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The 5 Best Sponges of 2023

We put sponges from brands like Scrub Daddy, O-Cedar, Scotch-Brite, and others to the test to find the top options
Best Sponge of 2023
Looking for the best model for your kitchen? We guarantee our comprehensive review will reveal which of these are best for your particular needs.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Our Top Picks

By Aaron Rice ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 7, 2023

Looking for the perfect sponge? Our experts researched over 50 of the top options before identifying 10 of the best to test side-by-side. From washing dishes to scrubbing kitchen appliances, we put these products through their paces in real-world cleaning situations. We developed specific tests so that we can bring you conclusive data to inform your purchase decisions. Our assessments cover all important aspects of a good sponge, from absorption to smell factor. Through our hands-on testing, we have thoroughly examined the top household scrubbers on the market today to offer you recommendations on the best options out there.

Scrubbing pots and pans, wiping down the counters, and taking out the trash aren't necessarily the most glamorous tasks, but they've got to get done nonetheless. Ease your chores by considering our top cleaning product recommendations for tidying up a messy kitchen.


Best Overall Sponge

Scrub Daddy Colors

Material: FlexTexture Foam | Scrubber: No
Temperature controlled stiffness
Twice as absorbent as other models
Lack of scrubbing surface

Although the Scrub Daddy Colors looks like a gimmicky, as-sold-on-TV special — indeed, the company did get its start on Shark Tank — don't let it fool you. This product is a serious cleaning machine. By far the most absorbent model in our review, the Scrub Daddy impressed us with its fun and functional design. The FlexTexture material works precisely as it's supposed to: a tough scrubber under cold water, and becoming more flexible under warm water so you can access hard-to-reach spots in your dishes. It can cleanse itself of grime quickly and dries out incredibly fast for its thickness. As the most absorbent product in this review, it also managed to clock the fastest dry time.

Water flows easily through this polymer model, so it won't hold onto suds as readily as some other models. Although it still impressed us with its scrubbing ability, without a dedicated scouring side, it wasn't the strongest scrubber of the bunch. The Scrub Daddy is usually sold in a pack of three, so color-code each with a job and use worry-free for any type of household cleaning. After cleaning countless pots, pans, Tupperware, glasses, stovetops, and more, this model became our favorite to use.

best overall sponge
With its charming smile and top-notch performance, how can the Scrub Daddy not put a smile on your face?
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Bang for Your Buck

O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge Scrub

Material: Cellulose | Scrubber: Yes
Scrubbing surface doesn't pill quickly
Endorsed as Teflon-safe
Not very absorbent
Average stink factor

The O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge Scrub has the classic design of your everyday kitchen scrubber, with some pretty significant improvements. The 3D design sports a matrix that is much tighter than similar competitors — as a result, it's really great at not accumulating food bits. Additionally, the scrubber does not break down and pill like many of its rivals in our tests. For its durability and scrubbing strength, we couldn't find a better value. Often sold in packs of six or more, the price per product is low for what you get.

This product is thick for a cellulose model, but it's not as absorbent as we had hoped. Similarly, it runs through soap faster than a few others we tested. The biggest flaw, however, is that this one is nowhere near odor-resistant — we began to notice a particular stench within the first few washes, a common issue with sponges. It is safe to clean in a dishwasher, though, and with its durable design and structure, the O-Cedar can handle weeks of washing while making one of the smallest dents in your wallet.

sponge - best bang for your buck
The 3-D texture of the O-Cedar Scrunge sets its apart from the other basic kitchen scrubbers.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Budget Pick for the Bulk Shopper

Mr. Siga Heavy Duty Scrub

Material: Foam | Scrubber: Yes
Cheap in bulk
Thick foam retains suds well
Poor water absorption
Lack of durability

The Mr. Siga Heavy Duty Scrub is one of the bulkiest models in our review. Fittingly, it is also one model featured here that is available in a bulk pack — making it notably inexpensive for the price-conscious shopper. Its thick foam specializes in dishwashing, thanks to its impressive ability to hold onto soapsuds. It also proved useful for throwaway uses, such as cleaning the corners of the bathroom, due to its strong scrubber and bulk pricing.

