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Best Razor for Men

We tested men's razors from Schick, Gillette, Bevel, BIC, and more to find the best products on the market
The Godfather Stonehenge has a classic design that helps achieve a ver...
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer
By Nick Bruckbauer and Matt Bento  ⋅  Aug 16, 2021
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To help you find the best razor, our team of grooming experts researched the market and purchased 11 top models to test in our side-by-side analysis. Today's shaving marketplace is a multi-billion dollar industry with an overwhelming number of products and fancy marketing campaigns that can be downright confusing to most average consumers. That's where we come in. Three blades, four blades, five blades, disposables, or safety razors? We used them all in our head-to-head tests to understand the advantages or disadvantages of each style and help you figure out which model is right for you.


Best Overall Razor

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize

Number of Blades: 5 | Style: Refillable cartridge
5-blade design cuts and glides well
Excellent ergonomic handle with rubberized grip
Hydrating strip flips out of the way for precision trimming
Decent quality skin guards
Hairs can get caught in skin guard and hydrating pod

The Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize is our favorite overall razor for its low friction glide and high-quality shave. The five blades provide a nice close shave, and the skin guards, moisturizing pods, and flexible shock-absorbing head help reduce friction and irritation. The moisturizing pods above the blades can flip away for more precise trimming, and the ergonomic handle is just the right weight and features a rubberized grip for confident control. The Schick Hydro 5 series of shavers are available in a Hydrate and Sensitive version in addition to the Energize version that we tested, each with a slightly different blend of oils and extracts in the moisturizing pod. In addition to these attributes, this product sports a reasonable price tag compared to other modern 5-blade designs, making it an easy recommendation for most people.

Even after several shaves, we really couldn't find many significant drawbacks with the Schick Hydro 5 Sense. Like any 5-blade design, hair and grime could get caught up between the blades or in the moisturizing pods, and users with more sensitive skin could experience some irritation. Overall, the smooth glide, high-quality shave, and comfortable handle make this our favorite overall model that we'd recommend.

The Hydro 5 Sense provides a great blend of shave quality and a...
The Hydro 5 Sense provides a great blend of shave quality and a smooth, comfortable glide.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


Best Bang for Your Buck

Schick Quattro Titanium

Number of Blades: 4 + 1 edging blade | Style: Refillable cartridge
4-blade system shaves well and glides comfortably
More affordable than most refillable cartridges
Comfortable, well-weighted handle
Hair and grime get stuck more easily between blades

With another classic design that has been on the market for several years, the Schick Quattro Titanium has a 4-blade system that glides smoothly and provides a close, comfortable shave. The simple design includes an ergonomic handle with a comfortable heft and a rubberized grip and a 4-blade cartridge that is a nice compromise between older 3-blade systems and modern 5-blade models. We think that the Quattro shaves as well as anything on the market, and does so with a reasonable price tag that is much more affordable than most modern multi-blade designs.

One of the only downsides of the Schick Quattro Titanium is that the closely spaced blades and the wireframe can catch and trap hairs and grime a little easier than 3-blade models or even 5-blade models with more generously spaced blades. We were able to mitigate this by rinsing the blades more frequently in between shaving strokes. Overall, this was one of our favorite models, and the affordable price makes it more attainable.

The Quattro Titanium glides smoothly and provides a good quality...
The Quattro is one of the more affordable refillable cartridge...


Best Double Edge Safety Razor

Bevel Safety

Number of Blades: 1 + 1 | Type of Style: Double edge safety razor
Good shave quality
Less irritation than multi-blade cartridges
Comfortable weighted handle
Mild enough blades for inexperienced shavers
Shaving technique takes practice
Handle is smooth and can be slippery

Shavers unhappy with modern multi-blade cartridge designs should consider a double edge safety razor. This style has a double-sided blade that screws into a metal head, allowing you to shave with just a single edge. The Bevel Safety is the model we'd recommend for most people interested in this design. The head geometry and blade sharpness are forgiving enough for inexperienced shavers, and the comfortable weighted handle provides enough control and precision for more advanced users. Like with any model of this kind, the standard blade that comes with the product can be switched out for other blades with different hardnesses or sharpnesses to suit your personal preference. The standard blade that comes with the Bevel provides a nice blend of shave quality and smooth glide with minimal irritation compared to most we have tried.

