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The 5 Best Bakers Racks

We tested bakers racks from Vasagle, Amazon Basics, Bestier, and others to find the best products for your kitchen
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Best Bakers Rack Review
Credit: Eric Bissell

Our Top Picks

By Eric Bissell ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 6, 2023

The Best Bakers Racks

Looking to optimize storage in your kitchen? We tested 10 of today's best bakers racks to gather insights on which are the best. After ordering, we unboxed and put each of them together. Then, we measured dimensions and assessed materials. We used each in a variety of spaces around the home, testing for storage and utility. We also took the time to explore unique features and designs to determine how each is best used. After testing each for days on end in a real kitchen, in different nooks and crannies around the home, we offer you our recommendations and which to select for size, storage, and look.

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Best Overall Bakers Rack

Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack

Assembly Time: 13 minutes | Shelf Style: 4 tier + hanging rack
Industrial strength
Adjustable shelf height
Easy assembly
Wire racks don't support small items well
Chrome finish can be challenging to match to some home spaces

The Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack is a classic, timeless option to add storage to any space. This versatile piece can perform in almost any room in the house with a durable construction that can hold a lifetime of applications. The simple design is recognizable and adds a tasteful industrial utility to any space. Long favored in commercial spaces, the chrome finish adds brightness while also being extremely durable. While many racks require at least one, if not multiple, tools to assemble, this has a quick, no-tools necessary assembly. In our testing, this was the fastest rack we put together. The shelves are adjustable, which allows you to tailor the spacing specific to your needs, and with the strength to hold up the heaviest appliances. The real wood top is a welcome change from the laminate surfaces on almost all our other racks.

While this contender achieves remarkable strength in its metal shelving, it is preferable for large-item storage. Smaller items have trouble sitting flat on the wire shelving, and a plastic shelf cover (ordered separately) may be a useful addition for many people. The chrome finish is attractive, but its bold look may clash with some interiors. Although the assembly was uniquely fast, lining up the shelf supports can require patience. Luckily, double stripes on the chrome uprights help with alignment. Overall, the Amazon Basics is a top recommendation and our favorite for storing heavy items.

bakers rack - timeless aesthetic with a durable design.
Timeless aesthetic with a durable design.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best Bang for the Buck

Vasagle Alinru

Assembly Time : 32 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 + 4 tier + wire basket
Clean design
Upper rack for commonly used items
Height could be an issue for some spaces
Not as strong as all-metal rack

The Vasagle Alinru is a bakers rack with a clean and modern look that blends well into almost any kitchen space. We tested multiple racks in the three and four-tier categories, and the Alinru excelled in material quality and design. The wood laminate shelves and black metal framing are an understated semi-gloss finish, which helps the rack blend into the room. The thin square tubing with overhead accents on the upper-level shelf adds a modern touch to a functional unit. The wire basket has sidewalls to keep items from escaping, and hooks allow for accessory racking on the outside of the frame. Metal nut inserts into the counter surface added confidence that the Alinru could be lifted by its main shelf without fear of coming apart.

While few racks are as straightforward to assemble as the Amazon Basics rack, the Alinru was a contender for the most hardware for assembly. Be patient, as the parts can be easy to mix up — even though they are all labeled. The top shelf “spice rack” could interfere with built-in cabinetry or hanging artwork because of its extra height. It's not a required item, and the Alinru can easily be built up without it. Move spaces, and you can always add it back on. This is a good choice for those seeking a high-quality, low-priced option with a versatile design.

bakers rack - maximize style and storage space with this three and four tier option.
Maximize style and storage space with this three and four tier option.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best for Compact Spaces

Bestier 4-Tier

Assembly Time: 31 minutes | Shelf Style: 4 tier
Quality materials
Roller shelf
Extra tall middle shelf
Difficult assembly

The Bestier 4-Tier is a standout compact option for those looking to add counter and storage space to their well-loved but compact kitchens. This rack surprised us with its superior materials and hardware. Most racks utilize a sliding (no wheel) basket for pull-out storage, but the Bestier incorporates a full-span roller shelf to increase the modular utility of the unit. Place a large item on the shelf and gain easy top-down access by sliding the shelf out. Further customization is possible, as the rack arrives with feet and rollers. Hold onto both and change them out down the road if needed. This is a well-made product with a compact footprint.

