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The 6 Best Wine Openers of 2023

We happily tested wine openers from Demenades, Pulltap, Secura, and more to find you the best tool for your imbibing needs
Best Wine Openers of 2023
Wine opener
Credit: Sara James

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By Sara James ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 3, 2023

In our hunt for the best wine opener, we scrupulously researched over 40 models and chose 10 of the most popular and top-performing appliances for side-by-side analysis. Our diverse group of wine-obsessed testers meticulously evaluated each opener, considering important aspects, including ease of use, aesthetics, durability, and additional features. We've identified which models are the easiest to use, best for vintage bottles, and the best value, as well as which openers can be used with one hand or with little strength. Whether you expect to open a bottle of wine for a special occasion, or are looking for a special something to gift to a wine lover in your life, check out our review to find the wine opener that fits your needs and budget.

No matter your drink of choice, our home bar reviews can help you sort the best from the rest. Whether you're looking for sophisticated whiskey glasses, durable tumblers, nifty wine stoppers, or the best beer glasses to kick back and relax, our aim is to make your purchasing process an easier one.


Best Overall Wine Opener

Demenades Wine Opener Kit

Style: Rabbit and accessories | Additional features: Wine stopper, wine pourer, foil cutter & extra worm drill
Strong visual appeal
Incredibly simple to use
Enjoyable to operate
Doesn't require much hand strength
Somewhat bulky for kitchen drawer
Two hands required

Due to its ease of use and visually appealing design, the Demenades Wine Opener Kit caught our testing team's eye. The well-engineered lever, rack, and pinion system deliver an effortless experience that will make the Demenades opener feel comfortable in anyone's hands. To add to the aesthetic, the exposed gearing and brass finish give it an industrial, steampunk look that somehow avoided being called pretentious by all but the most casual of testers.

We love that this model also comes with various useful accessories — foil cutter, bottle stopper, pourer, and spare corkscrew drill. Aside from the fact that you'll need to find a place to store the somewhat bulky device and all its extras in your kitchen or dedicated bar area, we didn't find too much to gripe about with the Demenades Kit. Easy to operate and visually pleasing, this set would make a perfect gift for any of your favorite wine lovers.

best overall wine opener
The visual appeal of this rabbit-style opener called out to many of our testers.
Credit: Sara James


Best Bang for the Buck

Pulltap's Double-Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew

Style: Two-step waiter's corkscrew | Additional features: Foil cutter
Pocket-sized for easy transport
Integrated foil cutter
Two hands needed
Requires technique

Pulltap's Double-Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew is a time-tested bartender's classic. Based on the two-step waiter's corkscrew, this type of wine opener has been working successfully for centuries. A helpful foil cutter is folded into the body of this pocket-sized tool, and the double joint helps prevent cork breakage. This pocket-sized tool is also a serrated foil cutter, and the lever doubles as a bottle cap opener.

This model requires two-handed use and a fair amount of practiced technique, so it's not our top choice for ease of use. However, it's a classic design that has stood the test of time. Its multifunctional nature and affordable price make it an all-around favorite for those looking to get the most out of their wine opener while spending the least amount possible.

wine opener - best bang for the buck
Servers with over 40 years of experience argue that there is no need to overcomplicate a simple task.
Credit: Sara James


Best Electric Opener

Secura Rechargeable Electric

Style: Electric corkscrew wine opener | Additional features: See-through base for viewing, LED Bluelight, foil cutter
Straightforward to use
Zero strength required
Illuminates while opening
Viewing chamber improves ease of use
Plastic chamber is difficult to clean
Runs the risk of crumbling cork if not used correctly
Requires charging

The cordless Secura Rechargeable Electric wine opener is a straightforward, modern tool that takes no strength and no fuss to use. Line it up, apply downward pressure, press the down button, and presto, let the Secura do the rest. The cordless electric opener mechanically drills into the cork and removes it with no further effort from the user. The transparent plastic base allows you to see what is going on, which is both helpful and a fun design feature. In case that wasn't enough, LED lights turn on upon use and help ensure that you are successful even in the darkest of environments.

