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Best Sling Camera Bag of 2021

Credit: Jason Peters
By Jason Peters ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 19, 2021
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Our experts considered over 50 sling camera bags before buying 10 of the most popular sling camera bags and tested them in controlled and real-world environments for weeks to find the best for you. The sheer amount of sling-style bags available can be incredibly overwhelming and there are many factors to consider. Comfort, capacity, build quality, budget, and features are good deciding factors, and that's where we put our focus. So let our photography experts do the heavy lifting to find the best sling camera bag for your needs. Read on to find our results.


Best Large Camera Sling Bag

Tenba DNA 15 Messenger

Carry type: Over the shoulder | Dimensions: 17" x 8" x 11"
High capacity
Fast access to the camera
Great build quality
Becomes uncomfortable if fully loaded

Tenba is a well-known brand with over four decades of quality camera bag designs under their belt, and the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 doesn't disappoint. The bag features a solid build with included weather resistance. Tested against 5 minutes of heavy showers, there was no water found in the bag's primary compartment, even without utilizing the included rain fly. We've tested a lot of bags, and the Tenba's spaciousness rivals many backpacks — it has enough space for two cameras with lenses attached plus an additional two to three lenses. The depth of the bag will allow for a 70-200 lens connected to a DSLR. In addition to all your camera gear, it still has room for the rest of your mobile office needs, like a 15" laptop and a tablet. There are a whopping 22 pockets built into this bag, two of which are designed to hold water bottles. Thanks to the multitude of options, you can custom organize your gear to your specific liking. One way to access your gear is the top flap which is secured with a Velcro closure that features a quiet Whisper Hook technology. Velcro is quite noisy, but the Whisper Hook opens discreetly and quietly when you pull down on the hood and then open the bag. This is an awesome detail. If you want to access your gear more quickly, a top zipper lets you get around that issue. One last benefit is the option to remove the camera organization areas, leaving you with a large messenger bag if you need it.

Even though we found this bag to be the most comfortable of the fleet when fully loaded down, it could be tough to wear for a long day. The amount of different pockets also kept us searching for where we stored the lens cap at times. We also struggled to find a convenient way to carry a tripod with this bag. You can stash it under the main flap of the pack, but this was clumsy and make accessing the bag more time-consuming.

Classic styling gives this the appearance of a normal messenger bag...
Classic styling gives this the appearance of a normal messenger bag, but once you open it, its. a cavernous camera bag.
Credit: Jason Peters


Best Compact Sling Camera Bag

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

Carry type: Sling | Dimensions: 15.5" x 6" x 10"
Great weather resistance
13" laptop barely fits

We found the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L to be the Goldilocks of sling camera bags; it's not too big, nor too small but just right — big enough to shoot out of all day, without weighing us down by being so big that we want to bring everything we own. The Everyday Sling carries tight to your back but with a quick-release strap adjust. It's easy to loosen and pull around to the front of your body. This bag has minimalistic stylings, with only two external zipped pockets and clean lines. The first of those pockets takes you to the main camera compartment, which comfortably carries a medium-sized lens with a camera attached, a 70-200, and another medium lens. This bag only comes with two internal dividers, and they are the most clever dividers we've seen. Origami-like folding capabilities give you many options for storage. Inside the top flap of this pocket is an organization compartment that is perfect for storing your batteries. In the main chamber is a tablet sleeve. The second external zipper leads to an expanding organization pocket. When we say expanding, it goes from lying flat to being able to hold a 1-liter Nalgene bottle. That pocket includes soft-lined organization pockets that are great for sunglasses or a phone. If you find yourself stuck in the rain more than you would like, then this bag would be a great pick. It was a top performer in our rain stress test.

It's important to stress that the main drawback to this model is that it's on the smaller side — you cannot carry everything in this bag. It is too small to fit a 13" MacBook pro comfortably. Sure, you can squeeze it in, but we don't recommend it. We opted for carrying a tablet instead. Some of our testers found the strap to be too thin and underpadded to be comfortable with heavier loads, while other testers didn't have an issue with that.

A simple beautiful bag that allows you to bring just what you need.
A simple beautiful bag that allows you to bring just what you need.
Credit: Jason Peters


Best Bang for the Buck

AmazonBasics Large DLSR Bag

Carry type: Over the shoulder | Dimensions: 14.25" x 7.5" x 8.75"
Great size for a growing camera collection
Interior is a bright color
Uncomfortable for prolonged carries
Limited organization

For those that are just getting into photography, the AmazonBasics Large Camera Bag is great. It offers classic top-loading access to your camera, which is quick and simple to use while simultaneously allowing you extra protection by zipping the compartment closed. With the price tag of this bag, we didn't have high hopes for weather resistance. Those doubts didn't manifest, and we were surprised by its performance. This contender did well in our 5-minute shower stress test; we found no water in the camera compartment. The bright orange internal liner makes it easy to see all your dark camera gear. Four colorful dividers batch the lining and make it easy to organize your gear how you need to. The AmazonBasics bag offers basic organizational pockets and a tablet sleeve that we found to be big enough for small tablets.

