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The 6 Best Garlic Presses

We pressed cloves in garlic presses from Zulay, Kitchen Innovations, Chef'n, Orblue, and more to find the best choice for your kitchen
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Best Garlic Press Review (You're sure to find a product that works for you among our test fleet of garlic presses.)
You're sure to find a product that works for you among our test fleet of garlic presses.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

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By Miya Tsudome ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 1, 2023

The Best Garlic Presses

Looking for the best garlic press to add to your kitchen collection? We researched over 50 garlic presses on the market and purchased 9 to put to the test. Through side-by-side evaluations, our reviewers are sure to bring you the most in-depth conclusions about the latest of these kitchen gadgets. With garlic being a notorious hassle to peel and chop, these unique appliances will be sure to help you prep your meals with ease. In our round-up, we found models that press, chop, twist, and even roll to mince your garlic to perfection, and you'll be sure to find the one that fits your culinary preferences.

Whether you're an amateur or kitchen master, we cover a vast variety of kitchen gadgets, appliances, and cookware, like the top-ranked woks. We strive to make your culinary adventures more pleasurable by helping you find everything from the best cutting boards and best chef knife to top-rated pressure cookers, the best air fryers, the best salad spinners, and more.


Best Overall Garlic Press

Zulay Premium Garlic

Style: Traditional Press | Can press cloves with skin on?: Yes
Spiked plate presses garlic smoothly through holes
Ergonomic handles
Stylish design
Easy to clean
Small capacity chamber

The Zulay Premium Garlic press is an efficient tool that performs its job very well. It is affordable, easy to clean, and attractive to boot. The rounded ergonomic handles are smooth and easy to squeeze. The spiked plate pushes out juicy, minced garlic that easily scrapes off the press and into your dish. This press design is the most common and can even press unpeeled cloves (though we still recommend peeling before pressing to get the most delicious minced garlic out of each clove).

The only slight drawback is that the chamber of the Zulay model is comparatively small relative to other presses we tested. However, pressing large quantities of garlic remains simple — just a quick peel of the excess garlic pulp and a rinse have it ready for the next clove.

garlic press - the zulay was our top choice for its ease of use and attractive build.
The Zulay was our top choice for its ease of use and attractive build.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best Bang for the Buck

Chef'n GarlicZoom

Style: Rolling device with internal blades | Can press cloves with skin on?: No
Easy to use
Can achieve desired mince size by rolling the device less or more
Includes a silicone peeler
Sharp interior blades not suitable for children
Made of plastic

The cleverly designed Chef'n GarlicZoom chopper has small, internal blades that chop garlic to your desired mince by rolling the unit back and forth on its wheels. You simply load the chamber with peeled garlic and roll it a little or a lot, depending on whether you want a finer or coarser mince. This model allows you to fully customize the size of your garlic pieces, and we found it fun to use. Because it comes with a silicone garlic peeler and is an efficient chopper with a low price tag, we think the Chef'n GarlicZoom offers the most bang for the buck.

Cleaning is a bit difficult since it requires removing the small internal blades, which we do not recommend as a good kitchen task for children. The minced garlic also gets stuck on the sides of the chamber, requiring a small utensil to scrape out all the garlic. It is also made entirely of plastic, and the small removable blades could get lost easily or grow dull over time. However, for those who like to control the size of their garlic mince and prefer freshly chopped instead of pressed garlic, this is a nifty little device for the kitchen.

garlic press - this rolling garlic chopper was efficient and fun to use.
This rolling garlic chopper was efficient and fun to use.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


An Excellent Value

Orblue Premium Mincer

Style: Traditional press | Can press cloves with skin on?: Yes
Large chamber
Includes silicone peeler and cleaning brush
Sturdy build
Harder to clean

The Orblue Premium Mincer garlic press is the best choice for those who want to break off a garlic clove, throw it in a device, and have freshly pressed garlic in the least amount of steps. Its large chamber accommodates one to two cloves at a time, and its substantial handles make pressing a fully-skinned clove quite easy, even for those with smaller hands or limited grip strength.

