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The 4 Best Food Storage Containers

We tested food storage containers from Rubbermaid, Pyrex, Joseph Joseph, and more to find the best sets for your leftovers
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Best Food Storage Container Review
Credit: Laura Casner

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By Nick Miley ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 23, 2023

The Best Food Storage Containers

Looking for a better way to store food? We researched dozens of food container sets, isolating the best 7 products for hands-on testing. Our analysis looked at both glass and plastic containers as well as reusable bags. Our highly experienced culinary team focused their investigation and testing on stackability, stain and smell resistance, closure method and effectiveness as well as construction material and durability. The following article outlines the top products and the tests we used to isolate their strengths and weaknesses.

Though we are big advocates for sustainability, we realize that sometimes you just need a good old fashioned disposable baggie, and we've tested the top options on the market to determine the best performers. We've also tested the top-rated portable blenders and best lunch boxes for taking your meals on the go, and our favorite dishwasher pods when it's time for cleaning up.

Editor's Note: We updated our food storage container review on June 23, 2023 to ensure our lineup's pricing is correct.


Best Overall Food Storage Container

Rubbermaid Brilliance (Set of 5)

Number of Containers: 5 | Material (Vessel/Lid): BPA free plastic
Superior lid design
Compact storage
Prone to scratching
Some odor retention

You'll find yourself with extra room in your fridge and cabinets when you use the Rubbermaid Brilliance food storage set. This USA-made set stacks modularly when you're storing food in it and nests together conveniently in your cabinets when not in use. There are two watertight hinged snaps on either side that seal the lid up. You can help cool your food while the lid is on by leaving the hinges unsnapped, exposing the built-in vents. These containers are available in a wide array of sizes for every storage need, conveniently stacking no matter the size. The plastic is transparent, allowing you to easily distinguish what food is in each individual container at a glance.

The Brilliance containers offer brilliantly translucent plastic, but we are a bit worried about it staying that way — after washing these a few times, we saw some noticeable scratches. When we filled the container with food that had strong odors, we noticed a slight smell remained afterward. Still, we think the Brilliance containers are great and an excellent choice for those traveling or commuting with meals due to their sturdiness. Also, when this product reaches the end of its life, the company promises to ensure the product has a beneficial afterlife by being admitted to its recycling program.

food storage set - these transparent containers resemble glass, though they will...
These transparent containers resemble glass, though they will scratch in time.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for Your Buck

C Crest Glass Meal Prep Containers 10-Pack

Number of Containers: 10 | Material (Vessel/Lid): Glass/BPA free plastic
Hinged lid snaps
Removable lid gasket
Relatively small volume
No modular stacking

The C Crest food storage set includes 10 glass vessels (5 x 1040 mL, 5 x 370 mL) that are hermetically sealed with high-quality plastic lids and hinged snaps. The silicone gaskets housed in the lids are also removable, making deep cleaning much easier. What makes this design so effective is that the moving parts on the units (i.e., the snaps) are not prone to fatigue, as is the case with the one-piece lids of the lower-quality models. Our testers felt confident that these lids could be secured indefinitely without concern for failure.

Though we love the design of the C Crest containers, they're not suited for large meal storage. They don't seem to offer replacement lids and vessels if any are damaged or lost. A concern for those with smaller kitchens is that the units do not nest well for storage, so they will eat up a fair amount of real estate in your cabinets. That said, this food storage system is durable, stain/odor-resistant, and the plastic is BPA-free. Lastly, the containers can be used as cookware (without lids) in both the microwave and oven.

food storage set - hot red sauce was used for the stain and odor tests. the glass...
Hot red sauce was used for the stain and odor tests. The glass vessel showed no red hue following 12 hours in the refrigerator and a cleaning. The same can not be said for many plastic containers. No smell was evident either.
Credit: Laura Casner


Economical Reusable Bag Set

eoglo Reusable Storage Bag 11-Pack

Number of Containers: 11 | Material (Vessel/Lid): BPA free plastic
Easy to seal pinch-lock
Variety of sizes
Holds stains
Not dishwasher safe

If you have a big family and are trying to reduce the waste you drag out to the curb each week, the eoglo Reusable Storage Bag set could be a welcome addition to your kitchen. This 11-pack comes with 5 sandwich-sized units, 4 snack-sized units, and 2 gallon-sized bags that can accommodate watermelon and the like for family outings. The pinch lock zipper achieves a great seal, and it is easy to release as well. Finally, the transparent plastic is durable and makes food identification a breeze.

