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The 5 Best Wine Stoppers

Our kitchen experts tested wine stoppers from OXO, Le Creuset, Rabbit and more to find the best ones to preserve your favorite bottles of vino
Best Wine Stoppers
The Oxo wine stopper rose to the top of our list for its slick aesthetics, simple functionality, and convenience of use.
Credit: Matt Bento

Our Top Picks

By Evan Johnson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 15, 2022

In search of the best wine stoppers available today, we combed through the best and worst of what's available online, then purchased 9 stoppers to test hands-on. We uncorked an impressive amount of wine, including sparkling wines, to test each model's sealing abilities and freshness preservation powers. Our team of testers recorked cases of wine with each stopper to check which models can hold up against transit and unique storage situations while using metrics like freshness, seal quality, and aesthetics to evaluate each stopper. From simple plugs to vacuum seals, we have narrowed down the top wine stoppers available today for you to choose from.

Other wine accessories we've tested that may be of interest are wine aerators and wine openers. Maybe you'd like to pair your wine with some homemade pasta and freshly grated parm. Whatever strikes your fancy, our kitchen and bar reviews have you covered.


Best Overall Wine Stopper

OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Spillproof

Style: Mechanical expanding | Added Value: Great look
Simple function to add pressure to seal
Strong holding power
Clean look
May lose strength over time

Thanks to its low profile look and metal finish, the OXO Good Grips stopper appeals even to our most discerning of testers. The sturdy wedge mechanism easily increases pressure on the seal with one single motion by expanding the silicon plug, creating a good seal with little effort. The stainless top has a sleek yet subtle look that will fit in with most kitchens or dining areas. Without adding any extra pumps or multi-piece clutter, it seals the bottle well and is easy to clean; what more can you ask? Removal is also quite easy, without any twisting or severe tugging necessary. These handy little stoppers do their job without being overly flashy or complicated. They are simple, convenient, and nothing more than is necessary, making it simple for you to moderate and save some wine for another evening.

The OXO Good Grips can handle side storage in the fridge, but we'd hesitate to depend on it to remain leak-free if you're carrying it around in a backpack. Without a vacuum mechanism, the wine is subject to some oxidation from whatever O2 is left in the bottle from when you opened it. You can extend this stopper's life easily by rinsing and storing it in the expanded configuration. Grab the OXO Good Grips as a thoughtful gift, or keep it in the drawer handy for your next wine tasting night with friends. It's a simple and well-priced solution for short-term wine preservation, which we appreciate.

best overall wine stopper
This hybrid stopper is sleek, low profile, and confidence-inspiring with the mechanical advantage provided by the press-to-seal inner cork.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Sparkling Wine Stopper

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

Style: Champagne | Added Value: 10-year guarantee
High-quality materials
Well designed lever mechanism
Feels very secure
Handles side storage well
Higher cost than most

Le Creuset brings us an elegant choice for keeping your bubbly fresh over time. Our testing finds that this stopper kept our sparkling wines suitably bubbly for up to four days after opening. At five days, the wines had clearly lost carbonation, becoming flat and undrinkable at six. This levered stopper for sparkling wines grabs the bottle's collar and plunges a secure seal over the edge of the bottle. We are surprised and delighted to report that the lever requires very little effort to create a good seal. The build and design of this stopper are unmatched and allow you to keep the celebration going for more than just one day. The finish is a unique metal look that stands out and shines.

The price may be a little high for some, but if you spend the money on a nice celebratory bottle, you should plan ahead and make sure it's fully enjoyed. Simple and effective, the Le Creuset is best for the true sparkling wine enthusiast.

best sparkling wine stopper
This shiny stopper has some real heft to it, which we see as a sign of durability. Its lever action makes it easy to create a very effective seal on your champagne bottles.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Bang for Your Buck

Rabbit Bottle Stoppers

Style: Classic stopper | Added Value: Very affordable
An attractive blend of stainless and rubber
Variety of colors to choose from
Not ideal for side storage
Will wear out and degrade over time

Rabbit Bottle Stoppers have a simple, classic style, and the stainless center adds a splash of polish. These are about as close to a reusable rubber cork as you can get. Simply shove one of these beveled stoppers into your opened bottle of Beaujolais, and drink again another day. When we really mash them in there, these stoppers create a great seal, even for storing bottles on their side.

