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The 4 Best Food Storage Bags of 2023

We tested food storage bags from Ziploc, Glad, Lunchkins, and more to find the best disposable bags
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Best Food Storage Bags of 2023
Ziploc offers a multitude of styles and sizes of bag, all with their own pros and cons
Credit: Buck Yedor

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By Buck Yedor ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 20, 2023

Are you tired of looking for the perfect storage bags for your kitchen needs? Our team of experts diligently researched the highest-rated brands on the market before narrowing their focus to nine of the best food storage bags available today. We tested their durability, the protection they offered, the ease of closure, and how easy they were to fill. Whether you're looking for sandwich bags for your work snacks or gallon freezer bags to store your leftovers, our research has got you covered.

If you prefer reusable food containers, take a gander at our top recommendations for the best food storage containers and mason jars. Our in-depth testing process doesn't stop at kitchen storage, though. We tackle kitchen appliances like the best vacuum sealers and top-tier food dehydrators right on down to the basic cooking utensils and cleaning supplies you use every day like trash cans and top-rated cleaning gloves.

Editor's Note: We updated this review on January 20, 2023, with information on the rebranding of the Solimo bags.


Best Overall Food Storage Bags

Ziploc Slider Power Shield

Size: 1 Gallon | Closure Style: Sliding Zipper
Easy to close
Not drop-proof when full
Some quality control issues with zipper

The Ziploc Slider Power Shield proved to be the best of the bunch, with its high-quality materials and practical size. The gallon-sized freezer bag is ideal for storing large quantities of food in the freezer or pantry. In addition to the convenient zip closure system, our review team loved that this bag stands up without support while being filled. It has an expandable bottom that creates a flat and stable base, making filling convenient and allowing you to store it in a space-efficient way. This product is also one of the most consistently well-built bags we reviewed and never spouted any leaks during our testing.

Though we appreciate the ease and security of the slide closure, it is also the bag's biggest weakness. In our drop tests, every bag we dropped blew out the zipper on the first or second drop. After filling one to the brim, we had one zipper fail when trying to close the bag. However, overall, this is a durable, leak-free bag that is user-friendly and stores well.

best overall food storage bags
The Ziploc Gallon Slider is a consistently well constructed bag that offers convenient use and storage features.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Bang for the Buck

Solimo Freezer and Sandwich Multipack

Size: 1 Gallon and 6 ½ in x 5 ⅞ in | Closure Style: Squeeze Zipper
Comes with large freezer bags and smaller sandwich bags
Prone to leaks
Inconsistent quality
We initially tested the Freezer and Sandwich Multipack from Solimo by Amazon. Since our testing, these bags have been rebranded under the Amazon Basics name, and they are no longer sold in a multipack as of the time of this writing. We're linking to the Amazon Basics Freezer Bags in this review, which differ in name only. You can purchase the sandwich-sized bags separately.
The Solimo Freezer and Sandwich Multipack comes with both one-gallon freezer bags and 6 ½ in x 5 ⅞ in sandwich bags. These two styles cover a lot of ground and are more than adequate for most households' storage needs. These generic Amazon options performed just as well or better than many of the name-brand bags we tested. Both passed our submersion test without issue and were significantly more drop-proof than most of the other bags in our fleet.

Both the sandwich and freezer bags have relatively significant issues with quality control, and we found that just about every bag we tested came out of the box with one or two leaky seams in the top corners. Though these holes allowed the liquid to escape the interior, surprisingly, they didn't seem to let anything in when submerged. This made them fine for storing or freezing dry goods but not ideal for storing sauces or other liquids.

food storage bags - best bang for the buck
Between the gallon freezer bag and the smaller sandwich bag, the Solimo multipack should just about cover the baggie needs of most households.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Non-Plastic Sandwich Option

Lunchskins Recyclable and Sealable

Size: 7.9 in x 6.3 in | Closure Style: Sticky Adhesive Strip
Made from wood pulp
Recyclable and compostable
Not waterproof
Once sealed, it can be hard to open without tearing the bag

The Lunchskins Recyclable and Sealable paper sandwich bag is a charming and eco-conscious alternative to single-use plastic options. Though there are many reusable options on the market, the convenience of a single-use product is hard to beat, especially for kids who have a knack for losing things. While these are best for dry food items like PB&Js, the material is also stout enough to deal with small amounts of moisture from sliced apples. The bag has a convenient closure system that is similar to a self-sealing envelope.

