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The 6 Best Mason Jars of 2024

We tested mason jars in a variety of sizes and shapes from brands like Le Parfait, Weck, Kilner, and more to find the best ones
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Best Mason Jars Review
Credit: Rob Woodworth

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By Rob Woodworth ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 13, 2024

The Best Mason Jars for 2024

We researched over 50 Mason jars before selecting the 11 best models available. With an overwhelming variety of options for glass jars, we cut through the noise to hone in on models that offered distinct functionality, notable quality, and pronounced versatility. In our testing, we not only examined how well the contenders could store, preserve, or ferment food and beverages, but we also looked at how they may function outside of the kitchen as well. We tested these jars side-by-side to compare storage capacity, seal, versatility, ease of use, durability, and longevity. Our review highlights which models performed the best and which you might want to avoid to help you find the best mason jars for your needs.

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Editor's Note: On Januar 13, 2024, we added new comparisons to some of the top models.


Best Overall Mason Jar

Le Parfait Super Jar

Volume: 96 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Ultra-wide mouth
Great capacity
Thick, durable glass
Heavy-gauge wire on gasket
Quality seal with option for replacement gasket
More difficult to clean
Gasket can collect 'funk'
Tougher to fit in dishwasher or fridge

When examined through our testing parameters, the standout performer was hands-down the Le Parfait Super Jar. This chef's-quality bail-top mason jar comes from a French brand that is known globally for making superior quality glassware since 1930. This jar has unsurpassed quality and function in almost every conceivable way. Boasting nearly three liters of total storage, the Le Parfait Super Jar comes with a hinged or 'bail-top' lid that uses a latex-free rubber gasket to create a watertight seal. This style of closure allows you to create a hermetic seal via a hot water bath or pressure canning. Aside from its versatility, the Super Jar has a high degree of overall quality in build and materials. If the 96 oz size is too big for your needs, not to worry — Le Parfait makes their Super Jars in a wide variety of sizes.

The gasket on this type of jar is prone to accumulating funk and can be a little trickier to clean. Due to its size, it might not fit in a regular refrigerator or dishwasher. And although the price tag is higher than average, we believe this is a prime example of getting what you pay for. Thanks to its thick glass and the heavy-gauge wire used to secure the hinged top, we expect the Le Parfait Super Jar will be useful for many years in almost any kitchen.

mason jars - our testers were thoroughly impressed by the robust construction and...
Our testers were thoroughly impressed by the robust construction and superlative function of the Super Jar.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best Bang for the Buck

Kingrol Wide Mouth Storage Canisters

Volume: 34 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Set comes with four individual jars
Wide opening for easy packing
Secure gasket and bail-top lid
Square-sided design allows for easy storage
Solid value
Lids are not replaceable
Gasket is made of silicone
Stainless steel wire bends easily

Our testers were pleased with both the performance and price point of the Kingrol Wide Mouth Storage Canisters. This set of four mason jars has a total capacity of one gallon, or 32 ounces individually. We were fond of the square shape that allowed for easier storage in tight places like a cupboard or pantry. Additionally, the glass lids are removable (with a little bit of finagling) to be placed more easily into a traditional dishwasher.

Our primary issue with these jars is the bail wire, which is prone to bending, especially if the lid is removed frequently. And while these jars may not be the most high-quality option in the lineup, we still think they are very useful and have one of the lowest per-ounce prices of the jars we evaluated. If you're looking for a cheap way to organize your pantry, then the Kingrol Wide Mouth Storage Canisters shouldn't be overlooked.

mason jars - well-formed and functional, the kingrol left our testers with a...
Well-formed and functional, the Kingrol left our testers with a solid impression.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best for Fermentation

Kilner Fermentation Set

Volume: 96 fl. oz | Closure Type: Rubber bung with airlock
Wide opening
Large storage capacity
Includes weights for keeping contents under brine
Allows for off-gassing during fermentation
Includes a booklet of ferment recipes
Quality materials
Does not create a watertight seal
Not ideal for food storage
One-trick pony
Unwieldy for storage in smaller places

The Kilner Fermentation Set is the perfect option if you're looking for a vessel to ferment your garden produce. Though it doesn't create a watertight seal and won't preserve food like the others, we feel that this jar performs so well at the task it was designed for that we would be remiss not to give it an award. Other models could reasonably create an anaerobic environment for fermenting, but this jar is designed expressly with lacto-fermentation in mind.

