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The 6 Best Beard Trimmers

We tested beard trimmers from Braun, Philips Norelco, Wahl, and more to sort out the best from the rest
Best Beard Trimmer
Cutting effectiveness is a function of bade quality, spacing, and how well you maintain your device over time.
Credit: Buck Yedor

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By Jediah Porter & Buck Yedor  ⋅  Oct 4, 2022

After extensively researching nearly 40 of the best beard trimmers, we bought and tested 8 of today's top models in a series of objective side-by-side tests. Our selected test lineup spans a wide range of prices and cutting capabilities. Our testing was thorough and based on decades of personal grooming experience, performed by a detail-oriented team, and is communicated here for your perusal. Our findings highlight an excellent collection of the best beard trimmers for your style and budget.

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Editor's Note: We updated this review on October 4, 2022, to remove two discontinued products from our test lineup and to confirm the availability of the remaining models.


Best Overall Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: No
Many adjustments and accessories
Amazing battery life
Not waterproof
Flimsy storage bag

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 trimmer is truly an all-in-one device. Equipped with 23 different attachments, it's capable of meeting all your grooming needs. This handy device can trim your facial and body hair as well as perform full-on haircuts. It was unquestionably the most versatile device we tested. With an incredibly long-lasting battery and high-quality blades, there isn't much to complain about with this trimmer. The stainless steel handle is ergonomic to hold and has a hefty weight that gives it the satisfying feel of a well-made tool.

Our main gripe with this model is that it's not fully waterproof, leaving you out of luck if you like to shave in the shower. This caveat aside, we think the Multigroom 7000 is the perfect device for people looking for one tool to tackle all their grooming needs.

best overall beard trimmer
The Philips Norelco 7000 is made from high quality componentry and has great ergonomics.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best Bang for the Buck

Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Grooming Kit

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: No
High-quality componentry
Double foil shaver included
No nose/ear trimmer
Expensive compared to comparable options

The Wahl Lithium Ion All-in-One Grooming Kit is a step up in quality from the Wahl Groomsman. The primary difference is that this model has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, whereas the Groomsman requires the use of AAs. Our testers enjoyed the feel and ergonomics of the rubberized handle and found the blades to cut exceptionally well.

Designed with facial and body hair in mind, this trimmer doesn't come with longer blade attachments for anything but the shortest of haircuts. If you want a trimmer for your face and head, you might want to consider some of the other options, but this product is hard to beat as far as having a dedicated beard trimmer.

beard trimmer - best bang for the buck
The Wahl Lithium Ion is a high quality precision beard trimmer.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best on a Shoestring Budget

Wahl Groomsman 5621

Power Source: AA Batteries | Waterproof: No
Limited functionality
Battery operated

The Wahl Groomsman is an inexpensive battery-operated trimmer that is great for touch-ups and general grooming. The small size and reasonable price make it a perfect travel companion that you won't be too worried about beating up or losing. Despite the small size, it does come with eight blade guards that give you many opportunities to fine-tune your facial hair.

Our testers did experience the occasional bit of tugging when using this trimmer and the mostly plastic componentry felt of lesser quality than the more premium options from Wahl. This device is essentially just for trimming medium to short-length beards and body hair. With eight beard guards and a separate device for your ears and nose, this device isn't the most versatile. Overall this option is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive travel-ready beard trimmer.

beard trimmer - best on a shoestring budget
For the price, the WAHL Groomsman offers great versatility and functionality.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Best for Use in the Shower

Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: Yes
Many accessories/attachments
Short battery life
Finicky blade guards

The Braun 9-in-1 Trimmer is a versatile and rechargeable trimming device that is fully waterproof. For those who prefer taking care of your grooming in the shower, this device will likely be your top choice. Despite only coming with four-blade guards, once installed, the two larger guards each offer five adjustable lengths, giving you an enormous level of control and refinement. This timer also comes complete with a nose and ear trimmer attachment, a reduced width detailing attachment, as well as a dedicated body hair trimmer. In addition, this kit provides a Gillette Fusion razor with two disposable blades.

