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The 4 Best Clothes Racks of 2023

We tested clothes racks from Simple Houseware, Honey-Can-Do, Furvokia, and others to find the best garment rack for your needs
Best Clothes Rack of 2023
Clean cut, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing, the Finnhomy model is a crowd pleaser and performed well in all categories.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Our Top Picks

By Liz Chamberlain ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 7, 2023

After researching the best clothes racks available today, our review team bought and hands-on tested the top 9 models to see which models live up to our standards. Our home decor experts thoroughly assessed these products of varying price ranges, styles, and storage options. We followed instructions and assembled each model (with varying difficulty) in our houses. Side-by-side, we compared critical features like each rack's storage capacity and versatility, wobble-factor when empty and loaded, and overall functionality. Below we share our test results and assessments to provide in-depth reviews and recommendations to help you find the perfect clothing rack for your budget and needs.

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Best Overall Clothes Rack

Finnhomy Bamboo Rack

Dimensions: 27.5" L x 16.7" Wx 61" H | Wheels?: No
Lightweight yet strong & durable
Aesthetically pleasing
Easy assembly
Limited hanging space
Some might prefer the mobility of wheels

For a clothing rack that with the aesthetics of a decor piece, check out the Finnhomy Bamboo Rack. This was our favorite overall rack, boasting a natural, minimalist A-frame design made of 100% bamboo that looks charming as an entry-way coat rack, bedroom clothing storage, or a decorative display for plants, books, etc. The Finnhomy provides various garment arrangement options at a reasonable price point and features two surprisingly stiff and sturdy bamboo shelving racks. Assembly is comparatively simple with this model.

The Finnhomy performed well in each one of our performance metrics but for certain specific applications, its design presents a few drawbacks. Notably, this model lacks the wheels that make other models a cinch to move around a room. Not everyone needs their clothing rack to be mobile, though, and we found that it wasn't too cumbersome to lift and move around the house while loaded with roughly 50 lbs of clothing. While our aesthetics panel enjoyed the narrow, nimble rack structure, there is limited hanging space, which may be a priority for those who do not want to fold clothes on the lower racks. Overall, we found the drawbacks to be limited to specific needs, not due to a lack of quality or thoughtful design. This one stood out as our favorite of the bunch for combining form and function better than the rest.

best overall clothes rack
Several garments fit on the top rack of the Finnhomy Bamboo Rack while the two lower shelves provide an option for alternative item display such as books, plants, hats, shoes, etc.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Best Bang for Your Buck

Honey-Can-Do Height-Adjustable Garment Rack

Dimensions: 33.25 - 50" L x 17.25" W x 44 - 66.75" H. | Wheels: Yes, no lock
Adjustable vertical & horizontal extensions rods
Unappealing aesthetics
Far from sturdiest model
Lower rack lacks versatility

Placing price and function over form, the Honey-Can-Do Height-Adjustable Garment Rack is a utilitarian, budget-focused model. At one of the lowest price points, we got a lightweight rack with adjustable height and length that can conform to your available space and fit longer garments like dresses. Assembly was simple and uneventful.

We won't pretend this model is perfect. While our tests confirmed that it could hold up to its 35-lb claim, the rack struggles with weight distribution. It's important to load this rack in a balanced manner to avoid tipping over, especially when horizontally extended to its maximum length. We weren't crazy about the aesthetics. To us, the plastic and silver metal construction looks more office-ready than at home in a bedroom. The "bottom shelf" consists of two bars rather than a solid plank, making it useful for only certain types of items. Despite these drawbacks and a noticeable lack of artistry, the Honey-Can-Do deserves a mention for being a functional and inexpensive rack that is straightforward and fulfills its purpose as a clothes hanger.

clothes rack - best bang for your buck
The Honey-Can-Do provides additional garment storage options with horizontal and vertical extendable rods, but its low price doesn't bring high style.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Best Heavy Duty Rack

Simple Houseware Commercial Z Base

Dimensions: 62" L x 24.25" W x 62" H | Wheels: Yes, with lock
Strong & sturdy
Easy to assemble
Holds the highest number of garments
Challenging to clear corners and doorways

The Simple Houseware Commercial Z Base is the huskier big brother to the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Rack we tested. With large dimensions and a reinforced z-shaped base frame constructed of thick metal, this rack supported well over 200 lbs in our test and could hold nearly 100 garments. The red coating adds a unique flair while maintaining a sturdy, industrial look, and we were pleasantly surprised that it looks more hip in person than we expected from the online photos. This rack easily handles heavy use and frequent re-assembly for events, shows, photoshoots, etc., but would be equally efficient as a household storage item, especially in a garage. On top of all the other positive attributes, it assembles in a flash.