The time the designers put into the utility and material quality of the Bestier must not have left a lot of energy for design flourishes. Utilitarianism best describes the visual style of the rack. A simple high-contrast black frame and light laminate wood grain could be at home in kitchens or offices. It's not the most exciting-looking rack, but its plain visual performance makes it an aesthetically versatile piece. The biggest concern is the fine motor skills needed for assembly. Of all the racks we built, this one required the smallest screws in building up the roller shelf. For those needing a nicely designed piece for small spaces, this has our vote.

bakers rack - quality materials in a compact footprint characterize this rack.
Quality materials in a compact footprint characterize this rack.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Best for Dish Storage

Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Rack

Assembly Time: 30 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 tier + wire shelf
Durable finishes
Balanced design
Rounded top corners
Low-quality hardware
No sides on wire basket

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Rack is an excellent option for the open storage of glass and dishware. The understated but dark wood laminate against the white frame looks great with glass and ceramics. Small but noticeable highlights like the chrome finish feet make this a surprisingly attractive piece to add to any kitchen. We enjoyed using the sliding wire shelf as silverware storage and found that an aftermarket silverware tray fit perfectly. The laminate shelving is durable, resists scratching, and holds up well to everyday use.

What it achieves from a distance didn't hold up to close inspection as well as some other racks we tested. If you are very detail-oriented, you may be bothered by the sloppy plastic work on the chrome feet or the thin weight of the wire shelf. The hardware was also a bit lower quality than competing racks, and the silver hex head bolts were thin and prone to stripping if not installed carefully. Still, the Soges is a simple and tasteful addition that can handle daily abuse but is best suited for smaller appliance storage.

bakers rack - the high contrast and rounded corners make this an attractive option...
The high contrast and rounded corners make this an attractive option for dish storage.
Credit: Eric Bissell


An Excellent Three-Tier Option

Vasagle Industrial

Assembly Time: 37 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 tier + wire basket
Very stable
Quality materials and finish
Thick framing increases the visual impact
The laminate wood pattern is overly graphic

The Vasagle Industrial impressed us with its quality finishes and excellent hardware. The small things count, and the robust feet included with this model are an indicator of the piece's overall quality. The wide framing makes a bold statement in profile and narrows neatly when viewed straight on. The powder coat black is a pleasant visual and tactile finish. The wire shelf has backstops on the slider rails that keep you from marring the wall surface behind your rack. The three-tier option is a great overall design and will fit on short divider walls between kitchens and dining rooms, or as end storage to a center island, or in pantries lacking existing shelving.

The additional stability does come with a slightly higher visual impact. While many other racks have a square tubing frame system, the Vasagle Industrial opts for a larger rectangular frame. This makes for a sturdier and more rigid build and gives the unit a heavier, bulkier appearance. Of course, a more substantial look — or, conversely, a thinner option — is a matter of personal preference. Also, the finish on the laminate was a touch overdone for our tastes. A simpler wood grain graphic would have been a more understated overall result. Aesthetic preferences aside, we expect the Vasagle to stand up to the most arduous daily use.

bakers rack - quality details and bold framing characterize this rack.
Quality details and bold framing characterize this rack.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Large Item Storage

Seville Classics Rack

Assembly Time: 14 minutes | Shelf Style: 4 tier + hanging rack
Timeless design
Extremely strong
Adds significant storage
Shelving isn't divided and could get messy
Small items fall through wire shelves

The Seville Classics Rack is one of the sturdiest racks we tested, making it reliable for heavy items. A heavier gauge metal inspires confidence. It was quick and easy to assemble, coming together in 15 minutes, one of the fastest assembly times in our test. No tools are necessary, and the two lower shelf heights remain adjustable even after the initial build. The hanging rack is dramatically stronger than other racks and is one of only two racks we felt could handle hanging heavy items like cast iron skillets. If your kitchen is awkwardly hiding heavy-duty appliances in tight cupboards, the Seville rack is an excellent option.

