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Best Wine Aerator of 2021

Blind taste tests were a fun way to separate the aerators ability to e...
Credit: Evan Johnson
By Evan Johnson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 2, 2021
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To find the best wine aerators, we poured over the market's most popular models before purchasing and testing 9 of the top aerators available. Our crew of testers eagerly used each product on high-end bottles of red as well as low-priced grocery store merlots and cabernets to tease out the differences in performance. Using blind taste tests with a panel of judges, we compared the level of enhanced taste and aroma before also assessing ease of operation, cleaning, and even aesthetics. We searched for models that add thoughtfulness when paired with a bottle as a gift, found styles that start conversations, and discovered ones that are quick to plug and play with no extra fuss.


Best Overall Wine Aerator

Vintorio OMNI Edition

Style: Handheld | Added Value: Aesthetically pleasing
Simple build and sophisticated design lines
Elegant pour visuals
Cleans easily
Requires two hands

The Vintorio Omni wine aerator appealed to all of our desired attributes with clean lines, pleasing function, and the ability to enhance the flavor of the wine in style, letting your beautiful red breathe as it flows through multiple stages of aeration. Watching it do its thing is captivating; some of our testers likened it to watching a fire or a babbling brook. This model positively affected the nose of wines during testing, opening up a more vibrant bouquet while also increasing the depth of flavor. The easy to clean system allows for nice display and storage. Simply rinse under warm water (not too hot — these are mostly all acrylic) before storing it on its included stand.

The handheld nature of this classically shaped aerator requires slightly more attention to use, but the benefits of a softer profile are unmatched. Steering clear of pretentious design, it blends in well with glasses of wine and empty bottles, indicating an evening enjoyed with friends or family. Remember to slip the stand under the device as you remove it from over your glass so you don't lose a drop. Grab the Omni for a classy look and functional edge.

The Omni aerator excelled at looking great while providing an...
The Omni aerator excelled at looking great while providing an excellent upgrade to the palate.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Best Electric Wine Aerator

Aervana Essential Electric

Style: Electric | Added Value: Unobtrusive design
Low profile and lightweight
High aeration and simple operation
Requires batteries
More steps to cleaning

The Aervana Essential Electric offers up your choice of wine freshly aerated at the easy touch of a button. It sits nicely in standard wine bottles and has a low profile and elegant form, reducing the chance of knocking it over. The wine is aerated while running through the system, which operates on six AAA batteries to ensure you've got the power to produce a pleasing, aerated pour straight from the spout. This attachment essentially brings a wine tap to your next get-together.

Cleaning requires a rinse bottle filled with water and a quick run through the system to ensure nothing remains inside the unit. And while we love the unique simplicity the electricity provides, we aren't thrilled to add another gadget to our kitchen that requires batteries. The device does not work unless sealed atop a bottle, but it does its job as advertised, helping maintain the freshness of your wine and providing a simple solution to putting your favorite vintage on tap. Out of the electric models tested, we found this one the least likely to drip, although a well-placed towel or drip catch coaster is encouraged to keep counters or shelves clean. Check out the Aervana for an easy go-to touch of simplicity.

Simply tap the top silver button on the Aervana and get a well...
Simply tap the top silver button on the Aervana and get a well aerated glass of vino.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Best Bang for Your Buck

Soireehome In-Bottle Aerator

Style: Pour Spout | Added Value: Dishwasher safe
Simple plug-and-play stopper attachment
Adjustable aeration depending on pour angle
Slightly less aeration overall
Potentially fragile to travel with

Sometimes simple is best, and it doesn't get much easier than a pour through the Soireehome in-bottle aerator. Scoring high across all metrics, this plug-and-play globe-shaped device attaches to your bottle and allows for increased aeration depending on the angle of pour, all the way to fully inverted. Bonus points for the dishwasher-safe design. We feel this is a clear choice at a fair price point. After use, place it on the display stand and have your new favorite wine tool on the shelf next to your lineup of bottles for the evening.

While it can be easier to pour through, our testers found this device provides slightly less enhancement to the bouquet of aromas. With reduced aeration, it can also provide more of the tannic taste; a pour with the Soireehome may need more time for a smoother glass. To enhance aeration, it might be worth covering the opening with a thumb and tilting the bottle back and forth to allow it to run from the device back to bottle a few times. Try this over the sink, though. No assembly and the easiest of cleanup make this one a clear winner. Choose this affordable model as a display piece and something to add quickly to any bottle, even whites at a low angle pour.

