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The 3 Best Soda Makers of 2024

We put soda makers to the test from SodaStream, FIZZpod, and more to find the best bubbly water creators out there
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Best Soda Maker Review (Making and tasting soda with the tasting team.)
Making and tasting soda with the tasting team.
Credit: Kristin Anderson

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By Kristin Anderson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 11, 2024

The Best Soda Makers for 2024

We researched over 20 of the best soda makers available today and purchased 6 highly rated models to compare side by side. We carbonated over 13 gallons of liquid to evaluate each machine's ability to make soda, and the qualities of each, which make the task easier in the long run. In the end, many of the models are capable of producing similar quality soda water; thus, we also considered things like how long that process takes, design features that make it easier to use, and the versatility of each product. Whether you want to make sparkling water to help hydrate each day, or you want to replace soda with carbonated juices or fruit-infused water, this review can help you choose the best model to have in your kitchen.

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Best Overall Soda Maker

FIZZpod Soda Maker

Carbonates: Water, juice, tea, infused water, and more | Powered by: 60L CO2 canister
Minimalist design
Easy to use
Strangely shaped bottles

Our favorite soda water maker is the FIZZpod Soda Maker, which produces strong carbonation and is the simplest model to set up and use. We like not having to thread a bottle into the machine; simply use the carbonator lid, place it in the slender machine, and press the top down. It is quick and easy. This machine also has the smallest footprint of any of the countertop designs and could still fit under the cabinets. We also like that it can carbonate water, juice, and infused waters. We tested it with water and juice, and it worked for both. We used a ½ and ½ juice/water mix to cut down on sweetness, and it also carbonated well. A common issue for juice carbonating models is that the juice tends to foam and bubble up to the top. To combat this, we recommend releasing pressure gently, as if you were opening a shaken bottle of soda. This product also comes with three water bottles, which is more than any other model tested.

We like the slim design and versatility, but the FIZZpod does not include CO2 cartridges, and the bottles are tall and skinny. They are about 14.5 inches tall compared to the next tallest model at 11 inches and have a narrow build that is easy to tip over. The overall structure of the bottle makes it hard to carry in a water bottle pouch or cup holder or place in the refrigerator. If you don't have a lot of counter space and want sparkling water, sparkling juices, wines, and more, we think the FIZZpod is a great choice.

soda maker - the fizzpod had the simplest design, and came with three water...
The FIZZpod had the simplest design, and came with three water bottles.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


Best Bang for the Buck

DrinkMate Sparkling Water Maker

Carbonates: Water, juice, tea, infused water, and more | Powered by: 60L CO2 canister
Slim design
Good carbonation
Complicated carbonator cap
Only comes with one water bottle

The DrinkMate Sparkling Water Maker is one of the slimmest countertop models we tested, taking up minimal counter space. It also has a unique design that carbonates all kinds of beverages, like plain and infused waters, juices, and wine. It makes excellent sparkling water and made the strongest carbonated juice of any of the models in our fleet. The DrinkMate is advertised as the soda maker that can carbonate almost any beverage, and we believe it. Though other models lightly sparkle juice, the Drinkmate does a great job of fully carbonating it.

The DrinkMate is a strong choice and can carbonate nearly any liquid, but we were disappointed that it only comes with one water bottle and no CO2 cartridges. It is beneficial to have two water bottles so you can keep a cold one in the fridge that is always ready to carbonate. With this model, be sure to release the valve on the carbonator lid before opening after carbonating, or you could have a volcano on your hands. The DrinkMate is an excellent affordable option for those looking to cut unhealthy soda habits, as it's ideal for making a tasty soda out of a variety of liquids.

soda maker - the drinkmate and fizzpod both carbonated juice well.
The DrinkMate and FIZZpod both carbonated juice well.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


Excellent Glass Carafes

SodaStream Aqua Fizz

Carbonates: Water | Powered by: 60L CO2 canister
Glass bottles
Not versatile

We're impressed by the SodaStream Aqua Fizz, which is the only model we tested that uses glass carafes. The bottle housing is fully enclosed. When opening the housing to place the bottle in or take it out, the lid hydraulically lifts, and the carafe holder tilts forward. All this action is surprising next to the simpler models we tested. The housing is plastic but also incorporates some stainless steel parts to give this machine an industrial look. It comes with two glass carafes and a CO2 canister. Though we didn't set out to test the sound of each model, it was impossible not to notice that the Aqua Fizz is the quietest, as the carbonation action happens in a fully enclosed space. With 2-3 pulses of the button, the Aqua Fizz carbonated water well before hearing the hiss of the CO2 releasing.

