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Best Portable Blender of 2021

We took portable blenders on the road, extensively testing models from PopBabies, Sboly, BlenderX, and others
Credit: Carissa Stanz
By Carissa Stanz ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 19, 2021
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Which is the best portable blender? In this 2021 update, we researched over 30 contenders before purchasing 9 of the best to put through our extensive side-by-side comparisons. After receiving each in the mail, we got to work. To test the performance of each contender, we blended up numerous smoothies, slicing up ice, berries, and other foods. We also evaluate features and ease of use from blending to clean-up. Nifty features are noted, and we discuss how each packs up and stores. After consuming endless smoothies, we offer you our insights for which products we recommend and which we believe can't compete.


Best Overall Portable Blender

PopBabies Portable

Weight: 1.3 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 14.0 oz
Detachable bottle for drinking
Bold measurement lines
Nifty handle
Includes funnel accessory for easier loading
Good for smoothies and protein shakes
Not the smallest blender tested

If you're looking for the best blender to grab and go, you'll want to take a look at the PopBabies Portable. This blender incorporates numerous portable features that are convenient and user-friendly. The sturdy handle offers a solid grip, while the detachable jar lets you drink without the motor base attached, which we found to be a rare attribute during our testing. The bold measurement lines indicate both ounces and milliliters. Meanwhile, the push-start button is easy to operate; blend smoothies, juices, or your morning protein shake in seconds — you can even crush ice, as long as you use tiny cubes from the included tray.

As the name suggests, there is one feature of this product that certainly pops, and that's the color. Not everyone may be a fan of the baby powder blue. The base may also be too wide for the cupholder of some vehicles. However, the base did fit nice and snug in our cupholder. For those seeking a top-notch blender that is simple to use with nice features, this tops the charts.

The packable design and solid blending performance made this the...
The packable design and solid blending performance made this the favorite among our testers.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Best Bang for the Buck

AUZKIN Cordless Mini

Weight: 1.0 lb | Bottle Capacity: 10.0 oz
Solid grip
Super lightweight
Clever portable design
Minimal blending power
Magnetic charger pops off easily
Blade attached to the lid
Lower bottle capacity than other blenders

The clever design of the AUZKIN Cordless Mini is where affordability and durability combine. The body of this blender is made from thick BPA-free plastic that passed our drop test with flying colors. The motor base features a dual blade built directly into the lid; this saves space and makes the entire unit one giant to-go cup. While the motor is not the most powerful we tested, the AUZKIN has no problem whipping up a daily protein shake.

As much as we like the portable design, we're not fans of having an exposed blade when sipping on our smoothies. This caveat is a small design flaw, and for those that still wish to save a handful of cash and get outstanding performance, this is still our top recommendation.

This durable cup is highly portable.
This durable cup is highly portable.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Budget Pick for Two People

Sboly Portable Mini

Weight: 1.8 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 12.0 oz
Includes two bottles with leakproof lids
Separate blade plate for easy cleaning
Compact design
Durable and lightweight BPA free bottles
Wide mouth ideal for loading ingredients
No handle on the lids
Minimal blends per battery charge
Not the most stable

The Sboly Portable Mini is made for couples or two people. While most portable blenders are only good for one person, this Italian design gives you two cups with matching leakproof lids — all for the price of one. Another notable feature is the removable blade plate. The majority of portable blenders we tested incorporate a non-removable blade, meaning it is permanently attached to either the base or the drinking cup. This simple yet smart design of the Sboly allows our testers to easily clean the blade without risking water damage to the motor.

While we like the compact bottles, we did feel the lids could use a handle for a better grip. On the other hand, if you like the feeling of drinking from a wide-mouth mason jar, you'll dig gulping drinks from these compact bottles. If you're looking for a high-value setup for you and a compadre, we think the Sboly Portable Mini could be for you.

The wide mouth cups are easy to load.
The wide mouth cups are easy to load.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Best Battery Life

PopBabies Portable Glass

Weight: 1.7 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 13.5 oz
Minimal noise
Excellent battery life
Consistent blend time
Quality construction
Glass jar
Tall size may not fit well in some cupholders

The PopBabies Portable Glass has an impressive blend to battery ratio. On a single charge, the PopBabies Glass blends over 40 times (in our tests) without showing any signs of slowing. This is far more blends than the manufacturer suggests. What's even more astounding is how quiet the blender is during operation, making it the least noisy blender tested. The sleek and sturdy design is a nice touch for those going for a classy and updated look.

