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Best Cleaning Gloves of 2022

We tested cleaning gloves from Casabella, Vgo, Mr. Clean, and more to find the very best
Best Cleaning Gloves of 2022
We tested eight gloves thoroughly and evaluated on a number of metrics.
Credit: Lael Martinez

Our Top Picks

By Lael Martinez ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 10, 2022
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Cleaning gloves can aid in messy tasks and ease the frustration of your cleaning hours. We've researched over 20 of the best models available today before purchasing the eight you'll find in our fleet. With many options available, it takes some research and time to find the right glove. Each model was used to perform various tasks and rated based on functionality, design flaws, and overall user experience. Here are our top recommendations — tested and rated to help you find the best glove for your needs.

We've tested a variety of other cleaning-related products like trash bags and sponges. If you're on the hunt for other types of gloves to meet your varying needs, we've covered everything from the utilitarian disposable gloves to gardening gloves.


Best Overall Cleaning Gloves

Casabella Premium Waterblock Cleaning Gloves

Material: Latex | No. of gloves/pack: 1 pair
Cuff for drippage
Cuff can slip down

The Casabella Premium Waterblock Cleaning Gloves are stylish and well-fitted. They have nice design choices, starting with the cuff feature, which keeps water from draining down the arm. The double cuff gives length options, and even when not folded down, it has a lip on the end of the sleeve to help with water drippage. The gloves are aesthetically designed with fitted wrists and fingers, allowing them to fit snuggly and avoid gaping or adjusting issues. The material is substantially thick but stretches nicely, allowing them to remain comfortable. The inside has a light lining, adding comfort and helping the gloves easily slide on and off.

When testing the Casabella Premium Waterblock, we noted one design flaw with the cuffs; they are a bit heavy and have the potential to slide down to the wrist during continuous scrubbing. Though a bit annoying, this didn't happen enough during testing to be a huge concern. The only other note of concern is that the gloves' exterior is softer and can be a bit more slippery. This is important to note if you're looking for a better grip; some texture elements on the fingers keep this point from being a huge detractor. They are aesthetically pleasing, fit comfortably, and have been designed with the user in mind.

best overall cleaning gloves
Each glove's material, elasticity, and comfort were assessed via a variety of home cleaning tasks.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best Length and Coverage

Elgood Long Cuff Reusable

Material: PVC Material | No. of gloves/pack: 2 pairs
Exceptional Length
Comfortable & fits to hand
Takes more effort to put on
Cost per pair higher

The Elgood Long Cuff Reusable gloves are impressive in both length and quality of design. The design was thought through well, solving typical flaws such as sweaty hands and addressing wish-list items such as sleeve length. The extra-long sleeves are a feature that we searched for and finally found in this glove. The sleeves are secured on your arm with comfortable elastic bands which easily stretch to pull over even a heavy sweater. The glove is designed to fit the hand well, and we had no problems with them slipping around, which also helps when gripping objects. The soft lining provides additional comfort and keeps hands from getting too sweaty. The material is thick enough to protect from sharp objects and hot water as well.

One small negative for these gloves is that if you want to slip them on and off quickly, these take more effort to pull on quickly due to the long sleeves and elastic band — the effort can outweigh the benefits if not planning to keep them on for an extended period of time. The cost per pair at the time of testing was also slightly higher than most others tested. Due to the sleeve length that adds to an already well-designed product, we think this is the most protective glove we've tested yet.

cleaning gloves - best length and coverage
This long sleeve extends well beyond the mid-arm and up past the elbows for coverage
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best Bang for the Buck

Vgo Reusable Household Gloves 10-Pairs

Material: Latex | No. of gloves/pack: 10 pairs
Substantial weight
Helps avoid water drippage down arm
No lining

The Vgo Reusable Household Gloves 10-Pairs is a standard ten pack of yellow gloves. The Vgo appears as your "typical" cleaning glove with few flashy features, yet it surprised us. We expected thin, sticky material but instead found substantial, extra thick material with a soft finish. The insides of the gloves are smooth, and they easily slide on and off the hands. Another nice design feature is the small lip on the sleeve, which helps keep water from dripping down your arm; this is great for kitchen chores and other tasks. They are breathable and don't get sweaty easily, even while using steaming hot water. They fit the shape of the hand well and have a comfortable elasticity to them, which we appreciate when switching between and handling more intricate cleaning tasks.