We enjoyed cold sparkling water from the glass carafes and the relatively robotic nature, but this is one of the tallest models in our lineup. When closed, it fit under the cabinets, but when open, it towered over the other models, and we had a hard time fitting it under our cabinets. The Aqua Fizz is a great SodaStream model for folks who prefer using glass bottles instead of plastic and don't mind adding a large new appliance to the kitchen.

soda maker - the aqua fizz is very tall when open, and fits under the cabinets...
The Aqua Fizz is very tall when open, and fits under the cabinets when closed.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


Great Stainless Steel Model

AARKE Carbonator II

Carbonates: Water | Powered by: 60L CO2 canister
Stainless steel construction
Modern, slim design
Not versatile

The AARKE Carbonator II is the only model we tested that is made completely of stainless steel (minus the CO2 injector). It makes super-carbonated water and has an attractive stainless steel lever system. We like the simplicity of the design and the feature of a drip tray at the base to catch any overflow; it is not only functional but attractive.

This machine is possibly the most attractive and most durable. It's a sleek countertop centerpiece, but it comes with a high price tag. It is the most expensive model we tested, does not come with CO2 canisters, and has only one water bottle. This model is great for someone looking for a high-quality appliance with a sleek and modern stainless steel design.

soda maker - the aarke carbonator ii has a sleek, simple to use stainless steel...
The Aarke Carbonator II has a sleek, simple to use stainless steel construction.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


Excellent and Portable

iSi Steel Soda Siphon

carbonates: Water, juice, tea, infused water, and more | Powered by: single-use 8g CO2 cartridge
Food-safe stainless steel
Cannot control carbonation level
Single serving

The iSi Steel Soda Siphon was a fun tool to test. We liked the stainless steel bottle; it's heavy, durable, and substantial. This would be an outstanding bartender's tool or a cocktail enthusiast's party trick, as it can shoot pressurized carbonated water out when squeezing the trigger. It has an attractive design and quickly carbonates cold water while taking up virtually no counter space, as it can fit in a cupboard or even a drawer. The soda siphon is also a versatile tool; it carbonates water well, and lightly carbonated wine. We were even able to leave the siphon in the refrigerator overnight with the liquid, and it held carbonation. The liquid in the soda siphon needs to be cold to work well, so keep refrigerated water around to refill the bottle.

While we like the iSi Steel Soda Siphon's small size and durable stainless steel construction, it is limited to a single serving at a time (about one quart). As the bottle is part of the carbonation process, every piece is needed to make sparkling water, and you cannot open the bottle until the water is gone and the bottle is no longer pressurized. This contraption also uses single-use 8g CO2 cartridges that would pile up quickly. This is an excellent option for someone who wants an occasional glass of sparkling water or who likes to add some soda water to homemade cocktails.

soda maker - the isi soda siphon in action!
The iSi soda siphon in action!
Credit: Kristin Anderson


Good Electric Option

Sparkel Beverage System

carbonates: Water, juice, tea, infused water, and more | Powered by: Electricity
No CO2 canisters
Longer process
A little messy

The Sparkel Beverage System dazzles in so many ways. This electric machine features light-up buttons and chimes when the carbonation process is finished. It also boasts the ability to carbonate a wide variety of beverages. In testing, we carbonated water and juice. We found the carbonation of water to be comparable to other models, while the juice had lighter carbonation; all this without using CO2 cartridges! It uses carbonation packets with Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate to cause a reaction, and that creates CO2 and injects it into the Sparkel bottle and pressurizes it until it reaches the selected level of carbonation. It is easy to select the desired level of carbonation with the 1-5 button options on the front of the machine.

In testing, we found that the carbonation in the drinks made with Sparkel did not last as long as with other models tested. There are also many parts and pieces to deal with; there's a water reservoir on the back that feeds water into another chamber, where water mixes with the powder from the packets. This last chamber needs to be emptied and cleaned after each use. The bottle also gets the CO2 injection from the bottom, so there is a valve in the bottom of the bottle that can leak if accidentally pressed. After using the machine, we found we had to clean it more than the other models because the process was a little messier. This machine took the longest time to carbonate beverages; at the lowest level of carbonation, the process took one and a half minutes — at the highest level of carbonation, the process took just over four minutes. The Sparkel system is ideal for someone who doesn't like purchasing or exchanging CO2 canisters and would appreciate a versatile machine that can carbonate without them.

soda maker - here we're using the cabonation packets provided with the sparkel...
Here we're using the cabonation packets provided with the Sparkel Beverage System.
Credit: Kristin Anderson

Why Trust GearLab

To start our scientific testing, we did our research, sifting through products. After purchasing ten different models to test, we created a test plan. When all soda makers were lined up in the kitchen, we analyzed their performances, looking for differences in carbonation and taste. We enlisted two additional tasters to help us carbonate and taste a lot of water and juice; we also assessed how easy each was to use and whether the carbonation levels were adjustable. Then we evaluated design features like size and storability, whether it needed electricity, and the materials and durability. Finally, we looked at versatility; some soda makers just make water, some promise more, and we wanted to test each as it was meant to be used.

