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Rob Woodworth

Rob Woodworth

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As a perennial learner and intrepid wanderer, Rob has led an adventurous life full of experiential lessons. An aspiring renaissance man, his wide range of aptitudes include (but aren't limited to) urban foraging, log framing, leaded stained glass window making, and ripping vinyl records to flac files for torrent-sharing on the deep-web creative commons. In his eyes, he was a DIYer before it was cool. His rabid curiosity of 'how things work' has always found him seeking opportunities to dissect, research, and improve the apparatuses that he uses during the day-to-day. He graduated with honors from the University of Colorado, receiving his Bachelors in Communication and a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies. He would later move into an '83 Chevrolet G20 van that he converted himself in order to travel the Great American West with his hound dog Wrennie-Mae. His meandering has landed him on the north shore of Lake Tahoe where he manages a youth alpine racing team in the winter and charters motorized watercraft in the summer.

Rob has experience designing and building off-grid solar electric systems as well as passive, gravity-fed farming irrigation. He is a certified permaculture designer, level 300 alpine coach, and United States Coast Guard Merchant Mariner. When this jack of all trades isn't researching consumer electronics for TechGearLab, he can be found tending to his garden or out in the shire seeking Type II fun on his skis, bike, or kayak.