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Best Bluetooth Mouse

We tested bluetooth mouse options from Tecknet, Apple, Microsoft, Logitech and more
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Best Bluetooth Mouse Review (A group of our best bluetooth mice)
A group of our best bluetooth mice
Credit: Zach Joseph

Our Top Picks

By Zach Lovell ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 18, 2023

After researching over 50 Bluetooth mouse options, we bought 8 of the best available today for a head-to-head comparison. For this review, we spent hours with each contender, putting them through various uses, from emailing to gaming to audio engineering. We tested each product in four categories: latency/connectivity, ergonomics, features, and slide/sensor quality. Whether looking for a mouse for travel or a Bluetooth option to use at home, we've found a variety of options to best suit your needs.

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The Best Bluetooth Mice


Best Overall Bluetooth Mouse


Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: General/All
Effective and reliable connectivity
Five different DPI settings
Great value
Less comfortable for larger-sized hands

The Tecknet BM308 is our favorite option in the fleet. This contender's features and design, alongside its modest price tag, make it an excellent value. Its sculpted design was one of the most comfortable of the traditional mice we tested. It was quick and easy to connect via Bluetooth and had a reliable sensor on all surfaces tested. The DPI (dots per inch) sensitivity button was easy to reach and adjust mid-use seamlessly on photo editing projects when switching from macro-scale editing to airbrushing small details. Lastly, this mouse is still of a conceivable size to travel with, making this an excellent option for a full variety of users.

The ergonomics of this model are somewhat hand-size specific. The shape is ideal for small to medium-sized hands, which helps maximize the comfort of the design. Meanwhile, those with larger hands may find it relatively fatigue-inducing. Ergonomically minded mice can be more challenging for a one-size-fits-all design, and this mouse is no different. The Tecknet BM308 is best for those with moderately sized hands seeking an all-arounder device.

bluetooth mouse - the tecknet bm308 scored well in every metric but excelled...
The Tecknet BM308 scored well in every metric but excelled particularly in latency/connectivity.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Best Bluetooth Mouse for Mac Users

Apple Magic 2

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: General/Travel
Touchpad style mouse for easy four-way scrolling
Slim profile
Zoom-in feature incredibly handy
Low friction glide
Not the most ergonomic
Sensitivity adjustments must be done on the computer
Must install software to get all functionality on a PC

The Apple Magic Mouse wins our award for the best mouse for general computer use. We define general computer use as activities like writing emails, working on spreadsheets, writing documents, etc. In that context, the Magic Mouse excels. The sleek touchpad design offers fluidity when scrolling in all four directions and dons a clean look, given that there isn't a formal button anywhere on this mouse. The latency/connectivity was flawless in testing and incredibly easy to connect to Bluetooth. Still, there is a unique feature called smart zoom, where double-tapping on the mouse zooms the computer's view into wherever your cursor is. This feature was beneficial when working on larger projects in a spreadsheet, audio engineering, or photo editing.

Though the Magic Mouse offers relatively simple features, you'll have to install software if you want to get full functionality when using it with a PC. The low-profile design is also not the most ergonomic if you use the mouse more heavily while engaging in activities like gaming. Lastly, this mouse is pricier than many other top performers in our roundup. If you're seeking quality and price is not an issue, we recommend the Magic Mouse.

bluetooth mouse - the magic mouse offers touchpad scrolling which excelled in...
The Magic Mouse offers touchpad scrolling which excelled in spreadsheet and other general computer use.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Great Value for a Slim Travel Mouse


Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: Travel
Minimal profile & lightweight
Simple, functional design
Silent click feature
Rechargeable battery
Not an ergonomic design
Have to flip the mouse upside down to adjust the DPI

The FENIFOX Slim Mini earns recognition for its reasonable price and slim design that travels well. We prioritized three things in this travel-specific category, above all else: size, weight, and basic functionality. The Slim Mini easily meets those priorities, being the skinniest and lightest mouse we tested. For a mouse prioritized for travel, it can virtually fit anywhere in your luggage and most certainly won't weigh you down if you're hoofing it across an airport or a city. As far as functionality, it offers a no-frills design besides a rechargeable battery, a silent click design, and adjustable sensitivity (DPI). The designers put all of their eggs in the travel basket, but this will be exactly what some are looking for.

