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The 4 Best Laptop Stands

We put the top laptop stands to the test to see which models performed best
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Best Laptop Stand Review
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Ross Patton and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Dec 12, 2023

The Best Laptop Stands

If you're in the market for a laptop stand, you're in luck. We bought and tested 8 of the best models available today after scouring the web for hours on our quest for the perfect stand. We used our team of professional product testers to look closely at the features each product has to offer, gauged their degree of adjustability, and judged the stability of each model. After weeks of use, it became clear which laptop stands are the best for which applications, which are the best bargain, and which ones are the best overall.

We've also tested other laptop accessories, including everything from the best wireless mouse and protective laptop sleeves to docking stations and the top-rated USB hubs. Check out all our home office review categories to outfit your WFH space.

Editor's Note: We updated this article to include alternative laptop stand recommendations in each subcategory on December 12, 2023.


Best Overall Laptop Stand

RainDesign mStand

Foldable: No | In-Use Dimensions: 10 ¼" x 10" x 6"
Rubber grips on top of the stand
Aesthetically pleasing
Cable management
Not adjustable

When buying office products, many people are looking for polished and beautiful decor and accessories that still deliver top performance. If this sounds like you, check out the RainDesign mStand. This anodized aluminum stand is constructed from a single, solid piece of forged metal. The opening underneath is a handy spot to stash runaway desk items, and there is a 2" diameter circular slot in the back for cable management. The RainDesign mStand is sturdy and practical, adding a streamlined look to any laptop work area.

We love the style and form of the mStand, but due to its inability to adjust or fold down to a smaller size, it may not be the right choice for everyone. If you need something that travels well or that you can adjust to your specific needs, check out some of the other options below, like the Roost or Nulaxy's C5. In addition, the price tag is on the higher end for a stand of this style. Despite these caveats, we still love the RainDesign mStand and think it's an awesome choice for anyone seeking a sturdy, sleek, and stylish laptop stand.

laptop stand - the raindesign mstand is a solid aluminum model that looks sleek and...
The RainDesign mStand is a solid aluminum model that looks sleek and functions well.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Travel Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand

Foldable: Yes | In-Use Dimensions: (10-⅛" to 10-⅞") x (8-¾" to 9-⅜")
Tiny when folded
Three height adjustments
Does not support thick laptops

Our top recommendation for those looking for a collapsible laptop stand is the Roost Laptop Stand. You can easily fold this stand into a travel mode measuring just 1" x 1 ½ “ x 13”, making it a great fit for those who would like to carry it along in their laptop bag. When it's time to expand it and put it to use, it has three different height adjustment options giving you the optimal view or reach to your laptop.

While the Roost offers a reasonable degree of functionality, it doesn't work with thicker laptops due to the smaller size of the lower support hooks. We're also a bit wary of its plastic construction. If you're hard on your belongings, you might want to choose a beefier model. It also costs a bit more than some folks may like to pay. However, if you're willing to shell out the money for an adjustable version that folds up into a tiny package, the Roost is a fantastic choice. For something far less expensive yet easily portable, take a look at the Adjustable Aluminum by iVoler as well. It won't lift your laptop entirely off your desk, but you will have six tilt adjustments to choose from and it is easy to toss in a bag when on the go.

laptop stand - the roost laptop stand unfolds from compact travel size to a fully...
The Roost Laptop Stand unfolds from compact travel size to a fully functional desktop accessory.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Budget Travel Laptop Stand

iVoler Adjustable Aluminum

Foldable: Yes | In-Use Dimensions: 9-½" x 6-½" x (2-½" to 5-⅛")
Aluminum construction
Fits in most laptop bags
Accommodates books and tablets
Lower screen height

Check out the iVoler Adjustable Aluminum if you need a foldable and affordable laptop stand. We were impressed by its anodized aluminum construction and surprised by how small it can fold up, easily tucking away inside a backpack or laptop bag. In addition to its six different angles, this stand's width can be adjusted to accommodate tablets, books, or even cell phones.