The primary reason Seville lost out to the Amazon Basics rack is because of the quality and placement of the wooden countertop. The Seville claims a butcher block wood top while delivering a wooden top with a heavy synthetic varnish. It's a durable and attractive surface, but we wouldn't want to cut directly on it. The counter height was a touch low for our testers at 33.25 inches off the ground. Seville states that the wooden top can flip over for two top styles, but the underside is disappointingly rough and unfinished. For large storage of heavy items, this is one to consider.

bakers rack - a classic and highly durable bakers rack.
A classic and highly durable bakers rack.
Credit: Eric Bissell


A Small Wheeled Option

Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier

Assembly Time: 19 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 tier
Easy to reposition with wheels
Fits under counters
Low counter height
Wheels aren't as stable as feet

The Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier is an ultra-compact three-tier option on wheels. With a low overall height of 28.75 inches, it could be an excellent option for those seeking under-counter storage with the possibility of additional counter space when necessary. Wheel it out while preparing a meal, and wheel it back into its resting place to reduce clutter. The small footprint achieves stability easily, and we had no complaints with any of the included hardware. It boasts a simple design that will easily fade into the background and accomplish its modest goal of adding quick, compact storage.

A few design upgrades could have made the Mr. Ironstone a more versatile unit. With rounded front corners and 90-degree back edges, it's not symmetrical; this is a small detail, but one that made it feel out of place as an island unit or when it wasn't pushed up against a wall. The Mr. Ironstone only comes with wheels, unlike the Bestier, which ships with wheels and leveling feet. Although there were no immediate concerns with the wheels from a durability standpoint, they are not the highest quality materials. The most considerable concern is the very low top counter height. We mentioned that this feature makes it a viable under-counter option, but it also makes it a less enjoyable surface for chopping and everyday use. Overall, though, this is one to consider for those seeking wheeled and mobile storage.

bakers rack - a simple, low-profile roller unit.
A simple, low-profile roller unit.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Another Three Tier Option

Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 3-Tier

Assembly Time: 38 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 tier + wire shelf
Thin visual impact
Warm natural tint to wood laminate
Wire shelf has wide slats and no sides
Long assembly time

For another great three-tier option, take a look at the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 3-Tier bakers rack. Like the Vasagle Industrial, this model has a simple but attractive offset three-shelf design with an integrated wire rack. The wood laminate is a nice warm tint without too much red. The black framing is narrow square tubing that provides adequate stability with a casual look. The feet are easy to level, and the Ironstone excels in various spaces and surfaces.

We had little to complain about in our testing of the Mr. Ironstone. Assembly is long and relatively complex, but no more so than similar competing units. The wire shelf has widely spaced bars that may not support small items. We found dish towels to be the perfect item to store there. We would have preferred metal insert nuts to screw the top counter to the frame, but the item we tested had plastic inserts.

bakers rack - understated framing and a tasteful wood laminate make this a...
Understated framing and a tasteful wood laminate make this a versatile unit.
Credit: Eric Bissell


A Vintage Aesthetic

Rolanstar Utility Shelf

Assembly Time: 30 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 + 4 tier + wire basket
Lots of storage space
Curves soften aesthetic impact
Wire basket not durable
Not the most stable

The Rolanstar Utility Shelf transforms the tried and true bakers rack formula into a distressed vintage aesthetic. Curved framing softens the rack's typically angular presence into an older style. Brushed dual-tone paint on the black framing creates a patina reminiscent of subtle rusted iron. The laminate uses a pronounced textured grain to further the weathered feel. Where most racks use individual hooks, the Rolanstar has a group of hooks pre-fixed to a hanging rack. It's a cleaner and better application of hooks — if that is a feature you are interested in.

The antique aesthetic of the Rolanstar may not be for everyone, but if you're looking for a whimsical bakers rack, it might be a good choice. We're disappointed to have a broken weld point on the wire basket. The basket still functions decently, but the failure is indicative of low construction quality. Our testers are preferential to basic modern-style racks, but the Rolanstar is one of our favorites.

bakers rack - curved framing softens this rack's visual impact.
Curved framing softens this rack's visual impact.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Bright Colors and Character

Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 4-Tier

Assembly Time: 36 minutes | Shelf Style: 3 + 4 tier + wire basket
Durable finishes
Round aesthetic
Wood laminate looks fake
Not high-quality hardware

Bright colors and round styling characterize the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 4-Tier. Ample storage is available in the offset three-shelf design — plus an overhead spice rack. The overhead rack leaves some counter space uncovered to allow for larger items. The high arches on the overhead rack are tall enough to stand books without tipping over the supports. In the wide rack class, this Ironstone is a remarkably stable unit. The wire basket has four sidewalls to keep items enclosed, and the spacing on the wire cage allows for the storage of fruits and other medium size items.