This set comes with everything you need to optimize an at-home fermentation station: a three-liter rounded glass jar, a rubber bung lid, two ceramic stones for submerging produce, and an airlock that allows gas to exit but doesn't let air into the jar. These design cues render the jar less useful in food storage applications and make it a bit more challenging to clean. However, the same cues bode extremely well for creating a user-friendly experience for even novice at-home fermenters. If you're in the market for a crock or vessel to create all kinds of lacto-fermented delicacies, then look no further.

mason jars - the ceramic weights and air-lock lid of the kilner made it our...
The ceramic weights and air-lock lid of the Kilner made it our favorite for fermenting.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best for Beverages

Libbey County Fair Drinking Jar

Volume: 16.5 fl. oz | Closure Type: Screw top (lids not included)
Ergonomic handle
Square-sided design stores easily
Dishwasher friendly
Does not include lids
Smaller storage potential

If you prefer to enjoy your beverages out of mason jars as opposed to mugs or tumblers, then the Libbey County Fair Drinking Jar will be right up your alley. This model was designed with a fused glass handle so that you can enjoy both hot or cold drinks with ease. While it may not be the best option for storing or preserving food, this jar is a convenient addition to the kitchen arsenal; plus, we think the cottage-core aesthetic is super 'in' right now. With 16.5 fluid ounces of capacity, this jar is an ideal size for glassware that you would typically use for a table setting. The handle enables you to procure a firm grip even if your beverage of choice is hot — since glass has a high degree of heat transfer, we thought this was a very 'handy' feature.

It is less convenient that this set of 12 jars does not include any lids to keep the contents sealed, though. Our testing showed us that traditional two-piece canning lids will secure these jars with no issue, but the seal isn't exactly stellar. Still, we heartily recommend the Libbey County Fair Drinking Jar if you're searching for a mason jar to use only for beverages.

mason jars - there is no denying that this jar works best as a vessel for...
There is no denying that this jar works best as a vessel for beverages. But it can also be useful for other tasks around the house.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Best Stackable Option

Weck Tulip

Volume: 33+ fl. oz | Closure Type: Glass lid with rubber gasket and clips
Wide mouth
We love the look
Easy retrieval of contents
High-quality materials
Replacement gaskets available
Stackable and easy-to-clean
Comes in a set of six
Finicky closure
Not completely watertight
Easy to lose clips

The Weck Tulip Jar comes from a long tradition of German glass manufacturers who have been producing this style vessel since 1895. This model is certainly a higher-end option that carries both a degree of form and function. Accordingly, it is expensive by comparison and has an overall more fancy (read: fussy) user experience. But this stylish and multi-faceted jar repeatedly showed its strengths to our testers, who ran it through a gauntlet of daily use scenarios.

Boasting a liter of total storage and an ultra-wide mouth, the Weck Tulip is highly functional for storing and preserving food. While it is only slightly larger in volume than a quart-sized jar, the large opening is a key differentiator that our testers found extremely useful when serving or packing the jar. Furthermore, the three-piece glass lid provides a flat spot on which you can very easily stack another Weck jar of practically any size. The drawback to this lid style is that they are fragile, and it is easy to lose the small metal clips necessary to secure them. We're willing to look past this since the gaskets allow this jar to be pressure-canned as well. If you value quality equally to function but don't much care about the price point, then we would suggest you look into the Weck Tulip Jar.

mason jars - fancy and functional, the weck tulip jars are a great option for...
Fancy and functional, the Weck Tulip Jars are a great option for kitchen connoisseurs.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Excellent for Spices

Encheng Glass Jars

Volume: 4 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Fits perfectly into spice racks
Includes labeling materials
Great economy
Airtight closure
Thin wire on closure
Not totally watertight
Not for larger storage
Poor durability prospects

Including a total of 30 individual pieces in the set, the Encheng Glass Jars are the standout choice for spice racks, arts and crafts projects, or small gift ideas. Though our testers didn't find much use for it, the package includes enough twine and tags to label the whole lot. These jars are super convenient for various small tasks around the house but are clearly not designed to tackle bigger food preservation or storage projects. Costing less than one dollar per jar, we thought that this set was of tremendous economy to the buyer — no doubt the lowest price-per-jar in the lot.