Like all the models we tested, you will get better results and more garlic from a peeled clove. The caveat for pressing an unpeeled clove is that the skin and extra pulp that gets flattened to the sieve must be cleaned out between each use, making pressing more than one clove a bit more involved. The chamber also has small openings in its corners where pieces of garlic can get hopelessly stuck, making cleaning a hassle. Luckily the Orblue comes with a little cleaning brush to aid the process. Because it comes with two accessories, this press is a great value.

garlic press - the orblue comes with a cleaning brush and silicone garlic peeler.
The Orblue comes with a cleaning brush and silicone garlic peeler.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Most Efficient

Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel

Style: Lid pushes garlic through blades into a chamber | Can press cloves with skin on?: No
Easy to use one-handed
Includes two different-sized blades for mincing or slicing
Uses the entire garlic clove and produces little waste
Many parts to clean
Silicone peeler is small and hard to use

The Kitchen Innovations Garlic-A-Peel is a small, square device with a removable plastic chamber. Simply place a peeled clove of garlic under its lid, push it down through the stainless steel grid, and the minced garlic collects in the chamber. With interchangeable dicing and slicing blades, you can have garlic in small chunks or longer slivers. Of all the models we tested, this one produced the least garlic waste. It uses the entire garlic clove and leaves very little pulp behind. Its convenient removable chamber makes it easy to scrape out all of the garlic. Though the Garlic-A-Peel is only suitable for chopping one clove at a time, its chamber can easily collect five or six chopped cloves, allowing you to quickly chop one clove after the other without having to clean in between and collecting the final product all in one place.

The included silicone peeler is smaller and shorter than the long tubular ones that come with other models, and this makes it more difficult to use. However, it tucks neatly into a storage compartment at the bottom of the unit, which makes it easier to keep track of. Our biggest gripe with the Garlic-A-Peel is its many removable pieces. This makes the cleaning more involved, as you must take out and individually hand-wash each piece for the best results instead of tossing it in the dishwasher. However, if you dislike the waste produced in a traditional press-style device and don't mind the extra cleaning steps, this is the device for you.

garlic press - this press produced the least amount of garlic waste of all the...
This press produced the least amount of garlic waste of all the models tested.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Highest Quality Build Press

Rosle Stainless Steel Press

Style: Traditional press | Can press cloves with skin on?: Yes
Sleek and well-made
Smooth pressing action
Heavy handle for easy pressing
Rounded sieve makes pressed garlic hard to scrape off
Hinges and chambers collect garlic, causing waste

The Rosle Stainless Steel Press is a sleek, German-engineered garlic press that earns a top spot for the highest quality build. Made entirely out of stainless steel, its heavy handles and smooth camming action make pressing easy. For those who like their kitchen appliances to look good while doing their job, the Rosle does not disappoint.

The downside is that the rounded design of the sieve makes the pressed garlic slightly inefficient to extract. Though other presses have a flat design that makes it easy to scrape off the final product with a knife, the Rosle's curved design renders this task a bit more difficult. This press also has many moving parts and hinges where garlic can get stuck and left unused. It's the best-looking press we tested, but not the most efficient. However, with its sturdy, stainless steel build, we expect this to be a long-lasting press that looks good in your kitchen.

garlic press - an attractive and well-built garlic press that will make any kitchen...
An attractive and well-built garlic press that will make any kitchen look good.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Easiest to Clean

NexTrend 3rd Generation Garlic Twist

Style: Twister | Can press cloves with skin on?: No
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Large chamber
Produces some garlic waste

The NexTrend 3rd Generation Garlic Twist is made of two large, durable pieces of plastic with teeth that cross-cut your peeled garlic clove as you twist the device back and forth. Its large chamber tempts you to stuff it full of cloves, but the device will only work efficiently with one to three at a time, depending on their size. It is easy, however, to mince a clove and add another, twisting until you get your desired quantity.

Unlike a garlic press, it will not produce much of any garlic waste, mincing an entire clove. However, when it comes to scraping the garlic out of the chamber, some will inevitably get stuck and left behind in the plastic teeth. The Garlic Twist's all-plastic design is effortless to clean, simply requiring a quick rinse to wash away those pesky pieces.

garlic press - with its large plastic chamber, this twister-style garlic chopper is...
With its large plastic chamber, this twister-style garlic chopper is a breeze to clean.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best Rocker Design

Vantic Stainless Steel Rocker

Style: Rocker | Can press cloves with skin on?: No
Suitable for one-handed use
Uses downward pressure
Includes silicone peeler and scraper
Must press onto a cutting board or surface, creating more things to clean
Must be rocked back and forth, or clove will flatten against holes

The Vantic Stainless Steel Rocker is essentially a handle with a grate on the bottom, making pressing garlic as easy as pushing down on a clove and rocking back and forth to crush the garlic through. Some will prefer the simplicity of pushing down instead of the squeezing, two-handed action of traditional presses, and the Vantic makes this a breeze with its large, comfortable handle. As a bonus, this affordable model includes a silicone peeler and a small knife to scrape the minced garlic off the rocker.