The wood laminate of this Mr. Ironstone unit is a bit over the top. The high contrast grain looks passable from a distance, but up close, the rack feels a bit tacky. The high gloss white frame is durable and strong but doesn't boast the most attractive finish. The hardware is noticeably softer than competing racks and, sadly, requires more care during assembly to avoid stripping the hex heads. This will be a bright piece for any kitchen if you enjoy its unique stylings.

bakers rack - a bright traditional 3 and 4 tier rack.
A bright traditional 3 and 4 tier rack.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Why Trust GearLab

To cut through the countless baker rack options on the internet, we researched dozens of the most popular racks available. This involved looking at feedback, assessing materials, and choosing options we'd pick ourselves. We also took the time to choose pieces that would represent the entire market. So, finding the best options that we could to represent different categories. We then assembled each contender and noted which were easier or harder to put together. Once assembled, we meticulously compared each rack, placing heavy and small items on the shelves to test material integrity. We also noted which were best for specific spaces. After hours of hands-on testing, we assess them across similar metrics to get a comparative score.

Organizing spaces is a hobby of Eric Bissell, our lead tester on this review. Eric has lived in various spaces, each with its unique challenge of maximizing efficiency and enjoyment. At home, Eric is always looking for ways to improve the utility and design of a space. He is chosen to be our leading expert for his keen eye for attention, aptitude for organizing small areas, and experience as a baker and cook in the kitchen.

Analysis and Test Results

From the moment the racks arrived at our test kitchen, we started assessing how they stood up to one another. We wanted to capture the entire experience of finding the best bakers racks, from assembly to raw material quality, aesthetics, accessories, and stability. Considering each rack via these five criteria allowed us to focus on the best options with key uses and features for different spaces.


Bakers racks don't arrive pre-built (far from it), so we wanted to test the process of transforming the flat-shipped item into its final product. They are also not the most straightforward item to order online. All told, we spent 311 minutes and 40 seconds assembling all the products for this review. The average rack took 28 minutes and 20 seconds. The fastest to assemble is the Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack at 13 minutes and three seconds, with the Seville Classics Rack as a close runner-up. These two were standouts because they didn't require any tools for assembly.

bakers rack - some of the most dextrous moments were required during the assembly...
Some of the most dextrous moments were required during the assembly of the Bestier rack.
Credit: Eric Bissell

From no tools to multiple tools, the longest rack assembly time was the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 3-Tier. Most racks in this style were of comparable difficulty, but this one, in particular, had a few tricky moments when attaching the drawer rails with the provided tiny screwdriver. Overall, we learned that you'd be better off having a few hex keys and a nice screwdriver on hand for a more enjoyable assembly experience. We wanted to get the full experience for the test, though, so we used the provided tools. Another standout tricky assembly was the Bestier 4-Tier rack. Although it had some of the nicest materials, the Bestier required the most delicate motor skills to get some tiny screws to set in wood for the roller shelf rail.

bakers rack - our testers installed over a hundred screws by hand.
Our testers installed over a hundred screws by hand.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Material Quality

Although there were broad similarities in the material quality of most racks, some racks put more effort into sourcing better quality materials to construct their product and improve the assembly. Standout items were again the Seville Classics Rack and the Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack for using durable chrome-plated steel framing and real wood countertops. In the wooden shelf-style racks, the Bestier 4-Tier impressed our testers as soon as we opened the box with heavier gauge metal framing and roller wheels on the sliding shelf. Another standout was the Vasagle Industrial, a unit with one of our favorite powder coat matte black finishes. The Vasagle also used metal insert nuts for attaching the countertop to the frame, whereas some units used plastic inserts on the countertop.

bakers rack - a real wood top and exceptional strength set the chrome racks apart.
A real wood top and exceptional strength set the chrome racks apart.
Credit: Eric Bissell