For anyone considering transitioning away from a modern multi-blade cartridge, we recommend taking it slowly. These double-edge blades require a slightly different shaving technique than cartridge styles, and less experienced users could find it easier to cut themselves with this style of razor if they work too quickly or use too much pressure. However, the Bevel's comfortably weighted handle helps to provide confident control, allowing our testers to avoid any such mistakes. The included blades are forgiving enough to give a smooth, close shave without much irritation or fear of nicks or cuts. While the handle is a little smoother than we'd like, the overall comfort and control are ideal for both beginner and experienced shavers.

The Bevel is our favorite safety razor and the one we'd recommend...
The Bevel is our favorite safety razor and the one we'd recommend for most people transitioning away from multi-blade cartridges.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


Best Classic 3-Blade Cartridge Design

Gillette Mach3 3D

Number of Blades: 3 | Style: Refillable cartridge
Classic design balances shave quality with reduced irritation
3-blade cartridge is easier to keep clean than 5-blade models
Fairly affordable replacement cartridges
Not as aggressive as 5-blade designs

If two or three blades are good, then four or five blades must be better, right? Not necessarily. As the shaving industry keeps adding additional blades to their cartridges, the Gillette Mach3 3D holds steady with its classic 3-blade design. The Mach3 provides a clean, close shave at a reasonably affordable price, and its three blades seem to irritate the skin slightly less than today's 5-blade designs. The blade configuration is also a little more spaced out, making them easier to keep clean and clear of debris compared to more closely-spaced 4- or 5-blade designs. We tested the Mach3 3D version, but there are other handle designs available with the same interchangeable blade cartridges.

At the end of our test period, we are unable to find anything noteworthy to complain about on the Mach3. Though it may not shave quite as aggressively as most modern 5-blade models, any differences in shave quality are hardly noticeable. The simple, classic design has gone through some cosmetic iterations through the years, but the blade design has remained mostly unchanged. For anyone confused by all of the fancy marketing campaigns with modern multi-blade cartridges, the Mach3 is a classic model at a reasonable price that continues to get the job done.

The Mach3 has a classic 3-blade design that still provides a...
The Mach3 demonstrates that more blades aren't always better.


Best Disposable Option

BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid

Number of Blades: 4 | Style: Hybrid disposable
4-blade design provides good shave quality
Ergonomic handle is more comfortable than most disposables
Doesn't glide as smoothly as cartridges with enhanced skin guards
Not much more affordable than regular refillable cartridges

The BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid blurs the line between a simple disposable product and a modern multi-blade cartridge design. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable, lightweight heft and provides a confident grip for precise control. The replaceable 4-blade cartridge provides a good shave quality similar to refillable cartridges and is much better than most other disposable options.

The BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid doesn't have as smooth a glide as more expensive refillable cartridges with larger skin guards and hydrating strips. The BIC provides a good quality shave but left our skin feeling a bit more irritated than with other products. Still, the BIC offers a good quality shave at an affordable price, and the hybrid disposable design makes it convenient for travelers or anyone on the go.

With four blades, the BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid provides a great...
With four blades, the BIC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid provides a great shave for a disposable model.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


A Five Blade Model with Exceptionally Smooth Action

Gillette ProGlide

Number of Blades: 5 | Style: Refillable Cartridge
Smooth action
Two axes of motion
Heavy, well-balanced feel
5 blades make cleaning a challenge

Take a look at the Gillette Proglide and you'll notice that there's a lot going on with the head of this razor. A small tensioned wire keeps the head centered and aligned with the handle while allowing the head to pivot a few degrees to either side. Combined with the up and down pivoting action at the blade attachment point, this feature makes getting at hard-to-shave areas like under your nose or your neck much easier. Speaking of easy, replacing the blade is a piece of cake, as the push of a button will actually launch your old cartridge right into the trash can if your aim is on point.

Cramming five blades into one cartridge leaves little space for hair and grime to pass between the blades, and our testers had to be diligent about rinsing while shaving with this model, using as much water pressure as possible to blast out hair as they shaved. This is a weak point of all the multi-bladed cartridges, and if you don't stay on top of cleaning, you'll need to pony up for a refill sooner than you'd like. If you do keep your blades clean, you're in for a smooth shave with reasonable blade life.

The handle feels well balanced and hefty, even in wet hands.
This model pivots on two axis, making it easier to shave under the...