The opening is small compared to other jars, though we were able to get items in and out without much fuss. The glass and wire closure on the Encheng Glass Jar seem both seem notably thinner than usual. We wouldn't suspect that such a small jar would come with robust accouterments — though it is worth noting that these jars will provide a far superior seal compared to your store-bought spice jars.

mason jars - our testers found the encheng jars to be mostly useful for spices...
Our testers found the Encheng jars to be mostly useful for spices. However, they can also be used for small items in general.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Aesthetically Pleasing and High Capacity

Kilner Square Clip Top

Volume: 68 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Wide variety of sizes available
Square-sided to allow for easier storage on the shelf
Thick glass and bail wire
Non-silicone rubber gasket
Ability to order replacement gaskets through the manufacturer
Not as affordable as others
Sold individually
Some reports of jar shattering in a hot water bath

Earning the second-highest score overall, our testers were very pleased with the Kilner Square Clip Top Jar. Like other high-end models, it is evident that this mason jar was built with both aesthetic and function in mind. The design has a classic finish that would compliment any kitchen or pantry, and if that isn't reason enough to catch your interest, this model had some of the highest scores in both seal and versatility.

With a two-liter overall capacity, this jar had one of the highest capacities out of the lineup. Furthermore, you can find numerous sizes from Kilner in this square-sided design to customize your storage or preservation needs. Another compelling reason to purchase from this reputable brand is that you can always find replacement gaskets or lids should anything happen to yours. Accordingly, if you're serious about food storage and don't want to cut any corners in terms of quality, we encourage you to consider the Kilner Square Clip Top Jar.

mason jars - another solid offering from kilner, the square clip top jar had...
Another solid offering from Kilner, the Square Clip Top Jar had ample storage, a secure lid, and fit well in the cupboard.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Another Great Option

Bormioli Rocco Glass Fido

Volume: 135 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Huge storage capacity
Can be purchased as a pair or single jar
Thick glass and bail wire
Superior seal
Hand washing only
Shoulder prevents easy release of contents
So large that it is sometimes unwieldy
Totally round sides waste space on shelf

At four liters total capacity, the Bormioli Rocco Glass Fido was the largest singular jar in our lineup, making it a promising prospect for anyone looking to store vast quantities of food in a single vessel. What's more, we found it functional for a variety of uses. The extra-large storage capacity and bail top lid make it a reliable performer for fermenting, preserving, or simply storing anything in a fancy container. The set even comes with several waterproof labels that can be used to quickly identify or time stamp your projects.

Despite the manufacturer suggesting that this jar is dishwasher safe, we had a hard time fitting it into a standard machine. It was similarly tricky to make space in the fridge or on a shelf for such a massive unit. The Bormioli Rocco jar is manufactured by an Italian brand that has long been known for making superlative glass products, though this jar is evidently designed for capacity and utility instead of showiness. Though if you're looking specifically for an extra-large jar, this one is tough to beat. We'd recommend opting for the two-pack option since the extra doesn't wind up costing much more.

mason jars - the fido jars from bormioli (front left and back right) come with...
The Fido jars from Bormioli (front left and back right) come with stickers to date or label your creations. They were also one of the most voluminous jars in this review.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


A Decent Value

ComSaf Airtight Set

Volume: 78 fl. oz | Closure Type: Bail top
Includes three jars in set
Available in two different sizes
Square sides for compact storage
Bail top with wide mouth for easy packing
Not totally watertight
Easy to break due to fragile glass
Lesser quality gasket and bail wire
Lids are fixed in place
Hand washing only

The ComSaf Airtight Canisters are a solid economy option; this is the lowest cost per ounce of all the bail top jars in the lineup. And while it isn't the most high-quality option in this review, it has enough handy features to look past some of the shortcomings in function and craftsmanship.