One primary downside to the Vgo is that the sleeve length is on the shorter end; if you're looking for a glove to protect you from dirty tasks, this is something to consider. The outside of the glove is a bit too soft to maintain a really good grip when, for example, washing dishes in soapy water; because of this, these gloves get a slightly lower grip rating. They also lack a lining, which is something to consider if you're looking for a plush, comfy feel on the inside. Overall, the Vgo is a comfortable and cost-effective option with few significant downsides.

cleaning gloves - best bang for the buck
These dependable and comfortable gloves are sold as a ten pack and comes in at a great value.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best Latex-free for Cost

Pacific PPE Latex Free

Material: PVC | No. of gloves/pack: 2 pair
Comfortable & fits to hand
No lip for liquid drippage
Average length sleeves

The Pacific PPE Latex Free gloves have a similar design to a few others tested and features that make this glove comfortable and pleasant to wear. The glove design fits the hand well, keeps the fingers in place, and slips easily on and off for quick tasks. The thicker material helps avoid easy punctures and comfortably protects from scalding hot water while maintaining flexibility so that the hand can still move easily. The lining is soft and adds to the comfort of wearing these gloves and keeping hands from sweating. Patterns on the exterior of the fingers help to grip objects, while the fabric has a rubbery feel that helps to give a sticky response when holding objects.

The opportunities for these gloves revolve around the sleeves. The length of the sleeves is fairly average and doesn't protect from splashes well. The gloves are also missing a cuff or feature to keep water from dripping down the arms. Though they are designed well, they may not be the best option for messy and involved cleaning tasks. Overall, these gloves are comfortable, designed well, and a great choice for quick cleaning tasks.

cleaning gloves - best latex-free for cost
The fabric feels slightly sticky and includes some texture features which together helps grip objects
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best Latex-Free for Comfort

Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Gloves

Material: PVC Material | No. of gloves/pack: 2 pairs
Comfortable & fits to hand
No lip for liquid drippage
Tighter sleeve

The Elgood Reusable Dishwashing Gloves are an excellent latex-free pair of gloves, thanks to their comfort and fit. Made with a soft lining inside, they were comfortable to wear for extended periods doing both around-the-home cleaning tasks and hefty dishwashing sessions. A notable feature is the non-slip design that includes small, gripping pieces of the fabric on the insides of the fingers. This feature works exceptionally well, as the Elgood Reusable stays in place and fits better than many in our fleet. The outside has a matte-like material that helps when gripping slippery objects.

One downside to the Elgood is no lip or cuff feature to keep water from draining down the arm. Depending on how meticulous of a cleaner you are, this may or may not be a negative point. Feeling some stickiness on the inside (from the non-slip feature) also seems to take away from the comfort, as this feels a bit awkward at first and is something to note. These gloves are very comfortable, fit to the hand well, and are an excellent latex-free option.

cleaning gloves - best latex-free for comfort
We assessed features, which included linings for comfort and sleeve length for coverage.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Excellent for Heavy-Duty Tasks

UXglove Chemical Resistant Gloves

Material: Latex | No. of gloves/pack: 1 pair
Chemical resistant
No lining
Shorter sleeve

The UXglove Chemical Resistant Gloves provides excellent protection, durability, and comfort for a heavy-duty option. They are thin enough to feel cool and breathable but substantial enough to protect against hot water that would normally scald the skin. The latex material is superbly stretchy, and because of this, they are more resistant to pokes or slices from sharp objects. These gloves protected us against chemicals, oils, and overall dirty tasks as they provide decent protection and length coverage. We also found that they accommodate your typical household cleaning tasks, and they include a lip to help avoid water drippage for dishwashing and other water-heavy tasks.