Classic Safety Razor with a Heavy-Duty Ergonomic Handle

Vikings Blade The Godfather Stonehenge

Number of Blades: 1 + 1 | Style: Double Edge Safety Razor
Excellent handle has ideal heft, shape, and grip texture
Shaves very closely
Classic looking design
Shaving technique takes practice
More aggressive shave can lead to irritation

The Godfather Stonehenge from Vikings Blade is another top-quality double edge safety razor that we'd highly recommend to more experienced shavers. The heavy-duty handle is nicely weighted and has a comfortable ergonomic shape and textured grip, providing plenty of control to let the blade gently glide across your face. Using the standard Mild blades from Vikings Blade, we found the shave quality to be slightly better than with the Bevel Safety, but also less forgiving than the Bevel, requiring a more confident hand for a comfortably smooth shave. The Stonehenge model that we tested has a classic weathered finish that looks and feels like a heavy-duty tool.

Like with any model of its kind, the shaving technique with The Godfather may take some practice and getting used to for those transitioning from a modern multi-blade design. While this provided a great close shave, we found a little more irritation than with other blades and needed to take a little more care and attention to prevent minor nicks or cuts. Experienced shavers or anyone looking to transition away from a multi-blade cartridge who is willing to trade some patience for a great shave should check out this model.

The replaceable double-edged blades on The Godfather model are the...
The replaceable double-edged blades on The Godfather model are the key to its excellent shave quality.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


A Smooth 5-Blade Design with an Electronic Pulse

Gillette Fusion5 Power

Number of Blades: 5 + 1 edging blade | Style: Refillable cartridge
5-blade design provides a close shave
Battery-operated pulse seems to enhance glide
Easier to clean than other 5-blade designs
Nice skin guard
Five blades can cause skin irritation
Lightweight handle doesn't feel as high-end as others

The Gillette Fusion5 Power takes the modern 5-blade design to the next level with battery-operated electronic micro pulses, which the manufacturer claims will reduce friction and increase glide. Whether that is true or just a placebo effect, we did enjoy the shave quality and smooth glide provided by this shaver. The skin guard designed to stretch the skin helps enhance the shave quality, and a few small gaps between the blades and the skin guards help reduce the buildup of hair and grime.

While we enjoyed the shave quality of the Fusion5 Power, we did experience a bit more skin irritation than with other products. The hydrating strip on top of the cartridge is less substantial than other 5-blade models and seemed to dry out more quickly than most. The handle has a nice textured grip, but is lighter and feels less balanced and ergonomic than others. This is a good option for those wanting a close shave, but we think other products balance shave quality and skin comfort a little better.

With electronic pulses and five blades, the Fusion5 blends a close...
With electronic pulses and five blades, the Fusion5 blends a close shave with a decent glide, but can cause a bit more skin irritation than others in our experience.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


Another Modern 5-Blade Design

Harry's Razor 2X

Number of Blades: 5 + 1 edging blade | Style: Refillable cartridge
Provides a close, high-quality shave
Sleek and simple design
Doesn't glide as smoothly as others
Handle can be a bit slippery

Thanks to its clean and sleek aesthetics and high-quality 5-blade system, the Harry's Razor 2X helps shake things among the major shaving brands. This model provides a very nice shave and is enhanced by the rubber handle that has a comfortable heft and an ergonomic shape.

The Harry's Razor provided us a close shave, similar to most modern 5-blade designs, but didn't glide as smoothly as most others. We felt more friction than most, as it seemed to drag rather than glide across the face of our lead tester. Although we still achieved a comfortable shave without much irritation, the actual shaving process wasn't as comfortable and effortless as other tools.

The 5-blade design provides as good of a shave as any modern...
The Harry's 2X doesn't glide across the skin quite as smoothly as...


A 5-Blade Design That Falls Behind

Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere

Number of Blades: 5 + 1 edging blade | Style: Refillable cartridge
Comfortable, well-weight handle
Includes 3-D pivoting head
More affordable than other 5-blade designs
Poor shave quality compared to most others
Additional strokes caused skin irritation

The Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere is a modern 5-blade design and an affordable price tag. This model has a 3-dimensional pivoting head to adjust to the contours of your face, and a comfortable handle that has a nice weight and an excellent rubber grip. The replacement cartridges are also less expensive than most major brands.

Unfortunately, the MotionSphere had one of the more inferior shave qualities in our testing. The blades didn't glide across our face very smoothly and required noticeably more strokes to cut through all of the hair to achieve a suitable shave. These extra strokes and the increased drag left our face more irritated than with most other products. This design is very affordable, but we think you can get a better quality and more comfortable shave with another option.