Unlike other options that directly press garlic into your dish, you must press the garlic onto a hard surface like a cutting board. Therefore, this model adds an extra cleaning step — though we suspect if you are already cooking with fresh ingredients like garlic, then a cutting board is part of your cooking process anyway. If you press too hard and forget to “rock” the Vantic back and forth, it's easy to accidentally flatten the clove. However, once you get the motion down, the Vantic is a terrific alternative to traditional presses, with no moving parts to break and a large, easy-to-clean surface.

garlic press - this rocker-style press comes with a silicone peeler and a scraping...
This rocker-style press comes with a silicone peeler and a scraping knife.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Another Good Rocker Design

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

Style: Rocker | Can press cloves with skin on?: No
Made of one piece of sleek stainless steel
Easy to clean
Larger garlic mince
Garlic gets stuck in holes

The Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker is another press that works by pushing down, rocking, and forcing the garlic through a small grate. A sleek piece of stainless steel, it is a useful tool that also looks good in the kitchen and is less bulky than the other models we tested. Unlike the Vantic with its handle design, the Joseph Joseph requires two hands to grip either side of the rocker. The garlic mince collects nicely into the concave grate, allowing you to scoop it out easily with a spoon, ready to use.

Out of all the models we tested, the holes in the grated part of the Joseph Joseph rocker are the biggest. As a result, it produces a large, tubular garlic mince that is a bit more sizable than we like for our average recipe. One method is to press the garlic a second time or chop the mince quickly with a knife. Like the Vantic, it is easy to accidentally flatten the garlic clove while pressing down if you don't also rock the press from side to side. This can produce a lot of garlic waste, as some of the pulp comes through while the rest stays flattened to the other side of the grate.

garlic press - a slim and simple garlic press.
A slim and simple garlic press.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Best Press With Built-in Cleaning Tool

Zyliss Susi 3

Style: Traditional press | Can press cloves with skin on?: Yes
Built-in silicone cleaning tool
Can press unpeeled cloves
Large chamber
Made of cast aluminum, not stainless steel
Cleaning device is hard to use accurately

The Zyliss Susi 3 is a traditional-style press that comes with a silicone cleaning device that stows away within the unit. It has a large chamber that can fit two or three garlic cloves and features a nice, flat grate that allows you to easily scrape off the minced garlic. The best feature of this press is that its cleaning tool won't easily get lost.

The included cleaning tool resembles a silicone brush that has little rubber spikes you can push through the holes of the grate to loosen extra garlic pulp, then rinse away under running water. Using the brush properly is a little tricky, and it takes a few seconds to align it perfectly with the holes in the grate. Another issue we encountered is that the flexible silicone spikes can bend, making it even more difficult to align with the grate. If you want to increase the longevity of the brush, be careful not to force the spikes through. Also, the “cast aluminum” build is not as high quality as the other stainless steel models we reviewed. Therefore, it is wise to hand-wash this device to preserve the finish for as long as possible instead of using the dishwasher.

garlic press - the zyliss has a cast aluminum body.
The Zyliss has a cast aluminum body.
Credit: Miya Tsudomee

Why Trust GearLab

After ample research into the world of garlic presses, we whittled our selection down to the nine products in this review and purchased each one for testing. We spent a great deal of time using each press. We evaluated how easy they were to use and clean and considered their build quality. We tested details such as holding capacity, how effectively they could process unpeeled cloves, and assessed the amount of garlic waste created by each press.

Our reviewers have been hard at work testing the latest kitchen gadgets, bringing you years of experience testing appliances and tools that will help make your lives easier. Miya Tsudome, lead tester on this project, has practiced knife and culinary skills — but like many folks, peeling and chopping garlic is not her favorite dinner prep task. By testing each garlic press side-by-side, chopping, pressing, and dicing over 100 cloves of garlic, she brings attention to detail and prioritizes ease of use to bring you honest conclusions about the best garlic presses for your needs and intended applications.

Analysis and Test Results

Peeling and chopping garlic can be a chore, and it's one that seems to be almost universally dreaded. From the difficulty of peeling the skins off the cloves by hand to attempting to get a nice, even dice from a large kitchen knife, it can take a while to do a relatively simple task. Having gadgets to make small kitchen chores easier is a welcome thing in the modern age, and we doubt that you'll be disappointed by adding a garlic press to your kitchen arsenal.

