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Best Selfie Stick of 2021

Testing selfie sticks out in snowy conditions
Credit: Zach Joseph
By Zach Joseph ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Dec 10, 2020
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Looking to take the perfect selfie? We researched over 60 selfie sticks before purchasing 9 of the best to put through rigorous head-to-head testing. For our review, we spent hours with each product to ensure a thorough examination was made in our series of metrics. We brought each one along for a variety of adventure activities including rock climbing and performed a drop test to truly examine each product's durability. We took more selfies than we're comfortable admitting to, but did what was needed to understand the demands of a variety of photographers in the selfie world. Whether taking a selfie for a dating app or for a family holiday card, the right selfie stick is crucial for the best photo, and we can help.


Best Overall Selfie Stick

Mpow Selfie Stick Tripod All in 1

Extension Amount: 29.5 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs
Built-in photo light
Highly adjustable camera angles
Unstable tripod legs
Device holder doesn't have designated storage while traveling

The MPOW emerged ahead of the pack thanks to its great functionality in a lightweight yet durable package. It's the only product in the fleet with a built-in lamp on the device-holder, which was an incredibly helpful addition in low-light situations. If the light is too poor to see your face, why take a selfie in the first place? The built-in lamp has three different levels of brightness and is simple to recharge with a mini-USB. It also has an easy-to-use Bluetooth shutter remote, as well as a small tripod that folds up easily. We loved the multi-device compatibility of the ΒΌ" screw mount, which will fit many models of smaller cameras, including a GoPro if you're looking for more camera than a cell phone. In our drop test and device holding security test, it passed with flying colors, though we would have liked to see a screw-tightened mount rather than springs for the cell phone attachment.

It folds up quite nicely for travel, but the cell phone mount does not have a designated storage space. We could fit the MPOW into numerous backpacks and suitcases, but extra care was taken as to how the cell phone mount was packed (to avoid damage). Additionally, the tripod legs were somewhat unstable, particularly when mounted with a heavier device, such as a mirrorless camera. It's unlikely the tripod would collapse while in use, but the chopstick-sized legs certainly don't inspire confidence with an expensive device mounted on top. The MPOW is best for those looking for a model that prioritizes features and versatility over a streamlined stow profile.

The MPOW's built-in lamp caused the product to rocket to the top of...
The MPOW's built-in lamp caused the product to rocket to the top of the review.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Another Excellent Compact Option

BZE 40-Inch Extendable

Extension Amount: 40 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Screw Tightened
Screw-tightened cell phone attachment
Large extension
Compatible with other small cameras
Flimsy tripod legs

The BZE can fold into a compact profile and also offers a screw-tightened mount, 40 inches of extension, and a tripod. With a mount adapter, it can accommodate other cameras than a cell phone, such as a GoPro, further increasing the versatility of a "do anything" device. It also topped the charts for device holding security, which we largely attribute to its screw tightening mount system; it held a cell phone for the entire duration of our shake test. As we carried this product around the mountains, we never felt that its slightly bulkier size and weight was too much to bring along, regardless of the backpack used. Lastly, our drop tests revealed that the BZE was as durable as it was versatile.

The BZE fits a lot in a relatively small package, but we found the tripod legs less inspiring on uneven ground. Additionally, there was a bit of wiggle in the telescoping extensions, though this may not be a concern for many users, with device mounting security being the priority. The BZE is best for those wanting a model that focuses on versatility and cell phone holding security.

The BZE is one of our favorites with an incredible amount of...
The BZE is one of our favorites with an incredible amount of extension and a very secure phone mount.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Best Bang for the Buck

Vproof Bluetooth Selfie

Extension Amount: 26 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs
Smallest profile in review
No tripod
Moderate device holding security

The Vproof offers an incredibly streamlined product that was both our lightest and smallest (when stowed) product in the entire review. This design is incredibly simple, with a remote shutter built into the handle (not removable), and extensions are made by simply pulling on the end of the stick. It performed well relative to its weight during the shake and drop tests, making this product a great option at its price point. We found this simplistic option to be the fastest to set up in this review, which could be crucial at a party or on vacation.

It does not have a tripod; this will likely be a non-issue for many users, but other options in this review included a tripod in a package only slightly larger than the Vproof. Additionally, on the fifth occurrence of the concrete drop test, the removable battery (to power the remote shutter) fell out of the bottom of the handle, though the stick overall held together otherwise. During the shake test, the cell phone lasted most of the test's duration but failed on the final four shakes; we still found this impressive given the mount's size. The Vproof is best for those shopping on a budget, looking for a well-built, lightweight model, where handheld use is anticipated.