The lead tester in this review is Kristin Anderson, a long-time cook, outdoor enthusiast, and artist. She loves detail-oriented tasks like thoroughly testing products side-by-side and analyzing details. Kristin considers herself a connoisseur of sparkling water; living in a place that can be over 100 degrees in the summer demands cold bubbly water!

Analysis and Test Results

Whether you are looking to up your water intake or kick a soda habit, we have a recommendation for you. We tested and compared ten leading soda makers for over eight hours per machine, carbonating over 13 gallons of liquid for each model (of water, juice, and wine). We tested each contender's performance and their ability to carbonate water and other liquids; we tasted the water and took notes on the function and mechanics of each one.

We noted that many of the machines make comparable sparkling water; some have finer bubbles than others, but the difference, once practiced with each machine, was nominal. The important thing in carbonating water is to use cold water; CO2 bonds with the water better when it is cold. Other factors that were important to us were ease of use and adjustability of carbonation. We then looked at the design features of each, like size and storability, and whether or not it required electricity, as well as materials and durability. Once we ran out of cold water, we compared the products that promised the versatility of carbonating any liquid; we did this by carbonating juice and wine and comparing carbonation levels.

soda maker - starting with cold water is essential to good carbonation.
Starting with cold water is essential to good carbonation.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


To see which soda maker made the best water, we chilled a significant amount of water and carbonated water with all of the soda makers at once; using two volunteers, we took turns tasting the water and taking notes.

Some outliers were the Sparkel Beverage System, which produces finer bubbles and loses carbonation faster, and portable devices like the iSi Soda Siphon do not have adjustability, and therefore could not get as sharply carbonated as the countertop models.

soda maker - easy to modify carbonation levels with sparkle beverage system.
Easy to modify carbonation levels with Sparkle Beverage System.
Credit: Kristin Anderson

Ease of Use

When looking at ease of use, we evaluated how many parts and pieces there were to assemble each time we wanted to make water, as well as how easy it was to adjust the level of carbonation. Most models allow for a quick connection of the bottle and a few presses of a button or pull of a lever to control the carbonation levels. The portable iSi Soda Siphon requires assembly and insertion of single-use 8g CO2 cartridges each time and does not have adjustable carbonation.

The FIZZpod was simple to use; it does not have a difficult bottle attachment and features a simple carbonating mechanism. The Sparkel Beverage System allows you to place the bottle, lock it in, and select a carbonation level of one to five.

soda maker - the fizzpod has simple connection and carbonation system.
The FIZZpod has simple connection and carbonation system.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


When looking at the design of each contender, we were looking for size and storability, the materials and level of durability, and whether they needed electricity. The only model that needed electricity was the Sparkel Beverage System.

soda maker - here we show the countertop soda makers for size comparison.
Here we show the countertop soda makers for size comparison.
Credit: Kristin Anderson

The FIZZpod has the slimmest, most minimalist design. The similarly-sized DrinkMate and Aarke Carbonator II have a small counter footprint, but the Aarke has a slight edge with its sleek profile. It is made of stainless steel and we found it the most durable, materials-wise.

soda maker - the sparkel beverage system's inner chamber, where the carbonation...
The Sparkel Beverage System's inner chamber, where the carbonation packets combine with water to create CO2.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


When testing the versatility with juice and wine, we realized that wine and juice do not carbonate as well as water, even when cold; there were two standouts in the versatility category in performance testing, and those were the FIZZpod and the DrinkMate.

soda maker - testing the versatility of soda makers by carbonating wine.
Testing the versatility of soda makers by carbonating wine.
Credit: kristin anderson

Both provided stronger carbonation than the portable soda makers, and the Sparkel Beverage System and DrinkMate took first place in this category because they created the strongest carbonation of juices.

soda maker - making carbonated juice with the sparkel beverage system.
Making carbonated juice with the Sparkel Beverage System.
Credit: Kristin Anderson


When shopping around for a home soda maker, some brands dominate the market and present several options. Upon looking closer, there are many companies filling this niche market. We hope the research, testing, and comparisons conducted will help you make an informed decision on which soda maker is best suited to your needs and budget. If you're looking to make other fun drink creations, check out our review of the best portable blenders.

Kristin Anderson