While fairly versatile, the Rabbit is not ideal for fizzy drinks or sparkling wines. The stopper holds pressure well, but a mechanical or vacuum seal model is better for side storage or bumpy travel. It also requires quite a bit of pressure to create a solid seal, and then considerable tugging to break the seal. Folks with arthritis or any dexterity issues will want to go with another option. Basic yet functional, this multi-pack of stoppers is very inexpensive per item while satisfying most user needs.

wine stopper - best bang for your buck
The Rabbit stoppers offer excellent value, arriving in a package of four. With a little effort, they make a great seal.
Credit: Matt Bento


Best Vacuum Sealer

EZBasics Wine Saver Vacuum

Style: Vacuum | Added Value: Dial to set date
Seals well enough for side storage
Stylish metal finish
No mechanical tell when optimum pressure is achieved

Vacuum activated mechanical devices get mixed reviews, but we really liked the secure feel of the EZBasics Wine Saver Vacuum. It excels with an ergonomic pump-action and clean metal finish aesthetic. Vacuum sealers boost confidence with side storage, and this model doesn't disappoint. Unsure which day you opened that bottle? Set the date dial and know how many days out that vino was uncorked.

While you can follow suggestions on how many times to pump, the process feels somewhat unscientific getting it right. Other models have a telltale click or similar concept that signals correct pressure. With this wine stopper, we relied on feel, which appeared to work just fine. The finish, secure seal, and general quality all feel quite high on this vacuum sealer stopper set. The EZBasics is ideal for those looking to grab the ultimate stopper for side storage security with an airtight seal.

wine stopper - best vacuum sealer
Vacuum sealing stoppers like the EZ Basics allow you to set a cork date, so you don't forget how long your bottle has been on the shelf.
Credit: Evan Johnson


A Stopper for All Bottle Styles

Vitrix Kitchenware Reusable Bottle Caps

Style: Cap | Added Value: Works on many bottle types
Fits other styles of bottles like beer and fancy sodas
Easy to clean with a quick rinse
Many colors to choose from
Will wear out potentially
Leaks if stored upside down

Wine vessels might not be the only bottles you want to seal and save for another day, and the Vitrix Kitchenware Reusable Bottle Caps takes versatility in a new direction with a cap-like design. It sits snug on the outside of the bottle, allowing it to fit almost any wine bottle, beer, soda, or even olive oil. The clean design allows for a simple, no-fuss rinse.

The downfall is the material stretches a bit more than others, meaning it may potentially wear out if consistently used on larger bottles. Overall, it held up rather well during testing, but we aren't confident in long-term results. This model doesn't provide a perfect seal, so bottles may leak if stored on their sides, as we saw during our test period. It's best to keep bottles upright when using these caps. Purchase a couple of packs of the Vitrix to have on hand for lost screw tops on almost any bottle.

wine stopper - a stopper for all bottle styles
This is a flexible stopper that goes over the bottle opening to fit abnormal, hard to seal bottles.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Another Great Vacuum Sealer

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

Style: Vacuum | Added Value: Audible click after vacuum seal achieved
Simple and ergonomic design
Easy to clean
All plastic
Takes some technique

For those looking for a secure vacuum seal, the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump can deliver. After approximately 20 pumps, the stopper created a seal so tight that we could pick up the bottle by the stopper without it popping out. A seal doesn't get much better than that. The seal is easily broken by pushing a silicon tab at the top of the stopper to release the vacuum and remove the stopper.

