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Isaac Laredo

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Isaac Laredo earned his bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies of Environmental Science and Outdoor Adventure Leadership from Sierra Nevada University in 2018. Here he was able to obtain invaluable mentorship which trained him to be an active problem solver, critic, and planner. His research experience in snow and water brings talent in test planning and field sampling with respect to the scientific process. His drive to understand and experience the environment around him has lead to trips across the world which were guided by diligent process and facilitated by plenty of gear. Gear is prevalent in his life when facilitating adventures for himself and others. Whether it be a power bank or travel pillow it provides a critical function. Isaac is in constant search of the best quality of experience. He provides attention to detail as it relates to the design and user experience of a product.  It was a natural progression to apply these skills in the analytical review setting and help others do the same. Isaac joined GearLab in 2019 and has loved every moment of it. Since then, he has tested over 60 products from snowboards to comforters.