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The 6 Best Cleansing Wipes of 2023

We tested the best cleansing wipes from Cetaphil, Summer's Eve, Olay, and others
Best Cleansing Wipes of 2023
Credit: Sara Aranda

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By Sara Aranda ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 23, 2023

Need to freshen up on the go? We purchased and tested 11 of the best skin cleansing wipes on the market after researching dozens of products. With so many variations in marketing claims, complicated ingredient lists, and a diverse spectrum of skin tolerances, it's challenging to determine which product is worth buying and applying. Our testers compare a variety of facial wipes and full-body towelettes. We pay careful attention to the practicality, cleaning power, and feel of every product. Overall, we're here to provide a detailed assessment of each one, determined through an exhaustive scoring system that weighs every pro and con.

Other personal care products we've tested include the best electric toothbrushes, facial toners, and our favorite mouthwash that will leave you feeling minty fresh.


Best Overall Cleansing Wipes

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Wipe Dimensions: 5" x 7.9" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 25
Textured wipes are effective and tough
Convenient lid closure keeps moisture in
Versatile use
No added fragrances or perfumes
Synthetic ingredients
Decent at makeup removal, but not the best

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths wipes are a traditional offering. These modest and simple wipes boast enough strength to give you a full-body cleaning. The package design is portable, keeps the wipes from drying out, and is simple to open and close. These general-use wipes are versatile enough to handle day-to-day messes from sweat, dirt, or makeup. This product is also non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores, and is pH balanced, meaning it has a pH similar to that of your skin's natural levels. The wipe is also advertised as fragrance-free, which we would revise to say free of added perfumes, as we found them to smell a bit like baby products. Out of all of the wipes we tested, these are the ones we think have the best mixture of ease of use, effective cleansing, durability, and versatility.

Even though these wipes come highly recommended by dermatologists, the ingredients may have some potential downsides. The label states this product is for those with "dry, sensitive skin" but not everyone's skin will react the same way. There are parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate in the wipes. What we really like about them is their practicality and softness. So no matter if you are on the road or at home, Cetaphil Gentle Skin is great as a go-to self-care wipe at a cost that won't break the bank.

best overall cleansing wipes
Wiping off dirt is easy with these versatile Cetaphil wipes. The textured surface helps remove stubborn dirt and grime without requiring heavy scrubbing action.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Best Bang for Your Buck

Summer's Eve Fragrance Free

Wipe Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.25" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 32
Free of dyes and parabens
Plant extracts give a natural scent
Not ideal for makeup removal
"Fragrance-free" label is misleading
Feels soapy at first
Moisture doesn't last long

If you want an invigorating and simple wipe, check out the Summer's Eve Fragrance Free. The wipe's size makes it suitable for cleansing targeted body areas such as the face, neck, or private areas. We like the cooling sensations it offers. There is a plastic lid that keeps the fairly compact package well-sealed and the wipes moist. Summer's Eve advertises these as mild and good for sensitive skin with paraben-free and pH-balanced ingredients. They are strong enough to hold up without tearing during a wipe-down, and all at a price that makes them a great value in comparison to others on the market.

We don't think these wipes stand up to their "fragrance-free" label. There is no denying a smell consistent with some of the leaf and flower extracts we found on the ingredient label, orange peel oil included. Thus, we take this label to mean there weren't any artificial perfumes or fragrances added. When you first pull out one of the sheets, they feel kind of soapy. Their moisture content usually allowed us to clean one specific area well, but they didn't stand up to a full-body clean. And although you can remove your makeup with these wipes, they're not designed for it. We really had to scrub to accomplish that task. Overall, Summer's Eve wipes are great for general feminine care and for freshening up after exercise with their alcohol-free, deodorizing effect.

cleansing wipes - best bang for your buck
These wipes are durable, clean well, and come in an easy to use package.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Best Body Wipes

Nurture Valley No Rinse Bathing Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 10" x 8" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 8
Larger wipe size
High durability
Vitamin and aloe enriched
Poor at makeup removal
Light fragrance not for everyone
Less moist than others
Synthetic ingredients

For those wanting a full-body clean when there just isn't enough time for a shower, the Nurture Valley No Rinse Bathing Wipes are a reliable option. The long, slender, lightweight packet contains eight large pre-moistened wipes. The sticker closure cuts down on bulk and increases their portability. With chamomile extract, the fragrance is flowery without being overwhelming. The cloth fabric is flexible and leads the testing group in durability. Since the wipes are so big, we can wipe down pretty much everything. We recommend starting with your face and working your way down, either leaving feet and private areas for last or using a separate wipe torn in half. The cloths are soft, fragrant, and decently priced.