The Z Base lacks any lower racks or fashionable home decor qualities to show off. Additionally, while we found the rack to stand strong during our durability tests, the vertical rods are not screwed into the base frame, making lifting and maneuvering corners and doorways more difficult. The drawbacks are few, though, and we love the advantages. If you're looking for something mobile, substantial, and spacious with an industrial-but-fun aesthetic, this is the rack for you.

clothes rack - best heavy duty rack
The Simple Houseware rack shines in a candy apple red, supporting a hefty load of garments on its 5ft top rack thanks to a staggered Z-shape base. The Z-shape allows the rack to remain stable under pressure from weight and movement.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Best Boutique Rack

FURVOKIA Modern Rolling Rack

Dimensions: 47.2" L × 15.7" W x 63" H | Wheels?: Yes, with lock
Modern and sleek
Low clearance

The Furvokia Modern Rolling Rack is the boutique thoroughbred of the group. Constructed of a 1.5" thick metal frame and wooden shelf base, the rack proved to be strong and sturdy under weight and movement while maintaining a fashionable flair with a gold paint job. The Furvokia looks great in a boutique setting, or thanks to a variety of color options, may fit the bill as a design-focused storage rack in the bedroom. The top bar of the rack measures 3.9 feet long but can hold +/- 50 items on the hanging rack, while the wooden shelf can easily house eight pairs of women's shoes.

Where the rack hits a speed bump is its comparatively high cost. We like the aesthetics of this rack, but you pay for it. While the Furvokia maintains stability under excessive pressure and movement, it is not the easiest item to pack up and travel with due to its hefty weight of 23 lbs. All in all, this model looks fantastic and feels high quality for those looking for a fashionable and elegant rack.

clothes rack - best boutique rack
The Furvokia is a stylish, sturdy, and spacious rack with room for shoes, bags, and long garments
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


A Great-looking Display Rack

GWH Retro Iron Rack

Dimensions: 47.5" L x 13.8" W x 61.5" H | Wheels?: Yes, with lock
Versatile & modern design
Strong & durable
Easy assembly
Solid wood shelf
Small wheels

We love the GWH Retro Iron Rack for its versatility and sharp looks. Constructed of an iron frame and pine wood shelf, the GWH has a compact and modern design that could fit in many settings and satisfy a wide range of needs. The GWH stands out amongst the products tested group for its good looks, grabbing the eye with its gold finish. This rack complements its surroundings with long, triangular ends, matte black metal, and dark wood. The narrow bottom shelf might hold fewer or smaller items than racks with deeper shelves, but it also helps it fit better in smaller rooms and maintain a more minimal yet hip appearance. It's an all-around solid rack and gets the job done while adding a sense of elegance to the room. The iron frame increases its perceived value.

While the top iron rack can hold a significant number of heavy garments, this rack does not remain as stable as some of its competitors when pushing around clothes, clearing corners, etc. The GWH can be a bit topsy-turvy under uneven weight distribution, and it wobbles a bit more, too. This is a common issue among wheeled racks with a high shelf clearance. This high clearance, though, allows for storage under the shelf, too. The GWH Retro Rack is one of the most expensive racks in the group, ruling it out as a quick-fix low-budget option. However, if more rustic aesthetics are your top priority, this rack may be worth the price as a complementary display rack for clothes or even hanging plants.

clothes rack - the gwh retro rack was our favorite entryway rack with a sleek black...
The GWH Retro Rack was our favorite entryway rack with a sleek black iron look. If you're having visitors, there is enough space to tuck a few pairs of shoes underneath the bottom shelf.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


More Shelves, Less Hanging Space

IRIS USA Metal Garment Rack

Dimensions: 39.8" L x 15.75" W x 59.5" H | Wheels: No
Multi-functional storage and display options
Sleek, modern design
Not mobile
Limited hanging space
Shelf boards are not solid wood

The Iris USA Metal Garment Rack is a good option to brighten up a space as a partial display, partial storage option. With sturdy shelves and an A-frame construction, the Iris can hold a significant amount of weight and a variety of items. We felt this rack could be used for just about anything while maintaining a modern decorative look. We stacked plants, books, bins, kitchenware, hats, shoes, coats, etc., and the rack looked stylish in any location around our lead tester's house.