The Slim Mini appears to prioritize size over comfort. With prolonged use, this option could potentially encourage hand fatigue. Also, in the name of travel, Fenifox put the DPI adjustment underneath the mouse, which is a bit cumbersome while adjusting sensitivity. This option is best for those needing an incredibly tiny mouse that still offers a few basic functions.

bluetooth mouse - the fenifox prioritizes size over all else, making it ideal for...
The Fenifox prioritizes size over all else, making it ideal for travel.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Best Bang for the Buck

Tsmine Rechargeable

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: Travel
Slim size great for travel
Not the most ergonomic

The Tsmine Rechargeable is a good option for those seeking an affordable and rechargeable travel mouse. At a similar retail price as our favorite mouse, the Tecknet, this is one of the most affordable contenders in the review, and it offers some basic functionality, including an adjustable DPI button on the top of the mouse (unlike the Fenifox, which put its DPI button on the bottom). The silent click feature gave the mouse a nice click feel, and for those that want to be able to click quietly, this feature will be a nice positive. The sensor and slide of the mouse performed well enough, given its slim shape, and would suit many travelers' needs.

The Tsmine does not feature the most ergonomic design. We found this to be a common theme during testing, where designs often compromise comfort to prioritize size. That said, this model offers better ergonomic comfort than the Fenifox, though it's not as slim, which is why the Fenifox took the best in the category for travel. Choose the Tsmine if you want a slim and affordable travel mouse with a smidge more comfort than the smallest travel options.

bluetooth mouse - the tsmine offered slightly more comfort at the cost of slightly...
The Tsmine offered slightly more comfort at the cost of slightly more bulk when compared to other travel mice.
Credit: Zach Joseph


Best Option for Windows Users

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: General/All
Comfortable ergonomics
Four-way scrolling
Programmable windows button
Some features are only available to PC operating systems

Given that a more Apple-specific product made it to the award list, we wanted to make sure we gave some focus to PC-specific mice as well. The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse wins our award for Windows users. Microsoft did an excellent job creating a mouse that offers simplicity yet functionality with four-way scrolling, and their Windows button doubles as a touchpad for forward-back paging and as a programmable button. Additionally, the connectivity is reliable and consistent with other award-winning mice; this mouse is very easy to connect via Bluetooth and maintains a connection.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse is a little too PC-focused in just one respect — the Windows button is not programmable with Macs. And in our experience, the Windows button had an inconsistent response when used as a touchpad. We loved the concept, but this mouse lost some points in our features metric due to the touch-and-go functionality of that feature. If you're a PC user searching for four-way scrolling and a thumb touchpad, we'd suggest checking out the Microsoft Arc.

bluetooth mouse
Credit: zach joseph


Incredibly Versatile

Logitech M535

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: General/All
Reliable connection to any device
Hybrid size for travel or home use
Less ergonomic

The Logitech M535 wins our award for the most versatile mouse. It connects simply and easily to any device and has a shape that is friendly enough to use at home or on the road, which we found to be somewhat of a rare size. It offers a reliable connection, and we didn't experience any latency issues.

The M535 is travel-friendly but not super ergonomic. Having said that, this offers far more comfort than the Fenifox, which seems to have more design emphasis on portability than ergonomics. The M535 is best for those seeking a true all-around mouse from a reputable manufacturer.

bluetooth mouse - the m535 is just as happy at your office desk as your travel bag.
The M535 is just as happy at your office desk as your travel bag.
Credit: Zach Joseph


A Great Folding Mouse Option

Microsoft Arc

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth | Best Mouse Use: General/All
Unique, folding design
Touchpad style design with four-way scrolling
Uncomfortable for smaller hands

The Microsoft Arc is the only mouse in this review that is a true folding option. When not in use, this mouse can be completely flattened, fitting almost anywhere your heart desires, though it's still not as compact as the Fenifox Slim Mini. The touchpad style design is an excellent feature, boasting the ability to scroll in four directions with the swipe of a finger — similar to the Apple Magic Mouse. The touchpad also gives the mouse a clean and sleek look.