Unfortunately, this bag isn't tall enough to hold a standard-sized 70-200. While it'll keep a 70-200 lens attached to a mirrorless body lengthwise, with that setup, there is no additional room in the bag for other lenses. It lacked comfort, which we found the most significant drawback to this model. We walked over a mile with it fully loaded and slung over our shoulders, and our bodies weren't too pleased. This bag's construction isn't that great either. Using flimsy plastic buckles and single stitching keeps the cost down but also leaves us wondering if it will last as long as other bags we tested. Outside of the photography compartment, this model has minimal space to hold accessories. While it does feature straps for a tripod, we found the extra weight made it even more burdensome and preferred to use those straps for something like a jacket.

The name of the game here is simple but effective. Nothing fancy...
The name of the game here is simple but effective. Nothing fancy here but it gets the job done.
Credit: Jason Peters


Best Design

Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15"

Carry type: Messenger | Dimensions: 17" x 8" x 11"
Good organization
Good weather resistance
Great attention to detail
Tight fit for some large laptops

The Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15" features the simple, sleek look that Peak Design is known for. The detail-oriented approach to this bag makes it user-friendly for a day out. These details make everything easier, from the main compartment's magnetic closure to the quick-adjust buckle on the strap. The bag's main compartment can carry a DSLR with a medium lens attached, another medium, and a large lens with room to spare. That main compartment comes with three origami folding dividers to keep your equipment protected and organized. A zipper on top of the flap allows you access to your camera without opening the flap. Inside the main compartment, there's another drop-in pocket perfect for a memory card wallet or sunglasses. If you are one of those people who believe everything has its place, you will appreciate the front organization pocket, which features eight stretch mesh pockets. Out of all the bags we tested, this model features the most comprehensive load stabilizing straps. It can be worn as a waist belt or worn from a corner of the bag to the shoulder strap to suit your style. Either way, we found that these helped tremendously to stabilize the bag while riding a bike. Peak Design has an ecosystem of products that can be used independently but are all designed to work together seamlessly.

The strap is 2" wide and has integrated padding, and while we like the look and idea of this pad, we found it a little bit flimsy for just how much weight the bag will hold. We appreciate the place to carry a tripod under the main opening flap of the pack, but when you do so, you significantly interfere with the bag's ease of access. Because of that, we often found ourselves leaving the tripod home. A 15" laptop is the functional capacity of this model. Our 16" Macbook Pro is a tight fit, and it is harder to get out of this bag than we would have liked.

Beautiful styling and a keen eye for detail are married, creating a...
Beautiful styling and a keen eye for detail are married, creating a functional and urban bag.
Credit: Jason Peters


Best for Small Cameras

Domke F-5XB

Carry type: Over the shoulder | Dimensions: 12" x 4.5" x 6.75"
Fast access to the camera
Durable materials
Maybe too small
Organizational pockets are limited

As a longtime workhorse brand for photojournalists, Domke has been making durable, trustworthy bags for decades. The Domke F-5XB maintains its well-built, simple, understated design and gets its durability from its thick, waxed canvas. Domke believes, as do we, that if you care for this bag correctly, it will be with you for years. To set you off on the right foot caring for this bag, they send you a container of wax, which is nice. You have two choices in how to wear this model: either over the shoulder with a strap or ditch the shoulder strap and wear it on your belt. We found that we used this bag when we were out with just one camera and needed to carry a couple of extra lenses and some accessories.

This bag is simple, to the point of having almost no organizational pockets. Two drop-in pockets run the full length of the pack. The first one is under the Velcro flap on the front of the bag; the second is right behind the first, inside the bag, between the padding of the camera compartment and the waxed canvas. That pocket is big enough to slip in an iPad Mini if you wanted to. However, we wouldn't necessarily recommend doing that with no padding on the outside of that pocket. We opted, instead, to store a notebook and pen in that pocket.

