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The 4 Best Cups

To find the best cups, we did side-by-side testing on a variety of different styles of drinkware
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Best Cups Review (We bought and tested many of the best cups on the market. The glass mugs shown here are easy to clean and...)
We bought and tested many of the best cups on the market. The glass mugs shown here are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. They add class to any kitchen.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Our Top Picks

By Jane Jackson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 26, 2023

The Best Cups

Our kitchen gurus researched over 50 of the best cups before selecting 10 of the market's most promising. We made all sorts of drinks, including cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and cocktails, while testing and comparing each competitor. Our selection is made up of a medley of materials, including porcelain, double-walled glass, and ceramic cups. Our team takes the time to assess construction, ergonomics, and unique features fit for different uses, so we can provide you with appropriate recommendations. After indulging in oodles of refreshments, we offer you our expert insights.

Cups are a universal kitchen staple. While these cups are ideal options for tea and coffee drinkers, what about other beverages? Our teams of culinary experts have tested a bevy of other options: the best beer glasses for your favorite brews, top-rated whiskey glasses to add to your bar, and the best insulated tumblers for any time you need to take your drink on the go. We've also tested the best iced tea pitchers for a refreshing summer beverage.

Editor's Note: We edited our cup review for clarity on June 26, 2023.


Best Overall Cup

Epare Coffee Mug Set

Materials: Double-wall glass | Weight: 8.11 ounces
Lightweight feel
Timeless, classy aesthetic
Ergonomic handle shape

Of the double-walled glass options we tested, the Epare Mug Set stood out as the best. With simplicity and class, the cups in this set are lightweight, versatile, and incredibly well-insulating. The Epare kepts our hot liquids warm longer than others we tested, and the outside stays cool enough to remain comfortable on your skin. Though similar in style to other double-walled glass mugs, we loved the ergonomics of this set tham most, thanks to their rectangular handle that suits more hand sizes.

Of course, glass is more delicate and requires a little extra care. If you have small children or durability is a concern, you might opt for a different set. However, if you're seeking a timeless, classic design that couples excellent insulation with an ergonomic grasp, the Epare Mug Set will have you covered.

cups - whether it's morning coffee, tea, or a glass of hot water, this mug...
Whether it's morning coffee, tea, or a glass of hot water, this mug is our go-to.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best Bang for the Buck

LIFVER 18-Ounce Coffee Mug

Materials: Porcelain | Weight: 15.06 ounces
Large size makes them versatile
Reasonably priced
Set only comes in assorted colors

The LIFVER 18-Ounce Coffee Mug is a solid, versatile, and well-insulated set of mugs with a reasonable price tag. This is a great option if you're moving into a new home or need to outfit a kitchen. For a reasonable price, you get six colorful porcelain mugs. We like the handle shape and overall size, which will happily hold a large volume of tea, soup, or coffee. The sides warm up nicely when filled but don't become so scalding that it's impossible to pick up. The set of six comes in a variety of colors. The wide mouth is compatible with your favorite pour over coffee maker or Aeropress, which we appreciate.

If you don't like bright colors and are looking for a more muted design, you may want to consider other options. The LIFVER mugs are big, loud, and bright, which is not everyone's “cup of tea”. They also have a heavier design, which some may love and some may not. If you're in the market for a great deal on a large, loud cup set that'll add a splash of color to your kitchen, this is at the top of our list.

cups - a cozy cup of tea at our desk nook. these mugs are great for big...
A cozy cup of tea at our desk nook. These mugs are great for big afternoon cups of tea.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Cappuccinos

JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Espresso

Materials: Double-wall glass | Weight: 4.66 ounces
Double-wall glass is well insulated
Lightweight feel
Great for drinks with foamed milk

These lightweight, cappuccino-sized glass mugs stole our hearts. We love its small capacity and tall walls. Unlike other cappuccino cups, which tend to be shallow and low to the table, the JoyJolt Savor cup is tall and slender. We also love the handle size, which offers a nice, proportional fit. The double-wall glass design is very well insulated, keeping coffee warmer longer than a traditional cappuccino mug. The lightweight design only adds to the list of things we like about this mug. Cleaning is easy since it can go in the dishwasher — hand cleaning is simple, too. Finally, if you are into latté art, these mugs work wonderfully. Their wide mouth makes it easy to pour milk foam to make a creation of your preference.

