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The 6 Best Laundry Pods of 2023

We tested laundry pods from Tide, All, Arm and Hammer, and others to determine the products with the best cleaning prowess
Best Laundry Pods of 2023
We test the best laundry pods to determine which offers the best cleansing power. Which will you buy for your home?
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Isaac Laredo ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 5, 2023

Looking for the best laundry pod? After researching and comparing 30 different options, we purchased the top 11 available today to test side by side. Our expert reviewers have washed, inspected, dried, stained, and washed again, ranking each pod in cleaning power, packaging, and garment quality — all with the goal of identifying which pods will serve you best. We highlight which boasts the most cleaning power, pods that offer a great value, and those that have a lesser impact on the environment.

From washing to organizing, our reviews cover a wide range of laundry and storage products. Whether you're hanging your clothes on a sturdy clothing rack, nestling them into a set of great packing cubes for travel, or tossing them into the dirty clothes hamper, we can aid your quest in finding the best products.

Editor's Note: We updated our laundry pod article on January 5, 2023 to share info on the rebranding of the Amazon Solimo detergent.


Best Overall Laundry Pod

Tide PODS Clean Breeze

Strength of Fragrance: Moderate | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, color protector
Solid cleaning power
Good for everyday use
Struggled with a coffee stain

Tide is a giant in the laundry industry, and it does not disappoint with the Tide PODS Clean Breeze. This product is perfect for every load use due to its 90% active ingredient formula, moderate scent, and color protection. During testing, the pod was tough on most stains, removing almost 50% of deep grass and red wine stain. In our severity-based grading scale, the grass stain was rated a 10, and this product reduced it to a 4. After drying, our clothes had a mild fresh and natural smell. The 3-in-1 design of these pods has a color protector that helps maintain the integrity of your clothes.

If you're a laundry bargain shopper, you might be better served by other options. Tide's enzyme and cleaning agent-packed formula comes with a high price per load. It's ideal for families, college students, and anyone who often has moderately soiled loads.

best overall laundry pod
The Tide Pods 3 in 1 has a reliable childproofing system and amble cleaning power to prevent any unnecessary headaches.
Credit: laredo


Best Bang for Your Buck

All Mighty 4 in 1 Odor Lifter

Strength of Fragrance: Light to moderate | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, color protector, odor lifter
Price per load
Effective on odors
Lid is easy to remove

The All Mighty 4 in 1 Odor Lifter proved to be competitive in our stain removal tests while maintaining a very approachable per-load price. This formula doesn't sacrifice cleaning power to reach its attractive price point and was one of the best performers when put to the test against set-in grass, mud, wine, and oil stains. We also appreciate the built-in odor cleaner for our sweat-soaked shirts after days of playing in the mountains. Though not all odor is created equal, we found it effective against body odor.

This product holds a top spot on our podium. However, one caveat is that the lid is easy to remove, meaning that the contents are more accessible to children. We simulated a smaller hand size, easily opening the lid after a few tries by lining up the arrows at the top. If you don't have kids, this actually might be a plus for you. But, this lid style is the fastest to open both with eyes closed and with movement limitations. Still, if you're in the market for a high-value detergent that does wonders against stains at a reasonable price, look no further.

laundry pod - best bang for your buck
The All 4 in 1 proved effective against body odor.
Credit: laredo


Basic Performance for a Great Price

Amazon Basics Detergent Pacs

Strength of Fragrance: Moderate | Pod Functions: Detergent
Price per load
Above-average stain removal
No color protection
Product Update — January 2023
Amazon previously branded these packs as Solimo, but they are now under the Amazon Basics line. Though the packaging is new, the detergent pacs themselves seem unchanged.
The Amazon Basics Detergent Pacs kept up with the top names in our stain removal tests, maintaining an average level of performance across the eight stains we tested. The price per load is among one of the most affordable in the review.