Although versatile in many ways, the iVoler does not lift your devices up off of your desktop; it merely gives them a tilt. If you need a stand that will lift your laptop off your desk entirely, check out one of the other options. But if you need a collapsible and affordable travel laptop stand with sturdy construction and lots of angle options, this model should be your go-to. For full adjustability at home or when setting up your office workstation, the C5 by Nulaxy is worth taking a look at. Or, if you are building a mobile office setup, have a look at the pricey but super handy laptop stand by Roost.

The iVoler takes about 18 seconds to set up.
Credit: Chris McNamara


Best Laptop Stand for Height Adjustment

Nulaxy C5

Foldable: Yes | In-Use Dimensions: 10-⅞" x 10-½" x (2-1/4" to 20-½")
Wide range of height adjustability
Compact while folded
Lacks cable management
Shaky if typing

The Nulaxy C5 is a foldable laptop stand that offers a large degree of adjustability. Not only can you fine-tune the angle of the stand, but the height can also be set anywhere from 2" to 21". With a maximum height that high, the C5 essentially doubles as a standing desk for those looking to improve or change their posture. Despite its wide positioning range, the Nulaxy C5 folds up to be impressively small. It's not quite small enough to slide into a laptop bag, but with folded dimensions of 10-⅞" x 10-½" x 2-1/4", it could easily fit in a duffel bag or desk drawer.

The innovative design comes with a few noticeable flaws. The C5 does not feature cable management devices or slots, so your cables will be rather exposed during use. Also, if you're typing on your laptop while it's resting on this device, it will shake around a bit. The higher you have the stand extended, the more it shakes. Despite the drawbacks, we think the C5 is an excellent option for those who desire a laptop stand with a ton of adjustability, especially regarding height. If rotation is a priority in your setup, rather than flexibility in height, take a look at Lamicall's rotating stand instead.

laptop stand - the nulaxy c5 is ideal for those looking for a stand that offers...
The Nulaxy C5 is ideal for those looking for a stand that offers lots of settings for height.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Stylish Model That Rotates

Lamicall 360-Rotating Ergonomic

Foldable: No | In-Use Dimensions: 10-¼" x 10-½" x 6"
Rotates 360º
Centered retaining tab
Room for storage below
Shakes when typing

The Lamicall 360-Rotating Ergonomic is an aluminum laptop stand that rotates on its centered cylindrical pillar, allowing the top half of the stand to rotate infinitely in either direction. We found this feature to be especially useful for group projects or meetings. The Lamicall has non-slip rubber pads on the base to keep it from moving around on your desk as well as on top of the stand to keep the laptop itself in place. We like the centered retaining tab, which leaves the sides of the laptop unobstructed while typing. If you're looking for extra storage on your desk, there is plenty of room underneath to stash small objects.

If you're going to type on your laptop while resting on this stand, be prepared to deal with some slight wobbling. Additionally, the Lamicall 360-Rotating Ergonomic stand is relatively bulky and not a good choice for traveling. Despite these few shortcomings, we still feel the Lamicall is a great product, and we love that it rotates 360º. Another rotating option that impressed us, is the foldable Kentevin, which also includes a side stand for your phone. Or, if you want a stand with full height adjustability rather than rotational flexibility, take a look at the C5 by Nuluxy.

laptop stand - the lamicall 360-rotating ergonomic features rubber pads to keep...
The Lamicall 360-Rotating Ergonomic features rubber pads to keep your laptop in place on top of the stand as it rotates 360 degrees.
Credit: Laura Casner


An Innovative Folding Stand

Kentevin Adjustable Stand

Foldable: Yes | In-Use Dimensions: 11" x 11" x (5-½" to 7-½")
Built-in phone stand
360º rotation
Folds flat
Plastic construction
Product Name Change
Since our test period with this adjustable stand, the branding has been changed from MeFee to Kentevin. As far as we can tell, the stand has not changed.
The Kentevin Adjustable Stand is a foldable laptop stand with useful features. It collapses to be completely flat for instances in which you don't want to use any tilt at all. The 360º pivoting base is perfect for group projects or spinning your screen around to show a video with a friend. Kentevin also thought of designing a folding phone stand on the side of this model to ensure you can view all of your media in one place.