Elegance isn't exactly what comes to mind when we look at these stoppers. They're a basic grey color that is more function than style. The tab that releases the vacuum makes it easier to remove the stopper, but also makes us nervous about storing a bottle in a backpack with only the Vacu Vin stopper to secure the wine, lest the tab is accidentally pressed. Twenty pumps for the vacuum to set in could be strenuous for folks with dexterity issues and just feels like a lot of work to some testers. This is not a plug-and-play stopper. We do not recommend using these stoppers without employing the vacuum pump. If you're willing to vacuum seal your wines, we suspect you're willing to put in a little work to keep your open bottles in tip-top shape for multiple nights of subtle flavors, and this vacuum-sealed stopper will do the trick.

wine stopper - while we don't consider these the most elegant looking stoppers in...
While we don't consider these the most elegant looking stoppers in the line-up, they create a powerful seal with their vacuum pump.
Credit: Matt Bento


An Inexpensive Option for Sparkling Wines

Winco CBS-1

Style: Champagne stopper | Added Value: Simple
Sleek design
Not the most secure

Reach for the Winco CBS-1 champagne stopper when you've frequently got lots of bottles to save. A clean metal finish stands out, and the approachable price makes it easy to save multiple bottles at a time after a tasting.

The wings elegantly raise, then clamp around the lip of a champagne bottle. However, they are susceptible to catching on objects unintentionally while in transit. We found this out the hard way during testing, as it opened on accident and spilled some wine. Under normal use, this mechanism is solid and secure — just don't count on it if you're carrying your wine in a backpack.

wine stopper - the winco sparkling wine stopper is sleek and looks really simple...
The Winco sparkling wine stopper is sleek and looks really simple without any extra fuss.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Swiss Army Knife of Stoppers

Haley's Corker 5-in-1

Style: Capped pour spout | Added Value: 5-in-1
Does it all
Clean pour
Doesn't excel at all tasks
Likely won't filter all cork fragments

One choice for those asking a wine stopper to do it all is the Haley's Corker 5-in-1. The manufacturer lists it as BPA-free. As you pour through the filter, you also get aeration before using it as a stopper. The multiple functions make this wine stopper an easy choice.

Multiple points to seal from the bottle and pour spout provide an extra leak point and added wear possibilities. Sometimes products that attempt too much fall short on some functions. During testing, we found that this stopper didn't aerate as well as a dedicated aerator, it allows small pieces of cork to pass through, and it doesn't provide the most secure seal. Still, it's a jack-of-all-trades option for wine bottles, from pour to store.

wine stopper - all in one choices like the haley's corker seal aerate and keep your...
All in one choices like the Haley's Corker seal aerate and keep your vino fresh.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Not Our Favorite for Preserving Bubbles

MiTBA Champagne Stopper

Style: Champagne stopper | Added Value: Opened on date selector
Pump for extra security
Unnecessary extras

The MiTBA sparkling wine stopper twists the common design with an added pump for security. We found this extra security to be nice, especially for bottles less than half-full. It fit on every bottle of sparkling wine we tried with it.

The date dial to select when you set the bottle in storage is unnecessary. All tests indicated that after a few days, the carbonation is effectively gone, rendering a date-keeper pretty useless. Sparkling beverages across the board should be used within a day or two. However, if your fridge has three to four open bottles of champagne on a regular basis, the date dial could come in handy.

wine stopper - mitba provides a stopper with a pump to elevate the stopper.
MiTBA provides a stopper with a pump to elevate the stopper.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Why You Should Trust Us

Our lead tester, Evan Johnson, shared and sought feedback from friends and experts alike. He is continually searching for wines that pair well with interesting new flavors. He spends extra time cooking deliberately and enjoying the process (most importantly, with a glass of wine). Evan's experience bartending and working in wine marketplaces add to his experience in this area. Geeking out on all sorts of gear, he's keen to help people find the perfect tools and gadgets for their oenophilia.