When it comes down to it, these bags are not waterproof and will start to disintegrate if they get too wet. This limits their application in that you wouldn't want to put juicy sliced fruit or extra drippy sandwiches in them. Unsealing the bag without tearing it takes a little finesse and requires more patience than the average hungry school kid might possess. If you plan on eating your food all at once, this isn't a problem, but if you want to save some for later, you might be in trouble. Currently available in apple or shark patterns, these non-plastic bags are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. This product also wins points for being recyclable and compostable and is a great alternative to single-use plastic products that are more likely to hang around in landfills.

food storage bags - best non-plastic sandwich option
Lunchskins paper sandwich bags are sturdy enough to withstand semi moist foods and are a great alternative to plastic bags.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best for Small Storage

Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Snack

Size: 6 ½ in x 3 ¼ in | Closure Style: Squeeze Zipper
Convenient for meal preppers or kids' lunches
Limited storage capacity
Difficult to fill with liquids without help

The Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Snack bags stay true to their branding. These small bags fit a single serving of snack food exceptionally well, making them an ideal choice for meal preppers or school lunches. The 6 ½ in x 3 ¼ in size ensures you won't fill them with more than you intend on eating without having to bust out a scale or measuring cup. The reduced volume also makes fitting it into a lunch box easy and space-efficient. The size is convenient for freezing individual servings of bouillon or sauce and is the most drop-resistant bag we tested, ensuring you won't have a mess if you fumble one on your way to the freezer.

The size of this bag is pretty limiting, and there is only so much you can do with such a tiny amount of space. When filling our bags with liquids or fine dry goods, we like to flip the tops of our bags inside out to create a lip that keeps the bag open — without needing a second hand to help. This product is too short to do this. When you flip it inside out, you lose almost half of the internal volume. However, if you're looking for a bag to quickly portion out individual servings of snack food, this sturdy bag fits the bill.

food storage bags - best for small storage
The Ziploc Snack Bag is a handy option for packing school or work lunches.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Plastic Sandwich Option

Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Sandwich

Size: 6 ½ in x 5 ⅞ in | Closure Style: Squeeze Zipper
The ideal size for small sandwiches
Seals easily
Prone to leaks
Not drop resistant

Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Sandwich bags are the perfect dimensions for separating and storing medium-sized lunch and snack items. They are bigger than their "snack" size bag but still not too big to put in a lunch box, these bags are moisture-resistant and easy to seal closed.

The quality of the bags in our tests was all over the place. Some had one leaky seam, some had two, and some were entirely leak-free; it was hit or miss. The bags did poorly across the board in our drop tests, as every bag we tested burst out the bottom on its first drop. These bags are ideally suited for packing small to medium pre-prepared food items.

food storage bags - the ziploc sandwich bag is a convenient size but not super durable.
The Ziploc Sandwich bag is a convenient size but not super durable.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Quality Quart Sized Freezer Model

Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Freezer

Size 1 Quart | Closure Style: Squeeze Zipper
Seals easily
Dispenses cleanly
Inconsistent quality
Not drop resistant

The Ziploc Grip 'N Seal Freezer quart-sized bags are a scaled-down version of the gallon slide-closure freezer bags. This version doesn't have a slide closure, but the squeeze zip is easy to use and seals well, even when wet. Though the squeeze closure is slightly less convenient than a zipper, you don't have to worry about the zipper breaking or falling off. The offset tab on the top of the bag makes it easier to open as well. Although not the most important detail, our testers noticed that the bags in the box were packed the neatest of all we tested, which ensured easy dispensing.

This product wasn't free of manufacturing defects, and about half the bags we put through our testing process had leaky seams. These bags were yet another example of ones you really don't want to drop. All the units we tested burst on their first go around. These are nice mid-sized bags that stand up to freezing and regular use well.

food storage bags - the ziplock quart sized freezer bags are quality mid sized option...
The Ziplock quart sized freezer bags are quality mid sized option that open and close with ease.
Credit: Buck Yedor


A Decent Budget Freezer Bag

Glad Storage and Freezer 2 in 1

Size: 1 Quart | Closure Style: Squeeze Zipper
Versatile size
Inconsistent quality
Difficult to seal

The Glad Storage and Freezer 2 in 1 quart-sized bags are an affordable alternative to premium brands. The reduction in price does seem to come with a slight reduction in quality. With that being said, though they weren't the highest performers in any metric, they weren't too far behind in anything either.