We don't love that the jar is made of glass; this means it requires more care, as it can break on the go. However, the quality construction and remarkable battery life make this an excellent buy for anyone who desires reliable performance.

This blender features quality construction and consistent performance.
This blender features quality construction and consistent performance.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Best for Crushing Strength & Versatility

BlenderX Cordless

Weight: 4.6 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 20.0 oz
Terrific blending performance
Crushes ice
Powerful motor
Larger cup size
Most versatile
Very pricey
Bulkier than other options
Not USB compatible

For those who want a portable blender that can do more, the BlenderX Cordless is right up your alley. This is by far the most powerful blender tested, dominating at crushing ice and slicing through frozen fruit with ease. We dig that the larger bottle capacity allows you to produce bigger batches of frozen drinks. This is ideal for gatherings with friends, wherever that may be.

The main drawbacks are the price and the portability factor. With greater power comes a heavier, bulkier size. To circumvent the size, the manufacturers tossed in a custom sling-style drybag. If you don't mind paying top dollar or toting around an additional bag, then you'll reap the benefits of having a portable blender that tackles all your blended beverage needs.

This is the perfect option for backyard barbecues, picnics, and car...
This is the perfect option for backyard barbecues, picnics, and car camping.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Best for Portability and Charge Time

OBERLY Juicer Cup

Weight: 1.3 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 13.0 oz
Fast charging time
Good blending performance
Slim design
Very affordable
Easy to operate
Ice cube tray included
Not the most durable
Color not for everyone
Rocks when blending

We are pleasantly surprised by this budget-friendly option. The OBERLY Cup efficiently whips up smoothies and manages to crush smaller ice cubes about one cm in size. We found the tall and slender body to be highly portable and packable. The push-button is easy to operate, and the motor is easy to charge. In fact, this is the fastest charging portable blender we tested.

Of course, with most budget buys, you'll come across some shortcomings. The plastic bottle is not as thick as other options, and the handle has a great deal of flex. This caused the entire product to bounce when walking, leading us to suspect it could eventually break off over time. While this may be trivial to some, others may agree the bright pinkish-purple is not the most appealing color. The good news is there are four other color options to choose from. For those seeking a budget-friendly, portable blender with a quick charge time, this is what we recommend.

The OBERLY comes with a strainer so you can drink juice minus the...
The OBERLY comes with a strainer so you can drink juice minus the pulp.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Another Nice Portable Option

Tenswall Portable

Weight: 1.3 lbs | Bottle Capacity: 13.0 oz
Fast blend time
Sippy cup lid minimizes spills
Lid durability is questionable
Not the most powerful option

Not only should a portable blender be easy to transport, but it should also be fast and convenient; this is what we like most about the Tenswall Portable. Load up your ingredients, screw on the lid, double-click the button, and get ready to drink in 30 seconds or less. The blending bottle has an hourglass shape which enables you to get a firm grip on the body. Meanwhile, the flip-top lid lets you sip in the car without worrying about spillage.

As for the cons, the plastic flip-top doesn't appear to be the most durable. Repetitive opening and closing lead us to believe this part could eventually snap off; we feel the same about the plastic handle. Other than that, we recommend the Tenswall for anyone with a packed schedule that needs a portable and fast blender.

This portable design is good for the daily commute.
This portable design is good for the daily commute.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Good for Travel

LaHuko Personal Size

Weight: 1.3lbs | Bottle Capacity: 13.0oz
Packs well
Easy to operate
Compact size
Fewer blends per charge
The plastic flip-top lid doesn't seem very durable

At a single glance, you'll notice the LaHuko Personal Size is virtually identical to the Tenswall. The one minor exception being the USB charging port is white rather than gray. We found the performance to be almost as similar, with the exception of a longer blend time. Easy to operate and easy to charge, the LaHuko is a travel-friendly option that packs well in a gym bag, daypack, or suitcase.

One issue we found was the LaHuko tested on the lower side on the number of blends per charge. However, if you're traveling with a USB charging port nearby, this won't be an issue.