We love the price and ability of the Amazon Basics, but in the future would love to see this pod offered with a color protector. These pods only contain detergent and lack any additional benefits (including color protection). We would expect below-average color maintenance after extended use of this pod. This product is excellent for families or students looking for no-frills, affordable laundry detergent to get the job done.

laundry pod - basic performance for a great price
Utility and value-focused, these pods get the job done.
Credit: laredo


Best for Stain Removal

Tide Power PODS Heavy Duty

Strength of Fragrance: Strong | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, odor lifter
Performance on challenging stains
Effective childproofing on the container
Higher price per load
Overkill for every load use

The Tide Power Pods Heavy Duty became a secret weapon in the laundry room for notoriously tough stains and proved to have the most cleaning power against our deeply stained test strips. The pods have almost twice the amount of detergent compared to the industry standard, and the added detergent helped its performance against the tough stains we used. Its work on grass stains is the most notable and impressive result of this detergent. The stain was initially rated a ten, which means the fabric was fully covered and really couldn't get worse. After washing, the stain received a grade of 4, which is the best result of any detergent against grass. The childproof packaging is intuitive for adults and also resistant to a trial and error approach that a child may employ.

This detergent might be overkill for light to medium soiled loads based on the pack's price per load and detergent quantity. If you have a noticeably smelly and dirty load, then this is the right call. However, it has one of the highest prices per load of any product we tested. This is based on the amount and concentration of cleaning agents in the pod. Our freshly laundered clothes had a strong detergent-like aroma that may not be best for those with fragrance sensitivities. If you're looking for peace of mind when approaching tough stains, the Tide Power Pods Heavy Duty are a great option to keep in your cupboard.

laundry pod - best for stain removal
The Tide Pods for Impossible Stains (left) is noticeably larger than a standard size pod.
Credit: laredo


Best Dye-Free Detergent

All Mighty Pacs Free Clear

Strength of Fragrance: None | Pod Functions: Detergent
No dyes, no fragrance
Performance on coffee and mud stains

The All Mighty Pacs Free Clear are designed for families or individuals looking to avoid any strong scents or potential skin irritation. The formula has a yellow tint and excludes cobalt blue dyes, which can irritate some people's skin. All claims it's the number one dermatologist, pediatrician, and allergist-recommended brand; this is an internal claim and does not have a third-party seal for additional verification. These are designed to prevent reactions in most people, but everyone's skin is different, and we recommend doing research based on your skin characteristics. These pods performed well in removing stains and packed a punch when it came to cleaning power.

These containers are easier to get into through trial and error than other options on the market. However, this product packs plenty of cleaning power and provides the benefit of being an affordable dye and perfume-free option.

laundry pod - best dye-free detergent
The All Free and Clear Mighty Pack is an off-yellow due to its lack of dyes or fragrance.
Credit: laredo


Great for Sensitive Skin and Babies

Grab Green Newborn Baby

Strength of Fragrance: Moderate | Pod Functions: Detergent
Impressive cleaning power without chemicals
Mild scent
Makes fabrics feel soft after washing
Struggled with tough stains

The Grab Green Newborn Baby detergent pods provide a simple, clean wash for delicate fabrics and delicate skin. We love the scent of these pods — we tested the calming chamomile fragrance. The pod dissolved well in most loads, but we tended to use warm water with these pods to make sure the packet dissolved completely (since it is a powder detergent rather than a liquid pod). For mildly soiled loads, this detergent works great. However, for large families or college students, a stronger detergent pod might be more effective on stains.

We had a few issues with the removal of tough stains when washing with the Grab Green Newborn Baby pods. For grass and coffee stains, this detergent didn't clean as effectively as others. The Grab Green detergent is also pricey and comes in a fairly small package.

laundry pod - great for sensitive skin and babies
Clean, simple, and easy on the skin, the Grab Green Newborn Baby detergent is great for adults too!
Credit: Jane Jackson


A Great Powder Based Option

Arm and Hammer 4 in 1 Detergent Power Paks

Strength of Fragrance: Moderate | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, odor lifter, color protector, scent booster
Powder based pod
99% active ingredients
Struggled with coffee and mud stains

The Arm and Hammer 4 in 1 Detergent Power Paks use a powder formula that helps reduce the risk of being ingested while maintaining the convenience of a pod pack. The powder inside consists of 99% active ingredients, making for an effective clean. Though this product wasn't our strongest performer, it provided adequate cleaning power for most stains. If you take the time to pre-treat difficult stains, this pack should be sufficient for the average family's needs.

