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The 3 Best Stick Vacuums

We put the best stick vacuums from Shark, Dyson, Eureka, and more to the test to help you find the best model for your home
Best Stick Vacuums
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Need a lightweight vacuum? We have researched dozens of stick vacuums since 2017. For this update, we bought the top 13 models on the market and tested them head-to-head to select our award winners. We spent hundreds of hours vacuuming carpet, tile, and hardwood floors, comparing the performance of each product side-by-side. We evaluated each model's convenience, ease of use, and carpet vs. hard floor cleaning performance. In our extensive review, you'll find out which vacuum swept away the competition, which ones are the best for certain specialized uses, and which models best fit a tight budget. We hope this helps you find the best stick vacuum for your home needs.

The world of vacuums is vast, and making the right choice can be overwhelming. We're here to bring you targeted and in-depth information so you can find the right type of vacuum for your needs. We offer complete testing and reviews for the top robot vacuums, best handheld vacuums, cordless wet dry vacuums, and top picks from our review of the best vacuum cleaners with a more traditional design. Check out this list of our favorite options from the best appliances available today if you are interested in upgrading other areas of your home.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on October 20th, 2022, to add three new products from Dyson, Tineco, and Bissell.

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Pros Convenient to use, great at cleaningFantastic at cleaning hard floors, very easy to use, swappable batteriesUnmatched cleaning performance, very convenient and easy to useCompact, great at cleaning carpet, convenientGreat battery life, lots of accessories, hardwood performance
Cons A bit loudA little priceyExceptionally expensive, on the loud side, doesn't pick up well when going "reverse" over debrisShort battery life, expensiveCarpet performance, heavy, expensive
Bottom Line If you are looking for the absolute best of the best when it comes to stick vacuums, this is one of our all-time favoritesThis is an exceptionally easy to use product that cleans well and sweeps away most of the competitionWhile this product excelled in all of our tests and is undeniably a top performer when it comes to stick vacuums, it's incredibly priceyThis high-end cordless model is one of the best you can get, but comes at a premium priceThis feature-rich device performed well in most tests, but its lackluster performance on carpets left a bit to be desired, given the price
Rating Categories Shark Rocket Pet Pro Shark IONFlex Dyson V10 Absolute Dyson V8 Absolute Dyson V15 Detect
Convenience (35%)
Hard Surface Cleaning (30%)
Ease of Use (20%)
Carpet Cleaning (15%)
Specs Shark Rocket Pet Pro Shark IONFlex Dyson V10 Absolute Dyson V8 Absolute Dyson V15 Detect
Weight 7.8 lbs 8.9 lbs 5.9 lbs 5.6 lbs 6.9 lbs
Cordless Battery Life 20 min 37 sec 11 min 44 sec 8 min 19 sec 8 min 19 sec Boost: 9 min 56 sec
Eco: 56 min 39 sec
Maximum Corded Reach n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Measured Charge Time 150 min 210 min 190 min 240 min 220 min
Noise Level 73 dBa 74 dBa 78 dBa 77 dBa 82 dBa
Model Number IZ163H IF200W V10 V8 V15
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion NCA or Li-aluminum (a type of Lithium-ion) Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Measured Cleaning Path Width 10.25" 8" 9" 9" 9"
Variable Suction Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brush On/Off Switch? Slows the brush for hard floor Slows the brush for hard floor No No No
Storage Freestanding in MultiFLEX storage mode Freestanding in MultiFLEX storage mode Wall mount Wall mount only Wall mount
Bag Type Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless Bagless
Swivel Head? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soft Bumper? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cordless? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Best Overall Stick Vacuum

Shark Rocket Pet Pro

  • Convenience 7.7
  • Hard Surface Cleaning 7.8
  • Ease of Use 8.2
  • Carpet Cleaning 8.1
Weight: 7.8 pounds | Max Power Runtime (min:sec): 20:37
Impressive cleaning performance
Long battery life
Extremely easy to use
Louder than average

We can't recommend the Shark Rocket Pet Pro highly enough for most people shopping for a top-tier stick vacuum. This vacuum delivered impressive results throughout our entire suite of cleaning tests — even with the more challenging ones. It has one of the longer runtimes for a cordless vacuum and has tons and tons of features that make it exceptionally convenient and user-friendly. On top of that, it is a very versatile option, with different attachments and configurations for cleaning most of your home and storing it in a freestanding way.

