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The 5 Best Travel Tripods

We tested travel tripods from Manfrotto, Peak Design, MeFOTO, and more to find the best models
Best Travel Tripod
Credit: Laura Casner

Our Top Picks

By Ross Patton and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Jul 25, 2022

After researching more than 50 different travel tripods, we bought the 9 best models presently available to test side-by-side to ensure that you get the perfect tripod for your needs. We assessed the performance of each model's head and panning smoothness, judged their stability, inspected them for any special features, and measured their physical attributes. Read below to find out which one is the best while shopping on a budget, which is the fanciest, which is the most compact, and which ones are our favorites overall.

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Best Overall Travel Tripod

Manfrotto Befree

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 3 pounds 9-⅝ oz
Metal mounting plate
Resistance knob
Easy to use
Plastic leg closures
Lacks a level

The Manfrotto Befree travel tripod is a top-notch choice. This model features a quick-release system for the metal mounting plate, making it fast and easy to attach or remove your camera. The Befree Advanced has excellent head performance, including a resistance knob that tightens down the ball socket, freeing you to set and forget the resistance and focus your use on the primary knob. Overall, we found this model to be very stable, sturdy, and user-friendly.

As a surprising oversight, the Befree Advanced does not come with a level, which is a feature we've come to expect from other top brands. Also, this model utilizes plastic leg clamps, which leads us to worry about durability, given that many travelers are tough on their gear, and plastic can be more likely to break in transit. Still, if you are looking for a travel tripod with excellent performance and stability that is easy to use, then the Manfrotto Befree Advanced is a great choice.

best overall travel tripod
The Manfrotto Befree Advanced is a top-notch travel tripod.
Credit: Laura Casner


Another High-Quality Travel Tripod

MeFoto RoadTrip Classic

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 3 pounds 10-⅝ oz
Dedicated drag knob
Spiked feet
Converts to a monopod
Tall maximum height

The MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic is a phenomenal product that earned high marks during our testing. This model includes spiked feet for rough terrain that are easily swapped out with the all-purpose rubber feet without the use of tools. This travel tripod also easily converts to a monopod from its classic tripod design. Panning is simplified because the designers have thoughtfully included a dedicated drag knob that maintains the same resistance even if you accidentally loosen the primary knob. What we really love about this design is the all-metal construction since plastic tends to be less durable and more prone to breaking during exposure or transit. With a maximum height of 62", this is one of the tallest travel tripods that we've reviewed.

We didn't find much cause for complaint with the MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight, but it was one of the heavier models tested. Without the bag, it weighs 3 pounds 10-⅝ oz. However, with the bag on the scale, it weighs 4 pounds 5-⅝ oz, so it is not ideal for packing lightly. We think it's a fantastic product despite the weight, and we'd recommend the MeFOTO to those looking for a top-notch travel tripod.

another high-quality travel tripod
We found the overall performance and functionality of the MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic to be very impressive.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for the Buck

TYCKA Rangers 56"

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 14-⅛ oz
Rated for high weight
Tension knob can seize
Leg closure levers are not adjustable

If you're shopping for a travel tripod on a budget, it'd be hard to top the TYCKA Rangers 56". Not only is the TYCKA affordable, but it's also light making it ideal for backpacking or other adventures during which every ounce counts. Despite its featherlight weight, we were impressed to learn that the TYCKA is rated to support 26.5 pounds. This model also offers some bonus features such as a bubble level, angle marks for panning, and comfortable rubber grips. It's also nice that this model easily converts to a monopod for those instances where you don't require all three legs' maximum stability.

We did find a few flaws while testing the TYCKA. The leg closure levers do not have adjustable tension, so they will likely wear out over time. We didn't find the panning action on this device to be particularly smooth — if you're going to be shooting video, you may want to go with a more stable model. The all-metal construction is nice, but when our TYCKA arrived, the tension knob was seized open. We were able to pry it loose with a pair of pliers, but it could have been a serious bummer if we didn't have tools readily available. Despite the drawbacks, we still think that this model is ideal for those looking for a light and affordable travel tripod that can support a lot of weight.

travel tripod - best bang for the buck
The TYCKA Rangers 56" is a budget-friendly travel tripod that is light but can also handle a large load.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Premium Model

Peak Design Travel

Bag or Case?: Bag & Hard Case | Weight: 3 pounds 11-½ oz
Fairly stable
Great design
Hidden phone mount

The Peak Design Travel has many attractive features that might make it the perfect choice for you. First of all, it comes with both a bag and a hard case, so you have options to protect your investment depending on where you're headed and what you'll be doing. Hard cases can be a crucial accessory when it comes to certain types of travel. We love the design of the Peak Design model. It can adjust to position the camera angle to be very low to the ground thanks to its wide footprint, and it has a nifty shoulder strap. It's easy to set up and take down than many models we've tested, and we found the phone mount to be innovative and useful. The Peak Design Travel Tripod is one of the more stable models that we've tested, so if you're going to be shooting a video, this one is an excellent choice.