A great bag for wandering a city with just one camera and a couple...
A great bag for wandering a city with just one camera and a couple of lenses.
Credit: Jason Peters


Great Small Bag With High-End Details

ONA The Bowery Messenger

Carry type: Over the Shoulder | Dimensions: 12" x 4.5" x7.5"
Beautiful materials
Lacks organization

The ONA Bowery is a simple yet elegant bag made with beautiful materials. Waxed Canvas with genuine full-grain leather trim and brass hardware gives this bag classic styling coupled with incredible durability. This bag is well-padded, including the bottom, which has a rigid plastic core for extra protection. When cared for properly, we believe this model will be protecting your gear for years to come. It comes with a simple 1.5" webbing shoulder strap that is comfortable for the bag's size. We found this model great for cruising the city with a camera and a couple of lenses. It has five external drop-in pockets; two on the front, which are 5" wide and 4" tall, two on the bag's sides, and the fifth is a full-length pocket found on the back.

The downsides of the Bowery are that the external pockets are flat, don't offer much space, and are also hard to utilize. The pockets are difficult to remove items from, making them less useful than we would like. Although the brass buckles are beautiful, we didn't get the hang of the clasp that closes the lid of the camera bag and ended up leaving it unclasped. Despite its minor flaws, those looking for a small, luxury sling camera bag will love the fashion and function of the Bowery.

A clean and simple design married with high-end finishing gives this...
A clean and simple design married with high-end finishing gives this bag a luxury look and feel.
Credit: Jason Peters

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team of professional photographers, Laura and Jason, took the lead on our sling camera bag review. Combined, they have over 25 years of experience wrangling cameras and bags from the city streets to desolate landscapes. Our lead tester, Jason, worked in one of the busiest photography rental houses in Los Angeles and estimates he's packed camera bags well over 4000 times. Over that time, he honed in on what goes into a great camera bag and where others tend to fail. We've taken those years of experience and implemented those lessons in both our real-world and controlled testing of each model.

We tested each bag head to head, scoring and ranking them within our testing metrics. The metrics we tested were comfort, ease of access, capacity, and how they stood up against the elements, among many other factors. To ensure accurate results, each bag faced the same tests in the same conditions.

Waxed canvas holds up well against daily life.
This simple bag performed surprisingly well in our rain testing.
The beautiful styling of brass and leather on this bag is undeniable

Analysis and Test Results

Each sling was put through the same tests in the same conditions to evaluate them on our metrics. Below are the top products in each metric.


How comfortable a bag will be is both body-dependent and subjective. To best account for that in our testing, we had people with different body types test and give feedback on each bag. We walked 1.2 miles on the same course of pavement and trails with each kit loaded to full capacity to see how comfortable each model is while carrying the amount of gear it's designed for. All three of our top bags scored the same for comfort.

The Domke F-5XB and the ONA Bowery felt identical while wearing them, to the point where we did another test walk with both bags on to see if we could feel a difference — and we didn't. They are both beautifully balanced for small camera kits, and we wouldn't mind wearing either of these bags all day.

We found our selfs almost forgetting we were wearing this bag until...
Being so small this bag tends to blend right in when you're wearing...

The Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L was a good compromise between size and comfort; big enough to carry what we need for a diverse day of photography but not so big as to be unwieldy and uncomfortable. This model carries tight to your body and feels agile, contributing to its comfort.

Wearing close and high on your back makes this sling comfortable and...
Wearing close and high on your back makes this sling comfortable and nimble.
Credit: Jason Peters

Camera Access

We buy and carry camera bags for one reason — to take pictures! With that in mind, accessing the camera is of the utmost importance. We wanted to determine how fast and easy it is to get to your camera while keeping everything else secure in your bag. With a stopwatch, we timed how long it took to complete common transitions. Specifically, we measured how long it took to switch from carrying the bag in transport to getting the camera out, and the bag resecured.

At 5 seconds, the Domke was the fastest. This is due to its large size and the simplicity of the velcro closure. With only two items at your fingertips, you don't need to think much about what to take out of the bag. We love the multiple ways this bag can be closed, from fully zipped up and velcro flap closed to having both the velcro flap open and the bag unzipped. We tested this bag with the velcro flap down, but with the zipper unzipped.

With multiple layers of protection, how fast you can access your...
With multiple layers of protection, how fast you can access your camera depends on how closed you have the bag.
Credit: Jason Peters

The surprise of this test is just how well the Tenba DNA 15 fared. We assumed that the bigger bag was going to be less nimble, but that was proved wrong with a time of 6 seconds. The large zipper located on the top lid allows fast access to gear. The access zipper and placement of the camera promote fast deployment and is generally faster when located in the center of the pack.

