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The 3 Best Bullet Blenders

We tested bullet blenders from Ninja, NutriBullet, Oster, Hamilton Beach, and others to find the best
Best Bullet Blender
Credit: Carissa Stanz
By Carissa Stanz ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 16, 2022

Looking for the best bullet blender? After researching over 30 different models, we bought 7 of the best to test side-by-side. Our kitchen experts went to work, blending up garbanzo beans, coffee, fruits, and veggies — all in the name of testing. We made delicious hummus and smoothies and evaluated the consistency repeatedly. We also assessed features, settings, clean-up, and storing ability. After months of testing, we offer you our recommendations, founded on our unbiased and in-depth research, designed to help you explore the best options on the market.

While bullet blenders have their uses, you might need a different kind of blender. We tested immersion hand blenders, the best blenders (full-size), and the top portable blenders. In our reviews of kitchen appliances, we've covered almost everything you might need for culinary experiments.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on August 16, 2022, assessing our selection and removing two discontinued products from the lineup.


Best Overall Bullet Blender

Ninja Fit

Power: 700 watts | Capacity: 16 oz (2 cups)
Exceptional performance
Quality construction
Dishwasher safe cups, lids, and blade
Two highly portable blending cups
No on/off button
Louder than other options

Impeccable performance and quality construction earned the Ninja Fit the top spot in our review. The mid-range power of 700 watts hits the sweet spot of satisfying all your blending needs without going full-on pro. The Fit passed our blending test with flying colors from drinks to dips. We are particularly fond of the exceptional quality and design of the dual blending cups, alongside the matching leakproof lids.

As for what we weren't fond of, there wasn't much. The one improvement we would recommend is incorporating an on/off switch. The current design requires you to press down the jar to operate, making it impossible to multi-task. Other than this minor detail, we recommend the Fit to anyone in the market for a bullet blender.

best overall bullet blender
The Fit stood out from the competition with its exceptional quality, capacity, and blending performance.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Great Bargain for Food Prep

NutriBullet Magic Bullet

Power: 250 watts | Capacity: 12 oz, 22 oz (2 cups)
Multiple accessories
Ideal for food prep
Low power
Average performance

Over the years, the NutriBullet Magic Bullet has built up a cult following and is one of the most recognizable bullet blenders on the market. After testing the Magic Bullet, we see what the hype is all about; it boasts a classic design, great performance, and an affordable price tag. The multiple blending cups are ideal for food prep, making this an excellent option for getting dinner ready when entertaining guests.

The drawback is the low wattage motor. This design increased our blending time when attempting to reach the desired consistency. It does come at a cost, but it also comes with an array of additional accessories. We believe that the Magic Bullet is a solid buy that will stand up to repeated use.

bullet blender - great bargain for food prep
Various cup sizes make this bullet more versatile.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Versatile and Powerful Performance

NutriBullet Rx

Power: 1700 watts | Capacity: 30 oz, 45 oz (2 cups)
Very powerful
Exceptional blending performance
Large capacity
Hot and cold function
Blue and red lights indicating on/off
Motor and accessories are massive
Extremely loud
Requires a lot of storage space

The NutriBullet RX has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. This blender comes with a hardbound recipe book that features quizzes corresponding to color-coordinated recipes. While this is certainly a perk, the Nutri RX doesn't need a fancy book to convince us of its worth. This bullet blender can produce hot or cold recipes, making it highly versatile. We loved how its high-power pulverized ingredients with minimal effort and created the creamiest smoothies of all the products we tested.

While we always appreciate versatility, there's a learning curve for how to operate the hot and cold functions and how all the gigantic pieces fit together. However, once you get the hang of it, we think you'll dig the temperature functions as much as we do.

bullet blender - versatile and powerful performance
This gigantic blender is matched by exceptionally high power.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Good for Active People

O'Yeet Personal Blender

Power: 1000 watts | Capacity: 15 oz
Portable cup
High power
Outstanding blending performance
Design may not be for everyone
Hard to see ingredient blending
Marketed to a particular lifestyle

The O'Yeet Personal Blender features a unique design that revolutionizes how we think of blenders. While looks alone made us skeptical, testing squashed any doubts we had. The powerful motor and durable construction are the ideal combinations for smoothies on the go. We love the style of the lid and the solid grip of the bottle. More than that, we loved the consistency of our smoothie.