We rated each press against a series of metrics to see how they performed. From ease of use to effectiveness, ease of cleaning, capacity, and quality, we thoroughly assessed each press to determine which did its job the best.

Ease of Use

Specialized kitchen appliances should be easy to use. A garlic press's purpose, after all, is to eliminate all the steps of peeling and chopping garlic the traditional way. Some of the presses we tested can press a garlic clove with its skin on. Some models come with a silicone tube that quickly strips the cloves of their skin by rolling them around inside. We measured ease of use by how much effort it took for a clove of garlic to go from unpeeled to pressed and ready to use.

Traditional-style presses like the Orblue, Zulay, Zyliss, and Rosle can press a garlic clove with its skin on. For those who want the absolute least amount of steps and effort to get freshly minced garlic, these models are the answer. The Zulay was a favorite for its crisp pressing action, but because of its heavier handles and larger chamber, the Orblue is the best choice for those who plan to frequently press unpeeled cloves.

garlic press - all of these models can press unpeeled garlic cloves.
All of these models can press unpeeled garlic cloves.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

While the other models we tested are all easy to use, they require the extra step of peeling the garlic clove before it can be pressed or chopped. The Vantic, Garlic-A-Peel, and Chef'n GarlicZoom all come with silicone garlic peelers to help make this step easier and ensure you don't get pesky garlic skin sticking to your fingers and under your fingernails. While easy to use, the Joseph Joseph and NexTrend twist do not come with any peeling accessories, and you must peel your garlic cloves yourself to use them.

garlic press - the silicone garlic peeler that comes with some models is a...
The silicone garlic peeler that comes with some models is a convenient accessory.
Credit: Miya Tsudome


Many garlic presses produce some garlic waste after use. Minced garlic is sticky and therefore has a tendency to get lost in any nooks and crannies it comes into contact with. Our testers measured the effectiveness of each press by assessing how much of the total garlic clove was used in the pressing or chopping process.

garlic press - the garlic-a-peel produces almost no garlic waste.
The Garlic-A-Peel produces almost no garlic waste.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The models that “chopped” instead of “pressed” the garlic produced the least amount of garlic waste overall. The Garlic-A-Peel was our top pick for effectiveness, as little to no pulp was left stuck on the pressing lid or the grate after pushing the garlic through. The convenient removable chamber collects all the garlic and is easy to dump into a bowl, pot, or pan, and scrape out the last pieces of garlic with a spoon for full use of the entire clove. The Chef'n GarlicZoom also chops the entire clove, but some bits tend to get stuck on the walls of its narrow chamber, resulting in some minced pieces being difficult to extract. The NexTrend Garlic Twist has a large chamber to scrape garlic out of, but some will inevitably get stuck in the cross-cutting teeth.

garlic press - the chef'n garliczoom can hold many cloves-worth of chopped garlic.
The Chef'n GarlicZoom can hold many cloves-worth of chopped garlic.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

By design, the traditional press models don't do the best job at using an entire garlic clove—some of the garlic will get pressed through the holes, but some will also flatten against the holes from the pressure, leaving extra garlic pulp behind. The waste left behind in the press was even more significant while pressing an unpeeled clove, and one must weigh the pros and cons of convenience versus effectiveness when deciding whether or not to peel their clove.

The rocker-style presses like the Vantic and Joseph Joseph also produce some waste. Some of the garlic gets flattened and stuck on the grate from the downward pressure, and some of the mince is difficult to extract from the holes without using a knife point or similar tool.

Ease of Cleaning

While kitchen gadgets can help fast-track the cooking process, if they aren't easy to clean, they can become more trouble than they're worth. Naturally, it is much easier to clean a garlic press immediately after use. Waiting until the garlic dries is a recipe for cleaning disaster, as the sticky minced pieces will stubbornly adhere to all surfaces.

garlic press - garlic pieces are easily cleaned out of the nextrend's large plastic...
Garlic pieces are easily cleaned out of the NexTrend's large plastic chamber.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Every model we tested was dishwasher safe, but a quick hand wash right after use was the most precise and effective method of cleaning. The NexTrend Garlic Twist, with its large chamber and plastic teeth, requires only a short rinse under running water to wash away any extra garlic pieces. If there is any left stuck in the teeth, it can easily be dislodged with the tines of a fork. The Zulay's pressing plate has spikes sharp enough to catch most of the garlic pulp, which can then be peeled off and thrown away, after which a quick rinse will do the trick. The Zyliss is the only model that comes with its own built-in cleaning tool, and though it's somewhat difficult to use, it's still a convenient accessory.

garlic press - the nextrend is the easiest model to quickly rinse off after use.
The NexTrend is the easiest model to quickly rinse off after use.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The chamber of the Garlic-A-Peel is easily removed and washed, but there are many parts that you must disassemble from this device to clean it in its entirety — the grate, a plate behind the pressing part of the lid, the chamber itself — which makes the cleaning a bit involved. The Chef'n GarlicZoom is easy enough to rinse out, but you must remove the internal blades and set them aside, which is a bit precarious and could lead to a lost piece.