The Mr. Siga, however, was one of the poorest performers in our water absorption test, which was especially surprising due to its size. We also noticed issues with durability and the fact that it quickly absorbed a noticeable, foul odor. But if you are interested in a cheap disposable product for dirty jobs, this can certainly perform well in that role.

sponge - budget pick for the bulk shopper
Fat and powerful, the Mr. Siga Heavy Duty Scrub is particularly suited for sudsing up a sink full of dishes.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Soap-Saver

Jetz-Scrubz Classic Cushion Scrubber

Material: Foam | Scrubber: Yes
Soap retention
Not a very tough scrubber

A durable, foam sponge is not easy to come by, but the Jetz-Scrubz Classic Cushion Scrubber does a great job of filling that void. While it may not be the most absorbent model we tested, it holds onto the most suds by far. The all-black design is unlikely to stain, making it perfect for cleaning surfaces all around the house. For a foam option, this model was surprisingly resistant to stench and grime, only adding to the longevity of this already durable product.

The scrubber matrix impressed us with its ability to dodge food bits, but it wasn't quite as strong when it came to scrubbing power. While it is moderately absorbent and big, we wouldn't call on this rather large model for any significant spills. Although pricey, we believe that the Jetz-Scrubz could save you dollars in soap costs in the long run, especially if you handwash most of your dishes.

sponge - best soap-saver
Despite the harsh appearance of the Jetz-Scrubz, both the scrubber and soft side are incredibly delicate on surfaces like stainless steel.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Best Washable Model

Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Scrub

Material: Polyurethane, polyester/polyamide | Scrubber: Yes
Washer and dryer safe
Tough scrubber and soft microfiber cloth
Quickly gathers grime
Scrub surface loses efficacy over time

The Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Scrub model is unlike any other in our review, thanks to an outer wrap that's a tough, polyamide scrubber on one side, and a soft, polyester microfiber cloth on the other. This elegant combination makes this product the most versatile in our review — capable of tackling burnt pans or polishing sunglasses. Most impressive is the fact that it's launderable, safe for both the washer and dryer, as well as the dishwasher. We love it for its sustainability alone.

It is a good thing that this model can easily be washed and dried because, unfortunately, its soft texture tends to accumulate grime quickly. The scrubbing side is initially tough, but we noticed during our testing period that it eventually wears flat. But as such a versatile option that can be washed easily, the microfiber Scrub-It might fit your needs precisely.

sponge - best washable model
With a heavy-duty scrubber on one side, and a soft microfiber cloth on the other, the Scrub-It Multi-Purpose model is easily the most versatile in our review.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Classic and Capable Kitchen Model

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub

Material: Cellulose | Scrubber: Yes
Strong scrubber
Not recommended for stainless steel appliances
Scrubbing surface pills easily

The Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub sets the standard as a classic of the kitchen. Nearly twice as absorbent as other similar, cellulose-based options, we appreciated the workhorse attitude of this product when it came to almost every type of kitchen cleaning. In particular, this scrubber outperformed every other competitor in this review regarding sheer scrubbing power.

While it's nice to know that the scrubbing fibers are made from 100% recycled content, this model's scrubbing surface pilled up faster than others we tested. No sponge lasts forever, but this one's lifespan fell a bit short in comparison. The price is appropriate, though, and if you're okay trading durability for scrubbing force, this product is a good choice.

sponge - when it comes to the household staple, the scotch-brite non-scratch...
When it comes to the household staple, the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch is as easily recognizable for its all-blue color pattern as it is for its scrubbing power.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Ideal for Delicate Surfaces

Geloo Silicone

Material: Silicone | Scrubber: No
Poor scrubbing power

The Geloo Silicone is durable. This scrubber is even heat resistant up to 500°F, allowing them to serve as potholders in a pinch. Despite their impressive durability, the bristles are soft and squishy enough to delicately scrub fruits or vegetables clean. The balance of tough and soft makes this a versatile scrubber for any number of household chores. It particularly excels when it comes time to carefully clean surfaces that you do not want to scratch, like a non-stick pan or the hood of your car. When it comes time to clean the scrubber itself, the food-grade silicone will easily stand up to many trips through the dishwasher.

However, we're not sure the Geloo can even qualify as a sponge. Though the silicone bristles create and hold soapy suds, these pads are otherwise completely non-absorbent. The lack of a scrubbing pad should also indicate that this is not the best model to tackle a particularly tough scrubbing job. While these soft-scrubbers have a difficult time breaking through grease and grime, they work great to clean surfaces like cast iron pans, which benefit from retaining their oily finish.

sponge - the flexibility and soft-scrubbing bristles of the geloo make it a...
The flexibility and soft-scrubbing bristles of the Geloo make it a great option for cleaning delicate items like wine glasses.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Plant-Based Option

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch

Material: Wood pulp cellulose, agave plant fibers | Scrubber: Yes
Majority of fibers made from plants
Powerful scrubber
Easily acquires grime

The Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Non-Scratch incorporates recycled material. It's made from 100% plant-based fibers, partly comprised of recycled paper and wood-pulp cellulose. Half of the scrubbing fibers come from the agave plant, and the packaging is made from entirely recycled content. Much like its blue counterpart, the Non-Scratch Scrub, this eco-focused product boasts a pretty powerful scrubbing surface.