Similar to other more expensive models, this set of three jars have square sides, allowing you to fit them snugly next to each other. If you're looking to outfit the entire pantry, there are two different sizes (34 and 78 ounces) to choose from to suit your needs. The primary disadvantage to the ComSaf jars is that the bail top lid and rubber gasket don't create a snug enough seal to be watertight, though it appears the seal is solid enough for dry goods like grains and pasta.

mason jars - the comsaf storage jars work great for keeping bulk food tidy in...
The ComSaf storage jars work great for keeping bulk food tidy in your pantry or cupboards.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Okay for Storage

ZENS Glass Canister Set

Volume: 55 fl. oz | Closure Type: Silicone rings
Elegant, lightweight design
Very easy to seal container
Wide variety of shapes and sizes
Small footprint fits easily on shelves
Difficult to clean
Less secure seal
Thin glass
No replacement lids available

At first glance, the ZENS Glass Canister Set looks like something you'd see in an HGTV studio kitchen. The tall, narrow design of these jars appears both modern and chic, and its slim profile was easy to tuck away in the pantry. These jars have a simple lid that's very easy to remove and secure.

We can't say that this was our favorite 'mason jar' of those we tested. While the lid was capable of creating a solid airlock to keep food items fresh, it was evident in our testing that it was not designed to keep liquids at bay. Though, with lots of sizes and combos to choose from, a ZENS jar may just be the call if you're looking to deck out your kitchen with high-end looking glassware for storage purposes.

mason jars - in certain instances, we found the zens glass canister to be useful...
In certain instances, we found the Zens glass canister to be useful. But it wasn't quite as functional as the rest.
Credit: Rob Woodworth


The Lowest Scoring Jar

Paksh Novelty 1-Gallon

Volume: 128 fl. oz | Closure Type: Metal screw top lid
Large storage capacity
Sold as a pair
Four-inch wide mouth
Very bulky
Seal could be better
Lid contains plastisol
Metal lid can become warped over time

The Paksh Novelty Jar has an aptly suited name; we believe this model is the best option for nonfood items. Though it could prove useful in making kombucha or sun tea due to its very large size, we were left with the impression that there are better options out there for handling projects that involved foods and specifically liquids. Plastisol, found in this jar's lid, has been deemed food safe but still has many skeptics.

Perhaps it was dubbed a 'novelty' jar due to its obscenely large volume and profile, and perhaps that is what you are looking for in a non-bail-top jar. But when compared to the other contenders, the Paksh jar just couldn't offer the same performance in terms of seal and ease of use.

mason jars - cheap but voluminous, the paksh novelty jar is perhaps best used for...
Cheap but voluminous, the Paksh Novelty jar is perhaps best used for projects that you wouldn't subject your nice glassware making fertilizer out of banana peels.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Why Trust GearLab

After an exhaustive market exploration, delving into over 70 brands, models, and variations of mason jars, we've curated a definitive list of the top 11, ready to guide you through your jar-selecting journey. While there are myriad varieties of glass mason jars on the market, we chose to examine models specifically designed to aid in storage and kitchen organization.

With a pantry overflowing with curious concoctions and a heart set on wholesome living, Rob Woodworth is a self-proclaimed oddball recipe collector, always on the hunt for the next quirky culinary gem. He has a natural penchant for anything food-related. Rob's affinity for fermenting and preserving garden bounty translates into strong opinions on jar functionality. When he's not concocting kimchi or tepache, he's likely knee-deep in some DIY odyssey demanding a sturdy glass container to withstand the experimental fray. For this review, Rob put each jar through its paces in his natural habitat, meticulously dissecting their strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis and Test Results

Each model in the lineup was subject to the same rigorous tests and standards devised by our team of experts. A quality mason jar should have a wide opening for easy use and a stout seal that keeps air out and liquids in — the seal is non-negotiable. Furthermore, a good jar should be easy to clean, store, and re-use. Lesser quality material will deteriorate over time as they get exposed to heat or acidic foods, so it is also worth examining each jar's construction and constitution. We spent days using each contender under various conditions to test the parameters below to determine which were best.

Volume & Form

In this metric, we chose to examine not just the total size of each jar but also the shape and overall form. This is because some jars are created small for a reason, while others have specific design cues that enable a particular type of use that may be beneficial for one reason or another. Also important to form is the taper or profile of each jar. “Shouldered” jars help to keep the contents submerged in liquid, while straight-walled jars allow the user to more easily pack or remove the contents. While there is an immense amount of variety available to the consumer, most jars follow these same basic principles in shape.

mason jars - large and in-charge, the le parfait super jar had the widest opening...
Large and in-charge, the Le Parfait Super Jar had the widest opening in the lineup, making it very easy to fill and clean.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Bigger isn't always better, but if that's what you're into, we would highly recommend the Le Parfait Super Jar, which is not only very large in total capacity (three liters) but also has one of the most secure lids out of the group. Also tipping the scales in the heavyweight category are the Bormioli Rocco and the Paksh Novelty Jar. We would recommend the Bormioli if you're serious about preservation since it comes with a locking gasket as opposed to the screw-top lid of the Paksh.