What we weren't so thrilled about was the marketing. A single glance at the recipe booklet, and we noticed it is heavily marketed towards the ripped abs gym crowd — this may distract from the quality and steer some people away. We also found the BPA-free silicone sleeve on the blending cup makes it almost impossible to watch your ingredients blend. Those two things aside, the O'Yeet is an outstanding blender.

bullet blender - the silicone sleeve means this cup can withstand some abuse.
The silicone sleeve means this cup can withstand some abuse.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Excellent Space Saver

Cincred Countertop Blender

Power: 250 watts | Capacity: 12 oz
Great for smoothies and grinding coffee
Two blending cups with different style lids
Attractive design
Small capacity
Low power
Not as versatile as other options

Don't be fooled by the compact size; the Cincred Countertop Blender packs a punch. During our blending test, it produced exceptionally fine coffee grounds and velvety smoothies. The max fill lines were easy to read, and the blender was even easier to operate. The portable, slim design takes up virtually no kitchen counter space. This design means you can leave it out, so it's more accessible for busy mornings.

Our main complaints with the Cincred are that it's not the most powerful option and the blending cup capacity is minimal. However, if you want a compact option that whips up a mean beverage, you'll be pleased with what the Cincred has to offer.

bullet blender - we love the compact and sleek design.
We love the compact and sleek design.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Good for Personal Use

Oster My Blend

Power: 250 watts| Capacity: 20 oz
Portable blending cup
Great for smoothies
Tricky to turn on
Sporty pattern not for everyone
Blending cup feels cheap

We were pleasantly surprised by how well the Oster My Blend pureed hummus and blended frozen fruit for a personal-sized bullet blender. The portable cup is good for those on the go, while the capacity is ideal for a single serving.

While the operation process is straightforward, getting the Oster to blend was another story. The blender turned on by pushing and turning the blending cup into the motor base, which was somewhat finicky; we often had to try multiple times to get the blender to work. The sporty design is also not the most attractive option. That being said, the Oster will serve those who want a personal-sized blender.

bullet blender - the perfect capacity for a single serving frozen beverage.
The perfect capacity for a single serving frozen beverage.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Good for Tight Budgets

Hamilton Beach Personal

Power: 175 watt | Capacity: 14 oz
Good for smoothies
Fits in most vehicle cupholders
Leaky lid
Poor fill line layout
Harder to clean
Blade cannot be removed from blending cup

The first thing we noticed with the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender was the cup design. This tapered wide mouth cup has a shape akin to tumblers and fits well in vehicle cupholders. We noticed how good the Hamilton Beach was at blending, especially given the price. We like the fast and easy setup along with the multi-color options.

On the downside, the Hamilton Beach model lacks a few things. First, the lid is not the easiest to pop on and off. It also leaks. This issue is not a defect but rather the lid design. The quality and material are cheaper than other models, and the smooshed-together fill lines are not the most convenient for measuring. On the other hand, you can make a solid frozen beverage for a reasonable price.

bullet blender - this option lets you make a decent smoothie without breaking the bank.
This option lets you make a decent smoothie without breaking the bank.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

bullet blender
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Why You Should Trust Us

Carissa Stanz is our main tester for this review. From barista to product tester, she has spent over a decade working in the food and beverage industry, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to this review. When she's not testing products, you can find her in the kitchen testing her own recipes.

Our testing of bullet blenders covered 5 test metrics:
  • Blending Performance
  • Versatility
  • Quality and Durability
  • User-Friendliness
  • Ease of Cleaning

For this review, we considered more than 30 potential contenders to purchase and test. We settled on 7 impressive products and conducted side-by-side testing to evaluate the attributes of each bullet blender. We used the same ingredients and quantities in our blending tests and noted how easy each product was to use and clean. We carefully examined the quality and determined the versatility by assessing power, capacity, and performance during testing. Each blender was used multiple times and evaluated compared to the competition.

Quality travel lids should be durable, leak-proof, and easy to drink...
Quality travel lids should be durable, leak-proof, and easy to drink out of.

Analysis and Test Results

We meticulously tested and evaluated each bullet blender in a side-by-side comparison. We rated each one according to quality and durability, blending performance, versatility, user-friendliness, and ease of cleaning.

Blending Performance

The best bullet blenders can shred, dice, grind, pulverize, puree, and crush whatever you throw at them. We whipped up numerous smoothies, ground coffee, and thick, creamy hummus to test the blending performance. At the top of the class was the Ninja Fit, which excelled at all three of these. The blades of this bullet sliced through all the ingredients with ease, never seized up, and achieved the perfect consistency. Next was the NutriBullet Rx and O'Yeet. The NutriBullet Rx made the creamiest smoothies, hands down. This result is primarily due to the ridiculously powerful motor.

bullet blender - we blended an assortment of ingredients, including coffee, testing...
We blended an assortment of ingredients, including coffee, testing for consistency.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The O'Yeet proved to be on the same level of exceptional performance as it tackled all three tests with desirable consistency. Astonishingly, the Cincred Countertop Blender could grind coffee almost as fine as the Ninja Fit. This result was unexpected given the super compact size and low power. While we love how the Magic Bullet gives us numerous cup options to suit our blending needs, we found the performance to be about average. Given the lower wattage, this is to be expected.