To some testers, the plastic material of the Secura's base appeared to be a "cheapened" version of the full stainless steel versions offered by other manufacturers. However, this transparent material allowed visibility and significantly improved first-time users' success rate during testing, lessening the probability of cork damage. This feature will appeal to those who want to take the pressure off opening wine bottles, particularly in low-light environments such as a candlelit dinner or power outage.

wine opener - best electric opener
Using one hand, press one button and let the motor do the rest of the work for you.
Credit: Sara James


Best for Vintage Wine Bottles

Monopol Westmark Two-Prong Cork Puller

Style: Twin-prong cork puller | Additional features: Bottle opener incorporated into the handle
Very effective on delicate corks
Popular with industry professionals
Easy (once you gain confidence)
Enables recorking afterward
Learning curve
Careless users may push the cork in
Requires both hands

A "Butler's friend," such as the Monopol Westmark Two-Prong Cork Puller, is a favorite wine opener with servers in the fine dining industry, and for good reason. Often referred to as an "Ah-So key," this nickname supposedly refers to people's exclamations when they finally discover how this ingenious tool works. Once the two prongs are inserted into either side of the cork, a gentle rotational pull squeezes the cork from the bottle. The opener works without piercing the cork, making it particularly useful when working with delicate or damaged corks (think vintage or poorly-stored wine). This feature also enables a careful user to potentially reinsert the intact cork afterward, allowing you to recork your favorite bottle and save the rest for another day.

As it requires technique and may feel awkward at first, unfamiliar users may be intimidated by this minimalist option. On occasion, heavy-handed testers accidentally pushed the cork further into the bottle when trying to insert the prongs. The hardened steel prongs and die-cast metal of the cover and handle lend a particularly refined and polished look to this popular tool. If wine isn't the only drink on the menu, the ergonomic handle doubles as a bottle opener, ensuring that the Monopol is one tool you will want to keep on hand.

Professional server Megan Reidal recommends paying careful attention when inserting the prongs to ensure you are not pushing on the cork and to have your first practice on a low-stakes bottle. Then you won't have any hesitation or struggle when opening that special bottle from the cellar.

wine opener - best for vintage wine bottles
It takes a moment to learn how to use this unique tool; however it may prove very valuable, especially if you come across a delicate cork in an expensive bottle of wine.
Credit: Sara James


Best for Wine Connoisseurs

HiCoup Waiter's Corkscrew

Style: Two-step waiter's corkscrew | Additional features: Foil cutter
Integrated foil cutter
High level of craftsmanship
Two hands necessary
Technique required

To create a highly functional and elegant wine opener, HiCoup Waiter's Corkscrew has refined the old-time favorite waiter's corkscrew commonly seen in the hands of sommeliers. A groove notched down the drill worm improves the corkscrew's insertion and performance while lessening the chances of crumbling a delicate cork. The double-hinged fulcrum offers a significant mechanical advantage, and the cork feels easy to extract.

Some gift buyers may find the overall familiarity of this style of wine opener unextraordinary. However, the high level of craftsmanship makes this product more unique than your average opener, and it's likely to be the perfect choice for many wine lovers who might appreciate the simplicity and functionality of this classic.

wine opener - best for wine connoisseurs
The HiCoup Waiter's corkscrew includes a foil cutter and beer bottle opener in its pocket-sized body.
Credit: Sara James


Best for Ease of Use

Wine Ziz Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener

Style: Air pressure opener | Additional features: Separate foil cutter included
Satisfying cork-popping action
Can use one-handed if necessary
Effective in almost all situations
Requires dismantling to clean
Loose corks can end up inside the bottle if the user is not careful
High pressure

Scoring highly across the metrics, the utilitarian-looking Wine Ziz Air Pressure Pump Bottle Opener is very popular among our test team, particularly because of its ease of use. Due to the uniqueness of this opener's style, most first-time users require some guidance on using it — or at least some encouragement. However, it is hard to believe how easy the job is once you see how this opener works. To use this product, insert the needle into the cork (the circular plastic casing makes lining it up accurately a cinch) and gently pump the plunger about five times. Once enough air has been pushed into the bottle, the cork slides out safely with a triumphant (but controllable) pop. Users report this experience as very satisfying, and it may prompt you to want to pop open another bottle.