With five blades, we had high hope for the Solimo, but it didn't...
With five blades, we had high hope for the Solimo, but it didn't shave as well as most other models that we tested.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


A Classic Disposable Model

Gillette Sensor3 Smooth Shave Disposable

Number of Blades: 3 | Style: Disposable
Simple and lightweight
Provides adequate shave quality
Doesn't glide very smoothly
Can cause skin irritation

The Gillette Sensor3 Smooth Shave Disposable is a classic disposable design with three blades and an ergonomic and lightweight handle. The shave quality is pretty good, and the product's simplicity makes it one of the most affordable options in our lineup.

Although the Sensor3 provided a pretty good shave quality, it doesn't glide as smoothly as most modern cartridge styles and can cause a bit more irritation with its less robust skin guards. While most people might prefer a refillable cartridge style or safety razor for their daily shaving, this model makes a great option to throw in your travel kit with its simple design and affordable price.

The Sensor3 is simple, affordable, and provides an adequate shave as...
The Sensor3 is simple, affordable, and provides an adequate shave as a disposable model.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Why You Should Trust Us

This in-depth review is brought to you by Nick Bruckbauer. Nick enthusiastically shares with readers his expertise across a wide range of home and outdoor products. With coarse, dark hair and soft, sensitive skin, Nick has also been on a lifelong journey to optimize his shaving ritual to mitigate his constant struggle with bumps, irritation, and frequent ingrown hairs. Recognizing that shavers with different skin and hair types may have different shaving needs and priorities, he is armed with a meticulous awareness of how different tools and products have different capabilities and weaknesses and how they would impact the overall shaving experience. Joining him in testing is Matt Bento. Sadly, Matt cannot grow a proper beard and has needed to keep his facial scruff in check since the age of fifteen. No stranger to stretching the life of his razors, he really appreciates the value of a model that's durable and easy to clean.

We even tested two different models simultaneously.
We lathered up with some high-quality shave soap while testing the...
We tested each product from every angle.

With so many different products and confusing marketing jargon, it can be discouraging to try to understand today's grooming marketplace. After scouring the market, we purchased the most promising and popular products for our side-by-side testing. We tested 3-, 4-, and 5-blade cartridge designs, simple disposable styles, and traditional double-edge safety razors. We put each product to the test through several shaves, using the same skin preparation routine and shaving gel each time. With the double edge safety razors that we tested, we took our shaving routine up a notch by adding a high-quality shave soap and using a badger hair shaving brush to complete the traditional shaving ritual. Throughout the testing process, we even compared products directly against each other by shaving one-half of our faces with different products simultaneously. With our in-depth analysis, we aim to help you find the right product for your shaving needs.

Analysis and Test Results

A lot more goes into a comfortable, high-quality shave than just the blade quality of your preferred tool. To find the best products, we evaluated each product across a series of five performance metrics, including shave quality, glide and comfort, handle ergonomics, build quality and durability, and ease of cleaning and blade replacement. We recommend taking note of the high performers in whichever metrics you prioritize for your personal needs.

Shave Quality

For our first performance metric, we rated each product's shave quality simply by evaluating how well and how easily the blades cut our hair, and how smooth our face was after shaving. The potential tradeoff with a close shave is that sharper blades with a more aggressive cut can lead to increased skin irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs. We assess those side effects further in our glide and comfort ratings, but for now, we'll only focus on shave closeness and quality.

Several 5-blade cartridge designs tied for our top ranking, with very similar and almost indistinguishable shave qualities. The Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize, the Gillette Fusion5 Power, Gillette Proglide, and the Harry's 2X all provided close, smooth shaves with ease. What separated their overall rankings was their smoothness and glide, which we'll get into later, but each of these left our faces feeling smooth and fresh.

The Hydro 5 sense provided a smooth glide and excellent shave quality.
The Hydro 5 sense provided a smooth glide and excellent shave quality.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Similarly, the Schick Quattro Titanium provided an excellent shave quality and is our favorite 4-blade design and one that we'd highly recommend with its affordable price and excellent value. The Quattro has similar shave quality as its 5-blade competitors, but slightly less irritation due to having one less blade.