As with all the bags in this review, the eoglo bags are susceptible to discoloration when used to store oily or acidic foods, and with that discoloration can often come lingering smells. Yet, aside from having to be a little selective about what we stored in these bags, we had few complaints about these cost-effective, reliable, and waste-reducing reusable bags.

food storage set - little compromise is made when swapping out single-use bags for...
Little compromise is made when swapping out single-use bags for reusable ones.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Nested Stacking Containers

Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic 10-Piece

Number of Containers: 5 | Material (Vessel/Lid): BPA free plastic
Hinged snap locks
Assorted container volumes
Prone to staining
Can retain food odors

Two of the more frustrating aspects of food storage sets are that the containers take up a lot of cupboard space, and the lids get lost. The Joseph Joseph Nest Lock's design addresses these issues by sizing the containers to fit together like Russian nesting dolls, while the lids secure to one another in a tapering stack. The result is an extremely compact storage size that still provides tons of container space. On top of this standard-setting storage size to container ratio, these units boast hinged snap locks for maximum longevity.

While we love the stacking method Joseph Joseph employs, plastic containers are far more susceptible to scratching, staining, and retaining food smells compared to their glass counterparts. However, the Nest Lock set fared better than many other plastic units in this regard. Still, you'll want to be selective about what you put into these containers to maintain their transparency. That said, we think those with limited kitchen space will find this sacrifice more than worth the cupboard real estate saved.

food storage set - the nest is great for those with limited storage, however it shows...
The Nest is great for those with limited storage, however it shows slight staining from the tomato sauce storage test.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Containers for Bulk Storage

Chef's Path Extra Large Containers (2-piece)

Number of Containers: 2 | Material (Vessel/Lid): BPA free plastic
Snap seal
Square shape fits well in cabinets
Somewhat flimsy
Seal snaps not hinged

If you are moving through large quantities of dried goods like flour, sugar, or even dried beans or rice, having bulk containers is the way to go. The Chef's Path's two 5.2-liter canisters offer wide openings for scooping out the contents and include measuring cups for this purpose. Their square shape means that they fit well in a cupboard or on a shelf. The 4-snap, watertight lids also help to keep the contents fresh and dry. The transparent BPA-free plastic makes it easy to identify the stored items. If you have two similar-looking staples, however, you'll want to make use of the marker and labels included with the set.

Although the size, shape, and seal on these containers leave little to gripe about, we are concerned about the long-term durability of the snaps securing the lids. Unlike some of the other containers in this review, the Chef's Path does not use hinges on their snaps. This means that a thin plastic strip prone to fatigue provides the movement needed for the snap to work. Additionally, the container itself is a bit thinner than we'd like. On the other hand, this thinness keeps them lightweight. The containers are tapered to nest inside one another when being transported or not in use. All in all, these plastic canisters offer a great alternative to single-use bags both for food freshness and environmental conscientiousness.

food storage set - the chef's path set comes with measuring scoops and labels for...
The Chef's Path set comes with measuring scoops and labels for convenient storage.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Customer Service

Pyrex Simply Store Meal Prep Glass Food Storage Containers

Number of Containers: 9 | Material (Vessel/Lid): Glass/BPA free plastic
Replaceable lid and vessels
Doubles as cookware
Not watertight
No nested stacking

There's a lot to like about the Pyrex Simply Store set. What really distinguishes this storage system, however, is that Pyrex allows customers to replace lids or vessels individually on their website. Surprisingly, this is quite rare for a food storage company and speaks to the pride this American manufacturer takes in their products. This set is also one of the few that comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Given that these containers are legitimate cookware, we found the option of making various-sized casseroles and lasagnas fun and practical for on-the-go meals.