The Kentevin Adjustable Stand is not the most stable model we've gotten our hands on. This laptop stand was a bit wobbly while we were typing on it, mainly caused by its flexible plastic construction. Even though this isn't the strongest model on the market, we still think it's a good option for those looking for a flat-folding stand that rotates 360º. Another rotating option that is a bit more stable, even if not quite as convenient for travel, is the 360-Rotating stand by Lamicall.

laptop stand - this model has a nifty phone stand that folds out from the side of...
This model has a nifty phone stand that folds out from the side of the device.
Credit: Laura Casner


A So-So Laptop Stand

Soundance Aluminum Computer Riser

Foldable: No | In-Use Dimensions: 10-¼" x 10" x 5-¾"
Open design
Cable management
Plenty of storage room
Uneven support arms

If you're looking for a one-piece laptop stand with a different look and design, the Soundance Aluminum Computer Riser might be a good choice. This model puts your computer screen right at eye level while sitting in most office chairs and aligns well with the height of external monitors. There is ample room between the feet and the stand for storing and organizing odds and ends on your desk. Each one of the support pillars has a slot in it for routing cables to ensure that your workspace stays nice and organized.

Unfortunately, we found a couple of substantial flaws with the Soundance Aluminum Computer Riser. The model we tested had uneven support arms and was wobbly from the get-go. Also, the entire stand is flimsy because of the lack of torsional support between the arms. This isn't a big deal if you're using the Soundance as an auxiliary stand, but if you need to type on it, this could get very annoying. A more sturdy option with a similar design sans the cable management slots is the mStand by RainDesign.

laptop stand - the soundance laptop stand has a classy and modern look.
The Soundance Laptop Stand has a classy and modern look.
Credit: Laura Casner


Fun Color Options

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder

Foldable: Yes | In-Use Dimensions: 10-½" x 9-¼" x (1-⅞" to ~12")
Many color options
Adjustable height
Ample storage
Does not support heavy laptops
Small retaining tabs

The Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder is made of a hollow aluminum alloy to allow maximum ventilation and heat dispersion. The pivots on this model let you fine-tune the device to several custom positions based on your preferences. If style is your thing, the Urmust comes in 7 different colorways giving you lots of ways to match your office accessory to your office decor. When the device is in use, there is a ton of room for storage between the stand and its base.

During our assessment, we discovered that the Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder cannot support heavier laptops. Also, the retaining tabs at the base of the laptop plate are relatively shallow. This is not the ideal stand for larger laptops, but it's still a fun model if you're all about adjustable height and want a specific color. If you are less concerned about style and more focused on strength and stability, you may want to have a look at the tilting adjustable stand by iVoler or Nulaxy's height adjustable C5.

laptop stand - the urmust laptop notebook stand holder is offered in an array of...
The Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder is offered in an array of stylish colors.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why Trust GearLab

At GearLab, each one of our team members uses a laptop stand every day, so naturally, we used our panel of professional product quality judges to differentiate between the stands that deserve awards and those that are so-so in comparison. We carefully inspected each model for both attributes and flaws alike. Although much of our scoring is subjective, we are confident that our advice will help you purchase the perfect model for your needs.

Review Editor Ross Patton and In-House Research Analyst Austin Palmer headed up this review. Between the two of them, they come well-trained for heavy analytical research, with Ross having earned a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and Austin boasting a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University in Texas. They also have over 15 years combined professional product testing experience and have teamed up on projects ranging from lithium-ion-powered hand tools to ergonomic keyboards to iPhone gimbals and even jump ropes. With their in-depth knowledge, education, and experience, you can rest assured knowing that they have readers' best interests in mind.

The Roost folds and collapses to be small enough to slip into a...
The Roost folds and collapses to be small enough to slip into a laptop bag.
The AmazonBasics model has a small compartment for storage and...
The AmazonBasics model has a small compartment for storage and organization.
The Lamicall Laptop Riser has a sleek look and also rotates.
The Lamicall Laptop Riser has a sleek look and also rotates.

