Take a closer look at the CGK Unlimited set, and think again.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best for Wrinkle Resistance

SONORO KATE Super Soft 1800

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Tightly woven
Able to be lightly ironed
Extra material on fitted sheet and pillowcases
Sateen-feel sticks to skin

Unless you pull microfiber sheets straight from the dryer and immediately stretch them out across your bed, you will likely experience issues with wrinkling. This sweeping generalization notwithstanding, there are some particular characteristics of the SONORO KATE Super Soft 1800 sheets that we believe combat this common crisis. Regardless of their weight of 1800 grams per meter — a number shared by nearly every other sheet in this review — this particular set feels much heavier than the other contenders. Made of microfiber, they are soft and supple, but they do not exactly have the same perpetually relaxed feel as some of the seemingly thinner sheets we tested. We wouldn't go so far as to call these wrinkle-free, but they did press nearly flat on our bed, even after being folded for a few days post-laundering. And it helps that these are one of the few sets we tested that give you the green light to "lightly iron if needed."

These sheets do not cling to your sides — in fact, they have the opposite effect, affording lots of air space around the whole body, even when wrapped up. But they do have the skin-grabbing feel akin to a satin-weave cotton sheet, which can be very uncomfortable for those with sensitive, dry skin. Even though the fitted sheet evenly stretched over our thick, 18" mattress, there was still a lot of extra material, which made it awkward to get the right fit. Similarly, the pillowcases have inches of extra material on the tail end, essentially canceling out the luxury appearance of the 3-stripe, satin stitch that highlights the pillows. But to their credit, the tags on the pillowcases of SONORO KATE identify the dimensions of an appropriate pillow to fill the cases, even if those pillows are slightly larger than the standard size.

Material: 100% Polyester
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - best for wrinkle resistance
No sheet will lay perfectly flat without ironing. Fortunately you can indeed iron the SONORO KATE set, an option not afforded to many sheets we tested.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best for Deep Pockets

Utopia Bedding Soft Brushed

GSM Weight: Not Listed | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Pockets are much deeper than listed
No cling
Oversized pillowcases

Sometimes, it pays off to put advertising claims to the test — hey, that's our job, right? In the case of the Utopia Bedding Soft Brushed set, the claimed 15" pockets of the fitted sheet will accommodate mattresses that are much, much thicker. The fitted sheet we tested had more than enough material to stretch across an 18" thick mattress, and even had a little extra material to spare — in fact, we don't recommend this bed set for anything but the thickest mattresses. The sheets are soft and continue to soften with time, but they don't particularly stand out in a category defined by comfy sheets. They verge on being crisp and are slightly more breathable than similarly rated sets.

Without a listed GSM weight, we wonder how durable these sheets actually are. They appear to be nearly sheer, thin enough to see all of the tags when stretched across a mattress or pillow. This is the first sheet we've encountered in our extensive sheet testing across many bedding categories that completely lacks a hem on the flat sheet. On top of that, the stitching feels loose across all the pieces in this set. We worry that many user claims of the fabric ripping after the first time laundering may not be far from the truth.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - best for deep pockets
We were amazed by how the fitted sheet of the Utopia Bedding set engulfed our thick mattresses, a great option for those with oversized beds.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Good Crisp Option

Bare Home 1800 Ultra-Soft

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 15 inches
Thick hem
Stiffer than most competitors
Comparatively expensive
A mess of loose threads

As a synthetic material, microfiber itself can be designed to suit the particular wants of the manufacturer — as a result, not all microfiber sheets are created equal. The Bare Home 1800 Ultra-Soft sheets live up to their name, with noticeably shorter fibers that combat any thought of "chamois cloth". The thick weave is a pleasantly stiff alternative compared to the competition, and this sheet set even has a bit of a shine, similar to a sateen weave on a cotton sheet. This makes them feel comparatively crisp, affording a very comfortable night's sleep, even in the heat of summer.