The Quattro Titanium keeps up with most 5-blade designs with its...
The Quattro Titanium keeps up with most 5-blade designs with its four edges.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Both of the double edge safety razors we tested—the Bevel and the Vikings Blade The Godfather—also provided a close, high-quality shave. The Vikings Blade The Godfather model gets the nod here with a slightly more aggressive blade that shaved a bit more closely than the Bevel. The Bevel is still the model we'd recommend for most people, though, since it balances a nice shave with a less harsh glide across the skin.

The Vikings Blade The Godfather provides an excellent close shave.
The Vikings Blade The Godfather provides an excellent close shave.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Glide and Comfort

While most shaving tools will do a decent job of closely trimming your hair, what separates the highest performing products from the pack is how smoothly they glide and how comfortably they leave your skin afterward. Sometimes, the additional blades in modern designs that help achieve a smooth, close shave can also stretch and tug at your skin and make it feel depleted. Products that pull or tug at the skin too much can also lead to bumps and ingrown hairs.

Standing out in this metric were two Schick products; the 5-blade Hydro 5 Sense Energize and the 4-blade Quattro Titanium. Both models glide smoothly across the skin with less irritation than others and do an excellent job of balancing a close shave with reduced tugging and irritation.

The Hydro 5 Sense glides across the face nicely with long, smooth...
The Hydro 5 Sense glides across the face nicely with long, smooth strokes.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

The Harry's Razor 2X, the Gillette Mach3 3D, the Gillette Proglide, and the Gillette Fusion 5 Power all do a reasonable job at balancing comfort with a high-quality shave, but have a little more friction and don't seem to glide quite as smoothly as the Schick models.

The Bevel Safety also stands out in this metric for its smooth, comfortable glide that makes it a good option for those who are inexperienced with a double-edge safety model but are looking to transition. This type of tool requires a little more patience and finesse than modern multi-blade cartridges, but the Bevel model has a mild enough blade to balance a close shave with a smooth glide and limited irritation. The Vikings Blade model provides a slightly closer shave but has a higher potential to leave the skin feeling raw and irritated.

The Bevel Safety provides an excellent blend of shave quality and...
The Bevel Safety provides an excellent blend of shave quality and glide that is more forgiving and less harsh on the skin.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Handle Ergonomics

Any tool is only as useful as the person operating it, and razors are no different. It doesn't matter how well the blades work if you don't have confident, precise control over them. A product's handle ergonomics is an essential piece of the shaving experience. A handle with a curved, ergonomic shape, some kind of textured grip, and a little bit of an added weight tend to allow you to operate the most efficiently.

The standout performer in this category is the Vikings Blade The Godfather Stonehenge with a heavily weighted metal handle with a nicely curved shape and textured grooves for added grip. The handle inspires confidence in the task at hand, and its heavier weight allows you to use a gentle grip pressure and still achieve a close shave. This product is much heavier than anything else in our lineup and gives the perception that it's built to last a long time.

With a nicely curved, heavy-duty handle, The Godfather model...
With a nicely curved, heavy-duty handle, The Godfather model provides a confident, ergonomic grip.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Next is the Schick Hydro 5 Sense Energize with our favorite handle for a refillable cartridge design. The handle feels slightly heavier than most other cartridge designs and has a soft rubberized texture to provide a confident no-slip grip. The upper moisturizing pods also flip away to allow more control and precision for trimming around sensitive areas like below your nose.

The upper hydrating strip flips away to provide more precise control...
Flipping the hydrating strip out of the way makes it easier to reach...

The Solimo 5-Blade Motionsphere and the Schick Quattro Titanium both earn an honorable mention in this category, thanks to their simple handle designs with a nicely curved shape and large rubber inserts. They both also include an additional single precision-trimming blade for edging along beards or sideburns.

The Solimo has a comfortable, nicely weighted handle with a...
With its simple, ergonomic design, the Quattro Titanium has a...

Build Quality and Durability

In this metric, we evaluated the overall build quality of each product, including the handle materials, the initial blade quality, and the connection points between the handles and the blades or cartridges. We won't go into blade sharpness or long-term durability, since there are so many variables like hair and skin coarseness, shaving cream type, and rinsing and storing habits that can vary from person to person. We focus on each model's initial quality and durability for a handful of shaves throughout our testing period.