We don't have many gripes for the Pet Pro. This stick vacuum is a little louder and heavier than average, but not by much. We also noticed that it struggles when cleaning close up to a wall if you vacuum head-on, but this is easily remedied by running the vacuum parallel to the edge while cleaning. Overall, the Pet Pro easily claims the title of best overall stick vacuum and should be on your shortlist if you are looking for a premium product.

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best overall stick vacuum
Overall, we are impressed with how easy to use this vacuum is.
Credit: Laura Casner

Best on a Tight Budget

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1

  • Convenience 4.1
  • Hard Surface Cleaning 5.8
  • Ease of Use 4.2
  • Carpet Cleaning 4.9
Weight: 4.5 pounds| Max Power Runtime: n/a (corded)
Decent for cleaning hard surfaces
Average for cleaning soft floors
Super affordable
Overall Convenience

The VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 isn't the best stick vacuum we looked at, but it has its place. This model would be an excellent fit for someone shopping on a tight budget with a smaller home with hard floors. It can also conveniently transform into a handheld vacuum to get into those hard-to-reach places.

Regrettably, the VonHaus can't compare to the top-tier models for overall cleaning power. It continuously delivered mediocre results in all of our cleaning tests. That said, as one of the least expensive models out there, we would still recommend it to anyone who has light messes to pick up.

Read more: VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 review

stick vacuum - best on a tight budget
The VonHaus did a decent job at collecting oats.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Best for Mixed Surfaces

Shark IONFlex

  • Convenience 7.1
  • Hard Surface Cleaning 8.6
  • Ease of Use 8.3
  • Carpet Cleaning 7.4
Weight: 8.9 pounds | Max Power Runtime (min:sec): 11:44
Amazing at cleaning hard surfaces
Easy to switch between floor types
Swappable batteries

The Shark IONFlex is an excellent all-around stick vacuum. In our hard floor cleaning tests, this cordless vacuum performed exceptionally well. It easily folds for storage and has swappable batteries to extend the run time if you have a spare one on hand. It includes a handful of attachments, giving it the versatility to clean practically anywhere in your home. Switching between surface types is as easy as pressing a button — no manual head switching needed. It is also easy to operate and highly maneuverable.

On the downside, this vacuum is still quite pricey, though it is much less expensive than some other premium models. For many, a stick vacuum is a supplemental cleaning tool to be paired with a full-sized vacuum instead of acting as a sole cleaning method. This unit can exceed what most people may be willing to spend on one of these products. For a cordless vacuum, it's also a little on the heavy side. However, this is still an excellent product if you want high performance.

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stick vacuum - the ionflex bending so you don&#039;t have to.
The IONFlex bending so you don't have to.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

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Shark Rocket Pet Pro
shark rocket pet pro stick vacuum review
Editors' Choice Award
Shark IONFlex
shark ionflex stick vacuum review
Top Pick Award
Dyson V10 Absolute
dyson v10 absolute stick vacuum review
Dyson V8 Absolute
dyson v8 absolute stick vacuum review
Dyson V15 Detect
dyson v15 detect stick vacuum review
Tineco Pure ONE S15 Pet
tineco pure one s15 pet stick vacuum review
Eureka RapidClean Pro
eureka rapidclean pro stick vacuum review
Bissell AirRam
bissell airram stick vacuum review
Shark Navigator Freestyle
shark navigator freestyle stick vacuum review
Black+Decker HSVJ520JMBF27
black+decker hsvj520jmbf27 stick vacuum review
VonHaus 600W 2-in-1
vonhaus 600w 2-in-1 stick vacuum review
Best Buy Award
Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik
dirt devil simpli-stik stick vacuum review
Bissell Featherweight
bissell featherweight stick vacuum review

stick vacuum - we extensively tested and compared the top stick vacuums.
We extensively tested and compared the top stick vacuums.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Why You Should Trust Us

