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The 4 Best Computer Headsets

We put computer headsets to the test from brands such as Logitech and Callez to see which ones came out on top
Best Computer Headset
Credit: Laura Casner

Our Top Picks

By Ross Patton and Austin Palmer  ⋅  Oct 11, 2022

If you're searching for the best computer headset, we have you covered. After researching dozens of models, we purchased the top 6 to compare side-by-side in an electronic accessory showdown. We used our team of expert product testers to evaluate the comfort, extra features, and audio quality of these devices by putting each one through a series of uncompromising tests. Read below to see the results of our exhaustive study.

Are you trying to find the right office accessories to optimize your workstation? We can help. From the best label makers to the top paper shredders, our reviews tackle a range of products to streamline your workflow. We've also extensively tested a wide variety of audio products like the best wireless headphones, gaming headsets, and Bluetooth speakers.


Best Overall Computer Headset

Callez USB Headset

Weight: 1 ¾ oz | Connection: USB
Can use on either ear
User-friendly clip-on controls
Great earphone sound quality
High-quality microphone reception
Lacks noise cancellation on the speaker

The Callez USB Headset is our favorite computer headset thanks to its thoughtful features and design and overall high performance. This model has in-line controls on the cable with buttons to mute or unmute the microphone or speaker, as well as volume controls. The controls can be clipped onto your shirt to keep them easily accessible at all times, and the microphone can be rotated to be used on either ear and flexed into the most comfortable position. We're huge fans of this headset's clear sound quality and also found that it received excellent quality sound in the microphone. This design is exceptionally lightweight, great for those who don't want any extra weight on their neck or spine at the end of the day.

Although the Callez USB Headset is one of our favorite models, it is not for everyone. If you need your headset to block out as much noise as possible while working in a busy office or loud household, you'll want to look elsewhere. The one-sided design means that one ear will always be exposed to background noise, and the on-the-ear rather than over-the-ear design will detract from its sound-blocking capabilities even more. Still, if you're looking for a light, user-friendly model with great controls and fantastic sound, we recommend the Callez.

best overall computer headset
The Callez USB Headset is light, easy to use, and sounds great.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Bang for Your Buck

EBODA Headset

Weight: 1 ½ oz | Connection: USB
Exceptional comfort
Extremely light
Volume wheel
Noise-canceling earphones
Not the best sound quality
Noise-canceling microphone does not work well

If you know that you're going to be using your computer headset for long hours regularly, we think that the affordable EBODA Headset is a great option. Not only does it offer top-notch cushiness, but this model also comes with extra features such as noise-cancellation and utilizes a volume wheel rather than buttons on the controls, which is preferable for many people. This headset is very comfortable, and at only 1 ½ oz, it's also outstandingly light.

However, it's not all roses. The EBODA USB Headset doesn't offer anything special in the way of audio excellence. Although this budget model does not produce a poor sound by any means, it can't compete with the super high-end models that have made sound quality their main priority and selling point during the design process. Also, the noise-cancellation element of the microphone does not perform as well as some other models we've tested that include this feature. Despite these flaws, this model is still an outstanding value for the price, and we'd recommend the EBODA USB Headset for anyone on a budget seeking comfort and performance.

computer headset - best bang for your buck
The EBODA USB Headset is extremely light and comfortable.
Credit: Laura Casner


Best Wireless Computer Headset

Logitech H800

Weight: 4 ¼ oz | Connection: Bluetooth or wireless w/USB receiver
Great sound quality
Onboard receiver storage
Must keep charged

The Logitech H800 is the Cadillac of this category of product. First of all, it's wireless. Whether you're a fan of Bluetooth or USB connections, you are in luck — this model has a tiny USB dongle for which the headset has onboard storage that can easily be connected to most USB receiving devices. If you want to go truly wireless, Bluetooth tech is the way to go, in which case you can lose the USB dongle altogether. The H800 sound quality would be hard to beat — our team of professional audio analysts found this headset to produce top-tier audio. We appreciate that this model is collapsible for travel and storage.