The JoyJolt Savor comes in a set of two. Unfortunately, they're somewhat pricy, but we felt they're worth the cost because of their quality construction and insulation. This is our first choice for those who love a well-made cappuccino cup.

cups - the shape of this mug is conducive to perfecting our latte art skills.
The shape of this mug is conducive to perfecting our latte art skills.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best To-Go Mug

W&P Porter Ceramic

Materials: Ceramic and silicone | Weight: 11.5 ounces
Sleek design
Silicone and ceramic make it well insulated
Small capacity
Lid doesn't lock shut

The sleek and stylish W&P Porter Ceramic is our favorite mug for taking on the go. We were pleased to find a portable ceramic option that holds up to the bumps and bruises of travel. Plus, it fits into most standard car cup holders. It's small, with only a 12-ounce capacity, but we love its look and feel so much that we didn't mind having a little less caffeine to start our day. The lid fits snugly and has an excellent slide-closure mechanism. We also appreciate that the silicone sleeve is easy to remove if needed for cleaning purposes. Because it is ceramic inside, it doesn't trap flavors or hold smells, which is a huge plus. We also appreciate its level of insulation. It doesn't conduct heat when full of boiling water, and the lid and silicone sleeve help keep contents warm for long periods.

The W&P Porter cup has a pretty small capacity. With the lid on, it holds even less liquid than its claimed 12 ounces since the silicone gasket is inset in the lid and seals on the inside of the mug. The other downside is that this mug is not entirely leakproof. It can't be tossed in a bag with tea — it's more like a portable mug for the second cup of coffee you didn't quite finish. For those looking for a mug on the go, this ceramic option is one to take a gander at.

cups - the dainty porter is compact and easy to take anywhere.
The dainty Porter is compact and easy to take anywhere.
Credit: Jane Jackson


A Versatile Cork Base Mug

DOWAN Coffee Mug

Materials: Ceramic and cork | Weight: 15.4 ounces
Dual material design is aesthetically appealing
Comes with lid
Large handle
Cork bottom lacks durability
Not dishwasher safe

The DOWAN Coffee Mug is for folks who drink their coffee slowly and often find themselves halfway finished with their first cup before heading out the door. The lid and reinforced cork bottom make it a reasonable to-go option. It looks good sitting on a desk at work but also fits in fine in a cupboard among other classy drinking vessels. The reinforced bottom is made from cork, which gives it a unique aesthetic. The combination of materials doesn't seem to affect the insulation, but the cork bottom means it's quiet when set down on a table. We also liked the feel of the oversized handle.

This mug falls short when it comes to insulation. When filled with hot liquid, it gets extremely hot on the outside, making it hard to pick up initially. This was a major bummer because it also means that it loses heat more quickly than other mugs. We also had a little bit of an issue with the ridge on the inside where the lid rests. This is mostly an aesthetic issue, but it also seems to collect grime, making it more annoying to clean. Overall, this is a versatile mug with an interesting aesthetic, but towards the end of our test period, the cork bottom actually became detached from the main ceramic portion of the mug, so we aren't thrilled about its durability prospects.

cups - for the early riser who is nervous about waking the rest of the...
For the early riser who is nervous about waking the rest of the house, this mug is extremely quiet due to its cork base.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Runner Up for Double-Wall Glass

Sweese Glass Coffee Mug

Materials: Double-wall glass | Weight: 8.11 ounces
Very well insulated
Large capacity makes it versatile
Glass is difficult to clean
Thinner walls than other double-wall options

Very similar to our top choice, the Sweese Glass Coffee Mug is a double-walled glass option with many qualities that we love and appreciate. It's lightweight and stylish, with a large capacity. The Sweese mugs are also extremely well-insulated, keeping hot beverages warm for long periods without transferring too much heat to the outside walls. The handle shape is big enough for the average person to fit three fingers through, and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean by hand, though these mugs are also dishwasher safe.

