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Best Egg Cookers

We tested egg cookers from Dash, Cuisinart, Elite Gourmet, and others to find the best models
Pictured here is our fleet of the best egg cookers of 2020.
Credit: Buck Yedor
By Buck Yedor ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 5, 2021
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Our kitchen experts researched over 20 of the best egg cookers available today before purchasing 10 to test side by side. This update features some of the best options on the market, designed to boil, poach, and cook your eggs without the use of a pan or stovetop. We spent hours cracking several dozen eggs, testing the performance of each. We examined the quality of the cooked eggs, how easily they peeled, how easy it was to clean up, and a variety of other details. After making many egg salad sandwiches, we offer you our honest recommendations, which can help you find the perfect machine for your kitchen.


Best Overall Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid 6-Egg

Egg Capacity: 6 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Includes a small handle to remove hot egg tray
Plays a pleasant-sounding tune when done
Limited cooking capacity

The Dash Rapid is a great tool that balances convenience, size, and functionality. With so many kitchen gadgets on the market, it can be a hard sell to convince consumers to give up any storage space for something with limited uses. The Dash makes a strong case for being worth the small amount of cabinet space it takes up. While this device is primarily used for making boiled eggs, it's also capable of making small omelets and poached eggs. All of the pieces nest together nicely and clean up with relative ease. In all of our trials, we were able to get perfectly boiled eggs that peeled without much trouble.

One of the few limitations we found was the cooker's limited egg capacity, but the great storability on account of its small size more than made up for it. Also, it's a bit costlier than some of the competition — but its quality is higher, so we think it's worth a few more bucks. Overall, the cooking process is easy, the product is storable, and the eggs are tasty and consistent, making the Dash Rapid our number one choice.

Our top-scoring egg cooker, the Dash Rapid blends convenience and...
Our top-scoring egg cooker, the Dash Rapid blends convenience and quality in a small space-saving package.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best for Large Capacities

Dash Deluxe Rapid Cooker

Egg Capacity: 12 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Can cook a full dozen eggs
Big enough to steam vegetables
Large footprint that takes up space
Unevenly poaches eggs

For those with a serious affinity for eggs or families needing to feed many mouths, the Dash Deluxe is the perfect device to streamline your egg-making process. With the ability to cook twelve boiled eggs, seven poached eggs, or one large omelet, this device can crank out a lot of eggs. Similar in design to the Dash Rapid, this is the scaled-up version. The boiled eggs it made were consistently easy to peel and evenly cooked to our desired doneness.

The biggest drawback for us was the device's size. With the most significant footprint of any of the models we looked at, you need to be a die-hard egg fan to justify the space it takes up. The other main issue we found was that when poaching a full seven eggs, the eggs in the top rack cooked at a different pace than the lower rack. Having to monitor the cook times between the two levels defeats the set it and forget it convenience that these devices promise. That being said, if your primary goal is to whip up large batches of boiled eggs with minimal effort, the Dash Deluxe will be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

The Dash Deluxe is a serious workhorse capable of cooking a full...
The Dash Deluxe is a serious workhorse capable of cooking a full dozen eggs all at once.
Credit: Buck YedorBuck Yedor


Best Bang for the Buck

Elite Gourmet EGC-007

Egg Capacity: 7 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Small footprint
Limited capacity
Has trouble closing if using extra eggs

The Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker brings brand name quality at a seriously reduced price. This small-sized egg cooker won't take up too much counter or storage space and still gives you the ability to steam seven eggs at a time. It excels at making perfectly boiled eggs. In our testing, we found that the suggested amounts of water for different doneness levels were fairly on point. This device consistently delivered eggs that were easy to peel and cooked to our liking.

As with most of these electric egg cookers, the heating element that sits underneath the egg tray isn't terribly even, and as a result, we found that omelets and poached eggs would occasionally come out cooked unevenly. While Elite Gourmet might not have the same brand recognition as other companies, it's ideal for anyone looking for a cheaper option that offers premium performance.

The Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker offers consumers a tremendous...
The Elite Gourmet Easy Egg Cooker offers consumers a tremendous value based on its high performance and relatively low cost.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Affordable and Simple

LI and HI Easy Eggwich Maker

Egg Capacity: 1 | Power Source: Microwave
Easy to clean
Rubbery textured eggs
Limited to omelets

Without question, the Easy Eggwich is the simplest and quickest model we tested. You simply crack an egg into the device, scramble it, close the lid, and microwave the whole package for around a minute. What comes out is a circular scrambled egg patty similar to what you'd find on most fast-food breakfast sandwiches. Besides cooking quickly, the cleaning process is equally as efficient. The plastic cooking surface wipes clean with virtually no effort despite not calling for oil or butter.