The Microsoft Arc is one of the priciest options in the class, and unfortunately, it lacks the value offered by other expensive models like the Apple Magic Mouse. The sensor occasionally lagged when testing it on a plastic kitchen table, and we found the touchpad slightly lethargic when side-scrolling. For smaller hands, the unfolded position caused a relatively acute angle in the wrist and encouraged fatigue even during shorter sessions. Although the Microsoft Arc has its quirks, large-handed shoppers looking for a foldable mouse with ample features should consider this Bluetooth mouse.

bluetooth mouse - the arc was a neat idea but fundamental aspects like ergonomics and...
The ARC was a neat idea but fundamental aspects like ergonomics and connectivity were lacking.
Credit: Zach joseph


Multiple Connection Options

Vssoplor Rechargeable

Wireless Connection: Bluetooth/Radio Frequency | Best Mouse Use: General/Travel
Connects with Bluetooth and radio frequency through USB Type C & USB
Can switch between three different computers
Switching between computers requires flipping the mouse upside down

The Vssoplor Rechargeable can be connected in three different ways — Bluetooth and radio frequency through USB Type C & USB. This gives users the most options available in the wireless mouse market. This connectivity also allows one to switch between three different computers, and while that might constitute specialized use, this capability is quite rare among Bluetooth mice. While this mouse has a slimmer design, it still offers ergonomic support and is encased in a rubber coating that reduces sweating, at least relative to mice with a glossy finish.

Though decently built, we didn't like that we had to turn the Vssoplor upside down to switch between computers. For many, this won't be a dealbreaker, but we'd love for this design to be tweaked. This mouse is best for those who want the option of connecting with Bluetooth or a dongle on one single device.

bluetooth mouse - the vssoplor did well for most tests but the functionality was...
The Vssoplor did well for most tests but the functionality was lacking when switching between multiple devices.
Credit: Zach Joseph

Why Trust GearLab

We tested each mouse by running them through the paces of four types of computer uses: a computer game, audio engineering, photo editing, and general use of sending emails and navigating through work calendars. We've included a series of metrics by which we've tested each contender and report on our findings.

Spearheading the testing and research of this review is Zach Lovell. Zach has spent the better part of a decade in administrative roles for a variety of different companies in the outdoors industry when not working in the field. These administrative roles have involved heavy mouse use in content management, graphic design, and extensive photo editing. Zach has a great deal of experience in the mouse world and brings a wealth of knowledge.

Photo editing was used heavily to test each metric.
Photo editing was used heavily to test each metric.
Testing included mouse use on a variety of surfaces to thoroughly...
Testing included mouse use on a variety of surfaces to thoroughly examine the sensor and each product's physical slide characteristics.
A few of our top bluetooth mice
A few of our top bluetooth mice

Analysis and Test Results

To determine the best mice, we created five metrics to weigh each mouse against one another. These metrics include latency/connectivity, ergonomics, features, value, and surface slide/sensor quality.

Bluetooth Vs. Radio Frequency (USB Dongle)

Throughout a shopping experience for a wireless mouse, one will be presented with two options for wireless connection: Radio Frequency (USB Dongle) and Bluetooth. Radio frequency (RF) mice utilize a USB dongle and transmit information up to eight times faster than Bluetooth, so what capacity someone is using a mouse is critical. Bluetooth mice have a few advantages over RF, including the ease of connection (Bluetooth will not take up a USB port on your computer) and better security. A Radio Frequency dongle, to the skilled hacker in your next coffee shop, serves as an entry point into your computer and anything on it. While there are additional ways to hack into someone's computer with Bluetooth, it is, at least to some degree, more difficult.


A Bluetooth mouse, first and foremost, must be able to attach to a device, whether a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and remain connected while in use. Second, a Bluetooth mouse needs to be able to continuously talk to your device's cursor without lagging. To test latency/connectivity, we spent hours with each mouse, meticulously noting how and when latency occurred. This test was conducted in various uses, from lower demands of connectivity like emailing to high demands of connectivity like gaming. We'd recommend that serious gamers rethink purchasing a Bluetooth mouse; however, gaming in this review allowed us to truly test each mouse's latency far more quickly and thoroughly.

Mice like the Tecknet BM308 performed consistently and reliably. As previously mentioned, anyone asking more of their mouse should consider looking at a radio frequency option rather than Bluetooth. When we were testing under more general computer use (word documents, spreadsheets, emailing, etc.), almost every mouse performed well.