We prefer the Epare Glass Mugs to the Sweese Glass Mug for a few reasons. The Sweese mugs are slightly bulkier and have thicker walls that make the mug feel clunky compared to the classy Epare. The Sweese also seemed to get dirtier, and the glass became gummed up and opaque after a few weeks of use. If you're not a fan of our top contenders and like the style of the Sweese instead, this is another double-walled glass product to hone in on.

cups - this one scores high for drinkability, especially during a sunday...
This one scores high for drinkability, especially during a Sunday morning backgammon game.
Credit: Jane Jackson


For the Classy Espresso Lover

Fellow Monty Milk Art

Materials: Double-wall ceramic and graphite | Weight: 5.15 ounces
Well made
Designed for specific use

They are small, sleek, classy, and high-quality, which won them major points in our book. Though we tested the espresso-sized version for this review (which means they only held three ounces of liquid), the Fellow Monty mug comes in a variety of sizes. Their double-wall ceramic construction provides great insulation and makes them extremely durable. The design of the graphite foot allows the mug to rest above the table, and they also stack well together. If, like us, you're addicted to your espresso machine, the Fellow cups are for you. If drip coffee or tea is more your thing, then the Fellow mugs may not be the ideal choice.

The biggest downside is their small size and specific use. Many of us do not have infinite space in our kitchens for items that only get used occasionally. The other downside is their small size; this means that heat escapes quickly and that they are only useful for espresso shots. They are also relatively expensive compared to other products in this review. If you love espresso, these cups are for you.

cups - there's pretty much only room for a single espresso shot in the monty.
There's pretty much only room for a single espresso shot in the Monty.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Best for Entertaining

Sweese Porcelain Stackable Cappuccino

Materials: Porcelain | Weight: 15.2 ounces
The only set that comes with saucers
Classic cappuccino cup design
Hard to store
Lacks insulation

Morning coffee, afternoon tea, even an after-dinner bowl of ice cream — any of these delights are suitable for the Sweese Porcelain Stackable Cappuccino Set. This is the only set that comes with its own storage rack, which adds a fun vibe to any kitchen setup and makes it feel like you and your guests are at an Italian café rather than just your dining room. We often used these mugs when we had friends over since the set comes with four cups and four saucers. We even used these mugs as mini ice cream bowls.

The main downside to the Sweese Cappuccino cups set is their lack of insulation. Because they are so shallow, they tend to let off heat quickly, and their contents cool down quicker than a deeper mug. We also found their storage rack to be bulky. This set only makes sense if you have plenty of counter space to proudly display the rack.

cups - we felt like we were on a trip to italy when using these classic...
We felt like we were on a trip to Italy when using these classic cappuccino cups.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Basic Mug Set

Lifecapido Coffee Mug

Materials: Ceramic | Weight: 13.02 ounces
Comes in a set of six
Basic design
Small handle relative to mug size

Simple in shape, size, and color, the Lifecapido Coffee Mug set is a no-nonsense option for those who don't want to overthink their next kitchen purchase. Their thicker walls make them durable and well-insulated enough to keep liquid warm for a long time without being too hot to touch. We like how they appear to be plain, with their matte black finish, but have a splash of color on the inside to keep things interesting. The handle shape is ergonomic and simple but doesn't really allow room for more than three fingers. These mugs can be washed in the dishwasher and come in a set of six, making them great for families or groups.

What makes these mugs great for their simplicity also makes them a bit basic in terms of design and overall feel. The Lifecapido Set is straightforward and, compared to some of the more novel options in this review, a little bit boring. They performed well in all realms of our testing but lacked a “wow” factor for us.

cups - this versatile option is great for entertaining.
This versatile option is great for entertaining.
Credit: Jane Jackson


Unique Tea Infuser

Tomotime Ceramic

Materials: Ceramic | Weight: 16.76 ounces
Unique handle shape
All-ceramic design
Small capacity
The handle is not for everyone

The Tomotime Ceramic mug gets props for its uniqueness and flair. If you are an avid tea drinker, this mug is a great way to jazz up your tea routine. Our favorite aspects are its ceramic tea infuser and fitted ceramic lid. This feature set is unique and gives it a solid, timeless feel. It is also well-insulated and doesn't get too hot when filled with boiling water. The handle is positioned such that it keeps your hand away from the sides of the mug anyway, so accidentally touching scalding ceramic is not a concern with this mug.