This Pyrex set didn't rate higher in our evaluation because the lids are not watertight, and the vessels don't nest together well for storage. That's it. All in all, this is a well-made product that doesn't stain or retain odors. As an additional consideration, the lack of moving parts in the lid design reduces potential points of failure.

food storage set - the form-fitting rubber lid lacks a watertight seal but makes up for...
The form-fitting rubber lid lacks a watertight seal but makes up for it in durability and replaceability.
Credit: Laura Casner


An Easy and Innovative Closure Mechanism

OXO 5-Piece POP Set

Number of Containers: 5 | Material: BPA free plastic
Unique container sizes
Effortless closure
Prone to scratching

Over the years, the author has spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his grandmother. In recent years, he's noticed the increased difficulty that her hands have when opening jars or other sealed containers. When the OXO POP came across his desk, he immediately thought of how beneficial this system would be to her. These containers can open and completely seal with the push of a button. Having reviewed many products from OXO over the years, our team has come to expect high-quality manufacturing and elegant designs, and the POP series did not disappoint. The unique shapes (such as a spaghetti-sized container) and the crystal clear plastic will tempt you to leave them out on the counter as practical decorations.

For the price, we wish there were more than five containers in the set. Additionally, the plastic is prone to showing scratches. However, unlike the lower-end plastics used by some of the competition, these containers performed much like glass in the tomato sauce test, retaining no stains or odors after a quick cleaning in the sink. Finally, it's worth noting that OXO is a member of 1% For the Planet, the gold standard for environmental philanthropy, and any purchase contributes directly to this organization's programs.

food storage set - the pop performed really well in our stain test, showing no signs of...
The Pop performed really well in our stain test, showing no signs of stains after a night in the fridge with red sauce.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why Trust GearLab

Before purchasing the products tested in this review, we spent several hours diving into the food storage container market. Once we settled on a selection, we purchased each set at retail prices from the same stores you would. To evaluate the quality and functionality of the food storage sets tested, we focused on the materials, sealing mechanism, and stackability, as well as stain and odor retention. Additionally, we looked at the economy of the products and how many containers each set includes. We also investigated the possibility of replacing the lids and vessels and the social responsibility practiced by the manufacturers. The latter assessment includes product end-of-life plans and additional philanthropic activities.

This review is brought to you by Senior Review Editor Nick Miley, an obsessive home chef who enjoys spending a Sunday afternoon cooking from scratch and storing up delicious meals for the workweek. He cut his teeth in the culinary business as a 16-year-old prep cook for a busy riverside fish shack on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. From then to now, Nick has tried out nearly every type of food container and knows a good product when he gets his hands on it. He has used this experience to research, buy, test, and rate kitchen products and share his findings with the general public.

The real test of a reusable bag's seal is the squeeze test. Despite...
The real test of a reusable bag's seal is the squeeze test. Despite many products looking simular, their quality varies considerably.
The tomato sauce test was devised to reveal which containers were in...
The tomato sauce test was devised to reveal which containers were in fact stain and odor resistant. The test uses hot red sauce that is allowed to cool in the container and then is chilled in the refrigerator overnight.
The seal test involved filling the vessels with water, turning them...
The seal test involved filling the vessels with water, turning them upside down, shaking them, and then placing them on paper towels.

How to Reduce Food Packaging Waste
Did you know that you can bring your own food storage containers to stores with bulk offerings? It's true. Make sure the container is clean and put a piece of masking tape on the lid so a store clerk can mark the weight of the empty container(s). At checkout, the clerk can tare the weight of the container to calculate the weight of the food you selected. This practice can eliminate the use of disposable bags while reducing trips to the store.

Analysis and Test Results

Our evaluation of food storage sets began with discussions about common frustrations with these products. Not surprisingly, most people's complaints fell into just a few categories. The first were issues with the lid — primarily ineffective seals or closure failures. Discoloration of the materials and lingering smells was another concern. Finally, cupboard stackability and the inevitable lost lid that can't be replaced were further complaints. Accordingly, we devised tests to investigate all of these issues. The following are the details of this evaluation, including which product performed the best and why.