A travel-friendly option for your hectic schedule.
A travel-friendly option for your hectic schedule.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Smallest Packed Size

Hotsch Personal

Weight: 1.0 lb | Bottle Capacity: 13.5 oz
Super lightweight
Compact size
Easy to operate
No carrying handle or strap
Not the most powerful option
Cheaper quality

If you want a portable blender that is super compact, you'll like what the Hotsch Personal has to offer. At 8.50 inches tall and 2.75 inches wide, the Hotsch has the smallest dimensions out of all the blenders we tested. The featherweight design makes it easy to cart around without thinking twice about extra weight. While it may not be the best at crushing ice cubes, the Hotsch has no problem whipping up a quick protein shake.

While we love the portability, we do feel this option would benefit from incorporating a handle. The deep groove around the blade may prevent some ingredients from blending all the way. Other than that, the Hotsch is good for those who want the most compact option.

The ideal space saver when both in the kitchen and when you're on...
The ideal space saver when both in the kitchen and when you're on the go.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Why You Should Trust Us

Our portable blender testing was led by our kitchen tester Carissa Stanz. She has been specializing in food writing and product testing for over four years and spends more time than one should conjuring up new recipes in the kitchen. From smoothies to lattes, she has spent the better part of a decade preparing and serving up tasty refreshments at neighborhood coffee shops, making her an ideal tester for this review.

We formulated our test plan by assessing the intended use of the products and then zoned in on the most important criteria. We then rated each product according to portability, blending performance, durability, ease of use, and ease of cleaning. We put each one through a series of tests, including blending ice, frozen fruit, and protein powder. We also packed, dropped, cleaned, and cupholder outfitted each one.

We put these blenders to the test, blending ingredients of varying...
The USB rechargeable blenders draw approximately 3 watts each which...

Analysis and Test Results

Before stepping foot in the kitchen, we did our research, assessing over 30 models and then purchasing the best nine portable blenders. Then we meticulously analyzed each product in our side-by-side testing, evaluating each on portability, blending performance, durability, ease of use, and ease of cleaning.


A good portable blender should be just that — portable. We tested portability by measuring, weighing, and packing each product. We assessed how well the blenders packed in a daypack, took them for a short hike, and then nestled them in the cupholder of a vehicle. While virtually all the portable blenders were deemed portable, some stood out among the crowd. For instance, we loved the sturdy handle on the PopBabies lid and the fact we could remove the bottle from the base. This not only lightened the load but felt the most akin to carrying around a light reusable water bottle.

We tested each option to see how it rested in a cupholder and the...
We tested each option to see how it rested in a cupholder and the PopBabies fit like a dream.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The Sboly and BlenderX were similar in that the bottle could be removed from the base and toted around with a sealed lid. However, the bulky size and heavier weight of the BlenderX was not ideal. While we do like the nifty waterproof bag the manufacturers included, we found the strap and inability to balance the pack load to feel awkward. On the other end of the spectrum was the Hotsch, which was incredibly compact.

To test portability, we determined how well each one fit in the side...
To test portability, we determined how well each one fit in the side water bottle pouch of a daypack.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The tight lid of the PopBabies Glass gave us assurance the drink would not spill in transport. We also liked how the slim design fit well both in the water bottle pocket of our daypack and our vehicle cupholder. With the AUZKIN, we didn't have to worry about the bottle somehow detaching from the base during transportation. We were also fans of the rubber grip around the body of the cup. The Tenswall and LaHuko both got honorable mentions for their bottle grip, but could use some improvements on their flimsy straps.

Blending Performance

We conducted a three-series test to assess blending performance. This included crushing ice, blending smoothies, and whipping up protein shakes. We then examined the results for desired consistency, evenness, and leftover residue. We also clocked the blending cycles and tallied up the blends per battery charge.

Most portable blenders can only crush very tiny ice cubes, but the...
Most portable blenders can only crush very tiny ice cubes, but the BlenderX had no problem handling average sized ice cubes.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The BlenderX crushed the blending test. Equipped with 260W blending power, the BlenderX had no trouble with our ice test, pulverized large pieces of fruit, and left the least amount of protein powder residue in the blending cup.

We blended until the batteries ran out, drinking a lot of smoothies...
We blended until the batteries ran out, drinking a lot of smoothies along the way.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

Next were the PopBabies and the PopBabies Glass; both proved to make a tasty smoothie with a desirable consistency. They also outshined the competition when it came to blends per battery life. Most portable blenders start to peter out as the battery drains, but this wasn't the case for both of the PopBabies. Each maintained a consistent length of time for over 40 blends. Also, props to the PopBabies Glass for the exceptionally quiet blend.