The biggest downside to purchasing this model is the price. For many applications, a cheaper model will do the trick. It's also a bit heavy and bulky compared to other travel tripods on the market, especially once it's in the hard case. Regardless, we think the Peak Design Travel Tripod is an excellent purchase for those looking for a stable tripod with many luxurious extras that is also easy to use.

travel tripod - best premium model
The Peak Design Travel Tripod includes a soft bag as well as a hard case to keep your investment safe while you're globe-trotting for the perfect shot.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best for Portability

K&F Concept 61" Carbon Fiber

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 4-⅛ oz
Smooth panning
Not very stable
Plastic mounting plate

If shaving grams is the goal, the K&F Concept 61" Carbon Fiber is our recommendation. Weighing a mere 2 pounds 4-⅛ oz without the bag, this model is perfect for throwing in the backpack while heading out on a backcountry adventure or your duffel bag while flying to avoid extra baggage fees. We like that the K&F has both a bubble level and a compass to keep your shots perfectly oriented. Our team of expert consumer product analysts found this model to have exceptionally smooth panning as well.

As of July 2021, this tripod has undergone some slight design changes, but the materials and construction are overall very similar to the model we tested.

Along with the extremely lightweight provided by the construction of the K&F Concept 61" Carbon Fiber Tripod brings a bit of a lack of stability when compared to metal models. Despite the smooth panning action, you'd better have a steady hand so as not to flex the legs while shooting. We are also not the biggest fans of the plastic mounting plate, but if weight reduction is the goal, we think plastic is the way to go.

travel tripod - best for portability
This model is ideal for those that are trying to keep their kit light and small but also have a tripod that pans smoothly.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Fairly Light and Stable Travel Tripod

GEEKOTO 58" Compact

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 12-¼ oz
Can convert into a monopod
Self-retracting weight hook
Smooth panning
Non-adjustable lever locks
Awkward mounting platform connection system

We found the GEEKOTO 58" Compact to be very light during our assessment, weighing in at only 2 pounds 12-¼ oz. Although it's not the most lightweight travel tripod we've gotten our hands on, we found it to be impressively stable compared to carbon fiber models that only weigh a few ounces less. The GearLab team also agreed that this model has a very smooth panning action, an attractive element for videographers. We like that the GEEKOTO quickly converts into a monopod, which provides an alternative way to shoot in a matter of seconds.

We found the main flaw with the GEEKOTO is that the mounting system is a bit of a pain. A couple of nubs on the mounting plate keep the mount from sliding around, but those nubs also make it difficult to remove. There are also several plastic components on this model that add to a bit of questionable durability. These include the lever locks on the legs as well as the mounting plates. However, if you're looking for a travel tripod that is both light and stable, the GEEKOTO 58" Compact is a good choice.

travel tripod - this travel tripod is a solid choice if you're looking for a model...
This travel tripod is a solid choice if you're looking for a model that can easily convert into a monopod that offers smooth panning as well.
Credit: Laura Casner


An Impressively Light Travel Tripod

YoTilon DSLR Travel Tripod

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 3-¾ oz
Comfortable foam handle
Stylish look
Not the most stable
Raising and lowering the column is awkward

If weight is your ultimate deciding purchasing factor, you can't get much lighter than the YoTilon DSLR Travel Tripod. We like the easy-to-use 90-degree tilt function on the head that this model offers. It has a large and comfortable handle with a thick foam sleeve. The brass accents on the YoTilon give it a sleek and stylish look, making it a good choice for those shooting special events. The spring-loaded hook allows you to easily anchor extra weights for instances in which wind or children playing may pose a risk of knocking your investment to the ground.