The A-frame construction increases stability, but we recommend placing the rack against a wall as it doesn't take much more than a 5-year-old sprinting around a corner to knock this rack over. The assembly process was a bit frustrating, as it took just over an hour. We also found the engineered wood of the shelves to feel and look uninspiring. Covering this shelf with items helps hide them. Still, this model functions to store and display items well, and with some styling, it can look nice in a home setting.

clothes rack - a multi-shelf and rack combo with a sturdy frame and ample storage...
A multi-shelf and rack combo with a sturdy frame and ample storage options, this modern design garment rack fits home or retail settings.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Industrial Style Rack

VASAGLE Industrial Pipe Garment Rack

Dimensions: 40.7"L x 15.7"W x 63.6"H | Wheels: Yes, with lock
Industrial pipe design
Two storage options
Longer assembly time
Wobbly when moved

The VASAGLE Industrial Pipe Garment Rack is a great option for those looking for a straightforward garment display with a sleek and industrial design. With an iron pipe top rack and a 2" thick wooden shelf, the Vasagle rack maintains a minimalist design while serving as a great display option for your personal or business-related needs. You can stack +/- 30 garments on the pipe and roughly five pairs of shoes or an assortment of items on the bottom shelf. The product falls in the mid to upper price range of the category yet is comparatively a favorable price for a design-forward rack.

While we were pleased with the product's aesthetics and its ability to move and hold a variety of items, we agree that it is not a rack meant for heavy usage, frequent assembly and breakdown, or regular movement. The assembly process was simple but not the quickest option, and the pipe frame was noticeably wobbly when pushed with or without garment weight. We think this is a solid option for those searching for a rack to enhance the appearance of clothing while adding a sleek structural & industrial design to a room.

clothes rack - the vasagle rack shows off a simple, industrial look with an iron...
The Vasagle Rack shows off a simple, industrial look with an iron pipe frame.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Pop-Up Storage Unit

SONGMICS 59-Inch Closet Organizer

Dimensions: 68.9" L x 17.75" W x 59" H | Wheels: No
Ample storage space
Wide variety of storage options
Time-consuming assembly
Too big for small spaces
Stationary unit
Looks might not appeal to all

The SONGMICS 59-Inch Closet Organizer isn't exactly a standard clothing rack. It's a do-it-all rack and organizer that functions as a pop-up closet. With 13 storage compartments and drop-down closet covers, the Songmics Closet Organizer would work well in a room with no closet option or be placed in a garage to organize and cover sporting goods. The organizer exceeded our expectations in the durability tests and proved to have a surprisingly high weight threshold. We expected the shelves to sag when weighted with objects, but they did not (except exceedingly heavy objects).

The assembly process was frustrating and tedious, as there are roughly 50 poles that you have to connect along with plastic connectors and woven fabric squares that serve as shelves. This rack took by far the longest to assemble. Once assembled and loaded, it's not one we recommend trying to move much, as it lacks wheels and is unwieldy. While this is by no means a glamorous rack, it serves as a functional, reliable form of storage space.

clothes rack - with 13 storage compartments and drop down closet covers, the...
With 13 storage compartments and drop down closet covers, the Songmics Closet Organizer has a great deal of storage space and serves as an incognito organization unit.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


A No-Frills Portable Rack

Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Garment Rack

Dimensions: 42.5" L x 18" W x 62"H | Wheels: Yes, no lock
Light as a feather
Easy to assemble
Easy to travel with
Not a heavy-duty rack
Utilitarian design

The Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Garment Rack was not necessarily our favorite product in this category. We were still impressed by its capabilities. It is one of the best options for those in need of a portable, quick setup clothing rack. The Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Clothing Rack is the lightest rack in this category with the least amount of parts and the least amount of plastic to deal with during assembly. The rack includes extendable poles, allowing for extra hanging room when needed.

We don't like that the rack has the term "heavy-duty" in its name, yet it under-delivers on this claim. It can hold 20 jackets comfortably on the main rack but is clearly meant for light garments like shirts or dresses. When pushed from the side or at an angle, the rack could easily tip over. While this wasn't on the top of our list, it would fulfill specific needs for those who work events, trade shows, photoshoots, etc. We believe it would be the best choice if you're in need of a portable, low-budget rack where aesthetics and design are low on the priority list.

clothes rack - the wheels and extendable poles on the simple houseware model add...
The wheels and extendable poles on the Simple Houseware model add some convenience, although it fell behind in sturdiness and visual appeal.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Great for Kids Rooms

UDEAR Garment Rack

Dimensions: 59" L x 15.75" W x 43.3" H | Wheels: No
Holds large quantity of clothing
Hanging racks too close to one another

The Udear Garment Rack is a good runner-up option to the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Rack for those who need a lightweight, easy assembly, affordable clothing rack. The stationary, two-tier construction allows for extensive hanging storage, holding nearly 100 garments when fully loaded.