Flip the Soireehome and bottle completely upside down to create a...
Flip the Soireehome and bottle completely upside down to create a cool globe of red wine aeration.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Best for Gear Geeks

Zazzol Multi-Stage Decanter

Style: Handheld | Added Value: Dishwasher-safe
Pinnacle of its class for max aeration
Easy to clean
Extra parts to clean or lose
Requires extra hand to hold

If you have a penchant for taking things apart and experimenting, check out the Zazzol wine aerator. Sometimes it's just fun to be able to take an old go-to wine and see how it changes with new tools. The Zazzol provides multiple layers and styles of aeration to please all the senses. Pouring starts over an umbrella that fans out the wine before it travels through a perforated disk and finally whirls through our friend, the Bernoulli zone.

Almost all of these devices employ the Bernoulli effect, where you increase the velocity of a liquid (in our case, wine) through a constriction, and various methods of air injection spit out your sweet delicious vino on the other side. According to the manufacturer, the Zazzol is dishwasher safe, and we didn't find disassembling it to be overly complicated; there are just a few more pieces and some finagling with the rubber seal. We recommend the Zazzol for the gear geek vino lover in your life.

Geek out here on the levels and variety of aeration through an...
Geek out here on the levels and variety of aeration through an "umbrella" into the perforated disk and then through the final bernoulli chamber.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Electric Model We Liked Less

JIFAR Electric One Touch

Style: Electric | Added Value: Extra accoutrement
Cool light up feature
USB rechargeable
Tall unit, a little clunky
On/off button feels less intuitive

Electric models are abundant and should be easy. Our test of the JIFAR One Touch aerator confirmed some initial button control concerns. For this model, touch the button to start the flow of wine, and then touch it again to turn it off. However, our testers preferred the button on the Aervana, which dispenses wine as you hold the button, allowing a more precise pour. We did really like that this unit is charged via USB and comes with assorted accouterments of an opener, a travel pouch, and a stopper (all of which seem of average quality). Another option could be rigging this atop a bottle of custom-flavored beverages in a wine bottle. Overall, the drips were minimal, and it enhanced the wine's aromas and flavor in our tests.

On the downside, the JIFAR unit sits tall on the bottle and creates a little extra concern for getting high-sided and toppling over. We did like the light and the window into the device, but didn't find them to affect the overall performance. Overall, we felt the JIFAR was over-designed and overdone, especially compared to the simple and balanced Aervana electric model.

This electric model is almost as large as our wine bottle, which...
This electric model is almost as large as our wine bottle, which wasn't our favorite aspect. It is certainly a conversation starter, though, and comes with a wine opener and stopper.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Classic Choice

Vinturi Aerator With Base

Style: Handheld | Added Value: Sits well in stand
Simple design with classic lines
Quick clean up and easy to rinse and dry
Really loud aeration

The Vinturi Aerator is a well-known and popular device. Our testers resoundingly liked how well it worked in enhancing the nose of our selected reds, and the sound emitted from this device during aeration is not insignificant. Vinturi is proud of the noise, as the loud noises imply that the device is introducing more air to the wine through the device's side jets. Simple construction and easy cleaning increase the value and performance of this product. The optional mesh screen insert available on this model (and a few others we tested) is nice for catching bits of cork or other sediment.

These handheld devices require extra coordination throughout operation, and the loud sounds of the aeration could be obnoxious to some. This product performs similarly to our top choice overall. If the Vintorio isn't available, don't hesitate to go for the Vinturi in its place.

The Vinturi is the classic handheld simple tool to get your favorite...
The Vinturi is the classic handheld simple tool to get your favorite red aerated.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Another Free Floating Choice

VINVOLI Luxury Pourer

Style: Handheld | Added Value: Easy rinse
Sits well in its storage stand
Classic simple look
Potential weak points in the tabs
Black band blocks visuals of the aeration process

The Vinvoli Luxury Pourer checks in with a familiar handheld style, mesh screen, and a tabbed additional cup system. The cup allows extra space for air to enter the Bernoulli Effect, but the tabs are somewhat clumsy. After aligning them, however, you're set up for success. The blind taste testers all preferred the pour offered by the Vinvoli over non-aerated wines, and it's the fact that it's comprised of fewer parts means it's easier to clean. It's also priced competitively among other handheld options.

Get the tabs wrong or break one, and this could end up less than ideal. Still, when operated correctly, this unit gets the job done. Most of our testers preferred models that allow you to "see" the aeration process in action, but the black band around the Vinvoli's top blocked our view. Still, this model functions almost as well as our favorite models in terms of enhancing the flavor and aroma of red wines, and since it's priced a touch lower, we think it's a fine choice for folks less entertained with the aesthetics of the device in action.

