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The 6 Best Salt and Pepper Shakers of 2023

We tested salt and pepper shakers from Chefvantage, Le Creuset, Saratoga Home, and others to find the best options for your table
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Best Salt and Pepper Shakers of 2023
Credit: Jane Jackson

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By Jane Jackson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 15, 2023

Are you looking for the best salt and pepper shakers? Our reviewers selected 8 of the best available today after researching 40 different options. We peppered and salted countless soups, stir frys, and salads, comparing the performance and style of each. In addition to evaluating the look and functionality of each, we comparatively assess dispensing ability and ease of cleaning and filling. No need to paw through tchotchkes at the thrift store anymore. Especially when you've got dependable recommendations from our reviewers to help you find the shakers best for your home.

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Best Overall Salt and Pepper Shakers

Chefvantage Adjustable Salt and Pepper Shaker

Materials: Stainless steel, glass | Fill Style: Removable metal sleeve
Easy to fill
Aesthetically timeless and appealing
Solid materials used in construction
A bit pricey

The Chefvantage Adjustable Salt and Pepper Shaker set has everything we look for in the ideal salt and pepper shakers. With a simple and timeless aesthetic, it looks great in any kitchen setting. The silver sleeve covers a glass body that holds way more salt and pepper than you'd think. Three different settings regulate how much material comes out, which to us, is a great feature. This set also has two different fill options; you can either fill via the removable metal sleeve or unscrew the sliding top. When twisted, the lid clicks into place and lands on a dispensing setting. There is also the option to seal the shaker by twisting to a setting with no holes. This shaker set is aesthetically pleasing and has a well-thought-out design.

It can be a little bit finicky to adjust the dispensing settings on the lid of the Chefvantage Adjustable. We found that if it is twisted too far in one direction, the entire lid becomes loose, which is not ideal. This set is also a little bit pricier than many of the other options in this review. For those that like more options with dispensing and filling, this aesthetic favorite is our top recommendation.

best overall salt and pepper shakers
These stainless and glass shakers are a classy addition to any table.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Bang for the Buck

Grant Howard Hand Painted Set

Materials: Glass | Fill Style: Screw-top lid
Inexpensive, yet well-made
Aesthetically unique
Handmade feel
Can't regulate the amount

Though the Grant Howard Hand Painted Set is delicate, we love its handmade feel and simplicity. A simple tapered cone-shaped design with hand-painted flowers makes for a nostalgic feeling, being something that you might have found in your own kitchen growing up. Both salt and pepper have the same number of holes, but they seem to dispense seasoning at an average rate — not alarmingly fast nor annoyingly slow. They are relatively easy to fill, similar to the majority of the other glass shakers we reviewed. One of the best parts about these cute shakers is the inexpensive price tag. In comparison to most of the other novelty shakers, the Grant Howard set is very reasonably priced.

The biggest downside is its delicate design and lack of durability. When we first ordered this set, they arrived damaged. A second set arrived fine. For the budget-savvy buyer looking for a classic and handmade look, this is our top recommendation.

salt and pepper shakers - best bang for the buck
We loved the cheerful vibe of these glass shakers.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Rotational Top

Chefvantage Salt and Pepper Set

Materials: Stainless steel, glass | Fill Style: Removable metal sleeve
Aesthetically appealing
Durable construction
A bit challenging to fill

The Chefvantage Salt and Pepper Set stands out for its exceptional performance, which mirrors the Chefvantage Adjustable. It is, after all, from the same manufacturer. This is a wider set that has a few differences that didn't earn it top points, but a key difference that we like. This difference is in the rotating top. This set doesn't have a removable lid, and the adjustment mechanism moves incredibly smoothly. We prefer this smoother transition between the dispensing sizes. Aesthetically, this set has a sleek and modern look. It is made from a combination of stainless steel and glass, which makes this product very durable.