The biggest flaw we found was how finicky locking in the blade guard micro-adjustments could be. We also didn't personally love the ergonomics of the handle, but it's certainly not a dealbreaker. This is an excellent device for those who prefer to shave in the shower or want a highly adjustable trimmer.

beard trimmer - best for use in the shower
The Braun trimmer is fully waterproof and highly versatile.
Credit: Buck Yedor


A Premium Trimmer for Serious Grooming

Wahl Cordless Magic Clip

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: No
Corded and non-corded operation
Extremely high-quality componentry
No nose or ear hair trimmers

The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is a serious beard and hair cutting machine. With a variable taper blade and eight included blade guards, it's easy to fine-tune the look of your beard and hair. Designed with professional barbers in mind, this trimmer is built to last. The ergonomics of the handle are well-designed and comfortable to hold onto. One of the most remarkable functions of this device is its ability to be used corded or cordless. The ability to plug it in and keep cutting will keep you from ending up with a half-done job waiting for your trimmer to charge. At the same time, the rechargeable battery makes it easy to trim the back of your head without getting tangled in a cord or to take the whole operation outside.

Using this device for small details might prove to be more challenging for less experienced users because it doesn't come with any blade guards that reduce the width of the blades. While this device is amazing at trimming and maintaining beards and haircuts, it's not ideal for removing small amounts of body hair and doesn't have any attachments to trim nose or ear hair. It's best suited for those serious about home grooming who want to skip going to the barbershop.

beard trimmer - a premium trimmer for serious grooming
The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is ideal for high volume full service grooming from your face to your head.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Corded, Simple, and Solid

Wahl Professional Peanut Classic 8685

Power Source: Corded plug-in | Waterproof: No
Professional construction quality
No recharging or battery required
Limited versatility

The Wahl Peanut is a simple and bombproof device. Part of Wahl's professional line of products, this trimmer is built for heavy-duty use. Its corded power system is both a blessing and a curse. The lack of an internal battery means one less piece can break but ultimately keeps you tethered close to a wall outlet. This compact trimmer sits comfortably in your palm and is easy to work with and especially easy to clean. True to the Wahl brand, this is a highly effective cutting tool.

The Peanut only comes with four-blade guards, ranging from ⅛" up to ½", which seriously limits the out-of-box versatility. It's great for trimming down or maintaining big thick beards and for keeping your fade looking fresh between trips to the barber.

beard trimmer - corded, simple, and solid
The Wahl Peanut is a handy corded little device built to withstand professional use. While not the most versatile, it is a highly effective cutting machine.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Waterproof and Good for General Grooming

Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: Yes
Limited versatility
Questionable longevity

The Remington All-in-One Grooming Kit is another good option for those who like to shave in the shower. The trimmer and all associated accessories pack into one of the smallest storage bags of any in our test group. The handle has decent ergonomics, and the adjustable blade guards give you the ability to make micro changes to your cutting lengths. The adjustability and variety of attachments make this trimmer excel at more complicated detail work.

While we didn't personally experience this, there were quite a few mentions of people experiencing total battery failure after a relatively short use period. While there is a haircutting attachment for this trimmer, some of the other tested trimmers will serve you better if you're looking for a device for at-home haircuts. This trimmer is excellent for detailing in or out of the shower.

beard trimmer - the remington trimmer is a decent and relatively affordable option...
The Remington trimmer is a decent and relatively affordable option that is fully waterproof and ready for shower use.
Credit: Buck Yedor


A Quality and Affordable Option

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery | Waterproof: No
Lacks versatility
Limited blade guard

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 is a pared-down version of the Multigroom 7000. Slightly smaller and mostly made of plastic, this immediately feels and looks like a more budget version of the other Philips trimmer. That being said, it is still a very capable device but less all-encompassing than the 7000. With seven-blade guards, a smaller width detail blade, and an ear/nose trimmer attachment, this device offers a decent range of options for short to medium-length beards and the ability to touch up hair cuts.

The provided carrying case is on the flimsy side, and the slide zip closure doesn't seem very durable. This device wouldn't be our first choice for serious hair cutting but is great for keeping up with facial and body hair at a reduced price.

beard trimmer - the philips norelco 3000 is a simple and functional dedicated beard...
The Philips Norelco 3000 is a simple and functional dedicated beard trimmer.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Why You Should Trust Us

Our lead tester, Buck Yedor, has an impeccable eye for detail and has tested a diverse offering of products ranging from electric egg cookers to iPhone charging cables. His experience in using and abusing home electronics can hopefully help you find the right beard trimmer without feeling like you're going to pull your hair out.