Aside from sheer volume, several models impressed us with intuitive designs that lent themselves to an overall better user experience. Most notably, the Weck Tulip Jar had a very high degree of ergonomics, with an ultra-wide opening and flat glass lid that allows you to stack them atop one another. Sporting an extruded glass handle, the Libbey County Fair jars were the crowd favorite for beverages or any kind. And the highly-specialized Kilner Fermentation Jar was the clear winner for making lacto-fermented oddities of all sorts.

mason jars - our testers had a preference for wide-mouthed jars like the weck...
Our testers had a preference for wide-mouthed jars like the Weck Tulip which was easy to reach into with a slotted spoon.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Middle-of-the-road contenders for volume and form included the Kilner, Kingrol, and ComSaf jars, all of which have square-sided construction that allows you to maximize space in the pantry. Of these options, we believe that the Kilner is of the highest quality, but the price is similarly high by comparison to the others. The lowest-rated jar in this category was the Encheng, which may prove useful for certain tasks but lacks the heft for any sort of serious storage.


What good is a mason jar if it is unable to keep the contents fresh? We weighted this category more heavily than others because we believe that a quality seal should be a paramount consideration when your intention is to store or preserve food. Granted, not all of the contenders in the lineup were designed explicitly for this particular function. However, those exceptions were few.

Yet again, the standout performer in this category was the Le Parfait, which has a spring-loaded bail top lid with heavy-duty wire and a high-quality rubber seal, which renders the jar impervious to gas exchange and leakage. The Kilner and Bormioli had similar designs, which also created air and watertight seals—they only lost a few points because the bail wire was not quite as stout as the overall winner. These top three models all had bail-top designs with metal wire and rubber gaskets that provide a reliable seal. Furthermore, these types of jars can also be used in canning food items.

mason jars - bail-top style lids provided the most security against leaks and...
Bail-top style lids provided the most security against leaks and spills, but not all are created equally.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Both the ComSaf and Kingrol boasted bail top designs as well, though our testing proved they didn't provide as secure of a seal as the models mentioned above. We believe this is due to the type of rubber used for the gasket on the lid. Whereas the Parfait and Kilner had thick, grippy rubber seals, these jars had a clear silicone rubber gasket that could sometimes slip out of place and was noticeably thinner compared to our award-winning models. It is also worth noting that the Encheng also utilized a spring clamp or bail top closure. However, the diminished size of bail wire and rubber gasket left us with the impression that these jars are better suited for keeping herbs fresh versus actually preserving food items.

In contrast, the ZENS Glass Canister provided a good seal without a screw top or bail top design. Instead, this jar uses a series of silicone rings that provide a solid seal when pressed firmly into the top of the jar. Our testers found this type of closure very easy to use, though it didn't prove to be as watertight as the bail top models. The Weck Tulip Jar also had a non-traditional seal, utilizing a glass lid, a removable rubber gasket, and two small metal clips that kept everything in place. This type of closure looks very fancy and is useful in pressure canning but won't produce a watertight seal unless the jar is under vacuum.

mason jars - the three-piece sealing mechanism found on weck jars is a bit...
The three-piece sealing mechanism found on Weck jars is a bit persnickety and may take some getting used to. It also won't create a water-tight seal unless submerged in a water bath.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Bringing in the rear for seal rating were the Libbey County Fair Drinking Jars and the Paksh Novelty Jar. While they can accommodate any regular mouth canning lid, the Libbey jars come with no lids of their own to speak of. Theoretically, the screw top design could provide a vacuum seal if pressure canned, but these jars are not rated for such preservation. And while the Paksh Novelty Jars provided an airtight seal, our tests determined that their one-piece metal lids were not watertight.