Sliding between the sheets, you immediately notice a static cling, and there is very little space between the sheet and your skin, regardless of your sleeping position. The Bare Home sheets have a fine outward appearance, but a closer look reveals some serious flaws. The seams are remarkably simple — this is generally not an issue, except that they are poorly sewn. We appreciate the look and feel of the thick hem on the flat sheet, but turning it over revealed a tangled mess of threads at the end of a seam. This finding leads us to believe many of the user claims we read that the seams may just fall apart after only a month of use. This is disappointing, considering the relatively higher price of these sheets relative to the competition. But with a full array of available sizes — from Full XL beds to Split Head Flex Kings — the price may be worth it to fit those unusually sized beds.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Standard

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - no microfiber sheet will feel as crisp as a set of natural fiber...
No microfiber sheet will feel as crisp as a set of natural fiber sheets (cotton, bamboo, linen.) But thanks to a sateen-like finish, the Bare Home set comes closer to that ideal than many others we tested.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Good for the Winter

Sweet Home Collection 1500 Fine Brushed

GSM Weight: 1500 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Warm for their weight
Extra corner elastic bands
Started pilling immediately
Easily wrap you up when rolling over

In some ways, the Sweet Home Collection 1500 Fine Brushed sheets set the definition of average for this entire category. Overall, they are super soft to the touch but not quite as cozy to curl up in. They are smooth and supple but do very much feel like a brushed version of the chamois cloth. Initially, they feel lightweight and airy but retain much more heat than expected. For those diehard fans of microfiber, this would be a great set to carry you through the coldest months of the year.

Unfortunately, this set also helps define all of the issues with microfiber sheets. Unfolding the sheets from the packaging, we immediately noticed tons of loose threads, signifying that these are not super high-quality. Fortunately, the fitted sheet has additional elastic bands stretching across the corners because the main elastic hem is shockingly thin. The polyester is also very thin, and the face material started to pill and show signs of wearing through after the very first night we slept in them. Even with proper care, we cannot imagine these sheets will enjoy a very long life on any bed.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - if you love the warmth provided by many microfiber sheets, then the...
If you love the warmth provided by many microfiber sheets, then the Sweet Home Collection sheets are bound to keep you warm and cozy through the winter.
Credit: Aaron Rice


An Option for Every Bed

Nestl Luxury Extra Soft 1800

GSM Weight: 1800 | Pocket Depth: 16 inches
Tons of colorways
Sized for every possible size/shape of bed
Overlapping material on fitted sheet, even when pulled tight

For those having difficulty finding a set of sheets to fit their out-of-the-ordinary bed, the Nestl Luxury Extra Soft 1800 set likely comes in a size that will accommodate your specific needs. From the Olympic Queen to the Split California King and even waterbeds, these sheets are only rivaled by the Bare Home set when it comes to unique size offerings. The sateen-like material exhibits a noticeably tighter weave, making them another great option for a thicker winter set of sheets. Considering the size options, it is no surprise that their bright color palette is offered in 44 varieties.

If variety is the spice of life, then it can only be truly enjoyed if you want to try it. With regard to the Nestl Bedding set, we had a tough time wanting to spend more than one night on these sheets. They are soft in the hands but have an overwhelming, chamois-like feel that is noticeably scratchier than all other sheets we tested. They squeak when you move around in bed and stick to clothing and skin. The heavy, sateen-like weave is equally hot to sleep in — they may be great in the winter, but they are much too hot to enjoy in the summertime.

Material: 100% polyester
Pillowcase Style: Envelope

Health Rating: None

microfiber sheets - although these are not the best performing sheets in our review, the...
Although these are not the best performing sheets in our review, the Nestl Bedding set still has a lot of merit in terms of options available at a great price point.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Why You Should Trust Us

To kick off our testing process, we first perform our due diligence of online research. After scouring the internet for the best and most popular microfiber sheets on the market, we whittled our selection down to just 9 sets. By purchasing these sheets at retail cost, we can advertise an objectively honest review based on side-by-side comparisons. Our experts incorporate years of combined scientific research experience into this process to develop comprehensive test plans. Even though we cannot spend years examining each set of sheets, our team spends a lot of time scrutinizing every detail. We simulate years of use by putting them through multiple wash and dry cycles, documenting important durability characteristics, and noting any significant changes in softness over time. We inspect every stitch for craftsmanship and quality and note any flaws that often affect the lifespan of a set of sheets. And, of course, we sleep in them! By testing each set in succession, we can comment on important attributes like breathability, heat retention, skin feel, and just how much you can roll around before ending up in a burrito wrap. Our commentary is unbiased and unaffiliated, and we offer up one of the most technical reviews available to better inform your purchasing power.