The Vproof is as simple as it gets with an extension, a handle, and...
The Vproof is as simple as it gets with an extension, a handle, and a shutter remote. This is a solid construction at a bargain price point.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Best for Value-Oriented Shoppers

Doosl Selfie Stick

Extension Amount: 26.7 Inches | Device Attachment System: Springs
Easy to attach cell phone
Poor cell phone holding security
Short extension
Flimsy tripod and extension sections

The Doosl is our least expensive option in this review. For the budget-minded, it offers the standard slew of features, including a tripod, shutter remote, and telescoping extensions. We loved how easy it was to mount a cell phone, which was relatively challenging for most of the products in this review. Angle adjustment to the phone was easy whether in landscape or portrait orientation, and adjusting extension was pain-free.

The Doosl came in dead last place in the device holding security category while performing the shake test. The cell phone fell out on the 5th out of 50th shake, causing us to perform the test a few more times to ensure it wasn't a fluke (it wasn't; the cell phone fell on the 4th-5th shake each time). The mount itself had a decent amount of surface area on the phone, leading us to believe the springs in the cell phone mount are just simply not strong enough to hold the cell phone as securely as other products in this review. The Doosl is ideal for shoppers needing a contender for the lowest price they can find.

The Doosl is lightweight, but lacking in the device holding security...
The Doosl is lightweight, but lacking in the device holding security category.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Excellent for Travel

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Extendable

Extension Amount: 31.3 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs
Folds down into a small profile
Decent cell phone holding security for its weight
Only compatible with a cell phone
Shorter extension length

From head to toe, the Atumtek is built with lightweight yet quality materials and design. While we would have loved to see a screw tightening attachment system, the spring-based cell phone holder was easy to use and held up to our shake test without any movement or holding failure. It offers a standard slew of features, including a tripod and a shutter remote, which were simple, functional, and durable. What truly made it stand out was the quality of construction in extending or stowing the stick. When extended, the telescopic sections didn't wiggle in the slightest while performing the shake and the drop test, which was a rarity in this review. The stowed profile was similar to the profile of an electric toothbrush, easily fitting into any piece of luggage, purse, or hiking bag we used during testing. Lastly, the durability of this product was unwavering, which we found surprising given its low weight.

The Atumtek has an extension of about 31.3" inches, which is better than many products in this review, but some will still find this limiting in the photos they take. The tripod and the shutter remote features do allow for photos taken further away, but the short extension also limits the height of one's camera when utilizing the tripod. Lastly, this option is only compatible with cell phones, limiting the device potential greatly. It's best for cell phone photographers looking for a model they can keep with them at all times while traveling.

The Atumtek was one of our lightest and one of our most durable...
The Atumtek was one of our lightest and one of our most durable products in the review.
Credit: Zach Joseph


A Tripod-Focused Design

Lifelimit Phone Tripod

Extension Amount: 54 inches | Device Attachment System: Screw tightened
Large, extendable tripod design
Section locks provide secure telescoping
Lightweight relative to size
Moderate durability

The Lifelimit has a tripod design that heavily favors use where weight and space aren't a concern. This product is by far the largest contender we tested but offers a robust and secure tripod system with each telescoping extension secured with flip locks — similar to a trekking pole. At 54 inches, this tripod system allows for the greatest amount of extension of the review, with the average extension of other products sitting around 25-30 inches. We also loved the screw tightening mount for cell phones, which easily passed our device shake test. The Lifelimit offers the standard Bluetooth shutter remote with a rechargeable battery and is compatible with Apple or Android operating systems.

The Lifelimit is more so a tripod than a selfie stick, and as such, is incredibly bulky for transport or handheld photos. Additionally, during our drop tests, a few small parts broke, including a portion of the knob for the tripod tightener. Ultimately, everything was as functional after the drop test, but it didn't inspire confidence in more rugged tripod use. The Lifelimit is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option, where weight and space are less of a concern.