It's aesthetically unique, which also means it's not for everyone. The Tomotime Ceramic mug has a wooden handle and an all-ceramic construction. We liked the ceramic aspect of its design, but dishes with wooden elements are typically not dishwasher-safe, which means this will have to be hand-washed. We also found that when filled with water, the ceramic infuser takes up quite a lot of space inside the mug, which greatly reduces its liquid capacity.

cups - the tomotime definitely has the coolest feel of any mug in this...
The Tomotime definitely has the coolest feel of any mug in this review.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Why Trust GearLab

To test the performance of these vessels, we drank a lot of tea and coffee. We made sure to use each contender in various settings, from a morning espresso drink to an after-dinner cup of tea, evaluating how each one performed in various applications. Testers with varying hand sizes and personal preferences assessed the functionality of each mug's handle and overall shape. We then weighed each model and used boiling water and a timer to compare their heat-conduction properties. Finally, depending on the vessel's design, we assessed the ease of cleaning for each set — both by hand and by using the dishwasher. Hours of research and hands-on testing allowed us to confidently deliver our assessment of the best and worst mugs on the market.

Our lead tester, Jane Jackson, loves hot drinks and has a unique perspective when it comes to the minute features of a mug. Additionally, she is a household ware guru, testing other kitchen items from mixing bowls to roasting pans. This review is close to Jane's heart, as she is rarely found without an array of mugs strewn across her desk. She was not on her own in assessing the performance of these items, though. She included feedback from friends, roommates, and her fiancé to finalize the results of this review.

Analysis and Test Results

To assess the performance of these drinking vessels, we used the following five metrics: thermal conductivity, handle size and shape, weight, ergonomics and feel, and ease of cleaning. These categories allowed us to narrow in on the features that make or break a cup.

cups - weighing each mug in the test kitchen.
Weighing each mug in the test kitchen.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Thermal Conductivity

Mugs are meant to do one thing in terms of thermal conductivity — keep in heat while simultaneously keeping the outside surface from getting too hot to touch. To standardize this test, we poured boiling water into each one and let it sit for two minutes. After two minutes passed, we checked the outside walls and the temperature of the water. This simulates hot tea or coffee in a standardized way. Surprisingly, the double-wall glass mugs, like the Epare, Sweese, and JoyJolt performed the best in this metric. Their double-wall design was the best in keeping the heat in without transferring to the outside of the vessel.

cups - the double-wall glass mugs are by far the most well-insulated.
The double-wall glass mugs are by far the most well-insulated.
Credit: Jane Jackson

In terms of ceramic mugs, the top performers were the W&P Porter, which has a ceramic body with a silicone sleeve, and the LIFVER set. The Fellow Monty is fairly substantial and also claims a double-wall design, but heat escaped fairly quickly because it is so small. The Sweese Porcelain Stackable set also lacked in terms of insulation, and our hot beverages often felt lukewarm after a few minutes.

cups - this tiny cup is insulated, but it's so small that heat escapes...
This tiny cup is insulated, but it's so small that heat escapes quickly anyway.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Handle Size and Shape

The design and shape of the handle dictate a lot about how a mug performs. The handle protects one's hand from touching the scalding side of the mug and provides a convenient way to pick it up. We tested each one's performance in this metric by getting opinions from folks with lots of different-sized hands. A handle that works for a small-handed person may look like a toy in the hands of a giant. We assessed how many fingers each tester could fit through the handle and whether or not it protected the user's hands from the sidewalls of the mug. In general, we preferred mugs that had larger handles since they are more versatile for a wide variety of hand sizes.

cups - the epare mug has a roomy handle that's comfortable for three fingers.
The Epare mug has a roomy handle that's comfortable for three fingers.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Our favorite handles are found on the Epare glass mugs. These handles are rectangular in shape and provide plenty of room for three or four fingers. The LIFVER mug has a rounded, more traditional handle which we also liked. The smaller cappuccino mugs with equally small handles are on the other end of the spectrum. The JoyJolt Savor has a small handle, but it is spaced far enough from the mug that two fingers still fit through it easily. The Tomotime Ceramic has a massive wooden handle that is fairly unique and ended up being a bit of an acquired taste among our testers.