The Vinvoli has a mesh screen to catch sediment or bits of cork...
The Vinvoli has a mesh screen to catch sediment or bits of cork, allowing only wine to flow into your glass.
Credit: Evan Johnson


A Fancy Pour and Decant Style

Centellino Decanter 100mL

Style: Spout & Decant Chamber | Added Value: High-end glass look
Elegant glass design
Offers gentle adjusted levels of aeration
More fragile than others
Somewhat fiddly to rinse and dry

The elegant choice for those looking to do the plug and play style is the Italian-made Centellino Decanter attachment. Attach this to your bottle and pour out a measured taste, then play with options for passing it back to the glass. Different sized options entertain the idea of multiple uses, from tasting to full "friend pours." This device offers class and a cool conversation starter. The Centellino releases the aromas you want without subjecting the wine to overly abrasive techniques.

This model has a larger learning curve than some of the simpler models. Our first few pours were less than perfect, as we had to maneuver the bottle correctly to get wine into our glass, but it's really not hard after a couple of tries. While cleaning is straightforward, you may find it tough to get it rinsed well if you allow wine to dry inside the device. The connections are solid, but care needs to be taken to ensure you're preserving the integrity of seals. And, consisting of glass, this model is more fragile than several plastic models we tested. Aesthetically, though, we love the look of this aerator/decanter combo and favor it to other pour spout style models. Select the Centellino to elevate your host game and show off even more glassware.

Keep it classy with the Centellino and a measured, unique pour...
Keep it classy with the Centellino and a measured, unique pour experience.
Credit: Evan Johnson


A Better Pourer Than Aerator

TenTen Labs Pourer

Style: Spout | Added Value Helps pour cleanly
Easy and quick
Low price
Very minimal aeration
Comes apart a little too easily

TenTen Labs brings us their spout style attachment in a two pack. While this is an easy and incredibly simple option, it failed to bring forth flavors and aromas as well as the other simple choices. It also comes apart easily in use; one of our testers lost the rubber bits between the acrylic and they almost fell into the bottle. It sits well inside the neck of a bottle but does not do much for flavor.

We found that this model functions effectively as a wine pourer first, offering little aeration. Place it in your favorite wine, and you've got a nice, functional device that pours well. Just don't expect a very noticeable enhancement in aroma or taste with this model.

The TenTen Labs model adds minimal aeration while offering a solid...
The TenTen Labs model adds minimal aeration while offering a solid pour experience from its spout.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Why You Should Trust Us

Our lead tester, Evan Johnson, reached out to industry professionals, sommeliers, and folks plain psyched on the variety of wine gear out there. A wine enthusiast himself, Evan has a personal pursuit of finding fine wines that aren't incredibly expensive, and also enjoys enhancing the flavor of his favorite reds through aging and aeration techniques. This passion project has led him to try out several wine aerators, giving him valuable insight on these devices.

Checking this info with blind testing and examining the results, we found real decisive winners. The wide breadth of users helped us determine which aerator would work best for the wine enthusiast.

Our testers like how the Soiree aerator displays on its stand.
While the handheld models proved to require more patience and...
We stepped up our dinner parties and wine-night frequency in order...

Research was the start of this review. We consulted professionals and investigated the most popular and well-regarded products available to help narrow down our selection of products to buy and test. Once we received our orders, we went wine shopping to get an array of wines of various vintages, grape varieties, and prices to see what these aerators can really do. We started with some of our favorite reds and checked blind taste tests to see if the aerator provided an elevated experience. We also assembled a panel of wine professionals and amateur wine-lovers to conduct these blind taste tests over several evenings. Our testers overwhelmingly preferred the aerated version of these (mostly young) wines. We equally compared all models across the board to see which stacked up the best in smoothing out a nice, tannic red. After cleaning up and shelving each unit, we got a feel for how easy it was to process the system and figure out its quirks, too. Here are some stats from our testing process:
  • 9 aerators
  • 12 bottles of wine
  • 6 taste panel judges
  • 1 broken wine glass
  • 7 pizzas
  • Lots of chocolate

Analysis and Test Results

We analyzed each model according to a test plan we developed to be fair and equal. Our three areas of performance comparison are Aroma and Taste Enhancement, Ease of Use and Cleaning, and Aesthetics. Read on below to see how each metric was assessed and which products shined brightest in each performance criterion.