How better to test ease of cleaning then by dumping some red wine on...
How better to test ease of cleaning then by dumping some red wine on these sheets? Microfiber is astoundingly good at withstanding even the worst stains.
Unfortunately, many of the envelope pillowcases we tested are...
Unfortunately, many of the envelope pillowcases we tested are unfortunately sized; most of them seem like they were designed to fit King-size, rather than Standard-size pillows.
Even a single loose thread can lead to a stitch dropping over time...
Even a single loose thread can lead to a stitch dropping over time. The small things often add up to seriously influence durability.

Two of our Senior Review Editors, Aaron Rice and Maggie Nichols, have combined their expertise on home goods for this review. As high-desert dwellers of the American Southwest (New Mexico and Nevada, respectively), our team looks for sheets capable of providing a great night's sleep in any climate. Their particular regions require sheet sets that can keep them cool through blistering summer heat and warm through long, snowy winters. Both of our editors have worked from home for a while now, so they likely spend a bit more time in bed than just those extra few minutes in the morning. Their experience and living conditions make them the perfect candidates to tackle the challenge of putting some of the most highly reviewed bed sheets on the market through GearLab's rigorous test trials.

microfiber sheets - mmm... a tough day in the life of product testing...
Mmm... a tough day in the life of product testing...
Credit: Aaron Rice

Analysis and Test Results

In the world of bed sheets, microfiber tends to be the most price-conscious option — but that doesn't mean these sheets should be of any lower quality. We all spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, so it was important that we developed a test plan that incorporates some of the most important factors that we don't normally have the opportunity to consider when asleep. We came up with five comprehensive and mutually exclusive metrics to rate each set of sheets: skin feel, temperature control, utility, ease of cleaning, and durability. We weigh each metric according to its relative importance — for example, temperature control is more important than utility. We consider the pros and cons of each set of sheets relative to one another, breaking down the nuanced differences through side-by-side comparison. This informed approach gives us a solid idea of which sheets stand out from the competition so that you can decide which set perfectly suits the needs of your bedroom.

microfiber sheets - microfiber sheets are renowned for their plush feel, which we put to...
Microfiber sheets are renowned for their plush feel, which we put to the test by curling up and sleeping in each set.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Skin Feel

We all want to dive into bed at the end of a long day and wrap ourselves up in an uber-comfy set of sheets. Thanks to a finely tuned production process, microfiber sheets can be woven with such fine threads that they are often some of the softest sheets on the market. We understand that skin feel is a subjective and highly personal preference — some of us may look for a super soft sheet, while others might want their sheets to be super smooth or noticeably crisp. We slept in every set of sheets, with and without clothes, judging qualities like softness, smoothness, slipperiness, and flexibility. We also made sure to launder each set repeatedly to judge how these sheets change in terms of feel over time.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber with a denier rating of less than one. This is easy to remember because, as a unit of mass density, the denier rating is based on the density of a single strand of silk — a single strand of silk is approximately one denier.

Microfiber can be made from polyamides, polypropylene, and in the case of most bed sheets, polyester. Practically all of the sheets in this review are 100% polyester. Still, the size and shape of the microfibers used by each company make for differences in softness, durability, stain absorption, and breathability. Don't forget that all those poly- prefixes mean that microfiber is a petroleum-based product. This synthetic production is a big part of why these sheets are generally much lower cost than naturally grown options like Egyptian cotton sheets.

microfiber sheets - the danjor linens sheets are soft in a way that is different from...
The Danjor Linens sheets are soft in a way that is different from many other microfiber options, with absolutely none of the thick, chamois-like feel.
Credit: Aaron Rice

For those who have been sleeping in cotton sheets their entire lives, the feel of microfiber will likely be a bit of a surprise — it may be useful to relate their feeling to a thin flannel sheet. The impressive Danjor Linens are soft, supple, and silky smooth in the most delicate way, so you'll be happy to curl up for those extra 15 minutes in the morning. Similar in feel are the Mellanni sheets that feel like a silk shirt or dress in the way that they fall around your body. The brushed microfiber of these particular sheets makes them slightly more slippery than others we tested, but nowhere near like a set of silk or even sateen-finished cotton sheets.