The Lifelimit stood out as a lightweight tripod rather than a selfie...
The Lifelimit stood out as a lightweight tripod rather than a selfie stick, with over 50 inches of extension and locking telescopic sections.
Credit: Zach Joseph


A Unique Tripod Design

Erligpowht Phone Tripod

Extension Amount: 0 inches | Cell Phone Attachment System: Springs
Ball joint allows for maximum camera angle adjustment
Bendable tripod legs
Compatible with a variety of cameras
No extension

The Erligpowht is a unique and well-built design. The focal point is its tripod legs, which are made of a flexible rubber material that allows the stick to be attached to a handrail or tree branch. While it took some getting used to, we loved this tripod design given its incredibly small size relative to its functionality. Additionally, it can be used with a variety of different cameras depending on the camera's screw diameters, which was a rarity in this review. The ball joint that allows for mount mobility was our favorite angle adjuster in the entire review, with a screw tightener keeping that ball joint secure.

The Erligpowht has absolutely no extension. In an otherwise great product, this was a huge negative that we had a tough time working around during testing. Without an extension, this device couldn't be used very effectively as a handheld model and even had its setbacks as a tripod. The bendable legs are great, but we had several instances where we wanted the tripod to be higher off the ground for a photo, and unless there's something like a tree, fence, or light pole nearby, you're simply out of luck. The Erligpowht is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option for travel where luggage space is limited.

We had a lot of fun playing with this selfie stick's bendable tripod...
We had a lot of fun playing with this selfie stick's bendable tripod legs, which could attach to nearly anything that the legs fit around.
Credit: Zach Joseph


A Versatile Option

Yoozon Bluetooth Tripod

Extension Amount: 28.7 inches | Device Attachment System: Springs
360 degrees of mount rotation
Comfortable handle
Short extension
Cell phone mount sticks out when stowed

The Yoozon is a decent versatile option in this review lineup. The Yoozon is the proverbial "jack of all trades, master of none", falling into the middle of the pack in each of our testing metrics. We loved the rotation of the cell phone mount with 360 degrees of movement and easy adjustments on the Y-axis. The tripod legs stow away into a comfortable handle when taking handheld selfies, and the shutter remote was easy to pair. The Yoozon passed both the shake and the drop tests, though following the theme, landed in the middle of the pack.

The Yoozon spring-based mount was adequate, but there was a slight bit of cell phone movement throughout the shake test (though the cell phone never fell out). It held up well during the drop test, but we noticed a bit more wobble in the telescoping extensions afterward. While the telescoping extensions and the tripod stows nicely, the cell phone mount sticks out when folded, making it more cumbersome for travel. The Yoozon is best for shoppers seeking a model that can do anything and care less about it excelling in any one category.

The Yoozon offered a do-everything design, which kept it from...
The Yoozon offered a do-everything design, which kept it from excelling in any one metric.
Credit: Zach Joseph


A Lightweight Travel Option

BlitzWolf Selfie Tripod

Extension Amount: 32.5 inches | Device Attachment System: Springs
Lightweight and sleek design
Folds down into a small profile for travel
Poor device holding security
Difficult to attach cell phones

When stowed, the Blitzwolf offers an incredibly light and sleek design and slender profile. It held up to our drop test with ease and easily fit into any bag or suitcase we used during testing. The shutter remote was simple to set up and had ample Bluetooth range during testing. The tripod was relatively sturdy and functional, even with its lightweight construction and compact design. We also found the gunmetal black finish with red accents to be aesthetic and eye-catching relative to the rest of the review.

The Blitzwolf performed low in our device holding security category. During the shake test, the cell phone fell off the Blitzwolf in only 7 out of 50 shakes. Additionally, we had a tough time fitting an iPhone or Android into the device holder without taking the case off. The Blitzwolf is best for travelers looking for a light option and have a smaller cell phone that'll easily attach to the mount.

The Blitzwolf offers a clean and lightweight design, but scored...
The Blitzwolf offers a clean and lightweight design, but scored poorly in the device holding security metric.
Credit: Zach Joseph

Why You Should Trust Us

Spearheading the testing and research of this review is Zach Joseph. In addition to being a tech product reviewer, Zach has spent nearly a decade as a photographer in the mountains both for paid content generation and while guiding students/clients. Many clients Zach has brought into the mountains have brought selfie sticks/tripods to maximize the photo opportunities in environments inherently unique to the alpine environment. Additionally, we consulted several other opinions on the more subjective categories of this review.

We tested the products in this review by spending several hours with each option over the course of four weeks. Each product was put through a five drop test onto concrete, as well as an intense shake test to investigate durability and how well each product held onto an electronic device. Additionally, we examined the features and value of each product.

A lineup of some of our top selfie sticks.
We executed a thorough test of device holding security by shaking...
We tested each selfie stick in an outdoors and indoors setting for a...