Despite the moisture level not being as high as others in the group, these wipes are comparatively effective at removing sweat and dirt. However, when it comes to makeup removal, we saw lackluster results. During our tests, we had to scrub to remove the non-waterproof mascara and lipstick. Even though it eventually did the job, it took some effort and left our skin red. Another point of potential concern relates to the ingredients — the first ingredient listed is dimethicone, which is technically an occlusive polymer derived from silicone. These cleansing wipes were initially designed for senior citizens and caregivers for when a shower just isn't possible. They are best for supplementing a full-body refresh and fit easily in totes, backpacks, or gym bags.

cleansing wipes - best body wipes
The large Nurture Valley wipe is easy to use for a quick wipe-down.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Best Biodegradable and Affordable Wipes

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 7.5" x 7.5" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 30
Convenient lid closure
Biodegradable and compostable plant-based fabric
Great price per wipe
Green tea and aloe enriched
Lackluster at makeup removal
Fragrance might not be appealing to everyone
Brief residue sensation

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Wipes are a competitive natural-leaning option. The product is labeled as having 95% natural ingredients and is made with compostable, FSC-approved fabric. The Forest Stewardship Council "Mix" label means this product contains a blend of wood sourced from FSC-certified forests or recycled material. These wipes are also Leaping Bunny Certified (cruelty-free) and use actual fruits or vegetables in their formulas. We appreciate Yes To's comparatively forthcoming approach to its ingredients and sourcing. Overall, the package is lightweight, and the convenient lid closure is easy to use. This product provides more wipes per dollar than most in our test group.

Durability is comparatively low with these wipes, but it is easier to overlook when we understand that natural, compostable products will fall apart eventually, as they should. However, in terms of cleaning, they do a poor job of removing makeup. During our test, we had to scrub quite a bit to eliminate the non-waterproof mascara and lipstick. Thankfully, the fabric held up to the scrubbing. As for the fragrance, it's a combination of flower power and citrus but also struck us as very cucumbery. We imagine folks will either love it or hate it. Lastly, we noticed a slippery residue on our hands after use, which subsided within a couple of minutes. We can see how it might be annoying if you're sensitive to such sensations. These wipes offer high value at a reasonable price and are best for casual morning prep or a midday refresh. We applaud the mission and sustainability efforts of this product.

cleansing wipes - best biodegradable and affordable wipes
These natural Yes to Cucumber towelettes are great post-run, providing a much-needed cooling sensation.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Best for Makeup Removal

Olay Daily Facials Makeup Removing Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 66
Exceptional cleaning ability
Gentle makeup removal
Fragrance isn't overwhelming
Water activation required
Not as versatile or convenient
Few natural ingredients

The Olay Daily Facials Makeup Removing Wipes are a unique hybrid between a traditional face-washing routine and wet-wipe since the towelettes are dry and require water for activation. This alone makes them less convenient than the pre-moistened alternative, but if you're already spending time in the bathroom to remove makeup or clean your face, then all you're doing is adding one small step. We appreciate this approach because it feels all the more refreshing to lather up, and since the wipes are dry in the package, they weigh almost nothing. Dirt and makeup came off quickly during our tests without the need to scrub at all. Adding water saturated the cloths and made them soft and easy to use. The foaming formula makes it feel like you're soaping up in a shower. In our experience, it is enough to use for the whole body. Plus, the fragrance is soothing and not overpowering. Overall, this product earns high marks for its makeup removal, effective cleansing, and durability.

To nit-pick, these wipes come in a box, and the internal packaging doesn't have any fancy stickers or plastic lids. You tear open the plastic inside, and it stays open after that. Since the wipes are already dry, there's no need to worry about securing a tight seal, although we wish the plastic didn't tear so easily. It's like opening a bag of chips, and suddenly the tear is going down the length of the package. Though it isn't a hassle to use water when standing at the bathroom sink, they are not nearly as convenient if you need to remove makeup in the car. Even though the instructions seem to imply that no sink rinsing is required, the feeling of foam on the skin makes us want to rinse anyway (we did find that if you just wait, the foam slowly dissipates). We consider the best use to be in the home during your nightly self-care routine.