Over the last four years, we have tested and purchased over 33 stick vacuums. Our extensive testing process subjects each product to 47 individual tests across four strategically selected metrics. Each test and metric informs our comparative testing process. For convenience, we look at each model's attachments, storage system, battery life, and overall versatility. Furthermore, to assess ease of use, we take vacuums through obstacle courses and under furniture to test handling, use decibel meters to monitor noise, and sample each feature. Lastly, for our hard surface and carpet cleaning tests, we take common debris of household messes like cereal, pet hair, rice, and oatmeal and compare the cleaning result.

Each test is associated with one of the following weighted metrics:
  • Convenience (35% of overall score weighting)
  • Hard Surface Cleaning (30% weighting)
  • Ease of Use (20% weighting)
  • Carpet Cleaning (15% weighting)

Our lead stick vacuum reviewers, Austin Palmer, David Wise, and, Isaac Laredo and Jessica Riconscente have vast experience reviewing stick vacuums and other relevant categories such as uprights, canister vacuums, robot vacuums, and handhelds. The team has constantly been comparing and testing stick vacuums for the past four years, continuously updating their testing plans and procedures as these products have evolved.

stick vacuum - from pet hair and flour to oats, rice, and dirt, we sucked it all up...
From pet hair and flour to oats, rice, and dirt, we sucked it all up and away to reveal which models are the best.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Analysis and Test Results

We test each stick vacuum side-by-side in a variety of test metrics to determine which options offer the best performance to help you make the right buying decision for your needs, goals, and budget. In the realm of vacuums, there is much to consider.


Value is subjective, but for us, we look for that perfect balance of price and performance. The top performing vacuums in our review are the Shark Rocket Pet Pro and Dyson V10 Absolute. However, the Pet Pro costs substantially less and is, therefore, a higher-value product. The Shark IONFlex also performs impressively well, and while more expensive than the Pet Pro, it offers a few other features and is still less than the Dyson V10, making it a good value in our book.

We feel the VonHaus 2-in-1 is one of this group's least expensive products overall but has a fairly significant drop in performance. That said, if you need something for light-duty messes and money is extremely tight, it's certainly better than having no vacuum.

stick vacuum - the pet pro is one of the best cordless stick vacuums we have seen...
The Pet Pro is one of the best cordless stick vacuums we have seen to date and the price tag is reasonable.
Credit: Laura Casner


The main advantage of these products over a traditional canister or upright vacuum is the substantially superior convenience — hence the heavier weight of this metric in each vacuum's overall score. After all, what good is a stick vacuum if it is too cumbersome to use in the first place? Consequently, this metric accounts for 35% of the overall score for each product. We tested how well each vacuum cleaned non-floor areas, the cordless models' battery life, the reach of the corded models, each product's weight, and its storage method.

Claiming one of the top spots overall in this metric, we found the Shark Rocket Pet Pro incredibly convenient to use. We love how versatile this vacuum is; it can transform into a top-notch handheld vacuum and includes tools for cleaning all sorts of different areas around your home.

stick vacuum - the rocket pet pro is a very versatile vacuum.
The Rocket Pet Pro is a very versatile vacuum.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Pet Pro also has one of the longest battery runtimes of the entire group, vacuuming for almost 21 minutes on a single charge on its economical power mode and close to 13 minutes when running the high-power Boost mode. The battery is swappable, and it charges in about two and a half hours in our experience — much faster than the four-hour charge time claimed by the manufacturer. The Pet Pro is about average when it comes to weight, and we love that it can be stored in a freestanding configuration when bent over.

