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The 6 Best Comforters of 2023

We put comforters to the test from Three Geese, Linenspa, Cosybay, and others to find the coziest options for your bed
Best Comforter of 2023
Credit: Laura Casner

Our Top Picks

By Isaac Laredo ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 22, 2022

Our home experts researched over 30 of the best comforters before selecting 9 to test side-by-side. This update features the most popular and comfortable options on the market to help give you a cozy night's sleep. We bought each product at retail price and then set to work testing out each one. Our team slept on each, stuffed them in the washer, stored them in drawers, and evaluated the features of each item. We examined relative warmth, loft, and quality. After hours of using each contender, we offer our wisdom to help you find an excellent option that'll look great in your bedroom while providing you with all-night comfort.

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Best Overall Comforter

Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Down

Fill Material: Goose Down | Cover Material: Egyptian Cotton
Feels similar to a weighted blanket
Upscale aesthetic
Dry cleaning required
Noisy when rolling over
Too warm for summer

The Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Down is an incredible down duvet insert. This model is warm, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing. It's generously packed with 750-fill power down and perfect in the fall, winter, and spring. It's reliably and uniformly warm due to the baffle box construction that minimizes insulation shifting around. We tested the 90" x 90" queen size, which was an ample size for a queen bed. It feels heavier than many others — fans of weighted blankets may appreciate this. We were treated to cozy, deep winter sleep with the Three Geese comforter. When you're not asleep, it supplies an upscale appearance, thanks to its loft and pinch pleat, but we kept a duvet cover on top to avoid having to clean it too often.

The manufacturer's care instructions advise you to dry clean the Three Geese Pinch Pleat, which can be expensive and time-consuming. The 1200-thread count cotton outer material is also loud and crinkly when rolling around in the bed. A duvet cover should help with both of these issues because it can reduce the noise and cleaning frequency. Despite these shortcomings, this is our favorite comforter due to its superb value, warmth, and overall comfort.

best overall comforter
The Three Goose Down Comforter provides hotel suite level comfort and aesthetics.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Best Bang for the Buck

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative

Fill Material: Down alternative | Cover Material: Polyester
Light yet warm
Stitching quality

The Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative is capable of pleasing everyone, especially at this price tag. If you're looking for a soft, warm, low-maintenance, and affordable comforter, this is a great option. We were instantly impressed upon removing it from the storage bag. It feels great next to the skin, and we were happy to sleep in it without a duvet cover. It feels light and airy when wrapped around your body, yet it doesn't sacrifice warmth. Our testers found themselves warm and sleeping soundly in a 62-degree room. This product can fit a wide array of room needs because it is reversible and available in many colors.

It competes with the best in a variety of metrics. However, this contender falls short in overall construction quality in the seams and fabric. Over time, it seems more prone to fraying and pilling than the others in the field. However, if money is tight and you are seeking superb comfort, look no further.

comforter - best bang for the buck
The Linenspa All-Season sports a low price and offers excellent comfort.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Best for the Budget Down Seeker

COSYBAY 100% Cotton Quilted Down

Fill Material: 95% Feathers 5% Down | Cover Material: Cotton
Machine washable
Mostly feathers

The COSYBAY 100% Cotton Quilted Down is excellent if you're searching for a down option that won't break the bank. This product gives you the warmth and breathability of down without the traditional hassle of dry cleaning. This model is our recommendation if you have been interested in down options but strayed away because of the price and maintenance demands.

This product is mostly comprised of feathers rather than down. Feathers behave differently and have a quill that can poke through the fabric encasing — not a pleasant feeling to have in bed! Feather products tend to have a shorter life span and less loft than true down. We have yet to notice any pokes in our testing, but we did notice a difference in loft between the down and feathered products; this is probably due to a difference in down fill and construction. The cover is also a cotton shell that is quite crinkly when moving around under the covers. If an excellent deal on a real down contender is what you're looking for, this is our top recommendation.

comforter - best for the budget down seeker
The Cozybay down cotton is a great winter, fall and spring option.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Excellent Down Alternative

SUPERIOR Solid White Down Alternative

Fill Material: Down alternative | Cover Material: Polyester
Baffle box construction
Useable storage bag
Bulky for regular washing machines

The SUPERIOR Solid White Down Alternative is a standout alternative to expensive down. It feels great next to the skin, almost like being wrapped in a cloud when sleeping. It's lofty and fluffy, thanks to the baffle box construction that keeps its insulation in place. Baffle construction is also seldomly featured on a model at this price range. It outperforms its price class in warmth as it supplies additional loft. We appreciated the storage bag that requires minimal wrestling to get it back inside. Hot sleepers will appreciate this because they may want to store it in the summer.