bullet blender - we blended the same quantity of coffee for 10 seconds in each...
We blended the same quantity of coffee for 10 seconds in each blender. Here are the results.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Ideally, a bullet blender is equipped with the capacity and power to handle everything from thin dressings to thick dips, making it incredibly versatile. There's no question the NutriBullet Rx blew the competition out of the water in this category. This massive blender features hot and cold functions, which was not an option with any of the other products we tested. These temperature functions mean you can make creamy, effortless soups for dinner and blend big batches of frozen beverages, all with the push of a button. Blended margarita crowd, we're talking to you.

bullet blender - a good blender can puree frozen fruit without seizing up.
A good blender can puree frozen fruit without seizing up.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The Ninja Fit can do everything else for foods that don't need to come out piping hot. It's powerful enough to make various recipes and yields excellent results.

bullet blender - we love how creamy the fit made our smoothies.
We love how creamy the Fit made our smoothies.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The Magic Bullet is an honorable mention as it includes various sizes of additional blending cups, which increases its versatility. We liked how the smallest cup ground coffee while the largest cup was best for smoothies during our testing. The O'Yeet proved to be capable of blending all sorts of ingredients. However, the silicone rubber on the outside of the cup obstructs vision, leaving us to suspect most people would just use this bullet for beverages.

Quality and Durability

For this metric, we carefully examined the construction of all the blender components, how well they fit together, and the materials used to assess product quality and durability. The Ninja Fit and NutriBullet Rx stood out from the competition for their thick plastic blending cups that are not likely to crack or break with persistent use. The Ninja Fit design appeared to be the most durable. We especially loved the to-go flip-top lids. The majority of the competition had flimsy lids that were likely to break. These lids are quality material, fully leakproof, and highly durable.

bullet blender - sharp blades with a well designed plate are key to pulverizing...
Sharp blades with a well designed plate are key to pulverizing ingredients.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The NutriBullet Magic Bullet is a quality product. This blender may not have super thick plastic cups, but it is well constructed and more than likely to keep chugging with repetitive use. The Cincred Countertop Blender also has thin plastic cups but is very well crafted given the price. While we found the design questionable, the O'Yeet is exceptionally well crafted. The motor unit is stable and made from quality material. The silicone rubber on the blending cup offered more protection leaving us to think it could take some serious abuse when accidentally dropped, bumped, or knocked over.

bullet blender - a sturdy and well crafted motor base are more likely to last blend...
A sturdy and well crafted motor base are more likely to last blend after blend.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The contenders we weren't too keen on were the Hamilton Beach and the Oster. Both of these models had blending cups on the cheaper side — especially the Hamilton Beach, which has a poorly constructed leaky lid.


Our next metric was user-friendliness. We measured this by determining how easy it was to follow directions, assemble, operate, and disassemble each bullet blender. The Nina Fit, NutriBullet Magic Bullet, and Cincred Countertop Blender were the top performers in this category. We found the operation to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, the O'Yeet didn't score as high as the top performers because of the obstructed vision. Part of reaching desired consistency is seeing your ingredients while blending.

bullet blender - we examined the quality of every lid and checked for leaks.
We examined the quality of every lid and checked for leaks.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

While we liked that the Nutri Bullet RX had an on/off switch, figuring out the hot and cold functions took some education. They also have the potential to be problematic. The blender automatically shuts off after extraction; however, it remains in "on" mode unless you physically turn it off. If you forget and place the blending cup into the blender without putting on the lid, you'll wind up with a mess.

Ease of Cleaning

If you dread cleaning your blender, you may avoid using it. This issue is why we tested ease of cleaning as our final metric. We assessed this by the amount of effort required to dismantle, scrub, wash, rinse, and dry each blender. We found the majority of products took about the same level of effort and time to clean. The Ninja Fit stood out a bit for how easy it was to clean the blade plate. Even when blending hummus, we found most of the food slid right off when tilting the plate.

The worst performers in this metric were the NutriBullet Rx and the Hamilton Beach. In our testing, food easily stuck to the grooves on the oversized blade plate of the NutriBullet Rx. Unfortunately, the Hamilton Beach Personal blades cannot be removed from the blending cup, making it hard to clean underneath without the use of a cleaning brush.

bullet blender - we hand washed all the blending cups, lids, blades, and additional...
We hand washed all the blending cups, lids, blades, and additional accessories.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


A quality bullet blender takes all the frustration out of personal blending and opens your kitchen to more possibilities and potentially less mess. We conducted rigorous testing to find the best options and highlight the advantages of each product. We believe this review has a bullet blender for everyone, no matter what your needs or budget may be. If you need a full-size blender, we tested some of the top-ranked blenders too!

Carissa Stanz

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