stick vacuum - the freestanding ability of this vacuum is incredibly convenient.
The freestanding ability of this vacuum is incredibly convenient.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Dyson V8 Absolute, the Dyson V10, Dyson V15 Detect, Tineco Pure ONE Pet S15, Shark IONFlex, and Eureka RapidClean Pro all fall in the middle of the pack when it comes to convenience. These vacuums are all cordless, and the Dyson models have a wall-mounted storage system to keep them out of the way when not in use. The Tineco utilizes a floor-based docking station with ports to store the attachments. We would appreciate it if these vacuums could stand freely on their own, but sadly that is not the case; if they aren't in their respective mounts, they all need to be propped against something so as not to tip over. We like that the RapidClean Pro has an Easy Rest feature — a purpose-built ledge/notch to make it easier to prop against a counter or chair if you need to set it down while cleaning.

stick vacuum - the dyson v8 in handheld mode.
The Dyson V8 in handheld mode.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Shark IONFlex folds in half for easy freestanding storage in an out-of-the-way location, similar to the Rocket Pet Pro.

stick vacuum - the ionflex folds for storage or to help get under those hard to...
The IONFlex folds for storage or to help get under those hard to reach places.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

We didn't find the Dyson models' battery life to be all that impressive when using the highest power setting. The V15, V10, and V8 all lasted for less than 10 minutes on the high power setting. However, when run on a lower power cleaning setting, the runtime of the Dyson can be significantly extended. The V15 ran for an incredible 56 minutes on ECO mode. These modes were more than enough time to clean up most messes, especially in the case of the V10 and V15. The suction is so powerful that we had difficulty pushing the V10 on a low-pile carpet in full power mode.

The Dyson models V10 and V8 come in between 5-6 pounds, a bit below average in terms of weight. The RapidClean Pro tips the scale at just over five pounds, making it a solid choice if you cannot lift heavy items or have stairs in your home.

The IONFlex, weighing in close to 9 pounds, is on the heavier side and has a battery life of almost 12 minutes. Not the best stats, but the IONFlex and RapidClean Pro are both quite effective at cleaning non-floor areas of the house. Still, they are not quite as proficient as the Dyson models, which come with many attachments.

stick vacuum - the shark rocket in handheld mode.
The Shark Rocket in handheld mode.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Hard Surface Cleaning

Each vacuum's hard floor cleaning performance accounted for 30% of its total score. We used flour, rice, oats, cereal, and pet hair to evaluate each model's performance. We also compared the floor's appearance before and after and the actual percentage of debris collected to determine the final score in this metric.

The Dyson V10 and Shark IONFlex tied for the top spot thanks to their phenomenal cleaning performances. These vacuums were by far the best and the easiest to use of all the stick vacuums when picking up rice, taking only a single pass when in bare floor mode.

stick vacuum - the ionflex easily picked up the oats in one pass.
The IONFlex easily picked up the oats in one pass.
Credit: Austin Palmer

This stellar performance continued in our flour test, with these models cleaning up the majority of the flour with a single pass and then taking just one additional pass to get any residual flour that had fallen into the cracks between the boards of the laminate floor.

stick vacuum - the rocket even extracted flour from the cracks between boards.
The Rocket even extracted flour from the cracks between boards.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Continuing their dominance, the V10 and IONFLEX only took a single pass to swallow all of the oatmeal and cereal.

stick vacuum - the rocket making short work of oats on the hardwood floor.
The Rocket making short work of oats on the hardwood floor.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Dyson V8 Absolute, Dyson V15 Detect, and Shark Rocket Pet Pro followed, with very impressive results in cleaning hard floors. The V15 and V8 Absolute took two full passes to clean up the entirety of the mess and remove the flour from between the boards.