We found that filling this set was challenging due to the small mouth of the glass container. The other Chefvantage option has the option to fill via a removable cap, and we wish this one had the same feature for the sake of versatility and ease of filling. A good option for those that appreciate a smooth rotation between sizing, but it comes with a few caveats.

salt and pepper shakers - best rotational top
A metal sleeve covers a glass container on these shakers.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Ceramic Design

Le Creuset Stoneware Shakers

Materials: Ceramic | Fill Style: Silicone Plug
Aesthetically appealing
Hard to fill

With an ergonomic shape, multiple color options, and solid ceramic construction, the Le Creuset Stoneware Shakers is one of our favorite salt and pepper dispensers. We love how this set looks on our table and often receive compliments on its aesthetic, shape, and color. The beauty of this set is in its simplicity — no adjustments, no visible fill holes. The salt comes out surprisingly fast, even though it has only had a single hold, whereas the pepper has three. Regardless, we learned the dispensing ability is not as tunable as other options in this review but completely sufficient for most purposes.

Everything is excellent with the Le Creuset Stoneware Set until it comes time to refill them. The filling hole is located on the bottom of the shaker and is annoyingly tiny; we found it challenging to fill without major spillage. In addition to the hole being small, its location also means that salt and/or pepper will come out of the top when filling — since it has to be flipped upside down to fill. If you love this ceramic look, this is still what we recommend to our friends.

salt and pepper shakers - best ceramic design
The small fill hole on the Le Creuset makes it hard to get pepper and salt inside without spilling; you'll want a funnel for this one.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Travel

Signora Ware Moisture Proof Shakers

Materials: Plastic | Fill Style: Snap-off lid
Easy to fill
Plastic makes them durable and packable
Lid is easy to take off and put on
Can't regulate dispensing speed
Aesthetically lacking

If you are into camping or bringing your own seasonings on trips, the Signora Ware Moisture Proof Shakers set is for you. This utilitarian product is the only plastic product we included. We appreciate its durability and lightweight design for on-the-go use but didn't find as much use for it in our own kitchen. The lid snaps on with a light press and pops off easily. The lack of threads means no spillage when removing the lid, which is a significant bonus. The shape is also conducive to easy filling since each is relatively squat with a wide mouth. The reasonable price tag is another major plus.

The Signora's dispensing ability leaves something to be desired. It takes a vigorous shake to offload a few grains of salt or pepper. We often found ourselves removing the lid entirely and simply taking a pinch of seasoning out when we needed it. Additionally, though the plastic is excellent for camping, we weren't crazy about it for daily use in our home kitchen. If camping is on your itinerary, this refillable set stands out — just know the dispensing rate is slower than most.

salt and pepper shakers - best for travel
The plastic snap-on lid makes these shakers easy to fill.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Carry Caddy Set

Saratoga Home Farmhouse Shakers

Materials: Glass, metal | Fill Style: Screw-top lid
Simple design
Comes with metal caddy
Glass and metal make for durable construction
Can't regulate the amount
Spills upon refill

A simple, rustic vibe is what the Saratoga Home Farmhouse Shakers set is all about. These shakers are about as simple as it gets — a glass cylinder with a metal screw cap. The caddy is what makes it unique and appealing. The metal carrying case has a handle and rubberized feet to prevent scratching. The Saratoga Home set is as easy to fill as most of the other glass options in this review. The mouth is narrow, but with control, one can fill it easily, without too much spillage. What we like most is the simple and durable materials used in its construction.

There are no differences between the two shakers, but since they are clear, it's easy to tell which is which. When dispensing seasoning, there is the same number of holes for both salt and pepper, which some folks may not like. If you're in the market for a cute farmhouse look with a carry caddy, this simple Saratoga Home set is one to consider.

salt and pepper shakers - best carry caddy set
One of two sets that come with a carrying caddy.
Credit: Jane Jackson


A Nice, Labeled Shaker Set

Juvale Stainless Steel Set

Materials: Stainless steel, glass | Fill Style: Srew-top lid
Clearly labeled
Lids don't trap rogue bits of salt and pepper
Made from solid materials
The plastic cone is aesthetically confusing
Can't adjust the amount

The Juvale Stainless Steel Set is simple and made from stainless steel, glass, and plastic. It is the only set we tested that has clear labels on each one and an "S" and "P" pattern on the top. It is easy to use and relatively easy to fill, in line with the other glass and stainless options out there. We liked how the clear bottom allows you to see when it needs to be refilled. Their pear shape is ergonomic and aesthetic, offering you control when dispensing seasoning.