Aroma & Taste Enhancement

As this is the most sought-after effect of a wine aerator, we went to great lengths to test this aspect of each product. Extensive blind tasting was conducted with a panel of six judges to determine which version the testers preferred (either aerated or non-aerated). We looked at a scale of rough to smooth taste overall and compared tasting notes both on the nose and palate. All were tested ultimately with the same wine to keep things straight and provide an even playing field, while we also provided further experimentation with multiple varieties.

We found handheld models like the Vintorio, Zazzol, and Vinturi to all function well in terms of aerating wine. These three models significantly enhanced the taste and aroma of red wines immediately after popping the corks. The Aervana Essential Electric proved in our tests to be the most flavor-enhancing of the electric models, creating similar results in taste and aroma as the handheld models.

Models like the TenTen provide some aeration, but the effects on aroma and taste were barely noticeable — if at all — by our judges. This model seems to focus more on pouring than aerating, based on our assessments. Stopper-style aerators overall also fell short without much actual enhanced aroma or taste.

Preparing another round of blind taste testing with the Zazzol...
Preparing another round of blind taste testing with the Zazzol aerator.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Ease of Use & Cleaning

This metric consists of how easy it is to use and clean each model. Some product designs make it difficult to balance pouring, holding an aerator and potentially even a glass. For this reason, we urge consideration for how you may intend to use the device.

We preferred units like the Soiree when it comes to ease of use. Just replace the cork of your select bottle of wine with this aerator, and you're ready to pour with just one hand. This ease of use contrasts with the handheld models, which require two-handed operation and are more likely to result in a few errant splashes. Whether handheld or stopper-style, we appreciated models with a stand to place them in between uses. This kept them stable and off the counter, and therefore, cleaner.

When it comes to storing these models between uses, having a stand...
When it comes to storing these models between uses, having a stand for the aerator to sit in makes keeping them clean and safe easier.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Between the electric models, we found the Aervana to be easier to use than the JIFAR model. The button on the Aervana functions better to get a more measured and careful pour. It's also less top-heavy and not as easy to knock over as the large and clunkier JIFAR aerator. Furthermore, the JIFAR tended to drip more than the Aervana. We do appreciate that the JIFAR model is rechargeable with a USB cord, while the Aervana runs on six AAA batteries.

To clean most of these devices, a simple rinse will do. Some models, like the Zazzol, required unscrewing and disconnecting parts to fully clean, whereas the more simple Soiree and Vintorio can simply be run under warm water and placed in a safe spot to dry. We prefer a simple rinse to sticking these devices in the dishwasher, and not all of them are suited for this anyhow. Cleaning the electric models is more involved. These are best cleaned by filling a wine bottle with clean water and pumping the water through the spout. It's not a dealbreaker, but it does take more time and effort than the non-electrical models.

Zazzol pieces make for a little extra clean up, but the manufacturer...
Zazzol pieces make for a little extra clean up, but the manufacturer does suggest they're dishwasher safe.
Credit: Evan Johnson


Part of the wine tasting experience is how the wine looks in the glass, appealing label artwork, and the setting. Nice tools to enjoy your wine help elevate the experience for you and your guests. You could consider matching your choice to align with your home's design theme or even look at how it matches the rest of your kit. To compare, we set tables with the gear out and stored it with bottles on display.

Enthusiasm for wine is fueled partially by aesthetics, and the...
Enthusiasm for wine is fueled partially by aesthetics, and the Soireehome was a favorite in this aspect among our testers, whether it was sitting atop a bottle or in the act of pouring.
Credit: Evan Johnson

Electric models tested brought in a different feel, from the somewhat large and top-heavy look of the JIFAR to our favorite e-aerator, the Aervana, which has a sleek look that matches most bottles. Our testers unanimously preferred the Aervana for its smaller, more sophisticated look. That said, both electric models look a little funny to us atop a wine bottle.

The Vintorio Omni is striking. We like its transparent design that isn't covered up by bands, allowing you to watch the wine run through the entire device. Other models block part of this process to some extent. Placed next to a glass, we really liked how it looked on its stand, too. Models like the Aervana blend tech and function to provide a quality product that blends in well.

We like that the Vintorio is entirely clear, which allows the...
We like that the Vintorio is entirely clear, which allows the aeration of the wine as it passes through the device to provide the aesthetics.
Credit: Evan Johnson


We tested tons of options for new wine aerators and gave them all an equal shot at stacking up. We gravitated towards models with an easy to clean system and classy countertop presence, but the level of taste and aroma enhancement each model offers was our main concern. After comparing taste, function, and aesthetics, we found winners for every use case. We're confident that with the specs and conclusions we've reached, you're set up to find the perfect aerator for your wine-enjoying needs. Cin cin.

Evan Johnson