stick vacuum - the v8 delivered an excellent performance in this test.
The V8 delivered an excellent performance in this test.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The V8 also delivered an essentially perfect performance in our cereal and pet hair passes, collecting all of the mess that we laid out without any issues. It finished out this metric with a strong showing in our oat test, getting almost all oats in a single pass, though a tiny portion of oats flung to the side. Unfortunately, the V8's performance dropped in our rice test, doing a mediocre job overall. It cleaned up a decent amount of rice, but the brush flung a non-trivial number of grains far from the path of the vacuum.

stick vacuum - the dyson v8 collected oats with ease.
The Dyson V8 collected oats with ease.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The V15 performed very well across the rice, pet hair, and oatmeal, as it sucked up the debris with limited redistribution of material and zero tangles or clogs. However, it struggled when collecting cereal as it tended to clog.

The Pet Pro obliterated all of the rice we laid out with only a single cleaning pass. Even better, it didn't fling any grains off to the side out of the cleaning path while doing so. After two passes, the Pet Pro continued to do exceptionally well in the flour test, thoroughly cleaning the floor. It did start to leave a few streaks from the wheels but then sucked up the remaining bit of flour on the return pass. We also appreciate that it does a good job of pulling flour out of the cracks between the boards.

As the name would suggest, the Rocket Pet Pro also did a fine job cleaning up stray pet hair from a laminate floor, easily eliminating the mess. It finished up with two more top-tier performances in our cereal and oat collecting tests, sucking up all the debris without any being flung to the side or pushed around too much.

stick vacuum - the rocket pet pro does a great job of getting all the pet hair into...
The Rocket Pet Pro does a great job of getting all the pet hair into the collection bin compared to tangled up on the brushroll.
Credit: Laura Casner

Ease of Use

This metric accounts for 20% of the total score and is based on the available cleaning power levels, noise level, maneuverability, and how well each vacuum cleans under furniture and close to edges.

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro, Shark IONFlex, Dyson V8, Dyson V15, and Dyson V10 are all top competitors within the ease of use metric. These models have both a low and high-power cleaning mode, with the IONFlex and Rocket Pet Pro having the added benefit of lowering the speed of the rotating brush for hard floor types. The Pet Pro and V15 have a high-power Boost mode for stubborn messes. Rather than having a different mode for hard floors, the V8 and the V10 accomplish this by using a different brush head that you must change manually.

stick vacuum - the v10 does an excellent job of cleaning up messes from hard floors...
The V10 does an excellent job of cleaning up messes from hard floors using the dedicated hard floor brush.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Dyson V10 and IONFlex continued their exceptional performance in our edge testing, beating out the V10, which left a little bit in the corner. The V10 does better when picking up debris head-on into a wall.

The V8, Pet Pro, V15, and IONFlex also did an excellent job in our test cleaning under furniture, reaching the total distance of about 37" under our test sofa. All of these top-tier models are agile and nimble, with swivel steering making maneuverability a breeze.

stick vacuum - the dyson v8 easily cleans under most furniture.
The Dyson V8 easily cleans under most furniture.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The Tineco S15 Pet is a user-friendly model that is quiet and utilizes swivel steering for impressive handling, and maintains a full range of motion to reach fully under our test couch. Its feature set is designed to make cleaning your house easier. It utilizes a smart suction system that automatically adjusts the amount of suction needed for the detected mess. Additionally, the model uses a one-touch trigger to clean the dustbin by scraping it into the trash with little to no assistance from the user.

stick vacuum - the blue ring pictured here scrapes the sides of the dustbin to help...
The blue ring pictured here scrapes the sides of the dustbin to help aid the debris into the trash.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

The Bissell AirRam is relatively quiet and has swivel steering, though it isn't as nimble as the Shark and Dyson models. Still, the AirRam reached completely under our simulated sofa and only left a little debris when cleaning in tight corners, however, it lost a few points because it only has a single cleaning mode.

stick vacuum - the swivel steering on this product is quite good, but it is...
The swivel steering on this product is quite good, but it is definitely inferior to a couple of other models that scored higher.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Carpet Cleaning

For the remaining 15% of each vacuum's total score, we lump together all of our carpet cleaning test results. We again used rice, cereal, oats, flour, and pet hair as our sample debris. We kept track of how many passes it took to clean up the messes and ranked each vacuum accordingly. We also noted how much residual debris each left behind. We tested on a flat, low-pile carpet and a fluffier, medium-pile carpet.