Despite the boasting about sustainability, we can't help but feel like this sponge is a bit green-washed. We feel that it's better for a scrubber to last a long time — through lots of scrubbing and multiple washing cycles — than to quickly end up in the trash can. Unfortunately, due to its durability and overall thin build, the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch is more likely destined for the latter rather than the former.

sponge - a "green" take on a classic kitchen staple, the scotch-brite greener...
A "green" take on a classic kitchen staple, the Scotch-Brite Greener Clean is a recycled version of its easily recognizable, all-blue counterpart.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Bulk Value for a Throwaway Sponge

Treenewbid Eco

Material: Foam | Scrubber: Yes
Holds soap suds
Serious lack of absorption
Cheap, throwaway construction

Good thing the Treenewbid Eco is sold in bulk, because each individual scrubber didn't last very long in our tests. This basic foam scrubber easily holds onto soap suds, quickly rinses out after dishes, and is surprisingly soft enough to clean stone countertops without any worry of abrasion. Like the Mr. Siga, it is available in a 24-pack. While this makes it a similarly inexpensive option when considering price-per-sponge, we believe its disposable construction undermines its overall value.

We're always on the lookout for products with long-term value and try our best to avoid those that promote a throwaway culture. With its lack of durability and disappointing lack of absorptive power, the Treenewbid scrubber is not particularly "eco-" or wallet-friendly. But, sometimes you need a single-use sponge for those grimy chores — like scrubbing the toilet — and in those cases, this cheap scrubber may just fit the bill.

sponge - don't be afraid of how thin this sponge is when it first arrives.....
Don't be afraid of how thin this sponge is when it first arrives... The Treenewbid Eco does in fact puff-up to a regular sponge size (left) once you fully saturate it.
Credit: Aaron Rice


A Scented Silicone Option

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber

Material: Silicone | Scrubber: No
Mildew resistant
Fast drying
Poor durability

The Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber is a very peculiar model, but we're unsure of what its particular use might be. Produced by a family-owned company out of Georgia, it's not surprising that this product is infused with a peach scent — that may or may not be a welcomed addition to your kitchen sink. Regardless of your attitude toward scented products, this 100% silicone scrubber has the incredible ability to resist odor, mostly thanks to its non-absorbent matrix and antimicrobial odor protection.

Unfortunately, we didn't find the Peachy Clean very useful around the kitchen. By design, it doesn't absorb and retain soap well, and it didn't provide much scrubbing strength or convincing durability either. Our testers believe there are better options for most people's kitchen and household needs.

sponge - the peachy clean is a 100% silicone that is almost guaranteed to...
The Peachy Clean is a 100% silicone that is almost guaranteed to fend off odor, thanks to its non-absorbent matrix.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Why You Should Trust Us

Our extensive testing process starts with performing our due diligence of online research, spending hours researching the internet for the most popular and high-performing products available. We pride ourselves on objectivity, purchasing these products at retail value so that we can provide you with honest, comprehensive reviews based on direct comparisons of the best models on the market. We draw our conclusions from real-life experience and back those up with direct and specific tests to scrutinize the pros and cons of each product — and yes, this thorough testing process extends to something as seemingly mundane as sponges.

We take our testing seriously, no matter the product category. As a...
We take our testing seriously, no matter the product category. As a product you're likely to use daily; might as well have one that performs to your needs.
Side-by-side comparison is how we are able to gain such conclusive...
Side-by-side comparison is how we are able to gain such conclusive insight into the best products for your need and budget.
Our comprehensive review will make sure you get the best value out...
Our comprehensive review will make sure you get the best value out of your next sponge purchase.