cups - this wooden handle is unique to the tomotime ceramic. it is...
This wooden handle is unique to the Tomotime ceramic. It is surprisingly more ergonomic than it looks.
Credit: Jane Jackson


The feel of a drinking vessel has much to do with its weight. Many people are drawn to their favorite mug simply because of how satisfying the weight feels in their hands. This metric was simple to test. We placed each individual mug on a scale and recorded its weight in ounces. The range is great since there is a wide variety of liquid capacities among these mugs. The lightest options out there typically have a double-wall glass design. The lightest mug we reviewed is the JoyJolt Savor, weighing in at 4.66 ounces. Close behind is the Fellow Monty, at 5.15 ounces — but this little espresso cup has a much smaller capacity than the JoyJolt. The full-sized double-wall glass mugs from Epare and Sweese tip the scales just above eight ounces.

cups - there was a huge range in terms of weight among our selections.
There was a huge range in terms of weight among our selections.
Credit: Jane Jackson

In terms of full-sized mugs, the Tomotime Ceramic had a measured weight of 16.76 ounces. Similarly, each one in the LIFVER set weighs 15.06 ounces.

cups - the lifver mug weighs almost a full pound! great for afternoon tea.
The LIFVER mug weighs almost a full pound! Great for afternoon tea.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ergonomics and Materials

The final set of features that separate one's favorite everyday drinking vessel from the forgotten mug in the back of the cupboard are its shape and materials used in its construction. For this metric, we assessed how each one felt in our hand — its shape, size, and the materials used in its construction. After grilling our fellow testers on what they like and don't like about each option, we devised a few criteria that separate the top-tier products from the bottom-shelf options. First is the texture of the mug and how it feels in the hands. Our testers liked the smooth, delicate feel of the double-wall glass mugs a lot, especially the Epare, which has a slightly thicker lip than the Sweese, which more people preferred to drink from. The W&P Porter feels very satisfying when held with its textured silicone sleeve and smooth ceramic lip.

cups - we love the small size and silicone sleeve of this to-go mug. it...
We love the small size and silicone sleeve of this to-go mug. It feels sleek and solid in hand.
Credit: Jane Jackson

For a classic, cozy tea mug, our testers preferred the LIFVER to the Lifecapido because of its shape and the subtle lip that protrudes from the rim. The DOWAN was a polarizing option among our testers — some people loved the mixed materials and cork bottom, and others did not.

cups - not everyone loved the mixed materials used in the dowan, but many...
Not everyone loved the mixed materials used in the DOWAN, but many found it comfortable to hold.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Ease of Cleaning

For this metric, we cleaned the mugs by hand using the dishwasher. Some are easy to give a quick rinse, while others take a bit more attention to detail to get fully clean. Again, the double-wall glass options excelled in this metric since they were easy to clean by hand and always came out of the dishwasher gleaming. The wide mouth of the Sweese Glass and the Epare made them easy to clean with a dish brush. The ceramic LIFVER and Lifecapido were also easy to clean due to their simple design.

cups - a quick rinse returns these double-wall glass mugs to their original...
A quick rinse returns these double-wall glass mugs to their original glory.
Credit: Jane Jackson

As the design gets more complex, the ease of cleaning score goes down. This became evident when we washed the W&P Porter and the DOWAN mugs, which both come with lids. We found it challenging to get into all the nooks and crannies found on the lids of these to-go mugs. We also ran into a major issue with the DOWAN after a trip through the dishwasher — the cork bottom of this mug completely detached after a wash cycle. It is recommended that this mug only be washed by hand.

Credit: Jane Jackson


Though much of this review comes down to the personal preferences of our testers, we feel that we were able to gain a good understanding of the pros and cons of each mug based on gathering the impressions of multiple testers and drinkers. The objective tests we performed, that of thermal conductivity and weight, were able to give us hard numbers to compare, while the more subjective tests allowed us to assess the feel and ergonomics that are more challenging to put numbers to. In the end, we hope this review clarifies what to look for in your search for a new drinking vessel.

Jane Jackson