Analysis and Test Results

To determine the best selfie stick, we created four categories to rate each product in a head-to-head battle. These categories include device holding security, durability, features, and value.

Device Holding Security

At the end of the day, a selfie stick first and foremost needs to be an extension of one's hand, and therefore not let go of your precious electronics while taking a selfie. For this metric, we created a rigorous test that we named the shake test. We measured a four-foot distance on a wall, put a cushion below our test area, attached a cell phone to the product, and performed 50 shakes at that four-foot distance. We recorded the number of shakes performed before the cell phone fell out, and we even performed the 50-shake test twice on each product, using the average between the two test results as the product's score.

The BZE had one of the best cell phone mounts in the review and...
The BZE had one of the best cell phone mounts in the review and topped the charts in the device holding security metric due to its screw-tightener system.
Credit: Zach Joseph

The BZE topped the list in the device holding security category. While there were numerous products that passed the shake test, the BZE was one of the only options that offered a screw tightened cell phone mount. The screw tightened cell phone mount allows the user to make the device as secure as desired and allows for a much tighter grip than the more common spring-based cell phone attachment. The other product that offered a screw tightened mount was the Lifelimit, which did very well in this category but appeared less durable.

We utilized a four-foot shake test to thoroughly investigate the...
We utilized a four-foot shake test to thoroughly investigate the device holding security metric; this shake was performed 100 times per selfie stick.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Selfie sticks will inherently get banged up over the course of their life, whether their owner is a world-traveler, a parent, or a social media influencer. We decided to test durability with an old fashioned drop test from five feet onto concrete, five times in a row. We gave each product a head-to-toe examination after the drop test to see if anything was broken or if any functionality was reduced/lost. We additionally tested each product in a hiking/climbing setting, where they were dropped, scratched, pulled, and twisted to see how they'd hold up under "adventurous photo-taking".

The Atumtek stood out in this metric, which was partially why it won the best for travel award. We were utterly surprised with its resilience to being dropped and drug around the outdoors given its light weight. The most common ailment regarding durability was the telescoping sections of the extensions, which would loosen after testing durability. With the Atumtek, its extensions and the rest of the selfie stick were just as functional and solid before and after durability testing.

The Atumtek was a surprising leader in the durability category with...
The Atumtek was a surprising leader in the durability category with its lightweight construction holding together incredibly well during our 5 foot drop tests.
Credit: Zach Joseph


We assessed each product in the category of features based on the number of features, the relevancy of those features, and the functionality of those features. We created two parts to the features metric, including baseline and bonus features. We defined baseline features for a selfie stick as the length of extension, remote shutter, tripod, and cell phone mount. For bonus features, we included multi-camera compatibility, photo lamp, and screw tightened device mount. The most effective method we used to test features was to take each product out on as rigorous of a selfie-day as possible, which included dragging selfie sticks up climbs and hikes. Taking each model out for extended use unearthed the quality (or lack thereof) of each device's features and any nuances of design that were worth mentioning.

The MPOW took our best overall award, largely due to its built-in...
The MPOW took our best overall award, largely due to its built-in photo lamp with three brightness levels.
Credit: Zach Joseph

The MPOW took the cake for the features category, which is largely why it won our best overall award. At the root of the selfie is the obvious truth that a selfie is first and foremost a photo. For photography, lighting can undeniably make or break a photo, and the MPOW photo lamp solves many potential low-light issues one might encounter. We loved that the built-in lamp was easily charged with a mini USB and with three brightness levels, the MPOW empowers the photographer to capture the photo moment they were seeking.

The Vproof selfie stick offers a simple, user-friendly design that's...
The Vproof selfie stick offers a simple, user-friendly design that's one of the least expensive selfie sticks in the review.
Credit: Zach Joseph

The Vproof performed well, and it had one of the lowest listed prices in the review for a decent product. Most of the other products in this review were twice the cost of the Vproof, but for products such as the MPOW, we felt that the extra cost provided exceptional value. With the MPOW, the built-in photo lamp was a great feature and therefore also greatly increased its value.

The MPOW, pictured in the front, stood out in the value metric from...
The MPOW, pictured in the front, stood out in the value metric from most other selfie sticks with a similar price but more features than its competition.
Credit: Zach Joseph


There are many different selfie sticks on the market, and as such, it can be daunting to find the right one for you. To help, we've reviewed a variety of models and highlighted the performance of each one. We hope the products we've tested will allow you to find the perfect product for your needs and budget.

Zach Joseph