Unfortunately, this rack falls short of its intended purpose. The rods for the two-tier rack are too close together to fit clothes on both levels without the garments intermingling. Due to this inconvenience, the Udear would require constant rearrangement of garments during use. Additionally, the hollow alloy steel frame is flimsy when pushed and pulled, so this is not the best option if rack movement is a priority. All in all, you get what you pay for. This may not be the best option for a clothing display, but it may serve well as a towel rack in the bathroom or a clothing rack for a child's room.

clothes rack - while the udear rack could hold a lot of garments, the two-tiered...
While the Udear rack could hold a lot of garments, the two-tiered system didn't keep them well organized. We found that the rack may be best suited as a towel rack or a garment rack for a children's room.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Why You Should Trust Us

For our review process, we spent hours researching the most intriguing and popular racks available. Then, we bought our final selection to assemble and test in our homes. Our team created a test plan utilizing physical tests and numeric measurements to gather qualitative and quantitative data that would accurately define leaders in the testing group. We consulted a panel of home design professionals to interpret industry-accepted standards of what makes a product aesthetically pleasing. We consulted a local boutique business owner to work with our review team to test durability through active stacking and rotating clothes on the racks while pushing and pulling to determine stability. We timed the assembly process for each product and compared each product to its manufacturer's description and claims. All in all, we applied equal treatment to each model to limit bias in our assessments.

Liz Chamberlain has an eye for design and an affinity for quality products. She has spent days & nights completing hands-on research with our review team to bring you a comprehensive analysis of each product that comes through our doors. Liz is our go-to guru for all things retail and display, thanks to her many years in the clothing and outdoor gear sales space. She has a keen eye for furniture and interior design and an exemplary understanding of consumer needs & preferences. Furthermore, Liz has moved over five times in the last six years, turning her into an expert at packing, organizing, and consolidating home goods, furniture, and personal belongings.

We considered unique features in our Aesthetics category rating. The...
We considered unique features in our Aesthetics category rating. The Songmics Closet Organizer was the only rack with a cover option that allows the consumer to hide away items in the closet.
Several of the products have wheels, others do not. We considered...
Several of the products have wheels, others do not. We considered quality of the wheels, ease of movement, and stability during movement in our testing process to determine each durability rating.
Ease of assembly was one of our metric categories. Piecing together...
Ease of assembly was one of our metric categories. Piecing together the product is unfortunately part of the purchase, so we considered the experience and time of assembly in our ranking of each product.

Analysis and Test Results

We evaluated each clothing rack in this category according to four key elements, including organization & versatility, durability, aesthetics, and ease of assembly. Categories are weighted in regards to perceived importance for the average shopper. Below you will find our testing methods and results.

Organization & Versatility

We evaluated products in this category by examining the quantity and variety of items that can be stored on the rack, the variety of storage surfaces, portability, and the product's ability to serve multiple functions. Wheels and ease of breakdown were also considered in this metric. Any limitations on the aforementioned categories would decrease a product's score.

clothes rack - poles that extend beyond the main frame can be useful for hanging...
Poles that extend beyond the main frame can be useful for hanging hats, purses, and other items that don't hang well from a hanger.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

The Finnhomy Bamboo Rack proved to be a versatile and well-organized rack. While it can't hang as many items as most of the competition, the two lower, slatted shelves provide more space for all kinds of things, from shoes to books to plants. We like the ends that stick out from the top horizontal bar, convenient for hanging bags and purses.

The GWH Retro Garment Rack is another favorite within the organization and versatility metric. The GWH proved to be mobile with strong, stable wheels, able to hold various garments and items, and looked great in most settings. It looks great for hanging clothing or plants. The Iris Metal Garment Rack was the best multi-purpose rack, exhibiting a simple modern design with ample shelving options and a rack for hanging storage.