The loft makes for a tight fit in most standard washing machines — our top-loading machine required strategic stuffing, but it laundered well. If you have a smaller machine, this may send you to the laundry mat. When we opened the bag, we noticed numerous loose threads hanging from the hems, which instantly provoked worries about longevity. Luckily, loose threads were isolated to the one hemmed edge. This is our favorite down alternative option for its baffled construction, and the price is right, too.

comforter - excellent down alternative
The Superior Solid White Down Alternative provides cloud like comfort with its down like loft.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Incredible Next to Skin Feel


Fill Material: Down Alternative | Cover Material: Polyester
The smooth, silky hand feel
Folds small
Thermal efficiency
Lacks loft

The EASELAND All-Season boasts a unique, silky smooth next-to-skin feel. Its hand-feel exceeds the price tag, and it has a texture that's far from the starch-like sensation of cheaper polyester. Its polyester filling folds up relatively small, which makes storing easy but doesn't sacrifice warmth. Despite its thin appearance, it insulates well and will keep warmer sleepers comfortable on cold winter nights.

Its thermal efficiency doesn't seem to come from its loft because the Easeland isn't a particularly lofty comforter. If you're looking for the cloud-like feel of a lofty material, we suggest you look at other models in this review. However, if a silky smooth feel on the skin is your priority, you've come to the right place.

comforter - incredible next to skin feel
The Easeland has a smooth and soft texture for a heavenly next to skin feel.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Exceptional for Guest Bedrooms

Utopia Bedding Reversible Down Alternative

Fill Material: Down Alternative | Cover Material: Polyester
Many color options
Duvet loops are small

The Utopia Bedding Reversible Down Alternative is great for guest bedrooms based on its price, soft texture, color options, and low likelihood of triggering allergies. It is soft to the touch and has a higher quality feel than you would expect for the price. This model is offered in a variety of colors and is reversible to match any color scheme. Utopia uses a siliconized fiberfill, which coats the fibers to increase their resistance to dust mites and common allergens.

If you plan on frequently cleaning the duvet cover, it is worth knowing that the duvet loops are small. This provides an extra challenge when you try to attach the duvet cover. Still, for a soft, high-quality down alternative with plenty of color options, this is a wonderful choice.

comforter - exceptional for guest bedrooms
The Utopia All-Season continues to receive reviews from happy customers.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Lighter and Louder but Great

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Siberian Goose Down

Fill Material: Goose Down | Cover Material: Egyptian Cotton
Like a big cloud
Cover feel and thickness

The Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Siberian Goose Down provides ample loft that you might expect from a 750-fill power down duvet. Its plush presentation is enabled by its baffle box construction, which makes it feel like you've been enveloped in a giant cloud. Both features allow this product to be comfortable enough to swaddle you up completely.

The 1200-thread count cotton cover isn't exceptionally soft and feels a little thick. Because of this, the cover is quite crinkly when you move around under the blankets. If you're a sensitive sleeper, this may prove loud enough to disrupt your sleep. Plush, warm, and super comfortable, this goose-down comforter is one for those that like to be enveloped by their blanket.

comforter - the luxurious egyptian goose down is 90 inches x 90 inches, which...
The Luxurious Egyptian Goose Down is 90 inches x 90 inches, which provides plenty of coverage.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Down for High Use Applications

Decroom 100% Cotton Quilted Down

Fill Material: 5% Down 95% Feathers | Cover Material: Cotton
Nice weight
Machine washable
Noisy when rolling over
Warm for summer

The Decroom 100% Cotton Quilted Down is the answer for those looking for a down piece for a high-use room. It's machine washable, which eliminates any trips to the dry cleaner. This lower maintenance requirement makes it perfect for anyone worried about the care but allured by the warmth. It provides plenty of warmth and is very cozy to snuggle up with. The product uses a 40-ounce fill weight, which won't feel as heavy on your body as some.