The Arm and Hammer packs struggled to remove coffee and mud stains. These stains were both graded a 10 before washing; after washing, they scored an 8. With some pre-treating, the stains would have had better outcomes. The Arm and Hammer 4-1 is a solid choice for value-based shoppers looking for a good clean or avoiding liquid packets.

laundry pod - the arm and hammer powder pack doesn't require childproofing and is...
The Arm and Hammer powder pack doesn't require childproofing and is also easier to store.
Credit: laredo


An Environmentally Friendly Option

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Packs

Strength of Fragrance: None | Components of Pod: Detergent
USDA certified
Strongest environmentally-friendly pod
Struggles with oil stains

The Seventh Generation Free and Clear Packs fight stains yet remain gentle on your skin as well as the environment. This free and clear laundry option has no dyes or fragrances, making it a notable option for people with sensitive skin. This product is Certified by the EPA Safer Choice Program and is a certified USDA Biobased product, which requires that it contain at least 94% plant-based ingredients. Third-party verification brings confidence in the sustainability and accountability of Seventh Generation. Its impressive environmental resume doesn't hinder its ability to clean, as it could keep up with most mid-tier detergents. It struggled with oil stains, which hurt its cleaning power.

The Seventh Generation Pods handled our stain strips well. However, the product particularly struggled with vegetable oil and unused motor oil stains. If we pre-treated these stains, we would expect a better outcome. We recommend these pods if you're looking to replace your current laundry detergent with an environmentally friendly alternative with capable cleaning power.

laundry pod - seventh generation is bringing environmentally conscious pods to the...
Seventh Generation is bringing environmentally conscious pods to the same playing field as other big brand detergents.
Credit: laredo


Packaging Can Be Recycled

Tru Earth Eco-Strip Fresh Linen

Strength of Fragrance: Light | Pod Functions: Detergent
Space efficient
No plastic
Struggled with tougher stains

The Tru Earth Eco-Strip Fresh Linen has taken an innovative approach to convenient laundering, doing away with the plastic jug and the pod itself. They are dissolvable sheets shipped inside a recyclable cardboard sleeve. The sleeve's footprint is remarkably slim, and the lighter weight and smaller package drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation based on the efficiency of each trip. Tru Earth claims the packaging reduces emissions by 94% based on fuel, which will lead to a decrease in the 900 million jugs discarded in North America. Most laundry containers are 100% plastic, while the Tru Earth Pods contain zero plastic. The strips are suitable for moderately soiled loads with superficial stains, and they earn an average performance score for cleaning power.

We are excited to see Tru Earth continue to refine and strengthen their plant-based strips. This product's main limitation is its effectiveness against challenging stains such as mud, cocoa, grass, and oil. It eliminated a wine stain and removed most of a mustard stain to the same degree as the top-tier detergents. Tru Earth provides an innovative option for people willing to pre-treat stains and for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

laundry pod - the ultra-slim and compact tru earth sheet compared to the tide 3 in...
The ultra-slim and compact Tru Earth sheet compared to the Tide 3 in 1 pod.
Credit: laredo


A Strong-Scented Stain Remover

Persil Discs Original

Strength of Fragrance: Strong | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, scent booster
Removed stains with ease
Great value for large families or busy households
Powerful scent
Didn't provide the softest garments after wash

The Persil Discs Original is a workhorse of a laundry pod. These packets come in large quantities, are designed for large loads, and get the job done by cleaning garment stains effectively. We found them to be powerful stain removers, even for large loads. In fact, these pods are designed for larger loads and don't work particularly well for small amounts of soiled clothing. For households cranking out load after load of laundry, the Persil Disc is a great option.

We were first greeted by a powerful scent when opening the box of Persil Discs. For some of our testers, it felt a little too strong, but others like the way it lingers on fresh loads of laundry for a while. Because these pods are so large and potent, they didn't leave our laundry as soft as some of the other pods did. This isn't a huge issue, especially if you are more concerned with stain removal and price point, which is where this product excels.

laundry pod - the peril disc is a powerful detergent that removes stains...
The Peril Disc is a powerful detergent that removes stains impressively.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Great for Small Loads

Method Detergent Packs

Strength of Fragrance: Strong | Pod Functions: Detergent, stain remover, scent booster
Small size for a liquid pod
Unique scent
Leaves garments feeling soft

Laundry pods can feel confusing for small households — how do you regulate the amount of soap for small loads when it is already measured out for you? That's where the Method Detergent Packs come in. These petit pods are great for small loads. They are a basic liquid packet that dissolves well in loads of all sizes and with varying water temperatures (think small, cold wash loads). They also impressed us by leaving our washed garments feeling soft.