The fast access is due to the zipper that runs the full length of...
The fast access is due to the zipper that runs the full length of the closing flap on this bag.
Credit: Jason Peters

Being just over a second slower with a similar design and size to the Domke, it's no surprise that the ONA Bowery is nipping at its heels. We attribute this fast time to its simple, user-friendly design with only one buckle and flap between you and your gear. The slower time can be associated with the beautiful brass buckle. That brass buckle is protected by a leather strap that you must navigate to unclasp the bag and open it. In daily use, we found ourselves ignoring that latch altogether, closing the top lid but not buckling it. When this tactic is employed, this bag is just as quick as the Domke.

This buckle slowed us down, but with time, we got faster at getting...
This buckle slowed us down, but with time, we got faster at getting into this bag.
Credit: Jason Peters


Capacity helps define the uses a bag is suitable for. Ultimately, capacity is a straightforward metric — we are simply looking to see how much a given bag will hold. We looked at capacity from three perspectives: camera gear, accessories, and non-photographic gear. Those three aspects combined give us our overall score. Our testers had different ideas of what they were looking for with capacity, and the same is certainly true for you. One of our testers had this to say, "It's a little weird, but if the bag doesn't have a water bottle pocket, it's a deal-breaker." So keep in mind what you are looking for specifically and let that influence your decision.

As far as sling bags go, the Tenba DNA 15 falls into and wins the "everything but the kitchen sink" category. With considerably more room than its next competitor, the DNA 15 was the clear winner. It offers tons of dedicated space for your gear, two water bottle pockets, a spot for your laptop and a large tablet, and a mind-boggling amount of organization pockets. If you are looking for a high-capacity sling bag, look no further.

Everything but the kitchen sink will fit in this bag, but be...
Everything but the kitchen sink will fit in this bag, but be careful, the more you put in it, the less you will want to carry it.
Credit: Jason Peters

The Peak Design Everyday Messenger is a great size for taking to the office and bringing a camera and a couple of lenses as well. It also does well on more photo-dedicated missions, holding one camera with a medium lens attached, two more small or medium lenses, and one large lens.

Holding everything you need for a day at the office with your camera...
Holding everything you need for a day at the office with your camera gear.
Credit: Jason Peters

We found the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L to be a perfect size for a day out shooting. It is big enough to hold your essential gear and has extra room to stash essentials for getting some work done at a coffee shop. While not big enough to hold all of our professional photographer's gear, this bag made us consider what we put in it, and we like that quality. Although you can squeeze a 13" laptop in it, we don't recommend it.

This bag is a great size for a day out shooting, holding everything...
This bag is a great size for a day out shooting, holding everything we could need in a fast and light package.
Credit: Jason Peters


Our durability testing was targeted toward a few critical aspects. The first aspect is an indication of the lifespan of each bag. We looked for signs of premature wear, materials used, and the construction techniques employed. Our second aspect is how well a bag will protect your camera from daily life. Can it handle moisture? How well is padded? The results were close in the top three.

This bags water resistance impressed us and we tested it without the...
This bags water resistance impressed us and we tested it without the included rain fly.
Credit: Jason Peters

Edging out the competition is the Tenba DNA. Using durable materials with attention to construction, we were impressed with the overall build quality of this bag. It also performed very well in our rain stress testing. What made this bag a step ahead for us was its included rain cover. That small feature is much appreciated and not something offered by any other bag we tested.

With hydrophobic zippers and a durable outer shell, this bag isn't...
With hydrophobic zippers and a durable outer shell, this bag isn't afraid of some rain.
Credit: Jason Peters

A close contender was the Peak Design Everyday Sling. With a streamlined and straightforward design realized with top-notch materials, there is little room to fault this bag on build quality. That simple design leaves less moving parts to break. We love the hydrophobic zippers and durable shell materials that were wonderful at keeping the rain at bay.

This beautifully designed bag kept water away from our cameras well...
This beautifully designed bag kept water away from our cameras well when it was fully closed.
Credit: Jason Peters

Just one step back from the Everyday Sling is another bag from Peak Design, the Everyday Messenger 15. Like its sister product, this bag uses excellent materials that show no sign of slowing down any time soon. It also has hydrophobic zippers that do well at shedding water. This bag comes in slightly lower because it does not close entirely, like the Everyday Sling, leaving a higher chance for moisture to sneak in the bag.

All our bags endured the same testing but some fared better than...
All our bags endured the same testing but some fared better than others.
Credit: Jason Peters


You've worked hard to acquire your photographic gear so you can get out and shoot. The wrong bag can deter you from doing that, so make sure to invest in the right camera bag for you! We hope our testing results have helped you find a bag that fits your needs and will serve you well for years to come.

Jason Peters