In the middle of summer, our tester woke up sweating and had to toss the blanket off, switching to a model with a better warmth-to-breathability ratio. The cover of this comfort has a paper bag-like sound when rustling around between positions, which could be problematic for light sleepers. If you're a cold sleeper and like a warm sleeping environment, this might be a great option for you.

comforter - the decroom cotton is another good value down option.
The Decroom Cotton is another good value down option.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


A Good Pick for College

Amazon Basics Reversible Microfiber

Fill Material: Polyester | Cover Material: Polyester
Priced well
Many colors
Not very warm
Filling near edges shifts easily

The Amazon Basics Reversible Microfiber is an excellent choice for dorm rooms because it is soft, easy to maintain, affordable, and aesthetically versatile. The polyester fabric is soft to the touch and provides a light, airy feel. The soft material can be spot cleaned or machine washed when needed, which should help keep your room looking fresh. The product is offered in many reversible colors, which will match most rooms.

It lacks overall warmth, so we would be reluctant to use it in the wintertime in most places. It uses a diamond-patterned box stitch that leaves the fill on edges unsecured and vulnerable to shifting around, which can lead to cold spots. For the price, it's a fair option, but the cheapness can be seen in the construction. Based on the textile quality, we suspect this fabric might pill and potentially tear over time. Nonetheless, it's a lower-priced option that does the trick.

comforter - the amazonbasics is a straightforward, lightweight comforter for...
The AmazonBasics is a straightforward, lightweight comforter for value-minded shoppers (living in warmer climates).
Credit: Isaac Laredo

Why You Should Trust Us

Every piece has its place. During our selection process, we spent a great deal of time researching the different options that are available on the market. We then purchased the most promising models and put them through a series of extensive side-by-side tests, evaluating comfort, breathability, warmth, aesthetics, and level of care. Our team lounged and slept, then busted out the thermometers and decibel meters to find the best comforters for specific applications.

We bring a scientific background and attention to detail to this review. Our lead tester Isaac Laredo spends the better part of his life nestled in bedding. His expertise lies in fabric differentiation and identifying the perfect fabric for whatever the occasion. Along with our team of testers, he brings you this review, providing well-rounded knowledge to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Analysis and Test Results

To test comforters, we needed to sleep with them, but to make critical observations, we needed to be awake. We blended post-sleeping notes with more formal observations to achieve a well-balanced assessment of the performance of each product. We chose options that represented both Goose down and down alternative options, with many budget buy choices to help you consider your spending.

comforter - a comforter is likely one of your most-used products in your entire...
A comforter is likely one of your most-used products in your entire life. Here we take a look at a few of the choices we selected to test in this review.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


To be the best, any great blanket needs to supply a high level of comfort. Comfort is in the name, after all. Considering we spend a quarter of our lives asleep, it's essential that your bedding promotes a good night's rest. To assess comfort, we evaluated the materials and how they felt next to our skin. We also utilized a decibel meter to measure sound when shifting between common positions and swaddled ourselves up so we could describe the experience.

The most comfortable products came in a mix of cover types, but all had one thing in common: a plush loft. The Three Geese Goose Down Pinch Pleat and Superior Solid White Down Alternative were standouts in comfort due to their cloud-like feel, particularly when you're nestled up. These are made of different fabrics, but the degree of loft provides a spectacular sensation.

comforter - our favorite down alternative model based on the loft, warmth, and...
Our favorite down alternative model based on the loft, warmth, and lack of sound. Pictured here is the SUPERIOR Solid White Down Alternative.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

An exceptional next-to-skin feel is derived from the fabric selection and the weave of the material. Here you want a snag-free experience, which will be smooth, soft, and cool to the touch. Polyester has come a long way to be able to deliver this experience. The Easeland All-Season provided a smooth, silky, and consistent next-to-skin feel that is machine washable, which reduces the need for a cover. With its polyester covering, the Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative provides a light and soft touch with low noise.

comforter - the linenspa is quiet and soft to the touch.
The Linenspa is quiet and soft to the touch.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

No one enjoys being woken up in the middle of the night, especially by a noisy blanket. We rewarded items that were quiet and lacked that crinkly sound of a paper bag.


Few things are worse than shivering through a cold winter night because your comforter wasn't warm enough. Your warmth needs are driven by where you live and how you sleep. Our review team used a thermometer to measure the change of temperature 15 minutes after nestling inside to help us gauge the thermal efficiency of each contender.