microfiber sheets - for those who are a fan of sateen-weave cotton sheets, the mellanni...
For those who are a fan of sateen-weave cotton sheets, the Mellanni sheet set has a similar finish for an ultra-smooth texture.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Microfiber is commonly used to make lighter-weight alternatives to thicker chamois cloths, so it should not be surprising that some of these sheets feel akin to wrapping up in an ultra-soft towel. The Utopia and SONORO KATE collections have this feel to them, which is by no means a bad thing — particularly if you like thicker feeling sheets — but it is a preference that might not appeal to everyone. On the other end of the polyester spectrum, the Amazon Basics sheets have much more of a vinyl feel that is often attributed to full-synthetic textiles. Although these sheets softened up a bit after washing, they are still much stiffer and more slippery than any other set we tested.

The only way to really test the skin feel of these sheets is to...
The only way to really test the skin feel of these sheets is to spend plenty of time laying in them, rolling around, curling up, and taking notes on what feels good and what does not.
The AmazonBasics sheets are particularly sheer, and their 100%...
The AmazonBasics sheets are particularly sheer, and their 100% polyester weave unfortunately exhibits the worst qualities of this fabric. Although they soften up over time, they are not nearly as comfortable to the touch as other sheets we tested.

Temperature Control

Despite being lightweight, microfiber is not usually heralded as the solution for the hot sleepers of the world. As a sweeping generality, the ultra-thin microfibers afford a tight weave that often retains heat than actively sheds it. Although they are not naturally moisture-wicking like cotton or bamboo sheets, they are spectacularly quick-drying. So even if you have to endure an especially sweaty midsummer night, your microfiber sheets may be dry in time for you to cuddle up through the early morning hours.

What does GSM mean?

Probably the greatest misconception about microfiber sheets is that they all boast an impossibly high thread count. The numbers associated with a set of sheets are often incorrectly advertised or misinterpreted, mainly because thread count is falsely plugged as the only way to judge bed sheets. When you see a sheet like the Danjor Linens 1800, that series number is the GSM, not the thread count.

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is simply the weight of one square meter of fabric. Similar to thread count, GSM is a way to measure the thickness of a material. But where thread count is used mostly in describing natural fibers like cotton, GSM is used to describe synthetic fibers like polyester. Unlike cotton, polyester fibers can be made so thin that a thread count number no longer becomes a useful way to judge fabric weight.

microfiber sheets - brushed microfiber is a finishing process for polyester that is very...
Brushed microfiber is a finishing process for polyester that is very similar to the sateen-finish of cotton sheets. This process improves smoothness, but often at the detriment to breathability, as is the case with the Sweet Home Collection sheets.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Since most microfiber sheets tend to be on the warmer side, we were most impressed by those that are not always warm. Once again, our highest performers rise to the top, with the Mellanni sheets as a standout in terms of breathability. Even though they may fall on the warm side compared to other material types, we were comfortable laying underneath them even on a hot summer night. The CGK Unlimited sheets were also particularly airy. Unlike most of the other sheets we tested, you can actually feel air comfortably pass through these sheets, resulting in a very restful night's sleep.

microfiber sheets - higher quality sheets, like the mellanni set, have developed a...
Higher quality sheets, like the Mellanni set, have developed a process that produces smoothly brushed microfiber without losing their breathable quality.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Comfort is likely the most important aspect and how most of us tend to judge a great set of sheets. But what good are the most comfortable sheets in the world if they don't fit your bed? We considered different pocket depths and how they accommodate mattresses of various thicknesses. We also found significant discrepancies between what is claimed and how much the fitted sheets stretch. Even though the Utopia Bedding set advertised 15" pockets, the fitted sheet easily stretched over an 18" mattress and then some.

Make Sure to Measure Your Bed

Even though all Queen-size bedspreads should fit a standard-sized bed, we have found that there are often great departures from the norm. Our advice? Measure your bed.

Pay close attention to the mattress depth, as this number tends to vary the most between options. Keep in mind that older mattresses tend to compress over time, and it may be obvious when stated here, but it is an easy mistake to forget that your topper adds a few inches. To ensure that a fitted sheet stretches comfortably over your mattress, it's best to err on the side of caution and add 1-2 inches to the measured thickness.