Unfortunately, we didn't find the YoTilon Camer Tripod to offer much in the way of stability. This model also has a system for lowering and raising the central column that we think is harder to use than models with a crank. But if weight and style are high up on the list of elements that mean the most to you, this model is the way to go.

travel tripod - if you're looking for a stylish looking travel tripod with a...
If you're looking for a stylish looking travel tripod with a comfortable handle, the YoTILON is not a bad option.
Credit: Laura Casner


Includes a Bluetooth Shutter Remote for Your Phone

Torjim 60"

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 6-⅝ oz
Bluetooth shutter remote control
Phone holder
Does not invert
Low maximum load

With an exciting innovation, the Torjim 60" designers have thought to include a Bluetooth remote that links to your phone and a phone mount on one of the tripod legs. You cannot only attach your photo or video camera to the main mount of this model, but you can also simultaneously record video or images from a distance with your cell phone and either start or stop the filming or snap a photo with the remote.

If you want a tripod with the option to invert to get your camera closer to the ground, this model, unfortunately, does not possess that capability. The Torjim 60" Camera Tripod has a very low load rating, so it really can only be used for lighter cameras. But if having your travel tripod double as a smartphone tripod or selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote, the Torjim is the way to go.

travel tripod - this model includes a bag, a smartphone mount that attaches to one...
This model includes a bag, a smartphone mount that attaches to one of the legs, and a Bluetooth remote control that connects to your phone.
Credit: Laura Casner


A So-So Travel Tripod

K&F Concept 62"

Bag or Case?: Bag | Weight: 2 pounds 13 oz
Comfortable foam handle
Bubble level
Plastic head
Ball and socket is tight in random spots

The K&F Concept 62" has an attractive feature or two. We like that it has a comfortable foam handle that fits quite nicely in your hand. It includes a bubble level, metal release buttons for the legs, and an automatic rebound weight hook.

Regrettably, we found that the K&F Concept 62" DSLR Tripod is especially unstable when compared to the best models, which can defeat the purpose of having a tripod at all. Also, the ball and socket on this version can randomly get sticky and jerk around a bit. We'd recommend one of the higher-quality models mentioned above.

travel tripod - the k&f concept 62'' dslr tripod has a few features that we admire...
The K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod has a few features that we admire, but we'd recommend that our readers go with a better model.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

To test travel tripods, we used our In-House Review Editor Ross Patton and our In-House Senior Research Analyst Austin Palmer. With a combined 15 years of professional product reviewing between the two of them, you can rest assured knowing that they have created top-notch experiments that deliver world-class results. Ross has been using travel tripods since the days of 8mm tapes and Firewire cables while making films in the realm of actions sports. Austin has researched and tested an impressive variety of consumer camera products ranging from gimbals to printers and everything in between.

At GearLab, we take pride in buying all of the products that we test from the same retailers as our readers to eliminate any chance of bias. We never accept freebies or demo products from manufacturers, so you can be sure that monetary incentives or free products do not sway us in any way. Once developing a test plan, we put each product through a series of experiments and assessments that delineate each model's strengths and weaknesses.

Our team tested the stability of each model.
Our team tested the stability of each model.
The size and weight of a travel tripod can be an important factor to...
The size and weight of a travel tripod can be an important factor to consider.
A bubble level will help you keep your images perfectly flat.
A bubble level will help you keep your images perfectly flat.

Analysis and Test Results

We broke our review down into three key subcategories — stability, head performance, and features to evaluate travel tripods. The results of our testing process are outlined below.


For many photographers and videographers, stability will be the ultimate deciding factor when purchasing a travel tripod. If you're planning on running any time lapses or static video shots, having your tripod remain still is critical. If you plan on panning and shooting action video shots, this attribute becomes even more important. For this reason, we focused most of our efforts for this review on analyzing each product's overall stability. To test stability, we paid close attention to the smoothness and action of both lowering and raising the column. Then, our panel of expert research analysts subjectively judged each model's overall stability with a DSLR and 200mm lens attached to the mounting plate.

travel tripod - the mefoto roadtrip classic lightweight is exceptionally stable.
The MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight is exceptionally stable.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Manfrotto Befree Advanced and the MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic topped our list as the most stable models. Their columns were super easy to lower and only a hair more challenging to raise. During our assessment, we found them to both be solid and stable in general.

The Manfrotto Befree Advanced is one of the most stable travel...
The Manfrotto Befree Advanced is one of the most stable travel tripods that we have gotten our hands on.
The large metal locking levers and frame largely help with the...
The large metal locking levers and frame largely help with the stability of the MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight.