Our testing process begins with market research on top styles recommended by wine experts and enthusiasts. After narrowing down the available options, we purchase every model we decide to test hands-on. We evaluate these stoppers using three metrics; Seal Design, Freshness, and Aesthetics. Seal Design offers some straightforward comparisons, as we compared the tightness and security of each stopper side by side. We also took bottles on light hikes and bike rides, and knocked bottles over sinks to see what would spill. Freshness is subject to the discerning palettes of our testers, who don't always agree. We tested identical bottles of wine with different stoppers, with testers tasting each wine over the course of 2 weeks as the wines slowly oxidized. Aesthetics is subject to personal opinion, but our opinionated testing crew does not hesitate to weigh in, and our photo documentation will give you a solid impression as to whether or not these stoppers will work in your kitchen.

After placing a paper towel under the wine stoppers, we kept an eye...
After placing a paper towel under the wine stoppers, we kept an eye on any leaks. These strong sealers performed really well.
Wine tasting and stopper testing night.
Wine tasting and stopper testing night.
The OXO stopper has a great look that fits in whether your guests...
The OXO stopper has a great look that fits in whether your guests are dressed up or dressed down.

Analysis and Test Results

After testing for weeks, we compared notes and came up with our final evaluations for each product. Below, we discuss each test metric and detail which models stood out as top performers in each area.


Of course, we all want our wine at the pinnacle of its perfect bouquet; whether that's decanted or still bubbly, a stopper can extend this state for a bit. Oxidation, while actually a key process in achieving the flavors in many wines, is the enemy of the open wine bottle over time. A wine's flavor begins to change as soon as you've opened it. A more dramatic (tasteable) process also begins immediately upon opening a bottle. Bacteria loves wine as much as the rest of us, and its metabolic process turns wine into acetic acid, giving it that vinegar taste that makes you want to spit it out.

wine stopper - keeping wine fresh is the primary consideration for most folks...
Keeping wine fresh is the primary consideration for most folks seeking an appropriate stopper, so we tested thoroughly for this with a panel of taste-testers.
Credit: Matt Bento

Most connoisseurs recommend finishing a bottle the night you pop it open, and avoid the wine completely after 2 or 3 days. However, this doesn't align with how many people drink their bottle of vino. Several of our testers consider a week-old open bottle to be more than fair game, and we suspect many of you feel the same, making a wine stopper all the more important. We tasted bottles over the course of a week, comparing their flavor to a control bottle that was left uncorked and open. Much debate ensued, and some testers had trouble detecting any degradation in the wine flavors for the first few days. Although it's challenging to discern flavor changes between day 2 or 3, all our testers noticed changes around the day 4 mark for the bottles with stoppers. Meanwhile, an uncorked bottle starts to taste pretty funky on day 2.

wine stopper - this stopper uses a vacuum to remove air and help prevent oxidation...
This stopper uses a vacuum to remove air and help prevent oxidation. Admittedly, some of our testers had trouble discerning the difference in flavor between vacuum-sealed bottles and bottles with regular stoppers.
Credit: Matt Bento

The OXO Good Grips stopper is a tester favorite, featuring a small plunger that expands the silicone plug to create an airtight seal with little effort. The Rabbit stoppers are also quite effective but require a bit more effort to create a seal, as they function like a beveled rubber cork.

For champagne-style stoppers, it was a clear, crisp pop we looked for to determine if the seal held, then checked in on taste and aromas. Le Creuset provides an excellent, easy-to-achieve seal, keeping our champagne bubbly for up to four days. In real-life terms, this means the bottle you popped for last night's celebration can be good to go for mimosas today, tomorrow morning, and beyond.

wine stopper - the oxo stopper is simple and provided 4 days of extra freshness to...
The OXO stopper is simple and provided 4 days of extra freshness to our wine when compared to an uncorked, open bottle.
Credit: Matt Bento

Once your wine has sat a few days, you've saved about as far as you can go. At this point, try freezing it for sangria, enhanced sauces, and creative gravies. Go to the next level with frozen champagne cubes for an interesting take on mimosas.