We tested the mango ginger scent, which seemed a bit out there at first, but we were pleased to find out the scent dissipated nicely once it soaked into our clothes. We didn't mind the subtle wafts of ginger that came off of our clothes after using the Method packets. It should be noted that the price per load is a bit higher than some of the more utilitarian brands out there.

laundry pod - these are some of the smallest liquid pods we tested.
These are some of the smallest liquid pods we tested.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Why You Should Trust Us

We spent many painstaking hours researching the ins and outs of today's most popular laundry pods. We then purchased the top products and put them head to head in cleaning power, laundered garment quality, packaging, and price per load. These tests were designed to provide information about each contender's strengths and weaknesses and to identify their ideal application.

Our lead tester Isaac Laredo has read more case studies about laundry products than he cares to admit, thanks to a college professor that had previously worked in product development at Procter and Gamble. He has reviewed over a hundred products, from home to outdoor products, and his background in environmental science has been essential to designing and conducting these tests.

Analysis and Test Results

We've spent tens of hours comparatively testing these laundry pods. We then purchased each one to put through a gauntlet of side-by-side tests, evaluating a series of metrics.

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power refers to the ability of a laundry pod to remove stains from your garments. This is a principle function and key distinction of a laundry pod; some can handle the toughest stains, while others leave much to be desired.

To test cleaning power, we were closely guided by the International Association for Soaps AISE laundry detergent testing guidelines when selecting stain types, fabric types, load size, washing temperature, and other procedures. We used a mix of stains on our 100% cotton test strip, including cocoa, vegetable oil, unused motor oil, mud, mustard, grass, and red wine. To evaluate the effectiveness of each pod, we scored each stain on a severity-based grading scale from 0-10. A score of 0 indicated that the stain was completely removed, while a 10 meant the fabric was completely and thoroughly stained. For the stain strips, we made each stain similar, so all stains would start as a 10.

After washing, we put each strip side by side and had a panel of judges blindly score each stain both comparatively and with a photo comparison of before and afters to come up with the post-laundering stain score. The scores were then tallied up to create a total cleaning power score for each pod. Lower scores indicate better cleaning power than higher scores. We washed with six-pound loads of different materials — all in cold water. We air-dried each strip in the same environment; to avoid any heat impact in stain removal, we did not use a dryer.

Due to this pod's size and increased enzyme concentration, our most effective stain remover was the Tide Power Pods Heavy Duty. It was the most well-rounded stain remover, as it reduced the severity of each stain by at least half. Tide was a strong performer in this metric; the Tide Pods 3 in 1 Pod proved to be an effective stain remover, doing well in this metric. It struggled with coffee stains but performed well against oil stains.

laundry pod - the stain strip was utilized for the tide impossible stains before...
The stain strip was utilized for the Tide Impossible Stains before washing. The stains from left to right include: (1) control, (2) red wine, (3) grass, (4) mustard, (5) mud, (6) Coffee, (7) unused motor oil, (8) vegetable oil, (9) Cocoa
Credit: laredo

laundry pod - the strip used for the tide impossible stain after washing. the...
The strip used for the Tide Impossible Stain after washing. The stains from left to right include: (1) cocoa, (2) vegetable oil, (3) unused motor oil, (4) coffee, (5) mud, (6) mustard, (7) grass,(8) red wine, (9) control
Credit: laredo

The All Mighty 4-1 Pacs, All Mighty Pacs Free and Clear, and Persil Discs gave an impressive performance. The All 4-1 performed well against wine, coffee, and oil stains, while the Persil Disc had a well-rounded performance across all stains.