One of our kitchen experts, Aaron Rice, tackled the off-beat challenge to single out the best models for kitchen dishes and household chores. He is devoted to sharing good food and has worked in and around professional kitchens for the better portion of a decade. Nowadays, he and his wife co-manage an on-site culinary garden for a fine-dining restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. Aaron spends much of his free time cooking and baking at home, and you know what they say: what gets cooked, must be cleaned.

sponge - a string of competitors, running the daily gambit of a heavy-duty...
A string of competitors, running the daily gambit of a heavy-duty, dishwasher cycle.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Analysis and Test Results

For most modern households, these products are the workhorse of multi-purpose cleaning. From wiping up messes to the chore of daily dishes and on to scrubbing showers, we all find ourselves reaching for one of these squishy tools whenever we need to scrub, soak up, or wipe down. To determine the best kitchen and household model, we first identified six key characteristics that make sponges so useful: absorption (including soap retention), durability, scrubbing strength, versatility, and odor & grime build-up. We then devoted a week to testing them all side-by-side, analyzing each quality, and ranking them according to these metrics.

sponge - we examine all of our products side-by-side to ensure objectivity in...
We examine all of our products side-by-side to ensure objectivity in our 'laboratory' tests. Here, we saturate each model to see how much water they can absorb.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Before they were mass-produced in factories for household cleaning, sponges existed for millenia in the earth's oceans as one of the longest-living animals. These animals are defined by their numerous chambers that have the ability to uptake water. The same goes for the commercial synthetic versions that seem ubiquitous in modern kitchens.

sponge - we were pretty disappointed with the absorption of the treenewbid...
We were pretty disappointed with the absorption of the Treenewbid Eco, that ended up pushing water around more than taking it up.
Credit: Aaron Rice

To test the vital quality of absorption, we measured the water volume each option was able to retain when reaching full saturation. The most absorbent model in our review, by far, is the Scrub Daddy, which took up nearly twice the amount of water as its closest competitor, the microfiber Scrub-It. The two silicone options in our test — the Geloo Silicone and Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber — are designed as non-absorbent products.

sponge - the thick, polymer matrix of the scrub daddy easily absorbed nearly...
The thick, polymer matrix of the Scrub Daddy easily absorbed nearly twice the amount of water compared to any other model in our review.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Soap Retention

While not quite as important for wiping up spills — and perhaps more relatable for those without a dishwasher — the ability of a kitchen model to hold onto soap while washing dishes is an important factor related to absorption. The less soap you have to reapply, the longer you can stretch a bottle of dish detergent. It's also more convenient and practical to avoid constantly pumping more soap onto your scrubber. Thoroughly handwashing dozens of loads of dishes, we discovered that the true foam competitors perform the best in this metric. The Jetz-Scrubz fills up and holds onto suds better than any other model in our review, hands-down. Not far behind is the very large Mr. SIGA Heavy Duty model, which also impressed in this area.

sponge - no other product even came close to holding onto soapsuds like the...
No other product even came close to holding onto soapsuds like the Jetz-Scrubz.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Our durability analysis is a testament to our efforts to bring you an authoritative review. To back up our cleaning assessments, we put each product through its paces in a laboratory-style durability test. We chose an extra rough surface — in this case, a brick — and performed 500 scrubbing repetitions to identify any issues that may otherwise take weeks to reveal themselves. We also ran all of the models repeatedly through the dishwasher throughout the testing period and noted any significant wear and tear.

sponge - overzealous, we know. but this test gave us a good estimation of how...
Overzealous, we know. But this test gave us a good estimation of how the scrubbing pad of each model would hold up over time.
Credit: Aaron Rice

At the top of its class is the Geloo Silicone Dish model, proving the longevity of food-grade silicone. On the other hand, the silicone matrix of the Peachy Clean scrubber began to wear through almost immediately after any tough scrubbing, proving that durability is influenced by more than just the material used. The FlexTexture foam of the Scrub Daddy also exceeded all expectations, but the scrubber of the Mr. SIGA "heavy duty" model quickly began to separate from the body of the sponge after a few trips through the dishwasher.

sponge - while marketing may have you believe that products like the...
While marketing may have you believe that products like the Scotch-Brite Greener Clean are eco-friendly, their lack of durability often means that they end up in the trash can more frequently.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Washable Models

All of the competitors in our review can be cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher, but there are a few notable standouts when it comes to long-term sustainability. Our favorite is the Scrub-It Multi-Purpose, which is the only one that boasts the ability to be washed and dried like any other piece of polyester clothing.

sponge - we love any model that is capable of surviving more than a week's...
We love any model that is capable of surviving more than a week's worth of dishwashing. Not only is the Scrub-It Microfiber washing machine/dryer safe, but it is versatile.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Scrubbing Strength