While the Easy Eggwich excels in efficiency, it lacks in the taste and texture department. The eggs come out of the microwave with a rubbery texture that is a far cry from a fluffy french omelet. However, if quickness is the name of the game, you can't beat this device. The other downside is its focus on making omelets as opposed to other egg choices. The Easy Eggwich is a perfect choice for young kids who aren't allowed to use the stove or for parents trying to beat the morning hustle.

The microwavable Easy Eggwich egg cooker is everything its name...
The microwavable Easy Eggwich egg cooker is everything its name implies. With fast cook time and mediocre egg quality, if speed is your number one priority, this device will get the job done.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Mid Sized Model

Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Cooker

Egg Capacity: 10 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Modern aesthetic
Produces fluffy omelets
Not all accessories nest inside
The egg poker doesn't sit flat

The Cuisinart Central is a medium-sized device capable of cooking up to ten eggs in a batch. With a modern-looking aesthetic, this device doesn't just look like it belongs in a dorm room. It consistently cooked our eggs to the desired doneness, and the cooked eggs peeled with ease. The steamed omelet it made was one of the fluffiest and moist omelets we tried during our testing.

The main issue we had with the Cuisinart Central was that not all the included accessories could nest inside the stored device. Needing to house some of the parts in another location is inconvenient and takes up even more kitchen space. The provided poaching tray can hold four eggs, while most of the other devices we tried can only hold two. While that makes the cooking process faster, we found that the small and deep egg holes were more prone to sticking and harder to clean. Overall, this is a high-quality model that balances cooking capacity and size. With its modern look, it won't look out of place when left out on the counter in any kitchen.

The Cuisinart Egg cooker offers a larger than average egg capacity...
The Cuisinart Egg cooker offers a larger than average egg capacity and a modern aesthetic.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best for Egg Sandwiches

Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style

Egg Capacity: 2 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Fluffy egg bites
Easy to clean
Limited uses

The Dash Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker is a niche product specializing in making small bite-sized omelets. The egg bites it makes have a great texture, and the silicone cooking cups are incredibly easy to clean. It also comes with a larger omelet tray that lets you make one breakfast sandwich-style egg patty.

Given the size of the device, it's unfortunate it cannot cook more than two eggs at a time. While it makes a slightly higher quality omelet than some of the other models, the fact that it's so specific and can't boil eggs is a detractor when it comes to justifying giving up essential storage space. In addition, it's typically more expensive than the rest. This device is best suited for people who can't live without their morning breakfast sandwich or meal preppers who want an alternative to boiled eggs.

The Dash Sous Vide egg bite maker excels at its specialized use of...
The Dash Sous Vide egg bite maker excels at its specialized use of making bite-sized omelets.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Mid Priced Option

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Electric Hard Boiled

Egg Capacity: 7 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Large egg capacity for a small device
Annoying buzzer
Egg stick to poaching tray

The Hamilton Beach is entirely reminiscent of the Dash Rapid. The one thing the Hamilton Beach version has that the Dash doesn't is the ability to cook seven eggs at a time. While they both have a similar footprint, the extra egg capacity is a plus. The quality of the cooked eggs was consistent, and for the most part, all peeled with relative ease.

We found that it came down to the small details when deciding our preference between the Dash and this device. We prefer the handle on the Dash egg tray as opposed to the small tabs found on this model. The buzzer sound on this device was also highly obnoxious. Also, we experienced eggs sticking to the poaching tray in our testing. With a bigger egg capacity and a lower price, this is a great model for those who aren't concerned about the small finishing details and just want a decent utilitarian machine.

The Hamilton Beach is a good alternative to the Dash Rapid equipped...
The Hamilton Beach is a good alternative to the Dash Rapid equipped with a slightly larger egg capacity.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Affordable Large Capacity

Chefman Electric Egg Boiler

Egg Capacity: 12 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Large capacity
Large enough to steam vegetables
Water measuring cup doesn't have real metrics on it
Difficult closer system

The Chefman Electric is a tall and skinny device capable of cooking a full dozen eggs all at once. Its skinny profile may lend itself to being slightly more storable than the Dash Deluxe. Its large size also gives you the ability to better steam a larger serving of vegetables than many of the smaller models.