Ease of Use & Versatility

We chose to examine user-friendliness in an umbrella category that included ease of use and overall product versatility. And while we aren't fond of one-trick ponies, we also recognize that sometimes, a highly-specified kitchen implement has its place in the arsenal. Thusly, we designed our tests to inspect elements like how easy the jars were to clean, how well they could be packed away into a refrigerator or pantry, and how many different ways we could see each model providing value to the user.

mason jars - some of the jars were easier to wash by hand rather than trying to...
Some of the jars were easier to wash by hand rather than trying to fit in a washing machine. Still, others proved it was a necessity.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Overwhelmingly, our testers rated the Libbey County Fair Drinking Jars most highly in this metric. And while it may seem that these vessels are intended for only one particular function, it is substantially easier to drink out of a jar that is designed explicitly for that use. We not only enjoyed hot and cold beverages out of these jars, but we also found them useful in ladling and measuring while cooking; the handles really provided quite utilitarian. Furthermore, these were objectively the easiest jars to clean and store.

mason jars - while they were limited in their scope of kitchen uses, we found the...
While they were limited in their scope of kitchen uses, we found the Encheng Spice Jars to have a variety of applications around the house.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Other versatile models included the Kilner Square Clip Top and the Weck Tulip, although the latter was not quite as user-friendly when securing a good seal. We found that the metal clips that come with the Weck jars were easy to lose on a marble countertop; we believe that you would likely want to purchase extra clips since they do not remain attached to the jar when not in use. Although they couldn't hold as much in comparison, we also found the Encheng to be highly versatile in the realm of smaller objects—loose hardware, cotton swabs, and fresh herbs. The Le Parfait Super is another example of a jar that provides a wide range of utility but is a little bit trickier to clean due to its size.

Durability & Longevity

For a glass vessel getting repeated use, we considered longevity to be a primary concern for most users. Furthermore, it isn't just the glass that will need to prove durable in the long run. Lids, rings, and built-in components would also need to stand up to abuse to receive a favorable score for our testers.

mason jars - we suspect that the super jar will stand the test of time with its...
We suspect that the Super Jar will stand the test of time with its thick glass construction and burly lid components.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Undoubtedly, the most durable and burly jar in this lineup was the Le Parfait Super Jar, receiving another top score in this metric. The thickness of the glass was unsurpassed in this jar in addition to its heavy-gauge bail wire and thick rubber gasket. Also proving to have burly glass and elements that will last through repeated use were the Bormioli and Kilner mason jars. Although they didn't have as thick of glass as the Super Jar, it is evident that they were constructed to last. We can't say as much for non-bail-top jars.

Including thick glass but questionably thin and easy-to-lose metal clips were the Weck Tulip Jars. There is little reason to doubt that these jars won't stand the test of time, but an avid user would be wise to buy replacement clips and gaskets ahead of time, just in case. Other contenders offering considerable durability were the Libbey and Zens mason jars. Despite lacking a screw-on lid, our testers felt that they were capable of performing day-to-day tasks without any overt risks of damage.

mason jars - metal screw top lids, like this on the paksh, are prone to warping...
Metal screw top lids, like this on the Paksh, are prone to warping and will eventually lose their seal.
Credit: Rob Woodworth

Among the least stout jars in this review, the Paksh, Kingrol, and ComSaf models had noticeably thinner glass and closures of dubious quality. They probably won't pose any issues in the short run, though we suspect they will get fatigued over time and not provide a quality seal. And at the bottom of the durability totem pole were the Encheng spice jars. They may serve some purposes very well, but their small size and low quality left our testers with the impression that they are somewhat disposable.

mason jars - with all the options out there, we hope that this review can help...
With all the options out there, we hope that this review can help you find the perfect jar for your needs!
Credit: Rob Woodworth


Regardless of the type of projects you're into or what you've got cooking up in the kitchen, we hope that this comprehensive review has provided some guidance on the best jars to use for the task. With a staggering amount of variety out there, it can be deceivingly difficult to find the perfect jar for your needs. Armed with the insight gained by our team of testers, you should be able to weed out the duds from the best-in-show jars that are currently available on the market.

Our testing teams are made up of homemakers, craftsfolk, and culinary experts. We love processing and making our own value-added foods, so whether you're looking for the best food dehydrator for homemade snacks or top-tier canning jars to can and store fresh summer produce, we have round-ups and in-depth reviews to help you find the best new storage options for your kitchen.

Rob Woodworth