The Songmics 59-Inch Closet Organizer sits outside of the traditionally defined garment rack but exceeded expectations by providing the most storage space in the test group. A pop-up closet in all its glory, the Songmics held everything from sporting equipment to stacks of towels to heavy clothing bins.

clothes rack - the songmics proved to provide the most storage space surface area...
The Songmics proved to provide the most storage space surface area and was surprisingly versatile with a higher weight threshold than excpected for each compartment.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


For those looking for a high-quality, sturdy rack that can hold and transport a large quantity of clothing, we assessed each model's durability and perceived longevity. While we cannot predict a product's lifespan, we can measure durability to determine if this is a reliable product under heavy use. To test this metric, we stacked each rack to its maximum capacity. Most clothing racks have a weight threshold listed within the product description, but we went by how many garments can actually fit on the rack.

To test stability, mobility, and quality of parts & materials, we vigorously pushed and pulled the racks while loaded with clothes. If a rack was top-heavy or fell over during this test, it negatively affected the product's score. If a product's parts proved to be flimsy or unstable, that negatively affected the product's score. Of the racks we tested, the ones made primarily of plastic and thin metal scored the lowest in the durability category.

clothes rack - we found that the less durable products were made of plastic and/or...
We found that the less durable products were made of plastic and/or did not have screws or bolts to fasten the frame components together.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

The Simple Houseware Z-Base Clothing Rack proved to perform incredibly well in our durability testing process. While it may be geared toward a commercial setting, the rack held 80+ garments and withstood physical force regardless of weight distribution. A 170-lb human could even hang on the rack, as we did when trying to push this model to its limits. Impressive. The Furvokia Modern Rolling Rack is runner-up in handling a hefty load of garments while still maintaining a stable base and stylish design. The thick iron frame with heavy-duty bolts made for a noticeably strong construction.

clothes rack - the furvokia rack maintained a stable, heavy duty frame despite...
The Furvokia rack maintained a stable, heavy duty frame despite physical force and added pressure from garment weight, even when we piled an excessive amount of garments on it.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


Aesthetics may be considered a very important metric in this product category, depending on the clothing rack's intended use. This metric can be difficult to determine without bias, as preferences for certain design characteristics are subjective. For this reason, a panel of 3 judges well versed in the furniture design industry rated aesthetics based on visual perception of value and quality, unique features, and versatility of design (i.e., does the rack look good in different settings/locations?).

clothes rack - the testing team agreed that the bamboo of the finnhomy model is one...
The testing team agreed that the bamboo of the Finnhomy model is one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials in the rack category due to its natural, airy nature that enhanced most settings.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Many of us agree that style is important in storage and display, especially when integrating into a bedroom or a storefront. If you are looking for a multi-functional, fashion-forward rack to display clothing and decorative items, the Finnehony Bamboo Rack, Furvokia Modern Rolling Rack, and the GWH Retro Garment Rack will do the trick.

clothes rack - the furvokia is a stylish, sturdy, and spacious rack with room for...
The Furvokia is a stylish, sturdy, and spacious rack with room for shoes, bags, and long garments.
Credit: Liz. Chamberlain

Ease of Assembly

While the assembly process may not be the first thing you think about when deciding which product to purchase, it will be the first thing you have to tackle when the rack arrives on your doorstep. For some, assembly is the fun part. For others, it's the worst. To measure assembly difficulty, we timed the assembly process from when we opened the box to completion. We also rated the process based on user experience and resulting emotions after setup was complete. Physical difficulty, quality of instructions, the need to utilize other tools or resources, and resulting feelings (i.e., frustration or confusion) were all accounted for in settling on a user experience score.

clothes rack - easy to disassemble and easy to pack, the simple houseware heavy...
Easy to disassemble and easy to pack, the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Rack folds down into 10 pieces that fit perfectly into a suitcase or large bag.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

The plastic-based and snap-together products seemed to be the quickest and easiest to assemble. Both the Simple Houseware Heavy Duty Rack and the Simple Houseware Z-Base Rack took 15 minutes or less to assemble, with clear instructions and fewer nuts and bolts to deal with. The Z Base model can be disassembled and reassembled in under 30 seconds, making it ideal for sellers at local markets and other uses where the product moves locations frequently. The Honey-Can-Do Height Adjustable Rolling Rack has a quick and easy setup process, and we barely needed the directions.

clothes rack - assembling the songmics closet organizer felt like putting together...
Assembling the Songmics Closet Organizer felt like putting together a jungle gym. With 40 rods that required plastic connectors between each compartment, it took over an hour.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain


We hope this review is helpful in finding the best available clothing rack for your needs. Whether you're looking for the do-it-all, heavy-duty workhorse or a stylish display rack, our recommendations come from extensive hands-on use by a capable testing team.

Liz Chamberlain

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