As far as wireless technology goes, you can often have a trade-off with certain aspects of computer headsets. For one, they require charging the headset on a semi-regular basis rather than just being always connected to a power source. Also, onboard batteries are a bit heavier than corded models, especially the models produced by manufacturers that have made it a point to engineer their headsets to be as light as possible. The H800 is pretty pricey compared to corded models. If you're shopping on a budget, we'd suggest another model. But in the realm of computer headsets, it'd be hard to top the Logitech H800 Bluetooth if you are looking for a top-notch wireless headset with phenomenal audio.

best wireless computer headset
If you're in the market for a wireless model, we recommend the Logitech H800.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Good Choice for Extra Cord Length

New Bee USB Headset

Weight: 4 oz | Connection: USB or 3.5mm
Extra-long cord length
Easy to use controls
Great noise-cancelling capability
Low microphone volume
Lose controls while using 3.5mm

The New Bee USB Headset has some admirable and commendable elements. We think that this model has a solid construction. It's comfortable, the controls are straightforward to use, and the extra few inches of the cord can make a difference in those particular situations. This computer headset showed extraordinary performance during our microphone noise-canceling capability assessments.

Regrettably, we recorded a very low volume while recording anything with the New Bee during our microphone noise-canceling assessment. If transceiving audio with your computer headset is an essential feature for you, this model may not be your best bet. If you plan on using the New Bee as a 3.5mm only model, remember that the USB controls will be lost when you disconnect the dongle.

computer headset - a good choice for extra cord length
The New Bee Headset is easy to use, has solid noise cancellation, and good quality sound.
Credit: Laura Casner


A Good Foldable Version

Logitech H390

Weight: 3 ⅞ oz | Connection: USB
Outstanding audio quality
Light indicator on the mute button
Tight fit
Unusually loud microphone

The Logitech H390 computer headset is a solid choice for people looking for an over-the-ear stereo model with a commendable noise-canceling capability for the microphone. We love that it's foldable, making it ideal for those who are always on the go. Also, the mute button on the Logitech H390 has a light indicator to show you whether or not the mute is activated, which might be especially useful for those that may often end up in difficult conversations.

We had a few gripes with the H390. First of all, our entire testing team found this model to be fairly tight-fitting. If you're shopping for a computer headset on a budget, the Logitech USB Headset H390 is probably not what you're looking for — if you prefer basic function over performance, there are much cheaper models that will get the job done. During our microphone trials and analysis, we found that the H390 was unusually loud. You may not want to use this model if you're concerned about your gaming teammates hearing your spouse or roommates making noise in the background.

computer headset - the logitech h390 offers top-notch audio quality and folds up for...
The Logitech H390 offers top-notch audio quality and folds up for storage and travel.
Credit: Laura Casner


A So-So Computer Headset

Cyber Acoustics AC-204

Weight: 2 ¼ oz | Connection: 3mm
Microphone can be used on either side
Heavy for this type of design
3.5mm only
No controls

If the primary purchasing factor for you is the price, the Cyber Acoustics AC-204 is a good option. This stereo computer headset has a microphone that is adjustable to be used on either side. It has a Y adapter to integrate with computers that have a microphone and a headphone jack.

If you want a model with controls, the Cyber Acoustics AC-204 is a no-go. This model only uses a 3.5mm plug, so USB jacks are out as well. We also found this model to have a bit of an awkward fit and feel. Unless you are shopping on a very tight budget, we'd recommend going with a different model.

computer headset - the cyber acoustics ac-204 is one of the most affordable in our...
The Cyber Acoustics AC-204 is one of the most affordable in our test, but it comes with some concessions.
Credit: Laura Casner

Why You Should Trust Us

Our computer headset review was conducted by our In-House Research Analyst Austin Palmer and our In-House Review Editor Ross Patton. On top of being a top-notch analyst who has worked on hundreds of products, he has spent thousands of hours of his personal time wearing a computer headset while gaming. Ross, also an avid gamer, has spent the last ten years working in consumer product research and development. Since becoming a part of the GearLab team, he has reviewed categories ranging from Bluetooth trackers to lithium-ion powered tools and everything in between. With the two of them working on a review together, you can rest assured that they have taken the utmost care to detail to ensure that our readers are making the best purchase possible.

Here at GearLab, we take very much pride in buying and testing every product in our reviews to deliver a real hands-on comparison and analysis to our readers. We made it a point to analyze all sorts of data for these products ranging from the overall comfort to the sound quality. We carefully inspected any bonus features that set each model apart from one another.

Whether you want stereo, one-sided, or wireless headphones should be...
Whether you want stereo, one-sided, or wireless headphones should be a large consideration before you make a purchase.
Certain models have accordion-style cords to help keep things...
Certain models have accordion-style cords to help keep things organized.
For many people, a wireless model will be the way to go.
For many people, a wireless model will be the way to go.