Most kitchen sponges are not only used for their absorbent qualities. Instead, we often call upon these scrubbers to help us with the stuck-on bits of food that we accidentally burned to the bottom of a pan. So, how did we assess this metric? We intentionally burned food into the bottom of a pan and then tested each model side-by-side to see which one performed best. The go-to classic, the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch scrubber, proved most effective, with the O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge and Mr. SIGA Heavy Duty trailing not far behind. Even without a specific scrubber, the Scrub Daddy proved to be nearly as effective as the top-performers.

sponge - it's tough to beat the scrubbing power of a classic scouring pad...
It's tough to beat the scrubbing power of a classic scouring pad, like the non-scratch pad on the Scotch-Brite Greener, when it comes to all-purpose cleaning.
Credit: Aaron Rice


While we usually find ourselves reaching for a sponge in the kitchen, most of these also eventually pull double-duty for other household cleaning chores. Some are particularly suited to a soapy sink full of dishes. Others are better suited for gently scrubbing stainless steel appliances, while others are best for countertops or even devoted to bathroom cleaning.

sponge - while it may not be great at absorbing water, the soft bristles on...
While it may not be great at absorbing water, the soft bristles on the Geloo excel at softly scrubbing delicate surfaces like granite countertops.
Credit: Aaron Rice

The Scrub-It — with one side sporting a durable scrubber, and the other side a soft microfiber cloth — takes two totally different approaches and brings them together in one utilitarian package. We also really appreciated the two sides of the Jetz-Scrubz, whose soft side lived up to the claim that it "will not scratch even the finest surfaces." Finally, the temperature-controlled FlexTexture foam of the Scrub Daddy works just as advertised: it affords firm scrubbing strength in cold water, and soft flexibility under warm water, so you can reach those pesky corners on drinking glasses with ease.

sponge - the scrub-it stood alone in our review: no other product offered the...
The Scrub-It stood alone in our review: no other product offered the versatility of microfiber cloth for the lighter side of cleaning.
Credit: Aaron Rice

Odor & Grime

A top reason why we replace these products eventually, besides lack of durability, is that they begin to stink. Some models are better than others at dumping the little food bits that gunk up their cleaning surfaces, eventually morphing into a grimy layer that normally coincides with a one-way trip to the garbage can. To try and avoid this fate (that always seems to come too soon), we highly suggest checking out silicone options, such as the Peachy Clean and Geloo. While they don't do a good job holding onto water, this material allows them to dry out quickly and avoid issues with mold. If you wash dishes in a sink filled with warm soapy water, the less-absorbent nature of these models is far less important.

sponge - cast iron pans can be notoriously oily, particularly if you do not...
Cast iron pans can be notoriously oily, particularly if you do not wash them with soap. The Scrub Daddy quickly dumped any grime accumulated from scrubbing our heirloom pans.
Credit: Aaron Rice

However, we did notice that both of these silicone scrubbers tend to hold onto gunk more than expected — particularly the Geloo model (think bristles on a toothbrush.) The two offerings with proprietary foam — the Scrub Daddy and Jetz-Scrubz — did a particularly good job of easily cleaning themselves of small particulates during normal dishwashing. While these models are certainly more expensive, it's factors like this that increase their value over time.

To help reduce the onset of a mildewy-smelling sponge, make sure you squeeze the water out of your sponge after each use. Since these products are designed to be absorbent, they will often hold on to water for far too long if not given a little assistance with a good wring-out at the end of your dishwashing session. We've found this goes a long way in decreasing funky sponge odor.

sponge - not the most powerful scrubber for dish washing, but the jetz-scrubz...
Not the most powerful scrubber for dish washing, but the Jetz-Scrubz excelled when it came to taking care of other household cleaning.
Credit: Aaron Rice

On the more classic side, we found that the dimpled texture of the O-Cedar Scrunge scrubber does a really great job at not accumulating food bits, staving off the stink for longer than we expected.

sponge - we subjected each model to grimy, tough-to-clean objectives to...
We subjected each model to grimy, tough-to-clean objectives to compare their scrubbing strength and how much they hold onto grease, grime, and odor.
Credit: Aaron Rice


Finding the best product to suit your needs doesn't have to be a trial and error escapade. We specifically chose to test only the highest-rated models so that you only have to guess between some of the best on the market. We believe this is the most comprehensive review you will find anywhere and hope that it leads you to the product that best matches your needs.

Aaron Rice

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