cleansing wipes - best for makeup removal
A thorough face-washing routine, these dry wipes foam up when you add water to remove dirt and makeup easily.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Best for Camping

Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipe

Wipe Dimensions: 8" x 12" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 32
Extra-large wipes for full body
Short ingredient list
Heavy to carry the whole package
Low durability
Very poor at makeup removal

The Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipe are a neat solution to wet-wipe bathing in the outdoors. Since the 32 wipes are extra-large, the package we tested is hefty but suitable for car camping adventures. You can also find these wipes in a smaller, more portable size of 15 wipes per package. We appreciate the short ingredient list and unscented formula. These humongous squares make it easy to do a full-body wipe-down. They can also be torn into smaller pieces, which we recommend to mitigate waste. Overall, they are simple and straightforward, which is all we want when we're camping. We like that the product is targeted at outdoor enthusiasts and appreciate their minimalism.

We found that they tackled dirt with no problem, but they fail when it comes to makeup removal, so keep that in mind if that's a priority. Additionally, these wipes aren't very portable, and like many compostable wipes we tested, they're not super durable. It is important to note that though they are biodegradable, they should be trashed or composted appropriately and not discarded in wilderness areas. Nonetheless, we applaud their biodegradability and find these best suited for full-body bathing when a shower just isn't available.

cleansing wipes - best for camping
These very large wipes are great for those much needed full-body wet-wipe baths while camping or traveling.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Affordable and Effective

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 7" x 7" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 25
Solid general cleaning
Poor choice for makeup removal around eyes
Sticker closure tore awkwardly
Left a mild residue

The Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes are above-average in their effectiveness, durability, and even versatility. They performed consistently across the board in our tests. As they are unscented, we feel they are more likely to embrace a wider audience. We enjoy how fairly straightforward they are ingredient-wise and how compact the packaging is. Despite the sticker closure tearing for us (we think this design could be better), they are more than sufficient for general needs. This product is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, and enriched with Vitamin B5 and E.

We find that they require significant scrubbing when it comes to makeup removal and sting our eyes if we're not careful, so keep that in mind. But, for how relatively cheap they are, they are a great buy. In our opinion, they are best used for everything but makeup removal and are a simple way to cool off and cleanse during the day.

cleansing wipes - the simple packaging didn't open quite as expected for us, but they...
The Simple packaging didn't open quite as expected for us, but they are otherwise a solid option.
Credit: Sara Aranda


For Witch Hazel Lovers

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Cleansing Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 7" x 7.5" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 25
High durability
Cleans dirt and sweat well
Natural ingredients
Falls short at makeup removal
Mild tingling sensations
Scent can be overwhelming

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Cleansing Wipes pack quite the pungent punch. If you're a fan of witch hazel, this is for you. Witch hazel is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and is touted as a treatment for acne. It is also an astringent, which means it causes skin cells to contract, making skin appear and feel tighter. These wipes were consistent in their above-average performances with cleansing, ease of use, and durability in our tests. We applaud their simple ingredients but acknowledge that the witch hazel formula did have our skin tingling slightly after use.

In our opinion, the versatility of these cleansing wipes is reduced due to their strong scent. For us, the initial smell is almost honey-like but then quickly turns to the alcohol the extract is blended with. On the expensive side of the spectrum, they are best for the face but are suitable for the rest of the body if one desires (and for those who don't mind the witch hazel fragrance).

cleansing wipes - the witch hazel scent is quite strong, but the durability and...
The witch hazel scent is quite strong, but the durability and cleaning ability is above average.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Also Great for Makeup Removal

Neutrogena Day and Night Makeup Remover Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 7.4" x 7.2" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 25
Designed for makeup removal
Easy to use packaging
Decent overall cleaning ability
Oily residue
Strong fragrances
Few natural ingredients

Neutrogena Day and Night Makeup Remover Wipes are a very specialized type of cleansing wipe, catering to those seeking a quick method for removing makeup. General cleaning ability for dirt and sweat is notably above average but not as good as some of the others. This product is dermatologist tested and is relatively affordable.

Durability and versatility are where these wipes begin to fall to the bottom of the ranks. We found them more likely to rip than others we tested, and using them to cleanse the whole body is overwhelming due to the strong fragrance. It gave one tester a mild headache, particularly the night wipes. They also seem to leave an oily residue after use. We feel they are meant to supplement the at-home routine and are best used for makeup removal, as per their design.