It is worth noting that the UXglove Chemical Resistant gloves are classified as heavy-duty but are not marketed as extremely resistant to sharp objects or very high temperatures. If considering these gloves for a variety of cleaning tasks, some downsides are worth noting. There is no lining to keep the hands from getting sweaty or adding a layer of comfort. The fit is a bit looser, and the design feels pretty "one-size-fits-all", lacking any tapering around the wrists or fingers. The outside of the material can also be slippery when using soapy water. These gloves are relatively versatile and accommodating to most cleaning and heavy-duty tasks.

cleaning gloves - excellent for heavy-duty tasks
For a heavy-duty option, these gloves provide excellent protection and durability.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best for Comfort and Light Tasks

Mr. Clean Bliss Premium Latex-Free

Material: Proprietary latex-free material | No. of gloves/pack: 1 pair
Wide sleeve
No lip for liquid drippage
Looser fit in the wrist

The Mr. Clean Bliss Premium Latex-Free gloves are a nice option when looking for a comfortable latex-free glove. Many design choices rate these gloves high in comfort and quality. They fit well and boast a superbly soft and comfortable lining, keeping hands from sweating during prolonged wear and giving an overall pleasant feel. The outside has a slightly matte finish, which adds to the feeling of wearing a high-quality glove. The thickness also helps improve protection and durability, which aids in hefty tasks. The wrists are designed to fit loosely and fade into a nice, wide sleeve. The wide sleeve is excellent if looking for a glove that fits over clothing nicely and doesn't restrict the arm.

Though the overall makeup of the fabric is lovely, there are a few potential downsides to note. There aren't any design features to help with water drippage during messy tasks, and the sleeves are a bit short. The thicker fabric, along with lower elasticity, can take away from the comfort if you're looking for a "barely there" fit. The gloves can slide around a bit during detailed tasks, as there are no features to keep the fingers in place, and the wide wrist design doesn't help. It is important to note that purchasing the correct size is important here, as not everyone will have this problem. These gloves provide decent comfort and protection and are great for lighter tasks around the home.

cleaning gloves - these rated high in comfort when assessing the glove's lining and...
These rated high in comfort when assessing the glove's lining and sleeve fit.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Best for Versatile Kitchen Use

LANON Wahoo Series PVC Gloves

Material: PVC material | No. of gloves/pack: 3 pairs
Food safe
Comfortable & flexible
No lip for liquid drippage
Thin, less durable with sharp objects

The LANON Wahoo Series PVC Gloves are a pleasant find, as we never thought that a pair of cleaning gloves could handle the transition from food prep to washing dishes and cleaning countertops; these gloves can do just that. Being latex, DEHP, lead & cadmium free, they are specifically marketed for food use in the kitchen. This is a nice feature for those who want to keep their hands protected from staining and odorous foods while moving easily between food and kitchen cleaning tasks. Construction is thicker in the hands, with the sleeves thinning out a bit. The LANON Wahoo received a high comfort rating during testing. The material is slightly matte on the outside and soft on the inside. The thin material and flexibility help the gloves to feel breathable. We tested these gloves while preparing onions and garlic for homemade pasta sauce, moving between cutting, cleaning, and cooking on the stovetop. The gloves were flexible and thin enough to handle most objects easily.

On the downsides, cutting onions was a pleasant task, though peeling them was slightly difficult. We were willing to work with this downside until it came to peeling and dicing garlic, which was too intricate to do with these gloves. On a cleaning task note, the sleeves are a bit shorter, and it's not recommended that you use high-concentration chemicals. There are also warnings against wearing sharp rings and using around sharp objects such as toothpicks. Also, note that the white fabric is stained easily when washing dishes. These gloves are a nice addition to most kitchen tasks and come in handy for most jobs in the kitchen.

cleaning gloves - these food-safe gloves were versatile in the kitchen - we used them...
These food-safe gloves were versatile in the kitchen - we used them for cutting veggies and washing dishes.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Notable for Good Grip

Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Gloves

Material: Latex and Synthetic Neoprene | No. of gloves/pack: 3 pairs
Cuff for water drippage
Sleeve length
Thin fabric
Little lining

The Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Gloves bring beneficial features to the average cleaning glove experience. The main feature that stands out is the drip-catch cuff intended to keep water from dripping down the arm. The gloves are extra long and can be cuffed a few inches without taking too much from the length. This is a handy feature if you find yourself splashing a lot of water while washing dishes or reaching up high to scrub the shower wall, only to find a stream of water rushing down your arm. There is a lightly textured lining inside the glove, which also helps keep the hands from sliding around too much. The material on the exterior gives an excellent grip, as it is flexible, and the rubber texture helps to hold on to objects, even when covered in soapy water.

The Playtex Living Reusable fabric doesn't surprise or delight in any way, being a bit thinner and less substantial than others tested. They seem to be punctured more easily and may not hold up as well long term. The feel of the fabric is rubbery and can come across as slightly sticky. It is also worth noting that the wrists are designed larger, so smaller hands can slip around a bit. Though a fairly average material, the gloves give good coverage for messier tasks and provide substantial grip.

cleaning gloves - we tested the gloves with high water-volume tasks to see which...
We tested the gloves with high water-volume tasks to see which gloves kept us dry.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Notable for Heat-resistance

Tusko Products Best Nitrile

Material: Nitrile | No. of gloves/pack: 1 pair
Thicker fabric
Easy on and off
No lip for liquid drippage
No lining

The Tusko Products Best Nitrile cleaning gloves boast fabric that feels more substantial than your average cleaning glove. This fabric helps to protect against scalding water and punctures. Though thicker, the fabric is still flexible. The fit in the hand allows the gloves to slip on and off easily. We think these gloves are best for quick tasks around the home and protect against household chemicals and water.

Some of the cons for this glove are around both the fit and sleeve design. The gloves don't fit the hand quite as well as some others tested. There's no cuff or feature to keep water from dripping down the sleeves. The sleeves are an average length, so protection against splashing and dirty tasks is minimal. There is no lining inside, which detracts from comfort because the gloves stick to sweaty hands and can get uncomfortable when worn for a lengthier time. The fabric's exterior is textured on the fingers, but it doesn't seem to improve grip much, and overall, they are not as slip-resistant as some others tested. This pair would be a good choice if looking for some handy gloves to slip on quickly and accomplish tasks.

cleaning gloves - these gloves boast thicker fabric and texture features on the...
These gloves boast thicker fabric and texture features on the fingers to help with grip
Credit: Lael Martinez


Notable for Length Coverage

YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Material: Rubber | No. of gloves/pack: 2 pairs
No lining

These gloves are a win for sleeve length as they are the longest of any gloves we tested. The YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves are made with thinner material, which is a plus for flexibility and helps improve the ability to grip objects well, and the exterior includes some texture on the fingers. Overall they are versatile because of their length; they are ideal for washing dishes, cleaning the shower, and taking on other messy household cleaning chores.

It is worth noting that the long sleeves are narrow and could cause problems fitting if you're looking for more room in the arms. They don't have an interior lining to keep hands comfortable or to keep from sweating easily. The length, combined with the lack of lining, makes the gloves feel hot and less breathable than we'd like, particularly after extensive wear. There are also no features or design intentions to help keep the hand from sliding around — a bit of a design miss here. The fabric is a bit thin, though we didn't find any quality flaws when testing. Though some design flaws are present, we appreciated finding a truly long glove that excels in cleaning.

the rubber cleaning gloves had the best length and coverage.
The rubber cleaning gloves had the best length and coverage.
Credit: Lael Martinez

Why You Should Trust Us

Being a very detail-oriented person and a bit of a perfectionist with any task, our primary tester, and reviewer, Lael Martinez is often searching for the most productive and effective way of cleaning. Being the second eldest of 11 children, she knows a thing or two about messy tasks and getting things done. Now a homeowner, she has her own list of things to accomplish — dishes, deep cleaning, gardening, and more. Having the best product is essential to getting the job done.