Ergonomics are weighted similarly to the latency/connectivity metric; a mouse is meant to be used with a hand, after all. If it's uncomfortable, it ultimately won't serve its purpose. We kept track of hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder fatigue after using each mouse for sustained computer use. More travel-conscious users will prioritize size and convenience above weight, but even size-conscious mouse designs have better and worse options for ergonomics.

bluetooth mouse - with bluetooth mice, don't settle for anything but the best value...
With Bluetooth mice, don't settle for anything but the best value. Our best overall mouse, the Tecknet BM308, also was one of our least expensive mice tested.
Credit: Zach Joseph

The Tecknet BM308 Wireless is built with a standard flat position but offers some of the most ergonomic comfort we felt in a standard mouse orientation. It's also a very travel-friendly design. The least comfortable mouse we tested was the Microsoft Arc; it has a steep angle, effectively putting the wrist at a relatively acute angle.


In some cases, users will just be looking for a left and a right clicker; others will be looking for more from their mouse, including a DPI (dots per inch) adjustment, back page programmable buttons to do whatever one wants, forward and back page buttons, zoom-in, or zoom-out buttons, etc. We examined the number of functions and the quality of those functions. If a mouse was advertised as having a programmable button, did it actually work? Were the buttons in the correct place? Were there any features that were unneeded? We scored this category based on the number of working and relevant features that the mouse offered.

Necessary features will vary wildly depending on the user, but all mice need three basic functions: left-click, right-click, and a scroller. We started with this basic need for all mice and progressed from there; even a travel-specific design like the FENIFOX Slim Mini came with a DPI (dots per inch) sensor adjustment. Other mice like the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort offered a complete slew of features for general computer use, like four-way scrolling (being able to scroll right and left is huge) and a programmable button (for pc users only). The Apple Magic Mouse had a particularly handy feature outside of its four-way scrolling touchpad design, with the “Smart Zoom” function. This function gave users the power to just tap twice on the mouse to zoom into wherever the cursor was; for us, this feature was one we didn't even know we needed. The bottom line features that emerged as the review standard, outside of a right/left click and a scroller, were an adjustable DPI sensor and forward/back page buttons.

Mice can vary in cost, yet in our selection process, most of the mice tested were under $40. This started a precedent across the review of what a quality mouse was truly worth. Our best overall mouse costs less, so for those in our review that cost 5-7 times more, we wanted to weigh whether the extra cost was worth it. Each mouse was weighed in this metric based on whether or not the list price matched our perceived quality of the mouse.

The Tecknet BM308 Wireless tops the list, offering great features and quality for a great price. On the pricier end was the Apple Magic, but we think some will find value in it given its unique design and the devout following that Apple has developed. Ultimately, most mouse users can find a product they'll love for under $40. For the budget-conscious, we'd recommend looking at a radio frequency USB dongle mouse, which generally runs less expensive than a Bluetooth option.

Surface Slide/Sensor Quality

This category is made up of two parts; first, analyzing the physical ease of sliding around the mouse on different surfaces, and analyzing the differences in sensors in picking up movement on various surfaces. We tested each mouse on marble, wood, glass, plastic, cloth, and our favorite mouse pads; this allowed us to determine how efficient the mouse was at sliding and sensing movement on common desk/table materials.

bluetooth mouse - fine detail computer work like airbrushing a photo helped us greatly...
Fine detail computer work like airbrushing a photo helped us greatly in determining slide and sensor quality. Most of the mice in the review held up to the challenge quite well.
Credit: Zach Joseph

The Apple Magic offers some of the lowest friction while sliding, but its sensor had some difficulty when testing on the glass. A minor setback for some users.


While picking a Bluetooth mouse can be daunting, we firmly believe that you can find the exact mouse you're looking for based on your needs. Compromise shouldn't be major — just like the price tag. We hope we've presented you with a variety of options and that you will be able to find the best contender to suit your needs, whether you're after a budget-friendly model, the best ergonomic option, or a product from the best wireless mouse review. If it's gaming you favor, we've also got reviews on the top gaming mouse paired with the best gaming mouse pad.

Zach Lovell