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Clark Tate

Senior Review Editor

Clark grew up on a farm and started her first official job at 14, labeling and sealing bottles at a picturesque winery just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. She went on to earn a Bachelor's and Master's in Environmental Science and Land Use Policy at the University of Virginia. Since then, she's held dozens of titles, from editor to dog sled guide to restoration ecologist and water quality monitor to ropes course manager. She also holds a bareboat sailing license, repairs sails, and lives in a 30-year-old Japanese import diesel van. Each occupation and adventure introduces new knowledge and new technology. Data logging equipment, tools, diesel engines, remote office gear, solar power, batteries, electronics, and all the stuff she needs to climb, run, surf, bike, and boat — Clark loves learning and writing about it all. Since she has limited space, she's very picky about her tech. It has to be worth its weight and affordable to make the cut.