While all of the trimmers we tested are similar shapes and sizes its...
While all of the trimmers we tested are similar shapes and sizes its the small nuances that make them all perform differently.
The WAHL Magic Cordless Clippers are especially adept at cutting...
The WAHL Magic Cordless Clippers are especially adept at cutting hair in addition to beards.
All of the WAHL blades we tested are incredibly effective cutting...
All of the WAHL blades we tested are incredibly effective cutting tools but do require to be oiled regularly.

Our testing involved a combination of "real-world" use and objective tests. Real-world use meant trying the devices for various grooming tasks, re-growing the beards, and testing again. We tested and compared cutting effectiveness, power systems, ergonomics, ease of cleaning, and versatility. Formalized tests included side-by-side comparisons of basic cutting tasks and a head-to-head battery life run-down for all those that run on batteries.

Analysis and Test Results

Most of our testing took place in "real-world" scenarios. We cut, let it grow, and cut it again. We complemented our anecdotal findings with thorough and objective examinations.

Cutting Effectiveness

Determining how well a product cuts is as simple as using it. Cutting effectiveness is also a product of well you maintain your trimmer. The easier it is to maintain, the more likely you are actually going to do regular upkeep. Parts that are user-serviceable and replaceable will keep your trimmer cutting better, longer. We know from years of using trimmers that all will wear at some rate. A product with multiple cutting heads included (usually of different sizes) will keep its cutting performance longer as you rotate through the different options.

beard trimmer - the philips norelco 7000 was a standout in cutting effectiveness
The Philips Norelco 7000 was a standout in cutting effectiveness
Credit: Buck Yedor

The blades of the Wahl Peanut Corded sit tightly against one another and cut cleanly with no tug. We found that its pro-level construction cuts the best out of any product in this review. The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip and the Philips Norelco 7000 are also high performers in this metric.

beard trimmer - we put each trimmer through the same rigorous testing process to...
We put each trimmer through the same rigorous testing process to determine the best and worst qualities in each.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Towards the lower end of the price spectrum, we found most of the blades to function at a similar level. While not as clean-cutting as the most premium options, the budget options like the Philips Norelco 3000 and the Remington still have more than adequate cutting effectiveness.

Power System

First, we have to distinguish between corded and battery-powered trimmers. We tested one corded version (the Wahl Peanut) and nine battery-powered cutters. The corded one is the most powerful and is intended for professional barbershop/salon use. You can simply get more power into a compact package if the electricity comes from a cord. However, that cord gets in the way and complicates use a little bit. If you like to trim your hair outside for easier clean-up, a battery-powered trimmer is best. Battery-powered options are more common for home use, largely because they are used continuously through the same day. Most of the rechargeable battery options are able to be used while plugged in, so even if power starts running low, you won't be left in the lurch.

beard trimmer - our favorite trimmers, including the wahl lithium ion, have...
Our favorite trimmers, including the WAHL Lithium Ion, have rechargeable batteries that gives you
Credit: Buck Yedor

Among the battery-powered options, we found a range of performance. To test, we simply charged them all and then ran them until they were out of juice. The buzzing drove us nuts, but we gathered valuable data. The Philips Norelco 7000 motored on for a remarkable six hours and 15 minutes. The middle of the pack was between two and four hours. Two lasted less than two hours.

The Hatteker Beard Trimmer faded out at 1:15 but includes the test's only charging/organizational stand. If your bathroom has shelf space for it, you can set up the Hatteker to always be charged up and organized amongst its attachments and guards.