Analysis and Test Results

After developing a test plan, we carefully measured, weighed, analyzed, and listened to each model. The specifics of our experimentation phase are outlined below.

computer headset - if you're looking for wireless technology coupled with high-quality...
If you're looking for wireless technology coupled with high-quality sound, the Logitech H800 is the way to go.
Credit: Laura Casner

Headphone Sound Quality

Audio quality is one of the key deciding factors to consider while deciding which computer headset you're going to purchase. With modern technological advancements in compact speakers as well as noise cancellation improvements, some headsets produce an impressively high-quality sound — others, not so much. Depending on the application for which you plan to employ your headset, it may be wise to put a heavy value on this metric. Our expert audio product analysts conducted an array of tests to give you the information to purchase the model to best suit your sound quality needs.

Amongst the one-sided earpiece computer headsets, we were very impressed with the sound quality of the Callez USB Headset. During our audio assessment, we concluded that the sounds emitted by the Callez were crisp and clean.

In the realm of wireless computer headsets, we found the Logitech H800 Bluetooth Wireless Headset to offer top-notch earphone quality audio, offering a full and lively sound, sans cord.

Microphone Sound Quality

The microphone quality of these devices can be a major purchasing factor for many people. The ability to amplify, transmit, or record sounds are a large portion of what differentiates computer headsets from other types of headphones. If you're going to be using your headset for telecommunications, you do not want the receiving party to have a muffled or unclear sound on their end. Likewise, it's very annoying if you cannot hear your teammates in a heated gaming session and vice versa.

computer headset - when it comes to computer headsets, the microphone sound quality can...
When it comes to computer headsets, the microphone sound quality can be equally or more important than the earphone quality.
Credit: Laura Casner

After our assessments, a few models stood out as producing higher-quality microphone transmission recordings than the rest. The Callez USB Headset excelled here, transmitting minimal background noise.

Although we were impressed with the microphone quality of the Logitech H800, our panel of judges found that the recordings and transmissions sounded a bit old and scratchy. If microphone sound quality is very important to you, it'd be wise to go with a corded version.

computer headset - the logitech h800 has an amazing microphone sound quality...
The Logitech H800 has an amazing microphone sound quality considering that this headset is all cord-free.
Credit: Laura Casner


Many people who work in telecommunications will be spending long hours wearing these products every day, and avid gamers have been known to put in some extraordinarily long-lasting sessions on the joysticks. If either of these scenarios applies to you, the last thing you're going to want to deal with is ear pain or some sort of scratching or chafing on your head. We've tested hundreds of sets of headphones, so getting a gauge on computer headsets is right up the audio alley for us.

Weighing only 1 ½ oz with soft foam earpads, we found the EBODA USB Headset to be as comfortable as can be. At only 1 ¾ ounce, the Callez USB Headset is another very comfortable one-sided option. We are also fans of the flexible microphone cable that stays in position very well.

computer headset - the foam earpads on the eboda usb headset offer a large degree of...
The foam earpads on the EBODA USB Headset offer a large degree of comfort.
Credit: Laura Casner

If you're looking for a wireless computer headset that offers a high level of comfort, the Logitech H800 is a great choice. This headset didn't give us any strange pressure points or pinching spots, but we must mention that it is relatively heavy. For a lighter-weight version, we'd suggest going with a corded headset so that the weight of the batteries is not resting on your neck.

computer headset - the logitech h800 is a very comfortable computer headset. that said...
The Logitech H800 is a very comfortable computer headset. That said, this model is a bit heavy.
Credit: Laura Casner


Many of these companies have thought to add elements to the headsets that will improve user-friendliness. This section outlines the products that possess features that will make your life easier while using them.

computer headset - the logitech h800 charges using a usb cable.
The Logitech H800 charges using a USB cable.
Credit: Laura Casner

Other than being wireless, the Logitech H800 doesn't offer many features, but we appreciate that the designers of this product thought to include a spot for the USB-A Nano receiver to be stored onboard. The Callez USB Headset has in-line controls that are removable if you ever need to run the headset with a 3.5mm jack rather than USB.

computer headset - the in-line controls on the callez usb headset help with workflow.
The in-line controls on the Callez USB Headset help with workflow.
Credit: Laura Casner


To produce our reviews, we purchase all of the products from the same retailers as our readers to eliminate bias. We ran each computer headset through a series of stringent tests to ensure that our article will help you make the most informed purchasing decision possible, leading you to the product that best suits your wants and needs. If you don't find your match here, you could be looking for an option from our best gaming headset review.

Ross Patton and Austin Palmer

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