Vacuum sealers like the Vacu Vin claim extra freshness, and the Vacu Vin provides a satisfying click to let you know a proper vacuum seal has been established. Our blind taste tests didn't show extra flavor savings from the vacuum sealers compared to the other stoppers, but if the thinking is that removing as much O2 from the bottles as possible to limit oxidation, they are successful at creating a vacuum.

wine stopper - le creuset (center) comes packaged the best for gifting to...
Le Creuset (Center) comes packaged the best for gifting to your favorite connoisseur of bubbles while also sealing in carbonation, maintaining sparkling wines for up to four days.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Seal Design

We tested the seal in transport and timed tests investigating side storage. Looking for leakage, we found very little, even with our least favorite stoppers.

wine stopper - corks from cava, prosecco and champagne just don't go back in a...
Corks from Cava, Prosecco and Champagne just don't go back in a bottle's neck. Having a solution to celebrating with half a bottle makes popping that top even more enjoyable.
Credit: Evan Johnson

The Vin Vacu creates a strong vacuum seal that's more than adequate for side storage., However, the small tab that allows you to easily break the seal could become jostled in a backpack, leading to potential spills. Without the vacuum pump, these stoppers do not create a strong seal, so if you lose or damage the vacuum component, you're out of luck.

The Rabbit stopper requires some effort to create a good seal, but...
The Rabbit stopper requires some effort to create a good seal, but once in place, it's quite effective.
The seal on the Le Creuset is strong and easy to implement, keeping...
The seal on the Le Creuset is strong and easy to implement, keeping the champagne fresh and fizzy for mimosas, and perhaps a little safer from curious members of your household.

We find that models like the Rabbit are simple but effective if you push them hard into the bottle as you would a cork. The strong lever and quality materials of the Le Creuset give it longevity and give us confidence that it can survive a short journey (best to keep upright) in a backpack.

wine stopper - testing stoppers over the sink we kept a close eye on any leaks, the...
Testing stoppers over the sink we kept a close eye on any leaks, the Rabbit did fairly well and looked good doing it.
Credit: Evan Johnson


An eye-catching stopper can help you remember to finish that tasty liquid saved. Models like the OXO Good Grips have a polished stainless appeal to match modern decor. We also like how the stopper sits low, nearly flush, allowing for easier storage and minimal flair.

wine stopper - aesthetics are a matter of taste, but in general, we favor clean...
Aesthetics are a matter of taste, but in general, we favor clean lines, unobtrusive colors, and simplicity when it comes to the appearance of our wine stoppers.
Credit: Matt Bento

The Vacu Vin stopper is made almost entirely of silicon and has a dull gray color. While it's not distracting, it isn't our favorite when it comes to style. The Le Creuset Champagne sealer has a clean, all-metal appearance and puts out a pretty sophisticated vibe. The Rabbit Stoppers come in a pack of four, with four different dark, low-key colors. Whatever you choose, you are likely to tip off your guests that you care about your wine. All of the stoppers we tested look way better than a reused cork, and they won't ruin your wine with the unavoidable chunks that fall off the cork as it breaks down.

wine stopper - two of our favorite models, the oxo and the le creuset, are keeping...
Two of our favorite models, the OXO and the Le Creuset, are keeping our bottles sealed and fresh.
Credit: Matt Bento


A compelling wine stopper can enable you to enjoy an excellent bottle without feeling the need to down it all in one night. While there are snobs out there who'll say otherwise, we think a wine stopper is a great gift for nearly any wine enthusiast. They encourage moderation and protect fine wines from chunks of disintegrating cork while staving off the oxidation process. Once you've read through our guide, we hope you can quickly select the best stopper for you. Then you can open an extra bottle, knowing you can always save some for the future.

Evan Johnson

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