Mascara wasn't a given with the Neutrogena, but it did well without...
Mascara wasn't a given with the Neutrogena, but it did well without scrubbing much.
Lipstick removal was easier for the Neutrogena.
Lipstick removal was easier for the Neutrogena.


A Good Deodorant

Bliss Lemon and Sage Wipes

Wipe Dimensions: 7" x 6" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 30
Decent cleaning ability & makeup removal
Easy to use/carry packaging
Plant-based deodorant and vitamin enriched
Poor durability
Not as big as other full-body wipes
Fragrance might be too strong for some people

Bliss Lemon and Sage Wipes are a unique cross between a deodorant and a standard wet wipe. Despite our initial hesitations at the sound of the lemon and sage combination, we do enjoy the fragrance. The smell isn't too feminine, which is excellent for those not desiring the stereotypical flower perfume. It actually does smell more like a traditional deodorant. Although not quite the best at cleaning, these wipes are sufficient for it and makeup removal as well.

The Bliss is somewhat fragile due to its thinness, which is the main setback. Our lead tester nearly tore a finger through the towelette while pulling one out of the package. The wipes also feel awkwardly shaped and not the most ideal for full-body wipe-downs. Still, due to their thin and light packaging, they carry well in a bag and are best used for targeted cleaning after workouts.

cleansing wipes - the bliss wipes are super thin and delicate, limiting their...
The Bliss wipes are super thin and delicate, limiting their usefulness.
Credit: Sara Aranda


A Good Natural Wipe

Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Sensitive Towelettes

Wipe Dimensions: 6.9" x 7.4" | Number of Wipes per Packet: 30
Natural ingredients
Natural, fruity fragrance
Sufficient cleaning ability
Not the best at makeup removal
Low durability
Mild stickiness

Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit Sensitive Towelettes are a fruity take on the natural wipe. We love that they are FSC-certified (the fiber is from responsible sources) and cruelty-free. The grapefruit seed oil is fun but can be overpowering if you cover your body with it.

While we dig the natural aspect, these wipes are not the best for cleaning. However, they're passable for general use. Dirt rolls up more than it is absorbed and cleared away by the wipe. The same thing goes for makeup removal, which led to a decent amount of scrubbing during testing. A drawback you get with the natural aspect is these cleansing wipes are less durable than other options. We also felt a bit sticky after use. These wipes are best for a brief and targeted morning cleansing or midday refresher, and anyone who enjoys a fruity scent.

cleansing wipes - with natural fibers, the burt's bees sensitive face wipes aren't as...
With natural fibers, the Burt's Bees Sensitive Face Wipes aren't as durable as others we tested but are fruity and sufficient.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Why You Should Trust Us

Building on the life experiences of our editorial team, as well as several hours of research into the best cleansing wipes on the market, we purchased the products that we expected to perform well and provide substantial value. When it came time to test, we used a combination of real-life scenarios, such as running, cycling, or just long hot days, paired with lab-like experiments. We rubbed dirt onto our arms to test general cleaning ability. To test makeup removal, we brushed mascara and drew lipstick lines across our arms to compare each product side-by-side. We used each product on our faces and bodies. We paid attention to the package and re-sealing design, how our skin felt afterward, how much scrubbing was required, and checked for any post-use residue. Everyone's skin is different, so our assessments aim to provide objective and descriptive information so you can identify the right product for your skincare needs. You know your skin the best, so use that lens in addition to the information we are providing.

Our lead tester, Sara Aranda, spends a lot of time in sweat mode, whether running, biking, or merely navigating the grocery store with a face mask. Needless to say, wet wipes are a handy tool for the aftermath. Sara has been living out of her van for over two years now, which means cloth baths are a common self-care occurrence. So when it comes to feeling fresh without quick access to a shower, we're confident in our ability to critique what works and what doesn't for the general user.

The aftermath of a dirt cleaning test.
The aftermath of a dirt cleaning test.
Setting up for a makeup test, non-waterproof mascara was brushed...
Setting up for a makeup test, non-waterproof mascara was brushed onto our lead tester's arm (& lipstick on the other arm).
The plastic closure of the Cetaphil wipes ensures that moisture...
The plastic closure of the Cetaphil wipes ensures that moisture isn't lost through the opening, helping even the last wipe in the packet remain effective.

Analysis and Test Results

With so many different types of cleansing wipes, we seek to prioritize convenience, effectiveness, and versatility. Below, we dive into the five metrics used to compare and contrast each product, why we believe these metrics matter, and highlight the products that excelled in each performance area.