After researching over 20 different gloves, eight made our list for the top, most effective cleaning gloves on the market. We tested each glove in various household cleaning tasks, rating on quality and durability, versatility, comfort, and grip.

The Elgood latex-free gloves were comfortable and fit great, with...
The Elgood latex-free gloves were comfortable and fit great, with features that kept the gloves in place
The LANON gloves are food safe but difficult to use for intricate...
The LANON gloves are food safe but difficult to use for intricate tasks
We assessed elasticity and smaller features such as grip textures to...
We assessed elasticity and smaller features such as grip textures to avoid clumsy issues

Analysis and Test Results

To test cleaning gloves, we used them in common tasks around the home and rated the typical things that would either get in the way of accomplishing a task or make the task a breeze. We assessed any annoyances in using the gloves as well as surprising perks.

Quality and Durability

When testing for quality and durability, we assessed the glove's fabric, thickness, and elasticity. We tested to be sure the gloves were fully waterproof and didn't easily tear when stretched. We evaluated any thoughtful and functional features, such as a lip on the sleeve to keep water contained.

The Casabella and the Playtex cleaning gloves stood out here; they both had a large section of the sleeve that could be cuffed to catch water, and the Elgood Long Cuff gloves stood out due to the comfortable and functional extra long sleeves. A few other gloves had small lips on the sleeve to avoid this issue, such as the Vgo and UXglove. Only two gloves stood out for length. The Playtex glove worked well when uncuffed and didn't slip down the arm, unlike the Casabella. The Rubber Cleaning Gloves were the longest and most helpful for length coverage.

cleaning gloves - to assess quality, we washed sinks full of dirty dishes and scrubbed...
To assess quality, we washed sinks full of dirty dishes and scrubbed dirty showers.
Credit: Lael Martinez


Versatility was an essential ranking factor when engaging in a variety of tasks. We wanted the gloves to be convenient for moving from task to task without needing to remove them often. We even tested cooking, slicing veggies, cleaning the counters and dishes, and cleaning the kitchen floor after a nasty spill.

The LANON Wahoo gloves were the most versatile in the kitchen, as they're made with food-safe materials and provide sufficient coverage for kitchen tasks. They weren't as durable as the Casabella Waterblock gloves and the Elgood Long Cuff gloves, which graded high for solving the water drippage issue across tasks such as washing dishes and cleaning the shower.

cleaning gloves - testing in progress!
Testing in progress!
Credit: Lael Martinez


When assessing the comfort of each glove, we wanted to find a few adjustments needed, features that would assist with keeping the glove in place, and any lining and design choices that would make wearing the gloves pleasant. The Casabella Waterblock gloves scored the highest here, with the LANON Wahoo and Elgood gloves ranking right behind. We were also surprised to find that though minimally designed with comfort features, the Vgo and UXglove provided a nice fit and elasticity that made up for this.

cleaning gloves - for this metric, we evaluated the lining in the gloves, material...
For this metric, we evaluated the lining in the gloves, material thickness, and elasticity.
Credit: Lael Martinez


The grip of each glove was important to test, as both the fit and material of the glove could add to clumsiness leading to broken dishes, for example, and additional messes to clean. We found that the gloves with a matte finish fabric were the ones that gripped objects the best, such as the LANON Wahoo and Elgood gloves. The Playtex also ranked high, as the material was more rubbery and had a sticky texture. The Mr. Clean had a matte texture but didn't seem to fit as snuggly on the hand, which lowered the grip potential here.

here, we assessed various features that helped with gripping...
Here, we assessed various features that helped with gripping slippery objects.
Credit: Lael Martinez


We were surprised by the cost-effective choices and overall comfort of most of the gloves we tested. Many surprising features added to the convenience of wearing cleaning gloves. However, it's worth noting that finding the right fit for your hand is important. An ill-fitting glove can detract from a pleasant cleaning experience, while a good fit, along with some other helpful features, can enhance any cleaning experience.

cleaning gloves - while most gloves scored well, smaller features helped to set our...
While most gloves scored well, smaller features helped to set our highest rated gloves apart from the rest.
Credit: Lael Martinez

Lael Martinez

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