This device has a twist lock closure system that, at first glance, seems helpful but, in actual practice, is cumbersome and clunky. Depending on preferences and the altitude you live at, cooking times and the amount of water you need can vary. For that reason, we prefer measuring cups with actual metrics, so when you figure out your preferred water level, it's easy to reproduce. The provided measuring cup has just three lines to indicate varying degrees of doneness, which in our experience are often inaccurate. At a price point lower than the Dash Deluxe, this high-capacity contender is best suited for the thrifty shopper with the need to cook large quantities of eggs.

A little clunkier than the Dash Deluxe, the Chefman is still capable...
A little clunkier than the Dash Deluxe, the Chefman is still capable of churning out large batches of quality eggs.
Credit: Buck Yedor


An Affordable Electric Model

Elite Cuisine EGC-007B Easy Electric

Egg Capacity: 7 | Power Source: Electric plug-in
Easy peeling eggs
Quality issues
Eggs stick to poaching tray

In most regards, the Elite Cuisine is a well-functioning device that has no trouble boiling eggs, poaching them, or making omelets. It scored well in the peel ability factor and required the same cooking process as all of the other models. Our device, however, came with a defective buzzer. When the eggs are finished, the machine is supposed to buzz to let you know to turn it off. Without a working buzzer or auto shut-off function, it required guesswork to take eggs out at the right time.

Since these machines are all about convenience, a defective buzzer was a huge detracter from the ease of use. Eggs also stuck to the tray during our testing. While scoring similarly to the other options of comparably sized models unless you're really in need of a bargain, we couldn't recommend buying the only product that arrived with a defect right out of the box.

The Elite Cuisine gets the job done at a lower price point but we...
The Elite Cuisine gets the job done at a lower price point but we found it to have some quality issues.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Decent Microwavable Option

Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Egg

Egg Capacity: 1 | Power Source: Microwave
Multistep process
Rubbery textured eggs

The Sistema Microwavable is a small plastic container equipped with a steam vent designed for cooking eggs. This egg cooking system is fast and certainly inexpensive. With a secure closing latch, this small device could also easily double as a universal container and is very easy to clean. The non-stick plastic had no issues with egg getting stuck to it.

The instructions call for a multi-step process in which you zap your egg for 40 seconds, stir it, and then put it back in for 40 seconds. We found that after the initial 40 seconds, the eggs were consistently already overcooked. We also found that it wasn't uncommon for a bit of egg to drip out of the steam vent. While this isn't our favorite way to cook eggs, it is fast and economical, especially when you consider that the egg is already in a to-go container as soon as you pull it out of the microwave. This could be an excellent device for students on the go who are more concerned about eating something quick and healthy than having a perfectly textured egg.

The Sistema egg cooker doubles as a great microwavable-ready to-go...
The Sistema egg cooker doubles as a great microwavable-ready to-go container.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Why You Should Trust Us

Buck Yedor, our lead tester on this review, is no stranger to making eggs. Eating at least two a day for an uncountable number of years, he undoubtedly knows the ins and outs of what makes an egg tasty. Beyond his love of eggs, he spent some of his younger years working in commercial kitchens whipping up enormous batches of eggs for a wide variety of preferences. He loves to cook and make delicious meals in the kitchen, making him an excellent expert in the field.

To discover which models are the most convenient and consistently pump out the most delicious eggs, we researched 20 different models before independently purchasing 10 of the top models. We cooked dozens upon dozens of eggs to see where each device flourished or failed. We made soft and hard-boiled eggs, omelets, poached eggs, and every variation in between. We use all the features of each device and compare those that are similar. By subjecting each model to the same series of tests, we are able to compile a list of results that will help you determine which option is best for your unique needs and budget.

Another easy peeling egg
Prepping an egg to get cooked
The Easy Eggwich fresh out of the microwave

Analysis and Test Results

In a world saturated with an array of kitchen gadgets, including egg cookers, it might seem challenging to choose which one is right for you. We researched the most popular models that specialize in making everything from hard-boiled eggs to mini egg souffle. By subjecting each to a series of side-by-side tests using the same specific metrics, we are able to determine the best and worst qualities in each.

Ease of Use

The devil is really in the details with these cookers, as all of the electric plug-in models essentially work the same way. You add water to a hot plate, poke a small hole in each egg, place the eggs on an elevated rack, close the lid, and press on. What separated them were little details that made the process more streamlined. The Dash Rapid was the highest scorer in this metric. We found that the handle attachment (which lets you remove the hot egg tray without burning your fingers) to be the best. Perhaps the easiest to use device was the Easy Eggwich microwavable option — from the time you open the fridge and grab an egg, it takes less than two minutes to get a scrambled egg on your plate.