The excessively labeled nature of these salt and pepper shakers may not be for everyone. Some of our testers felt like the side labels are perhaps a bit much, while others appreciate the clarity the labels provide. The other downside is their aesthetic — the plastic cones that surround the top are a confusing feature, which we didn't particularly like from a design standpoint. They create a moat around the lid where bits of salt and pepper get stuck. If you like this labeled pear-shaped design, the Juvale set comes recommended.

salt and pepper shakers - more salt came out than pepper with this shaker set.
More salt came out than pepper with this shaker set.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Industrial Shaker Set

Great Credentials Stainless Steel Dredge

Materials: Stainless steel | Fill Style: Screw-top lid
All-metal construction
Wide mouth for easy filling
Large handle
Can't differentiate between salt and pepper
Hard to regulate the amount

The Great Credentials Stainless Steel Dredge shakers are a sturdy, large option that is well suited for kitchens with an industrial vibe. The shape is wide and short, with a broad opening for super easy filling. We like the handle since it helps regulate the amount that each shaker dispenses. The all-metal design makes for a no-nonsense product that is simple and aesthetically appealing.

It is hard to regulate the amount of seasoning that comes out of the Great Credentials Dredge set. It is also hard to tell which one is filled with which seasoning — as the two shakers are identical. This is a good option for those looking for a large and sturdy set.

salt and pepper shakers - these dredge shakers are classic and simple with easy to remove lids.
These dredge shakers are classic and simple with easy to remove lids.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Why You Should Trust Us

We started this review off by perusing hundreds of options and assessing the top salt and pepper shakers that are on the market today. We then purchased the top eight for hands-on testing. We filled, cleaned, and seasoned our meals with these shakers. We also conferred with our fellow testers and friends to gain perspective on the aesthetics of each set. From days of use and multiple fills and distribution tests, we were able to narrow in on the top performers and isolate the weaker options as well.

Our panel of kitchen experts has performed extensive hands-on testing of kitchen products ranging from roasting pans to knives. Jane Jackson, the lead tester for this review, has researched and reviewed kitchen products ranging from mixing bowls to cups. Not only does Jane review these products, but she is also an all-things-cooking enthusiast. Anyone that spends time in the kitchen knows the benefits of having the proper tools, and our testers are no exception. We apply the same side-by-side testing procedure to all of the products we review to determine the best options on the market.

Analysis and Test Results

We used four major testing metrics to assess the performance of these little seasoning distributors. The logical first step in testing was to see how easy or difficult it was to fill these salt and pepper shakers. Second, we assessed the dispensing ability of each — they all have a unique pattern of holes that distributes salt and pepper at a specific rate. We then got into the nitty-gritty of design and aesthetics, comparing the materials and overall feel of each set. The following provides a side-by-side assessment of the best and worst performers in each metric.

salt and pepper shakers - filling our first test set with pepper. some were easier to fill...
Filling our first test set with pepper. Some were easier to fill than others.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ease of Filling

Often, the most challenging and annoying part of using a salt and pepper shaker is filling it. How many times have you left a salt shaker on the table empty, simply because you're avoiding the hassle of filling it? Us too. That's why we emphasized this metric. The easiest-to-fill options were shakers with wide mouths and easy-to-remove lids, like the Great Credentials Stainless Steel Dredge and the Chefvantage Adjustable set. We also found our favorite travel option, the Signora Ware Moisture Proof, was easy to fill, thanks to their press-on plastic lids and wide openings.

salt and pepper shakers - the opening on the dredge shakers is much wider than the juvale set...
The opening on the dredge shakers is much wider than the Juvale set shown above. The wide openings make for easy filling.
Credit: Jane Jackson

The most challenging salt and pepper shakers to fill are typically the ceramic options. These sets don't have separate lids, so the fill hole is on the bottom and is usually only about a centimeter in diameter. The Le Creuset option was a pain to fill because of this.