The sharp needle at the Wine Ziz tool's center may put off some cautious users. However, users can rest assured that it is well-protected with plastic casing. Though you may want to dismantle the Wine Ziz to clean it thoroughly, the needle should not pose a threat unless you purposefully take apart the tool.

wine opener - best for ease of use
The circular disk helps you to remove the cork off the needle after you have opened the bottle of wine successfully.
Credit: Sara James


Biggest Surprise at the Party

Cork Pops Original Bottle Opener

Style: Compressed air | Additional features: None
High entertainment value
Possible to use one-handed
Requires CO2 cartridges
Can get messy
Not suitable for certain bottles

Of all the models in our test group, the distinctive Cork Pops Original Bottle Opener provided the quickest and most entertaining wine-opening experience. Once you have removed the foil from the bottle, insert the needle fully through the cork's center, and press the canister's top while gently lifting. The cork will pop right out, often leaving a trail of vapor (and occasionally a spray of wine) in its wake.

For the confident showperson, this gadget makes opening bottles one-handed an easy trick to add to your repertoire. However, we found that this opener was not always successful if the cork was particularly crumbly or already damaged. Cautious users also struggled to use it successfully, and due to the sharp needle and pressurized CO2 container, parents may not want an appliance like this lying around the house.

wine opener - the cork pop lives up to its name, opening the bottle with a...
The cork pop lives up to its name, opening the bottle with a triumphant pop.
Credit: Sara James


Large and Overcomplicated

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

Style: Vertical lever corkscrew | Additional features: Foil cutter
Unlikely to damage cork
Foil cutter sits on the tool
Requires two hands

The oversized OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew is easy to hold and comfortable to use. However, this tool requires two hands and a bit of grip strength. Although easy to master through practice, infrequent users were often confused and unsure how to proceed, which resulted in a few damaged corks.

Some testers criticized this opener for being clunky and unbalanced, joking that it should come with a holster so they can lug it around. However, many were impressed with the cleverly hidden foil cutter at the top of the OXO Steel Vertical Lever corkscrew. For those looking for a truly effortless tool or an elegant gift, the Demenades Kit is a slimmed-down version of this opener style that still offers an oversized lever, all for less money (and more style).

wine opener - the oxo level required a significant grip on the bottom on the...
The OXO Level required a significant grip on the bottom on the opener in order to work successfully.
Credit: Sara James


Alternative Electric

Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

Style: Electric corkscrew | Additional features: Foil cutter
One-handed operation
50 bottles from one charge
Can damage cork
Takes up precious counter space
Requires charging

Offering a sleek design with simple instructions, the Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener makes for a wine opener that you can easily use one-handed. Despite its simplicity, if you are not patient when lining up this corkscrew, it can be easy to misalign the angle of approach and spoil the cork. Taking an extra second to set up this gadget will pay dividends, allowing you to finish the task with one hand and your eyes closed.

Overall, testers preferred the look of this fully stainless steel gadget over the part-plastic Secura Electric. However, we were significantly more successful when using the Secura, as the plastic base reduced user error by enabling better visualization. You'll have to decide which factor is more important to you.

wine opener - the easy-to-clean fully stainless steel body of the cuisinart...
The easy-to-clean fully stainless steel body of the Cuisinart Electric can still look sleek, even after many uses.
Credit: Sara James


A Classic Style

IPOW Wing Corkscrew

Style: Wings | Additional features: Bottle opener included
May damage cork
Not pocket friendly

Utilizing the classic wing-lever corkscrew, IPOW Wing Corkscrew is a familiar sight from your parents' kitchen, one which is still going strong. The archetypal design is straightforward and completes the job (as long as you line it up straight). The IPOW Wing Corkscrew adds plastic grips in all the convenient places, resulting in less pressure on those fingers—something to consider if you expect to do this task multiple times in one evening. In addition, the neck of the opener is conveniently designed to serve as a bottle opener.