The warmest model featured high quality down. The Egyptian Cotton Luxurious Goose Down and Three Geese Pinch Pleat have different fill weights but similar 750-fill power down. The large degree of loft found in these models creates a cozy feeling of radiational heating.

comforter - a thermometer and consistent process helped highlight the warmest...
A thermometer and consistent process helped highlight the warmest comforter based on the change of degrees over time.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

The loft of the insulation is a significant factor when it comes to warmth. The Superior Solid Down Alternative uses a baffle box construction to ensure its insulation stays evenly distributed and lofty. While the Linenspa lacks in the loft department, this thinner piece offers impressive warmth and is competitive within the field.

Laundering and Storage

How often do you clean your bedding? Considering we spend eight hours a day in our bed, the answer is probably "not often enough." If bedding is harder to clean, then we are likely to do it less often than we should. Clean materials are essential to our health and hygiene. We laundered and stored the machine-washable products and determined that the easiest items to care for have minimal bulk and are down alternatives.

comforter - the lofty nature of certain comforter can make them more difficult...
The Lofty nature of certain comforter can make them more difficult to wash especially in smaller washing machines. No one wants to go to the laundery mat to just wash their bedding.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

The Amazon Basics Reversible Microfiber is entirely made from polyester. Its low bulk profile makes it easy to store on shelves or stuff in any sized washer machine. The Utopia is also able to be stored relatively compact and can be machine washable.

For those seeking down products that have strayed away due to the mandatory dry cleaning, meet the Decroom and Cozybay down cotton products. These are mostly feathers, but their blend and construction allow them to be machine washable. They can be large for smaller washers, but the compressibility of down may enable you to squish them in.


Breathability refers to how well a textile can move excess heat and moisture from the inside to the outside. A more breathable product provides an ideal sleep temperature and can prevent sweat or overheating. We looked at breathability in two main ways. The first was through observation from our sleep. The second was introducing humid air into the textile and evaluating the entrance and exiting efficiency. Generally speaking, down is a more breathable insulation type than polyester.

The polyester contenders in this review are impressively breathable. Thinner polyfills like the Amazon Basics and Linenspa models boast the highest rates of breathability in the synthetic category.

comforter - the thin nature of the amazonbasics comforter allows it to breathe...
The thin nature of the AmazonBasics comforter allows it to breathe semi efficiently, despite its polyester nature.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

Down seems to breathe better due to the lower density of the material. The Egyptian Cotton and Three Geese are entirely down and are more breathable than the mostly feathered Decroom and Cosybay. However, we found ourselves sweating in all these models on 75-degree nights in the Sierra Nevada. They are quite warm relative to their breathability and environmental temperature.

comforter - down is generally a more breathable material than a down...
Down is generally a more breathable material than a down alternative. Pictured here is the Egyptian Cotton.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Aesthetics are almost entirely subjective, but they remain a significant factor in most purchasing decisions. We looked at the quality of materials, available colors, and our overall impressions for the metric to determine each product's aesthetic versatility.

The loft, neutral color, and premium look of down are hard to beat and can pair with most rooms. The Three Geese uses a pinch pleat baffle design to provide an upscale look, similar to what you might find in a penthouse suite. If you're looking for a more colorful option for your down, duvet covers come in all types of colors and materials.

comforter - a close up of the pinch pleat found on the three geese down comforter.
A close up of the pinch pleat found on the Three Geese Down Comforter.
Credit: Isaac Laredo

Down alternative models often have larger arrays of colors and designs — some are even reversible for a different appearance. The Utopia and Amazon Basics models are offered in many different reversible colors to match most room designs or needs. The Utopia provides more of a quality aesthetic. The Linenspa also has a high-quality look and comes in even more colors, promoting options and versatility.

comforter - certain comforters offer reversible designs, which provides two...
Certain comforters offer reversible designs, which provides two looks for the price of one.
Credit: Isaac Laredo


Purchasing a comforter can be complicated, especially when you're surfing the web's many options. Our expert review team put together this comprehensive review to highlight the distinctions and use of today's most popular models so that you can trust and buy with confidence. We hope it helps you find exactly what you need to help promote a good night's sleep.

Isaac Laredo

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