Our biggest gripe with this product is how difficult it is to get the zipper to fully seal. Glad advertises that the zipper turns green when it's fully sealed, but the yellow and blue sides simply need to be close together to change color. It does little to indicate if the bag is actually closed or not. Almost all of the bags we tested came with either one or two leaky top seams. This isn't ideal for long-term food storage in the freezer or for storing liquids. It's not the highest-performing bag in our fleet, but it functions well enough at a low enough price point to warrant a buy and try.

food storage bags - the glad 2-in-1 freezer and storage bags work well enough to justify...
The Glad 2-in-1 freezer and storage bags work well enough to justify a buy if you find them at the right price.
Credit: Buck Yedor


A Sustainable Option

Perfect Stix 2lb Brown Paper

Size: 4 5/16 in x 7 ⅞ in | Closure Style: Folding
Easy to tear

Brown paper bags are almost synonymous with to-go lunches. Easier to deal with than a lunchbox, you don't have to worry about losing or cleaning a simple paper bag. The Perfect Stix 2lb Brown Paper version is made from 100% recycled paper and fully recyclable themselves; these bags are the most sustainable option we reviewed.

Made from paper, these bags are significantly less versatile than their plastic counterparts and will liquefy into a pulpy mess when subjected to any severe moisture. These bags, in particular, were a little small for our preference and could just barely accommodate a normal-sized sandwich. The more you pack into these little guys, the more prone they are to tearing, so having a bag with more dead space would be preferable. These paper bags are a sustainable alternative to plastic and work best for dry food items.

food storage bags - the perfect stix paper bag is a classic "sack lunch" container that...
The Perfect Stix paper bag is a classic "sack lunch" container that functions exactly as you would expect it to.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Convenient Smaller Sized Freezer Bags

Hefty Slider Freezer

Size: 1 Quart | Closure Type: Sliding Zipper
Expandable bottom creates a stable base for filling and storage
Poorly perforated dispensing hole
Quality control issues

The quart-sized Hefty Slider Freezer bags have an expandable bottom, making a stable base for filling and storing them. Their best feature, however, is their slide zip closure. Not having to fuss or fiddle with the top to ensure you have a secure seal is a huge selling point. This quart-size bag was also fairly drop-resistant. It was one of the only bags equipped with a zipper that didn't immediately explode when dropped.

Much like many of the other bags we tested, these were prone to having leaky corners right from the get-go. The zippers were also hit or miss quality. Some would break quickly just trying to open or close an empty bag. These are convenient storage bags that are perfect for people who hate dealing with squeeze zip closures.

food storage bags - if you look closely, you can see that the blue edge isn't attached...
If you look closely, you can see that the blue edge isn't attached to the clear portion of the bag.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Why You Should Trust Us

After researching the most popular brands on the market, we independently purchased different types of bags and put them through the wringer to see which lived up to our standards. The ideal food storage bag is easy to fill, can withstand serious abuse, and, most importantly, keeps air and moisture away from the contents being stored inside. Throw in the ability to be recycled or composted, and you have a winner.

Buck Yedor was our lead tester on this project. His attention to detail and experience working in the professional food service industry as a cook make him the ideal candidate for testing all things kitchen-related. Buck has used more than his fair share of food storage bags between that and bringing a sack lunch to work every day.

Better than exploding but still not ideal, this Solimo Sandwich bags...
Better than exploding but still not ideal, this Solimo Sandwich bags sprung a leak when dropped.
The Glad 2-in-1 Bags dispense from a standard perforated hole on top...
The Glad 2-in-1 Bags dispense from a standard perforated hole on top of the box.
A test within a test, this ziploc freezer bag met its demise being...
A test within a test, this ziploc freezer bag met its demise being dropped on the kitchen floor on its way to our outdoor testing station.

Analysis and Test Results

At first glance, food storage bags appear to be a fairly standardized product. In reality, their performance and quality are all across the board. It's hard to tell just by looking at a bag how well it will function. Our systemized testing got down into the nitty-gritty of where each bag failed or flourished. We looked at each model's durability, moisture and freezer burn protection, ease of closure, and how easy it was to fill the bags without assistance.


Our durability metric consisted of three subcategories: is it leakproof, tearproof, and drop-proof? To test for leaks, we filled the bags with water to capacity and then squeezed them. Throughout our testing, we came to notice that finding a batch of bags without any leaky seams was more uncommon than not. The disposable nature and low price of these products seem to give manufacturers little incentive to have better quality control.