Recorking a bottle was rarely an option due to the oversized drill piece causing excessive damage to the cork. The corkscrew presented another challenge, as it has to be screwed in all the way; otherwise, it is a strenuous or awkward two-stage process to pull it out.

wine opener - we surveyed over 50 industry professionals and wine enthusiasts...
We surveyed over 50 industry professionals and wine enthusiasts, including sommeliers, wine directors, bartenders, engineers, servers, Corkscrew collectors, and dads from around the world. With this knowledge in hand, we opened 25 synthetic corks, 25 natural corks, and 25 crumbling 'vintage' corks, getting the feedback from first-time users, regular users, and professionals.
Credit: Sara James

Why You Should Trust Us

In preparing for this review, our lead tester and wine fanatic Sara James reached out to a team of professionals to share their insights. This group included sommeliers, servers, corkscrew collectors, wine growers, and wine enthusiasts. Collecting the experiences of hundreds of hours of testing by different types of users, Sara and the testing team are committed to finding the best wine openers. The team's diverse range of backgrounds, preferences, ages, geographic locations, professions, and budgets helped us to consider the needs of all wine connoisseurs.

To compare and score ease of use and aesthetics, we had a varied panel of testers with a wide range of hand sizes and physical capabilities. These testers tried out each product to measure how easy they were to use for both new and experienced testers. Finally, we evaluated the durability and additional features of each model.

Wine opener
Wine opener

Analysis and Test Results

We started our process by researching more than 40 wine openers and narrowing them down to the products with the most potential to be the best. We then set out by purchasing and opening countless bottles of wine using a diverse panel of testers to critique and analyze each product. Ease of use was considered at the forefront while also factoring in durability, aesthetics as well as additional features.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is measured in multiple ways. Was the opener straightforward for a novice to figure out how to use without instruction? How much hand strength does it require? Could someone with reduced dexterity use this tool effectively? Finally, we tried it out with one hand (and occasionally with our eyes closed).

wine opener - the wine ziz air pressure opener stood out as easy to use as it...
The Wine Ziz Air Pressure opener stood out as easy to use as it required little strength or hand dexterity.
Credit: Sara James

The easiest wine openers to use required little thought and effort. The Demenades, Secura Electric, and the Wine Ziz all excelled in this area despite their very different approaches to cork removal. Many testers were able to use the latter two with just one hand, and all required minimal strength to use due to the wonderful forces of physics.

wine opener - the mechanical advantage offered by the demenades, along with the...
The mechanical advantage offered by the Demenades, along with the ergonomically-engineered design, makes this tool exceptionally easy to use, whoever's hands it is in (although, it does require two hands).
Credit: Sara James

The waiter's corkscrew models (HiCoup and Pulltab) and the Monopol fall into a unique category, as they require a technique. Unless you have seen someone use these products, you will likely have trouble figuring it out without instructions, particularly with the Monopol. When you learn to use it and are armed with a well-designed version such as the Westmark Monopol, you are sure to find it easy for all future bottles.

wine opener - with a little practice, waiter's corkscrew-style openers are an...
With a little practice, waiter's corkscrew-style openers are an efficient tool.
Credit: Sara James

The Cork Pop Original was challenging to evaluate. Many apprehensive users took a moment to use it successfully, as they didn't press the canister enough to release any gas. Overconfident users removed the cork before testers could even start the timer, pressing the canister too much or for too long, and were rewarded with a triumphant pop. Do make sure you insert the needle fully through the cork but not into the actual wine (unless you also want a spray of wine). The Cuisinart Electric is almost as easy to use as the Secura. However, the lack of visibility regarding the drill piece increased user error. The OXO's size made it easier to grip than some tools, but we were disappointed with how cumbersome this appliance felt.