Egg bites ready to come out of the Dash Sous Vide model.
Egg bites ready to come out of the Dash Sous Vide model.
Credit: Buck Yedor

While many of the devices functioned similarly, it was often small issues that separated the pack. The Elite Cuisine supposedly comes with a buzzer to alert you when the eggs are done, but the buzzer in our test model didn't function, so it was anyone's guess when they were ready. With the Chefman, the little details like the cumbersome twist-lock closures and the lack of metrics on the measuring cup made the user experience less quality than the high performers. The high performers didn't necessarily wow us with unique features but consistently did the job they were supposed to do without us noticing any setbacks.

A gooey soft boiled egg, fresh from testing.
A gooey soft boiled egg, fresh from testing.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Storability is crucial when it comes to tightly packed kitchens, especially when it comes to gadgets. Both microwavable egg cookers, the Sistema and theEasy Eggwich, were the smallest and easiest to store away. We found the Dash Rapid to be the highest scorer of the electric models in this metric. With the smallest footprint and the ability for all its accessories to nest inside, it wouldn't be hard to find room for this device, even in the most cluttered kitchen.

Same capacity, different footprints. Pictured on the left is the...
Same capacity, different footprints. Pictured on the left is the Dash Deluxe, and the Chefman Electric is on the right.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The Cuisinart was the worst performer in this metric, primarily because you can't nest all of the accessories inside of it. Not only do you have to find space for its semi-large footprint, but you also have to have the drawer space to stash away its small parts.


When it comes to versatility, we were looking at how many different uses each device has. The majority of the electric models could make boiled eggs, poached eggs, omelets, and steamed vegetables. The Dash Deluxe was the most versatile in that it could cook the largest quantity of eggs of all styles. The machine was also big enough to steam more than just a tiny serving of veggies. Surprisingly, we found the Sistema Easy to double as a great microwavable ready, to-go container.

An omelet from the Cuisinart Egg Cooker.
An omelet from the Cuisinart Egg Cooker.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The Dash Sous Vide egg cooker was one of the least versatile egg cookers we tried. While it excelled at making egg bites, that was really it. In a similar fashion, both of the microwavable egg cookers were rather limited in their cooking functions.

Poaching eggs with the Dash Deluxe.
Poaching eggs with the Dash Deluxe.
Credit: Buck Yedor


While convenience is essential when it comes to the cooking process, we wanted to know if the clean-up was just as convenient. The silicone cooking cups from the Dash Sous Vide egg maker were effortless to clean. After popping out the egg bites, there was hardly any residue left in the cups. The Easy Eggwich and the Sistema models were also very easy to wipe clean.

A poached egg getting stuck in the deep dishes of the Cuisinart...
A poached egg getting stuck in the deep dishes of the Cuisinart poaching tray.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The worst performer was the Cuisinart egg poaching tray. We found that the egg would stick somewhat significantly and be hard to clean with small and deep holes.

The easy washing Sistema model.
The easy washing Sistema model.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Quality of Cooked Eggs

Perhaps one of the most important factors to take into account is how good the finished product actually is. While it took some figuring to finally get the water levels right for all of the electric egg cookers, once that was dialed, they all performed pretty similarly. None of the different plug-in devices really stood out as far as how easy the eggs were to peel and if they all came out to a consistent level of doneness.

Egg bite from the Dash Sous Vide style contender.
Egg bite from the Dash Sous Vide style contender.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The larger plug-in devices, the Dash Deluxe and the Chefman, had some trouble cooking eggs in the bottom and top racks at the same speed. We found that the eggs on top were often slightly undercooked compared to the bottom rack.

Poached eggs from the Dash Deluxe.
Poached eggs from the Dash Deluxe.
Credit: Buck Yedor


After researching the best egg cookers available today, we honed in on ten different models to determine which device could serve up the best eggs. We systematically tested each model to determine the ease of use, storability, versatility, cleanability, and the quality of the cooked eggs. We took into account the size of the devices and their respective costs, which can help guide you in finding the golden egg that's right for your needs and kitchen space.

No matter the style of egg you're after, we hope our extensive...
No matter the style of egg you're after, we hope our extensive testing has been able to help you choose a new model.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Buck Yedor

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