The Sweet Home Collection is the only sheet we tested in this round...
The Sweet Home Collection is the only sheet we tested in this round that includes extra elastic bands around the bottom corners to help keep these sheets in place.
It's a good thing that the Sweet Home Collection sheets have extra...
It's a good thing that the Sweet Home Collection sheets have extra bands to secure the fitted sheet, because the elastic hem is particularly thin.

To ensure that you don't end up wrapped up like a burrito in the middle of the night, it is important to consider how well sheets wrap around mattress corners. The CGK Unlimited and SONORO KATE fitted sheets have particularly well-designed seams that round the corners of a mattress perfectly, even on an extra-thick, 18" mattress. It is also pertinent to judge the effectiveness of an elastic wrap on a fitted sheet to make sure that it stays in place, particularly for those who would classify themselves as "aggressive" sleepers. The Sweet Home Collection fitted sheet is the only one we tested that has extra elastic bands around the bottom corners, while other sets like the high-scoring Mellanni have awfully loose fitted sheets that barely hug a mattress.

Well-designed corners seem to be a reoccurring issue with many...
Well-designed corners seem to be a reoccurring issue with many microfiber fitted sheets. Like the Nestl Bedding sheets pictured here, you often end up with extra material bound up in the corner, and/or bunched up along the sides of the mattress.
The CGK Unlimited fitted sheet is the only one we tested that...
The CGK Unlimited fitted sheet is the only one we tested that doesn't sew the elastic hem into the sheet; we can envision this easily slipping off a mattress covered with a slick protector.

To fully assess utility, we also made sure to judge sheet sets on variety, both in terms of color and sizing options. The variety of color options and patterns is a particularly strong suit of microfiber sheets — thanks, in part, to their synthetic nature. Many of these sheet sets, including the Mellanni, Amazon Basics, Nestl Bedding, and Sweet Home Collection, have over 40 colorways to choose from. We also awarded points to the Sweet Home Collection and award-winning Danjor Linens collections for the fact that they are sold in 6-piece sets, offering extra pillowcases for those of us who like to sleep with two pillows. If you happen to have an oddly sized bed — like a Split California King or an Olympic Queen — check out the Bare Home or Nestl Bedding sets that offer a full array of size options.

Satin stitches are luxurious highlights that we love to see on...
Satin stitches are luxurious highlights that we love to see on pillowcases. But for some reason, the EASELAND set we received had just one pillowcase with a totally different color stitch from the other three cases...
We see an envelope pillowcase as a great thing to include in a...
We see an envelope pillowcase as a great thing to include in a pillowcase design, but only when it properly fits the pillow... We won't pick on one brand here, because this was an unfortunate trend among a majority of sets we tested.

Ease of Cleaning

The true value of microfiber sheets is fully expressed in their ease of cleaning. The main advantage of such a fine polyester weave is that these sheets are particularly adept at repelling particulates. The tight weave resists dust and other allergens — most of the sheets we tested are advertised as hypoallergenic, and although neither of our experts suffer from airborne or skin allergies, our research generally confirms these claims. It is important to note that microfiber sheets are likely unsuitable for those with extremely sensitive skin conditions due to the chemical production process.

The Standard in Textile Testing
Like most textile production, the manufacturing process for microfiber sheets is, unfortunately, chemical-intensive. It is a long way from the factory to your bedroom, and to ensure that those chemicals don't become a part of your nightly routine, many producers opt to have their sheets tested for remaining harmful chemicals post-production. OEKO-TEX is an independent consortium that sets the standard for textile testing. An OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification means that your sheets are verified to be "harmless in human ecological terms" — and you can rest easy knowing that this certification often exceeds national and international requirements for testing.

microfiber sheets - the amazonbasics set is the only one in this round that has an...
The AmazonBasics set is the only one in this round that has an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. Be aware that many companies will advertise this certification, but only sheets that carry this tag have actually gone through the testing process.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Besides rebuffing allergens, microfiber sheets are also excellent at avoiding stains. We tested this by intentionally spilling red wine on each sheet and giving it time to absorb and set. Even without any pre-wash stain treatment (including dabbing), every set of sheets managed to avoid any permanent blotches, and all of the stains lifted easily the first time through the wash. Continuing to build upon the point that microfiber is a great low-maintenance option for bed sheets, all of these are exceptionally fast drying. Although the instructions for everything we tested suggest putting them through a dryer on a low setting, we noted that most dry in less than 15 minutes — perfect for cutting down your time at the laundromat.