Dispensing Ability

To test this metric, we used a dark plate to show salt distribution and a white plate to show pepper distribution. We then shook each shaker one time to see how much seasoning came out. Some, specifically both of the Chefvantage options, have three varying hole sizes, making it easy to regulate the amount of seasoning that comes out. These models scored the highest in this metric. Close behind are the standard lids (think of the type you'd find at a diner) found on both the Saratoga Home Farmhouse set and the Grant Howard Hand Painted set.

salt and pepper shakers - these shakers were hard to regulate, though the handle provided a...
These shakers were hard to regulate, though the handle provided a way to fine-tune the distribution of seasoning.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Here, we found that quite a few sets had us struggling to regulate the amount of seasoning that came out. Some, like the Le Creuset, have only one hole for salt, and yet we found the salt to pour out at a surprisingly fast rate. On the other hand, the Signora Ware Moisture Proof plastic set could barely eke out a few grains of salt with a single shake.

salt and pepper shakers - this shaker hardly distributed any pepper with a single shake.
This shaker hardly distributed any pepper with a single shake.
Credit: Jane Jackson


It's challenging to test something as subjective as "aesthetics", especially regarding traditionally decorative kitchen items. Everyone has their own personal preferences, and each kitchen has its own general aesthetic. We measured this metric by pooling opinions from a wide range of testers; this included other GearLab experts, friends, and family. Overall, we found the Chefvantage sets to be our across-the-board winner in this metric. They are sleek and classy and seem to cater to a wide range of aesthetics. We also liked the Le Creuset Stoneware set for its vintage, timeless feel.

salt and pepper shakers - these are all novelty shakers suitable for very different aesthetics.
These are all novelty shakers suitable for very different aesthetics.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Our low-scoring products in this metric should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak, since everyone has their personal preferences. The least popular options among our testers were the Signora Ware Moisture Proof and the Juvale Stainless Steel Set. They received low scores for different reasons. The Signora set is plastic and is more functional than stylish, while the Juvale set seemed to be a bit overdone with the written labels and the letter-shaped hole patterns on the lids.

salt and pepper shakers - we weren't crazy about the plastic collar on these shakers.
We weren't crazy about the plastic collar on these shakers.
Credit: Jane Jackson


We tested shaker sets made from a variety of different materials. The majority of the products we reviewed are made from a combination of glass and stainless steel. The Signora Ware Moisture Proof is made from plastic, while two novelty sets are made from ceramic. In general, the glass and stainless options, like the Chefvantage Adjustable, seemed to be the most durable and simple design-wise. We liked the solid feel of the ceramic Le Creuset as well.

salt and pepper shakers - all of these shakers are made from a combination of stainless steel...
All of these shakers are made from a combination of stainless steel and glass, which is great for durability.
Credit: Jane Jackson

There were a few sets that we were not crazy about materials-wise. Though the Juvale is made from stainless steel and glass, it has a large plastic collar on the lid that detracts from the overall design. We were also not crazy about using the Signora Ware set in our home kitchen, as we preferred to use a glass container for seasoning over a plastic one.

salt and pepper shakers - the ceramic shakers from le creuset are stylish and timeless.
The ceramic shakers from Le Creuset are stylish and timeless.
Credit: Jane Jackson


This review is designed to give you a run-down of the top salt and pepper shakers on the market. We compared their ease of filling and dispensing ability and made a broad assessment of their overall aesthetic and design. With these results, we were able to identify award winners and the products that fell short. Our kitchen experts spent countless hours comparing the performance of these products to create this comprehensive review. We hope it helps guide you toward the correct shaker set to perfectly suit your dining experience.

Jane Jackson

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