We put each product to the test through several shaves to examine...
We put each product to the test through several shaves to examine their overall quality and durability.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Leading the way in this metric are the two safety razors in our lineup, the Bevel Safety, and the Vikings Blade The Godfather Stonehenge. The Bevel is constructed with a chromium-plated solid brass handle, while the Godfather Stonehenge is made from 304L stainless steel. Both products have a heavy-duty feel to them and inspire confidence in their durability. Both also are designed to use easily replaceable double-edge blades that are typically affordable and can be mixed and matched to suit your skin and hair type.

Both the Vikings Blade model (left) and the Bevel Safety...
The Vikings Blade The Godfather disassembled. All parts are...

Next up is the Harry's Razor 2X. This model has an aesthetically pleasing design that is sleeker and simpler than most other refillable cartridge designs. The ergonomic rubber handle is available in several colors, and the interface between the handle and the blade cartridge is engaged with a simple click that is much easier than other models. This product feels well-engineered and well constructed and seems higher-end than most other cartridge designs. The Gillette Proglide also has a balanced, hefty feel to it, which conveys a sense of quality not found in the disposable models.

The Harry's model is simple and sleek and is well-constructed with...
The Harry's model is simple and sleek and is well-constructed with an ergonomic rubber handle.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Finally, the two Schick models in our lineup—the Hydro 5 Sense Energize and the Quattro Titanium—both have above average build quality. Their handles have more heft to them than most other products and have simpler designs with fewer angles or grooves that could eventually collect dirt and grime. Both also provide an outstanding balance between shave quality and a smooth, comfortable glide.

The Hydro Sense 5 has a solid build quality in addition to its...
The Hydro Sense 5 has a solid build quality in addition to its excellent shave and glide characteristics.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Ease of Cleaning and Blade Replacement

Though perhaps not as crucial as other performance metrics, a product's ease of cleaning and blade replacement are a critical element to its longevity and continued shave quality. Models that are difficult to rinse, easily get jammed up with hair and grime, or trap moisture can cause the blades to rust or wear prematurely, which all tend to quickly diminish the shave quality and comfort. Designs with nicely spaced blades that are easily rinsed and dried tend to last longer. Similarly, once it does come time to change to a new blade, most products have a simple button to pop the old cartridge out and a new one in, but some operate a little easier than others.

Our favorite product in this performance metric is the Gillette Mach3 3D. With only three blades that are nicely spaced out, the Mach3 allows you to quickly rinse away hair and grime much easier than with most modern 5-blade designs. This helps keeps the blades clean and dry between shaves, which will help optimize their lifespan. When it comes time for a new cartridge, making a change is more straightforward than most with a quick and easy click into place.

The spacing between the Mach3's blades make it easier to rinse and...
A quick rinse to free hair from between the blades.
Rinsed and ready for another stroke.

The Gillette Sensor3 Disposable has a similar 3-blade design as the Mach3 that does an excellent job of preventing grime from building up between the blades. When the Sensor3's edges have gone through their usable lifespan, simply discard the entire disposable handle and blade and replace it with a new one.

With a smaller head and only three blades, the Sensor3 is easier to...
With a smaller head and only three blades, the Sensor3 is easier to clean than most others. When the blade is worn out, simply throw it away and grab a new one.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer

Disposable razors don't typically provide the best shave, and they're certainly a poor choice for the environment. The plastics they're constructed from take centuries to biodegrade, creating a huge waste stream in addition to the water and foam that we already use to shave. It's difficult to recycle the plastic since it's so hard to separate it from the metal, so most disposable razors and cartridges end up in a landfill. If you must go with disposables, consider choosing a brand that has a recycling program that will let you mail your used razors back to them.

Most 5-blade cartridges struggle in this metric because their blades are so tightly packed together, making it easy for hair, shaving cream, or moisture to get trapped between the blades. The Gillette Fusion5 Power does better than most 5-blade models in this area, with larger gaps above and below the set of five blades that allow you to rinse out trapped debris a bit easier. Similar to the Mach3, the Fusion5 blade cartridge can be changed with a simple push of a button and a click into place.

The Fusion5 has one of the easiest release-buttons, making it simple...
The Fusion5 has one of the easiest release-buttons, making it simple to remove and replace the blade cartridge.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


The shaving marketplace is filled with many similar-looking competing products. It can be daunting to sort through the nice to figure out which product is right for you. We hope that our extensive head-to-head tests and attention to detail have helped you understand your options and little better, and choose the product that best suits your individual shaving needs.

Nick Bruckbauer and Matt Bento

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