For a food container to work effectively, it must be able to seal. This is particularly true if the container is used to transport food outside the house. Except for the Pyrex Simply Store, all of the products reviewed here displayed excellent sealing. However, just because only one of these containers leaked water when inverted, shaken, and squeezed does not mean that the methods for achieving an effective seal were equivalent.

food storage set - the hinges on these gullwing snaps ensure the longevity of this...
The hinges on these gullwing snaps ensure the longevity of this high-quality seal.
Credit: Nick Miley

We favored containers like the Rubbermaid Brilliance with proper hinges connecting their snap wings to the lid rather than those with a thin piece of plastic like the Chef's Path. The latter design is common and seems destined to wear and fail with time. We preferred zip or pinch-lock reusable bags because the seal is easy to make, and the audible snap at the end confirms it has occurred. The slider bar models were less to our liking. The main reason for this is the sticky nature of the silicone bag. The wider the opening of the bag, the more of a problem we had with them.

food storage set - slider bars can be a pain, particularly from this point on. we...
Slider bars can be a pain, particularly from this point on. We resorted to wetting the silicone on the bigger bags.
Credit: Nick Miley

As a final consideration, we found that we preferred the containers that incorporate removable gaskets. The C Crest as well as the Chef's Path provide this feature, which makes cleaning that much easier.

Stains and Odor

If you've ever reheated spaghetti or lasagna in a plastic container, then you have a good idea of the orangish hue that a well-used food container can acquire over time. Given this disagreeable, though all too common outcome, we devised what we call the red sauce test.

food storage set - the high-quality plastic of the center model looks more like glass...
The high-quality plastic of the center model looks more like glass. Background models show the orangish tinting.
Credit: Nick Miley

The test was simple. We heated store-bought tomato sauce and poured it into the containers under review. We allowed the sauce to cool and then stuck the containers with the sauce in the refrigerator overnight. We then cleaned the containers in the sink. We conducted this test on just one of the units in each set, so we could perform side-by-side, before-and-after comparisons for coloration and smell.

It should come as no surprise that the glass models such as the C Crest and the Pyrex fared best, while plastic products like the Chef's Path bags were left colored and odoriferous. What was surprising and impressive is that some plastic models like the Rubbermaid and the OXO rendered results akin to glass models. Now that's some high-end plastic.

food storage set - it's probably better to avoid putting oily and acidic foods in the...
It's probably better to avoid putting oily and acidic foods in the reusable bags. Here we see a before and after examples of the red sauce test.
Credit: Nick Miley

User Experience

This broad category of assessment covers product details such as stackability, the number and the volume of containers in each set, the construction material, and whether they are BPA-free. We also looked at where the products are made, whether the lids and vessels are easily replaceable, and if the company has a product “end of life” policy.

food storage set - bpa free, replacable and american made -- the simply store...
BPA free, replacable and American made -- the Simply Store containers have a lot of appeal.
Credit: Nick Miley

Rubbermaid, OXO, and Pyrex made good showings in this analysis. While these products don't nest as well as others, their manufacturing is of high quality. Rubbermaid is entirely made in the USA, and they have partnered with TerraCycle to provide an end-of-life option for customers that have worn out their containers. Similarly, Pyrex manufactures all of its lids in the USA and many of the vessels as well. Replacement lids and vessels are available for purchase should you lose or break them. Finally, OXO is a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, which is arguably the premier environmental nonprofit.

food storage set - good food on the go with no waste -- reusable bags are a great tool...
Good food on the go with no waste -- reusable bags are a great tool to achieve this goal.
Credit: Nicholas Miley

All the containers in our review are BPA-free. As for stackability, the Joseph Joseph are head and shoulders above the rest, as the entire set can fit into its largest container. The C Crest glass containers come in a set of 10, and the eoglo reusable bags come in a pack of 11. At 5.2-liters, the Chef's Path bulk containers are among the biggest we've reviewed.


This review of food storage sets tried to cover everything you might want to know before you make a purchase. Our investigation ranged from the quality and type of seal used to secure the lid to the container, stain and odor resistance, as well as an assessment of the user's experience. This last topic looks at the construction materials, the companies' conscientiousness, including waste management, environmental policies, and the availability of replacement parts. Finally, we looked at space-saving products, set counts, and volume. In a fast-paced world, it's nice to have good food ready to go without creating any unnecessary waste. We hope that this article will aid you in that effort.

From the best garbage bags and top trash cans to basic kitchen essentials to assist in your meal prep like the best cutting boards and our favorite chef knives, our fastidious testing processes can help you find the right products for your needs.

Nick Miley