laundry pod - the strip used for the gain flings before washing. the stains from...
The strip used for the Gain Flings before washing. The stains from left to right include: (1) cocoa, (2) vegetable oil, (3) unused motor oil, (4) coffee, (5) mud, (6) mustard, (7) grass,(8) red wine, (9) control
Credit: laredo

laundry pod - the strip used for the gain flings after washing. the stains from...
The strip used for the Gain Flings after washing. The stains from left to right include: (1) cocoa, (2) vegetable oil, (3) unused motor oil, (4) coffee, (5) mud, (6) mustard, (7) grass,(8) red wine, (9) control
Credit: laredo

Our testing showed that environmentally friendly cleaners do not have the same cleaning power as other detergents; this is mostly due to the different enzymes and chemicals found in each. However, the environmentally friendly pods in this review provide enough cleaning power for medium-soiled loads. The Seventh Generation Free and Clear Pod offered similar cleaning power to the Arm and Hammer 4-1.


A primary concern with pods is ingestion by small children or adults with dementia. According to Reuters, the poison control center received 73,000 reported cases of laundry pod-related poisoning between 2012 to 2017. Thus, we felt the need to test the efficacy of the childproofing found on each package. To test packaging, we conducted time trials, one-handed attempts and had numerous people try to open each package.

The Tide products offered the most secure childproofing system. It has two discrete push tabs on the sides of the lid to push simultaneously and then turn. This system was challenging to open with one hand, indicating that children with small hands should have a hard time opening the lid.

laundry pod - the tide childproofing design is hard to use with smaller hands and...
The Tide childproofing design is hard to use with smaller hands and requires a specific sequence to increase its security.
Credit: laredo

The All has a two-stage lid that provides decent childproofing. However, we found it easy to open through trial and error or merely fiddling. Our favorite packaging and product concept is the Tru Earth Strips. Its strip design provides the convenience of pods without the potential dangers, and there is no plastic involved.

laundry pod - the cardboard sleeve is an innovative method to reduce general waste...
The cardboard sleeve is an innovative method to reduce general waste associated with laundry detergents
Credit: laredo

Laundered Garment Quality

Everybody loves to pull clothes out of the dryer and see them looking brighter and whiter than before. This metric focuses on the fabric and the pod. We looked for color changes, smelled the fragrance's strength and notes, and felt each batch of clothing. We made sure to note if each pod dissolved fully in our cold-water wash. Every pod in this review dissolved fully in each of our test washes.

Many laundry pods offer 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 designs that allow them to act as a color booster, detergent, stain remover, odor-lifter, and/or fabric softener. The Arm and Hammer 4 in 1 and Tide 3 in 1 provide these features that enhance the load quality. If you want your clothes to radiate bright colors and be soft to the touch, seek out a laundry pod with that particular function listed under "pod functions".

laundry pod - color boosters help your cloths exhibit vibrant colors.
Color boosters help your cloths exhibit vibrant colors.
Credit: laredo

If you love unique scents, the Method Detergent Packs we tested came in a mango ginger scent, which we found less intense once it was washed into clothes.

laundry pod - gain packs a lot of scent into this small pod.
Gain packs a lot of scent into this small pod.
Credit: laredo

If you prefer zero fragrances in your freshly washed clothes, we recommend the Seventh Generation Free and Clear or All Free and Clear; both will provide you with clean, bright clothes — minus the aroma.

Price Per Load

We evaluated each price per load to highlight how much you are paying. The price per load is determined by dividing the price by the number of pods. Because pricing can be very fluid depending on the time of year and quantity purchased, we will be speaking on a scale of affordable to expensive.

The most affordable options per load are the All 4 in 1, Amazon Basics Detergent Pacs, All Free and Clear, and Arm and Hammer 4 in 1. The middle tier of price per load includes Gain, Seventh Generation, and Tide 3 in 1. The upper end of the spectrum includes Grab Green, Tru Earth, and Tide Power Pods Heavy Duty. At the scale we use laundry pods, a small increase in price can add up. However, if you find a pod that you're invested in, the price may not be a major hindrance toward spending the extra money.

laundry pod - per load varies widely between laundry pods. the cost per load price...
Per load varies widely between laundry pods. The cost per load price of the Tru Earth Sheet is noticeably more expensive than the Tide pod.
Credit: laredo


Laundry pods were invented to bring convenience to our laundering, yet the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. We hope our comprehensive review has helped restore the convenience in your search to find the perfect laundry pod for the needs and budget of your family.

Isaac Laredo

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