Ease of Use

The novelty of cleansing wipes is that they are purposefully designed to be as convenient as possible, from how they are packaged to the way they are disposed of into a trash can, or in the case of natural wipes, composted. From start to finish, pulling a wipe from its package should be hassle-free, and the wipe itself should yield fluid cleaning. For this metric, we also considered the plastic lids versus the sticker closures, the weight and dimensions of the packaging, and the wipe's dimensions.

cleansing wipes - these high scoring options in the ease of use category are compact...
These high scoring options in the ease of use category are compact, lightweight, and secure with their plastic lids.
Credit: Sara Aranda

The top scorers are Cetaphil Gentle Skin, Summer's Eve, and Yes to Cucumbers wipes. All three have plastic lid closures that are designed well with the compact dimensions of the packaging. Beneath the lids of the Cetaphil and Yes to Cucumbers packaging are small stickers over the holes, which are easily peeled back and reattached for added moisture security. The holes themselves are on the small to medium side (better for small hands) but are adequate for wipe retrieval. While we don't think that plastic lids are a requirement, these lids are inherently easy to pop open and close. The sticker closures that we particularly like are the Neutrogena Day and Night, Nurture Valley No Rinse Bathing, and the Bliss Lemon and Sage wipes. The stickers feel strong, sticky, easy to operate, and are likely to last as long as there are wipes in the packet.

If you want to carry only a few wipes on you at a time, you can pull out however many wipes you need/want from the package and fold them into a ziplock. They should stay moist for a few days and are now ultralight and extra handy. This is a great way to pack cleansing wipes for a backpacking trip.

Two products that score low on the spectrum of this metric are the Olay Daily Facials and the Simple Kind to Skin wipes. The former requires water activation and, realistically, sink space to dedicate yourself to if things get too foamy. The box packaging is also a bit odd and could be more streamlined. The Simple wipes have a sticker closure, but when we first peeled it back, it tore awkwardly and now doesn't commit a tight seal around the hole. All of the cleansing wipes we tested are easy to tear to customize size and reduce waste if desired, though (just make sure you're tearing "with the grain").

cleansing wipes - two examples of wipes with sticker closures that we feel work well.
Two examples of wipes with sticker closures that we feel work well.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Large wipes are generally more useful when it comes to wiping down your entire body. The Nurture Valley No Rinse wipes come in slender, highly portable packaging, but measure 8" x 10" when removed. They are large and durable enough to support a full-body refresh. The Surviveware Biodegradable wipes are even larger at 8" x 12". These wipes walk the line of almost being too large but do provide plenty of real estate to work in place of a shower.


Our testing proved that not all cleansing wipes cleanse on the same level. Both effectiveness and ease of use carry the same amount of weight in our scoring since they are so influential. But the very purpose of cleansing wipes is what this metric analyzes head-on. For these tests, we wanted to see how well a single wipe cleaned off the dirt, sweat, and makeup from our bodies. While durability is also a facet of effectiveness, we score that separately.

cleansing wipes - once you add water, the soap-free formula of the olay wipes begins...
Once you add water, the soap-free formula of the Olay wipes begins to foam up.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Surprisingly, this metric's winner is the loser from the previous metric, the Olay Daily Facials. When it comes down to cleaning power and makeup removal, these wipes are superb despite all the extra steps that may be required. They are soft and easy to use for us, with no harsh scrubbing required. The moisture is immense once you add water, which lends to its cleaning ability. Other notable products include the Cetaphil Gentle Skin and the Nurture Valley No Rinse Bathing wipes. We found the middle-of-the-road performers to be the Dickinson's Original, Summer's Eve, and Burt's Bees wipes. Though not nearly as good as the top performers, they were adequate for cleaning and decent at makeup removal.