The Rocket Pet Pro and Dyson's V10 and V8 models all tied for this metric's overall top score. The Dysons both did very well in our rice collection challenge, collecting all of the debris from the flat carpet with only two passes. They also did the best with the fluffier medium-pile carpet.

stick vacuum - the v10 and the v8 main extractors, side-by-side.
The V10 and the V8 main extractors, side-by-side.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

The Dyson V8 and V10 did exceptionally well at cleaning flour from a flatter, low-pile carpet, getting the vast majority in a single cleaning pass and showing one of the best cleaning performances we have seen to date. The V8 delivered stellar performance cleaning up cereal, slightly outperforming the V10.

stick vacuum - the dyson v8 is one of the best when it comes to cleaning carpets.
The Dyson V8 is one of the best when it comes to cleaning carpets.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

While we felt that the V10 had far superior suction to the V8, given the distance between the head and the floor, there isn't much space for larger debris items, leading it to push things like cereal around for a while before it collects them. However, the V10 has more than enough clearance to easily collect debris like pet hair and oats. The V8 left just a few more strands of pet hair behind, but the amount was barely noticeable.

The Pet Pro got off to a great start with rice on a flat carpet, cleaning up the vast majority of all the rice in the first pass, only requiring a light follow-up to grab the remaining fragments. It performed equally well with fluffy carpet, with only 1-2 broken rice grains eluding its suction. It also easily handled the flour, especially when using the turbo Boost function to increase airflow. There was only a small amount of flour deep in the carpet that it didn't reach.

stick vacuum - the rocket pet pro did an excellent job at cleaning flour from carpet.
The Rocket Pet Pro did an excellent job at cleaning flour from carpet.
Credit: Austin Palmer

Continuing to back up its name, the Rocket Pet Pro did very well at cleaning up pet hair. It got the bulk of the hair with a single forward and back cleaning pass without the brush roll getting tangled. However, upon close inspection, we found just a few more stray hairs than some of the other top-scoring models.

stick vacuum - as the name would suggest, the rocket pet pro handled pet hair with...
As the name would suggest, the Rocket Pet Pro handled pet hair with ease.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The Pet Pro finished with a practically perfect score when it came to cleaning up oats from both types of carpet. We would estimate it easily got over 99% of the mess with just two passes, leaving only the smallest fragments behind. It pushed around Cheerios a bit — particularly on the fluffier, medium-pile carpet — but it eventually cleaned up everything.

stick vacuum - the ionflex did almost equally well at picking up oats on fluffy...
The IONFlex did almost equally well at picking up oats on fluffy carpet as it did on short-pile carpet.
Credit: Austin Palmer

The IONFlex finished strong in this metric's final two tests — pet hair and cereal. It again almost matched the Rocket at pet hair's performance and at collecting cereal. Following the top models' stellar performance, the Shark Navigator Freestyle earned an above-average score. This model also performed admirably on hard surfaces and is a great consideration if you need a lower-budget model.

stick vacuum - some of the impressive stick vacuums we&#039;ve tested over the years.
Some of the impressive stick vacuums we've tested over the years.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Stick vacuums offer a level of convenience not usually found in traditional vacuums. They are lighter, stow away small, and are easier to maneuver. Whether you seek a top-tier product that can go toe-to-toe with a conventional vacuum or a budget option for a convenient way to clean up small messes, we included a wide range of options to ensure there is something for everyone in this review. We hope to help make your purchasing decision as easy as vacuuming up a dusty carpet with your new handy appliance.

David Wise, Austin Palmer, Isaac Laredo, and Jessica Riconscente

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