The majority of the options we tested are so portable that you can...
The majority of the options we tested are so portable that you can blend right in the palm of your hand, no countertop required.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

We were also pleased with the blending performance of the Sboly and OBERLY, which managed to crush up tiny ice cubes, and we were rather surprised by the AUZKIN. Despite only having a dual blade with minimal power, this blender made a decent protein shake.


Since portable blenders are designed to be used anywhere you take them, the next factor you'll want to consider is durability. When testing durability, we looked at the construction of each product along with the quality of materials. We then packed each blender in a daypack and dropped it on the ground. After, we carefully re-examined every component and performed an additional blend test. While each one passed the drop test, there were some notable differences in construction which led us to suspect some may last longer than others.

A good durable blender has a quality blade that can slice through...
A good durable blender has a quality blade that can slice through ingredients time after time.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The PopBabies features quality craftsmanship and materials. The plastic blending bottle is durable and nestles beautifully in the base. Meanwhile, the solid handle lets you keep a firm grip on the bottle so you are less likely to drop it. While we also dig the exceptional quality of its sister counterpart, the PopBabies Glass, the glass blending bottle raises some concerns — mainly, that the glass could eventually crack while on the go.

Thick, durable plastic means this blender is less likely to break...
Thick, durable plastic means this blender is less likely to break with daily use.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The thick plastic of the AUZKIN can withstand some abuse. Although, we foresee the low-power motor eventually giving out with repeated use. When unboxing the BlenderX, we noticed two loose washers underneath the blade plate. The instructions made no mention of this which raised some eyebrows. We also question what repetitive use will do to the longevity of some of the more budget-friendly options, such as the Hotsch and OBERLY. However, the cheaper construction of the Hotsch earned it the lowest score in this metric.

Ease of Use

For ease of use, we tested everything from charging to operation to drinking. The PopBabies topped the charts. This is the only option with bold measurement lines featuring ounces and milliliters. We found the funnel accessory helped load ingredients into the blending bottle, and the on/off push button was simple to operate. We wish the PopBabies Glass also included this accessory, as we found the smaller mouth was harder to load. However, this blender had remarkable stability, requiring zero hands during blending.

This handy funnel on the PopBabies made loading ingredients a breeze.
This handy funnel on the PopBabies made loading ingredients a breeze.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The wider mouths on the AUZKIN and Sboly made them easy to load. The AUZKIN scored slightly higher due to the simplicity of the two-piece setup. However, we did appreciate that the Sboly has a blade plate that can be removed from the jar when drinking.

The fill lines on the POPBABIES are easy to read making it even...
The fill lines on the POPBABIES are easy to read making it even easier to fill.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The BlenderX features a unique screw-on bubble lid designed to remove the blade component from the base. We found this to be an odd mechanism for removing the blade and much more likely to get neglected or lost in the shuffle over time. There's also the fact that this machine won't operate unless you're holding down the button. The OBERLY, Tenswall, LaHuko, and Hotsch were also all on the same level for this metric.

Ease of Cleaning

The last metric we rated was the ease of cleaning. For this, we weighed how easy it was to dismantle and hand wash all the components, with a particular emphasis on cleaning the blades. We found all of the blenders were easy to hand wash, but we were particularly fond of the Sboly in this category. The detachable blade plate made this component more accessible for cleaning. This also meant we could safely clean the blade without worrying about causing water damage to the motor.

The Sboly blade was by far the easiest to clean.
The Sboly blade was by far the easiest to clean.
Credit: Carissa Stanz

The blade of the PopBabies and BlenderX could also be cleaned without causing damage to the motor. However, the PopBabies' blade is attached to the inside of the bottle, which makes it harder to reach. Meanwhile, dismantling all the components of the BlenderX took slightly more effort. We found the PopBabies Glass, AUZKIN, OBERLY, Tenswall, LaHuko, and Hotsch took little effort to clean, but could not give them a perfect score because you can't wash the blade without risking water damage to the motor base.

Enjoy a smoothie on the go, wherever you go.
Enjoy a smoothie on the go, wherever you go.
Credit: Carissa Stanz


Portable blenders are great for whipping up an array of ice-cold beverages anywhere you take them. However, not all are made alike. We conducted side-by-side testing to shed some light on different attributes, with the goal of helping you make an informed decision about your purchase. Hopefully, you can now decide which one is best for you.

Carissa Stanz