Analysis and Test Results

We recognize that our readers are not all looking for the same product. Some of you may need a version for travel, while others may want a stylish permanent fixture on your desk. Some of you may intend to type on your laptop, while others may use an external keyboard. To explain each product's various characteristics, we broke down our analysis into three sub-categories: stability, adjustability, and features.


Depending on the application for which you intend to use your stand, stability may or may not be a key purchasing factor for you. If you're going to be typing on your laptop while it's on the stand, you'll definitely want a stable model. If not, this characteristic will be far less important.

laptop stand
Credit: Laura Casner

The most stable model we tested is the iVoler Adjustable Aluminum. Thanks to its aluminum construction, this model doesn't flex. The iVoler's design has the laptop's weight essentially sitting on the desk, so there's no room for wiggling.

If you want a stand that lifts your entire laptop off the desktop rather than just the back, we found that the RainDesign mStand was relatively stable for typing, considering its design. Only slightly more wobbly than the mStand during our assessment was the Roost Laptop Stand, but this is to be expected considering its plastic construction. Finally, the Nulaxy C5 does okay when the stand is adjusted to a low height, but the higher the stand is set, the less stable it becomes.

laptop stand - the roost laptop stand is a tiny bit wobbly while typing on it...
The Roost Laptop Stand is a tiny bit wobbly while typing on it partly because the plastic it is constructed from flexes.
Credit: Laura Casner


Some people may want a rigid stand that stays in one place 24/7, but if you're going to be moving around or you like to change up the position of your stand, plenty of models have an array of adjustments.

One model with a particularly high degree of adjustability is the Nulaxy C5 Laptop Stand. The C5 can be used flat, or the stand can be tilted towards you. Its arm extends 14 inches and is also articulated, allowing you to lift your entire laptop off of the desk rather than just the back.

laptop stand - the main arm on the nulaxy c5 extends so that you can fully stand up...
The main arm on the Nulaxy C5 extends so that you can fully stand up to use your laptop.
Credit: Laura Casner

Check out the iVoler Adjustable Aluminum if you need a portable and adjustable stand. This model has six height settings, but what really separates the iVoler from the others is its adjustable width — which can accommodate a full-sized laptop or a smartphone.

laptop stand - the ivoler model has many angle settings as well as an adjustable...
The iVoler model has many angle settings as well as an adjustable width to help you fine-tune the perfect angle for your laptop or other device.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Roost Laptop Stand offers three different height options ranging from 6 to 11 inches off the tabletop, but is otherwise static. If you're seeking a straightforward version that just holds your computer and looks stylish, it's hard to top the RainDesign mStand. Devoid of any bells and whistles, we think this model is the way to go for those who desire simplicity.

laptop stand - with a simplistic design and a stylish look, the raindesign mstand...
With a simplistic design and a stylish look, the RainDesign mStand is the way to go for a basic, yet strong laptop stand.
Credit: Laura Casner


A product as seemingly simplistic as a laptop stand can have a surprising amount of bells and whistles. They can fold, rotate, collapse, articulate, and organize your cables while maintaining a simplistic look and design. For this section of the review, we describe any attributes that differentiate the products from one another.

The RainDesign mStand doesn't have a lot going on as far as extra features go, but the slot in the back of the frame is especially handy for keeping cables organized and out of sight, and the rubberized pads keep your laptop from slipping around on the stand.

laptop stand - the raindesign model has rubber pads on top of the stand and a slot...
The RainDesign model has rubber pads on top of the stand and a slot on the back to keep cables organized.
Credit: Laura Casner


At GearLab, we intend to provide you with an in-depth, hands-on analysis of products to take the guesswork out of your purchasing decisions. Laptop stands can help improve your posture, alleviate eye strain, and aid in organizing your desk. We hope that no matter the application of your laptop stand, our review has helped you find your perfect model.

Ross Patton and Austin Palmer