Microfiber and Wrinkly Sheets

Many claim that microfiber sheets are the solution to wrinkle-prone bamboo or cotton sheets. We beg to differ — although it certainly helps to fold your sheets right out of the dryer, the only time we experienced non-wrinkled sheets was when we pulled them out and laid them immediately on the bed.

To avoid any potential complications (read: melting) of these polyester sheets, most manufacturers warn against ironing. Only the Amazon Basics, SONORO KATE, and Utopia Bedding sets indicate that ironing on a low/cool setting is okay.

microfiber sheets - unless you immediately take these sheets from the dryer to the bed...
Unless you immediately take these sheets from the dryer to the bed, microfiber sheets often end up in a wrinkled mess. Some, like the Utopia Bedding set, can be ironed on low, but many others cannot for fear of melting the polyester fibers.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Durability is an interesting question to consider when appraising the value of a set of microfiber sheets. Many argue that (again due to the tightly woven polyester) strength is a principal quality of microfiber — others will argue that the practically sheer fabric will rip after the first time laundering.

Well sewn seams, like the ones found on the Danjor Linens sheets...
Well sewn seams, like the ones found on the Danjor Linens sheets, are often a sure-sign that these sheets have been crafted with quality in mind. This thoughtful approach often translates directly into better durability.
Many sheets, like the EASELAND set, include satin-stitches on the...
Many sheets, like the EASELAND set, include satin-stitches on the pillowcases to put forth a luxurious appearance. But buyer beware, not everything is what it seems, especially in the world of bed sheets.

After examining hundreds of bed sheets, our experts have identified certain characteristics that tend to correlate well with durability. Considering that they are appropriately cared for over their lifetime, a well-sewn textile should last much longer than a piece that is poorly crafted. By closely inspecting seams, the quality of stitching, the resilience of elastic hems, and the face fabric itself, there are often signs that lead us to question a set's durability. While high-quality fibers tend to follow higher price points, this is not always the case.

microfiber sheets - microfiber sheets are known for their ease of care, and a...
Microfiber sheets are known for their ease of care, and a high-quality set should last for quite a long time if you are willing to follow a few simple laundering rules.
Credit: Aaron Rice

The Danjor Linens set offers top-notch quality and craftsmanship at a middle-of-the-road price point. We found almost no dropped stitches or loose ends on these sheets, which is a huge step up from the rest of the competition. To put value in perspective, the flat sheet of the much more expensive Bare Home had a tangled mess of thread at the end of one seam. The tags on the Utopia Bedding sheets explicitly state, "save from sharp edges," so it is not surprising that many users complain of ripping after their first time through the wash. Upon unfolding them from their packaging, we immediately noticed a ton of loose threads on sheets like the Sweet Home Collection and the Nestl Bedding sets — a likely indication of problems ahead.

This spiderweb of loose ends on the Bare Home flat sheet is by far...
This spiderweb of loose ends on the Bare Home flat sheet is by far the worst we found on any set we analyzed.
Since microfiber sheets are so thin, fabric pulls are unfortunately...
Since microfiber sheets are so thin, fabric pulls are unfortunately a very common pitfall of even the highest quality microfiber sheets, like the Danjor Linens pictured here.
This picture of pilling fabric was taken just minutes after climbing...
This picture of pilling fabric was taken just minutes after climbing into the Sweet Home Collection sheets for the first time.


If you truly spend a third of your life sleeping, shouldn't you enjoy the experience? We believe purchasing a quality set of sheets should be considered an investment in your well-being. And though microfiber tends to be a price-conscious alternative to more expensive sheets, we feel price doesn't always correlate with what you expect or prefer. We hope that this review helps you rest easy knowing that you're sleeping on a reliable bedspread that will last for years.

microfiber sheets - although their particular feel may not appeal to everyone...
Although their particular feel may not appeal to everyone, microfiber sheets are a great option especially for the price-conscious sleeper.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Aaron Rice

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