To ensure that these openers live up to the tasks you need, we tested each opener extensively, putting it through more stress than a standard user probably would. This included battery life tests on the electronic models and clumsy user tests.

Despite our best attempts at being clumsy, we saw no indication of wear and tear or damage on any of our openers. Each tool withstood the challenges we set them up to. This was particularly reassuring with the electric models, as initially, testers considered that they might not withstand multiple drop tests.

The OXO and Demenades included spare drills, though we doubt you would ever need to use either of these. The Cork Pops model requires CO2, which will necessitate a replacement cartridge at some point — we recommend keeping extra on hand.


Drinking wine is an experience based on aesthetics. The wine's smell, flavors, and feel are all essential aspects of this experience. Because of these crucial components, one may also want to consider the aesthetics of the wine opener they choose to purchase. Despite a diverse range of testers, certain openers are distinct in this particular metric.

wine opener - the demenades corkscrew was a clear winner in terms of aesthetics
The Demenades corkscrew was a clear winner in terms of aesthetics
Credit: Sara James

After using the Demenades, multiple testers exclaimed that they needed to buy this gadget for someone in their life, either because it just looked so cool or because it felt incredibly easy to use. These qualities can be partially attributed to the visible gearing system, which makes it easy and effective while giving it a unique look that is likely to draw attention.

wine opener - some might have trouble recognizing the unique design of the monopol...
Some might have trouble recognizing the unique design of the Monopol Westmark as a wine opener.
Credit: Sara James

With a certain aesthetic quality, the Westmark Monopol Two-Pronged Opener piqued several testers' interest. The onlooker is drawn in by the mysterious simplicity of using this cork puller, as well as the smooth lines of the handy tool.

wine opener
Credit: Sara James

The electric models tested had similar stainless steel finishes that may look polished amongst the other appliances in your kitchen. They may also take up valuable kitchen space. Some testers did worry they would be mistaken for oversized salt and pepper shakers.

Additional Features

You may think a wine opener does not need to be complicated with extra features; however, most users recognized the appeal once they had tested them out.

wine opener - the often-overlooked knife on the waiter's corkscrew is designed to...
The often-overlooked knife on the waiter's corkscrew is designed to cut the foil off the bottle.
Credit: Sara James

Most of the options tested came with some type of foil cutter, either built-in (HiCoup, Pulltab) or as a separate attachment (Cuisinart, Secura, Demenades, Wine Ziz). Though some may consider foil cutters unnecessary, these tools undeniably improve efficiency and grace. All of these were easy to use for novices and seasoned wine drinkers alike, and none of our test team struggled here. Our favorite tool for foil cutting is the built-in knife present in the HiCoup and Pulltab waiter's corkscrews.

wine opener - a foil cutter makes the task of removing the foil quick and...
A foil cutter makes the task of removing the foil quick and effortless.
Credit: Sara James

Of all the options, the Demenades Kit comes with the most accessories, including a wine cutter, bottle stopper, wine pourer, and extra spiral drill. We particularly enjoyed using the pourer as it just looked great when pouring the wine.

wine opener - the demenades corkscrew accessories include a bottle stopper, wine...
The Demenades Corkscrew accessories include a bottle stopper, wine pourer, and foil cutter.
Credit: Sara James

The Secura Electric has a built-in LED that glows blue when in use. Although some testers found this feature tacky, it proved particularly useful in low-light conditions. We would be grateful to have this on hand during a power outage.


Drinking wine should be an easy and enjoyable experience, just as opening the bottle should be. With the improved technology of kitchen appliances over the years, pulling a cork out can now be smooth as butter. Just like a winemaker carefully selects the grape to make the best wine, we have selected the best openers to enhance your wine-drinking experience. We hope that you find our research useful.

Sara James

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