Among the poorest ranking for effectiveness is Surviveware. We had an incredibly difficult time trying to remove makeup with this product. It left a smeared mess of mascara rather than absorbing it. When we attempted to remove lipstick, we barely had better luck. Although it's not designed to be a makeup remover, we found general cleaning required more work than other options with more synthetic formulas. That said, the relative effort is a worthy trade-off for sustainable practices.

cleansing wipes - makeup removal with the cetaphil wipes is pretty good without having...
Makeup removal with the Cetaphil wipes is pretty good without having to scrub much.
Credit: Sara Aranda


The more you have to scrub, the more you don't want the wipe to fall apart in your hands. This metric considers the fabric density and flexibility but doesn't hold as much weight as the overall effectiveness described above. The top scorers are the Olay, Nurture Valley, Summer's Eve, Dickinson's, Cetaphil, and Simple wipes. All have a fabric that stretches but doesn't unintentionally tear.

cleansing wipes - durability is high with the olay wipes, even if scrubbing is required.
Durability is high with the Olay wipes, even if scrubbing is required.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Perhaps due to the biodegradable nature of Yes to Cucumbers and Surviveware, these two products' durability was on the lower end of the spectrum. Since they are meant to fall apart and decompose, it is easier for the fabric to slacken with heavy use. Though, the product that scored the lowest in this metric is the Bliss Lemon and Sage. These wipes are the thinnest of the group, and we find it easy to poke our fingers through. Although they are usually fine as long as you're using them gently, we prefer the other models for this metric.

cleansing wipes - the dickinson's original cloths have a quilted pattern is that...
The Dickinson's Original cloths have a quilted pattern is that fairly durable.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Even though the ingredients determine the effectiveness and are the epitome of every wipe, we feel that critiquing their chemical and organic makeup is incredibly tricky for most. Many customers will readily prioritize feel and function over how something is made. Our overall scoring and how much weight each metric bears reflect this. But we still feel it is worth discussing, particularly as more and more customers do seek sustainable and organic-leaning efforts. We award points to the brands that use natural ingredients and mindful sourcing practices. Yes to Cucumbers leads the pack in this aspect, with Surviveware and Dickinson's Original not far behind due to their short and sweet ingredient lists. The brands that rely heavily on synthetic ingredients did not score well in this metric, like Olay, Cetaphil, and Neutrogena.

cleansing wipes - we are very grateful for brands that are taking the initiative to...
We are very grateful for brands that are taking the initiative to offer minimally synthetic options.
Credit: Sara Aranda

Our reviewers in this category are not scientists or medical professionals. So it's best to consult a doctor with concerns regarding allergic reactions, skin irritants, or other potential harms. For background information, there are numerous articles across the web that explain concerns and controversy surrounding various ingredients in the skincare industry. Of course, surface-level research in this area often opens up a rabbit hole. So what's the takeaway? If you have sensitive skin or have severe skin/food allergies, you're likely to already be aware of certain ingredients to avoid, from surfactants to synthetic fragrances. And it never hurts to Google that alien-sounding chemical compound.

cleansing wipes - biodegradable wipes are something we celebrate due to their minimal...
Biodegradable wipes are something we celebrate due to their minimal design and short ingredient lists.
Credit: Sara Aranda


Even if a wipe is excellent at removing dirt or makeup, the way it makes us feel afterward matters too. Many people don't like the sensation of residue, and we can't blame them. Some folks experience stinging or dryness. We pay attention to how our skin feels minutes to hours after using each wipe. A subjective measurement, but we find it useful in our overall scoring. We also consider the versatility of each wipe for this metric. Unscented wipes are more likely to be used for other things beyond the face or body. Wipes that are highly specialized in makeup removal are not necessarily as versatile for full-body bathing. On the flip side, wipes that are specialized in body bathing seem to not be as good with makeup removal.

cleansing wipes - the nurture valley bathing wipes are one of the more versatile of...
The Nurture Valley bathing wipes are one of the more versatile of the bunch and don't leave any sticky or oily residues.
Credit: Sara Aranda

This is one reason why we chose Cetaphil Gentle Skin wipes as the overall winner. They are highly versatile because they are great at cleansing, great with makeup removal, and great for full-body bathing. We feel clean after using them and aren't burdened by any weird sensations or residues. We love that they don't have added perfume. Our least favorite wipe for this metric is the Neutrogena Day and Night. While the daytime wipe perfume isn't as strong as the night wipe, the fragrances are so potent that we have no desire to use them for anything but their specialized intention. They also leave a slick, oily sensation after using them, which we aren't fans of.

cleansing wipes - cetaphil has a history of creating quality products and these wipes...
Cetaphil has a history of creating quality products and these wipes are no exception.
Credit: Sara Aranda


This is a difficult category to measure scientifically, especially when everyone's skin has different tolerance levels. However, we feel confident in our testing and ranking of the products to help you figure out what's best for your needs and desires. From featured beauty products to the minimalism of the outdoors, there's a wipe for everyone.

Sara Aranda

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