The Peak Design also scored well here, with its rigid and inflexible metal legs. We also love the rubberized feet at the base of each leg.

travel tripod - the peak design offers a solid degree of stability, but not quite as...
The Peak Design offers a solid degree of stability, but not quite as strong as the best of the best.
Credit: Laura Casner

We found that the TYCKA Rangers 56" Compact is reasonably stable, so we awarded it an average score for this metric.

travel tripod - solid locking levers and rubberized feet help the tycka to stay...
Solid locking levers and rubberized feet help the TYCKA to stay stable in most conditions.
Credit: Laura Casner

Head Performance

The mounting plate or head of the tripod can make a crucial difference in overall shot stability while shooting photos or video. A mounting system that is loose will allow for play in the panning of the shot, potentially ruining some otherwise fantastic content, whether it be a video shoot of an action sport or a time-lapse of a beautiful sunset. Furthermore, the plate mounting system itself can play a critical role in the overall ease of use of these devices. While traveling, you may often be shooting out in the elements, so a plastic lever that could snap in the cold or a mounting system that won't work well if it gets some snow or sand in it might render your travel tripod useless. For this section, we carefully inspected these variables. Most importantly, we tested each model's panning action to determine the travel tripods that will provide a smooth shot and those that will not. We found the following models to offer the utmost degree of performance when it comes to mounting and panning.

travel tripod - a tripod's head can make a large difference in its overall...
A tripod's head can make a large difference in its overall performance.
Credit: Laura Casner

While assessing the Manfrotto Befree Advanced, we were delighted to use the quick-release mounting plate and discover that the ball & socket is large and comfortable to get a grip on. The resistance knob is awesome — it's very handy so that you can just set the tension and not have to worry about the main knob. We also found that moving the ball and socket is exceptionally smooth and even.

travel tripod - the head on the manfrotto befree moves smoothly and evenly.
The head on the Manfrotto Befree moves smoothly and evenly.
Credit: Laura Casner

The MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight's mounting plate is similar to the Manfrotto Befree Advanced using a knob and clamp to hold the plate to the head. This model has rubber grips to keep everything secure and sturdy while panning, and the panning has angle marks. The MeFOTO has a knob on the head specifically dedicated to drag. This feature allows the user to loosen the primary head knob yet keep the action at the same resistance. Our testing team found this model to be very smooth, albeit not quite as smooth as the Manfrotto

travel tripod - the multiple knobs on the mefoto roadtrip classic allow you to...
The multiple knobs on the MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic allow you to fine-tune your panning resistance.
Credit: Laura Casner

If you're looking for a highly portable model that still offers smooth panning, we recommend the K&F Concept 61" Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod. A simple tightening knob secures the mounting plate, and there is also only a single knob to tighten or loosen the head, but the wing-style thumb levers make it easy to tighten them down.

travel tripod - the k&f concept carbon fiber has a simplistic head that performs...
The K&F Concept Carbon Fiber has a simplistic head that performs well considering this model's overall size.
Credit: Laura Casner


The bells & whistles on travel tripods range from a completely bare-bones device to models that offer comfortable foam grips, hard travel cases, and even cell phone holders. For the last portion of our score, we assessed the distinguishing elements that separate each tripod from the others.

Hidden below the rubber cover is the socket for the Manfrotto Easy...
Hidden below the rubber cover is the socket for the Manfrotto Easy Link system.
This system allows for an array of accessories to be attached.
This system allows for an array of accessories to be attached.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod offers a few unique elements when it comes to attractive features. If you'll be doing some rugged traveling, it's nice to know that this model includes a hard case with your purchase. The Peak Design has a cell phone mount, which can be very handy for vlogging or time-lapses with your mobile device, and it features a spring-loaded weight hook to help stabilize the tripod.

travel tripod - the peak design travel tripod hard case will keep your tripod...
The Peak Design Travel Tripod hard case will keep your tripod protected from impacts and the elements than a travel bag can.
Credit: Laura Casner

The Manfrotto Befree Advanced has a threaded socket just below the head that allows for various accessories and configurations with multiple camera equipment pieces. This model has three locking positions, and the entire tripod can be inverted to have the camera lower to the ground to help get those perfect macro shots. If you are looking for a budget model capable of inverting, check out the TYCKA Rangers Compact Travel Tripod.

travel tripod - the legs on this model allow for the entire tripod to be inverted to...
The legs on this model allow for the entire tripod to be inverted to have the camera as low to the ground as possible.
Credit: Laura Casner


We take very much pride in our work, we do our best to provide you with the best guidance possible when you are looking to purchase a new product, but we also have a ton of fun in the process. After reading this review, we hope you'll end up with the perfect travel tripod for you and that you'll have as much fun using it as we did testing them.

Ross Patton and Austin Palmer

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