The Ziploc Slider Power Shield performed decently well in our squeeze test. While none of the seams leaked, the zipper did fail during one test. The worst offenders were both of the Solimo bags. Every bag we tested immediately leaked from one or both of the top seams.

food storage bags - checking for leaks with the good ol' squeeze test.
Checking for leaks with the good ol' squeeze test.
Credit: Buck Yedor

To check how tearproof each bag was, we flipped the top of the bag over itself as if we were going to fill the bag. While most of the bags could do this without issue, some would immediately tear at the seams. All of the Ziploc bags we tested were able to be turned in and out without trouble. The Solimo freezer bag tore when being flipped, and unsurprisingly, the Perfect Stix paper bag tore quite easily if you weren't careful.

Our drop testing was designed to replicate a fall from your typical counter height, about three feet. We filled each bag with water and dropped them from that height. The Solimo bags were surprisingly some of the most drop resistant, and the gallon version was easily the most drop-proof of all the freezer bags. The Ziploc snack-sized and sandwich bags were also high performers. Besides the Solimo freezer bags, all the others typically burst on their first drop.

food storage bags - the solimo sandwich bag deforming but not bursting during our drop...
The Solimo Sandwich bag deforming but not bursting during our drop tests.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Moisture/Freezer Burn Protection

The main advantage of using plastic for food storage is that assuming everything is functioning correctly, it is a non-permeable material that keeps its contents safe from air and moisture. To check how well each bag actually did its job, we filled each one with oatmeal and then submerged the bag for 30 minutes. To our surprise, with only one exception, even the bags that came out of the box with leaky seams didn't let any moisture get to our dry oatmeal. One Solimo sandwich bag did let in a little moisture. Other than that one incident, all of the bags performed more or less the same.

food storage bags - submerging an oatmeal filled bag.
Submerging an oatmeal filled bag.
Credit: Buck Yedor

We found similar results in our freezer tests. After 24 hours in the freezer, none of our frozen food showed any serious signs of freezer burn. We excluded both of the paper bags from both of these tests as well.

food storage bags - we used a heavy ceramic plate to ensure the bags stayed fully under...
We used a heavy ceramic plate to ensure the bags stayed fully under water.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Ease of Closure

Getting a proper seal on plastic baggies is not always an easy task. We encountered slide zippers, squeeze zippers, a self-sealing adhesive strip, and a roll-top closure. Partial and leaky seals are the worst, especially when you don't discover the failure until long after the contents have covered your fridge or cupboard. The clear-cut winner was the Ziploc slider freezer bag. The convenience of sliding the top open and closed without having to double-check if the bag sealed was ideal.

food storage bags - the high functioning ziploc squeeze closure.
The high functioning Ziploc squeeze closure.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The other Ziploc bags featuring Ziploc's version of the standard squeeze zipper all worked pretty well, even when full or wet. The Glad squeeze zipper was a battle to get fully sealed. Once they were sealed, they stayed sealed, but the initial closure was a struggle, especially when wet.

food storage bags - two ziploc sliders, sealed up and ready for more testing.
Two Ziploc sliders, sealed up and ready for more testing.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Ease of Use

While "using" a plastic bag might seem like a no-brainer, slight design features made some of the bags much more pleasant to use. A well-designed bag is easy to open and fill without assistance and without spilling. This is largely a function of how well the bags can hold their shape when propped open. The Ziploc Slider Power Shield freezer bag was again our front runner.

food storage bags - the green 'n' pack ready to be loaded up.
The Green 'N' Pack ready to be loaded up.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The expandable bottom creates a stable base, and when the top is folded back on itself, the opening is large and easy to deal with. The Ziplock snack-sized bag was the most difficult to deal with. The small size makes it so you can't fold back the top, so getting liquids in without making a mess can be challenging.

food storage bags - the highly stable ziploc slider freezer bag.
The highly stable Ziploc slider freezer bag.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Whether you're freezing a big batch of your favorite pasta sauce or packing snacks for the kiddos, having a reliable bag will give you peace of mind that whatever you're storing will stay where it belongs — safely contained in the bag. By testing and comparing 9 of the best bags on the market in 2022, we hope that our side-by-side comparisons help you determine the best and worst qualities of each. No purchase decision is too small to warrant an extensive review, and we hope that this helps you find the best bags for your household needs.

food storage bags - a look at some of the most popular food storage bags on the market.
A look at some of the most popular food storage bags on the market.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Buck Yedor

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