The Rosle and the Orblue have sieves within chambers and spaces between hinges where garlic pieces can easily get stuck. While the Orblue does come with a tiny cleaning brush, this is an accessory we can imagine will get easily lost in all but the most organized kitchen drawers. The rocker-style presses of the Vantic and Joseph Joseph have holes that can easily get plugged full of garlic and require a fork or knife to painstakingly loosen the pulp from each hole.


When cooking large meals or just recipes requiring lots of garlic, having a press with a large capacity can be desirable. We tested each press to see how many cloves they could effectively press or how big their holding chambers were for storing larger quantities of chopped cloves.

While the chopping-style presses like the Chef'n GarlicZoom and the Garlic-A-Peel could only chop one to two small pieces of garlic at a time, their chambers are equipped to hold up to 5 or 6 minced cloves. After peeling several cloves of garlic, you can easily chop them with these devices in succession, no in-between cleaning necessary, and have a large quantity of garlic ready for your recipe.

garlic press - the plastic removable chamber of the garlic-a-peel with 5 cloves of...
The plastic removable chamber of the Garlic-A-Peel with 5 cloves of minced garlic.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Our testers got excited by the large chamber of the NexTrend Garlic Twist and quickly filled it up with seven cloves of garlic, only to find that this was too much for the simple twist to handle. While the chamber is large, the teeth that cut the garlic are small, so it is best to twist one to two cloves of garlic at a time. But like the Chef'n GarlicZoom and the Garlic-A-Peel, the NexTrend can be used to chop garlic cloves in succession, storing a large amount of mince in its chamber.

garlic press - the nextrend has a large capacity for minced garlic.
The NexTrend has a large capacity for minced garlic.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The traditional-style presses could only efficiently press one large clove or two small garlic cloves at a time. If you try to overload these devices, they will become much harder to press, and there is a good chance you'll get some garlic chunks sprayed back at you from the pressure. The Vantic rocker-style press has a larger surface area than the Joseph Joseph, but you will still only want to press one or two cloves at a time with either for the best results.


While some might not be concerned with the overall build quality of something as simple as a garlic press, others might value longevity and good materials in all their kitchen appliances. We examined each model to see how well they were built and what they were made of.

garlic press - the rösle is a well-designed garlic press.
The Rösle is a well-designed garlic press.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

The Rosle Stainless Steel Press is made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel, with undeniably smooth hinges and pressing action, and heavy handles. There is no denying that this press is well-made, with tight hinges and a body that won't rust or peel over time. The Zulay is also well-built, with rounded, ergonomic handles and an attractive, brushed finish that comes in different colors. For those who prefer to have gadgets with fewer moving parts that can be susceptible to breaking, the Joseph Joseph is one slim, attractive piece of durable stainless steel.

garlic press - the joseph joseph is made of one, slim piece of stainless steel.
The Joseph Joseph is made of one, slim piece of stainless steel.
Credit: Miya Tsudome

Although the Orblue is also made of stainless steel, its chamber is of thinner density and makes a “chopping” sound as the steel pieces rub against each other. The hinges on the Orblue and the Zyliss are not as tight as the Rosle's, bringing their longevity into question. While our testers loved the plastic models' effectiveness, the Chef'n GarlicZoom and Garlic-A-Peel both have small removable pieces that could be prone to breaking or eventually lost and are therefore not our top choice for overall quality.

garlic press
Credit: Miya Tsudome


There is no denying that freshly chopped garlic is worlds better than the kind you can buy pre-minced in a jar. Crushing and chopping garlic is an integral part of many delicious dinners, and we think having a tool to make the somewhat involved process a little simpler is worth the money. Whether you want a garlic press that produces the least amount of waste, is easiest to use, or easiest to clean, we know you'll find one to your liking in our round-up of the best garlic presses.

Miya Tsudome