We have to give a nod to corded options as well. When fresh out of the box, a battery-powered trimmer will stay fresh and charged. Over time virtually all batteries will degrade and eventually forcing you to buy a new trimmer. Corded options might be the best best for pure longevity.

beard trimmer - although you're stuck tethered to an outlet, you don't have to worry...
Although you're stuck tethered to an outlet, you don't have to worry about the WAHL Peanut running out of steam midway through a trim.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Precise and comfortable use of your beard trimmer requires easy manipulation. Size is the primary factor. There is a sweet spot of control and maneuverability. Shape and texture also matter. The *Philips Norelco Multigroom 7000 was one of our favorites to hold and use. It has just the right combination of length, weight, and handle feel.

beard trimmer - the philips norelco 7000 is a pleasure to hold and work with.
The Philips Norelco 7000 is a pleasure to hold and work with.
Credit: Buck Yedor

The Wahl Peanut is small, but the cord serves to help you stabilize it in hand. The Remington and Hatteker trimmers are a little bigger than ideal, while the Andis Slimline is similar in size to the Wahl All-in-One but is smoother and more slippery. The waterproof Braun 9-in-1 is a good size but smooth and slippery on the outside.

beard trimmer - slight differences in handle and grip shape makes a big difference...
Slight differences in handle and grip shape makes a big difference in the ergonomics of each device. Our testers found the WAHL groomsman to be comfortable to hold onto and wield.
Credit: Buck Yedor

Ease of Cleaning

There are two primary determinants of ease of cleaning. Most obvious is the ability to rinse the entire device. This is appealing and seems like it should make a big difference. We don't find rinsing to address clogging, though. It is the hairs inside the blade mechanism that gum things up. Real cleaning requires removing the head from the tool to dislodge clumps of cut hair.

beard trimmer - cleaning the philips norelco with its included brush. note that the...
Cleaning the Philips Norelco with its included brush. Note that the head has been removed for brushing beneath. This is key to good cleaning and ongoing function.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

We mainly scored the "cleanability" of beard trimmers by how easy it was to get the cutting head on and off. If it's easy to remove and replace, your job of cleaning will go more smoothly. The Hatteker head goes on and off very easily. The Braun 9-in-1 head comes on and off easily, and the whole thing is waterproof. Most trimmers have heads that are removed and then replaced with at least some amount of fiddling. This is what we might call average ease of cleaning. Both the Phillips Norelco 3000 and 7000, Wahl All-in-One, and Wahl Peanut fall into this average category, among others. The head of the Andis Slimline does not come off at all, making it very hard to remove clumps.

beard trimmer - being fully waterproof, the braun is ideal for in shower use.
Being fully waterproof, the Braun is ideal for in shower use.
Credit: Buck Yedor


Versatility refers to how many different tasks each trimmer is capable of performing. Does it cut your beard off entirely, and that's it? Or can the blade be "guarded" to leave some hair length? Are there other attachments like an electric razor or nose hair trimmer? Can you use it in the shower? Some even have interchangeable blades with different widths to give you more precision with detailed work. Some are even capable of full-blown haircuts.

beard trimmer - all the 2020 tested beard trimmers, left to right: philips norelco...
All the 2020 tested beard trimmers, left to right: Philips Norelco 7750, Wahl 9854, Andis, Gillette, Braun, Remington, Philips Norelco 3210, Hatteker
Credit: Rosie De Lise

The most versatile "beard trimmers" are comprehensive all-body "manscaping" tools. You can do full hair cuts and grooming with the Hatteker Beard Trimmer, Philips Norelco 7000, almost all of the Wahl options, and the Braun 9-in-1. All four of these include many different guard options, multiple head widths, electric razors, and rotary nose/ear hair trimmers. Their versatility dramatically exceeds that of the remaining options.

beard trimmer - the easily interchangeable heads and attachments make trimmers like...
The easily interchangeable heads and attachments make trimmers like the Philips Norelco 7000 highly versatile.
Credit: Buck Yedor

With a few minor exceptions, the remaining products are essentially cutting heads with a few guards (or a range of adjustments in one or two guards).

beard trimmer - the wahl groomsman is affordable and decently versatile.
The WAHL Groomsman is affordable and decently versatile.
Credit: Buck Yedor


While all of these products we've reviewed qualify as beard trimmers, some of them are all-encompassing grooming and haircutting tools, while others are optimized for just trimming an actual beard. We hope our comprehensive look at the cutting effectiveness, power systems, ergonomics, ease of cleaning, and versatility of these beard trimmers will help you make an informed choice during your next purchase.

Jediah Porter & Buck Yedor

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