A bakers rack that didn't impress us with its material quality was the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 4-Tier. The high gloss white finish felt tacky, and the graphic print for the wood laminate was too high in contrast to replicate real wood grain. Another rack that seemed to cut corners with its materials was the Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Rack. The shelves were very thin, and the chrome-colored feet were rough plastic fakes. In the end, we enjoyed the aesthetic of the chrome feet more than expected and only wished they could have sourced the real deal for their product.

bakers rack - details like quality feet caught our testers' attention.
Details like quality feet caught our testers' attention.
Credit: Eric Bissell


In testing and comparing the aesthetics of the top bakers racks, we considered the achievements of their intended style and their versatility in various interior designs. Although aesthetics can be subjective, we felt some brought joy to our testers for their design considerations, while other racks excelled in other categories. The ability to reference a timeless design allowed the Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack to be a standout visual addition to any kitchen. Its chrome finish can complement modern spaces and add contrast to rustic spaces. For a more traditional look, we commend the Rolanstar Utility Shelf for its patina finish and softer curves.

bakers rack - laminate wood finishes aren't as nice as the real thing, but we...
Laminate wood finishes aren't as nice as the real thing, but we still enjoyed the Mr. Ironstone 3 and 4 tier finish.
Credit: Eric Bissell

Some racks were not as visually pleasing and were best suited to a pantry closet. Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier didn't make a positive visual statement and loudly proclaimed utility over beauty. We also found the red tint of its wood laminate to be a bit off-putting. Another rack that aesthetically disappointed our test team was the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 4-Tier. In the kitchen, its materials appeared tacky, but we thought it would look quite nice as a storage unit in a kid's room or garage.

bakers rack - a nice option for the open storage of dishware.
A nice option for the open storage of dishware.
Credit: Eric Bissell


Each bakers rack in our testing provided a few accessory options. Almost all models provided some sort of hanging hook option, and many included a wire shelf or basket. All the racks included feet that could be adjusted for quick leveling or rolling wheels. The Bestier 4-Tier was the only model with both feet and wheels and overall spared no expense on its accessory items. The Bestier's roller shelf (the only rack to include such a feature) could be a fantastic feature in the right use. The Rolanstar Utility Shelf had hooks like most other designs, but in a nice alternative, the hooks are fixed to a hanging frame as a unit. The individual hooks on the other designs are useful but somewhat cheaply designed and easily fall off their hanging bars.

bakers rack - the slider shelf could be a great accessory in the right use.
The slider shelf could be a great accessory in the right use.
Credit: Eric Bissell

The Soges 3-Tier Kitchen Rack feels like the hooks were a major oversight. The wire shelf on the Soges is also thin and insubstantial but worked well when we included a silverware drawer on top of the rack.


We tested each bakers rack for its loaded and unloaded stability, as well as evaluated its joint stability during assembly. In testing, the Seville Classics Rack is one of the strongest options available with a stated 350-pound distributed weight capacity. It and the Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Rack were the only racks we trusted to hang heavy pots and pans from. The Vasagle Industrial was a sturdy and stable option within the shelving style bakers rack. Sturdy feet inspired confidence, and we trusted the Vasagle would last a long time. A surprise result was how well the Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier + 4-Tier performed for stability; it was one of the most stable wide 4-tier racks.

bakers rack - hooks sturdy enough to hang three cast iron skillets from.
Hooks sturdy enough to hang three cast iron skillets from.
Credit: Eric Bissell

In general, feet were more stable than rolling wheels in our analysis. The Mr. Ironstone 3-Tier wheels were nice as an accessory but lacked the stability of leveling feet. It also has thin wood with a wide span that should be a consideration for large, heavy objects. When push tested, many racks had a little racking (side-to-side motion). The Rolanstar Utility Shelf was especially noticeable. In general, though, most racks were plenty stable for everyday use.

bakers rack - for large items, we never worried about weight on the metal racks.
For large items, we never worried about weight on the metal racks.
Credit: Eric Bissell


After constructing enough bakers racks to make our heads spin, we tested each for various uses while considering a range of kitchen appliances. While some provided additional counter space, others excelled in storage capacity, with each rack adding area and organization to our test kitchen. And though the name may suggest that it's only for bakers, we believe the right rack can also help upgrade your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you need a little extra storage space.

Eric Bissell